Underbelly (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 8 - Strike Force Tuno - full transcript

The pressure is so great the Crown Prosecutor has a heart attack and has to bow out from the case, mere days before the trial is scheduled to begin. The only available replacement is Paul ...

- I need to talk to you.
- What about?

- Didi and Baba.
- What about 'em?

I know who killed 'em.

Detectives Macarthur and Patton,
Mr Falconer.

Where you blokes hail from?

You 'll need to accompany us
to the station.

You 're the dog
who murdered my grandparents.

Police have identified
the body parts of a man

found in six bags
in the Hastings River at Wauchope

as those of
missing prisoner Terry Falconer.

- Frank O'Rourke?
- I know who killed Falconer.

Take a look at this.

These are the ones
who killed Terry Falconer.

- That's Anthony Perish.
- Who's been talking?

Anthony Perish hasn't ever
had an account with Telstra.

He's not registered with
the housing commission, Medicare

or any private health fund.

No super fund
has any record of him.

He's got no outstanding fines,
no traffic infringements,

he's not on the electoral roll,

got no tax file number,
no credit history.

Only someone with
serious badness to hide

would go to this much effort
to cover their tracks.

Strike Force Tuno

will investigate the murder
of Terry Falconer.

I have every confidence
that Detective Sergeant Jubelin...

It'll take
as long as it takes.

You 're never gonna
catch who killed him.

We're just Westie lowlifes
with a shitty crook for a dad.

Who cares if someone like him
gets chopped to pieces?

We cannot over-emphasise
the importance of our Informant X.

That's Frank O'Rourke?

Can't afford Perish to know
he's given us a statement.

Do you know a man named
Frank Xavier O'Rourke?

Don't think so, no.


- We did it.
- Did what?

Killed Falconer. Me and Muzz.

Decker was one of
the kidnappers.

You keep saying
you hardly know Perish,

that you only just met him.

This prick, he wouldn't shout
if a shark bit him.

We can look after you
if you 're worried about that.

You want me to knock a cop?

Flesh and blood
like anyone else, mate.

Can I tell you the plan,
explain it face to face?

Alright. Tomorrow, 10:00.
Where we shafted Dokic.

In Dokic's statement,

he said they forced him
to make taped admissions

in this cafe in Lavender Bay.

- Team one, move in.
- MAN: Gun!

Anthony Perish,
you 're under arrest

for the conspiracy
to murder Terry Falconer.

We need to get Decker
or Andrew Perish to roll over

or this prick could walk.

SONG: # It's a jungle out there

# It's a jungle out there

# It's a jungle out there. #

You the pigeon?

Who's it for?

Bloke in H wing called Undies.

100's the standard rate.

Or your shoes.

In prison on remand,

Anthony and his brother
Andrew Perish

were subject to
non-association orders,

meaning they never
had the chance to chat

in the prison yard.

But where there's a will,
there's always a way.

You 've been busy.

And we've been busy too.

Willy Strong.

Ben Dokic.

Then there's your mates,

Michael Christiansen,
Vito Russo.

Out back, giving statements.

You know, for someone
who likes big-noting himself,

you 're awfully quiet.

See, Anthony stitched you up
from the start.

You 've still got the Commodore
you used to kidnap Falconer.

Why didn't he tell you
to get rid of it?

Because if shit hit the fan,
he wanted you to take the rap.

Not him.

I thought I was just...

...taking him back.

I took him to Anthony's
for questioning.

But that's...

I didn't realise
what they were gonna do.

'They' being...

...Anthony and Andrew?

No. Anthony and Muzz.

Faster! Faster!

Matthew Robert Lawton?

You 're under arrest
for the murder of Terry Falconer.

I said to Muzz, "Are we
gonna let him out of there?"

And he says,
"We'll wait for my mate."

He was armed. I wasn't.

I make a run for it,

they're gonna get my family.

And when Anthony got here?

They opened up the toolbox...

...and he was dead.

The whole time, they never
asked him one question.

And then what?

They rigged him up
to the block and tackle.

