Undercover Billionaire (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #2.1 - full transcript

Is the "american
dream" still alive?

I'm glenn sterns.

To prove it, last year,
I made a bet

That I could go undercover

And build a million
dollar business in 90 days.

What I need to know
is are you with me?

I have to go to the hospital.

- What do I do?
- I'm trying to tell you!

I can't...

it was the hardest thing

That I've ever done in my life.


But there's more than one way...

To make a million dollars.

See, when I start laughing

It's 'cause I'm really nervous.

three successful entrepreneurs

Are stepping forward to
take on the same challenge.

Who has my money?

This sounds like
I'm being greedy.

But I'm not greedy.

I'm a hunter.

I'm all about relationships.

My strategy is,

I'm not building it
without the community.

It can't happen.

I don't take "no" for an answer,

Being a woman in a man's world.

There's no crying.
Make other people cry.

In a country caught

In an economic hurricane...

the governor called
a state of emergency...

- Holy hell.
- ...Can they pull it off?

We need to be
realistic about the economy.

Can anybody create a
business with cameras? It's chaos.

To keep things fair,

They're going undercover

In cities they've never been to.

With only $100.

A cell phone with no contact

And an old truck.

All they'll have are
the business principles

They use to become successful.

The work hasn't started yet.

Big! You know what I'm saying?

At the end of 90 days,

All three businesses will
be independently valuated.

If it's a penny
short of a million dollars,

I'll put in a million dollars.

Win or lose,
the people who get me there,

Will be rewarded.

But they don't know it.

In three
different american cities,

With millions of
dollars on the line,

These trailblazers
will try and prove

The "american
dream" is still alive.

I'm grant cardone
and I make money.

I make a lot of money.

I own 17 companies

And almost two billion
dollars worth of real estate.

I'm the bestselling author
of eight business books

come on! Come on!

The founder of the 10x movement,

I sell out massive
events all over the world.

I'm about to do something

That is like beyond terrifying.

It is the biggest fear

That human beings have.

Not knowing where
you're going to live,

How you're going to eat,

Or how you're going
to spend your next day,

And that's what I'm about to do.

I haven't experienced
that in 30 years.

I grew up in lake charles,

It's a refinery labor town.

My dad died when
I was 10 years old.

And when he died,

I could see my mother go from

Moment of grief

To massive fear.

She was in terror
about one thing...


"how am I going
to raise five kids?"

So here I am watching this

And still today, that drives me.

I'm bringing in a water bottle,

Okay, we got a couple little sweaters,
in case

You go someplace cold.

I went from the
middle class to nothing.

My game was drugs

And alcohol.

So we'll each
write our little note.

Barely made it to college,

I had been fired from six jobs.

So I started in car
sales and I hated it,

But I stuck with it,
banked a bunch of money

And then started
buying real estate.

Easy, easy.

I love you.

Hey, what did I get myself into?

Think he's gonna survive?

You know, I think it's gonna be

A little harder than he thinks.

I remember you saying

About the "american
dream" being real.

I'd love to validate
to people that

The dream's real.

So when I was done,
I didn't feel like I missed the goal,

I really was proud
of where we got to...

"why do this?" that
is a great question.

I'm doing this for americans
who don't have much,

Don't believe in
themselves much,

Because that used to be me.

Everything you
think you know about

Achieving the american dream,

Is wrong.

The middle class concepts,

Saving money,


Everything you know
about money today,

Has you trapped.

Okay man, thank you so much

And again,
a lot of respect for what you've done

And for taking this thing on.

Good luck,
I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Getting rich is a game.

I'll show you how
to win at the game.

I'm monique idlett,

I'm best known as
the co-founder and ceo

Of mosley music group,

Which I started with my ex-husband,

We were a full service label

That had a joint venture
with interscope records

With jimmy iovine.

Home to nelly furtado,

One republic,

Keith urban,

Chris cornell...

We generated hundreds
of millions of dollars

In album sales and
publishing royalties.

Det. Com is our partner now.

- Yes! - yeah, so

There will be a press
release about that too.

I made my first million

By creating an agency

To partner the right talent

In the entertainment
and sports world

With the right corporations.

Now, I own reign ventures,

A tech capital fund
that's focused on women

And minority led start-ups.

Our portfolio company's
worth hundreds of millions.

This can change a
lot of households...

- Mm-hmm...
- And the way young people

- Interact with their credit scores.
- I agree.

I'm excited.

It's gonna be good.

I'm going into
uncharted territory

But I'm definitely
not afraid of adversity

I think my whole life
has been adversity

And how to overcome something.

The "american dream,"

It hasn't been for everyone,

It applies to people who

Typically have
generational wealth

And generational legacy and

Families that have
been able to pass on.

I was raised in perth amboy,
new jersey,

In income based housing,

With a single mom.

My mother lived
paycheck from paycheck,

Didn't learn anything
about savings or credit.

There were days when
she wouldn't get a paycheck

Till Friday and
the electricity bill

Was due on Thursday
and they would cut it off

Like, we'd be using candles.

I don't forget any of that.

I got pregnant and
had a child at 18.

I mean, as a baby,
he was on campus with me

Or sometimes at work with me...

Depending upon
what job I was at.

Goin' to your dad's.

Goin' to your dad's.

Do I have anything
to be worried about?

they just typical teenagers.

The kids kept asking me like,
"why am I doing this?"

And I'm actually like,

I had to really,
really think about that

'cause I was over
looked in the industry.

Especially once we got married,

People didn't understand
that I was business.

I have, since 18 years old,

Done nothing but
build relationships.

But I feel like

This is a learning
experience for you.

This challenge is
a good cleansing

For the soul.

But I wouldn't know.

You can't quit now,
once you say "yes." you in it now...

- yeah.
- I don't think I ever quit, though.

I'm taking on this challenge,

For people of color, for women.

Women are c-suites at
major-major corporations

And have continued
to show statistically

That they scale
the revenue model.

So why do we keep
getting overlooked?

I love you, baby.

I love you too.

Come on, let's go.

There's no crying
in construction.

I make other people cry.

I'm elaine culotti and
I'm 100% a badass.

I'm a builder, I'm a developer,

I'm a designer
and I'm a visionary.

Casinos, hospitals,
luxury homes...

I've handled over a
billion dollars worth

Of real estate.
If it can be built,

I can figure out a way to do it.

Growing up,
my father was in the military,

He was a fighter pilot.

He flew f-100s and f-111s.

My father was gone a lot

And we travelled

But children that
come from the military,

That move a lot are independent

And really quick
to make friends.

I was able to figure it out,
being a woman

That was in a man's world.

My dad told me that
the most important outfit

That you could put
on is confidence.

When I was 14 years old,

I took a job for train
heating and air-conditioning,

I wasn't even old enough to work,
which I lied about

And then I made a
deal where I got paid

Per lead, instead of

For the hours
that I was working.

And I was making so much money

That they tried
to re-cut my deal.

Then I started a
shoeshine company

And then hot dogs

And all kinds of
vending machines

And I took it literally
to college with me.

I got interested in real estate

And I did at least
30 transactions

By the time I was 30 years old.

I'm a designer and a real estate mogul.

My development company

Is really the driving
force of my wealth.

You guys want to cut? Hale?

Don't do what I do.

I get a little bit
too close to it.

Chop it all up.

The "american dream"
is 100% alive and well.

What really drove me
to take this challenge,

Was in all honesty,
the pandemic.

I can offer something
to people that need hope

And show them
how they can achieve

The most amazing things
if they just tie themselves

At the feet and work together.

How are you feeling?
How are you doing?

- Stressed about leaving.
- You are?

I wish I wasn't leaving

When the kids
were closing escrow.

I have three beautiful children.

Jessica, leo and cosmo.

'cause ordinarily,
I would, you know...

Be so in there with tha...

Take over the whole thing.


