Underbelly (2008–2013): Season 6, Episode 6 - Squizzy Makes the Front Page - full transcript

The police regularly raid Squizzy's Caulfield House, upturning Lorna's life, looking for something, anything that will lead them to Squizzy Taylor. Detective Bruce befriends the pregnant Lorna and tries to convince her to turn her husband in. She may be devastated by Squizzy's disappearance and the fact he's taken a lover, but she is a loyal wife no less and won't budge. Ida's loyalty reconfirmed, the police's case in disarray and with a film to be made, Squizzy decides to turn himself in, convinced he can beat any court case. In classic Squizzy style, he arrives at police headquarters at a time of his own choosing, on his own terms, with a contingent of press to witness the event. And as he predicts he is immediately bailed yet again. But he discovers there's a price to fame when a former admirer turned stalker guns him down in the street. Although Squizzy survives, the film does not - the government censor bans it in the public interest for its unsavoury association with such a notorious criminal as Mr. L. 'Squizzy' Taylor.

- Lorna...
- You have a mistress.

I lost my head. The baby...

- Oh, she was my baby too!
- I know, I know.

I've had police crawling
all over this house,

touching everything,
going through all our things!

Miss Pender!
Fancy seeing you here.

Sit down.
This is Albert McDonald.

Miss Ida Pender. Ida, Tank.

So you'll come visit me
sometime, yeah?

- Help me while away the hours?
- You can count on it.

I said, "I can't sleep."

Who was it fired the gun, then?

It was Tank.

It's too risky for her here.

She's under lock and key.

Mark my words, he will find
a way to get to her.

She needs protection
until she testifies.

I saw her talking to Piggott
with my own eyes!

The jacks, they know
everything. She dogged us!

And now they've
hidden her somewhere.

And if she testifies,
you go down for life.

Fair few quid in it
for the bloke

who gives this a happy ending
for us, Joe.

Bang, bang, Taylor.

There isn't a word
for what I am.

I'm not a....." good bloke".

You could say
I'm a "community-minded man",

except my "community"'s
very different to yours.

It's got a whole different
set of rules and values,

none of them all that good
for you people.

But it's you,
your squarehead way of life -

that's what I prey on.

I'll steal your silverware.

I'll fuck your daughters.

And if I hear that you've
gone running to the jacks,

I will hunt you down and I will
put a bullet between your eyes.

'Cause I'm a thieving, cheating,
violent shit of a man,

and I'm celebrated for it...

in the papers.

You all bloody love me!

So, what does that say
about you?

As 1921 wore on

and Squizzy Taylor
remained at large,

so his notoriety grew.

He lived in the city
of Melbourne openly,

thumbing his nose at the law.

Mr Taylor, my pleasure.

- Nice to see you.
- Lovely to see you.

Oh, you've got a prop, hey?

Jeez, who's that handsome
bugger on the cover?

- I wonder.
- Ha-ha-ha.

most notorious criminal.

Oh, the country's.

Most famous in the world,

Yeah, well, I did knock that
Ataturk bloke off the cover.

Perhaps Detectives
Brophy, Piggott and Bruce

were biding their time,

patiently waiting to build
an ironclad case against him,

or perhaps it was
police tip-offs

that allowed him
to repeatedly evade capture.

Tank will see you
on the way out.

- We can count on your silence?
- Of course.

'Cause I know
where you live, darling.

My back door is always open
to you, Mr Taylor.

- How we lookin'?
- 28 quid.

Which makes you the most
expensive freak show in town.

You ought to join the circus.

Or do something
about that fizgig Ida!

- If you please, my good lady.
- Oh, thank you.

Of course, the
flipside to living in the open

like an honest man -

your enemies know
exactly where to find you.

- My great honour.
- And mine, Mr Taylor.

Just stand there.

We all need a little help

Deep breath.

Hold still.

You're next, sir.

Ready for your photo
with the great man?

You'll find Mr Taylor
a very personable fellow.

Where are you going?
It's your turn next.

- We've gotta fuckin' find her.
- No, you've gotta find her.

It's not me she's giggin',
it's you,

which doesn't surprise me,
because you were being

an unpleasant arsehole to her.

She's gigging you too, mate.
The sooner you accept that...

Nah, that's bullshit!

