Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

When a murder reunites former detective Carrie Wells with her old colleague and flame, she must utilize her rare ability to revisit her every memory to catch the killer.

I told you already, I took the Hyzaar.

I take it again, I'm gonna have to go.
I'm always going.

Mr. Wanamaker says
he already took his meds for the day.

What do you think, Carrie?

Mr. Wanamaker,
you took your Ependymin...

...two pills, 10 milligrams at 8.48
and three Prevacid 20's at 1:17...

...which would make you due
for your Hyzaar right about now.

March 27th, 1998.

Come on. Do your thing.
I swear, I'll take all my pills.

All right. All right, all right.

March 27, 1998 was a Friday.

Sunrise was at 5:45- 5:46 a.m.

The Knicks beat the Grizzlies
97-89 for their 40th win...

...and most important of all
around here, the FDA approved Viagra.

- Fantastic. I'll take my pills.
- All right.

Hey, hey, hey. Hey, I got it. Here.

- Thank you, miss. Are you new here?
- No, you and me go way back.

This is a good one.

This is where Ray has to
go on a cruise with Marie.

You know, you're good at this.
If you ever want an actual job.

I have a job. In fact, tonight I think
I'm gonna ask for a little raise.

- Okay, good luck.
- Luck? Who said anything about luck?

- Twenty-one. Winner.
- Yeah.


Norman would like to talk to you.

Could Norman wait?
Because I'm doing really great here.

Sit down.

There's lowlifes and lower lives,
then there's card counters.

You're famous.
You were thrown out of the Bel Air...

- ...Mexicana and the Atlantic Aladdin.
- I don't really recall.

Give me my money back.

Give it back now and we're done.

Or better, we should add some interest.
I know what interests me.

Okay, all right, I was at the Aladdin
a couple weeks ago.

You should know, you were there.
Palling around with that big bald guy...

- ...scar on his left cheek?
- Milosz?

The hell you doing with Milosz?

- She's lying. It wasn't me.
- Sure it was.

You were wearing a leather jacket,
epaulettes, brown, three buttons.

The Varvatos? I gave you that jacket.

Norm, think about it,
why would I be with Milosz?

Maybe I can help you with that.
You were talking about Bayonne.

Something to do with container tracks.
Trucks. Container trucks.

You told that schmuck
about Bayonne?

- Yeah, he did.
- You shut up!

- I never talked to the guy, I swear!
- Yeah, well, we'll see.


Oh, come on, sweetheart.

Put the big gun down.
You don't know how to use it.

Sit down.



- Call 911.
- Okay.

What do we got?

Name is Catherine Grant, early 30's,
looks to be a stabbing.

According to the manager,
been a tenant three months...

...paid her rent pretty regular.
Just a nice, quiet girl.

His words.

Mr. Lin on the third floor,
he's the one who called.

- And this was at what time?
-3:15, I think...

- Any witnesses?
- No.

Didn't really look at the clock
until sometime after 3:30.

Roe is finishing up with her now.

- You've been a lot of help.
- Great. Okay, thanks.

Okay, front doors at each entryway are
locked, could've buzzed in a stranger.

Might not be a stranger.
Let's run all the tenants.

Is that yesterday's suit?

So I had a date. It was going well.

Body's out back.


Uniforms doing an area.
Nothing so far.

No forced entry.

Handbag and wallet were still up
on the shelf. About 80 bucks.

He was after something,
it wasn't money.

Show you something.
Catherine Grant on the lease, right?

And the supermarket card
says Catherine lsaacs.

- Married name.
- Yeah, what I thought...

...except expired driver's licence,
Gail lsaacs.

They lifted a few prints,
mostly partials.

But better still, got a cell phone.
Maybe find some friends and family.

Friends and family end up
on the fridge, nothing there.

No knickknacks, snapshots
from the past, phone numbers.

And her books are all romance novels.
This was a lonely woman.

