Undercovers (2010): Season 1, Episode 6 - Xerxes - full transcript

After renowned weapons dealer, Xerxes, hides the formula to a dangerous and lethal biological weapon in a painting, Shaw assigns Steven and Samantha the task of traveling to Tuscany to secure the painting and capture Xerxes. When the assignment requires Samantha to assume a previous cover and partner with Steven's enemy, Clive, the Blooms learn that teaming together is not as easy as they thought. Meanwhile, Hoyt's attraction to Clive's assistant proves to be instrumental in finding the culprit.

Just out to your right

you'll see the beginnings
of the Bungle Bungle Range.

They cover
over 450 square kilometers.

The beehive-shaped towers

were formed
a few hundred million years ago.

Keep your eyes out.

You might see a mob
of kangaroos.

The large male of the group,

we call him a Boomer.

Sometimes they'll jump...

...So they don't get smashed.

All right, people.

In about 20 minutes,
we'll be coming up

on the city of...

Yes, it's me.

So that thing you had me build
for you, you know?

I tested it.
It works.

They're all dead.

Question is how you'd like me
to get it to you.

They don't feel it, Charlie.

I just can't do it.

I promise.

You just have to do it fast.

Just like
ripping off a band-aid.

Give it to me.

Hey, hey, hey,
has anybody seen Sam?

Yeah, she said you two
had a meeting

with the guy from the hotel.

We do have a meeting
with the guy from the hotel.

That's why I want to know
where she is.

She headed that way
with Lizzie.



he wrote you a song.

I know.

It wasn't very good,
but still.

but he's a drummer, Sam.

I--I can't be that girl.

What girl?

The girl that actually
falls for a drummer?

A drummer whose band
is big in Eastern Europe?

It'll never work.

Liz, it's just your
anticipatory anxiety kicking in.

You always do this.

Remember when you
were in seventh grade

and you didn't want
to ask Jason Clause

to the Sadie Hawkins Dance

'cause you were sure
he'd say no?

He did say no.

That's the whole point
of anticipatory anxiety.

To prevent future pain.

Just have some fun.
Take the leap.

You'll never know
if you don't try.

Is the therapy session
over yet?

Oh, the meeting.

I'm so sorry. I totally
lost track of time.

But Lizzie's not sure
about this guy,

and she wanted to talk.

I heard. Take the leap,
fly the coop, dance with wolves?

- Are you making fun of me?
- Oh, no.

Although I did hear yoda
give the same advice once.

- No, really, take your time.
- Sorry about that.

Actually, it's my fault,
not Steven's.

You are a team.

You are on time as a team,
you are late as a team,

so spare me
the "I am Spartacus" bit.

This was three days ago,
Western Australia.

Test run on a brand-new
biological weapon

on a bus full of tourists
in the Outback.

The chemist
suspected of creating it

has gone missing.

A raid on his lab
yielded evidence

that he has shipped
the formula for the weapon

to another party.

Have you heard
the name "Xerxes" before?

The weapons dealer.

He never leaves his fingerprints
on any deal.

That's the one.

Xerxes had this chemist
make this weapon for him?

Apparently so.

Problem is intel
from the lab suggests

that Xerxes
also had the chemist

embed the formula
on a painting

that he intends
to purchase at auction.


You mean print
the formula on a canvas,

then paint a picture over it?


Doesn't believe in email?

Seems a little like overkill.

Xerxes has eluded
international authorities

for three years.

Overkill seems
to be working for him.

So we go to the auction

and outbid him for the painting
with the formula?

Contrary to public opinion,

the CIA doesn't have money
like that lying around.

If we did,
I'd be asking for a raise.

A big one.

The auction is in Tuscany.

Once there, your mission
is to find a way

to identify and acquire
the painting beforehand.

And apprehend Xerxes.

That would be correct.

Now, because of the exclusive
nature of the event,

Mrs. Bloom will be resuming
an old cover.

Amanda Yorn from the Yorn
gallery in Hoxton Square.

And because we will be working
in concert with MI-6 on this,

you will be fully
resuming your cover.

Wait, you mean...

That's right.
Mr. Yorn will be there as well.

Agent Clive Garrity.

Whoa, whoa.
Hold on, people.

You did not just
say the name "Clive Garrity."

Wait, you know Clive?

Oh, I know Clive.

