Undercovers (2010): Season 1, Episode 2 - Instructions - full transcript

When a private security detail in Pakistan murders the scientists they're paid to protect and kidnaps the lead scientist, CIA handler Shaw sends married spies Steven and Samantha to the rescue. With agents Hoyt and Leo as back up, our team travels to the beaches of Turks & Caicos, the slums of Caracas, and the center of Stockholm as they race to prevent the kidnappers from forcing the scientist to perform her expertise-building a miniature bomb for their impending attack. Amid this security threat, the most danger may come when Leo meets Samantha's sister Lizzy.

I understand.

We'll do it the first day

of the global business summit
in Stockholm.

This will make
the embassy bombing

look like a firecracker.

And you've confirmed
that she's on site

at the Nulsys lab?

It's been confirmed.

I'm driving the clients
to the lab right now.

Once inside, we'll proceed
as planned.

Do we have a deal?
You have a deal.

What makes you think
she'll do the work for you?

She'll do it.
I've already got her husband.

- Time to go?
- Yes.

Call my brother.
Tell him to get the cars ready.

We'll see you in Stockholm.

Good luck, Mr. Seidel.
Mr. Kruger.

How much longer you think?

I understand the road is bad,
but the destination is good.

Not too far.

Mr. Kruger,
avoid the potholes.

We'll have to leave Pakistan
for that, Mr. Hasni.

We have eight researchers
working today.

12 more come in next week.


Phase one,
which is almost complete,

is the analysis
of the fiber-optic systems

in Pakistan.

And you're saying
your tech is faster?

No question.

The work of Dr. Nasir
has exceeded all expectations.

Is she in the building?
Dr. Nasir?

Yes. Yes, she is.

- John...
- Quiet. Stay with me.

Kruger, keep a lookout.
Another truck's coming.

We got to be gone
before it gets here.

John, what the hell?

I need you to focus.

Did Kruger know about this?
Why didn't you tell me?

Because you couldn't handle it!

Dr. Nasir.

Dr. Nasir.

I have a job for you.

Why would I ever do anything
for you?

Your husband's safe.
For now.

- You didn't do it.
- I never do it.

And you know why?
Because I don't need to do it.

- Clearly, you do.
- Who's not doing what?

What are you guys fighting

He didn't read the instructions

and destroyed
the coffee machine.

Oh, no, Mr. "B,"
that coffee machine's expensive.

- I didn't destroy it.
- Stop eating my hors d'oeuvres.

And if you do, at least tell me
if they're good.


Hey, guys, the guy
from the hotel is here.

He's, like, right behind me.
He's...Right here.

Her name is Dayita Nasir.

A computer scientist who's done
some groundbreaking work

in the miniaturization
of microprocessors.

She's also done some work
for the Indian government

research lab developing
miniaturized explosives.

She took a job
with Nulsys Telecom,

a company that had
a start-up facility

outside Karachi.

Dr. Nasir was kidnapped
from that lab

five days ago.

And we just got word

that her husband's
gone missing as well.

Obviously, a scientist
with her skill

would be dangerous
working for the wrong people.

We believe that these men
are responsible.

John and Bruce Seidel.
Brothers. Americans.

And Hollis Kruger,
a Johannesburg native.

- Who are they?
- Private military.

Hired by Nulsys
through blacklodge protection

to provide security
for their CEO.

We think they had
their own agenda,

killed their employers,

not to mention two visiting
American businessmen.

The Seidel brothers
have disappeared.

They probably have Dr. Nasir.

But intel has tracked
Mr. Kruger to the West Indies.

Ooh, the Turks and Caicos.

We get to go?

I'll be Frank.

Coming here asking you to fly
to an exotic locale,

hoping that your rusty
espionage skills

will be sufficient enough
to do the job pains me.


In the groin.

I don't know
how you're going to be able

to find Dr. Nasir
when you can't even operate

a coffee machine.

- How do you know about that?
- I can fix that machine.

He didn't read
the instructions.

Do you read the manuals?

Steven's usually good
with technology.

Please tell me you don't read
the manuals.

Guys! I cannot stand
that simultaneous yammering

that you do.


- See you soon.
- I'll be counting the days.