- Maybe it's a blessing.
- Maybe that's okay.

Maybe it was meant to be.

And then there's tim,
my boyfriend.



- And there's that.
- Yeah.

I'm gonna miss them.

To a million dollar
business in 90 days.

- Whoo! - Whoo!

May I survive 90 days.

- You can do it.
- Go do it.


- Thank you. - Mm-hmm.

Love you, good luck.

Thank you.

You're gonna kill it.

Love you.

- buh-bye. - Bye, baby.

I'm really excited
about the opportunity

To do a do-over
without all my resources.

But I have a long list,

Really of things
I'm going to miss.

I like to get my nails done.

I like to feel
perfect all the time.

I always keep more
than one housekeeper,

And I don't have a pool man,
I have a pool team.

Somebody to take care of the horses,

Swans are not
easy to take care of.

I'm just skinny. I have
plenty of other problems,

It's just,
that's not one of 'em.

They passed am anti-party
ordinance in my name

Which really sucks.

My temper is my
biggest weakness.

They have to know

That I'm not gonna put
up with any nonsense.

Seek and destroy.

My feet are on the
ground all the time.

They are solidly on the ground.

All the time.

There's 12 million people
following me on instagram,

Facebook and youtube.

We have a goal in this
company to have more investors

Than we have customers.

Cash attract.

Somebody in that
town is gonna know me.

Oh, my god.

Curtis louis is my father's
first and middle name,

So I think it's appropriate
that I'll be louis curtis.

Love you guys.

I'll come back for you as fast as I can,

- Yeah. - I love you so much.

I'm proud of you.

I'm proud of you.


Proud of your mom.

Take care of 'em.

Yeah, I will.

Okay, all right.

My beautiful wife
and two daughters

Mean everything to me.

I don't want to be
without my kids.

So I'm gonna figure out
a way to get my family

Where I am, wherever I'm going.

It's hard to be away from them.

Reminds me, you know,
just not having time,

Enough time

With my dad, you know.

Here we go.

Kick it up, boys!

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Oh, yeah, I got it, okay.

The start over, not being able

To use any of your resources,
that's terrifying...

For most people.

I don't have that gene.

My driver has 12
cylinders like a vintage jag.

I'm gonna be moving so quick,

When I get to
wherever it is I'm going.

I'm very worried that the

Camera crew won't
able to keep up.

my name is elaine may rindge...


I chose the alias
elaine may rindge

Because of rhoda may
rindge. She was an american

Businesswoman and
a real estate developer

In the early 1900s.

I've always admired
her perseverance

At a time when
women didn't have a say

In the world,
they didn't even vote.

Look at this. Look
at this. Look at this.

Look, look, look.

This is my pass through city,

So I have no idea where
I'm going from here.


Glenn, how are you?

I'm just like,
all over the place.

If you could give me
one piece of advice

Going into this,
what would you tell me, glenn?

That means a lot coming from you,

Thank you so
much and we'll check back in.

Thank you. Bye-bye.

So nice.

I've given myself the
alias of monique leney

As a tribute to my sister

Whose name is shakira leney.

How are you doing?
Nice to meet you. Monique.

- Heavy bag. - I got it.

Let's go.

See, when I start laughing,

It's 'cause I'm really nervous.

And ladies and gentlemen,

From the flight deck,
welcome to lamar airport,

Servicing pueblo, colorado.

Hope you enjoy
the rest of your day.

I've never really
even heard of pueblo.

Look at this. Look,
look, look, fresno!

Best little city in the usa.

Fear is starting to
move to excitement.

What am I gonna do?
What's gonna happen here?

Here it is, my ride.

What am I most
afraid of? Everything.

From this moment on,
grant, elaine

And monique can't
use their real names.

- I gotta give you this, this...
- their money

Or their contacts.

For the next 90 days,
they'll be undercover,

Starting with only a phone,
a truck...

My life savings.

This is anxiety right here.

And $100 in cash.

This is a suicide mission.

Uh, wow.

Thank you. It's crazy.

It's nicer than the
first truck I had.

good-bye to the things in life.

Ah, just me and my car.

- Hi, glenn. - How you doing?

I'm awesome. I have to ask
you about your first 24 hours.

You know, this was by far

The hardest thing I ever did.

And the most rewarding.

How much decision
making process was gut?

Most of it because,
you know, because,

You know,
it's obviously very important

To immediately find great people

That you can surround yourself
with because you can't do it alone.

You don't have a lot of time,
so you've got to go with your gut.

I wish you well out there.

I think you're gonna do great.

Thank you for letting me
carry your torch for a little while.

- Enjoy the ride.
- Thank you. Bye.

First things first,

We're gonna change out of this dress,


As a woman,
I think the challenge will be easier.

I do not have any doubts.

I'm gonna be
able to pull this off.

Strip down in a parking lot.

Nobody will notice.

All right. Directions
to downtown fresno.

We're gonna go look around.

get ready. I'm coming for you.

I see a beautiful
bridge almost like a gateway,

So to speak.

Oh, here we go.

Now I'm entering tacoma.

Tacoma is 33
miles southwest of seattle.

On the banks of
picturesque puget sound.

Tacoma's thriving
economy was built around

Its vast lumber
industry and it's crucial

Northwestern rail and sea ports.

But in the late 1970's,
deforestation and

The outsourcing of
the manufacturing

Sent the local
economy into a tailspin,

Leading to plant closures
and staggering job losses.

But today,
locals are is determined as ever

To fulfill tacoma's destiny

As a beautiful, prosperous city.

My first focus is shelter

As a lady,
I'm not going to sleep in the car.

So I'm going to research
to see if I can find

One of the larger
nondenominational churches.

I just need to go to
somewhere that I feel

Like is a safe space.

Uh, to be honest,

That I'm look... that
I have to find shelter.

And I think that the church is pretty
much accustomed to hearing that.

I don't even know where to start,

Damn, it's overwhelming.

Okay, we're going to pueblo.

Knowing that in a few hours
the sun is gonna go down,

I have no place to sleep tonight

And temperature
is about to drop.

First thing,
I gotta find a place to live.

Nobody is gonna
take me seriously

If I'm sleeping in a truck.

I'm looking for a place

That provides me with solutions.

It's a place to sleep tonight,

Place to make money tomorrow.

I know staying in my car,
just sitting here

Does nothing for me.

Pueblo, pueblo, pueblo,

Don't know how to say it.

Once the westernmost city

In the united states,

By the late 1800s,

Pueblo was on the rise,

Thanks to the railroad and
manufacturing industries.

Its potential seemed limitless.

after being hit hard by the steel crash

Of 1982

This steel city of
the west struggled

To regain its former glory.

But with wild west resolved,

The 100,000 diehard
residents of pueblo

Are fighting to make a comeback.

"rv dealers pueblo, colorado."

Every rv place is
gonna close at five.

I got one shot.

Zabukovic rv.

my name's louis. I was coming out...

I'm looking for, uh,

An rv actually,
and I wanted to come out today.

How late are you open?

We're open till five o'clock.

I'm gonna come
out there to see you,

My name is louis curtis.

- We'll see you then.
- Thanks.

Before I could push for
a million dollar business,

I need to hit my goals this week

To get some momentum.

I need to quickly find
key players in this town

And get myself a payday.

I wanna make 3000 or 4000 bucks

This week so I can
have a financial cushion

And enough money to
get my family out here.

By the end of this first week,

I promised my kids,
"you'll be out here."

And it's also really
important to me

To me that I don't
spend any of that $100.

I'm broke. Let's
make it official.

Whether it's 100 or zero,
it's no money.

I have to meet people.

I can't think that ben franklin

Is gonna be my solution,
because he's not.

I'm not playing the money game.

I'm playing to contact game.

Contacts equal contracts.

Contracts equal revenue.

Looks like a family business.

These rv places have
three in 400 beds in them.