Him and his blokes came over

for specialized training
in 2003.

And I don't like him.
At all.

Really? Clive?

Yes, Clive.

I don't know what kind
of experience you had with him,

but I wouldn't trust the guy
to wash my socks.

Well, he won't be washing
anybody's socks this weekend.

He will be your husband
and your teammate,

so get over it
and get to Italy.

She's married.
So what's my cover?

Did you see that?

I fed that lady's
little Pekingese.

She didn't even give me a tip.

Does my hand
smell like dogs to you?

Okay. I'm assuming that's
because we're sharing a room,

and not because you actually
just smelled my hand.

I'm fine with
the room arrangement, Hoyt.



Pardon me.

I'm happy that
you're fine with it, sir.

I mean, with Mrs. Agent Bloom
playing a guest,

the whole upstairs,
downstairs dynamic

is exactly where it should be.

I mean, obviously
normally you'd be upstairs,

but selfishly,
this'll give us a chance

to work out
a little bit more, right?

Work on our mentor,
mentoree relationship.


Thank you, sir.

You look amazing.

So do you.

But I do have a weakness
for a man in uniform.

Even that one.


There he is.

Welcome to
Villa Calidori.

All right...

Um, Pumpkin.

Don't worry mate.
It's just for the weekend.

You don't mind, do you?

Uh, I'm gonna go see
about our room.

Maybe this strapping gentleman

could help you with my bag.

I don't think that one's
quite up to it.

He hasn't changed a bit.

I don't know how
you could be married to him.

It's just a cover, Steven.

I still don't trust him,

And I can tell
he's loving this arrangement

just a little bit too much.

I don't think that's true.

Guess who's got us
the Romeo and Giulietta suite?

It was me. I'm sorry.
Was that not clear?

All right, young man.
Chop, chop.

Let's get those bags
up to the suite.

What happened
between you two?

Long time ago.

I think he's charming.

I bet you do.

All the deliveries
for the auction

on the lower driveway, please.

Is this where
I drop off the art?

Yes, it is.

Sign here, please.

So I just dropped it off.

Imagine I'll hear from you.

Till then, thanks.

♪ ♪

♪ Undercovers 1x06 ♪
Original Air Date on October 27, 2010

- Signore?
- Come in.

Oh, just throw those

You know, you really should
learn to be more gentle

if you want to make
a decent tip.

I'm only playing.
I wasn't really gonna tip you.

Certainly not after
that performance.

Okay, look,
you and I need to talk

about this whole thing is
gonna work, all right?

Ah, well, then, look at us.

You two are married.

Three of us
working together as a team.

Remind me to thank
the elusive Xerxes

for bringing us all together.

It would have been nice
to have Steven in Cairo,

don't you think? Remember
when we had to jump off...

Wait. Stop.

Oh, no, no, no,
there's nothing to worry about.

This room's completely secure.

I had my advanced team
make it like a fortress.

Swept for bugs,
installed a scrambler.

Any calls in or out
can't be detected.

it's not the room.

It's that Steven and I

don't discuss our pasts
in the field with each other.

CIA confidentiality
and all that.

Oh, I get it.

How very patriotic of you.

Can we get started now?


Just waiting for Tessa.


Hoyt, I presume?


It's okay.

I--I think
we're working together.

I'm Tessa?

I work with Agent Garrity?


Are you always this quiet?

That's beautiful.

The pendant.

Oh. Thank you.



Okay, step one,

we figure out which painting
holds the formula.

Step two, Hoyt and I produce
a replica of that painting

and swap it out with
the real one before the auction,

and step three,
we catch Xerxes

as he bids on the fake.

Now as far as step one goes,

the only way to figure out

which painting
contains the formula

is to figure out which one
has the false paperwork.

And the only way
to get that information

is on the Director's computer,

which is in her office.

And her office is located
in the manor house.

Next to the pool where the
reception's being held later.

Mrs. Agent Bloom.

And since only Clive and I
will be attending the reception,

we'll have the only chance

to get the computer
and get those files.

No worries there, then.

Just like Vienna.
Step one's as good as done.

Why don't you slow it down
there, Prince Charles.

The building
is off limits to guests.

You'll need Agent Bloom's
help with security.

The Chief of Security
is ex-Italian Secret Service,

and the system
is state of the art.

Pun definitely intended.

