Underbelly (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 4 - Year of the Rooster - full transcript

With most of the Tuno team scattered to the four winds, a defiant Gary keeps the investigation rolling in clandestine mode in his spare time, meeting with Detective Sergeant Glen "Flatline"...

Strike Force Tuno will investigate
the murder of Terry Falconer.

Police have identified
the body parts of a man

found in six bags
in the Hastings River at Wauchope.

Frank O'Rourke?

I know who killed
Terry Falconer.

Who's been talking?

Tink'd never tell. It's not in
his - whatcha-me-call-it? - DNA.

And what if he finds out
we knew but never said nothin'?

Jeepers. You're scaring me.
You ought to be scared, eh?

No, YOU. YOU'RE scaring me.

Francis Xavier O'Rourke, aka Tink.

Gary, you can't hang
an entire murder brief

on one tattooed lunatic.

He'll come around.

- This is Anthony's number?
- Yeah.

Didn't get the last three digits?

I got the make and model
of the dog and bone.


Sergeant Jubelin?
Technical Branch.

We've identified the number.
Anthony Perish's mobile number?

My strong advice?

Concentrate on catching
Anthony John Michael Perish

while you've still got
a strike force to do it.

But you've got to sign
and date every page of that.

You've gotta look Rooster
in the eye in court one day

and you gotta tell the jury
what happened.

Bless us, O Lord,
and these thy gifts

which we are about to receive
from thy bounty.

Through Christ our Lord, amen.


Happy birthday, Mum.
Happy birthday, Mum.

Lovely to see my family here.

Not all of them.

Hope he gave you the day off, Mum.

Where's the birthday girl?

Oh, I didn't expect
to see you, love.

Many happies, Mum.

Let me take them for you.

G'day, Pop.

Thought you were dead in a ditch.

Hoped I was.

What you been up to, Rooster?

Oh, you know...
Seeing a man about a... dog.

Did you shoot it?

Made a car seat cover out of it.

Heard a nasty rumour
about your mate - Frank.

He's buggered off. Cleared out.

Nobody knows where.
Who says?

Why would he do that, eh?

Well, who said it?

Muzz doesn't know
whether his head's on.

Why would a man do that?

Look, I'll find him
and I'll... I'll sort it out.

Only one reason I can think of -
he dogged me.

That's bullshit.

Dogged you too.
That's bullshit.

Or he's thinking about it.

Tink... Tink - he's not
that kind of...

He wouldn't dog anyone.
He's... he's not that stupid.

Yeah, well, maybe he is.

Find him, Undies. Sort him out.

Where is he living these days?

You wouldn't tell me,
even if you knew.

How would I know?
He never tells me a thing.

Tink, you fuck...

Fuckin' piece of shit.

Fuckin' shit! Shit!

Fuck! Shit! Shit! Shit!


Look, I know what you're gonna
say, and I am telling you,

this is not the time
to pull the plug on Tuno, alright?

Every instinct I've got
tells me we're close.

I need your resources elsewhere.

What f... resources?

Alright, we can...
We can make an arrest tomorrow.

Oh, Jesus, Gary!

What do I tell the Falconer family?

The same thing we always say -
the file stays open

in the event
new evidence comes to light.

And what - I just move on
to another murder of the week?

No. That's the other news.

I'm rotating you out of Homicide.


You need a change of scene.

I'm the corporate memory
of this place.

Mate, 20 years in one job
is too long.

What - you saying I'm stale?
You saying I'm lazy?

What - you look at me and you see
Chook fuckin' Fowler, is that it?

You're the hardest-working
copper in the building.

Then why?!

Because Homicide needs new blood

and you need to expand
your horizons.

So, just like that? That...

You just...?

Mate, you knew it was coming.

Tuno's not exactly...
It's not exactly dead.

It's, uh...

On life support?

Brownie'll take carriage
of the Falconer matter

while he's... he's doing other stuff.

So, basically, he's
officer in charge of a briefcase?

No, good work, Brownie.

The rest of us will go off
and expand our skill sets.

So, they've actually kicked you
out of Homicide? Why?