I'm gonna in and see if I could
score a place to sleep tonight.

How's it goin?

- What's your name?
- Ryan.

Right, ryan, I'm... I'm louis.

Um, these guys are doing
a documentary on pueblo.

- Okay.
- And I'm just moving my family out from la.

So they're kind of
following me around.

- Welcome.
- It's all right if they're here?

- You're new here in pueblo?
- Yeah.

Welcome to pueblo.

Yeah. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.

So this is,
this is an rv, right?

Yeah it's a
recreational vehicle.

- Can you show me one?
- Absolutely.

And by the way,
if you're gonna live in public,

You're gonna have
to try a slopper.

It's an open face burger...

stop it. Stop
talking to me about food.

We're trying to gain
some weight for you.

- You know? - I'm starving, man.

I gotta find a place to sleep,

But I can't just come at this guy,
"give me a bed."

- I can go in there?
- Yeah, absolutely.

I've gotta build rapport first.

I need to show him
that he can trust me

With his livelihood,
with his rv park.

And if he doesn't, it's gonna be a really,
really cold night for me.

So how soon before
you get out here?

I'm here now.

- You're here now. - I'm here.

You're coming out here from la?

Pueblo's actually got
a lot of friendly people.

It's a family oriented place.

It's not expensive to live.

Wow, that's awesome.

And that's the cool
thing about pueblo.

So I don't know how it can
help you. I don't want a handout

- From anybody. - No.

I need a place to
live. I need a job.

I need money.
What's needed here?

- What's needed here? - Yeah.

I have every single
something I need.

- Oh, really? - But um...

I just, uh...

One of my good friends is I mean,
he owns

Seven different businesses.

Who is that? His
name is matt smith.

Let me get that
name before I forget it.

Matt smith at snap fitness.

- Matt smith is gonna be the one...
- I love that. I love that.

I'm here for a place to sleep.

But if this guy
will give me a bed

And more importantly,
some names of players

In this town,
I'm not gonna turn that down.

- It's gonna get cold tonight, huh?
- Yeah.

Everyone knows
someone that knows someone and

They got to get to
know me that I'm all right.

So, your house right now,
are you renting?

- What are you doing?
- I got the town today.

- Just got down today?
- Today.

It was this quick?

so I need a place to sleep tonight.


As far as a place to stay...

I don't want a handout.

- Whatever I can do.
- No, I understand.

I don't want,
you know... I can be security here,

Clean up... Whatever
you need in exchange.

- Okay.
- What do you think we can work out, my friend?

You know, I'll sleep in my truck tonight,
if I have to.

Every other rv
place is closed now.

This is my one shot
at a free bed tonight.

I don't wanna come
out of the gate failing.

I just got to town today.

- So, I need a place to sleep tonight.
- Okay.

As far as a place to stay...

I was terrified,
making that ask.

I've asked for hundreds
of millions of dollars

At one time,
and every time I'm still scared.

I can probably come up
with a place to stay, for you.

It'd be in a trailer
sitting outside.

Better than what
I got right now.

It is tough to take a
chance on somebody, but

I take a chance on every
time I hire somebody here.

I just need like, three nights.

That way,
at least I know where I'm at tonight, uh...

I think we can come
up with something.

And maybe we renegotiate later,
or whatever.

Absolutely, absolutely.

And at least this way,
it's occupied.

You got free security,

He's respectable.
He's respectful.

I'd rather take the chance
on the possible good.

Let's try to help
somebody out. Why not?

Good. I cannot thank you enough,
bro. Like...

oh, my god, man.

Everybody thinks it needs money.

It don't take money. It takes courage,
creativity, and commitment.

Got a place to sleep tonight.

- So water works?
- No.

It's all right,
dude. I'm happy with it.

I got you a bed
tonight. I know that.

Yeah, that's good enough for me.

I'll hit a gym tomorrow
morning and take a shower.

- So I want you to go to snap fitness.
- Yeah. Okay.

- Which is down the street. Talk to matt smith.
- Yeah. Okay.

Anybody can do
what I just did. Anybody.

You saved my day. Bro,
I can't thank you enough.

The whole premise is
based on one thing. People.

You have to meet people. You cannot
get anywhere without people. Other people.

He's coming back out.

Just letting you know you've
got a meal tonight, okay?

- Stop it, man.
- Kat's porthouse. best place.

- Go into the bar...
- I gotta give you a hug now, bro.

- Go into the bar, talk to candy.
- Okay.

If I could help somebody,
I'd rather help somebody than not.

That's the way I look at it.

- Thank you, man.
- Everything's taken care of.

Dude. You're the man, bro.

Strangers have
everything you want.

Look what happened today, man.

I got a place to sleep tonight.

I got a meal. The guy put
$100 on a restaurant down there.

And more importantly than all that,
'cause that is really important,

He knows all the business
people in this town.

I just got in this afternoon,
and I made contacts.

You meet enough people,
you'll get lucky,

Just like I did today.

I'm thinking
about where I should

Be looking for a place
that's not expensive.

That looks like the main
downtown right down here.

Settled by
homesteaders in the late 1800s,

Fresno became known for its
rich and productive farmland,

Located roughly halfway
between los angeles

And san francisco,
the culturally diverse region

Prospered and grew to
supply 25% of america's

Agriculture needs.

But the 500,000 people of fresno
were rocked by an endless california

Drought and the
financial crash of 2008.

Unemployment skyrocketed
as crop yields plummeted.

with the grid of the original settlers,

Innovative residents
were fighting

To put their city back on top.

Look at this.

Everything's like
boarded up and closed up.

That's so weird.
Where is everybody at?

This is like downtown, downtown.

It's disheartening when
you drive down a city street

And there's no people
and there's nothing open

And it's just daunting.

On the homeless
situation is overwhelming.

It's really bad.

Obviously now my
first task is going to be

Figuring out where I'm
gonna be safe to sleep.

I think I don't wanna put
myself in any kind of risk.

Hi. Do you know if
there's a place down here

That I can stay like a,
like a small hotel

That's very inexpensive?

Hi, I'm sorry to be a bother.

Thank you very much.

So the plan is
I'm gonna go to this ihop

Because right next door is a place
that's affordable, whatever that means.

Here it is. I'm just gonna pop
in and just ask how much it is.

Do you have any vacancies?

And how much is it a night?

Okay, thank you.

I don't particularly
get frustrated but I'm stunned.

I can't believe it's over $100
for a hotel room in fresno.

I can't afford that.

is there a place to stay down here

That's like under
$50 that you know of?

- Nah. - No way?

- Don't know nowhere like that.
- You don't know anywhere like that?

Freaked me out,
there's nothing available.

And then I saw the word 'inn.'

An inn is a place
where you sleep.

Oh, god.

Find shepherd's
inn phone number.

Downtown in every city

Is always filled with inns
and places above businesses.

That's how the
united states was built,

And usually they're
more affordable.

Hi, my name is elaine

And I'm at your place
called shepherd's inn.

Can you please call me back?

I'm gonna put my phone
number under the door.

Okay, I have to keep looking.

'we're open,
' it says 'we're open.'

I was wondering how much it is for a room.

Oh, I don't have $100 deposit.


I'm surprised there's
not something under $100

In downtown fresno while it's
closed. That is a big shock to me.

The sun is nearly down
and I have no place to stay.

It's late. I have
to find shelter for the night.

Let's see where I am right now.

Churches in downtown tacoma.

Urban grace, here we go.

No matter what
I'm going through,

I always turn to my faith first.

I also grew up in the church,
my mother is a pastor.

And so what I do know
for these next 90 days,

I'm going to have to lean on
my faith in a big way.

Oh, here we go, urban grace.

you for calling urban grace.

The urban grace offices
are currently closed.

Covid-19 restrictions.

this is where it gets so tricky

Because what I would normally do

Is call one of my
pastor friends.

