Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 3, Episode 7 - Ejecta - full transcript

As the outside world is rocked by a catastrophic meteor shower, unexpected alliances form under the dome. Meanwhile, Eva tries to indoctrinate Barbie deeper into The Kinship.

Three weeks ago,
an invisible dome

crashed down on Chester's Mill,

cutting us off
from the rest of the world.

The dome has tested our limits,

forcing each of us to confront
our own personal demons...




My God.

Now, in order to survive,

we must battle our most
dangerous adversary...

the enemy within.

Do you remember what
we talked about?

What you need to do for Barbie?

I'll do whatever it takes.

Christine and Eva
are using you.

They want you
to become like them.

Barbie's not the same.

And Aktaion's all dead.

We're on our own.


I'm sorry,

but I'll never be able
to be who you want.

- What happened?
- I was supposed to meet Sam.

Why should you forgive him?

He killed Angie!

You should've told him
to go screw himself.

This is you.

You're back.

Your fourth cervical vertebra

is fractured.

You'll never walk again.

If it's what's best,

then I want to do it.


Let's get him
the hell out of here!

What happened?

Get me to the caves.

Bring me Sam.

Hey, what are you...

Dale! Dale, help!

- Help!
- Eva!

I'm on my way!

Dale, don't do this.

- No.
- Audrey, no!

What the hell are you doing?

There's no one to guide us.

I need to jump.

Stop! You don't want to do this.


It's a shooting star.

Those can't all be
shooting stars.

Here, boy, Indy.

That all you got?

You got to put
your gut into it.


He's a dog; he can hear us.

I'm trying not
to scare him away.

Indy's not a liberal.

He doesn't get scared
of everything.


Pink stars?

Don't start
with that crap again.

Jim, look.

What the hell?

Shooting stars burn out.

Did that star just hit us?

Oh, my God.

Looks like a meteor!

3x07- Ejecta

Well, at least, the pink stars
seem to calm everyone down.

Audrey said,
"There's no one to guide us."

She must have meant Christine.

Well, where is she?

I don't know,
but until she shows up,

we have to make sure
the town stays safe.

Was that the dome?

Tell me it'll protect us

from the meteors.

It held against the largest

non-nuclear ordnance
the military has.

A meteor impact is thousands
of times stronger.

Yes, it is.

There must be something
we can do.

You're not one to sit around
and do nothing.

I'll go to the fire tower.

I mean, that's got a view
of the whole town.

So I can survey the damage,
see if the dome held everywhere.

- When do we leave?
- We?

If it's safe enough for you,
it's safe enough for me.


So we go
to the fire marshal's office.

We get the key.

Key gets us access
into the tower.

"Rusty loves Linda."

Yeah, Linda was our sheriff.

She died when the dome
was magnetized.

The dome held.

And what if
this has happened everywhere?

You saw how many
meteors there were.

Some will survive.

Yes, some will survive
the initial impact,

but then the debris
that was kicked up into orbit,

that'll rain down.

And then the sun will disappear
behind a dust cloud,

and then comes the firestorm.

How do you know all this?

I'm an anthropologist.

We study
extinction level events.

Yeah, well, you could be wrong.

I could be,

but I'm not.

The debris is falling now.

I always thought the end
would be caused by us.

Nuclear war, global warming.

The brick wall seen coming

but slammed into anyway.

All those people.

Billions of them.

You know, we spent so much time

trying to figure out how
to get out of this thing,

and now,

if only we could figure out
a way to get someone inside.

- The red door.
- What?

It's a way in.
We can get word out.

We got to get to Bird Island.

Why do you want to
go to Bird Island?

Aktaion's there.

They have to be communicating
with the outside world.

There is a way in, okay?

I know.
I've been through it before.

That's a long shot
that it's still standing,

but for anyone that's alive
out there,

it's the only shot
that they have.

That might not be a good idea.

- Eva, where's the key?
- What key?

The key for the hatch.

I thought you had it.

- No, I stuck it right here.
- Did it fall?

Start looking.
We got to find the key.

Damn it!

Maybe it's a good thing
we're stuck.

How is that a good thing?

If you were able to get
a message to the outside world,

you and I both know
what would happen.

It'd be chaos.

People would do horrific things
to one another

to get through that door.

And those are the people
who would make it in.

People like Big Jim or Julia.

People only interested
in themselves.

We-we can deal
with those people.

The real problem is:
How do you feed them?

The thousand,

10,000 that would come through.

Our-our resources
are already stretched thin.

You're a good man, Dale.

You want to do what's right,

but look out there.

This is no longer
about right or wrong.

This is about survival.

The survival of this town.

