Undercovers (2010): Season 1, Episode 4 - Jailbreak - full transcript

When a vital CIA hard drive goes missing, Steven and Samantha must travel to Dublin, Ireland in search of a prisoner who holds the key to its location. Following leads, their mission takes ...

Did you get it?

Yes Brian.
Of course I got it.

Where the hell are you, then?

Change of plans. The cops are
on to me, so I had to hid it.

What do you mean, "hide it", Sean?
Hide it where?

You don't need to worry about that yet.

Listen, I'm mailing you
a key for a Safety Deposit Box.

I need you to look after it for me
until we figure this out.

Figure what out? Sean, where's the
Safety Deposit Box?

That I can't tell you.

Well what am I suppose
to tell the buyer's. then?

Well, whatever you have to Brian.

Nothing personal. Just an insurance policy.


What Marie?

Something wrong, honey?

{Police siren blaring]


Show us your hands.


Huh, morning guys.

What are you doing here?

Working, silly.

Mixing garlic, julienning carrots,
and chiffonading shiso.

How do you even know those words?

I learned it from the master.

I'm sorry, I know i should have checked
with you before testing a new recipe, but...

Do you realize it's
7 o'clock in the morning?

When was the last time you even
saw 7 o;clock in the morning?

I know, but I've been obsessing

over the Asian cole slaw for the
Yamaguchi-Sawyer wedding.

I will be right back.
I need more cabbage.

Your sister's drinking again.

She is not drinking again.

Maybe she's turning over a new leaf.

Maybe all my talking
to her finally sunk in.

maybe she's making
real progress, Steven.

I don't buy it.

Sweetie I'm a human lie detector.

Okay, so I'm not blaming you
for not getting it...

but I know when I'm being played.

And your sister is puh-laying us.

We need to talk about the Blooms.

Anything new to report?

No, but I am concerned

that if we're not careful,

they will discover...
the true nature of there...


Despite there rustiness,
they are not unintelligent.

Are you suggesting we tell them the truth?

I am suggesting that it would be better

for the Agency
to control their discovery.

Get 'em on our side.

Out of the question!

The plan stays the same, Mr. Shaw


I got it.

She wants money.
Who wants money?

Lizzy. 100 bucks says she asks
for a loan.

Good plan.
Either way, you lose money.

Oh, so you're already
giving her the loan, huh?

She hasn't asked me
for a loan.

But she will.

And I got a feeling you are
going to give it to her.



Why is it always a conspiracy
with you?

'Cause it usually is.

Do you actually enjoy
sneaking up on people?

Old habits die hard.

You two want to finish out
your magical marital moment

or could we maybe get
to work?

We can get to work.

We can finish talking
about her sister

wanting money later.

Or you could just
ignore the issue.

God knows, worked like a charm
for my marriage.

All three of them.

Sean Cullen.

Currently residing
in Mountjoy Prison,

Dublin, Ireland.

Been there 48 hours.

You two leave tonight

to have a little chat
with him.

A few assaults.
Armed robberies.

Seems a little

Cullen worked
at the Shannon airport

as a baggage handler.

The Irish government
has afforded us the use

of that airfield
for extraordinary

rendition operations.

Meaning moving terrorist

Among other types of cargo.

Suffice it to say,
Sean outgrew his taste

for petty theft.

He stole a hard drive
from one of our aircraft.

What's on the drive?

You are aware
of CIA black sites?

Top secret
agency detention centers

around the globe?

The hard drive
has not only their locations,

but details
of their detainees.

So any terrorist group
in the world

could pay
for this information

and know who we have
and where they are.

Still seem run-of-the-mill?

When the Irish authorities
tracked him down,

the hard drive wasn't on him.

We need to get it back.

You need to get there
and make Cullen talk.

You both have histories
as excellent interrogators.

Furthermore, you can't go in
as CIA agents.

We don't need to broadcast
to the world

that this hard drive
is missing.