I found a church
a half mile away.

We are in for a
five-minute drive.

Someone just walked out so that's
probably where I'm meant to go.

- Good afternoon, sir. How are you?
- Good, how are you?

- What's your name?
- Pastor christopher.

I'm monique lenai. How are you?

- I'm just moving here to tacoma. Yes, sir.
- Oh, okay.

- Trying to build a small business.
- And they are?

They're filming a documentary about
small business owners, entrepreneurs

Just trying to build right
now during this pandemic.


It feels so wrong to be lying
to the pastor about my name,

And my situation.

this challenge has rules,

And staying undercover
is rule number one.

And so I wanted to come for church to
try to get the understanding of tacoma.

And then start trying to get some
of my initial needs met, you know.

- Okay.
- Somewhere to stay for right now,

Try to get some
work going and stuff.

- So how long you been in tacoma?
- I just got here.

- Just got here?
- Yes.

I'm feeling overwhelmed,
out of my comfort zone.

- That's okay.
- Don't have family, friends.

What do you need to know?

The first thing is shelter. I'm just trying
to figure out, I don't have a lot of money.

so you in need of housing now.

I am, just some short-term,

Somewhere I can sleep tonight,
so I can at least get my mind settled.


Okay, uh...

it's getting late,
and I have to get some sleep.

And so I wanted to come for church to
try to get the understanding of tacoma.

What do you need to know?

The first thing is shelter. I'm just trying
to figure out, I don't have a lot of money.

Okay, um...

- We'll help you.
- Thank you, pastor. Thank you.

Vulnerability is an asset.

It is not a weakness
in business.

In fact,
most people are willing to help.

It's what we are as
human beings. We're kind.

try to get you a room for three nights.

Thank you, pastor.

You may have to ask five people,

But do not be afraid to
ask for what you need.

Ask susie to help
you find a hotel.

Yes, sir, yes.

I'll call it in with my card
and you show your id.

Thank you. You're
about to make me cry.

- Talk to susie, I'll be back.
- I'm gonna talk to susie.

- Thank you so much. I appreciate that.
- All right.

Okay, take care.

Pastor christopher offered me,
from his own personal pocket,

Three nights at a hotel.

He didn't ask me my last name,

He literally just heard
what my problems were,

And he offered me a solution.

The sun is nearly down
and I have no place to stay.

- - hello?

This is russell stone,
the owner of shepherd's.

my god. Do you have rooms there?

- Yes, we do.
- I knew it, I knew it.

How much is it, though?

Well we typically rent them out by
the month, so that's like 400 a month.

But I don't have
anywhere near that.

How much would
it be for one night?

Twenty five I guess because then I got
to clean it again and do all that stuff.

So I guess we
could do it for 25.

I'm coming over
to you right now.

When you get here,
call this phone number.

This is my business phone

And I'll have it in my pocket
and I'll come down and meet you.

- Hi, I'm elaine. Yeah.
- Hello, elaine?

- Russell stone.
- Nice to meet you.

- I have some people with me, if that's okay.
- Oh, okay.

Yeah, absolutely.

So you wanna see the room?

So it's kind of a
communal everything.

I feel blessed I found this place,
I feel kissed on the head by god.

You know, I always feel like god
is right on top of my head there.

Even though I paid
$25 for my room tonight,

Awesome, I'll take it.

It's worth it to not sleep
in my truck like glenn did.

Is there a bathroom in here?

Not in the room.
There are communals.

There's five in the
hallway and five showers.

my god. How many people are here?

- About 12 to 15. - Oh.

I'm accustomed to a much
better bathroom situation than this.

- Where's the bathroom and shower?
- I'll show you.

This is gonna be the shower.

I didn't even do
communal living in college.

I'm not sure how
I'm gonna manage.

Is there any refrigeration
all in the building?

- In the building there is, not in your room though.
- Okay.

- Do you have an ice chest?
- Yeah.

- Would you mind? - Yeah.

Thank you.

I only have twenties.

- Fifteen-forty. - Thank you.

Thank you. It was
so nice to meet you.

Take care of you. I'll
come see you tomorrow.

- That's awesome. Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- I appreciate it, russell.
- Thank you.

I need to find a job,
first of all. I need to find a job.

I need to work for my food
because I consume too much.

I'm very tired.

I think I'm exhausted

Because it was such a long day.

There's no question about it,
the heat played a factor.

I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed.

Hi, ms. Susie. How are you?

Pastor told me to
come and talk to you.

- Do you mind? - No, go ahead.

I was telling him
that I just moved.

Ms. Susie requested
to not be on camera

When she was meeting with me.

So he told me that he
will offer like three nights

So I can figure my stuff out.

So I thought that
was super amazing.

- Oh.
- I'm appreciative.

You helped me,
I don't mind helping you.

I'm in the naacp,
so we're stuffing envelopes today.

Oh, really.

Then look,
I'm gonna stay and help.

That's the least I can
possibly do is volunteer today

For inviting me
into a closed church

To offering me somewhere to lay
my head for the next three nights.

The naacp tacoma chapter has created
a list of the candidates for November

And they're sending this
out to all of their members.

So I'm up here folding,
preparing for letters. I'm volunteering.

Oh, they have some senators up.

T'wina nobles,

She is running for the
senator for the 28th district.

And I'm actually gonna keep this

Because this is actually a list of some
of the most influential people in tacoma,

And will be a great resource to learn
about the community moving forward.

I was folding these papers.

So these are all the
candidates that are up for office?

- The majority of them.
- Right, right.

I was looking at,
how do you say her name, t'wina?

- T'wina nobles.
- Nobles. Okay, yeah.

Is she likely to get
that senate office?

- We hope so.
- Okay. Is she amazing?

She in tacoma?

She's running
against an incumbent.

She's the president of
the tacoma urban league.

okay. I'mma have to go see her.

All right, this is my last one.

I'm gonna go and check into my room,
thank god.

What a day.

I'm really tired right now.

I have three nights
paid for in this hotel.

My goals for this first week are to
find a safe and affordable place to live.

In researching tacoma,

Most basic studio
apartments are at least $800.

I can't afford that yet.

And then I need to
get a very strategic job

That is gonna allow me growth,

That I'm gonna learn
something for my future.

Strategy and intent is how I try
to move in every part of my life,

Both personally
and professionally.

Day one, I still have $100 left.

Still got my phone,
still got my car.

And now I'm going to bed.

I wanna go seven days without
spending one penny of my money.

- Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.
- There you are.

Sine I got a tab over at the restaurant,
this is doable.

Let me thank ryan.
That goes a long way.

I will eat this tomorrow.

Feels so much
better now that I ate.

Oh, my gosh. Got to have food.

I'm way ahead of where
I thought I would be.

So my goals right now are,

I wanna bank $3,000 to
$4,000 in this first week.

But mostly,
I need to get my family here,

And that's gonna
be really tricky.

- Girlies! - How's it going?

Where did you end up
going? Where are you?

I'm in pueblo, colorado.


I met a man that let me use an rv,
a recreational vehicle.

- No way.
- Yeah, you wanna see? This is my bedroom.

- That's awesome. - Yeah, yeah.

Trying to figure out
how to get you here.

I'm ahead of what
I thought I'd be at.

- Wow.
- You're awesome, papa.

I love you guys. I'm so tired.

I love you.

You know,
I'm used to sleeping like a king.

Ribs feel like they're bruised.

My neighbors
like to stay up late.

Giggling girls,

Heavy-duty weed, break,
giggling girls, heavy-duty weed, break.

I didn't sleep,
and I haven't eaten in a day.

I've got two more nights at this hotel,
paid for.

But I have to keep working
on my next plan for shelter.

Still a little bit of water.
Damn it.

I don't have a bowl.
There's no bowls here.

This is better than a truck.

I'd be in so much worse shape
if ryan was not so generous.