You're gonna need to take
the engagement party.

We have to go back
to San Francisco.

Sam. I know what you're doing
with that guy.

In there.
You do?

I know the catering company
isn't making any money

and the hotel job pays a lot,

but you're just gonna shut
this place down, aren't you?

- Lizzy.
- Well, you can't.

I need this job.
I need someplace to go.

You don't want me
to start drinking again, do you?

Of course I don't.

But we're not shutting
anything down.

You still have this job
and you always will.

Oh, my God.
You are the greatest.

I knew I could trust you.

Mm. All right.

Well, have a fun time
in San Francisco.

We will.

What do you think Kruger's
doing in Turks and Caicos?

Probably hiding out
till everything dies down.

You know what, I'm just gonna
let you pack my stuff

while I read Kruger's file.

So unlike
with the coffee machine,

you actually prep for missions.


This is basically
our first real mission

as partners.

It's weird.

I'm gonna see a whole
other side of you.

Well, I don't want
to scare you,

but prepare to be amazed.

These three guys killed a lot
of people to get this woman.

And they took her husband.

They got to be planning
something big.

What if she does
whatever they want

in order to save her husband,

even if it means making
an explosive for them?

I don't know
that I'd blame her.

Look, if it comes to that,

Dr. Nasir's gonna have to make
a very difficult decision.

But if we can get Kruger

maybe he won't get that far.

So how do you want to run it?

We canvass the hotel
until we spot him.

I'll get him alone.

Then we force him to tell us

where Dr. Nasir's being kept
and what she's doing for them.

So you take the lead
and I got your back?

Sounds like a plan.

♪ ♪

Kruger is smart.

If you're gonna lay low,
this is the place to do it.

So, sweetie, good luck
with that whole catering thing.

I'm moving here.

Best of luck picking up
your man.

Yeah, you're not much
of a partner.

I'm the only one
doing any work here.

I got him.

This chaise isn't taken, right?

I'm Jamie Datnow.

Hollis Kruger.

So nice to meet you.

Just remember, sweetie,

this guy's a killer.

Don't surprise me like that.

This is dangerous work
and I'd rather

we all not explode.

Are you finished yet?

I'm working as fast as I can.


Tell your boss "today."
It will be ready.

For your husband's sake,

I hope you're telling
the truth.

I've seen what my boss does
when people lie to him.

He promised me I can see him
en I've finished.

He promised!


♪ ♪

Excuse me, ma'am.
Let me towel up for you, okay?

There you go. Fantastic.

I'll be poolside
if you need absolutely anything.

- Hoyt, walk away.
- 'Scuse me.

- You from Johannesburg?
- Yes.

Cape town.

Ah. What brings you here?

Cape town has great beaches.

Clifton's too crowded.

And sometimes I just feel
like being pampered.

I'm gonna buy you a drink.

Do I have to stop at just one?

Wow. Seriously,
who are you?

I feel sorry for the men
you do this to.

All right, sweetie,
I'm gonna go check out his room.

Be careful.

♪ ♪

Here's the towel you requested.

The towel.

Hoyt, there's nobody around.
You can just talk to me.

Okay, I got you everything
you requested.

Key card, lock pick,
code cracker, GPS tracker...

Hoyt, we've done this before.

You're Picasso.
I'm the brush salesman.

Who am I to tell you
how to paint?

My wife is out there

seducing a man by the pool.

The longer I talk to you,
the longer that goes on.

Which must be very awkward
for you.

Watch Samantha.
Make sure she's okay.

I'm in.
Roger that, Agent Bloom.

The seduction continues.
Very successfully, I might add.

This was supposed to be a trip
with my boyfriend.

Like an idiot, I thought
he was going to propose.

He broke up with me last week.

What about you?
What's your story?

I'm in security.
Taking a much needed holiday.

Simple as that.

"Simple as that."

- Uh-oh.
- Sir, did you find something?

All right,
this is all in Arabic,

which I can't read.

- I could.
- Really?

- You could what?
- You never told me that.

- I speak nine languages.
- I could go for another drink.

Well, you're gonna have
to look at some pages, sweetie.

Not a problem.