And we don't want the Irish
to know that we're operating

on their turf.

Get the info,
get the drive,

and get out
before anyone knows

we've infiltrated
an Irish prison.

Get out of bed, Cullen.
Open seven.

Call a doctor!

I am all over it.

I am happy to look after Waldorf
while you are out of town.

I just need to ask you
one tiny favor.

I need to borrow
some money.

It is for a cooking class
so you can think of it

as less of a loan
to your sister

and more of an investment
in your company.

How much? $500?


I'm sorry,
I ran out of fingers

on the first hand.

Please, Sam.

One time.
And you're paying me back.

Let me get a check.

Oh, actually,
here you go.

I already have it
filled out.

If you could just
autograph it.

I totally would have torn it up
if you said no.

who is better than you?

No one.
Now you need to do me a favor.

Don't tell ste--

Uh, hey, Steven.

Uh, you know what, I think
that I'm going to take the dog

for a walk.

Come on, Waldorf.

Have a safe trip,
you guys.

Whoa, whoa!


♪ ♪

So you're with the Department
of Justice, Equality,

and Law Reform?

Prison investigation unit?

That's right.
For Sean Cullen.

I have a copy
of our jurisdictional orders.

No problem.

I suppose you'd like me
to show you

the escaped inmate's cell.

Unless you prefer to start
with the murder scene.


Cullen killed a prison doctor
on his way out.

You two are looking
for a real charmer.

Here we are.
Cellblock H.

Has Sean's cell
been disturbed in any way

since--what time
did this happen again?

The guard found Cullen
unconscious yesterday afternoon.

The doctor said he had
some sort of seizure.

I can assure you, ma'am,

none of my boys have touched
a thing since then.

Of course, I can't vouch

for what the chief inspector
has touched.

Chief inspector?

You mean you didn't know
your boss was here

waiting for you?

Thank you, Governor.

Took you two long enough.

♪ Undercovers 1x04 ♪
Original Air Date on October 13, 2010

What are you doing here?

Shaw called me
when he heard Cullen escaped.

And since I was already
in Paris,

I hopped on over.

Leo, you do know the goal
of going undercover

is to be inconspicuous?

That's why I went
balls out.

No one questions
the boss, guys.

Always remember,

you can't spell "inconspicuous"
without "conspicuous."

We don't need a babysitter.

Ah, Stevie, relax.

I'm just here to help you two

till you get
your spy legs back.

Spy legs?
Okay, guys.

Now we have to find Sean.

Just tell us
what you've found, Leo.

Nothing yet.
Just the usual prison crap.

Dumbbells. A few magazines
I had to confiscate

for research.


Did you check
his medical file?

No issues.

Meaning we have a fugitive

who faked a seizure
to escape.

Not as easy as it sounds.

Intentional overdose
is my guess.

What's that?

Some kind of powder.

What do you think it is?

Where's Hoyt
when you need him?

Tell him I'm right here,

What do you have for me, sir?

I'm transferring a sample
for analysis.

Aye-aye, matey.

And stop saying "matey."

You're supposed to be Irish,

not a pirate.

Aye-aye, sir.

Yeah. This is it.

It's called darvix.

Completely mimics the effects
of a seizure.

The stuffed animal
came in the post.

No return address.

Any gang associates visiting
while he was here?

Who said anything
about a gang?

Ink from
the Black Hand Brigade

tattooed on Sean's neck.

The Brigade is ex-IRA mostly.

They allegedly broke 12
of their own

out of a crumlin road prison
in Belfast back in '88.

Well done,
junior inspector.

I'd keep an eye on my job
if I was you.

This young fella's
going places.

Are you done yet?
Patience, sir.

Would you have rushed

when he was painting
the Sistine Chapel?

If he had taken this long,

We're done?
Yeah. It's unbelievable.

So is this gonna be
an every mission type thing?

You showing up
out of nowhere?

Pretty much.

At least until you
and your husband

are back up to speed.