Right, she would die before
giving the jacks anything.

She's already done it,
ya fuckwit!

She has got no loyalty to ya!
You got rid of her!

And that is why
they have got her in hiding!

Just give us a minute, would ya?

Wasn't exactly a bust-up.
I don't know what it was.

Oh, I've gotta get to her.


If there's one thing
I know about that girl

it's she reads the papers
every bloody day.

That's what I gotta get on.
I'm gonna do the newspapers.

"Dear sir, in reference to the
article in Friday's 'Enterprise'

"referring to
Miss Ida Pender..."

Miss Ida Pender!

"..I think it is only right
that I should deny

"that the young lady is sharing
my hiding place.

"It is taking me all my time
to keep myself in baulk

"without having to look after
a second person."

That's not true.

"I hold Miss Pender
in the highest esteem

"and would never deign to keep

"a lady of such virtue
and good standing

"in conditions
beneath her station.

"However, it must be said
she is my boon companion

"and each day we are separated

"is a day of aching loss
on my part.

"When asked, I tell people
Ida is my true wife,

"for that is the best
description of our relationship.

"She is no fair-weather friend.

"She is my unwavering ally
in good and bad."

Nice to see you again,
Mrs Taylor.

Where is the little maggot?

Why don't you ask
Miss Ida Pender?

Thorough search, room by room.

When did you last
see your husband?


Early August.

You look about four months gone
to me.

Hardly respectful, him naming
his current tart in the papers.

Must be quite upsetting
for you, Mrs Taylor.

I think Mrs Taylor's
been affronted enough.

I'm not affronted, Mr Bruce.
Just confused.

From what I know,
Mr Brophy fared well

from my husband's trough
for quite some time.

Got rather fat off my husband,
didn't you?

Not quite as fat as you, madam.


I'll take up
no more of your time, ma'am.


Serious allegations.

I'm surprised you didn't
challenge her further on it.

After 22 years of marriage,

you learn not to stand in
the way of an emotional woman.

I wonder how much she does know.

She knows as much
as Taylor wants to tell her.

I wouldn't put any stock

in what she says,
or the Pender woman.

Taylor only ever goes
for the low-hanging fruit.

Easy to get to,
bound to disappoint.

- Cigarette, Mr Bruce?
- No.

Thank you, sister. I, um...

Clears the thinking, I find,

when faced with vexing dilemmas.

Thank you.

Miss Pender...

I trust she's been...
behaving herself.

By the Lord's guiding hand,

this was intercepted
before it could reach the post.

A reply from Miss Pender

to one of Taylor's
recent letters

to the "Enterprise" newspaper,

addressed to the Senior Editor,
requesting urgent publication.

- May I?
- No.

You most certainly may not.

I'll not allow you
to be polluted by its content.

There is a word, Mr Bruce,

a Greek term - 'pornographos' -

which suitably describes

the carnal nature
of its message.

This is a woman without morals,
without boundaries.

This is not a reformatory,
Mr Bruce,

and it is certainly not
a permanent situation.

Certainly not.

I think you'll find we've
upheld our end of the bargain.

The trouble is Mr Taylor
continues to elude us.

We need you to keep Miss Pender
in your care a little longer.

Is it a matter of expenses?

Mr Bruce?

Afternoon, Ida.

Nice suit.

Tried to make him hate me.

Look after yourself.

Interesting idea - hiding the
witness so we can't turn 'em.

How about you talk
to some of your tame jacks,

find out where they've got her?

Sorry, Les.
Your problem, you fix it.

She knows everything, Henry.

Not just the robberies
and the sly grog. Your joint.

Her big mouth is gonna bring
down the house on all of us.

And if I find her?

I'll stop trying
to fuck your wife.

I don't think she's
into little boys, old son.

But if she changes her mind,
I'll let you know.

Next grog shipment's on me.

- Deal.
- You're a gent, Henry.

It's on your head, this shit.

If you'd have just backed me
and tried

to get along with her,
none of this'd be happening.

- Don't put it on me.
- I am putting it on you!

Right, if I say
I like licorice allsorts,

then you get a taste for aniseed
or you fuck off, alright?!

"Is that your girl, Les? Well,
oh, she's the fuckin' queen.

"I should get down on me hands
and knees and kiss her feet."