I'll coordinate with everyone
through the comms

while Agent Bloom takes care
of the security feeds.

They'll be on to us if we
kill the entire security system.

Not a problem, sir.

I've got you covered
like a Chenille blanket.

Check this out.

Once you hook this up
to the security system,

all you have to do
is draw on the monitor

to create static
in any security window,

so the system isn't down,
it's just a little buggy.

That's when Agent Garrity
and Mrs. Agent Bloom

can move through unnoticed.

It's like
an etch a sketch.

Uh, may I?

Thank you.

Wow, this is really
quite brilliant.


I mean,
I obviously didn't invent it,

but I did pack it.

Okay then.

When you two have finished

oohing and aahing
over the toy,

me and Mrs. Yorn need
to get ready for cocktail hour.

Uh, unless you wanted
to go through all of this again.

Love to go over it
one more time.

Yeah, no,
I was just kidding.

I'm gonna sit down.

Shall we?

I remember
your gallery quite well.

You and your husband's
all-night openings

were something of legend.

Is he here?

You two are still together?

Harry, really.

Still together, yes.

He's here somewhere.

So, selling, bidding?

Little of everything,
I suppose.

And you?

Well, the wife is.

I just steal the paddle from her
when she gets overzealous.

You know, you really should
have my card.

Oh, that would be lovely.

Oh, I just need to update it
with a new email.


Oh, hello.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Anyone interesting?

Not in the least, sadly.

Boring Dutch collector.

Do you think Xerxes is here?

Mingling at a cocktail party,
enjoying champagne?

I don't think this guy eluded
Interpol for three years

by wearing a "hello, my name
is Xerxes" nametag at parties.

Besides, Hoyt vetted all the
guests, and they check out.

Shall we see
about a distraction

for Mussolini up there?

Already taken care of.

Just waiting
for my friend over there

to have a little heart scare.

Oh. Flurazepam
still your favorite?

30 milligrams.

Just enough to cause a scene.


And how are the commoners
doing downstairs?

Hoyt, how are we doing
down there?

Status request received,
Mrs. Agent Bloom. Checking now.

Agent Bloom, "A" team
is wondering how you're doing.

"A" team?

Maybe the "A" team wants
to put down their Bellinis

and come hold
my flashlight.

I'll take that
as a "still working."

Agent Bloom hopes you're both
enjoying the party.


Oh. Darling.


Hoyt, they got to move
in five seconds.

I'm disabling
the security camera.

I'll let 'em know.

Mrs. Agent Bloom, time to head
to the Director's Office.

We're on the move.

I'm unscrambling
the hallway feed.

So you really know nothing

about all those years
of Steven's life?

He never mentioned an incident
with he and I?

No. Better that way.

Of course.

These should do the job.

Hoyt, we are good to go
on the Director's Office.

You're clear,
Mrs. Agent Bloom.

Get in, upload the files
on the artwork, and get out.

We're clear.

Allow me.

Piece of cake.

Go, go, go.

Well, it certainly seems
as if the years

haven't softened
his distaste for me.

Steven, that is.

Sorry. Probably
trying to focus there.

I'm in.

Starting the uplink.

The history of every painting
should be in this file.

Copy that.
Uplink looks good.

It's a shame, really.

Seeing as how
we're all grown up now.

I mean, who even remembers
the sordid details

of why someone was, say,
bounced out of training?

You're speaking
hypothetically, right?

He's totally
speaking hypothetically.

I would have read about that
in Agent Bloom's file, so...

Hoyt, what are they talking
about in there?

Discussing tactical options.

tactical options, sir.

You do know who
you're talking to, right?

Human lie detector?

Now stop making up stories
and put me on that channel.

I don't like the idea of Garrity
alone with my wife up there.

Who knows what lies
he's spreading.

You know,
it's probably a better idea

if I play
air traffic controller here.

Blending channels
is never a good idea.

put me on the channel.

Hold for blending, sir.

So you're telling me

Steven was really
kicked out of the program?

Hey, honey.

What are you guys
talking about up there?


I knew this was a bad idea.
I'm switching back.

Is that you?
Steven? Can you hear me?

You must have switched
the security channel.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

Get out now.
They may have heard our comms.

get them out of there.

Guards are moving.

Get out!
Get out! Get out!

Almost there.



Here. Okay.