When his generosity runs out,
I'm on the streets again.

The first week I'm looking to
make three or four thousand.

That'll pay for a place to live,
basic survival

And I can get my
family out here.

Gonna have a little
toast this morning.

I can't imagine doing this without them.

So all I've got to do
right now is find out

Who has my money?

Who in pueblo has my money?

This is the driving force

Of how I run my
other businesses.

I need to go connect with
the biggest players in this town

Like matt smith.

I'll supply the strategy
and the brains and the work.

I got to sell louis curtis.

I got to find a person who's
gonna give me their money

To start my business.

Finding that connection fast is gonna be
the difference between success and failure.

My daddy told my
mom before he died,

Learn how to sell.

I forgot my frigging toothbrush.

If you can sell,
you can do anything.

We're headed out into the
unknown world of pueblo.

I haven't
eaten in over 24 hours.

I'm actually irritated
because I am hungry.

I think it's not normal to not eat
food and not to take care of yourself.

It's a different
feeling right now.

I have to stop and get a salad,

Or something that's not
french fries or fake food.

I got a baked potato.

I wanted a salad but they didn't
have any salads under $5 so...

I feel like I can't even think
right now because I need to eat.

This is called hard-knocks.

So I'm eating this baked potato

And it's making me think,

Maybe there's a
business idea here

Based on the limited
options for healthier choices,

With limited resources.

Wellness is a human right.

When I was a child,
we didn't have a lot of money

But we absolutely had
access to healthier food options

Because my mother
made it a priority.

Gosh, I feel so much better with
just a bit of food. Oh, my gosh.

If there's any opportunity in
tacoma to build a business

That brings healthy
food to all people

Who do not have access,

Then that could be
my million-dollar idea.

Russell hi, comma,
I'm in the building.

I was wondering if I could
meet you on the back stairs.

It cost me $25 to stay in the end,
last night.

I can't keep paying that rate.

I'll be out of money
in three days.

I don't have time to spend

Driving around the city wondering
where I'm gonna sleep at night.

He's here.

It turns out that the shepherd's inn
could be a charming place to stay,

And it has a full
restaurant on the first floor.

Maybe I can talk to russell

And see if there's some
way that I can stay long-term.

- Hello. - Hi, hi.

- Thank you for giving me a place to stay.
- Mmm-hmm.

Anyway, what I wanted to talk to you about,
I'd like to stay.

So I just wanted to ask you

Would you potentially
let me stay for the month

And I will give you $500 in
labor instead of $400 in rent,

I can do anything
and everything.

There's not task
that I can't handle.

Cleaning is just
the beginning of it.

And I know that I can really,
really help you here.


- I'm okay with that?
- Would you be okay with that?

- Thank you. - That'd be great.

When you're short on cash,
sometimes you can barter for business.

After spending
a night at the inn,

I knew the pandemic
had hit this place hard.

It was obvious that russell
was struggling to keep up.

With my skillset,
I recognized it and I pitched in to help.

I get a roof over
my head for 30 days,

And he gets a spotless inn.

- That's awesome. - Great.

The reason I was willing to
let elaine negotiate her room

Was because I was doing
the cleaning and maintenance.

The last thing I had been wanting to
do was come down here and clean up.

What about cleaning the kitchen?

I need to be able
to get into things.

I can get you a key to the kitchen.

I know it's covid but
can I give you a hug?

- Thank you. - Thank you.

I feel so much out of
my element right now, professionally.

Back in miami,
juice and wellness shops are everywhere.

I personally drink them
and I make them for my kids.

I would love to gauge
if this is something

That restaurants are
interested in selling.

So I'm headed to hilltop.

I heard that this
community is super inviting,

Super supportive
of black businesses.

Hilltop is seeing a lot of
changes due to gentrification.

Going into the challenge,
I had to focus on my instant needs,

Which are survival needs,
right? Food, shelter, a job.

I think it's important
to embrace the fact

That everyday you might change
your mind on the direction and pivot.

Yes, I'm focusing on survival,

But also at the same time,
I'm focusing on building my business model.


I'm gonna go in alone. I do not
wanna scare them with the cameras.

Looking at your menu, I noticed

You don't have fresh juices,
ginger shots and stuff.

That's what I do.

I didn't know if you would be
open to me selling them here.

Okay, yes, ma'am.

What's your name?

monique. Nice to meet you. Thank you.

I could see that ms.
Gloria was swamped.

But she didn't say no,
which is a great start.

I will definitely be
following up with her.

Notice what happened.

I go out, I meet ryan,

He hooks me up
with a place to live,

Then he tells me about a gym
up the street called snap fitness.

A lot of gyms will
give you a free trial.

I'm gonna take
advantage of this place,

Use their showers
and their bathroom

Since I don't have
either in the rv.

Ryan told me the owner
is a guy named matt smith.

This guy is supposedly a serial
entrepreneur right here in pueblo.

I'm gonna see if I
can score a meeting,

First, I got to go inside and see
if they'll even let this film crew in.

I'm giving the camera crew a cover
story since they're gonna be with me 24/7.

We're doing a documentary on small
businesses that are rebuilding pueblo,

And I'm one of
the entrepreneurs.

Get the body moving.

When I can't control anything else,
I can control this.

Trying to figure out how
to have the conversation.

Why would he do something
with a guy with only 100 bucks?

Credibility is king.

People do business with people
that have a track record of success.

I don't have any credibility
here because I'm louis curtis.

So if you haven't yet established
your own track record of credibility

You better damn well align
yourself with people who have.

Here's the man.

Is that the man right there?

- Good morning.
- Matt, I'm louis, man.

- Yeah, how's it going? - Good.

There's cameras here
right now. This is intense.

Whoa! Even got one over here.

You don't mess around.

They're trying to
blow pueblo up.

I'm trying to get work here,
move my family over here.


What brought you
guys up to pueblo?

How'd you guys
figure this place out?

What's your backstory?

Matt smith,
pleasure to meet you.

What's the backstory?
I wanna know.

I don't want cameras.

This isn't how I roll, dude.

People beg for meetings with me.

And now I have some
mommy producer step in

And problem-solve or
create more problems for me

Because of these stupid cameras.

- How's matt?
- Uh, so he has some issues.

He doesn't wanna talk to you.

I've lost my chance
to meet this guy.

Matt's not gonna talk to me
now because he's spooked.

I'm gonna go.

He says he'll think about
talking or meeting with me later.

This is humiliating.

Not being able to reveal who I
am is wrecking my confidence.

I've never been
louis curtis before.

It's changing my whole pitch.

You're killing my momentum,

I don't want cameras.

As louis,
I need to rethink this.

I'm gonna go.

Not being able to reveal who I
am is wrecking my confidence.

You're killing my momentum,

Day two in pueblo,

But I have zero
prospects for a business,

Or how to make money.

I'm not,

It hasn't even been a full
day and I'm literally exhausted.


The deal that I made with russell
for this $500 of labor exchange

Really means scrubbing
floors and cleaning sinks.

To pay rent. Okay, this is
gonna take a little getting used to.

That's why I'm going to start
cleaning the kitchen and the restaurant.

What is that smell?

Oh, god.

It looks like they stocked
the entire refrigerator

And then just closed
because of covid.

And obviously,
when they closed, they just left.

I don't even, like...

It smells so bad,
it smells like a dead body.

Oh, boy, that smells so bad.


This makes me wanna puke.

I need another shower.

I've got to get
back on track today.

I've got nowhere on my goal to
make $3,000 or $4,000 this week.

I don't know what I'm doing,

Where I'm at.

It's a good-looking jeep.

It's for sale with no
phone number on it.

Must be ryan's. It's gorgeous.

Love to be riding
around in this bad-boy.

A lot better than
what I'm driving.

Maybe I could
turn this into cash.

I'm gonna cut a deal with ryan
right now for the car out there.