- But instead you undermine me!
- Les?

Mate, this grog shipment's
coming out of your pocket

'cause I'm sick and tired
of paying for your screw-ups.

- Squizzy Taylor!
- Hey, Squizzy!

Ida had come to resent
the strictures of convent life

and her role as
police informer.

She missed the dance halls
and the parties.

Above all,
she missed her lover.

It was time
to renegotiate the contract.

This will be perfect for you.

Oh, Ida.

It's beautiful.

Would you mind?

Oh, yes! Yeah.

What are you doing?

Well, we're playing dress-ups,
aren't we?


- What's wrong?
- Ahh!

Ida, what are you doing?

- Ida, please stop!
- Ahh!

Ida, please...

What are you doing?!

As much as I love
the little runt,

he could do a lot of damage
on his way down.


Ida's at the convent
up the bush.

I'll draw you a map.

Of course, when Mr Bruce told me
Ida was safe in your care,

you can imagine
a father's relief.


In gratefulness
for all your trouble, sister...

keeping Ida safe and all.

And, um...
this very fine bottle of claret.

- For the, uh...
- Sacrament?

Yes. Yes.

What's the saying?

"A fish rots from the head."

You, Mr Pender,
are the head of the house,

and your daughter's
the rotten fish.

Sister, believe me,
her mother and I have tried...

She has no place here.

The police are collecting her
as we speak.

If you hurry,
you might still catch her.



Don't you wanna hear
my side of the story?

No, Ida, I'd prefer not.

Ida, you do realise that
this is for your own protection?

Yeah, I understand.


Mr Bruce, may I just have
a moment for the toilet?

Yes, of course you can.

- Go. Go ahead. Quickly.
- Thank you.

The jacks are here.

They're taking her.


Alright, go and find her.

In the toilet, sir?

Find a sister. She'll find her.


- You fucking gigged me!
- I didn't, Les. I didn't.

- You gigged Tank!
- No, I didn't, I didn't.

I know what you did,
why you did it.

I know why
they had you holed up there!

I fuckin' trusted you.

I never said anything
about you.

I...I wouldn't. I love you.

They wanted me to stay stuff,

and I said something about Tank
so that they'd let up,

so that they'd stop about you.

I...I wouldn't. I...

I love you. I wouldn't...

Is this
what you want me to do, huh?!

- Tank, is this what you want?!
- No, Les!

- I'll fuckin' kill her!
- That's enough!

Pull over.

I had this trick when
the police were questioning me.

Who were they, the cops?

There was Mr Bruce.

He was there most.
He was tall and he had...

Well, so what
if he's fuckin' tall?

- I'm just describing him.
- I know what he looks like.

I had his place bombed once.

- Did you?
- Mm-hm.

- Why?
- For being tall.

- No. Why?
- Just tell me your trick.

Well, they were at me
to tell 'em about this place.

"Where's his lair?"

'Lair' -
they actually used that word.

They did?

And they kept pushing me
to tell 'em.

There was no way
I was saying anything.

'Cause all I was thinking about
was you.

Why did you gig Tank?

- I already told you.
- You don't get it.

He's one of us.

No-one's gonna have
anything to do with you.

I gotta get rid of you.

- You're the king, aren't you?
- Mmm.

The king can fuck
whoever he wants, can't he?

As long as it's me.

Saw what you did. I saw
what you bloody did to him.

Disappointing news
about Miss Pender, James.

Delivered by a grateful member
of the public.

It seems not everybody thinks
we're a laughing stock.

Taylor's grog?

He's still out there.

I want all his old haunts
turned over, every one of 'em.

Don't come back till it's done.


You're right.

It is the low-hanging fruit
he goes for.

What is that music?

God knows.

They're Annie's pets.
She found 'em down at the docks.

They look
a little retarded to me.

Whoo, Ida!

Ooh, Ida! Hello, Ida!


Oh, God! Henry, do you remember
when I had tits like these?

Uh, no.

Come on, let's get
some happy juice into you.

Dog only bites me once, Les.

Well, how do you explain me,
then, Henry?

Squizzy Taylor?

No, I don't know
anyone by that name.

Let's get a bottle of whisky
for the veteran of the Belgians.

- I'm about to go.
- No, no, no.