Anthony throws a suit at me.
"Get this on."

The larger parts were
cut into smaller parts.

I participated.

I had to.

At one point, Anthony's
looking at me. I'm feeling crook.

And he says,

"What? Is this the first time
you 've done this?"

Well, here's what I get, Brett.

You hook a person up to
one of these and they're...

...fucking swinging around
all over the place.

Makes it really hard
to cut anything up.

Makes me think that
you hooked him onto this

while he was still alive
and you tortured him.

He was dead.


So Decker told us about
the disposable suits.

About the hacksaws.

About the bleach you and Muzz used
to wash the walls

when you 'd finished.

We got a bone expert in
to examine the remains.

She reckons you used
a hacksaw too.

She told us the size
of the blades

to the nearest millimetre.

And it matches what we found
in that burnt-out pit.

So the jury...

...they're gonna see
how well you planned this

and they're gonna see murder.

I'll make this offer once.
I'm not gonna do it again.

You plead guilty to murder,

and we'll drop all charges
against your mate Matt Lawton.

He can go home to
his wife and his kids.

I like your tie, mate.

It goes well with your eyes.

He doesn't give two shits
about you, Matthew.

Do something for yourself
for once.

Give us a statement

and you 'll go home
a lot sooner than you think.

Like he said...

...we're not interested.

Six years ago, you boys
turned my life upside down, eh.

Now you wanna do it
all over again?

You 're our chief witness, Frank.

If you don't testify,

Anthony's charge will get reduced
to manslaughter.

He'd be out in under 10.

Well, I think it's only fair
we get to talk it over.

Look at me, Frank.

Just do this for us.

It'll all be over.
You can move on.

You can close that chapter
of your life.

If I close this chapter, Gary,

there'll be a couple of
their jelly beans

with my name on them.

It'll never be over for me.

Or me family.

He just wants to feel like
he's in control, you know?

He's worried about
the bikies coming after him.

It'll be me coming after him
if he doesn't pull through.

Fast-forward three years.

Where are we?

What is this?

One of your positive
psychology drills, is it?

I'd like us to get married.


- Is this a proposal?
- Mm-hm.

Yeah, thought I'd soften up
by this romantic dinner first.

Why don't we wait
until after the trial?

Why wait?

Why rush?

I know this job's important,

but every special meal,
every weekend away, you cancel.

Yeah. Exactly.

You don't wanna cancel
a honeymoon, Trace.

You know, I appreciate
where Frank's coming from.

Tuno dictates my life
as much as it does his.

Sorry I'm late.

I'll push on with
those phone records.

Should have them finished
by the end of today.

I'm fine.

Gary Jubelin.

Yeah, I'll do it, Gary.

Let's finish what
we started, mate, eh?

That's very good
to hear, Frank.

We're on.

Alright, mate. Thank you.


I don't think you
should be too concerned.

No-one's gonna believe
these people.

A bikie who's done time
for manslaughter?

Nah, it's all circumstantial.

You mean it relies on witnesses?


They're not exactly credible.


I got mixed up with the wrong guy,
OK. I admit that.

But... you have to believe me.

Everything I did.
He was threatening me.

It was me or them.

I do a job or he comes... Huh?


Yeah, put him on. Of course.

Hey, buddy.
How's my little man?

Daddy misses you too, mate.

I've got the lab results

for the blood
we found in the shed.

As we expected,
no trace of DNA.

So it could be animal blood, human,
who knows.

Alright, well, we've got
the remains in the toolbox.

We've got the saws, Decker's
evidence. It's not crucial.

Hey, Gary.

We need to have a talk
about Camille.

She's got cancer.


I tried telling her to take it easy
but she won't listen.

I thought it might need
to come from you.

So after that last phone call
from Andrew Perish's phone

to O'Rourke's,
there's no further contact.

There's this flurry of activity

the week leading up
to the abduction,

then nothing, zilch.

You 're happy. This is good.

I know you 're sick, Camille.

I can't pretend
to know how you feel

but this is... a shit of a job.

