Underbelly (2008–2013): Season 6, Episode 7 - Squizzy Loses the Plot - full transcript

Where is the little maggot?

Why don't you ask Miss Ida Pender?

You're mad.
You're mad too.

You're a good woman,
Mrs Taylor,

and he doesn't deserve
your loyalty.

Good day, Mr Bruce.

Don't tell me you've forgotten
old Richard Buckley?

Angus Murray sent me.
I want some work.

He did "favours" for you, did he?


Fair few quid in it

for the bloke who gives this
a happy ending.

This is from
the brothers Whiting.

I want to start back
pulling jobs.

Firstly, I've got a little
pain in my leg

that I want to go away.

Mate. You're looking good, Gus.

You look prince as always.

Hey, God has smiled upon me.

God has, has he?

Yeah. The Grand Architect,
no less.

I am now gainfully employed
as clerk to the chief warden.

Got my own cell,
access to the library...

Seems I'm not going to be
star of the screen anymore.

It's all turned to shit for some
reasons that fucking defy logic.

Sorry to hear that.

So I'm back to doing
what I do best.

Got an idea to pull a couple
of high-end jobs.

Power to you.

You're on the team, Gus.

I'm in jail.

Not for much longer, mate.

We're going to bust you out.

Ah, now, Les, look.
I'm in a great place, mate.

The next five years
will be like a holiday for me.

It wasn't God who got you
that job, mate. It was me.

Oh, and, mate, you're working
for the chief warden.

Surely the least
they can give you

is a nice new pair
of shoes, right?

You take care of yourself, Gus.

Oh, God.

It would take over a week

working through the night

for Angus Murray
to cut his way to freedom.

It's a girl.
Oh, it's a baby girl.

Yes. Yes. Here she is.

Here she is.


Beautiful little Lesley.

This will bring him back.
He loves his girls.

It's a baby girl.
Good news.

Her name's Lesley.
You go tell him.


Well, where the fuck
have you been?

Yeah, Les said 5:00
on the knuckle.

Lorna's had a girl.

Oh, really? Who's the father?

Well, she's calling it
Lesley, so I guess...

Gus is ready.
Tonight's the night.

Let's go.

Les, you've got a daughter.

I said let's fucking go.

Someone die and make
you head clam?

I will go when I want to go.


The clock's ticking, Tank.

See you at the party.

I need a top up.
Come on.

I want to make a toast
to friendship, right,

'cause friends are the most
important things you can have,

right, in good times
and in bad.

And, Gus, I am your friend
and I think that makes you

just about the luckiest
bastard alive.

So get down and kiss my feet.

- No, no, no.
- Gus, get down.

No, no. No, no. No, no.

Charlie, let's get a photo.

No, hang on.
Hey, Dick, just wait.

I want the original
Bourke Street Rats.

Smile at the birdie.

What's going on here? Hey?

You are about to
go to fucking heaven.

How much is she costing me?

Well, you said
you wanted the best.

Ides, not in front of the kids.
It's not ladylike.

Well, if you want them here,
they better get used to it.

What's a man to do?
Hey, show Gus his digs.


Just like old times.


Good times.

That's all in the past
now, Richard.

Doesn't have to be,
not to my way of thinking.

I protect you, remember?

I settled my debt with you.

What happened there
stays there.

Oh, I see.

So you think just because you're
out they won't pass you around?

What do you think this is?

The only difference between
those people and everyone else

is that they smile
while they fuck you.

They're my friends out there.
They just broke me out.

Now, alls I have to do is cause
one scene and you're gone.

So go on, old mate.
Give it a crack.

Let's see how long you last.

We'll see about that.

Hey, I feel for her,

poor Ida, surrounded
by all of us awful fellows.

Perhaps I should find
some other accommodation.

Fuck off.

This is my house and I like
having my mates around me.

Now, Hawthorn branch
of the Commercial Bank.

It's on Burwood Road

and the manager there's
a bloke named Berriman.