She did the wrong thing,
and she's an idiot,

but she's my idiot.

I love ya, brother,
but don't make me choose.

To your good health.

What about friendship?

Oh, that's a given,
isn't it, mate?

Oi, shove off, mate, you perv!
What are you trying to do?!

- No, no, no, Les, listen.
- Mr Taylor, Eric Harrison.

Oh, you're Eric, hey? You wanna
play with my hands, you pervert?

I'm a producer of photoplays,
Mr Taylor.

He makes MOVIES, Les,
and he wants us in his movie.

I don't know where he is.

Why are you protecting him?

He doesn't care
a thing about you.

How do you live there,
knowing what pays for it?

Isn't it enough you breaking
into my house almost every day?

Do you now have to humiliate me
in front of my friends?

I don't think you have
any friends, Mrs Taylor.

Your old ones,
well, they don't care about you.

And your new ones,
your husband's,

well, you're not exactly
one of them, are you?

- What do you want from me?
- An address.

Tell me where he goes.

No-one will know it came from you.
The humiliations will end.

He's my husband.

On paper only.
You must realise that by now.

You're a good woman, Mrs Taylor.

I can see that.

You deserve better.

And he doesn't deserve
your loyalty.

Good day, Mr Bruce.

Where is he?! Anyone else
in the house?! Huh?!

I'll blow your pretty head off
if you fib on me!

- Where is he?!
- I don't know!

- Yeah, you do.

No, I'm with child!

Lift your dress up.

Do it.


- Do it!

- Fuckin' crazy bitch!


Our director, John Flemming.

- Pleasure to meet you.
- Great honour, Mr Taylor.

Yeah, I'm sure it is.


Ida Pender.

Very good to meet you.

Leslie, Ida.

Uh, see, I'd never do that.

- But it says...
- Yeah, I know what it says.

But it'd never happen like that.

I mean, that clam talks
to my girl like that,

I would snap the prick in two.

He's the chief steward.

He'd kick you off the course

Kick ME off the course?
I'd beat the shit out of him.

Now, I think it's better if
it's, you know, something like,

"You know,
you listen to me, mate.

"And I will fuckin' stomp
on your head!"

You know, something like that,
that's much better.

He would.

- That's better.
- I don't doubt it.

- Do you like that? It's better.
- Leslie, just... Yeah.

What happens
if you get arrested

before we've wound up

Oh, there's nothing to worry
about. The cops can't touch me.

There's a strong possibility
that, uh...

the financiers have
withdrawn all support

till your legal situation
becomes more stable.

Until you face court
and you're acquitted,

which you will do
in your own inimitable fashion.

This will certainly make an impact
with the ladies, Mr Taylor.

There's only one lady
I'm out to impress, Leo.

That's Lady Justice.

Smile for the birdie.

Now, you take that one
to the 'Argus',

that goes to the 'Truth',

and that one goes
to the 'Enterprise'.

OK, you ask for the editor.

You won't speak to anyone
but the editor.

You tell 'em Squizzy Taylor
sent you. It's big news.

Why'd you give
yourself up, Squizzy?

What are your chances of
a fair trial, Squizzy?

What's your relationship
with Miss Pender?

How long you been on the run
with Miss Pender, Squizzy?

Is this all part
of an elaborate plan?

- Squizzy, why'd you do it?
- Come on, just a few questions.

You think you'll get
a fair trial, Squizzy?

- Well, here I am.
- Hello, Squizzy.

Squizzy, what are your chances?

We'll just have to wait
and see, gentlemen.

We demand the offender,
Mr Joseph Leslie Taylor,

be remanded in custody
until such time...

Remand him? For goodness sake,
the man gave himself up.

That is not to be

Could bail him on a shilling
and he'll show up in court.

Mr Taylor will be true
to his word,

and bail is set at 100 pounds.

I have just that amount.

No, no, I won't have it.
Listen to me. Listen to me.

This is a criminal of
the lowest... Back off!

This is a criminal
of the lowest order.

Scurrilous innuendo!

The freedom
to commit further crime.

Desist immediately!

There will be no threatening
witnesses or juries.

They'll be out of your reach.
I'll make sure of it this time.

Out of my reach, huh? Really?

Why'd you turn
yourself in, Squizzy?

Why'd you turn yourself in,

To clear the air.