I'm just saying,

your first few missions back

haven't been exactly

It's not been that long
since we stopped working.

I don't mean to pry.
Okay, I totally mean to pry.

But speaking of that,

did you ever tell Steven
why you really left?

No. I didn't.

And I'd rather
you not either.

Feel like getting
a disgusting drink

in a dirty IRA criminal bar?

Sounds perfect.

Who is this?
That is Sean's ex-wife Fiona.

I say we check her out.

If someone is helping Sean
hide out,

it seems like she's a pretty
good place to start.

I mean, am I wrong?

Gosh, guys.
Great. I'll be your wingman.


That's funny.

Sean never mentioned
any American friends

from his job.

Well, perhaps "friends"
is overstating it a bit.

Colleagues maybe.
He never mentioned me? Goose?

The way I remember it,
Sean hated every last Yank

who came through Shannon.

Well, the truth is, uh...

The truth is, fiona--
wow, is that a beautiful name

to roll off the tongue.

The truth is we're just
a little worried

because Sean hasn't been
at work in a while.

Could be because
he's in prison.

Which if you're friends
with Sean, you would know.

Okay, cards on the table.

Sean just escaped
and we were trying to figure out

if he contacted you.

And seeing you now,

I don't know
why he wouldn't have.

You didn't send any packages
to Sean

when he was in prison,
did you?

I wouldn't spit
on my ex-husband

if his hair was on fire.

Okay, so that's a no
on the packages?

Don't you flyboys
have somewhere to be?

Just two last questions.

Do you know a place around here
I can get a drink,

and can I buy you one
when we get there?

Are you asking me
on a date?

Come here.
What are you doing?

What about those?

That lady doth protest
too much.

What does that even mean
in this context?

I don't know.

I just know I need
to dig a little deeper

with this Fiona bird.

Okay. How do you want
to crack her?

I'm naturally more
of a bad cop

'cause my mom was so mean
to me.

But I could play good cop too.
How about good-bye cop?

So what's the plan?

The head of the black hand
brigade holds court here.

If anyone's harboring Sean,
this guy will know about it.

♪ ♪

Can I help you?

Just got out of Mountjoy
this morning.

Three-year trip.

On the house. Cheers.


Looking for a friend
who also got out.

Name's Sean Cullen.

Hey, lads,
he says he's looking

for someone named Sean.

Spent time in prison.

Your friend ain't here.

Maybe I'll just wait
for him.

Good work today.
See you next weekend.


♪ ♪

Surprise, Marie.

The boss wants to see you.

Why doesn't your boss
come out here?

If you want to talk
about Sean Cullen,

you'll follow them two
into the back room.

Girlfriends aren't allowed.

Have a seat.

Now, why don't you tell me
who you really are

and what you're doing
in my bar?

Like I said,
I'm looking for Sean Cullen.

You can stay.

You two, you're fired.

Perhaps we got off
on the wrong foot.

The right foot?

That'll be you telling me
what you want with Sean Cullen.

And don't tell me
you were in Mountjoy prison

for the last three years

because I was there
for two of them.

Truth is that bastard
double-crossed me.

Cut me out of a deal.

I'm just looking
to get my fair share out of him.

You know everything
that happens in this town.

No one lifts a finger
unless you say they can.

And rumor is one of your fellas
helped him escape.

There's no way
that happened.

You think you're the only one
that Sean Cullen stole from?

Maybe you can tell me
where I can find him, then?

I'll take care of Sean
for both of us.

Make him suffer a little.

I knew where he was,

I'd have already made him
suffer more than a little.

He'd be bleeding
from both kneecaps.

Sean made enemies of us

when he got
with that Brian Murphy.

Last I heard, the two of them
were planning a job

down at the airport
where Cullen worked.

Mr. Agent Bloom,
you okay?

That place looked
pretty rough back there.

He's fine.
We're both fine.

Thank you
for your concern, Hoyt.

What did you get
in the back room?