The idea is to keep people fresh.

It's just...
No, it's a good idea.

It's come from the top,
so that's where we are.

What's the role, Gary?

It's crime manager at Chatswood.

You know what? We should
all go for promotions.

Might get ourselves some clout.

Keep our heads down
till the dust settles,

and then we'll get back together.

Good plan.
Yeah, clever plan.

That's it, guys.

But in their heart of hearts

they knew they were
kidding themselves.

Strike Force Tuno
was a dead duck.

But, of course, Anthony Perish
didn't know that... yet.

As far as he was concerned,

Gary Jubelin and a large team
of dedicated police officers

were still coming after him,
all guns blazing.

You want me to put
stainless-steel reinforcing

in the front room -
is that what you said?

Yeah, that'll be me bedroom.
Six mil.

Are you expecting
heavy artillery fire?

Why does it have to be stainless?

Come on, Heidi. Tea time.

Ooh, who's a good girl, eh?

I like stainless steel.

Here, you feed her.
Come on, get in there.

She can't reach that far.

Go on, matey.

Don't be a dill, Muzz.
She'll rip your bloody arm off.

Look, I know for a fact

the Living Deadheads
have got grenade launchers

'cause I supplied the fuckers,

and their clubhouse
is two suburbs thataway.

Look, I just don't want to wake up
dead one night, alright?

You don't sleep anyway.

Could do with a lick of paint.

Don't be stupid. Leave it alone.

It's my Wild West bolthole.

Perfect for when I visit me folks.

It's gonna take some organising -
steel plate that size.

Yeah, well, you can earn
your money for once, eh?

We need tradies we can trust.

You don't have to tell 'em
it's for Australia's most wanted.

Just say I'm a nut.
I wear tinfoil in me underpants.

So, tell me something,
Muzzy Muzz.

How come you knew
Tink had pissed off, eh?

Oh, it was the, um...

The guy at the, uh, servo
on Henry Lawson Drive.

Only way to survive - assume
everyone you deal with is a dog.

Everyone except you, eh?

Boss? Uh, "Gary".

Sorry. "Gary".

Come in, Camille.

I just wanted to say

working with you and Tim Browne
and the boys,

it's been the highlight
of my career.

Thank you.

No, thank you.

We really appreciate
what you brought the team.

You do?
We do.

If by some miracle
Tuno happens to reboot,

you'd be the first person
I'd call.

Thank you, Camille.

It's been good working
with you, Camille.

I feel like I've been expelled.

You know something?

We're at the heart of the city,

Just as many people
living to the west

as there are to the east.

You a westie, Brownie?

Born and bred.

Camille too.

Frank O'Rourke, Terry Falconer,
the Perishes.

How do you think Anthony got so big
without us even noticing?

Oh, he'll make a mistake one day,

and when he does,
we'll be there to nab him.


Me and you, Brownie.

We're not giving up on this bloke.

So, this is where the big nobs
hang out - Bar Tuno.

You're evil, Keogh.
Mm-hm. I'm quitting.

You heard?
Yeah. Bummer.

We've just gotta make sure
that Perish doesn't find out.

We want him to think we're still
breathing down their necks.

I can keep this vibe going
in the media

as long as you guys feed me
the occasional titbit.

We can do that.

"Tuno lives".

"Tuno lives"!


The jacks have bugged me car!

They got surveillance on me
24 fuckin' 7.

I don't know how,
but every time I take a leak,

there's a cop measuring
me fuckin' flow.

Well, how do they know
it's your wheels?

The rego papers don't say so.

Frank 'The Dog' O'Rourke,
that's how.


Oh, well, let's say we go for a
drive to celebrate? Grab a burger.

Nah, we got work to do.

I need a plasma cutter.

Get me a plasma cutter!
You lazy bastard.

Tim Browne
was now officer in charge of

the Terry Falconer matter,

but he didn't have much time
to dwell on it.

He was up to his armpits
in other murders.

Over the next couple of years,

he served
on Strike Force Katina,

investigating the murder of
underworld figure Franco Mayer,

Strike Force Eade, dealing with
a triple killing in Albury,

Strike Force Womboola,
Strike Force Broomwade

and others.