You were talking to your wife,
weren't you?


Sam, bring him in.

Would you rather
have the drink in your room?

Package is on the move.

You don't need
to say "package."

It's cooler that way though.

Wow, these trackers
are smaller.

I'm putting one
in Kruger's watch.

Yes, sir.

And there's some new features

that you might want
to check out.

Hoyt, I got it.

They're entering the building.

- Make yourself comfortable.
- I will.


Hello, sweet lips.

Who the hell are you people?

Your worst nightmare.

Let's just say we work
for one of your competitors

and leave it at that.

There was an incident
in Pakistan last week.

We know you were involved.

And that Dayita Nasir
is missing.

Found this in your safe.

Dr. Nasir's health records,
work history, everything

including surveillance.

You want to tell us
what you're doing with this?

I have no idea.

You understand
as well as anybody

what private security means,

We are not police.
We don't follow rules.

This isn't my operation.
It's Seidel's. John Seidel.

That's your answer?
John Seidel?

And we're supposed
to believe that?

Believe what you want,
but it's the truth.

John's crazy.

All of this was John's idea.

We were hired to protect
these businessmen.

John killed them
along with everyone else

in the lab.

Except for the doctor.

John and his brother took her
and sent me here

to deliver
those papers tonight.

- To who?
- I don't know.

Those aren't my papers.
They're John's.

A terrorist cell was looking
for some new weaponry.

We were working for a company
that was employing Dr. Nasir.

John knew she had a background
in microexplosives.

Okay, so they wanted
to make a weapon. For what?

What are they planning to do?
I don't know. I'm telling you.

That envelope
has an address on it.

Whose is it?
Never seen it before.

I'll check it out.

If you're this innocent,

how come you agreed to deliver
those documents and not run?

- He's paying me.
- He's paying you.

I'm not the mastermind.
I'm just a pawn.

Oh, yeah? Really?
Like one of these?

I don't think so, buddy.

Got a match on the address.
Never seen it before?

It's Seidel's.
All right.

There's something up
with this guy.

I'm gonna stay here
and go with him to the meet.

You guys go to Caracas
and see what's up.

Or... and I'm just thinking
out loud... I stay here with you,

she checks out Seidel.

You two can have your tropical
honeymoon another time.

You're coming with me.

- Are you gonna okay?
- I guess so.

But, honestly...
I did it again, didn't I?

I'm good.

Try not to kiss anybody else
for the rest of the day, please.

- That kiss was your fault.
- Are you crazy?

The plan was for you to hit
him as soon as we walked in.

No. You were supposed
to hit him when you walked in.

That's not
what we talked about.

Yes. I said you come in
and you pop him.

- Who cares?
- I thought you meant you pop.

- I meant you pop.
- Everybody's saying pop.

I would've happily popped...

People, doesn't sound

like this is gonna end
any time soon,

so what's the plan?

You and I are taking a trip.

- Go.
- Yeah.

♪ ♪

Never been to Caracas.

But a little Caracan trivia.

The anthem of the city
is the Marcha a Caracas

written by composer
Tiero Pezzuti de Matteis.

Lyrics by Jose Enrique Sarabia.

Though you can't always trust

Turns out Burt Reynolds
and Tom Selleck are not twins.

Hoyt, too much information.

Do you see anything?

I thought I saw some movement,

but it might've been
a reflection.

Well, there's only one way
to find out.

- Let's go.
- Yeah.

- I need to go alone.
- Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

I told you I don't know
who I'm meeting.

They won't approach me
if I'm with you.

I'll be close.

Something tells me
you wouldn't have the same luck

with me without that gun.

Tell me something, Agent Hoyt.

What's that, ma'am?

When you buy something,

a new Blu-Ray player,
computer, camera,

do you read the instructions
before using it?

You're kidding, right?

Cover to cover
in all five languages.

I'm the guy who reads
the electrical hazard warnings.


- Why don't I...
- Check down the hall.

Yeah, got the hall.


It wasn't John!
It was his brother!

Get the car!

You should look both ways
before crossing, Bruce.

Nice job.

We know about the murders
in Pakistan.

We know about your brother John
and Kruger.

And what you did
to Dr. Nasir and her husband.