Name. Brian Murphy.
Cullen's partner.

You think he was telling
the truth?

Oh, he was telling
the truth 100%.

How do you know?
Here we go.

Human lie detector, Hoyt.
Oh, right. Of course.

I read about that
in your file.

The interrogation in Prague.

Okay, honey,
did you hear that?

My file?
It's huge.

So maybe now you believe me
about Lizzy?

You need to check
Interpol for Brian Murphys.

Oh, and cross-check names
against Shannon airport.

See if any Brian Murphys
work there.

I'm on it.
Where's Leo, by the way?

Not that our marriage
was ever great.

But once Sean started hanging
around with Brian,

that's when it all
went to hell.


Suppose that's right
around the time

he started cheating on me.

You ready for round two,

Back to bed.

Wow. What kind of crazy man
would cheat on you?

The kind that would check
into cheap hotels

under George Best,

the name of his favorite

That's how I caught him.

It was a relief, really.

Knowing that Sean was someone
else's problem.


Hold that spot.


So how'd the ex-wife
check out?

She's clean.

Hoyt seems to think
she was hung up on her ex.

She's over him.
Trust me. Bye.

No, I'll bet you five Euros
that my potato's bigger.

I've got a very big potato.
I'll talk to you soon.

What did Interpol
have to say?

We got a hit
on a Brian Murphy

who was fired from Shannon
last year.

Worked with Sean.

Knows about the CIA flights

that passed
through the airfield.

Where does he live?
Mapping it now.


All right, let's go pay Brian
a visit.

Took you two long enough.

I've already swept the place

and there's no sign of Sean

You actually
can't help yourself.

No, Steven, I can't.
And I'm so sorry.

What are we talking about?

Always having to be
the first one on the scene.

Look, right now,
I'm going to be ahead of you.

I can't help it.

Would you tell a cheetah

on the African plains
to slow down? No.

But once you guys get
your spy legs back,

you'll start to close the gap.

I mean, you still won't be able
to catch up to me, but--

how did you find
this place, Leo?

Fiona gave me the address.
Just like that, huh?

You just walk into a flower shop
and Sean's ex-wife just--

you slept with her.
What? That's crazy.


Oh, yeah, you're gonna do
that human

lie detector crap
you used to do?

He slept with her.

Whenever you're done talking

about Agent Nash's sex life,

I have something important
to show you

that I found
in Brian's trash.

So what did you find,


An untraceable cell phone
doesn't do you much good

when you leave
the box behind.

Even if you shove it
deep inside of a dumpster.

So can you trace
the phone?

Thanks to the bar code
on the box,

I can identify the SIM card,

which I've duplicated.

You're welcome.

As soon
as he gets a phone call,

we can pinpoint his location.

I was probably
like five years old

when I realized that clowns
are as scared of us

as we are of them.

He's getting an incoming call.
Can you intercept?

I mean, first I'd have to
wake up an Irish judge,

get him to sign a subpoena
authorizing a wiretap...

I'm sorry. You're not
in the mood for jokes.

Hello, Brian.

Sean, I've been waiting
for your call.

I had to make sure
no one was following me

and let the heat die down
a little.

The real question
is are you ready to get rich?

Look, I'm only doing this

if we're going to get
the hard drive together.

Of course. I wouldn't do it
any other way.

You remember the dockyard
down at Ringsend?

Be there in 20 minutes.

Not to ask the obvious,

but you did take care
of that Safety Deposit Key?

I'm not coming empty-handed.

And there he is.

He's moving in a car.

Either that or he's running
really fast.

Like a cheetah
on the African plain.

Excellent simile, sir.
Actually, that was mine.

I mean, at least Sean
hasn't recovered the hard drive.

That's good news.

Bad news is the dockyard's
on the other side of town.

You can stop there, Brian!

Let me guess, Sean,
another change of plans.

Put the gun down, Brian.

And why would I want
to do that?