That's my goal.

This is how I'mma
make some money.

I'm gonna get ryan to hand
me the keys to the jeep,

He doesn't even
have a sign in there.

I'mma sell my suburban dump
of that piece of truck.

Looking good, man,
huh. How you doing, sir?

I'm wanna grab a broom.

- The jeep. - Mmm-hmm?

- You wanna sell that?
- Oh, it's...

- Can we go in your office?
- Yeah. Not a problem.

I can't thank you enough
but I don't want a handout.

I got to figure out some
way to pay you back.

I got to know that
I'm doing right by you.

If I wasn't comfortable with you,
you wouldn't be here.

Are you okay with me
staying another week?

Um, I'm fine with it.

But you got to let me figure
out ways to pay you back.

Now, the jeep, ironically,
I bought for my wife.

- But it's not good in the snow at all.
- Mmm-hmm.

- What year's the jeep?
- Jeep's 2019.

- What do you want for it?
- I'll sell it for what I have into it, really.

- Can I sell it for you?
- Yeah.

- Liquidate.
- What if I can get you thirty eight grand for that?

I'd be good with that.

So can I put my
number on the jeep?

- Have people call me, and I can handle the calls?
- Sure.

- I wanna be the middle guy.
- Fine.

Show it, demo it,

Get them hooked,
once they're ready I'll bring them to you.

I don't want anything.

Okay, I appreciate that.

I'll keep it washed, clean,
ready for sale. It's not gonna sell there.

I'm good with that.

I won't put more than
ten miles a day on it?

That's fine.


Urgent. Must sell.

Call 790...

My goal is to get
2000 for the suburban

But I'm gonna ask for more than
I expect to see if anybody bites.

Turn liabilities into assets.

Having access to the
jeep allows me to turn

My old suburban
into cash I need.

Okay, we're good.

Because I'm doing
a service for ryan,

That might afford
me a little more time

In my beautiful rv park.

Even though my first attempt

To sell juices at southern
kitchen was a maybe,

I have faith that
this idea will work.

So I've lined up three
more restaurants.

I am confident I will
get at least one yes.


So I'm making juices.

Do you guys partner with
local business owners?

Hello. I'm making juices.

I don't have any.

You considering adding
a juicing component?

As of now, I don't.

So it turns out that there's
a market for my product.

But I can't sell people on
it unless I provide samples.

I need to start with a juicer,

Formulate a plan in order to make
this product as quickly as possible.

And I have to do it
with less than $100.

What did I really sign up for?

So tonight is my
last night at this hotel.

Nobody works as hard
as I've worked to then

Purposely put themselves
in these types of conditions.

None of this is normal.

Clever is unfortunately, what people who
have nothing have to always come up with.

How can you be productive and
healthy if you don't have any, like,

If you have to worry
about basic needs.

What I'm up against is
trying to balance myself with

Figuring out why
I'm doing this again.

I'm just, uh,
super over-whelmed right now.

I don't have any money,

I haven't not had more than
$100 since probably high school.

The way I'm feeling right now,

I probably just shouldn't
even be on camera.

- Hey, daughter. - Hey, mommy.

How are you doing, baby?

I'm ready to go home tonight.

- Why, baby? - It's just a lot.

Well, how do you mean?

Like, mom,
I'm literally having a breakdown right now.

- Okay. -

This is a big deal, I know,
what you're doing, honey. Okay?

I mean, you're gonna have
a lot of different emotions but,

You know,
don't wait until tomorrow, baby.

You know, I have to turn this
$100 into a million dollar valuation.

- So... - Mm-hmm.

I gotta get to work.

Praise god that you're not
under a bridge somewhere

Or in a cardboard box, right?

Yeah, that's for sure.

Okay, and, and just pray,
you know, that

God says that he gives us strategies,
so just pray.

Ask god to lead you.

All right, I love you.

- I love you too, baby.
- I'll call tomorrow.

- All right, sweetie.
- Okay, momma.

- Goodnight, honey.
- Bye. Love you, bye.

I don't wanna film anymore,

Like, I'm literally done.

In a few hours,
I don't know where I'm staying.

I've never had to
live out of my bag

And be on the go,

So this is a new experience.

It's the morning of day four.

I'm moving out of the hotel room

That pastor
christopher paid for.

And now I have to find
somewhere else to live again.

And I'm waiting to
wash my laundry.

'cause I'm not
spending any money.

Sleeping in my car is not
an option as I'm a woman.

So I have to be super careful
and conscious about that.

Over the past few days,

I have been reaching
out to people online,

Hoping to find a
lead on a new place.

See if anybody hit
my social media back.

Not yet.

Okay, I'm gonna answer my name,


Oh, how easy this would be
if I could use monique idlett.

But I'm not done trying.

I'm gonna continue
to dm everyone I can.

I am a new member

Of the tacoma community.

When it comes to making
my own opportunity,

I have to talk to everyone.

I need to make friends here,

So I'm gonna text t'wina nobles.

t'wina nobles is who's running

For the 28th district,
for senate,

Here in wash... The
state of washington.

She does not know
me. I've never met her.

She's going to say,
"who is this person with eight followers?"

What, what can she say? She
doesn't respond, so what, you know?

The point is, is to reach out
to as many people as possible.

This is the most difficult

Challenge I have
ever done in my life.

But it's so important

I remind myself

I'm here to represent women.

I'm here to represent
people of color.

And because of that,

No matter how stressful
the situation may look,

I have to keep moving forward.

The place is just such a mess.

It's so hard to get in
front of dirt in this place.

I'm staying at the shepherd's
inn for the next 30 days,

Rent free,
in exchange for cleaning the place.

This is the deal I
made with russell.

We lock this down.

- - voila!

It's great to have
a place to live,

But I also need money
to eat and basics.

So today,
I need to look for a paying job.


Super yuck.

I'm on my way to
this farmer's market

Which is about 15 minutes away.

I have to be careful
about how far I go

Because I don't have
money to put gas in the car.

In two miles, take exit 135

For viet road,
blackstone avenue toward millerton lake.

Looking forward to
the farmer's market

To get some grub.

And I'm gonna get a job
today. That's what I'm gonna do.

I've only got a few dollars to my name,
but I'm starving.

So I gotta mind my pennies.

- Hi! - how are you?

Can I have a 50 cent one?

Less than 50 cents is also okay.

Thank you. I made a dime today.

- No problem.
- Do you have a business card?

- Um, I don't. - Can I text you?

- Yeah.
- It's terrible? Not picking you up.

I swear. I need work.

Nice to meet you.

Oh, my god.

That is good, man.

I am nervous about
finding the right job.

I have a million ideas,
all at the same time,

And they're just dancing
with little...

But at the end of the day,
I need money to make money.

- Do you have like a 50 cent or less...
- Absolutely.

Could I have a couple
of grapes of each kind?

- Sure.
- I'll spend $1 with you.

- That's all I've got.
- You got it.

Since you're new to our market,

I'll give you some,
you can taste.

Thank you so much. Do you
ever need any help on your farm?

Always. Always.

How's pay for a day harvesting?

$13 an hour.

Mind giving me your number?

- Absolutely. - I could call.

Take that.

You enjoy those.

And that's our card.

Feel free to give
a call anytime.

- Thanks.
- Appreciate that.

Appreciate you.

- Thanks.
- Enjoy your farmer's market.

I'm so glad I got a job
for $13 an hour on a farm.

First of all,
it's not a lot of money.

But it's exactly
what I want to do.

I've worked out
shelter for a month.

I got a job that gives
me a little cushion.

It's gonna give me
leeway to work out

My million dollar business.

I'm really glad I met you.

Yes! Glad to meet you!

- Have a great day. - You too.

- bye. - Bye!

New wheel, baby!

How sexy is this jeep? Oh,
my god!

Feel like a millionaire.