- I got nothing on my fridge.
- My point. You should get out more.

Oh, come on.
He's gonna put his weapon back?

It's what's not here. Most popular knife
there is, chef's knife.

A weapon of convenience.
Could mean he didn't come to kill her.

Consistent with what I got.

Lady found the body says it started
as a fight, he got her once upstairs...

...she takes off, he follows,
finishes her outside.

Gotta love CSI.
Everybody's an expert now.

She say how she came up
with this scenario?

You can ask her yourself.
"C. Wells, 216."

- What's her name?
- Carrie Wells.

- What'd she look like?
- Mid-30's, red hair, pretty.

That's all?

She looked like a witness, Al.

- I think I'll go talk to her.
- All right.

- I'm with you, boss.
- I'm okay.

- I thought because I did the initial...
- I'm okay.

You don't have to break it down.
I heard you.

- Nice to see you too. May I enter?
- Well, that depends.

- You have probable cause?
- What are you doing here?

- I live here. What are you doing here?
- lnvestigating a murder.

We look, ask questions,
you remember how that works.

I mean, what are you doing
in New York?

- Trying to move up in the world.
- Always were driven.

- Look who's talking.
- I gave that up.

Yeah, I can tell.

So married? Children?


Not Linda Perini.

- Who's Linda Perini?
- EMT, 5'6", annoying lisp.

That girl you were gonna
leave me for.

You left me, by the way.
And that wasn't the reason.

It's because I'm an obsessive cataloguer
who stores slights and injuries...

...Iike a freak bulldog
who won't let go...

...unless you break her grip.
Don't look at me like that.

- You said it.
- I never said that.

August 14th, 2002, 2:36 a.m.,
hot night, no rain, there were crickets.

Okay, all right, I was angry,
I was frustrated, I was-

Insensitive. And I'm too sensitive.

The investigation was over, Carrie.
It was over.

- There were no leads, no hope-
- You gave up.

I did what I thought was right for us.

Well, we all know
how that turned out. For us.

- Great.
- Great.

Now that we got that
out of the way...

Can you help me here?
Catherine Grant, 316.

I was sleeping, I heard a fight.

He must've chased her downstairs.
I went outside, checked vitals...

...made sure someone called it.

- You heard the fight?
- Yep.

But I just heard
stuff being knocked around.

Nothing specific.
I'm sorry, wish I had more.

Okay. Well...

...thanks for your help.

- Call if you think of anything.
- Well, why else would I call?

Like I said...

...nice to see you.

Hey, Al.


I hope you get your guy.

She had pay stubs
from temp agencies...

...mostly secretarial stuff.
Queens, the Bronx, some in the city.

- You get the last place she worked?
- Not yet.

The coroner confirms multiple stab
wounds to the chest and abdomen...

...consistent with- Thanks, Al.

A six- to eight-inch chef's knife,
unfortunately, still missing.

But the good news is we got some hair
from under her fingernails.

- Examiner's doing a DNA workup.
- Anything from her phone?

Dumped the cell,
waiting for records.

Here's what's bugging me.
Catherine Grant, Catherine lsaacs...

...whatever her name is,
she's got no past.

Can't find an old address.
No journals, no letters, no photos.

Not even a postcard
from some stupid vacation somewhere.

We got a hit from Catherine's prints.
This time as Jennifer Goodwin.

- Busted for prostitution in 1995.
- '95?

- Wow, she must have been a kid.
- Just get me the last place she temped.

- I wanna find someone who knows her.
- Maybe we already have.

Those unidentified latents
we found in her apartment?

One of the prints belongs
to the neighbour. C. Wells, 216.

Mid-30's, red hair, pretty.

She says she barely knew the vic.

- What's she even doing in the system?
- lnteresting question.

As it turns out, Carrie Wells' prints
track back to a NYSlD Number...

...from the Syracuse P D., 1997 to 2002.
She was a cop.