Because if you don't,

I'm gonna put a bullet
into your wife's head.

Get out. Get out!


Put the gun down, Brian,

before I blow her bleeding
head off!

I think you know
what I'm going to ask for next.

Okay, Sean,
you've got the key.

Buyer's all set up
just like we planned.

Now please
just let her go.

My pleasure.

Come on, Marie.

Let's get out of here.

No. No, Marie, don't.
No, Marie, don't!


What are you do--unh!

Brian stopped moving.

He's got to be
on the other side

of that building.

Car is clear.


So you're Sean

and you now have
the hard drive.

What's your next step?

Sell it
to the highest bidder.

Yeah, but Sean could sell
this thing anywhere

to any terrorist group
and could be traveling

under any name.

Try George Best.

What, the old soccer player?
That's the one.

And Sean's favorite.

Run it through the computer

see if he's booked
any flights.

Yeah, George Best
and a companion

just hopped a 9:00 flight
to London.

But how do we know
that's not the real George Best?

Well, considering he's dead,
it's probably Sean.

Start checking the hotels.

♪ ♪

So what's our play to get
George Best's room number, huh?

Hack their mainframe?
Tap the phones?

Break into the office?

Oh, we're good.

I can hack her mainframe
and get the room number

in about four minutes.

Watch this.

Actually, you know what,

let me just throw this
out there.

Toss it in the air.
See who salutes.

What if for this time,
we switch roles?

You stay here while I go hack
inside of her mainframe

or whatever it is
you just said.

Yeah. Be my guest.

See you soon.

May I help you?
Yes, you may, milady.

My friend George Best
just checked in.

He's having a little "do"

to celebrate his new book.

But he forgot to give me
his room number.

If you'd care to join me,
I'm flying solo.

I'm sorry, but we have
a strict policy

against sharing
our guest room numbers.

If that's all...

Actually, lovely,
two more questions.

What's the best place
to get a drink around here


Can I buy you one
when we get there?

Is there anything else
I can do for you?

If not, I do have
other guests to help.

No, ma'am, thank you
for your time.

Crash and burn.

You got to shake it off, man.
Believe in yourse--

George Best is
in room 312.

How do you--
oh, yes, my friend.

Bill Hoyt's got his own bag
of tricks.

I call one
that the reverse seduction.

You get the target
so focused on rejecting you,

she doesn't realize
you just downloaded

the hotel registry.

Did I just blow your mind? Huh?

Do you want me to teach you
how to do it?

No, I'm good.

We're setting up
in room 412.

Our boy George Best
is in the room below.

Let's go over the plan
one more time.

The buyer approaches me.

As soon as I have the money,

I text you, it's okay
to turn over the drive.

When you send me the text,

just make sure the message
is blank.

In case we're being monitored.

Don't send anything
that might give the deal away.

A blank text
and nothing else.

Then I'll text you
where to bring the buyer.

And tomorrow,
we'll be ten million richer.

I'll see you there.

See you later, sweetheart.

♪ ♪

Isn't that the woman
in the picture

from the apartment?

That's Brian's wife.

Technically his widow.

She and Sean obviously murdered
her husband,

snagged the drive,

and now they're gonna sell it

so they can spend
the rest of their lives

having sex someplace sunny.

That's why
I'll never get married.

because all married people

are lying, cheating,

Maybe not murderers.

You are ridiculous.

What about you and Steven?

What about us?
I've never lied to him.

It's easy to say
when you're not allowed

to ask questions
about each other's past.

Steven and I made that pact
for a real reason, Leo.

Case confidentiality
is CIA policy,

or haven't you heard?

Come on, Sam.

Who are you really protecting,
the agency or yourself?

Hey, somebody's at the door.

You can just put it
over there.

Hey, the plan was for us
to wait for Sean.

Sorry, Stevie,
change of plans.

That could be the money drop.

He's never gonna learn.

It's good right there.

Mind if I have a look?

Not really your color, huh?