Why don't you just
take it easy? Go home?

And do what?

This... shit of a job

is the most meaningful
police work I've ever done.

I wanna see it through,
just like you.

People already think
I'm a slave driver.

They're gonna think
I'm a real prick.

Stay as long as you want.

Thank you.

Frank. It's just like old times
with you in the back there.

Yeah. Only this time
I don't have me popgun, hey?

Let's get those crooks.

Window doesn't even open, eh.

Hey, Frank.

How am I supposed
to sleep knowing Browney

is in the next room, huh?

Could be sleeping nude
for all I know.


I've never felt
so claustrophobic, eh.

You wait till you get
in the witness box.

Can we at least go out
for a feed, huh?

Oh, that's not fair.

You get to go home to your family,
I'm stuck here by...

Frank, just sit down, will you?
Just try and relax.

We'll make a call.
We'll get something brought up.

Jesus Christ, you 're
making me nervous. Sit down.


Alright, just breathe.

That is shit as, Gary, huh?
That is shit as.

Come on. I'll behave, mate.

Time for you to throw
some coin on the bar, eh.

Come on, Gazza, you old woman.

Don't call me Gazza, Frank.

How does a bloke your size
get away with eating lettuce?

Same way the silverback gorilla
does, mate.

Eat a truckload.
In my case, maybe two.

Oh, no.
See that bloke over there?


He's not too happy about me
eyeing off his missus, eh.

You just can't fucking
help yourself, can you?

You wanna know how to survive
a beatin' with a table leg?


Say you 've slept with
your mate's missus, right?

Now, if you 're a useful member,

you 're not gonna get killed
or nothin', right.

But there has to be
some kind of retribution.

I mean, fair's fair, yeah?


You lay facedown,
flat on the ground, right.

- And that's it?
- You cover your head, Einstein.

If you 're sure they're not
out to kill, that's your best bet.

Sounds like
how you survive a bear attack.

Hm. Bears. Bikies.

I've gotta take this.

- Did you get my message?
- Gary.

I fly to Darwin
first thing in the morning.

This is the last night
we had together for a while.

Alright. I'm leaving.
OK. I'm on my way.

Packing a bit for two days,
aren't you?


Gaz, I'm hardly seeing you.

The hours you 're doing
on this are insane

and the trial
hasn't even started yet.

And, what? Me, running the company
from the kitchen table?

Jesus Christ, Tracy. You were
just talking about marriage.

Now you 're just gonna?
You 're pissing off.

I'm not breaking up, you goose.

Oh. Hey.

I'll still visit once a month.

I can't let you
give up on this case.

I love you, Trace.

Enough to drive me to
the airport in the morning?

June 2010

and Anthony, Andrew and Muzz
face their committal hearing.

The question at hand -

had Strike Force Tuno
built a strong enough case

to put them on trial for murder?

The three accused men
hadn't seen or spoken to each other

since their arrests
18 months before.

It was also the first time

Anthony had clapped eyes
on Decker

since he had turned
crown witness.

I heard he got a 50% discount
on his sentence.

How long did it take
to drive to Girvan?

A long time.
Maybe two to three hours.

When Anthony joined you
and Mr Lawton later

and the box was opened,
was Mr Falconer alive?


But he was alive

when Anthony closed the toolbox
at Turramurra?

Yes. He was groggy
but he was alive.

He has to say that. Otherwise
he'd be sitting here with us.

Do you swear to tell the truth,

the whole truth
and nothing but the truth?

- Please say, "I do."
- I do.

Yeah, Anthony said to come up
the Karuah River at Bulahdelah.

Uh, he'd be waiting there

dressed like a fisherman
with a few eskies.

Because the prick might be
in a few pieces, see?

And, after the discussion
of fixing your boat had ended,

Anthony mentioned
Terry Falconer?

He said he'd heard a rumour
that I'd been told in jail

that Terry Falconer
murdered his grandparents.

Another call to Gary Jubelin
where you alleged

that a helicopter
was hovering over your house.

