Underbelly (2008–2013): Season 3, Episode 10 - Hurt on Duty - full transcript

Trevor Haken risks his life to expose police corruption in Kings Cross. Kings Cross psycho Danny "DK" Karam & Hammer's drug addictions spiral out of control.

The only way to do our job...
expose corruption...

is get someone on the inside.

I met a couple of blokes out here,

and we're thinking of going
into business for ourselves...

your old business.

This kind of surveillance work
can be dangerous.

I'll do it.

Joe Dooley's gone.
He's doing the D's course.

Detective Joe Dickhead?

In light of that recording,

do you wish to alter your
previous statements in any way?

There's a rumour going round
someone's dogged us already.

If I find out one of us is dogging,

they'll end up with
a bullet in their head.

We'll relocate, yep, but it's
gonna be without you, Trevor.

I want you to look me in the eye

and swear that when
you get on that stand,

you will not make me a liar.

# It's a jungle out there

# It's a jungle out there

# It's a jungle out there. #

You right?

Yeah, I'm just jumpy.
Don't like waiting.

I was supposed to hook up with Jimbo
this morning, but he pulled out.

Straightaway I'm thinking,
"What's wrong?"



We gotta talk, mate.

The boys are suss.

They don't want you doing
the pick-ups anymore.

What? Have you heard something?
Yeah, I heard a lot, mate.

I'm just trying to work out
how much of it's true.

Are you talking about
the royal commission?

Jesus. Are they about to pick me up?

Look, do you think I would be here
if they were about to pick you up?

You... Look...

You're just a bit hot
at the moment. That's all.

Changing the pick-up arrangements
is just a bloody precaution.

I'm going nuts here, mate,
bloody paranoid.

As far as this goes, I'd rather
see the back of it anyway.

And bing.

We got him.

Haken's doing good work.

I swear to God, if it
wasn't against regulations,

I'd nominate Trevor for an Oscar.

So? What did he say?

I've told ya Trevor's solid.


Well, Captain Jack saw him
getting out of a van

with black tinted windows.

Tinted windows? Oh, well,
must be the Feds, then.

I mean, who else has tinting, hey?

Bill Bayeh reckons he's suss

and that prick
usually knows what's what.

Yeah, well, fuck Bill Bayeh.

Look, I've been a cop for 20 years.

I think I can tell when a bloke's
lying or not, alright?

Chook, the last time I saw Trevor,
he was acting bloody weird.

He's shitting himself, Jim.

Now, if that makes a bloke a dog,
I'll buy you a kennel right now.

Now, just so no-one else
is pissing in their pants,

I told Trevor to hand over
the pick-ups.

Oh, yeah? Who's gonna do them?

Oh, no, mate. Since you and Chook
are gone, I've been snowed under.

Mate, Jimmy Egan sleeps at his desk.

Mate, the rest of them,
they're just kids.

Yeah, I know, mate.

You're the only one still
working the Cross who's got a clue.

Oh, mate, to top it off,
Sarah's got the gastro

and little Bobby's
being potty trained.

I tell you what, he's not exactly
a natural, you know?

Pissing all over the place.

Yeah, I got kids. I've been there.
It's tiring.

But look, Scull, this thing
with the pick-ups, right,

it's only gonna be
for a couple of weeks.

Help us out, hey?

Yeah, alright, mate.
You tell Billy we're on.

We put Chook Fowler
and Neville Scullion on the stand,

they will both swear
on a stack of Bibles

they have never taken a cent.

And then we wheel out Louis Bayeh

and he names them both
as being on the take.

Trevor Haken, Fowler, everyone...
they all get paid.

They get paid plenty money...

$12,000 every week
they come collect.

I've been working with him
on his testimony.

Louis is coming across
as almost credible.

Both Fowler and Scullion

know they're facing perjury charges
if the other one flips.

If either one of them
loses his nerve,

we smash Kings Cross wide open.

And we've still got
Haken up our sleeve.

He's still covert,
still gathering evidence.

Neville Scullion.

You are hereby served.

Have a nice day.

What's the bloody emergency?

I have been summonsed to testify.

So you come down here
to tell me the news?

I am shitting myself.

Mate, I've been doing
the pick-ups for Trevor.

And I am no good in court.
I'd get rattled in the stand.

You know that.
Pull yourself together, Scully.

Come on over here, mate.

When are you on?

The 15th, next Thursday arvo.