Gary Jubelin, on the other hand,

would have given his strong right arm

for a nice, juicy,
complicated murder.

Settling in?

You do realise you're expected
to wear a uniform?

Well, I'm an investigator, Doreen,
so people expect me to wear a suit.

Well, I expect you
to wear a uniform.

Well, I haven't put it on
in over 20 years,

so it probably doesn't fit me.

Ha! Liar. You haven't gained
a kilo since you were 16.

Well, I've misplaced
my pith helmet, then.

Oh, Gary, please. For me, huh?

Here, you'll need these.

HR - it's one of
your main duties.

You up to the speed on
the "Anti-Discrimination Act"?

"The Equal Opportunity for Women
in the Workplace"?

"Disability Discrimination Act"?

Here. Read and digest.

And good luck.
Thank you.


Please tell me you got something.

There's no name
attached to the note?

Came through Crime Stoppers.

Just that and the map reference.

So, what, some smart-arse boosts
a car, sets it on fire,

and that's supposed to
send us a message?

It's registered to a bloke
who's been dead for years.

So, it's not stolen?

You think this is Perish?

Until proven otherwise,
I'm assuming it is.

Who else would be worrying
about Tuno?

The pressure's getting to him.

So, he's gonna cut us up
and set us on fire, is he?

Reminds me of a baboon, running
around, showing his big red arse.

Every time I see her,
I just go to water.

I know it's stupid. She doesn't
mean anything to me anymore.

It's just... I can't talk.
I can't make decisions.

'Crime manager' isn't an
entirely accurate job description.

Gary, it wasn't my fault.

She never even told me
she was married.

In addition to
tackling such weighty matters

as stolen shopping trolleys,

Gary Jubelin found himself
at the sharp end

of human resources management,

which meant listening to
every sob story in town.

The matters he dealt with
ranged from affairs of the heart

to the more prosaic.

For example, the young
general duties officer

distressed by the fact

a male colleague routinely used
the station showers

as a lavatory.

He shits in the shower.

There you go, I've said it.
I beg your pardon?

Senior Constable Nathan Smith
defecates in the shower stalls.

In the male change room.


But the stories
that walked into Gary's office

weren't all "salt & manure".

Valuable nuggets of intelligence

sometimes arrived
in unexpected packages.

The local patrol thought
the guy was a jumper

because he was in heaps of debt

and his car was found at The Gap.

Uh, The... The Gap,
the... famous suicide spot?

It's a NOTORIOUS suicide spot.

Yeah, but we don't think
it was suicide.

- Who's we?
- Uh, Chatswood detectives.

Me, Carr and... and Brenno.
You met them at muster.

And why do you think that, son?

Uh, Ben.


Gary Jubelin was
born to catch murderers.

Like a dog chasing cars,
it was a habit he couldn't kick.

He took murder personally.

It didn't matter to Gary
if the victim was an innocent child,

a petty crook like Terry Falconer

or even a shonky used-car dealer.

The other night, Ljubic gets
a call from someone...

That's why he threw himself
into the Bob Ljubic case,

when he could have easily passed
it up the line to Homicide.

Bob goes off to the meeting...

If the bosses wouldn't let him
chase Anthony Perish,

he'd find other killers to hunt.

Well, go and get Carr and Beano
and come back in here.

- Uh, "Brenno".
- Who?

It's "Brenno".

So Ljubic sells prestige cars?

He does some car rebirthing
on the side. He moves some drugs.

And that's how he's connected
to Anthony Perish.

No, he's not connected
to Anthony Perish.

He's got nothing
to do with Anthony Perish.

It's a Chatswood matter
because that's where he lives.

And why do you keep turning them?
Well, isn't that how you cook them?

No, it's not.
Well, how do you...?

You're makin' 'em dizzy.
Just... beat it.

Turn 'em once.


Why don't we go to the movies
on the weekend? No kids.

What do you wanna go see?

I want to see
'Lord of the Rings' at Erina.