Syracuse P D.
That's your old haunt, Al, isn't it?

How'd it go last night?

- Your luck?
- Oh, yeah. It kind of ran out.



You okay, Carrie?

Yeah. Fine.

Speaking of fine.

The plan was I call you, remember?

Yeah, well,
I also remember you don't call.

Why didn't you say
you knew Catherine Grant?

I didn't. We were neighbours.
I saw her around, I said hi.

How come
your prints were in her apartment?

I don't know. I helped her
carry in some groceries.

You didn't mention this because?

Because A, it wasn't relevant
and B, your kid never asked me.

That's sloppy, detective.

- You can't stop being a cop.
- Oh, I can, and I did.

So you're a nurse now?

No. I volunteer. It's nice.

My friends at Midvale aren't exactly
hung up on the past, unlike me.

It's why you were a good detective.
Nothing got by you.

Yeah, like the look of that kid
who blew his own head off...

...because his crackhead dad
forgot to lock it up.

Some things you wanna forget.

After nine years off the force,
I almost can.

And Rachel?

The idea that I could maybe
solve her murder...

...is how I survived the kids
and the shotguns.

And when you shut that investigation
down, I couldn't do it anymore. I just...

I couldn't do it anymore.
That's why I left Syracuse.

That's why I can't help you now.

- Did I say anything about helping?
- You're gonna.

- What? You read minds now?
- Oh, I can read yours.

All right, look,
we got nothing on this one.

No motive, no weapon,
no friends or family.

Not even sure we got a name.

I'm not asking to help as a cop,
I'm asking as a witness.

I didn't see anything, Al.
I didn't see anything.

You don't know what you saw.

You know what I mean.

Aren't we supposed to hold hands
or something?

If there's chanting, I am so out.

There's a shadow.
I didn't notice it before.

- Where?
- Someone was here.

He was hiding here.

Why didn't you run?

If it's a Derek Jeter rookie card,
it's mine.

She's got a great memory, that's all.

So does my Aunt Jacquie.
Remembers every birthday.

Aunt Jacquie wasn't
the youngest detective...

...in history of the
Syracuse Police Department.

She worked Homicide for you?

Highest clearance rate
in the department.

And so she remembers what,
like, facts and stuff?

Fact patterns, crime scenes,
witness testimony.

- Once she's got them, she's got them.
- And she doesn't forget anything?

She can't forget anything.
It's a medical thing. Hyperthymesia.

Five or six people
in the country have it.

How're you gonna bring her on?

I'll run her as a consultant
just this one time.

You want the good news
or the bad news?

- Surprise me.
- The bad news, no prints on the knife.

Good news, pay stubs came through.
We found her last place of work.

Early 30's. Would have called herself
Catherine Grant.

Yeah, I remember this one.

She temped for a while
when Lourdes left.

- And when was this?
- I don't know, a few months ago.

My girl can give you the dates.

Do you remember,
did she have any problems...

- ...with any of the other employees?
- Not that I know of.

The only reason I remember her
is she rented a van.

Did she say why she wanted a van?

Yeah, something about
moving out on a boyfriend.

She seemed in a hurry.

- You got a sec?
- Sure.

Okay, I've been looking
at the crime scene photos...

...from Catherine's apartment.
Look at this.

The spacing is weird.
Frame, frame, nothing.

That's an empty hanging hook.
Something was there.

Something worth taking down.

You were in her apartment.
Be nice to know what it was.

- You can put it there.
- Okay.

Nice flowers.

I love flowers.

- You live downstairs, right?
- Yeah.

If I make too much noise,
just bang on the ceiling.

- That's okay.
- No, do it.

Carrie, what's going on?
Can you see the wall?

I'm Catherine, by the way.


You're right. There's a photo.

Catherine and another woman.

- It's not recent.
- What's the woman look like?

Dark hair.

About the same age.
They could almost be sisters.