Right. Well, I'm on Thursday morning.

After I leave, I'll tell them
to go easy on you, alright?

You've been summonsed too? Why
didn't you give me the call on that?

Scully, when they summons ya,
they watch ya.

Now, if I come running
straight to you,

then that puts you in their sights.

And vice versa.

Oh, shit. I... Sorry.

Chook, I didn't...

Spilt milk, mate.
I'm sorry.

Look, I'm up first, OK?

You do what I do
and you follow my lead,

we'll both be fine, alright?

And we'll face these bastards
down together, alright?

is a team sport, believe me,

so finding out who
Eddie Gould's accomplices are

is our second objective.

And what's our first objective?
Getting him back here.

This is where we'll get our best
results in terms of surveillance.

So where are the cameras exactly?
Oh, all around.

It's probably best you don't
know exactly where they are

'cause you tend to play to them.

So basically I'm just meant
to get on with my life,

not knowing whether or not
you're watching me?

Relax. After a while, you'll
barely even know they're there.

I like her,
the one with the big titties.


She doesn't do sex.

She's certainly not shy
about putting it out there.

She's a stripper. It's her job.

Look, I don't want scrubbers.

I run a knock shop,
I want my merchandise

to be top-quality, like her.

Put your money on the table, then.
She'll be big bucks.

The money's a bit
tied up at the moment.

It's bloody expensive
setting up a brothel.

What about the investors?
Tap them on the shoulder.

Oh, I'm tapping.
You just gotta be patient.

How about I talk to them, hm?

I can be pretty convincing.

I bet you can.

With a major
investigation looming,

a rational person might think

that things in the Cross
would've quietened down,

but for most of the key players
on the Golden Mile,

rationality didn't come into it.

Billy Bayeh was a man
with a serious gambling habit

and the more pressure he felt,
the more he gambled.

So for Bill, winding back
his operation wasn't an option.

Across the road,

Danny 'DK' Karam had his own
habits to feed.

They included steroids,
heroin, cocaine,

even marijuana
just to take the edge off.

And lately he'd found himself
a snorting partner

just as irrational as he was.

Harry 'Hammer' Hammoud.

That's not to say there weren't any
clear heads in the Cross.

They just had the good sense
to keep a slightly lower profile.

Listen, I need money.
What? You want a loan?

A loan? No, I don't want a loan.

I don't know, mate.
You asked for money.

Billy owes us for next week.
I'll take my cut of that.

Billy's paid so I don't know
if I can do that.

Well, you can pay us
for next week in advance.

We've got a good thing
going with Billy.

Listen, Hammer, I know
you're living day-to-day,

but what about all the other days?

Don't you wanna make them better?

Billy uses us. Billy would
be nothing without us.

He'd be nothing without me.

You take
your fucking hand off it!

Stand back, Danny. Stand down.

Leave my fucking plates!
Joe! Joe, come here.

Hey. Danny, Danny, calm down.
Tell me what the problem is.

The car is unregistered. It's got
half a dozen warrants against it.

Pickles was taking off the plates.


What the fuck are you doing, Dooley?

What the fuck
are you doing, Dooley?!

You piece of shit.
Think about what you're doing.

You slimy piece of shit.
I kill you. I kill you.

Danny, I would stand back
if I were you.

Because if you don't, I will arrest you
for threatening a police officer.


Danny, if you drive
an unregistered vehicle...

Let it go. He'll keep.

I would like to conclude
the preliminary proceedings

with a final warning.

Tomorrow we will begin
taking formal evidence.

If you are a police officer
who is engaged in corrupt activity

and these activities
are exposed by this commission,

you ought to understand
the consequences will be very grave.

For those who acknowledge wrongdoing,
things may go easier,

but for those who choose
not to cooperate,

the consequences will be severe

and will impact not only on you,
but on your whole family.

I'm fucked. They're onto me.

No, mate. If they had
anything solid, they'd move.

They have moved.

They're busting me
down to uniform. Me!

That's a vote of no confidence,
that is, Trev. That's a big bloody vote.

You reckon it's connected
to the commission?

I've gotta get out, mate.

I've gotta get out of testifying,
I have to get out of the job.

I've gotta go
while the going's good.

Hurt on duty, go for stress.

No stress. None of that bullshit.
No, I need a nasty proper accident.

Now, I'm thinking about
the lobby at work.

The floor's made out of granite
or some bloody thing.

Yeah, it's slippery as buggery.