And every Monday
at 11:00 on the dot

he does a run in to head office

with all the surplus notes
and the mutes.

What are mutes?

Mutilated notes. They go
to Treasury for destruction.

You can set your
watch by this bloke.

11:00 he leaves the branch.

11:13 he's on the train
to the city

and he carries the money
in a brown case.

How much are we talking?
Oh, I don't know exactly.

Who the fuck ate all the eggs?

Oh, shit.

But he's the manager
and he does the run himself,

so it's more than he trusts
anybody else with.

You sure you got the balls for this?
If not, tell me now.

You and Dick, you got to get him
before he gets to the station.

Mr Berriman. Arthur will come
to you soon with a big idea.

Tank's going to have the car
waiting for you on Burwood Road.

I take it he goes armed?

Maybe. You'll be so quick he
won't have time to go for it.

And have a good day.

He's a soft target.

I can take that for you.

Let go.

I said give me the case.
I said give me the case.

Why would you shoot him?
Why would you shoot him?

That's how it's done.

Oh.... So it went well?

The bank manager was shot.

The fuck wouldn't hand it over.

Angus wasn't up to taking it
from him so I...

If you'd helped, there would
have been no need to shoot him.

Well, did you kill him or what?

Who cares? We got the money.

It brings attention
we don't need, Dick.

Look, I did what had to be done
because he couldn't do it.

Well, there's an incinerator
out the back.

Go burn your clothes and that.

And then I want you to piss off
for a few days, Dick.

I can't work with him.

You brought him here, Gus.

Remember that.

There is no way Dick
would have needed to shoot.

You weren't there.


God, you look awful.

Yeah, I was sick
in the chamber-pot.

Do you know if we've
got any Aspro?

I don't know.
Go check in the bathroom.

Get a plate of the right of way
down at the Burwood Road

and make sure you get a view
from the platform.

Thank you.

Afternoon, Fred.
I thought Brophy had this one.

Oh, that's right. I'm just here
to make him uncomfortable.

There you are,
you slack bugger.

What took you so long?

Well, I had to catch the tram

as my Monday car was otherwise
mysteriously engaged.

You don't expect me to catch
public transport, do you?

Was the bank manager able
to make a statement?

Oh, thorough descriptions
of two men.

We have a shopkeep
on Burwood Road,

says that he saw two men
getting into a Hudson.

Who do we know
that drives a Hudson?

- Taylor?
- Mmm.

Seems you've been getting
friendly with Taylor's wife.

I've heard it about,
not very much of it kind.

Not from me, Jim.

Whatever's been said
in that regard

is completely
without foundation.

Good thing too.
Reputation's everything.

Advice you'd do well
to follow, Mr Brophy.

Calm down, gentlemen.

I was going to congratulate you

on cultivating
the relationship.

Estranged they may be,

but it offers us
a weak point to exploit,

and that's the aim of
the relationship, isn't it?

Of course.

After you.

Mrs Taylor,
you're looking less pregnant

than when I saw you last.

Yes, the baby's come.

That's very good news.

My wife's a knitter.
She wanted you to have this.

Thank your wife for me.

She thought cream
would be a safe bet,

not knowing if it
was a boy or girl.

A girl.

That's wonderful.

Mrs Taylor,
any chance you might know

where I could find your husband?

A little matter I need
to discuss with him.

No, and I don't know where
he keeps himself these days.

Sure. Sure.

Sweetheart, little Lesley's
ready for a feed now.

Hello, Mrs Taylor.
This is the little one, is it?

Yes, it's Lesley.

After her father. Goodness.

Well, it's just as good
for a girl. And who are you?

James Bruce.


She's a lovely-looking girl.
Best to you.

Are these from him?

His wife made them.

Don't mistake that for kindness.
He wants something.

At least he's interested.

While the good
citizens of Melbourne

spent their day of rest
at church,

Squizzy made the most
of the empty streets,

breaking into
a major city bank,

all for the purposes
of revenge.