Either Sean is really
into Beethoven

or I know where our bad guy
is gonna pick up the drive.

We should probably talk.

Okay, so just to recap,

other than you two
killing your husband

and your smuggling
a stuffed animal filled

with drugs into prison,

you're totally innocent,

How many times
do I have to tell you?

I don't know
where the drive is.

I don't know
who's buying it.

And I don't know
where Sean is.

So all Sean said was to go
to the symphony tonight

and wait for the money drop
from a complete stranger?

And you're supposed
to text him

when it's safe to turn over
the drive.

What are you supposed
to text him?

My middle name.

One last question.
What dress size are you?

♪ ♪

Sir, I have a few additions
to your outfit.

Nothing cosmetic
'cause, I mean,

you look like a statue.

Pneumatic tranq gun.

100-foot-range. Totally quiet.
Insanely powerful.

What else?

Mini concussive grenade.

Creates 12 atmospheres
of pressure.

Knocks anyone within a 30-foot
radius flat on their ass.

Amazing. What else?
That's it.

Uh, I didn't bring
anything else.

That's fine.
She's already in position.

How you gonna get

I thought I'd use
my backstage pass.

How did you get
a backstage--?

I told one of the musicians
I was part

of the royal
protection squad.

And God save the queen.

I'm more concerned
about my wife.

You're in charge now.

Keep an eye on Marie.

Steven, where are you?

I thought
you were gonna cover me.

Don't worry.
I got you covered.

You never told me
you played Timpani.

Eight years
in a youth orchestra.

Wild times.
Didn't want to scare you off.

Stevie and I used to talk
about it all the time.

All those wild nights
in Cairo

talking about Beethoven
and Timpani.

♪ ♪

Hey, Sam, I don't hear you
telling your husband

to be more inconspicuous.

Shut up, Leo, I'm trying
to concentrate up here.

Hey, don't talk down
to the little people,

Mr. big time.

Exquisite phrasing, sir.

It's a shame all those
other instruments

are playing
at the same time as you.

♪ ♪

Any sign of Sean
in the audience?

Not yet.
Any sign of the buyer?

He's right behind you.
Lovely dress.

You must be Marie.

And you must have my money.

Fine. We can skip
the pleasantries.

As promised, $10 million
in negotiable bearer bonds.

Now where is my hard drive?

Good question.

Where the hell is Sean
with the drive?

Okay, I am tapped
into Marie's cell.

As soon as she gets
a text message,

we'll be able to pinpoint
Sean's location.

You're good to text,
Mrs. Agent Bloom.

Is there a problem?

I'm just sending
my partner a message

to let him know
I have the money.

Sean's message says a40.

It must be a seat number.

That's where Sean stashed
the drive.

He's transmitting
from inside the hall.

How does nobody
have a visual on him?

Maybe he's in disguise.
Yeah, a really good one.

This isn't it.

You must be standing
right on top of him.

You're coming with me
as insurance.

I got you, sweetie.

Now take me
to your partner.

When the strings kick in,
step to your left.

♪ ♪

Well played, honey.

Hoyt, where is Sean?

I don't know.
His signal's really weak.

It's almost like--
Sean is underground.

The parking garage.
A40's a parking space.

Sean's downstairs.
Hold on, Leo, I'm on my way.

Here's an idea,
why don't you both wait

until we can take
Sean together?

Because we don't have time.

I hid the money
under my seat.

Pick it up
when you're finished.

Put the gun down.

Who are you?

What's this?

Whoever is listening,

your friend here
is gonna die

unless I get my money.

Ah! Son of a--

let him go, Sean.

Where's the hard drive?

Or were you planning
on double-crossing the buyer

like you did Brian?

It's in the car.

Do anything stupid
and I'll kill you.

There you go.
Hard drive is yours.

That should make the next part
rather simple.

It's his life for my money.

Uh, sounds reasonable
to me. Deal.

I don't negotiate
with hostage takers.

Company policy.