So it's over.

You can either tell us
everything right now

or refuse to cooperate
and I'll kick your ass.

We both will.
We're both gonna kick your ass.

- Hoyt, I got this.
- Yeah, you got it.

It's your turn.

We also know
this is John's plan.

John's dead.

You're a liar.

Look, it was John's plan.

So you're half right.

But, uh, but I knew
nothing about it, okay?

Now, Kruger was in on it,
but not me.

John killed almost everyone
in the building.

We took the scientist.
We drove away.

His plan was to meet
a chartered plane,

get her out of Pakistan.

He had a...
had a lab somewhere.

She was supposed to do
whatever work he needed.

John had everything
figured out.

Nice job back there, gentlemen.

- Any changes?
- Nope.

Everything proceeds as planned.

- But Kruger...
- Not everything.

I guess he wasn't loyal
to anyone.

He thought he killed us both.
Except only John died.

I was told that I was found

by a convoy down the road

Otherwise, I'd be dead too.

You can check satellite images
if you like.

You'll find everything
I'm saying checks out.

The man you're looking for
isn't John Seidel.

It's Hollis Kruger.

Hello, Mr. Kruger.
Good to see you.

Care for some company tonight?

Um, I'm good.
Thank you.

We, uh, saw you sitting alone
and thought we could help you.

Yeah, well, I bet you could,
but, um...

Your friend said we should do
whatever you wanted.

Damn it.

I think Kruger's our man.

I got some bad news.

If I am understanding
this correctly,

you actually had the man

for Nasir's kidnapping
in your custody

and then you let him get away.
Is that about right?

At the time, we didn't know
Kruger was responsible.

Right, right, right because
he told you that he wasn't.

And why would you doubt
that solid chain of evidence?

So what's the plan now?

Maybe you'd like
to get his address

so that you could send him
some delicious homemade scones.

You tasted my scones?

No, I did not taste
your scones.

Now let's discuss
the tracking chip

that you put in his watch.

The tracking chip
that doesn't track.

You did activate
the tracker, right?

I can't believe this.

You didn't read
the instructions, did you?

Hon, there is no instructions
on a CIA GPS tracker.

You know what I mean.

You can't just go online and...

You haven't used
a CIA-issued tracker

for five years...
Things change.

Hoyt explained
the whole thing to me.

You need
to press the reset button

till the light goes green.

Did you not do that?

You didn't turn on
the tracker, did you?

Look, I'm pretty sure
the button was green...


Time is at a premium.

Which is why I decided
to bolster your team.

You think
that's really necessary?

- We don't really need an...
- Sorry I'm late.

- Leo.
- Oh.

You think
maybe you could invest

in a few parking spots outside?

This is supposed
to be a business, right?

Is this who you're bringing in?

That's sort
of an insulting welcome.

Well, apart from being
an excellent Agent

and having a personal
relationship with you,

Mr. Nash also has expertise

in current generation

If anyone can get
that tracker online,

I'm looking at him.

Thank you, sir.

See that, big guy?

That's my fist.

There you go.
And you come on over here.

Good to see you, Leo.

God, you smell good.

- Hey, hey.
- Yeah.

If this is gonna work out,

you and I, we need to lay down
some ground rules, okay?

Okay. Then let's lay
some ground rules.

Then we go catch some bad guys.

What do you say?

If this doesn't work,
he's gonna want us to kill her.

Okay, so now that I'm
in charge,

here's what's gonna happen...

Now that you're in charge?

Well, maybe not in title,

But after your
performance today...

My performance?

It has been a while
for you, huh?

But, hey, I don't want

to play the blame game.

We all have
off days sometimes, right?

So as I was saying,
now that I'm in charge...

Leo, it doesn't matter
who's in charge.

Well, it kind of does.

What matters is if you get
that tracker working

so we can find Kruger.

Dr. Nasir and her husband
are still missing

and we have no idea where either
one of them could be.

We need to move.
I'm so sorry to interrupt.

This is really important.
Like life or death important.

I made this quiche

and I really need someone
to taste it.

- You made it?
- Mm-hmm.

- You never cook.
- I know.

- Wow. That's amazing.
- Really?