Right, if you believe
everything you read,

I'm a dangerous, vicious thug.

Right, I intimidate
witnesses, juries,

even using extreme violence
against them,

sometimes murder, right?

Now, I am confident

that there is not
a right-minded jury out there

that would find me guilty
of what is nothing more

than a fit-up by the police
for the Scales Warehouse job.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Just one more question, Squizzy.

Oh, come on, Squizzy,
just a few questions.

You think you'll get
a fair trial, Squizzy?

It's time, Buckley.

I'll be going now, Angus.

Good luck.

I'll not forget ya.

Angus Murray
wasn't the only one with problems.

Squizzy had put himself
back in the frame

for the Scales Warehouse
break and enter,

the unhinged gunman Joe Cotter
was hunting him,

and now a psychopath who didn't
understand the word 'no'

was beating a path to his door.

Oh, look at that! That's guy.

Oh, great shot.
Look at the horsemanship.


Bring him home!

And feeling good.

Huh? Not bad, is it?




And THAT is how you kiss a girl.

A word, Les?

- Ida, if you don't mind.
- No, no, she can stay.

It's fine.

Some financiers here today

the magic of filmmaking,

and they've asked me
a question,

and I've said
emphatically, "No."

But reassure me that
your stake in this film,

it's from a legitimate
business, isn't it?

Or did I rob a bank
to buy into this movie?

A jewellery store...
in Prahran... last week?

One of these men is an
associate of the victim and...

Eric, you're so funny.
Les doesn't do that anymore.

I just have to ask, Les.
Tell me to fuck off.

I did not rob
his mate's jewellery store.

Thank you.

Now kindly fuck off. Huh?

Sit down.

Oh, shit! Fuck!

- Fuck.
- You looking for this?

Who the hell are you?

Don't tell me you've forgotten
old Richard Buckley.


You're a lot bigger
than you used to be, Les.

You haven't changed a bit -
you're still old.

Angus Murray sent me.

What, he told you
about this place, did he?

Angus and I got pretty close
in jail.

- Go for a walk.
- I don't...

How is he?

Couple of boys from the Narrows
don't like him that much,

but that's pretty much down
to his relationship with you.

Anyway, I made sure
nobody hurt him.

I looked after him
because I heard

he's pretty special to you.

He said if I looked after him
that you'd look after me,

said he sent you
a letter about it.

- I never got it.
- Well, he said you would.

He did favours for you, did he?


You're a hard man, Dick.

Pretty boys do favours
for hard men -

that's how it's always been.

But Gus doesn't
owe you anything.

So if you came here
expecting me to suck your cock,

then you can walk
right out that door.

Hey, I want some work.

I'm not doing any more jobs.
I'm in the movie business now.

What's a movie business?

There's no more work, Richard!

Talk to Angus.

He'll tell ya.

Five minutes.

See you haven't lost
your sartorial flair, Les.

Sorry I didn't come sooner.

Fuck, Angus.

Narrows boys say hi.

You got any friends in here?

What about you?
What's happening in your world?

I'm making a movie.

Gonna be
a movie star. How's that?

- You gonna be in the movies?
- Mmm.

You were always the one.
You were always going somewhere.

I'm happy for you.


Yeah, sorry about that.
Something of a force of nature.

- What did you say I'd give him?
- Nothing.

But he just kept coming at me.

I mean, you don't know
what it's like...

I know EXACTLY what it's like,
but you protect your friends.

Fuck, Gus, he even knew
where to find me.

- I'm sorry.
- I got nothing for him.

OK, alright.
Well, then that's that...

Oh, you think "no"'s
gonna cut the mustard, do you?

With fuckin' Richard Buckley?

- I held out for as long as...
- Oh, stop that!

Get a grip on yourself.

- Sorry.
- And stop fuckin' saying sorry!

Alright? Harden the fuck up!

You got six years left
in this place.

That's something to hold onto.


Now sit down!

Les, it would be advantageous
for opening arguments tomorrow

to have a reason for your
presence in Scales Warehouse

at the time of your arrest.

You remember that little matter
you absconded over?

I mean, it is bloody ridiculous

that they are hiding
juries' names now.

Yes, apparently publishing
details of the jury

is open for corruption.

I had a look, Les.
They don't put 'em up anymore.