Part 3, the stirring climax.

I was gonna give Brownie a hand.

No time for climaxes?

That's sad.

You go. You'll have a good time.

Oh, it'll be great. I'll go alone.
You'll be alright.

Anyway, know what my boys did?

They figured Ljubic
had to cross the Harbour Bridge

to get from his house to The Gap.

So, they took the CCTV
from the toll booths, right,

and they spotted a car behind
his Porsche Cayenne.

A Ford Forte registered
to Jason Clive McCall.

You had anything to do with him?

He might be one of the killers.

Gary, why don't you just
hand it over to Homicide?

Because they'd probably fuck it up.

Oh, everybody'd fuck it up.

Hey, look, these guys
are doing good work.

It's good training for 'em.

Yeah, not to mention
alleviating boredom

for a certain crime manager.

While Gary was keeping
himself busy at Chatswood,

Tim Browne used
his rostered days off

to go back to his roots
in the west.


G'day, Mud. How you been?

You know what this is?
It's a souvenir.

From Lithgow correctional
bed and breakfast.

Thanks to you, old mate.

Crime doesn't pay.
Told you that several times.

You're a long way from home.

I'm working the Terry Falconer
murder. You ever hear anything?

They fuckin' kill people.

Someone gets in their way,
anyone gets in their way,

and you're gone - G-A-W-N.

Yeah, one day we're gonna
take this guy off the street

and some smart bastard's
gonna claim that reward.


By the way, you ever hear of
a bloke called Muzz?

Doesn't ring any bells.

Once upon a time,

we had round-the-clock
surveillance on this bloke.

Back in the Dreamtime, mate.

So Anthony Perish never even
drops in for a cup of coffee?

After three weeks
of getting a numb bum,

I can confidently say no.

But Undies might lead us to him.


I've been thinking about Anthony -
his reputation.

Terry Falconer can't be the first
poor bastard he chopped to bits.

How many more?

While Tim and Gary
fanned the dying embers

of the Terry Falconer

Anthony Perish cranked up
the company's operation,

producing speed and ecstasy
in volume

and dispatching it
around the country.

The Nullarbor run
to Western Australia

was a regular gig for truckies
willing to take a risk

in return for a fast,
very large buck.

Of course, there was always a danger
they might succumb to temptation.

But Anthony had ways of
keeping their minds focused.

- Hello?
- G'day, mate.

My name's Chicken Steve.

Anthony wanted me to give you
a call and say g'day.

He wants to know if you're
enjoying the hot dog,

the vanilla slice
and the cup of coffee.

As it continues to
worsen, the Federal Government...


Sorry, mate. I got held up.


No, don't give it a second thought.

We've had a lovely time,
sitting here.

Well, we've gotta know
what Perish is up to.

There's no-one else that can do it
and old Brownie's by himself.


Poor old Brownie. I... I understand.

What about tomorrow, me and you,
we go see a movie?

No, what about poor old Brownie?

He'll be so lonely
without you holding his hand.

Well, we don't have to
go see a movie.

We can go to... go for a run.

Go shopping.


Fuck shopping.

Fair enough.

What are you doing?
Cleaning up.

Well, if I wanted it cleaned up
I would have said "Clean up."

Leave it.

Just relax, Pam.

No, I said leave it.
I said leave it!

If I want it cleaned up,
I'll do it myself.

Gives me something to do
on these cold, lonely nights.

"Poor old Brownie".

Evening, Brownie.


Thought you'd given up
breaking into cars.

Muzz, wasn't it?

I got a name for ya.

This time it's gonna cost ya.

"Matthew Robert Lawton".

Also known as...


What are you bastards doing?

Building a battleship?

You bloody little beauty!

Two choices - let him run
while we keep on building a brief

strong enough to put him away.

Which could take years.
It already has "taken years".

Or pick him up on an unrelated
charge, put him on hold.

We could do that, and feed it
to the media, keep the vibe going,

encourage the people
he's pissed off to come forward.

We could give the reward
another run.

But you'd want to make sure

he's kept off the streets for
a long, long time, wouldn't you?