Yeah, but you can't
let everybody on the outside

just die without
trying to do something.

So many burdens.

So much weight
on your shoulders.

It can all go away.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about...

no more worry.

No more fear.

No more doubt.

You can be free, like me.

In the process, join
something greater.

You can evolve.

Do you feel it, Dale?

The pull?

I know you can, just as I do.

That's the kinship.

There's harmony there.

There's peace.


You'll still be you.

With all your thoughts
and desires.

You still have
desires, don't you?

Did you hide this?


Dale, where are you going?

To Bird Island.


Was that...?

A meteor impact.

Yeah, like the one that
killed all the dinosaurs.

Is the dome cracking?

What the hell's going on?

We don't know.

But it's like an
apocalypse out there.

No. I meant,
why did you bring me here?

Eva was gonna kill you.

But I wanted her to.

How can you even say that?

It's best for the kinship.

I'm using up all
the pain medication.

What if others get sick?

The group's survival
comes first.

Your medication
must be wearing off.

The pain's making you say this.

I'm not in pain, and I know
exactly what I'm saying.

If you weren't
so selfish, you'd understand.

Hunter, you can't leave.

- Hey!
- Help! In the Sweetbriar!

- I need help!
- Just shut up!

- You want to die?
- Yes!


Get off...

- Help! Help!
- Stop.

Let's lock him in the freezer.

Shut up.

I can't believe he's pissed

about us trying
to save his life.

Julia said there's
something inside of us...

and it must be that that's
making him act like this.

We're infected.


More giant-ass

Secondary impacts.

When debris from the first
impact comes raining back down.

It's called "ejecta."

Or, you know, maybe it's...
you know, not that.

So you're telling me

that those seizures that we had

when we said
"the pink stars are falling..."

meant that we were

the end of the world?


I probably have no idea
what I'm talking about.

Even if we survive
whatever's infecting us,

the whole world is gone.

There's no future for us.

We have nothing
to look forward to.

Maybe we should just join them.

The kinship?

No way.

What's the point, Joe?

This entire town

was infected in those cocoons.

The kinship has won.

No, it hasn't.

We resisted.

Stay down. Be quiet.

Just stay here.

Joe, stop!

I'm not gonna hurt you.

What are you two doing here?


Is someone in there?

You're not taking him.

Taking who?

What's going on?

Did Junior and Eva send you?

Are you a part of the kinship?

No. Not after
what they did to Abby.

And I take it from the fact that
you have someone in the freezer

you're not part
of the kinship, either.

After everything you've done,

why should we listen
to anything you say?

Because I killed Christine.

If Christine's dead,

does that mean the
infection's gone?

I don't know.

What infection?

No way, Norrie.

I still don't trust him.
He killed Angie,

and now he's killed again.


What Sam did to Angie
is unforgivable.

But we're all fugitives
from the kinship.

And there's not many of us.

Why is he gagged?

Because he wouldn't
stop yelling.

We took him from Eva

because she was trying
to kill him,

which he said he wanted.

I won't yell.

I don't want them to find me.

Thank you for saving my life.

Looks like you broke
a couple ribs

during the fall, as well.

You'll heal, but it's gonna
take a while.

We didn't bring
any pain medication.


This will get you
through a few hours.

Do you remember what happened?

Eva told me I was using up
too many resources.

That it would be best

if I died.

I said, "Okay."

What made you change your mind?

I don't know, it's weird.

I... I remember

that all I cared
about was the kinship.

That it felt more important
than my own life.

But it doesn't now?

I don't want to die.

It's good to have you back,


- Incoming.
- Get in the freezer.

They won't look for you
if they find me.

Go. Go, go,
go, go.

Why are you doing this?

I can never make up
for what I did to you,

but I can protect you.

Give you a chance to fight back

against whatever's
happening to us.

Whatever you hear,

don't come out.

All clear.

Told you they'd be gone.

I heard the door chime again.

Who do you think was here?

I don't know,
but Sam saved our asses.

The sun rose.

At least there's that.

How you feeling?

Any better?


Drink this, it'll help.

You're keeping me from
doing my duty for the kinship.

Take me back to Town Hall
or I'll scream.

Yeah, and we'll put you
back in the freezer

and gag you.

Why is he acting
like this again?

I don't know.

Hunter, no!

- Hey, man, s...
- Get back!

- Stay back.
- Calm down, Hunter.

I swear, if you come
any closer...

- Hunter...
- You want me to calm down?!

- Stop!
- You are keeping me from doing my duty.

Where are they going?

I don't know.

But look at them.

They look like ants
marching in a line,

doing whatever Queen Christine
ordered them to.

Just a bunch of
mindless drones,

only caring about her kinship.