- Mm. Quiche-tastic.
- Really?

Well, thank you.
No, no.

Okay, we need to go
somewhere quiet

so we can finish
what we were doing.

I'll call you later.

Oh, he is cute.

- No.
- No?

No, no, no. You're recovering
and he's an alcoholic.

It starts there and gets worse.

Mm. But I mean it
about Leo: No.

Okay, if Kruger started here

in Turks and Caicos

and he's had 24 hours
to travel,

then according to this,

dude could be almost anywhere.

Thanks for the expertise.

Thrilled they brought you in.

Hey, I actually miss
hanging out with you.

I just don't want it
to be awkward

I used to do sex
with your wife.

See, it wouldn't
be that awkward

if you didn't bring it up
every time you saw me.

Got it. Leo and Sam doing sex
no longer a topic.

Where are we
on tracking Kruger?

Here's the thing,

the tracker's still

It's just in sleep mode.
It's a new model.

You wouldn't have known
to turn it on

- unless you actually...
- Read the instructions.

We can send a signal
to activate it.

We just don't know
where to send it.

There are six satellites
we need to pulse.

That'll take some time.

And when we get a read,
it's only...

there's a woman somewhere
in this world

making an explosive
to blow up who knows what.

Can you activate the tracker
or not?

May I ask a question?

You told me to make two bombs.

When I close this up,
my job here is done.

Will I be able
to see my husband then?

First I need you
to finish the job.

Then we'll figure what's next
for you and your husband.

I think you should get
to work now.

- Whoa.
- Uhh!

That's a whole lot of beans.

And that was with reading
the manual!

Hey, let me take a look at it.

No, no, I got it!

Wow. Seriously, we need
to talk this thing out

because I can't work
with this hostility.

Why are you so angry?

Is it that I used to do sex
with your wife?

Stop saying that. God.

And who says that? Do sex?
That's just wrong.

I'm somewhat sorry
that it happened,

but not completely.

And that's just me
being honest.

You know what I realized,

the time you were dating Sam

was the same time I saw you

with that woman in Poland.

- Oh, yeah, Linda.
- Lidia.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Yeah. And you two weren't
just friends either.

Wait a minute, are you mad
at me for cheating on your wife?

Do you even hear yourself talk?

- One of my favorite sounds.
- Oh, my God.

Truth is, the thing
with Linda... Lidia

was for a case, okay?

She was a target.

I was totally honest
with my girlfriend/your wife.

Speaking of which,
does Sam know

what was going on with you
when you left the CIA?

We left so she and I could
live a normal life together.

No. The real truth.

Not the sunshiny press release
version you told everyone.

Leo, that is the truth.

What have we got?

Tracker's back online.

And we got our man.

This is so weird for me.

You'll get used
to the backseat.

I've been on missions
with you and with you,

but never you two together.
It's crazy.

What about when we saved
your ass from getting killed?

Yeah, but that doesn't
really count.

That was more of a rescue
than a mission.

Hey, Sam, remember
that Brazilian dead drop?

Okay, that whole talking
about Samantha

like you know her better
than I do thing

is gonna stop right now.

Buddy, I could do the same
thing for you.

What about Santiago?

Yeah, I don't like that either.

That's what I'm talking about!
This is weird!

No, let's just embrace it.

There he is.

Leo, you remember Agent Hoyt.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Did you get all the equipment?

Yes, ma'am.

I'm "packing" so to speak.

Oh, bummer.
I actually liked the beard.

Yeah, I know. Me too.

I mean, I'd grow my own,

but my facial hair moves
at an alarmingly slow pace.

- I can see that.
- Mm-hmm.

Are you sure this is it?


This is the last place
the tracker picked up Kruger

before it went out.

Let's go.

Here you go.

Everybody take one.
Like Halloween.

Am I going to come in
with you guys or...?

Do you want me to come in
with you guys

or do you want me just...?

Yeah, I'll just stay here.

I'll just hang out here
for a bit.

Just hang out...A bit.

Guys, the cargo hold quick.

It's okay.
Dr. Nasir, you're gonna be okay.

He shot me and he left.

- Ambulance.
- Done.