Really, Sam?

Since when did you become
such a stickler for the rules?

I can think of, like,
three times you broke protocol.

Shut up.

Do what you want
with the hostage.

You're not getting
the money.

Mr. Bloom, are you listening
to this?

Is your wife telling the truth
or is she bluffing?

She's not bluffing.

♪ ♪

You really don't want
to shoot him, Sean.

Oh, yeah? And enlighten me
as to why that is.

Because we have
your girlfriend.

And you shoot him,
we shoot her.

Don't worry.
We're not gonna shoot you.

She's bluffing.
I think.

I don't care about Marie.

Like I said,
all I want is my money.

Hold on.
Nobody's gonna shoot anybody.

Steven, what are you doing?
What does it look like, huh?

I'm giving him the money.
Absolutely not.

'Scuse me?
Absolutely what?

You're not giving $10 million
to an escaped fugitive

just because he asks
for it.

We can't let our friend die
now, can we?

Thank God, Stevie.

I knew I can count on you.

He's not going to hurt Leo.

He's obviously bluffing.

You don't even know

when your own sister's lying.

It's okay.
They're married.

Open it!

Wait, Stevie,
what the hell are you doing?

You don't give a hostage taker
the money

until after he releases
the hostage,

which in this particular case
is me.

I know what I'm doing, Leo.

Man, you do know
he's going to shoot me

once we leave the garage,

No different than what you did
to me in Belgrade.

Worst 90 seconds
of my life.

No messing around.

You were right.

As soon as we get out of here,
I am gonna kill you.

Hoyt, I'm gonna need eyes
on the North side exit.

Sean's on the move.

He's not going anywhere.

Sweetie, I can explain.

But first, you might want
to cover your ears.

I think you got
your spy legs back!

Yeah, thanks.
Are you okay?

I said you are an idiot, huh?

And one day, you're gonna
get yourself killed!

you're both idiots.

That hurt!

Cullen will be in the hospital
for a long time

and then in jail
for even longer

as will the attempted
buyer of the drive.

Job well done.

God, I love when you have
to say that.

I'm sure you do.

Although I did read
your mission report

and I do have one question.

For you, Mrs. Bloom.

I assume that when you saw
your husband

give Cullen the money,

that you somehow knew

that the briefcase
was going to explode.

Of course I knew.

Well, I just wanted
to make sure.

When you've been married
for as long as we have,

sort of second nature.

You know all there is to know
about each other

with just one look.


Thanks for taking care
of Waldorf.

Are you kidding me?
I love that dog.

He's the best cuddler
in the world.

What are you doing?

You house-sat.
Walked the dog.

You should be paid.

Steven, no, stop it.
We are family.

You don't pay family
for staying at your house

and taking care
of your dog.

Otherwise, I'd do it
every weekend.

Are you sure?
Yes. I'm sure.

But thanks though.

Ah. We got to talk.

I know.
I have a confession to make.

Ha. See, I knew it.

Your sister asked you for money
and you gave it to her.

That. Yeah.
I loaned her $700.


That's not what I want
to talk about.

What's going on?

I've been thinking a lot
about our pact.

And the more I think about it,

the less I'm sure
it's such a good idea.

I mean, if I had known
about Belgrade,

we could've worked together
in that garage.

I can tell you
about Belgrade, honey.

It's not just Belgrade.

It's not telling each other
things about ourselves.

It's no different
than lying.

Look, I want
to tell you something.

It's about why I left the Agency
when I did.

I thought it was because
we fell in love

and wanted to live
a normal life together.

Yes, that was part of it.

Then I don't need
to hear anything else.

As long as that first part
is true,

there is no other reason.

My life started over
when I met you.

And the part that went before
became nothing but a prelude.

I don't need to know
about every mission you went on.

I'm not even sure
I want to hear

about all the dangers
you faced.

You're not just saying
all this

'cause you don't want
to talk about your past?

Why is it always
a conspiracy with you?