Let's go.


Please tell me Hoyt and Tessa
got the files?

They're analyzing them
right now.

Thank God.
What exactly happened?

So are we just
gonna pretend

I didn't hear
what I know I heard?

I don't know what you heard.

I was busy trying
to hack into the system

and uplink the files
when Hoyt messed up the comm.

Well, it sounded to me

like you were asking questions
about our past,

like we didn't have
an agreement about that.

Hold on.
Clive brought that up. Not me.

Didn't seem to me like you
were exactly shutting him down.

This is what I was trying
to tell you about Clive.

He always has an agenda.

That's why I had Hoyt put me
on the channel, because I knew--

wait, you're the reason
the comms got screwed up?

So you could eavesdrop?

You didn't trust me?

Of course I trusted you,

I keep telling you,
I don't trust him.

If it were up to me, we'd be
finding Xerxes on our own.

I think
you're overreacting.

- He's a great Agent, Steven.
- Oh, really?

Who knows what information he
has that he's not telling us.

Has he contributed one thing
to this investigation?

Think about it.

Oh, I'm doing just fine

in case anyone was wondering.

Now, look, I know
you're probably upset,

but I can explain.

You've said enough.

No, no, no, but I've got
a brilliant fix.

Look, your wife now knows
something about your past,

so how about Samantha here

tells you something
about hers?

Tell him about Bolivia.

It's a great story.

She saved my life, et cetera.

It'll even out the score.

I'm out of here.

I'm just trying to help.

lot number 327 decima.

Let's check you out.

Wait a second.
This is it.

Tessa, I got it.

Okay, so Nancy's is 47364182.

And Ella's is 8533415.

I love you, too.

Okay. Bye.


Oh, hi.

uh, my mom called.

That was your mom?

Yeah, um,
I'm taking my sisters

on holiday next week,

and she had to give me
hotel confirmation numbers.

So nice.

Any luck yet?

If by luck you mean incredible
powers of hacking and deduction.


Yeah, no, I found something.


Yeah, it's from
Roman mythology. It means--

the second
of the three fates.

I took courses in Mythology

at the King's School
in Gloucester.

Of course you did.

If you peer closely,

it looks like there's a woman
hidden there.

Yeah. You can kind of
see right there.

You should probably get
back to work on that replica.

We don't have
a lot of time left.

Yeah, run out of time.

Right. So...


Tessa's like an onion, sir.

The more I peel her layers,

the more she makes me
want to cry.

In a good way.
That's beautiful, Hoyt.

Yeah, I figured you'd like
the food analogy.


Six hours
for an exact replica.

This printer's amazing.

It'll never work.


Me and Tessa.
Not the printer.

The printer is flawless.

We live on different continents.
Out of suitcases.

Wherever we lay our hats,
that's our home.


Sorry. I've been listening
to a lot of Motown lately.

The point is having a
relationship with another Agent

just isn't feasible.

You and Mrs. Agent Bloom
being the obvious exception,

and so successfully
the obvious exception.

Well, I'm not feeling
so successful right now.

Hey, you want
to talk about it?

Mentor to mentoree?

Okay, we're not there yet.
That's fine.

We'll get there, though.

Look, as far as Tessa goes,

you'll regret it if
you don't do something, okay?

Go after Tessa.

When it comes to love,
you just got to take a leap.


You won't know
until you try.

That's pretty good advice.

Hey, honey.

Well, if you think about it,

yoda actually is
pretty smart.

This thing is ready to fly.

I'll see myself out.

Maybe check on Tessa.

I'm surprised to see
a proper lady like yourself

down here in steerage.

Yeah, ll,
I always had this fantasy

about getting it on
with the help.


I came to apologize.

I should have
shut that conversation down

as soon as it became
about your past.

I obviously
knew what I was doing,

and I let it go.

It's okay.
I understand.

You do?

Of course I do.
It's just as hard for me.

Especially being here
with all these people

who knew you back when.

It's tempting.

I know the deal we've made,

but it is getting harder
the more we do this.

How could I not want to know

everything there is to know
about the man I love?

I know.

But remember, every time we go
off on a mission together,

we're making a past
that we can talk about.

Five years from now,

we'll be reminiscing about
our time in Tuscany together.

I hate it that I can't sleep
down here with you tonight.

Gonna be our first night
in separate beds

since we got married.