I'm heading into downtown
to get the lay of the land.

I'm also checking
some real estate.

No one does that
better than I do.

I'm the best in the world
at the real estate game.

I'm looking for properties
right here in town

I can renovate and revitalize.

Telling you,
the whole town's asleep.

I'mma wake this place up.

We gonna put it on the map.

Look at this. They've got money invested,

There's money, money,
money, money right here.

Gotta walk the neighborhood.

Look at this joint. Place
for 80 people in there.

I'm in a little magical
town right here.

They need to promote this town.

Beautiful, man. Huh?

I know money when I
see it. Look at that beauty.

Bang. Shebang, shebang.

330 union.

It's the outsider that
makes something of nothing.

Or what appears to
be nothing to the locals.

And this is dope.

If I put together
three or four guys

That wanna put up
the money to fix it,

We foot this thing and I'll
surpass my million dollar valuation.

I guarantee it.

But I think there's
a score back there.

Ryan mcwilliams is
a big player in town.

That name was given to me.
He's a good friend of ryan zbukvic.

Ryan mcwilliams
isn't trying to change it.

He actually owns the old
alpha beta building downtown.

I was able to get a meeting.

I'm not sure what ryan
mcwilliams would be interested in,

But I think I can wow him
with some things that I found.

There's commercial
properties in town

Right now priced low enough

That there's definitely
money to make

If we convert them into rooms.

I just need to sell ryan
mcwilliams on the idea.

It's the biggest
meeting I've had here

Because this guy's
very well connected.

He is a straight-up,
hard core, real estate guy.

He knows development.
He knows the city.

I'm actually very
optimistic about this,

Which is a little scary because
when I'm very optimistic,

Sometimes, things go bad.

Learn your lessons
the first time.

Look, after spooking matt, I don't
want cameras coming in to meet ryan.

This is too important.

Now, let's see how this goes.

Pueblo new for me.


So I'm interested in
doing something here.

Project wise, that main street,

They got 20,000
college kids in this town,

With no cool places
to live around here.

No, I would rent it. I
would turn them into rooms.

I looked at 330 union?
Beautiful building.


I'm just looking,
I'm trying to figure out

is there anything here for me?

You could help if you're
willing to introduce me

To one of your friends

Who might be looking
to exit from a property.

Unless you
wanna partner with me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Okay. That's all,
that's all I wanted today,

Was just to, I know I gotta meet,
meet the people here

So I appreciate it.

Oh, my god,
that was a disaster, guys.


Okay, and guys,

Need a minute.

I need a minute. I really don't,
don't want all this.

I really don't want all this,

I need a second, okay?


I got the big meeting
with ryan mcwilliams.

Meeting didn't go well.

This challenge, glenn said it's
gonna be harder than I thought.

Understatement of the year,

I'm trying to eat. I'm
trying to stay warm.

I'm struggling for
the basic necessities.

Got a toilet. I can't use it.

What the
have I gotten myself into?

And it reminds
me of where I'm at.

If I was back in
miami right now,

I'd be popping real
estate guys that I know,

Calling them up,
"hey, need a deal.

What we have on that deal."

I mean,
I don't even have any freaking utensils.

I'm eating a salad
with my fingers.

I don't know what I'm
doing. I get depressed.

I, I lose my way. I lose,
I, I forget the goals.

And I get consumed by my fears.

My mission right now
is to get my kids here.

To be with my kids. I cannot,
I cannot

Face the possibility

That the next
time I see my kids,

They're half an inch taller.

Today will be only

Starting to hit the
outsides of the longest

Period of time I haven't
been around my kids.

My dad never
got to see me grow up.

Thing is, all this stuff,
people deal with everyday.

Oh, man.

It's hard, man.

It's hard when you've got money.

Impossible when you don't.

I mean, there's less than a
40% chance that I make this.

I need to work on
my million dollar business.

I'm not exactly sure
what I'm gonna do,

But I do know what I'm good at.

Real estate,
construction and design.

The secret of my success

Is finding the right building
and the right partner.

So I just need someone to invest
with me and find a great space.

Oh, my god.

Look at this building.

I'd love to have this building.

Now that I have
secured my shelter,

I have a new goal. I'm
gonna give myself five days

To find a building that can be

Re-developed and be profitable.

So I'm just gonna drive around

And see what I can find.

I had no idea that fresno
had this kind of architecture,

And this much opportunity.

I'm just gonna pull
over for a minute.

If I got the perfect building,

Then I could maybe
generate some rentals

For other businesses.

Let's see what's
for sale downtown.

If I could just find

A vintage building
that I could buy.

Historical buildings,
they have a lot of cool things

That are grandfathered in.

clauses can cut costs.

They can save
you a lot of money.

In real estate,
the grandfather clause

Refers to a building that doesn't
have to comply to current codes.

Because it was built before
that code went into effect.

For example,
I have a home in the palisades right now

That is old, that was built in 1924,
that I'm re-doing.

Everyone else has
to widen the street,

But because my house is grandfathered,
I don't have to widen the street.

It's always important to buy the
worst building in the best neighborhood.

If you can find

A structure that falls
under that clause,

Your upgrades might not be
as expensive as you might think.

Day four feels like

Day 90.

This morning,
I had to move out of the hotel

That pastor
christopher paid for.

Truly being more focused on
the solution is how I approached it.

Versus focusing on the problem.

So I've been reaching out to
various tacoma online communities

Like the churches,

And I haven't heard
from any of them quite yet.

When you're struggling
for your basic necessities,

Every day just

Seems like it's just long.

Hold on, I need to read this.

This, this is crazy.

Like, for, straight up.

T'wina nobles said
I could stay with her

Till I get on my feet

Even though she's in
the middle of running

For the state senate.

so I'll call t'wina right now.

- Hello?
- Hi, t'wina, it's monique. How are you?

- Hi! I'm good, how are you?
- I'm good, honey.

I'm so thankful and grateful and humbled

That you've even
opened your home to me.

I have never done this before,
like, so it's just...


She had sent me a
message on instagram,

And because I try to be nice to everyone,
I was like,

Yeah, so like totally, email me,

And I double-checked what she
was telling me with pastor christopher,

Like, "did you meet someone
and put them in a hotel?"

And, and he was like, "yeah!"

I'm just super thankful.

Okay, thank you.

I don't know that
I knew more than,

I have an extra bed,

At least there's somewhere
you can lay your head.

Okay, this is t'wina's house.

It's the middle of a pandemic.

Yeah, this is crazy, like,

Sometimes it's bigger than
even what you can think of.

Can you guys stay back
while I go meet with her?

This just goes to show
you you have nothing

To lose by asking for help.

I feel so blessed that my faith
led me to meet pastor christopher,

Who then led me to t'wina.

Hi, guys!

I'm monique. And
a safe place to stay.

Especially when
I needed it most.

Where's that razor?

Where's, where's my thing at?

The last time I met with matt,
it was a disaster of a meeting.

What's the back
story. I wanna know.

I don't like cameras in here.

I called matt
smith and I apologized.

He's agreed to meet with me.

I've got to do this in
order to keep my cover.

Otherwise, I'd have to be
paying for a haircut right now.

I think that's pretty good.

Hey man, handsome!

No matter how you do it,

You're just a
good looking beast.

So, there should be some
cracks up here on my head.

Between the ages of 15 and 25,

I was hanging out with
the wrong people. Period.

Drug dealers, druggies.

And I made a comment to
somebody that I didn't like.

Guy came in my house and
beat the outta me.

Got a 45 caliber jammed
into my face right there

And hit me with the butt
of the gun over both eyes.

Hit me behind both
arms to disable me.

And just started beating
on top of my head.

73 stitches on my head and face.

Put in the hospital
for three days.

And you would've
thought I'd quit using drugs.

It'd be another two years.

I was so sick, I couldn't quit.

Hanging out with druggies,
you end up with druggie problems.