So I spill something on there,
like a milkshake or something,

and I go for six.

Then you're out.

But no bastard hears about this,
Trevor, alright, or I'm fucked.

Not Egan, not Scully, no-one.


Fucking arseholes.

Look, you know I wanna
help you out, mate.

It's just the way things are
right now, it's bloody tricky.

I looked after you. Hey?

I set you up, son.

I know, I know, it's just...

I've been trying
to keep my head down.

So when things were good,
you were keen to be my mate,

but now things are a bit tough,
it's like, "Oh, bugger Chook.

"Stuff him, hey? Let him sink."

Looking after number one, is that it?

Is that it?
No, no. Of course it's not.

# I say, "Yeah, yeah"
# You're not a number 9

# I say, "Yeah, yeah"
# Little cloud of mine

# I say, "Yeah, yeah"
# You blacken the sun

# I say, "Yeah, yeah"
# It's a troubling time

# Ba-da-da, ba-da-da
Ba-da-da, ba-da-da

# Ba-da-da, ba-da-da
Ba-da-da, ba-da-da

# Ba-da-da, ba-da-da
Ba-da-da, ba-da-da

# Ba-da-da, ba-da-da
Ba-da-da, ba-da-da

# I say, "Yeah, yeah"
# I can't understand

# I say, "Yeah, yeah"
# Why I'm at your command

# I say, "Yeah, yeah"
# This ain't what I planned

# Ba-da-da, ba-da-da
Ba-da-da, ba-da-da

# Ba-da-da, ba-da-da
Ba-da-da, ba-da-da... #

Oh, excuse me. Is there
a broom closet around here?

I need a mop.

# Ba-da-da, ba-da-da
Ba-da-da, ba-da-da

# Bam, bam, what I say?
# You got to, you got to

# Please. #

Oh, shit!

Oh, Jesus! Chook, you alright, mate?

Oh! Arggh!

Call an ambulance, buddy.
I think he's hit his head.

You right, mate?
Christ, this floor's hard, mate.

Shh, shh, shh.

Hey, how you doing?
How you doing, mate?

Prescription on here says 'T ake as often
as you want with ice until unconscious'.

Good on you. Thanks, fellas.

Yes, mate.

This thing here, is this permanent?

Edward, go and get us some glasses

before I hit you
on the head with this.


Oh, well, not such
a bad time to go out.

Twist of fate, Jimbo, you know?

I mean, I reckon I had years
of service left to offer,

but the gods have spoken, so...

What's wrong with you?

Look like they sat you
in a used bedpan.

A bit nervous, you know?

I'm up tomorrow at the commission.

Yeah, well, you know
I'd be there if I could, Scully,

but like I said, mate, twist of fate.

Thanks, son.

Hey, listen, mate.

There's something I gotta tell ya.

When you've been a detective around
this place for as long as I have,

you, you know,
overhear certain things

that you might not, you know,
necessarily otherwise overhear.

Well, let me guess.

Eddie Gould's a cross-dresser?

I hear Danny Karam has been
looking for your home address.

Now, we can fix this, right?

Jim and Eddie, they'll load
that prick up with enough smack

to put him away for 5 to 10.

No, I don't want to do that.

But you don't have to do anything.
Jim and Eddie will do it.

I don't want them doing it either.


I'II, you know,
I'll wise up the uniform boys.

We'll get them to look out for DK.
Thanks, Scull.

Just do us a favour, yeah?

From now on,
you take your firearm home.

What's this in aid of?

The old locks...
they were, uh, museum pieces.

I thought it was time we updated.

Mm-hm. Should I be worried?

No. Why would you be worried?
Has something happened?

Well, yes. This has happened... you
acting weird like something's wrong.

Ellie, come on. Everything is fine.

Just, you know,
we're getting married.

I guess...

...I should be looking
after you properly, huh?

Off you go.

G'day, Danny.

You following me all day?

No. We got a tip that people use
this premises for injecting drugs.

Joe fucking Dooley sent you.

No-one sent me.

But you remember... we're all cops.

As far as I'm concerned,
it's touch one, touch all.


Hammer. Hey, mate,
we're not open yet.

Come in. Have a drink.

What are you doing? What are
you doing, you stupid fuck?!

You're supposed
to look after this place!

Take it up with Johnny.

I told you I was
gonna get a cash advance.

And I told you we're running
a business here.

So what?

Yeah, a security business, mate,
and Billy's a customer.