It's much harder
being a fake wife

when you have
a real husband.

Well, your real husband
misses you too.

So that's gonna take a while,

Hoyt said six hours.



I hate to tire you out
before you make the swap.

I'd like to see you try.



Perfect replica.

No one will be able
to tell the difference.

This is amazing.

So we get Xerxes
to bid on the fake,

and then we grab him.

All right,
the sun's gonna be up soon.

Hey, what do you say
you and I swap this thing out,

save the world
from a brand-new bio weapon?

Okay, I'll just--
I'll follow your lead then.


This is like child's play
for you, sir.

to the schematics,

there's an electronic deadbolt
and a motion sensor.

Move and you're dead.

Take them off premises
and kill them.

I still
haven't heard from them.

They should have let us know
they completed the swap by now.

The auction's about to start.

We may have to take Xerxes
down by ourselves.

This is really
not like Steven.

I hope he's okay.

Steven's a big boy.

I'm quite sure
he can take care of himself.

There's bound to be
some explanation.

I don't mean to panic you,

but since that guy who caught us
must have been Xerxes,

and since Xerxes gave this guy
a pretty specific plan,

I'm pretty sure it ends
with him killing us.

Relax, Hoyt, okay?
Nobody's getting killed.

Yeah, I--I know.

I memorized your file.

I know your skills
at E&E are unmatched.

I mean, I'm handcuffed
next to the guy

who escaped
solitary confinement

in a Croatian prison.

Look at me.
I couldn't be more relaxed.

Now move your hands.

Relaxed now?

No way.

Decuffed by Steven Bloom.

This must be what it feels like
to be blessed by the Pope.

Take the wire key I made
and get mine off.


I got it.

Let's go.

Where--where are we going?

We're on a moving truck.

Look, you go
on the passenger side,

and I go on the other side.
Got it?

I can do that.

Just on the...
The passenger's side.

Just distract him for me.


Seriously? Unbelievable.

I feel like the Sundance Kid.

Which would make you
Butch Cassidy.

- I got it, Hoyt.
- Yeah, no, you got it.

What's wrong?

I seem to have forgotten
my mobile.

I think I left it
on the nightstand.

I'll just be a second.

Just hurry.

When Xerxes wins the painting,

we need to be ready
to apprehend him.

This could be our only chance.

Don't worry.
I'll be back in time.


He must have left it behind

when you threw him out
of the truck like a rag doll.

- Just call Sam, Hoyt.
- Yeah.

The next item up for bid

is lot number 327.

30x40, oil on canvas.

The bidding will open
at 300,000.


Thank you.


We didn't make the swap.

What? What happened?

Hoyt and I
got waylaid at gunpoint

by Xerxes and some goon.

But the painting
at the auction's the real one.

With the formula.
You hear me?

Yes. The real painting's
still here.

The guy's in his late 40s.

6'2", blondish hair.

His accent's Dutch.

He's got to be Xerxes.

Wait, I think I saw Clive

talking to someone like that
at the reception.

Can you ask Clive
who that is?

I can't.
He's not here.

Wha--where is he?

He--he went to the room
to get his phone,

and he hasn't come back yet.

Okay, listen, just look
for the guy and stick with him.

We'll be right there.

The painting's up right now.

He's got to be there.


Do I have 500,000?

Yes. Thank you.

It's him.
The guy from the party.

It's got to be him.

Wait, Steven,
he's on the phone.

Someone's giving him

It makes sense.

Xerxes is not gonna
show his face unless he has to.


700,000 going once,
going twice...

We're pulling
into the villa right now.

We just need to change.

Sold to the gentleman.

It's over.
He won it.

I'm following him.

If he's not Xerxes,
he's gonna lead us to him.

Where is he?

Right there.
In line still.

I tried to trace his call

to get Xerxes' location,
but it's not working.

Let me see that.

The call tracing software

only works
in an unsecured area.

This guy's talking to someone

in a seriously
secure environment.

It's like
an electronic fortress,

which makes sense
if it's Xerxes.

- Oh, no.
- What?

Our room's
a secure environment.

I saw Clive talking
to that guy at the gala,

and he never made it down
to the auction.

What if Clive's on the other
end of that call?

That means he's Xerxes.

- I need to go and find out.
- I'll go with you.