It's not real.
It's just for show.

I know that.

The cops are gonna ask you
who you saw

and I need you to describe
these two ugly pricks,

Ted and Bunny Whiting.

They'll put you in front of them
and you say, "Yes, Constable.

"I could never forget
those faces,"

'cause if you don't,
I will make sure

you die choking on your cock.

If you have any doubts,
and I know you will,

you just think of your cock

being shoved down
the back of your throat.

You'll know what to do.

You know what? Here's a little
extra for being Lord's day.

- Solid bloody lead.
- Yeah.

For once I wish
Buckley was here.

Well, I can't help that
he doesn't work Sundays.

You know what,
I'm going to make a quick phone call

and then I say we take the day.

I'm going to enjoy
shoving it up those Whitings.

They put lead in me.
I put lead in them.

Oh, the symmetry of it.

Oh, the sun, the sun.

They're still going on
about that shooting robbery.

Yeah. "Impeccable planning
and a real professional job."

I mean, that's pretty accurate.

That poor bank manager.

Hardly would have made the papers
if the bugger didn't get shot.

I reckon we should send
Buckley on his way.

He's not worth the trouble.
Hear, hear.

No, no, no. Buckley's
staying with us, alright?

He's got his faults but
he's the best enforcer in town

and he's better in our tent
than anyone else's.

What are you doing?

What does it look like?

You boys talking shop
bores me silly.

Oh, yep.
I quite like the sound of that.

Come on!

Come on, Tank.

Do you ever think about June?


Your little girl.

What are you asking me that for?

'Cause she's a part
of who you are.

I bet you must think
about her all the time.

Did you enjoy being a dad?

If this is you saying
you want to have kids,

I'm going to start wearing
double-layer frangers.

It's not happening.

I didn't say that.
Well, what are you saying?

Well, I don't know. I just...

There's some things about you
I'd quite like to know.

Well, what? Why?

Because I'm interested.
Is that so fucked up?

I was a great dad
and I miss my dead daughter.

Add that to the shit
you know about me.

I was just asking. Well I don't want
to talk about it. It's shit.

Police! Don't anybody
try to leave.

Stay where you are.

Leslie Taylor, Ida Pender,
you're under arrest.

What the hell for?

Harbouring a fugitive for one.

And a little matter
of robbery in Hawthorn.

Well, well, well.
What do we have here?

That would be one Angus Murray,
by the looks of it.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Out you get.

- Are you joking me?
- Come on, you.

Hey, let me get
my fucking clothes on.

You can get dressed outside.

Miss Pender, I'll allow you
some privacy to get dressed.

We'll be waiting
in the hallway.

Everything's gonna
be alright, Gus.

What are you on about?

We're going to be bailed
any minute now, Ida.

I know.

Good thing that bank manager
didn't cark it,

otherwise you'd
be royally fucked.

Yeah, quite a boon there.

Jesus, Ida, stop it.
Come on. We're going to be fine.

I'm having a baby.

Oh, um, congratulations.
Well done to you both.

Um, Ida, my darling,
if I may be so bold,

I think Les will make
an excellent father.

In jail.
We're both gonna be in bloody jail.

No, no, no. I'm gonna get us
out of here, sweetheart.

Of course,
you didn't know I was on the run,

so they couldn't possibly get
you for harbouring a fugitive.

Right? See? Did you hear?
We didn't know.

We just took in
an old friend, right?

We didn't know he'd just
escaped prison.

- Yeah.
- Silly me.

- I should have said something.
- Said what, Murray?

Time for a chat, Taylor.

Miss Pender,
you're coming with us.

What are you talking to her for?

Let's go.

Hang on, hang on. You go easy on her.
She's in the family way.

Oi, get your hands off her.

Hey, Ida, we're good, alright?

Talk to you later, Taylor.

Les had been out and he brought
Angus back with him.

They ran into each other
at the pub, I think.