That's why when
I came to pueblo.

I'm gonna hang out with
the best people in this town.

I'mma hang out with
the people that got

Big, high class problems.

I don't know if matt sees
potential in me at this point.

I know something he don't know.

Me and him will be friends.

If I don't it up.

Man, I got so many strong
business principles, like,

Number one rule of success,

You gotta show
up no matter what.

Regardless of how you feel.

Regardless of the problem,
the situation,

Regardless of the, whatever!

Show up,
no matter what. Number one.

Number two rule, never quit.

just don't quit. Once you show up,

Then, don't quit. You don't quit,
you don't fail.

Third rule,
money is useless until it is used.

I do not save money. I
don't wanna save money.

I wanna get rid of cash,
believe it or not.

Ben franklin, old dead dude,

Uh, inventor guy.

Uh, he's on a $100 bill.

I want him to go make
little babies for me.

Little benny babies.

If you spend your whole
life working for money,

You're gonna die spending
your whole life working for money.

You need money to make
money while you sleep.

- -so those
rules I use everyday.

Number one,
show up. Two, never quit.

Number three, get your money.

To go work harder than you do.

Yeah, doggie!

I texted lisa last night.

She said she needed help on her farm,
picking grapes.

And I'm so excited because
I need all the work I can get.

As long as they need me.

When you go to the farm,
you kinda got to,

Like, go to the farm.

You can't go and say, "okay, hi,

What time's lunch?" it
just doesn't work like that.

Getting up at
five in the morning

Is standard for the
farming industry.

I'm an early riser,
but that's another ball game.

- Rise and shine.
- Rise and shine!

We're gonna pack commercially

And then we pack
for farmer's markets

- For this week too.
- Okay.

I've never harvested
grapes. This is my first time.

I have a ranch
outside of san diego.

And, uh,
we have citrus and we have avocado.

Lots of big trees,
so I'm used to hard, manual labor.

Shouldn't be that difficult.

- Attached right here?
- Correct.

- Is it okay to cut the...
- Yes!


It seems like under the tuscan sun,
you know.

Gonna pick grapes
and have chardonnay.

Oh, man.


I really underestimated
how difficult it was.

Ow! ugh!

You're bending
under the grapevine.

Oh, my back.

You have to get the
grapes off very carefully

And you load them
into these boxes.

It's very, very heavy,

And then put the
boxes in a wheelbarrow.

Then you roll the barrow

Very carefully without
damaging grapes

All the way down to the end.

It is back-breaking,
muscle-aching work.

- I set it on top?
- Set it right on top.

I have so much
respect for those farmers

Doing this day in and day out.


So, everything good?

Everything's amazing.

This is your pay for today.

- Thanks.
- See you soon.

Thank you!

So maybe it wasn't
a piece of cake.

And $78 isn't a lot.

But it should cover my
groceries for the week.

I came out here with the
idea that I was gonna be

Just, you know,
kicking ass and taking names.

But it is not easy.

And it's summer,
and it's so, so hot!

And I wanna go home, go to bed.

And I can't because I
have too much to do.

I've got to find a building
for my million dollar business,

And with the clock ticking,
I gotta get moving.

I've been here five days,

And I still don't know

What business plan

I'm going to embark on.

90 days seems like a lot

When you're talking about it,

But really, it's no time at all.

I've got to find
the right building.

Then I've got to figure out
what I can actually open,

And then build my million
dollar business around that.

I do know what I'm good at.

Real estate, construction

And design.

How and when I'm gonna buy it,

I'll solve later.

I don't have money now.

look at that gorgeous building

With the gazebo
on the top of it.

This isn't gonna work.
This isn't gonna work.

That won't work.

Looks like a hotel. Doesn't
have any commerce.

So that thing's not pretty.

That's probably a no-go.

This is a beautiful building.

I'm gonna stop and check it out.

It's huge, though.

God, look at this place.

Let me take a look and see what
I can find out about this building.

Mm, it'll never work.

It has all kinds of historical
stuff going on with the city.

That is such a grad
about that building.

But the building
is a bit of a mess

Because of its historical
importance down here.

And you can never buy
a landmarked property

Unless you buy the
actual business too.

Or you have to start over.

I'm striking out left and right

I don't have a building.

Oh, my god!

Today's my second
chance with matt smith

And this one can't
get away from me.

I need some money, man.

Nobody can stretch a quarter

Like I can,
but you can't get rich stretching money.

You can't get rich saving
money. It's impossible.

I need to go connect with
the business guys in town

To build a business.

you gotta ask yourself,

Who's got my money? And then,

You gotta go find out
who's got your money.

Matt smith owned several
different businesses in town.

Gym, mattress store,
I think he owns a carpet gig.

I need to sniff out
what his needs are.

Figure out how I
can add value to him.

And I'm gonna offer
him my services for free.

Let's go get this meeting.

- How you doing?
- How are you?

- Welcome back.
- Thanks for making time for me.

Absolutely. Come on.

I'll prove
what I can do for him.

Solve one of his problems and
hopefully that leads to some bigger payday

In the future.

- This is us.
- Think big.

- Yes!
- Man, as soon as I came to this place,

It said, whoever owns this,
I'll love this guy.

- I appreciate it.
- I came in here from la.

I wanna get my family out of,
out of la.

- Yeah. - And in real estate,

I can't keep up with the prices.

It's just stupid. And I
started looking for places

That we can move.

Then I started
researching pueblo,

What's happened here,
100,000 people, not too big.

- Absolutely. - And so,

- I'm here looking for opportunity.
- Awesome.

Just to put it out,
I'm looking to build a business here.

Yeah, and I mean obviously,
I've opened several businesses out here

And I worked for an international
company for 18 years,

While doing this. Left there a year,
two and a half years ago.

An opportunity came open with the building,
to buy it,

And I was like,
well, here we go.

And so we ended buying the building,
put a store in there.

How can I help you?

Is there any way I can help you?

- I don't know. Got a lot to know about you.
- You don't know me.

- Yeah.
- You're making moves already. I like it.

How's the mattress store work?

We're doing good things. Only
three months open. Just opened.

I'm a great salesman, matt.

I'll get you traffic.
I know you want it.

That's what anybody needs.

I don't want anything from you.

- Okay. - Okay?

I know if I can add
value to the people here,

- Rest will come.
- How'll you drive traffic?

If you handle promotion costs,

Let me figure it out.

- I'm gonna come up with a pitch for you.
- Okay.

- Okay.
- Thank you so much.

- Pleasure. - I appreciate you.

We definitely need
talent and go-getters,

But still trying to
figure out the 'why'.

Some of it didn't make
sense and still doesn't.

It's on! It's on.
Like a bling-blong.

If somebody's
looking for opportunity

That's a hard worker,
go-getter, we do what we can.

Greatest salesman in the world,

Dude, I just sold louis curtis.

This season
on undercover billionaire...

my dream
would be ten or 12 of you all

Getting like $1000.

I am thinking about
some possibilities.

Don't know what
you're looking at doing.

I'm not sure what your plan is.

She's at it all over the place.

It looks like
we don't have a deal.

I'm spinning the plates
of building a business

And playing liar man.

Man, I'm exhausted.

Guess I
may never come back here.

We are fully
rented at this time.

I have to find shelter
again for the third time.

It's just extra headache.

Name's louis curtis.

Who's interested
to put money in this?

Losing my mind today.

I'm a force to be reckoned with.

You forgot to turn
the braker back on,

And wrecked my whole line.

No! No! Are you kidding?

Get me a strait-jacket.
I need one.

- Hey, hey!
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I didn't start it.

I ain't gonna stop.

Yes! Yes!

- Ten k!
- One thing done.

There you go.

Bam! Business play!


Based upon

The numbers that we calculated,

I'd put a value on
this business of...

Just cut the! What's
this business worth right now?

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