Perish is ultra-careful.

Keeps his nose clean. Always has.
What's that expression you guys use?

'Load him up'. Perish, I mean.

I'm kidding.
Oh, I'm tempted.

What's that drug matter he got
charged with when he was a kid?

The '92 matter?
When he did the runner?

It's better than nothing.

You could run it by the Drug Squad.

He can't know we're behind it.

I wonder if any of the original
crew are still on the job.

Tony Maloney?

Tim Browne.

How do you do?

I'm here to ask you a favour.

I thought you were
from the lottery office.

What can I do for you?

Early '90s, Tony -
you were Drug Squad.

Yeah. The good old days.

Do you remember a bust
at Leppington that went wrong?

1992, it was. A kid called
Anthony Perish ran like a rabbit.

You filed an arrest warrant
that's never been executed.

That's ancient history.
What are you after him for now?

'Cause he's a big deal now.

He's got meth labs
all over the state.

They say every cook-up, he produces
100-odd kilos of pills.


Supplies half the bike gangs
between here and Perth.

But he's smart -
does it by remote control.

We've got nothing new on him.

Well, you know where to find him?

Why don't you arrest him yourself?

Uh, we don't want to tip our hand.

You know, we're looking
at the big picture.

Joint task force
with other agencies.

Other agencies?

Hope they're using Vaseline.

We take Perish
off the street for a while,

we give the tree a good shake.

You'd be doing us a favour.

Doing YOU a favour? I don't owe
you new-age cops a thing.

No, I know.

But we'd appreciate it.

Make a change from
slashing grass.

Cut it down,
grows straight back up again.

There you are. Have a go.

Shut the fuck up, Heidi!

Ohh, look at that!

Oh, sweet as.
Good as gold.

Stop a tank.

Yeah, well, let's hope
it doesn't come to that, eh?

Let the dog off!

Get on the ground!
Get on the ground! Get down!

On your knees. On your knees!
Get down.

Piss off.

Anthony Perish?

Who are you?

We've got some
unfinished business, son.

He's gone and built himself a bunker.

He's either got a heap of enemies,
or he's paranoid as Frank O'Rourke.


Anthony Perish
spent months on remand

before his ancient drugs matter
came before the court.

But with money and friends,
he survived prison better than most.

So, can I get you anything?

No, I'm... I'm all good.

Bank account numbers belonging to
a few young blokes in here.

Put $100 in each one,
every week, alright?

"How to win friends
and influence people."

This drugs charge thing's
just a cover.

Something else is going on.

What - not Falcon...
Shut up!

Nah, they got me in the frame
for Didi and Baba.


I know. Fuckin' cops.

I gotta get out of here, mate.

Mm. Mm.


Is this Tony Maloney?
Who's this?

How's Nathan?

What? Who are you?

Your grandson, Nathan -
I heard he's got cystic fibrosis.

That's... that's just awful.

Yeah, it must be
a real worry for ya.

Poor little bugger.

You might want to
keep an eye on him.

Gary? Me.
No sign of Tony Maloney.

Well, ring his mobile.

Oh, shit,
I didn't think of that!

Sorry. Look, just... He might be
running late. Just keep trying.

I gotta go, Brownie.

Hello, strangers.

Gaz. Love the new outfit.

I thought we could use
some reinforcements.

Make sure everyone
introduces themselves around.

Tuno mob, welcome to
Strike Force Lyttle.

Now, we don't know
exactly what happened

to Bob Ljubic that night
up at The Gap,

so what we're after
are confessions.


On the run sheets...

you'll find your targets
and our objectives.

We're gonna hit them simultaneously
so they can't talk to each other.

What do you mean
he didn't fuckin' show up?

Well, do you know where
that leaves us, Brownie?

Well, I don't know. Go and find
Tony fuckin' Maloney!

Oh, I miss him, don't you?

Where's Jubelin?

This fuckin' comedy's got
his fingerprints all over it.

How'd he find out about the new
joint? That's what I wanna know.

Well, maybe because some fuckwit
led 'em right to the front door, eh?