Don't let me get like that.

We're in this together.

All the way to the bitter,

apocalyptic end.

I was thinking about Hunter.

He got all Freaky Friday again

right after Sam gave him
another one of those pain pills.

When he's in pain,

he's as normal as
Hunter will ever be.

When he's on the meds,

he's like one
of those drones outside.



Oh, God.

Should we take bets on
which Hunter we're gonna get?

I don't know, but if it's
drone boy, we're screwed.


Norrie, please, help me.

The pain is back.
I'm scared.

What the hell
is going on with you?

I think it's fear.

What do you mean?

When I was eight, I... was
in a car accident with my mom.

I was right there
watching her die.

I had no idea.

I'm so sorry.

Ever since,

my greatest fear is dying young.

But... my point is,

after my fall, I should have
been scared out of my mind.

But I didn't feel anything
because of the pain meds.

And then...

when the pills wear off,

I remember how afraid I am.

And I'm me again.

It's not the pain.

It's the emotion.

Wh-What do you mean?

Do you remember
when Sam stood you up

and I lost it?


That's when you said
the real me was back.

I was angry.

Christine is trying to keep
us from having emotions.

Because when our
feelings surface,

so does our humanity.

For me, it's anger.

And for Hunter,

it's fear.

What about me?


Your sister.

It was why Christine
wanted you to forgive Sam.

So you could move on
and join the kinship.

Don't you know what this means?

Do you?

We have a way to fight back.

A way to fight the kinship.

Pack your stuff.

As soon as the coast is
clear, we're leaving.

Where are we going?

To find Julia.

That damn meteor probably
took out half the country.

We don't know if what happened
outside happened everywhere.

We need to contact
the outside world.

Do we?

What's knowing
gonna do for you?

You know, Jim, if you're just
gonna stand there being useless,

why don't you do it outside
where you don't distract me?

You know, you're always
Miss Can Do, huh?


I'll go look for my dog.


Indy, where you at, boy?


Change your mind?
You care to help?

Forget it.

It's no use.


there's nothing left out there.

How do you know that?

Go see for yourself.

You need to be doing this now?

Yeah, I knew the guy
that owned this house.

Ferguson Faulkner.

Don't think ol' Ferg

would want his house turned
into a torture chamber.

He was a, you know,
bleeding-heart type...

rich as he was.


he was a lush, too.

Which means...

we get to watch the world end

while we drink the good stuff.

Obviously, he was
a bird lover, too.

Yeah, he loved them so much
he had them killed and stuffed.


Something funny?

I was just thinking how good

I'd look stuffed up there.

They'd have a hard time
with your hair, though.

And no trouble at all
with yours.

It's true.

Remember that time
everything froze?

Yeah, that was
the night Barbie...

Barbie what?

Nothing. Never mind.

Go on...

with your fascinating story.

Well, when I fished
Lyle Chumley

out of the lake

and... sidebar...
I should never do that again.

He started talking
about the end of days.

And how the world
would be on fire

in some, you know,
wall of flame

a thousand feet high.

Like a lot of things,

he got the apocalypse
wrong, too.

The sixth extinction.


Dinosaurs were
the fifth extinction.

Big old asteroid came.

Bye-bye, triceratops;
bye-bye, brontosaurus.

We... humans

will be the sixth.

Well, we may be
an endangered species,

but we're not going the way
of the dodo anytime soon.


Say this fishbowl doesn't crack.

How long you think it's gonna be

before Christine comes looking
to wipe us out?

She said, you know,
we stay out of her way,

she'll stay out of ours.

Was that before or after
you sold her out

and I tried to kill her?

I say...

instead of getting wiped out...

...that we should do the wiping.

There's no point.

What, are you afraid of
getting your hands dirty?

It's not about that.

There's too many of them!

Look, you and I...

are not much of a resistance;

not without a way
to turn people back.

Listen, I say we take these.

We take out as many of those,

those body snatchers as we can.

Just, you know,
we make a last stand

like, Butch and Sundance.

Including the part
where they die?

See, that's
what you never understood.

Since the dome came down,

that was the only outcome
there was ever gonna be.

You're right.

: I can't believe
I'm gonna say it,

but... you're right.


it finally happened, huh?

You finally,
giving up on all that...


Pollyanna routine, huh?

Talking all that crap about
how the dome's here to save us.


I wasn't wrong.

The dome's here to protect.

It's just not here
to protect us.

Guess this means I'll never get
to go to Paris.


Plenty of stuff to
regret more than...

not getting to
that dirty ciudad.

That's Spanish.

You know, I'm surprised that,
you never made it there,


all cosmopolitan like you are.