Hoyt, call an ambulance.

Dr. Nasir,
is this the man?


He went...

He went ere?

He went to the summit.

Oh, God. She's got to mean
the global business summit.

It's taking place
about two miles from here.

All cell phones
will be returned to you

after the conclusion
of the summit.

Thank you.

Hoyt, how's she doing?


My Swedish is a little rusty,
but I think she's gonna be okay.

Langley put you on the list
at the summit.

Kruger's gonna be there
with a thousand

of the world's top business
leaders in one place.

Use the credentials
in your briefcase.

You okay with clothes?
We've got what we need.

♪ ♪

- Okay, that dress, seriously...
- Stop it.

Sorry. So do you really think
Kruger's still inside?

Yeah. I'm positive.
He's either inside or close by.

I know these types.

If he's planting a bomb in there
like I think he is,

he's gonna want to see it work.

He has an explosive.

Who does? Kruger?

Okay, where?

In his cell phone.
The phone.

- Yes.
- Bad news.

Dr. Nasir made a bomb
that Kruger put in a cell phone.

Someone paid him
to blow up that conference.

Guys, Nasir made a cell phone
bomb for Kruger.

It could be on a timer
or it could have a detonator.

You two find Kruger.
I'll find the phone.

Here are the cell phones.

Is she conscious?

I need more than just
"the bomb's in a cell phone."

There are 1,000 cell phones.

Okay, we got 1,000
cell phones there.

Can you give us any hint?
Anything at all?

She's out again,
Mrs. Agent Bloom.

I don't know.


Oh, my God.
Hoyt, I got it.

It's a timer.

Great! She's awake!

Dr. Nasir,
how do we stop the timer?

You can't just remove it.

There are two red wires.

You can't just remove it.
There are two red wires. And?


There are four wires.
Hoyt, what do I do?

She's out again.
I don't know, Mrs. Agent Bloom.

She's unconscious.

I'm pulling one
of the red wires.

She's pulling a red wire.
What do we think?

Hello? What do we think?

You're on your own,
Mrs. Agent Bloom.

Oh, God, it didn't work.

I'm reconnecting
the first red wire

and disconnecting
the other one.


Digital circuits are based
on discrete voltage levels.

That could set it off.

I can pull the remaining three?

Or the other red one?
I'd vote for that.

I'm cutting the black wire.

But you never mentioned
a black wire.

What about the red?

It's the black one.
I know it.

It worked.
It worked? Yes!

It worked! It worked!
Do you understand?

You can't hear me.

I did it.

- What can I do?
- You can get here later.

That'd be good.

- Seems like it all worked out.
- That's right, Agent Bloom.

Dr. Nasir will make
a complete recovery

and her husband
has been found alive and well.

Seidel is prepared to testify.
Kruger is done.

And you two got a free trip
to Turks and Caicos.

Which, uh, pains you
in your groin.

You have no idea.

FYI, I have recommended
that Agent Nash

be assigned to your team
on a semipermanent basis

for those missions
where he may have

areas of expertise.

Oh, question, sir.

Are there areas in which I don't
have expertise?

- Humility.
- Modesty.

I'll be in touch.

- Thanks for helping out.
- Are you kidding me?

It's like old times.
This is fun.

Only you would call chasing
after a terrorist

and defusing a bomb
that could've killed hundreds

of world business leaders

What can I say?

I'm a glass half-full
kind of guy.

Anybody order a cappuccino?

You fixed it.

Ye of little faith.


Now that is good.

I can't believe you did it.

Um, I did sort of have
to look at the instructions

a little bit
to put it back together.

- Yeah, Leo told me.
- He did.


- Leo still likes you.
- He does not.

Why wouldn't he like you?
You're beautiful.

You're talented.

He knows things
about your past I don't.

Sweetheart, you do know
that's all it is... the past.

Yeah, I know that.
I just wanted to hear it.

And anyway, you were right too.

Sometimes you can't go
by the book.

You just have to follow
your instinct.

This is so good.

But I can't drink it.
I'll be up all night.

Oh, well, you could be
up all night anyway.

Oh, really?

So shall I give you some

on how to proceed?

I think
I'll, uh, use my instincts.