It was square-lappin'
the perimeter, correct.

You actually believe
the helicopters

were following you
around Sydney?

Correct, again.
The heat was on.

And the Jatz crackers
in your swimming pool.

That too you interpreted
as a threat?

Someone had been in my house
and put it there.

Also correct.

What are you eating?

A mint.

You 're giving evidence,
you realise?

Holding up threatening signs

did nothing to damage
the strength of Tuno's brief.

Threatening the witness.

Anthony, his brother and his mate

were committed to trial
for the murder of Terry Falconer.

The problem with the autopsy

is we can't prove
the act causing death.

Was it the closing of the lid?
Punches at Turramurra?

I thought it didn't matter
when exactly Terry Falconer died

if we could prove
intent to kill, which we can,

given Frank O'Rourke's evidence.

Hanging a murder conviction
on the word of a man

who cowers at the sight
of Jatz crackers?

That's not just Frank. Decker's
evidence goes to premeditation.

Hardly - Decker makes out
like the whole thing

was an accident
and he just helped clean it up.

What does he actually add
to the murder charge?

We got the hacksaws. We got
the disposable suits at Girvan.

He said they were already there.
It doesn't matter how he died.

They were always gonna kill him.

I'm no longer confident we'll win
if we pursue murder.

The safer course
is to offer Anthony

the lesser charge
of manslaughter.

He pleads guilty to that,
we skip the trial altogether.

Fuck that, and I'll tell you why.

I haven't chased this prick
for the last nine years

just to lock him up
for manslaughter for six.

OK, he'll wear that
like a badge on his chest.

Manslaughter also means
Andrew walks.

There's no conspiracy
to an accidental death

and we forfeit the conspiracy
charges on Anthony and Muzz.

It completely
ignores Frank's evidence.

Right, you might say
he's crazy, but this guy

has laid his life on the line
for us because we said

we were going
after Perish for murder,

not fucking manslaughter.

All our witnesses have laid
their lives on the line for us,

so we're not backing down.

Gary, would you rather
pursue murder

and see them all get off,
or do you wanna make certain

that you 're putting Anthony
away for something?

Despite strong evidence

pointing to Terry Falconer's
murder being planned,

the Crown Prosecutor
commenced negotiations

with Anthony Perish's lawyers

to have him plead guilty
to manslaughter.

So your lawyer said
that if Anthony pleads guilty,

they'll drop your charge

Well, that's just
fuckin' marvellous, isn't it?

But is he gonna do it?

I haven't exactly had a chance
to talk to him, have I?

He'll do it for you, babe.
I know he will.

You 've got no criminal record.
You could be out in under 10.

My best advice
is to take the Crown's offer.

Plead guilty to manslaughter.

But if we go to trial,
I could get off completely, right?

I mean, the circumstantial case,
the shoddy witnesses.

Anthony, look, this is
the best possible scenario.

You know, 'guilty' is not a word
that comes easily to me.

Anthony knew the longer he sat in prison,

the more vulnerable
the company's business became.

People on the outside
were jockeying

to take over his share
of the drug market.

He needed to get out...
whatever it took.

All silent. Please stand.

Anthony John Michael Perish,
will you please stand?

Anthony Perish,
you stand indicted for murder

in that between
the 16th of November 2001

and 26th of November 2001

in Sydney, in the state
of New South Wales,

you did murder Terry Falconer.

How say you?
Are you guilty or not guilty?

Not guilty.

But I plead to manslaughter.

Mr Crown,
do you accept the plea?

- Mr Crown?
- Are you OK?

Alright, sit back.

Your Honour, I think
we need to call an ambulance.


Merv Grogan survived his heart attack

but the trial would be delayed

so that another Crown prosecutor
could be briefed,

a younger, less experienced man.

So has the new Crown read the brief?

Mm-hm. Over the weekend.

He just won a home invasion.

Great. A home invasion.

Well, he won convincingly.

Camille Grace Alavoine

passed away
on Sunday, 13 March 2011.