We've got a friend
who can help us.

Not at General Sessions.

I can't hear you anymore,

Has canary here got an office?
I've got a business to run.

I would be more worried about
Judge Woinarski presiding.

He didn't like you
when he was a crown prosecutor.

I expect he's going to like you less
now he's on the bench.

with you bleeding me dry,

a little old judge is
the least of me worries.

Right, we need one name
on this list.

We can do that.

Anyway, I gotta go
have an argument

with a producer about a writer.

One fuckin' scene change.
That's all I'm asking.

Les? Why were you
in the warehouse?

I don't know.
We'll work something out.

Papers! Get your papers here!

- Papers! Get your papers!
- Oi, Squizzy!

You remember me?

Joseph Cotter.

This is from
the brothers Whiting!

Yes. Mr. Taylor?

Why were you
in Scales Warehouse that day?

And old rival of mine
had made threats against me.

One of his associates was
pursuing me in the street

and I saw an open door
and took refuge inside.

And did you believe
your life was under threat?


Have you seen this man since,
this associate, Joseph Cotter?

Yes, a fortnight ago.

- What happened on that occasion?
- Well, he shot me.

If the gallery
cannot control itself,

ejections will follow.

Joseph Cotter may as well

have handed Squizzy
a free pardon.

The Scales Warehouse case
was thrown out,

and the filming of
"In Emergency Colours" resumed.

What a day.

I know, it's beautiful.

What do you think?

Who's that?

He's playing the chief steward.
He's nice.

And Eric said
I can keep the dress.

Ah, there he is.

Now, regarding the scene
with the chief steward,

OK, the writer's made
a couple of compromises

I think you'll like.

You confront the man regarding
his unsavoury behaviour

towards the good lady

and you tell him what you'll do
to him should he not refrain.

And then through
the sheer power of personality,

you win the day.

So I threaten him
and he backs off?

I think it's very good.

Places, please!


Ooh! Ooh!


OK, you fuck.

Calm down. Calm down.

Did you talk to Angus?

I got nothing for ya.

But if I did,

I'd need to know
that you work for me...

that your loyalties are to me
and me only.

Whatever I say,
you do without a question.

So prove it to me.

You're the boss.

Prove it.

What do you want me to do?

Are you a hard man
or a pretty boy?

Well, I'm not a pretty boy.

Pretty boy.

Stuff ya, then.
I don't wanna know ya.

Pretty boy.


Into positions, everybody!

I love you.

- What?
- You heard me.

Stop everything!

- Who's in charge?
- I'm in charge.

On orders
of the government censor,

you're to immediately cease
all production

or public screening
of the film.

Mate, you and your cronies
can't stop us.

Uh... yes, they can, Les.

The censors have deemed it

in the public interest"

"to produce films
that glorify the doings"

"of those who adopt an attitude
of defiance to the law."

That's you, Taylor.
You and your scum class.

You smug piece of shit.

What, you think one little piece
of paper's gonna stop us?

Movie's over, little pony.

- It's over.
- You fuckin'...

Hey, don't walk away!

Don't you fuckin' walk away!

The movie was never completed.

Sadly for
the historical record,

not a single reel of
'In Emergency Colours' survives.

The movie producer's
shot through.

Cotter's been arrested,

and the Whitings,
they still wanna kill you.

I'll meet you back at the hotel.

- No, I wanna stay here.
- Nah, we gotta talk business.

Sit down.

I wanna start back pulling jobs.

But firstly, I've got

a little pain in me leg
that I want to go away.

I want that fuck Cotter.

He's in the watch-house
I last heard.

Well, we're gonna
pay him a visit.

- What's your name again?

That's alright.

You can scream all you like.



So you tried to make
a name for yourself, did ya?


Sorry, mate.

Who are you?

Say your name for me.

Joseph Cotter.


Joseph Cotter.

You know, I don't know
anyone by that name.

Who are ya?

Jos... Joseph Cotter.

- Nah.
- I'm...

- What?
- I'm, uh...

- You're...
- Sorry.

Squizzy Taylor
was never gonna find fame

on the silver screen.

He was no actor.
He knew exactly what he was.

And a scorpion can never
change it's nature.

Once again,
the good people of Melbourne

were about to be stung.

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