They look happy.



So I guess the question is,
who is our mystery woman?

You okay?

Thank you, Nina, nice job.

No-go on Catherine's old boyfriend.

He was at his sister-in-law's
night of the murder.

- Says the sister-in-law.
- Says his E-ZPass.

He took the Triborough to the Bruckner
and up 95. Back the next morning.

Guess you really can
take the boy out of Syracuse.

You know the only thing I miss?
Those Maui burgers at Eddie Coyne's.

- Right?
- Yes.

Otherwise, wasn't the same
without you.

I had a friend in Queens North.
It's different down here.

I like the vibe. What about you?
Why New York? Why Queens?

Can still get a one-bedroom
for under 1200.

I don't know, I just...

Something about the energy
of this city. It's good for me.

All the faces, all the lives,
even I can't track them.

You look good, Carrie.

You want something?
They got pecan pie.

No, I'm off sugar.

- lf I get some, you'll have a bite?
- lf you get some, I'll have a bite. Yeah.

You have a nice neck.

So I've been told.

Did you know there's a nerve
right under the levator scapulae...

...that leads all the way down
to the pelvic floor?

You know, given the circumstances...

...that might be the dirtiest thing
I've ever heard.

You okay?


I got it with French vanilla.
So shoot me.

It's a huge piece of pie.

Yeah, Mike, where are you?

So according to Catherine Grant's
phone records...

...she made a lot of calls
to a disposable cell phone...

...over the past three months.

These end abruptly
two and a half weeks ago.

Then we have a bunch of
one-minute calls to a Steven Latman...

...a successful lawyer, who,
it so happens, is about to get married.

- Having an affair.
- That's what I think.

Disposable phone, very discreet.

Latman decides to call it quits,
our girl goes ballistic...

...calls him repeatedly at his home
and he ignores her.

- Okay, but it's a little light, no?
- Does this add some weight?

One of the places Catherine temped
last year was the City Sports Club...

...where a Mr. Steven Latman
is a member in good standing.

I appreciate you people are
just doing your job.

I've always had the deepest respect
for the Department in and out of court.

Queens Police, great police,
but this is about a phone call?

Sixteen calls, actually.
All within a 48-hour period.

Under a minute, from a dead
woman named Catherine Grant.

Look around, guys.
I'm getting married.

People coming in and out all day.

You think I can keep track
of who uses the phone?

I've got a wedding planner, decorator,
her crew and a caterer...

...who practically lives here
and right now, requires my attention.

- Yes, sir.
- Wendy.

Are you a member
of the City Sports Club?

Yes, for many years.

Were you aware
that Catherine was an employee?

No. Look, I'm really sorry
about this woman-

So you never met her?

Well, I may have met her.

I may have smiled at her.
Maybe she even got me a towel.

- Steve?
- Now, if you'll forgive me...

I'd like to get him a towel.

The woman in the photo...

...it's her.

No. Sorry.

So you don't know her
as Catherine Grant...

...or Catherine lsaacs
or Jennifer Goodwin.

Ms. Wilson told you
she has no knowledge of her.

So there'd be no reason
for her to call you...

...which she did two dozen times.

None that I can think of.

- Maybe to call your fianc??
- Steve says he doesn't know her.

I trust him absolutely.
So there's your answer.

Ms. Wilson, you took your high school
equivalency exam on June 7th, 1993...

...at Mid-Manhattan Adult
Learning Centre, is that right?

Yes, I don't understand
what that has to do with it.

Funny, because
what I don't understand...

...is why before June 7th, 1993,
you don't seem to exist.

No school records,
residences, licence-

I think we're almost done.

These calls to and from
a disposable cell phone...

...from a Rite Aid
two blocks from your-

Midtown Manhattan,
work population, 2 million? Nice try.

You don't know Catherine Grant.
You never heard of her.

What are you doing
in a photo with her?

What photo?