Surprised someone
like you ended up here

in Chester's Mill,
to be honest.

How'd that happen?

Peter Shumway.


You know, I got to tell you,

never made sense to me,
the two of you.

Now you tell me.

I don't know.

He was a doctor... maybe
I was looking for security.

You find it?

You know he was a mess.

Couldn't even take care
of himself.

I never knew what it felt like
to be safe or in love

until I met Barbie.

And look how that worked out.

Such a clich?, right?

Falling for the dark,
mysterious guy and...

then get all bent out of shape

when he turns out to be
dark and mysterious.

Look at us...
two former enemies

drinking at the end
of the world.


Come on, Jim.

You must have regrets.

Yeah, course I do.

With Junior.

Pushed him too hard, I suppose.

Talk about a clich?.

Treat your son
like a second chance

to overcome
your own shortcomings

instead of treating him
like his own person.

You named him after
yourself, for God's sake.

You're wrong.

Nice try.

You know, you and me, we might
have some stuff in common,

Julia, but do not try
to dissect me

with your cheapjack

There's only one thing
in this life

that I regret,
and that's letting everything

that I earned,
everything I ever cared about...

get taken away from me.

And I'll be damned

if I let anything
get taken away again.


There you are, boy!
There you are, boy!

Good boy!
There you are!

Good boy!

Good boy.

Where were you,
huh? Oh, yeah.

Where were you?
Where were you?

Is that the sun?

No, it's coming from
the wrong direction.

It's getting closer.
What is it?

It's a wall of flame.

I'm gonna bring back Sam.

Just like you asked.

No, no! Stop!

Joe, I'm not gonna hurt you.

What are you two doing here?


Have you seen Sam?

We have.


The Sweetbriar.

Whatever you hear,
don't come out.


You in here?


It's good to see you.

What are you doing in here?

When those pink stars hit,
I took cover.

Have they stopped?

For now.

Junior, why is there
blood on your hands?

It's Christine.

She's been stabbed.

She's alive, but...

you're the only one I can trust.

Do you know who did this?


But I took her
body to the caves.

The caves?

I stopped the bleeding
the best that I could.

But you have to help her.

Christine needs you, Sam.

Lead the way.

Oh, my God,
the dust is so thick.

You can't even see the sun.

It's like it was before.

You don't remember?


Remember what?

The Great Destruction.

It's happening all over again.

Like it did on our home world.

It was so long ago,

so many lives lost.

Which is why we
traveled so far.

For safety.

Is it coming back to you now?

Of course.

All these people...

aren't you worried
anyone out here

could be the one
who stabbed Christine?

They won't follow us
in the caves...

they aren't special
like you and I

and Eva.


Each of us has
a unique purpose.

That's what separates
us from the drones.

And right now our purpose
is to save our queen.

Watch your step.


You're no good to us if you
fall and break your neck.

You never said why you
brought Christine down here.

That's what she asked me to do.

You spoke to Christine?
She's conscious?

You'll see.

We're almost there.

Come on. Keep up.

Junior, slow down.

We can't keep Christine waiting.

Junior. Junior?

What are you doing?

I'm hurting you,
like you hurt Christine.

I had no choice.
She's evil.

You're still not one of us.

Not part of the group.

You know what happens to those
that aren't part of the group?

You don't understand...
she put something in us.

I know.

We have to stop her.

The only one who needs
to be stopped

is you.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.


No. No!

Hey, stop!

I can help you.
There's a way in!

There's a way in here!

Dale, you can't help them.

The world outside...
it's the past.

Humanity, with all
its terrible flaws,

with all the mistakes
it's made... it's gone.

If we're gonna survive,

you have to let it go.

I don't think I can.


When are you gonna admit
to what you already know?

You're one of us.

You and I...

we're part
of something greater.

Julia gave this back to me.

They're part of a world

that you used to be a part of.

But you can't save that world.

You can save the one
you're part of now.

The one right here.

Please, Dale.

Join us.

Save us.

Christine's in there.

'Cause of you.

When she comes out, you're
gonna answer for what you did.

Safe to say your
Eiffel Tower's a...

puddle of molten iron.

We're all that's left.

You and me, Jim.

We're the last
living humans on Earth.

We're the last living humans

on Earth.

Norrie, Joe!
They're okay.

What are you doing here?

We came to find you.

Hunter? But he's...

He's one of us.

Just recently converted.

There's a way to save the town.



No, no, no, no, no,
you're not going anywhere.

Are you ready to face judgment?

You're all sure you
want to do this?

Like you even need to ask, Red.

Hell yeah, I do.


Then the resistance starts here.

Is anyone there? Please confirm.

I repeat: Is anyone there?
Please confirm.

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