No, that guy's about to grab
the painting with the formula.

You need to stay with him.

We can't risk him
escaping with it.

Where the hell is he going?

- Come on.
- Yeah.

Oh, my God.

What did you say?

I caught her
on the phone.

Who? Caught who?


Is Xerxes.

Yes, it's the Romeo
and Giulietta suite.

Entrance wound
is in the upper abdomen.

Pulse is thready,
lungs appear to be intact,

but you need
to get here fast.

What the hell is going on?

Where are you?

I have the formula.

Actually, you don't.

Plans have changed.

I don't know
what the hell just happened,

but the painting's gone.

It just blew up.
And so did the guy.

Once she knew we discovered
which painting

had the embedded formula,

she must have switched it out
before the auction.

What are you talking about?
Who switched them out?

She's Xerxes.

Clive discovered her.

She shot him.



I came here to tell you

we're turning the case
over to the Brits.

We are supposed to stand by

and let MI-6
just shut the door on us?

I'll be briefing
their station chief tonight.

They'll do independent
damage assessment

to make sure no news
of Tessa leaks.

They'll follow up on Agent
Garrity's findings,

and of course he'll be involved,
once he's back on his feet.

What about the formula?

For all we know,

there's some terrorist
in a lab somewhere

planning a major attack.

Do we know anything
about a possible buyer?

Not yet,
but they'll take care of it.

They ask that we forget
it ever happened.

A fellow Agent
almost died in my arms

that's not something
I an on forgetting.

They were the ones
letting Tessa operate

right under their noses.

Apparently she used
assignments and vacations

to meet with
perspective clients

and complete her deal.

Wait a second.

I heard Tessa on the phone

getting confirmation
numbers for a trip.

She was going on vacation
with her sisters.

You sure
you heard that right?

According to our files,
Tessa has no siblings.

She definitely said
her sisters. Ella and Nancy.

You don't remember
those numbers, do you?

Come on,
of course I , sir.

I was gonna take the leap,

I figured if I could
locate her hotel,

I can send her some flowers,

or a little bit of good,
old-fashioned bill Hoyt himself.

Give me those numbers.

I'll pass 'em on to the Brits
for further assessment.

They may lead to the buyer.

Okay, Ella's was, um,

Nancy's 4736, uh, 4182.

How many digits
did you just say?

eight and seven, right?

Run a GPS program and type in
the location coordinates.

Location coordinates.

What location coordinates?

Ella is east
and Nancy is north.

You guys are unbelievable.

Hong Kong.

The White Crane Men's Club.

That's where
you'll find the buyer.

And get your chance to say
a proper good-bye to Tessa.

Cool how that works, huh?

Who are you?
How did you get in here?

I don't know what that means,
but your boys are taking five.

Sit down.

I'm taking the painting.

You are making a big mistake.


Where is she?

I said, "where is she?"


Parlor across from Plaza.

Waiting for my money.

Hey, can I take point
on this one?

She's all yours.

Go ahead.

She must have
gone out the back.

I'll go this way.

I'll take the street.


She's coming
right to you, honey.


I got this.

You know, if you weren't
a wanted weapons dealer,

we could have had
a pretty incredible future.

Let's go.

It was 2003.
We were in Boston.

Cambridge, actually.

Clive and I.

what are you doing?

I don't think it's fair

you only heard
Clive's side of the story.

Steven, it's over.
Forget about it.

I can't.

Look, I know we said
focus on the future,

the past is the past.

I want to tell my side.

Are you sure?

After everything
we've talked about,

you really want
to open this door?

No, I don't.

That's why this is it.

Then the door closes again.



All right.

It was a very elite
psy-ops training program.

Highly classified.
Only ten of us qualified.

Clive and two of his MI-6
buddies were there.

So one day our instructor
was meeting this girl.

I'm not so sure
I like this story.

I wanted to know
who she was.

So I hacked
into the CIA database

to get the list of his students
and find her name.

But Clive knew about it,

he told the instructor,

and I got kicked out.

Over some girl?

She wasn't just some girl.

I married her.

But that's impossible.

We met at headquarters
the next spring.

Why do you think I was at
headquarters the next spring?

So you saw me before that
and didn't say anything?

You risked your standing
in an elite program

to hack into
a classified CIA database

just to find out my name?

Yeah, pretty much.

So was it worth it?