This type of shit hurts us.

What's he gonna do if I don't
deliver, huh? He's gonna sack us?

It hurts my rep, mate.

The only rep you got
is hanging behind me.

Come on! You want a go?

Come on, mate. Huh?
Relax, relax!

The only brains you have
are mine, bitch!

Come on! Come here! Huh?

Come on, boys.

Hey, bro! Bro!

You're Hammer, yeah?

I'm Doc. I'm looking for work.

No, listen. I can do stuff for you.

Old prick back there,
Mr Blow-Wave...

That prick is the smartest
operator in the Cross.

Won't be smart
with a knife in his balls.

If I ever fucking see you around
here again, I'm gonna kill you.

Do you understand?
I'm gonna kill you. Alright?

Now get the fuck out of here.
Get out of here!

Get out of here. Get the...

Why a little boy
like you want a gun?

A tough guy pushed me round.
I'm gonna shoot him.

You got cash?

A grand.

Hey, hey!

You want a gun?

I need cash.

Meet me here tomorrow, same time.

You get what you want.

Well, well, well!
Don't you look the part?

Nice place.

Actually, it's a shit hole, but it's
not bad for what you're earning.

I'm late for work, Eddie.

Well, you're the one that's always
asking me to come around.

Well, here I am.

Is something wrong?

There is, actually.
We've got money issues.

I was thinking you might wanna
go back on the job for a minute.

You know, a bit of hooking.

I'm a cop.

Come on! You're a hooker
playing at being a cop.

Oh, fuck you.

I'm trying to help you here.

Unless you wanna be living
in shitty places like this

for the next 10 years,

you ought to think about
lending me a hand.


I'll let myself out.

Mr Scullion,
do you know Benjamin Kassab,

usually called Benny Kassab?

I do.
How would you describe him?

In my opinion, he's a drug dealer.

A drug dealer now facing
serious charges,

but not as a result
of any action taken by you.

Action without evidence
doesn't count for much in court,

at least not in a real court.

Prior to Kassab's arrest,

did he ever offer you any money to
turn a blind eye to his activities?


Have you ever been offered money

by a person engaged
in criminal activity,

whether they were
urinating behind the fountain

or dealing hard drugs?

I have not.

Do you think that's the general
experience of your colleagues?

I am certain that it is.

Mr Fowler.

I have a warrant for your arrest.

You're in contempt, Mr Fowler.

"Refusing to answer a summons
to appear before the commission."

No, no. I'm... I'm injured.

I, uh, sent in a medical certificate.

Which the Commissioner rejected.

I'll have the police union on you.

Uh, look.

The Commissioner says that I should
defer executing this until tomorrow.

Now, the nurses tell me

that they're discharging you
in the morning,

so you could just
pop on over and, um, see us.

You know, on your way home.

Or I could come over and arrest ya.

Your choice.

Mr Fowler, how would you
react if I told you

that we had compelling evidence

that large-scale drug distribution
took place in the Cross

during the time that you were
chief of detectives there?

Well, I'd be surprised
if you hadn't found that.

I knew about it myself.

But knowing about it
and making arrests,

that's two different things.

So you would deny
that drug dealing thrived

as a result of your
knowing connivance?

That suggestion's a slander.

And you've never been
involved in any way

with the collection or distribution

of corrupt monies
paid by drug dealers?

I have not.

Corruption and you were
complete strangers, in other words?

That's correct.

You haven't had any relationship
with your police colleagues

where they might pass money on to you
for any purpose?

I have not.

Detective Scullion, for example...
has there ever been an occasion

where he's paid you
a substantial sum of money?

No, there has not.

Detective Sergeant Trevor Haken...
the same again?

Yeah, I've already told you,
the answer's no.

And your injury...
a fall outside the lift at work...

that must have come as quite a shock.

Well, yes, obviously.

And is it causing you
quite a deal of pain?

Yes, it is.

Well, then maybe
we should allow Mr Fowler

to return to his recuperation.

I have no further questions.

I swear to tell the truth, the whole
truth and nothing but the truth,

so help me God.

Mr Bayeh, I'd like to start
by asking you some questions

concerning corrupt payments
you've made

to police officers
in the Kings Cross area.

I can't answer no question today.

I beg your pardon?
I am crook. I no sleep.

I... I no sleep.

Mr Bayeh, in this hearing room,

you must answer
all questions put to you

or face contempt proceedings.