Her dream of seeing
Gary Jubelin and Tim Browne

deliver justice to
Terry Falconer's family

was not to be.

So when's the funeral?

She didn't believe in them.

She left us some money
for drinks after the trial.

It's... it's not fair, Browney.

I know.

We're gonna get these pricks.

He's fairly eccentric,
so look out for that,

but he's really, really good -
here he is.

- Paul.
- Paul Leask, Crown prosecutor.

When have you seen
a case like this, eh?

I mean, though
it's terribly complex,

one thing is
indisputably clear -

Terry Falconer was never
going back to Silverwater.

Never, never, never, never.

No, this is murder,
if I ever did see it.

But don't you just love
the irony?

All the fastidiousness with

trying to eliminate
the evidence.

Use ammonia - it fucks the DNA.
He didn't even know the tides.

He may as well have
thrown the evidence

in someone's pool - unbelievable.

Paul Alexander Leask,
sit down, shut up and listen.

Alright, well, before your
predecessor had a heart attack,

he negotiated pleas
for manslaughter.

Oh, no. No, we won't
be doing that.

completely incongruous

with O'Rourke's evidence.

You 're not fucking with us,
are you, Paul?

Hello. You 've reached Paul Leask.

Leave that. That's OK.

No, this is murder -
plain and simple.

Paul, the defence will rip you apart.

Take the pleas
or you 're gonna lose it.

Happens all the time.

Almost a decade had passed

since the murder
of Terry Falconer.

Anthony Perish was about to be held
to account for his crimes.

On the 16th of November 2001,

ladies and gentlemen,

six bags were discovered
in the Hastings River.

Each contained the remains
of a human being...

...Terrence Falconer.

Anthony Perish pleaded guilty
to his manslaughter,

but the Crown
does not accept this plea.


This case is one of murder.

In June 1993,

Anthony and Frances Perish
were found dead

in their farmhouse
in Leppington.

Who killed them and why
remains a mystery.

Anthony spoke about
his grandparents' deaths

with a man called Brett Simpson,
a go-to man.

He suggested that he
could bring Mr Falconer

to Anthony for questioning.

But Terry Falconer was dead
when the box was opened.

Anthony panicked.

He could no longer question
Terry Falconer.

There's no disputing
the body was dismembered.

He wanted to hide
his involvement.

If you 'd been in
the same situation...

...who knows what
you might have done?

Bag four contained
an upper arm and two shins.

That's correct.

Bag five -
a half pelvis and a thigh.

Yes, correct.

Now, when those pieces
were put back together

to reconstruct the man,
as it were,

was there anything missing?

Yes. The body had
been eviscerated.

So the stomach, the heart,
the lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen

were all missing.

And the head had been
separated from the torso.

- Is that correct?
- Yes.

And the jaw was missing?

Yes, the lower mandible
was absent.

Professor, how exactly is
the jaw connected to the skull?

Just at the
temporomandibular joint - here.

So would you have to
cut through the joint?

Yes, you 'd either cut the joint

or cut through the bone
of this area.

But to remove it,
would you have to remove the skin?

Yes, you 'd have to reflect the skin
off the mandible first,

then remove the mandible.

Of course, because you have
a joint either side...

Objection, Your Honour.

I won't press.

Brett Simpson, also known as Decker,

had been sentenced to
a minimum of 15 years

for his part in the kidnapping
of Terry Falconer,

the disposal of his body,

plus numerous other
violent crimes.

He refused to change into a suit
to give evidence,

wearing his prison coveralls
like a badge of honour.

Do you recall discussing
the murder of Terry Falconer

with Ben Dokic at a cafe
in Lavender Bay?

I can't recall.

You weren't to know this
at the time,

but an external agency
had bugged Dokic's phone.

I'll play you a tape
to jog your memory.

- Ben Dokic.
- Hey, you bastard.

- Hello.
- It's Decker!

- G'day, mate. How are you?
- Hey.

Come down to Lavender Bay Cafe.

I'm here.

Oh! You 're there, are you?

Does this refresh your memory?

Sounded like my voice, but...