So Murray just turned up
on your doorstep?

Yeah. Tuesday afternoon.
I was home with a head cold.

Can I get a smoke?

I'd just taken
a teacake out of the oven,

so we all sat down together
and ate that.

How about your lady friend?
Was she with you?

Out. Dress shopping.

I'd no idea he was a criminal.

Seems to be all she does,
spend my money.

Your fortune's changing, Taylor.
They always do with you lot.

Oh, well, lucky for me

I've got a guardian angel
looking over my shoulder.

Well, it wasn't
a guardian angel

looking over your back fence

when Murray and Dick Buckley
were burning their suits

and the good
bank manager's case.

Well, someone needs
their eyes checked.

You're having a baby?

Yes. I am.

Beautiful thing, children.
I've got three myself, all girls.

Your Mr Taylor, he already
has a little one, doesn't he?

To his wife.
No, he HAD a baby girl.

She died.

Oh, no, no.
Not that one.

His wife just gave birth
to another girl,

calling her Lesley,
of all things.

Wouldn't be more
than two weeks ago.

He must have been a very busy
boy that time on the run.

Squizzy and Ida were bailed

on the charge of harbouring
fugitive Angus Murray,

with Squizzy carrying
the additional charge

of accessory to the robbery
and attempted murder

of bank manager
Thomas Berriman.

Has Buckley
raised his head yet?

He's up in the tower.

Well, tell him to stay there.

You didn't mention
you had another kid.

Mr Bruce told me.

How's that any of his business?

When were you going
to say something?

What difference does that make?
I'm not with Lorna anymore.

'Cause you were fucking her
when you were fucking me.

She's still my wife.
You're with me now.

Oh, Ida, please.
Calm down, alright?

That's all behind me.

Oh, it's as easy
as that, is it?

Just fuck off.

When you've calmed down,
we'll talk.

He won't see sunrise
and you'll hang for this.

Detective Piggott was right.

The bank manager,
Berriman, died

just before dawn
the following day.


We'll argue you weren't aware
Angus Murray was a fugitive.

The fact that Ida
and your statements

contradict each other
will be a bit of a...

She's up the duff.
Her memory's fuzzy.

Accessory to robbery and murder.

To some degree that depends on
how I fare with Murray's case.

But we'll see how we go.

You're representing him?


I asked him to.


I don't know how deep
his pockets are, though.

You might be doing it gratis.

You want me to foot the bill?

I can't even afford
this fucker myself.

I'll put in.
With what?

Are you going to sell
your fucking clock collection?

If I have to, yes.


Well, it's not really
my problem, mate.

No. All the Eugenes in the world
couldn't get him off.

It's just good money for bad.

Oh, right. Just like that
you're going to ditch him?

Come on, Tank.

Walk away.

Don't be surprised
if he gigs you.

He wouldn't.
Why wouldn't he?

Huh? What he's looking at.

Good one, Tank.
Appeal to his self-interest.

Oh, fuck off, Henry.

What? Am I expected to pay
for Buckley when they get him?

If they get him.

♪ Men of Harlech
in the hollow... ♪

Shut up, Gorman.


God. Ides, not even a pig
lies in its own sick.

You were trying to kill it.


'Cause you don't want it.

What do you want?


And you don't want anything
to stand in your way.

Don't kill it.

I want to be the one to do it.

Nah, it's my mess.

Hey, Les.

It's a good choice
coming here, Rich.

Nice place to disappear.

You alright, Rich?


Oh, fuck.

- Who the hell is that?
- Nobody.

He stopped breathing.
He stopped breathing.

Who else did you bring here?
Only him.

But I couldn't let him leave,
could I?

This never happened.

There's a steamer
leaving for Sydney tonight.

You're going to be on it.

But you're never coming back

'cause if you set foot
in Melbourne again,

I'm going to make it known
far and wide who you are.

Now clean up your mess.

All I wanted
were the old days back,

just the three of us again.