Well, you may say
that you object to answering

and if you choose to do that,

the answers you give
cannot be used against you

unless, of course, your evidence
is false or misleading.

Would such a choice
help to put you at ease?


Because I no sleep. I'm crook.
I've got bad headache.

Mr Bayeh, once more,
the objection protects you

in that the answers you give

may not be used against you
in other proceedings.

It does not excuse you
from answering.


Uh, Your Worship,
can I say something?

Why not?

I've got nothing to hide.
I'll tell you everything.

But there's been a contract now

five time on my life
from NSW Police.

If I answer question,
they kill me. I get killed.

Are you aware of this claim,
Mr Agius?

Until two minutes ago,
it was my understanding

that Mr Bayeh was eager
to answer our questions,

notwithstanding his headache.

Well, in the light of
Mr Bayeh's allegation,

I feel inclined to stand over
further evidence from this witness

until we can ensure his safety.

What's up?

Joe Dooley is dead man.

You're kidding.
Detective Joe Dooley?

He thinks he can fuck with me.

Now I fuck him.
He's a cop.

When his head's blown off, he'll be
a pile of shit for me to piss on!

Hey, hey, take it easy.

Yallah. Yallah!

Come on, mate.

Hey! DK, hey!

You gotta think about this.

Come on, man, hey?
You're living in the day, man.

You gotta start thinking
of the days you got coming.

Shut up or I shut you up.

Shut up!


Break it up!
Break it up! Danny Karam!

Dooley, I'll fucking
kill you!

I am arresting you
for assault.

Fuck you, Dooley.
I'll fucking kill you!

...actual bodily harm.

Do you understand?


Get down!

Bloody hell.

I thought 'go-kart'
was code for something.

Nah, I've been building
this for over a year now, mate.

I started building it for the kids,

but they're probably getting
a bit old for it now.

Yeah. They grow up so quick,
it's hard to keep track.

Yeah, well, you tell yourself
you're working for your family

and you come home from another
bloody 10-hour day

and you realise you don't
even bloody know them.

So I heard they're, um,
calling you back, the commission.

Yeah, listen, mate.

Through all this bloody business
that's been going on,

you've been listening to me
banging on and on about my troubles

and I know you've had
troubles of your own.

Well, I haven't
been summonsed yet, so...

No, I'm not talking about that, mate.

It's, uh...

...this holiday that Maria's gone on.

She's obviously taken the kids, yeah?

Yeah, yeah, she has.

Mate, we all knew that you
were having trouble at home,

but I don't reckon we made it
any easier for... for you.

And that was wrong.

It's not the way mates should behave.

But, look, mate, if you don't want
to talk about it, that's fine.

I mean, I don't like
to stick my nose in normally.

Oh, no, no. It's fine.

Yeah, OK, OK.

Look, sorry, mate.
I gotta go to the loo.

You know where it is?
Just up there, mate.


Here's to another half-arsed,
lame-arsed, dumb-arsed...

That's a lot of arses, mate.

...turd-arsed royal commission.

May it end soon and save us
poor little taxpayers some money.

Hear, hear!
Yeah, make the whole thing go away.

This is a bloody good
money-making opportunity.

What if there is a really big
shake-up down at the Cross?

Well, the old earners
might not be on anymore.

Then what are you gonna do?

Mate, you kick in to this project

and I guarantee you in a month,
you will double your money.

After a year,
the sky's the bloody limit.


He talks about his partners,

but I'm starting to wonder
if he's actually got any.

These pricks always run in packs.
You've just gotta earn his trust.

What more can I do?

You wouldn't
consider his suggestion?

Go back to the brothel for a bit?


Well, we... we just
thought it would be

a way to open the investigation up.

This uniform is my life now,
not hooking. You got that?

OK, yeah.

Alright, you better go now.

I've got an appointment
with the director of the academy.

Oh, you are on the move, Kimmy.

So are you, Ralph. 'Bye!

It's come to my attention

that you're doing some work
for the royal commission.

I'm not supposed
to discuss that, sir.

I don't need to know
about operational details.

What concerns us

is the reason you came to their
attention in the first place.


I understand you used
to work as a prostitute.

Yes, that's correct.

Yet in your police application form,

you've made no mention
of prostitution.

It said to put down
my last three jobs.

It says your last job and the three
before that... four in total.

You've listed three
and one of those is "TAFE student",

which is not an employment.

I guess I misread the form.