...I don't recall the meeting.

Do you recall
who else was there?

I assume Anthony, but...

...I don't actually remember it.

Well, what do you remember?

It was either Matthew
or Anthony.

I don't recall.

I don't remember.

I... I couldn't say who said that.

What is it?

Decker's feigning memory loss.
He's completely backflipped.

Well, the judge can see
it's not a genuine attempt.

It's the jury
we've gotta worry about.


Fuck it, we'll just show
the walk-through.

Don't you just love Section 38?

- Uh-uh-uh!
- Oh.

You were arrested on
the 19th of January in 2009.

Do you remember your arrest?

Parts of it.

Do you remember conducting
a walk-through with police

at Girvan after your arrest?

I don't know.

They rigged him up
to the block and tackle.

Anthony throws a suit at me,
says "Get this on."

The larger parts were
cut into smaller parts.

And... I participated.

I had to.

At one point, Anthony looks at me.
I'm feeling crook.

And he says, "What? Is this
the first time you 've done this?"

If I were to get knocked,

you can still use my evidence?


Now, I'm trusting you
with my life, Gary.

So I need you
to give me something.

I need you to give me
your home address.

One day, Gary, I'll have
my life taken for this, eh.

And there's no doubting that.

I've got a policy of not
handing out my home address.

I have a policy of not setting foot
inside a courtroom.

You know, that's my policy.

I don't want any fucking gangsters
coming here, Frank.

You 're lucky you did that, eh.

Or I wasn't going through
with this.

Anthony wanted me
to take the boat

out past the continental shelf,

find a hole with
the depth sounder,

dump the eskies,

on my way back,
wash the boat out with ammonia.

Did Anthony explain
why you would use ammonia?

Yeah. He said it fucks the DNA.

They can tell
there's been blood

but they can't tell whose.

The following year, you agreed to
commence a police operation

that involved you wearing
a listening device

to meetings with Andrew Perish.

That is correct.

Just one more thing.

UNDIES: You 're giving me
a fucking headache, Tink.

FRANK: Mate, it's important.
Now, you know that document.

What document? This one?

No. The document you and Rooster
came round and showed me, right?

The one that said Falconer
had been dogging to the jacks.

I just remembered something.

- What?
- I handled it.

You know what I'm saying?

This cock-and-bull story
about the dinner in Newtown,

it just simply didn't happen.

Yes, it did.

I suggest when Anthony
came to see you

he offered to pay
to fix your boat

so you could all go fishing.

No, he wanted to use my boat
for the job.

What was the restaurant called?

We're talking over
10 years ago now, sir.

Why did you take the money

if you had no intention
of going through with it?

If they were planning
to kill me,

I was happy for them
to pay for the repairs.

You 've never been able
to nominate

the name of the restaurant -
not ever.

You could go to Hollywood

you 're so good at
making up stories.

You have a memory
like Swiss cheese.

I'm telling the truth.

I suggest that everything you say
in your statement is false.

It's your job
to say that, miss.

Can this document
be shown to the witness?

There's a copy for Your Honour.

A complaint
was made about you

over an incident with
some younger prison inmates

who you abused.

I did not.

That's why you were
attacked in prison,

as, um... payback

for your predatory
sexual behaviour

with young males.

I do not...

I do not have sex
with males,

thank you very much.

Put me in a room
with Rooster, huh?

I'll beat a confession
out of him quick smart.

Cut out all this
fucking bullshit, Gary!

Listen, the jury's gonna see it
for what it is, OK?

It's a last-ditch attempt
to ruin your credibility.

Yeah, and they don't think
I'm fucking crazy?

They're not gonna think
you 're crazy, mate.

They're gonna appreciate
the stress you 're under.

Come here, Frank, OK?

Don't let them fucking grubs
make you feel this way.



I got something for you.

- What's that?
- Cigars.

That's for you to light up
when we convict these pricks.

And let me tell you
something, Frank.

If it wasn't for you,
none of us would be here today.

No, Gary.

I'm just lucky
I stumbled across you, eh.