Some fuckwit's too stupid to realise

the whole task force
was following him.

You know what started all this?

You and your idiot mate and his
stupid piece-of-shit fuckin' boat!

It was because you built
a meth lab with your mates

in Didi and Baba's backyard.

That's why they were killed.
You're a wanker. You know that?

Anthony Perish?

Federal Organised Crime Authority.

You're holding a summons.
You're hereby served.

What's this about?
It's all in the document.

I remind you,
you are compelled to appear

and you are compelled to answer
all questions put to you.

Failure to do so
constitutes contempt

and will result in
a custodial sentence.

"Operation Eucalypt,

"investigating the deaths of
Anthony Albert Perish Senior,

"Frances Vera Perish,

"Terrence Falconer,

"Jasper Woodworth Pengilly."

We've got e-tag records from
the Harbour Bridge tollbooths

placing Jason McCall's car
two seconds behind Bob Ljubic's.

I've got phone records here
from Jason McCall's house,

in the name of the man Bob Ljubic
thought he was meeting that evening.

Gary's best chance

of wrapping up
the Bob Ljubic case

was to get one of the two suspects
to roll on the other.

We've got one of
Jason's colleagues

who's made a statement...

Step one, pick the weak link.

Step two, outline the
irresistible case against him.

Step three,
put a deal on the table.

Standard operating procedure.

What Gary wasn't expecting

was the nugget
lobbed back in return.

He couldn't wait to make
an induced statement.

You know what else he said?
I fucking hate that.

What? Oh, when a killer walks free?

Yeah, in exchange for
locking up his mate.

I mean...

And then how's Mrs Ljubic
supposed to feel?

Well, one out of two's
better than none out of two.

Yeah. But it's not justice.

No, but it's the system, Pam.
You know that.

Well, how will you feel

if you have to let Perish's pals
take a walk

after what they did to
Terry Falconer?

Got some news on Perish.
Actually, no, OK? No. No.

We're having dinner without
Anthony Perish tonight.

Well, you're the one who just...


Mm, you know what?
I've got some news.

You know how I do... occasionally,
I do prisoner transportation

for the Immigration Department?

Well, I have an assignment
next week

and this time, I get to nominate
my male partner.

So, guess where we're going.


We're going to Paris.

And then after we drop
the prisoner off,

we get a three-day lay-over
in a four-star hotel,

and then we fly home
business class.

What do you say, partner?

This is next week?

Mm-hm. We, uh, go on Monday,
we're back on Saturday.

Perish is up before the Feds
next week.

Me and Brownie get to go.

After all this time,
I get to be in the same room.

I get to see him.

Yeah, but, baby, you're...

You're not in Homicide anymore.

You're certainly not OIC of Tuno.

Technically, Tuno,
it doesn't even exist.

Well, it's...

You'd dump Paris for Perish?

It's not...

You know how I said the Irishman
gave his statement.


Well, after he gave his
statement, I asked him.

I said, "Who are the major
players?" Know what he said?

You wanna know the biggest
criminal on the east coast?


That'd be Anthony Perish.


That would be Anthony Perish.

They say he's rubbed out
16 people or more. Probably more.

16? Jesus.

I can't get off the horse now, Pam.
I just... I fuckin' can't.

Yeah, I know. I know you can't.

The fish was really good.

You done?

You currently have
no official status

in the Terry Falconer
murder investigation?

"Yes"? "No"?
"On every second Tuesday"?

I regularly meet with
Detective Sergeant...

You realise
the Federal Organised Crime...

who is currently OIC
and who consults with me.

Authority Act
grants us autonomy?

We have no obligation
to consult with you

or inform you of our actions.


We're here to help in any way
we can. Background briefings...

- Suggested line of questioning.
- Suggested line of questioning.

If we get stuck,
I'll be sure to call.

We understand you're the Feds -
all-powerful and all-seeing...

but we cannot over-emphasise
the importance of our Informant X.

- That's Frank O'Rourke?
- Frank O'Rourke. Who's the linchpin.

We can't afford Perish to know
he's given us a statement.