We have a photograph of your client
with the deceased.

Well, would you care
to produce this photo?

Of course.

- You saw her, right? She's the one?
- Yep.

I really don't like being lied to
to my face.

I wanna know where she was,
who she was before Park Avenue...

...why her relationship with
Catherine should be such a secret.

- I'll sweat her all day if I have to.
- With what?

With her non-existent past.

Good luck.
In case you hadn't noticed...

...he's a second away
from shutting it down.

You don't approve of my tactics?

Bringing up evidence you don't have?

She's in there lying to us.
I have a shot, I'm gonna take it.

She's not lying to mess
with your investigation.

Her whole life is a lie.

I'm sorry if there's a deep,
dark trauma in her past...

...that she, and apparently you,
are afraid of disturbing.

Okay, all I'm trying to do, if you would
listen, is tell you what will...

...and will not work
in a murder investigation.

No, you're bringing your past...

...your pain to the table and if you
remember, that's what messes you up.

Go to hell.

That's all for now.
Thank you for coming in.

Damn it.

Henry, right? You ever find
Wendy Wilson in the system?

- No luck. We don't have her prints.
- We do now.

Ms. Wilson. Carrie Wells.
You got a minute?

I'm not to speak with the police.
I didn't know that woman.

I'm not the police and I'm not here
to talk about Catherine. Actually...

Actually, I'd like to talk about
Mallory Evans.

I have nothing to say
about Mallory Evans.

Well, that surprises me.

It does, because I think
she is a very impressive woman.

Born in Ohio. Alcoholic mom.

Abused by her stepfather.

Ran away to New York as a teenager.
Fell in with some bad people.

Did some bad things.
Even got herself a police record.


But she pulled herself out of it.
Changed her name. Got an education.

A career.

And now she is about to marry
a very successful lawyer...

...who, I have to say,
looks really hot in Prada.

Sounds like quite a life.

It's a rare person
who can do what she did.

What you did.


Your friend, Catherine,
she had a hard life too, didn't she?

My life was hard.

Hers was a disaster.

Her real name was Olya. From Minsk.

Thought it was a joke
the first time I heard it.

She came here when she was 15.
Some Russian guys promised her a job.

They sold her to this family
out on the island.

She was a maid for this guy
and his wife.

Wife used to beat her up
when she dropped a dish.

And the guy...

Well, the scumbag did what
scumbags do to 15-year-old girls...

...who don't have anyone
to protect them.

She got out eventually.

We were both working out
of this club in Woodmere.

They busted the whole place, put us
in a group together, 12-step thing.

I tried to help her, you know, get a job,
get a place, a decent man.

It worked out...

...for a while.

It's okay.

And then?

She called me, all excited.
Said she'd run into the guy.

- What guy?
- The old guy from Long lsland.

She was gonna blackmail him.

She's asking this guy for more
and more money.

And then she called me at Steve's
and that was it.

I told her she was on her own.

We said we'd always be there
for each other.

I just couldn't.

Wendy, what was the name of the guy,
the one she was blackmailing?

She wouldn't say his name.

All I know is
she ran into him at work.

- When was this?
- About three or four months ago.

- I don't know the name of the place.
- Oh, that's okay.

I do.

Just wanna ask you
a few more questions.

No, I'm happy to help
in any way I can.

We need to talk to your older
employees, anyone over 50 or so.

That's the easiest one I had all day.
Hey, Tony. You got a sec?

Something the matter?

So no one else in their 50's, 60's?

That sucks, huh? Thought we had it.

- Excuse me. It's Jill, right?
- Yeah.

- Whose office is this?
- This is Ken's dad's.

He comes in on
Wednesdays and Fridays.

- Today is Friday.
- I know.

He called in yesterday,
said he was sick.


So you were giving her money.

She figured she earned it.

Suppose she did. But I had
to leave something for my family.

Got it.
Old man's DNA matches the hair...