Come here. I mean that, eh.
You 're a brother.


- I got ya, alright? Trust me.
- Yeah.

The man we have called Frank O'Rourke

was in the witness box
for close on five days

before he was escorted back
to his secure location.

He remains living under
an assumed name to this day.

Where do you think
you 're going?

- I'm on my way back to court.
- Good luck, huh?

You 're coming with me.

I got it.

After 2 months of evidence

and 26 witnesses,

there was nothing left to do
but to ask the jury

to consider their verdict.

Ladies and gentlemen,

this was not
a killing performed

in the heat of the moment.

Whether the participants
were hands-on...

...or at a distance
from the dirty work...

...each was involved in
the one exercise -

to bring about the murder
of Terry Falconer.

Now, there have been allegations
as to whether

he played a role in the death
of the Perish grandparents.

But Mr Falconer was robbed
of his day in court.

He never got a jury trial.

You 've heard evidence
of a different society...

...one with its own codes,
its own values.

Witnesses have described
a society

which is governed by fear,

where the consequences
for speaking out of school

are extreme.

Now, if the plan was to take
Mr Falconer back to Silverwater,

why cut off a security anklet?

What about the three disposable
suits and hacksaws at Girvan?

What were they for?

Ladies and gentlemen,

Mr Falconer was never, ever
going back to Silverwater.

I'd like to finish by asking you
a rhetorical question.

Let's say the plan
really was

simply to question
Mr Falconer.

What if he'd confessed?

What would Anthony
have done to him then?

The jury's back.

Mr Foreman, have you reached
a unanimous verdict?

We have, Your Honour.

Matthew Lawton
was charged with murder.

How do you find the accused -

guilty or not guilty?


Andrew Perish was charged
with conspiracy to murder.

How do you find the accused -

guilty or not guilty?


Anthony Perish was charged
with conspiracy to murder.

How do you find the accused -

guilty or not guilty?


Anthony Perish was
charged with murder.

How do you find the accused -

guilty or not guilty?


Anthony Perish was sentenced to 18 years non-parole

for the murder
of Terry Falconer.

His brother, Andrew,

was sentenced to a minimum
of nine years.

And his faithful retainer,
Matthew 'Muzz' Lawton,

got a minimum of 15.

In sentencing Anthony
for murder,

the judge said the Crown had not
proved beyond reasonable doubt

that Terry Falconer
was still alive

when he was delivered
to Turramurra.

The question of who killed
the Perish grandparents

remains unanswered.

It's very satisfying

for a 10-year investigation
to get a result like this.

I think it sends
a message to criminals

that detectives will
actively pursue them

no matter how long it takes.

Good on ya, mate.


Uh, James.

Just wanted to say
you did your father proud.

Thank you.

Alright. Everyone listen up.

You know, right from the start,

this job was pegged
as unsolvable.

Thanks to every one of you,

we did it.

And we did it as a team.


There is, uh...
There is someone missing.

So I'd like everyone
to raise a glass to Camille.

She was... tenacious.

She was determined.

And she never...
listened to a word I said.

And we're all gonna
miss her very dearly.

So to Camille.

To Camille!

There is one other person
I'd like to single out,

and that's you, Browney.

Hey, Downtown Browne!

We all know that he likes
to keep a cool head,

but there were some days
I had to check him for a pulse.

Seriously, Browney,
thank you, mate.

We couldn't have done this
without you.

That's it, everyone.
As I said, we've done it.

We did it all together.
So congratulations.

And we move on. So cheers.


Nice speech.

- You like that?
- Yeah.

You know, I thought
I could hear wedding bells.

Just... you were saying?

Alright. Off you go.

Gary Jubelin.

Yeah, had a missed call.

So am I lighting this cigar
or what, eh?

The jury believed you, Frank.

They're guilty on all counts.

This is a filthy, rotten cigar,
Gary, eh? You cheapskate!

Call me when you got a better offer!

SONG: # It's a jungle out there

# It's a jungle out there

# It's a jungle out there. #