It gives the appearance of a false
declaration in a signed statement.

That's a sacking offence.

I am not resentful
about being investigated,

but I am resentful about the methods.

We ordinary police...

if we had your powers and resources
to catch real criminals,

by God, what a great state we'd have.

So you think that if any
concrete accusation was put up,

you could answer it... is that right?

Yeah, I do.

I'm going to show you
some video excerpts.

While you're looking,
I'm sure a number of things

will be going through your mind.

What I'd like you to remember
is that this video

was produced for your consideration

by the good people of NSW
whom you are sworn to serve.

Look, you're just
a bit hot at the moment. That's all.

Changing the pick-up arrangements
is just a bloody precaution.

Yeah, you're right.

I'm going nuts here, mate,
bloody paranoid.

As far as this goes, I'd rather
see the back of it anyway.

I need a nasty proper accident.

Now, I'm thinking about
the lobby at work.

The floor's made out of granite
or some bloody thing.

Yeah, it's slippery as buggery.

So I spill something on there,
like a milkshake or something,

and I go for six.

Do you recognise the other person
in the video, Mr Fowler?


It looked like Trevor Haken.

We don't want to prolong this
unduly, Mr Fowler,

but the fact is you have been
deeply involved in corruption.

Is it not?

No, I have not.

You talked about
falling on a milkshake

just days before it occurred.

That's... coincidence, is it?

Uh, yes, it could've been,
Your Honour.

And the money
you were seen to receive?

Do you have any
explanation for that?

It, uh, might not
really have been me.

Are you suggesting
that we cobbled this video together,

got an actor to play you
and then pretend to take the money?

Funny things happen, Your Honour.

At this stage,
Mr Commissioner,

there's another witness
we wish to call...

someone who has been
assisting us with our inquiries...

but I ask that Mr Fowler
remain present to hear his evidence.

That Chook, he's a bloody
tight-arsed old pisspot,

but he's been good to me.

He's a crook.

We all did it.

I call Detective Sergeant
Trevor Haken.

# La-di, da-di, da-di-da

# There was a boy who cried to me
His tears were full of misery

# And every day
his tears would form a sea

# And though I tried to make him smile
His tears would flood him up inside

# And they would overflow
eventually... #

It must be clear to you
now that you can no longer rely

on the police culture
of mateship and silence.

The vast majority of serving police

are honest, decent and dedicated.

In the past, they may have turned
a blind eye to your wrongdoing

because of the consequences
of speaking out.

But now those days are over.

Mr Scullion, when you previously
gave evidence before the commission,

you were not able to provide
any information or evidence

concerning police corruption.

That's correct.

Since then,
you've reconsidered your position

and you've come here with
the intention of assisting us.

Is that right?

Yes, it is.

You have been personally involved

in corrupt practices
at Kings Cross Detectives.

Is that correct?

I have taken money off drug dealers.

I've picked up money,
I've distributed money.

I've turned a blind eye.

I'm crook.

I'm a crook cop.

Well, here's to
Inspector Chook Fowler.

He was a loyal mate.

And a fair boss.

And a bloody good cop who
knows how to keep his mouth shut,

unlike some other maggots
we could name and choose not to.

May they rot in hell.

Here's to it.

I heard DK was up this arvo.

Yeah, he got done for the assault
charge, acquitted on the firearms.

Six months.
He'll be back in three?

Yep. That's the system.

Those blokes had their own system.

It wasn't perfect,
but it got results.

So, big win today, mate,
flipping Scullion.

Trevor, um, these drinks,

they're for the investigative team.

Yeah, yeah, sure. I understand that.

So the Commissioner
would like you to leave.


But I've been part of this
investigation for six months.

But you're not part of the team,
are you? You're an informer.

I'm a detective,
a detective bloody sergeant!

Hey, you might still go to jail

so just give it a rest, mate,

and do as you're told.

# When you come round

# And I fall out with myself

# It's not my fault

# That I can't stop

# And I am withered in doubt... #

Chook Fowler
was eventually convicted

and sentenced to three years' jail.

Neville Scullion resigned from
the police, but was never charged.

# 'Cause the sky is falling

# Step it off, step it off

# 'Cause I am coming in

# Shake it off, shake it off... #

Trevor Haken lost his job, his wife,
his friends and his future.

15 years later,

he's still lost.

# It's a jungle out there

# It's a jungle out there

# It's a jungle
out there. #

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