...under Catherine's fingernails,
four regions.

Yeah, I don't think we need it.

Guy went down when he heard
we got his fingerprints.

I went over there to tell her,
you know...

...no more.

And then what happened?

She went crazy.

Said she was gonna call the cops.

So I tried to calm her down, you know,
to hold her. I still had affection for her.

All of a sudden, she goes for
the phone and I grabbed the knife.

I guess I went a little crazy too.

- Taking off?
- Yep.

So you were right about Wendy.

Admit it, you're good at this.

You should come back.

No, I'm done.

Look, I didn't tell you this before...

...but ever since I found
Catherine lying there...

...I've been getting lost again.

The woods?

Yeah. Only this time...

...I'm seeing Rachel...

...her body in the water.

I've been in those woods a thousand
times before and I've never seen that.

I can't do this.

I've worked really hard
to get to a good place in my life...

...and I can't come back to this
if it means...

...giving up everything
I've worked for.

When I met you,
everything was about Rachel.

But the one day that really matters,
that might have the answer...

...you could never remember.
And now you're starting to.

Don't you see? You weren't ready
for it then, now you are.

And if there's more to discover,
I can help.

If there's more to discover,
I'll handle it.

- What, alone?
- Sure, it's worked for me before.

Bedpans and blackjack?

Trust me, that's not working.

- Trust you?
- Yeah.

You know...

...I trusted you before
and then you gave up.

I gotta go.

This way, Mr. Harbert.

- Hey, it's Henry.
- It's Carrie Wells.

What kind of DNA test did
the examiner run on Frank Harbert?

You wanted it yesterday,
so they just did a quickie, a Y chrome.

Okay, can you run a full STR, PCR...

- ...whatever they got?
- Yeah, sure.

Hey, it's Al. Leave a message.

Mr. Harbert?

Mr. Harbert?

Mr. Harbert?

What are you doing here?

Where is everybody?

Most of my employees were pretty
upset. I gave them the night off.

- Right.
- It's a bunch of crap, you know.

I grew up in that house.

Had a lot of nannies,
babysitters when I was young.

That woman wasn't one of them.
Some nut-job trying to make a buck.

Yeah, no, I think you're right.

I do. It doesn't any make any sense
that your father confessed.

- I don't understand.
- Well, we did a pretty basic DNA test.

Only problem is...

...close relatives, they tend to
match out the same, you know?

- Where were you that night, Ken?
- I was at home, asleep.

You sure weren't at Bella's Pizzeria
on 35th Street, off of 31 st Avenue...

- ...having a cup of coffee?
- I want a lawyer.

- Or you could take a DNA test.
- I'm not taking any test.

What did you want me to do?
She had him by the short hairs.

He's a sweet guy,
he's not gonna stand up for himself.

I told him to tell her, "no more."
I knew he couldn't do it.

- So you followed him.
- I wanted to make sure.

I was gonna go in with him
but I didn't want him to see me.

So you waited in the pizza place
till he was gone...

...and then you murdered
Catherine Grant.

Stop calling her Catherine Grant!

She was some Russian whore
that we took in...

...and this is how she repays us!
I don't care what he did!

She should've shut up and gone away!
Why didn't she shut up and go away?

You shouldn't have come alone.

She didn't.

Why didn't you wait for me?

Why didn't you answer your phone?

Had it on vibrate.

You know, given the circumstances,
that might be the dirt-

Dirtiest thing you ever heard?

Raymond will be home in a minute.
He's gonna be so mad.

Nurse, do you know
if my daughter's coming today?

She said she was.

She said she couldn't make it today,

...but she will be here tomorrow
for sure.

She's a good girl, my Rachel.
She never forgets me.

There you go.

Thank you, miss.

What did you say your name was?


You know, my younger daughter's
name is Carrie.

She's a police officer.

I know.

Carrie, your cute detective
left this with Janine.

Thank you.


You okay?