But instead we're down here
digging holes for dead bumboys.

Yeah, life
can be funny that way.

You're not wrong.

Hurry up, Rich.
You're going to miss your boat.

Gus isn't getting off, is he?

Not a chance.

Even if he does,
he's stuffed anyway.

Between hard labour and what the
Whitings will have in store for him,

he's better off hanging.

Well, then,
let's bust him out, then.

It's cheaper than forking out

all that money
to Eugene Gorman.

Be the stuff of legends,
busting him out twice.

Angus Murray,
snatched from the hangman's noose.

Now, that is a headline.

Could be done.



This is Gleeson.

G'day, Mr Taylor.

Now, we've talked
Johnno through it.

It sounds very interesting.
It's a great honour.

Great. Well, let's get
some beers.

I've got Johnno doing
Murray's section on Sundays.

Yeah, you've really done
your homework.

It's a good plan.
Oh, good.

Hey, Squizzy.
You're Squizzy Taylor.

Look, after it's all gone down

there's gonna be a lot of pressure on you
fellas, right, a lot of questions asked.

You can handle that?

- Yeah.
- Hey, Squizzy!

Excuse me.

Say that one more time.

Everything alright?

It's fine.

Why don't you finish up
and fuck off somewhere else?

Les. Les.

I don't mean to interrupt
your business, Leslie,

but you have a wife
and baby that needs you.


Don't disobey your mum,
little man.

What did I tell you?

Maybe I'll take mumsy out back
and give her one.

You stupid fuck.
That's my mother.

Come on.

An awful man to say
such a thing.

I know.
You are a father.

Now, you be one.

Best you stay away from places
like this. It's a bad element.

Is he dying?
He's alright.

We've got to go.
He's not good, mate.

Here. Let me.

My little sweetheart
of sweethearts.

Did you see Les?

Oh, yes. He promised to come.

Well, soon.

His job at the track -
new responsibilities.

He's been very busy. Yes.
He's very important there now.

He said that?

A month after
his daughter's birth?

He's not coming.

Yes, dear?

He's not coming.

Well, yes.
He knows his responsibilities.

But he's putting us
on the street.

He wouldn't do that.
He's selling it from under us.

Come on.
You saw the letter from the bank.

You know, Lorna,
something to consider -

a little less salt,
a little more sugar,

and you might see more of him.



Squizzy was arrested

as a conspirator
in the attempted breakout.

In predictable fashion,
he would make bail,

but he was now fighting

a mounting avalanche
of legal troubles

that threatened
to swallow him whole.

As for Angus Murray,

his case reached
its inevitable conclusion.

In sentencing, it is
the determination of this court

that you be hanged by the neck
until you are dead.

Oh, well.

You did your best.
I'll always be grateful for that.

It should be that Buckley gone.


Well, if you ever see him,
punch him in the nose for me.

Yeah, I'll do more than that.

Now, I haven't got much
in the way of possessions,

but I want you
to have all my books.

You have to read them, though.

Every word.

I'll even keep a dictionary
handy for the big ones.

That would mean a lot to me.

You've been a good friend.

You too.

I'm so scared, Albert.

You should leave
some room for the baby.

Do you think I'm fat?

You haven't been in to see Gus.

Hello, Tank.

He went and saw him.

Is that what
he told you, did he?

I did everything
I could for him.

Only to save your own skin.

It wasn't out of
friendship or generosity.

I'll go see him.

They're hanging him tomorrow.

I would have
followed you anywhere, Les.


But you don't give a fuck
about anyone but yourself.

You are shit.

Don't come looking for me now.



You said you went and saw him.

Hello, Lorna.


Where is she?

Wait here.

You'll never know her

and I'll make sure
she never knows you.

I won't let you ruin her

like you do
with everything you touch.

You should be happy.
You're free.

I've never done
anything in my life

to justify the extreme penalty
being passed on me.

I've forgiven all
who have acted against me...

..and I hope all I have injured
will try and forgive me.