'Cause if he goes on the run again,
we won't find the prick.

- The statement's our ace.
- We hear you.

You'll provide us
with copies, hard and soft?

Since you've got access to
the COPS database whenever you like,

you can help yourself.

Thank you.

You're welcome to monitor
the Perish hearing... remotely.

I feel violated.

You look like you need counselling.

You're able to get away from
Chatswood for a bit?

Better we're both here.

No problemo.

I never met
Terry Falconer personally.

I wouldn't know him
from a bar of soap.

So, why would I go to
all the trouble of killing him

and chopping his head off
or whatever they did?

Fear. Hate.

Greed. Revenge.

Well, can't argue with that.

Whoever did it must have
really hated his guts, eh?

You know, people say that he was

a drug-dealing, low-life bikie scum
with plenty of enemies.

I don't know, pick one, eh?

Mr Falconer was abducted...
- Calm, isn't he?

...from his place of business,

in Ingleburn, at around 3pm
that day, November 16.

Where were you at that time,
Mr Perish?

Christ, it's years ago.

You don't strike me as
the kind of man

who forgets important dates.

I, um... I had an appointment
with a physio at Lindfield.

Yeah. I'll bet it checks out.

You can furnish
a name and contact details?

What's the difference between
"au revoir" and "adieu"?


The difference between
"au revoir" and "adieu"?

Oh, uh, one's like "goodbye",

and the other's "see you later",

but... I don't know which.

Prison sentence awaits those
that lie to the Commission.

Yeah, no, no, I do. I deny it.

No, I'm an innocent man,
on my mother's blessed eyes.

We'll leave your mother out of it,
if you don't mind.

I'll return to the Falconer murder
in a moment, Mr Commissioner.

What's your occupation?

In other words,
how do you earn a living?

I'm a silent partner
in my family's poultry business.

I lease paddocks from my brother
and grow broccoli.

And what do you earn
in an average year?

Oh, $60,000.

According to intelligence,

you live very well
on such a modest income.

I'm a lucky punter.

When's the last time
you filed a tax return?


I imagine that's about to change.

Do you know a man named
"Frank Xavier O'Rourke"?

Don't think so, no.

Well, I want you to think back...
- Fuck!

To Wednesday, 17 October 2001.

Did you attend a dinner
at a Newtown restaurant

with your brother, Andrew Perish,
and Frank O'Rourke?

I just said I don't know
any Frank O'Rourke.

But now you've jogged me memory,

uh, my brother did have a friend
called Tink, I think it was.


From his days in
a motorcycle club. Is that him?

Were you at dinner with them

in a Newtown restaurant
on that date?

Jesus, I don't know.

I can't remember. I might have been.

Well, I eat out a fair bit.
Which restaurant?

Frank O'Rourke claims that
at this particular dinner,

you discussed using
his services and his boat

to dispose of body parts.

Is that true?

Does he, now?

Well, what do you say?
Is that true?

I'd say he's lying.
- Shit!

Mr O'Rourke made a full statement
to Strike Force Tuno,

claiming you made
several approaches to him

in the weeks prior to
Terry Falconer's murder

to discuss the disposal
of the body.

Well, he's a bloody liar.

I don't know why he's pointing
the finger at me.

Maybe 'cause he's the killer.

What do they call that,
blame shifting?

I can't watch this fuckin' shit.


Nearly six years had passed

since Terry Falconer's murder.

Anthony Perish had slipped out of
Gary Jubelin's grip a second time.

Gary was afraid he was running
a marathon without end.

OK, now, you take it easy, mate.

You're not Valentino Rossi, OK?
Right, go.

Shootin' up, isn't he?

That's a nice little machine, mate.

You done good.

Yeah, 15% discount with cash.

Yeah, keep going, mate. Well done!

- He's a good kid.
- Yeah.

Don't let him stay up too late.

One last thing...

you've gotta find out what the jacks
have done with Tink.

Oh... Shit, Rooster.

It won't be easy.

Wanna do a life sentence
on account of Terry Falconer?

Tink's gotta go, mate,

'cause without him,
Tuno's got nothing.