Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 3, Episode 6 - Caged - full transcript

After being captured by Aktaion, Big Jim is forced to manipulate Christine for information about her agenda. Meanwhile, when Joe and Norrie question the town's new rules, they find themselves in a dangerous face-off with the increasingly unstable residents.

Three weeks ago, an
invisible dome crashed down

On Chester's Mill, cutting us
off from the rest of the world.

The dome has tested our limits,

Forcing each of us to confront
our own personal demons...




My god.

Now, in order to survive,

We must battle our most
dangerous adversary...

The enemy within.

I need you to do everything I ask

Without question.

One amethyst died this morning.

A second one is losing power.

Somebody's infected all of Chester's Mill.

- With what?
- This fluid

Is finite and precious.

Whatever the leader does,

The group will follow.

Sometimes it's a relief

To admit who you really are.

Get off me!

I asked Norrie to come
with me, and she pushed me.

That's not what happened.

No one's going anywhere
until we talk to christine.

You're on your way to bird island,

Where whatever's in you that's
making you such a monster

Will be removed.


I can't be with someone
who's not gonna talk with me.

Hey, what is this?!

Christine price is the experiment

And you, Mr. Rennie, are the control.

I brought you here to show you something.

You see? Right there

Is where christine price became...

Something else.

And that's eva sinclair, her assistant.

There you have it. The dome came down

And a mini-dome came down over the egg.

Why are you showing me this?

On a cellular level, the person

You know as christine
is not of this earth.

But she is something very foreign.

Well, I could have told you that
without your fancy equipment.


We've learned a lot in the past few hours,

But what we still don't know

Is what she is

And what she wants.



You're not sticking me
in a room with that thing.

Mr. Rennie, we are only hours away

From isolating the inhuman
properties in her blood.

Aah! The effect that
that has when injected

Into an uninfected host
is of great interest.

However, if you're
successful in getting us

The information we want,

You'll be spared that future.

The choice is yours.

Where do you want me to start?

How about the beginning?

Christine and I work for Aktaion.

We were told we could help the world.

So they hired us to
find fragments of meteors

From a shower that hit
the earth 25 years ago.

When melanie found the egg.

It was in one of the meteors.

I'm sorry I lied to you.

I swear I'm the same person
you fell in love with.

I lived that year with you.

But I was afraid that
if you knew the truth

You'd want nothing to do with me.

And I lived those moments, too.

And you... you, I know.

But christine...

Yesterday, every time I
pressed her for the truth,

She avoided that like the plague.

Dale, I've known christine for years.

I've traveled the world with
her. I trust her with my life.

I'm gonna give her one more shot, okay?

Because of you.

Thank you.

Let's go find her.

And after we talk,

I think it's time that you
both tell everyone the truth.

Audrey. Uh... What's going on?

The beds are finished.
We're waiting for christine

To give us the go-ahead to move in.

Have you seen her?

I'll let you know if I do.

There you go.

You want some water?

You know, I find it best

Just to tell these
bastards what they want.

Drop the act. Junior told me everything.

Glowing reviews, I bet.

Do you even need water?

This body still needs

What you do to survive.


Is my calm demeanor alarming to you?

Would you prefer it

If I acted afraid?

Would that make you feel less alone?

What about sad?

It's the easiest emotion to fake.

How about honest?

Can you do that one?

Here, boy.

It's a funny thing about dogs.

They're a real good judge of character.

People will come for me.

Junior will come for me.

Not if there's any of the son I know left.

There isn't.

So you preyed on the weak, huh?

Junior alone is not gonna
rescue you, you know.

So who else you got?


Problem there is julia.

She's probably telling him
everything she knows about you,

Which is a lot.

So, you see, your plan has

No margin for error.

And that's a big chance to take

When the fallout is your brain in a jar.

I still have a human being's body, Jim.

And it's tired.

This is so messed up.

We didn't even do anything wrong.

I've never seen anything like last night.

It was like they were all brainwashed

Or drinking the same Kool-Aid.

Or ate the same food.

I'm so scared.


Are you okay?

I'm better now.

Please tell me we're getting out of here.

Eleanor, I need your help.

There's an x-ray machine at the
clinic we're gonna bring here

To see how badly hunter's hurt.

Okay, great.

How are we getting it
here? It's on wheels.

Okay. I can help.

I'm glad you offered, but
it's mother-daughter time.

Junior will be in with you in a minute.

No, no, he's the one that
locked us up in here all night.


Did you know that joe and i
were in this room all night?

The accident you caused

Didn't just affect hunter,

It affected our town, our kinship.

The hope is, the time
you two spent in here

Has helped you understand
just what you've done.

Let's go, eleanor.

- Oh, what's the password?
- What do you mean,

Christine's not here yet?

She's not in town hall.

You saw the people gathered down there.

They're waiting for
the go-ahead to move in,

But she hasn't shown up yet.

I'm worried that people will panic.

People that attached to her?

She provided food and shelter.

Not long ago, we were
almost killing each other

Over those things.

Do you think it could happen again?

Well, not yet, but I don't
want to take any chances.

What's this design for?


Yesterday, christine
told me about a project

That she needed to get started.

Well, what the hell is it?

I don't know. She just
said it was important.

We should go look for her.

Knowing christine, she's
probably out surveying an area

For whatever this project is.

Oh, I-I talked to her yesterday,

But somebody must have seen her after me.

How about you handle things here?

Eva and I will ask around,
see who had eyes on her last.

Uh, actually, I could use eva.

I'm gonna tell people to
move in, and we're gonna

Start working on solar power.

More hands the better.

I think that's a good idea.

I'll help junior and then
i'll be able to check in

On hunter, too. I hope he's doing better.

All right, I'll bring christine
back here when I find her.

How's it coming along with barbie?


He took pete out last night, so
that won't be a problem anymore.

But he still doesn't trust christine.

This town's come so far.

Most have completed their journey.

Others, like barbie, are so close.

What about joe and Norrie?

They keep resisting,

But I'm working on that.

What is it?

If the x-ray comes back

Showing that hunter's
injuries are permanent,

What do we do?

If he's no longer of use,

Then we have to put him down.


Roger, hey. How are you? Hey, man.

You wouldn't have happened
to have seen christine today,

Would you? No, the last time I saw her was

Yesterday just before dinner.

She got on a boat with a couple of guys.

You didn't see which way
they were headed, did you?

It's hard to tell exactly.

The only thing out there is bird island.

Thank you. Mm-hmm.

Tick... Tock. Tick... Tock.

Are you sure the cavalry's coming for you?

With that kind of attitude,
once I get out of here,

I'm of the mind to leave you caged

And take your little friend.

Here, puppy.

Here. You underestimate me.

I think you could benefit
from seeing the world my way.

Oh, I'm sure that's
what you sell everyone.

Just one rule.

Always cover your own ass.


Your one rule is a played-out clich?.

Behind all the quips and the
"me against the world" shtick,

When was the last time you
did anything for anyone else?

I gave you that water, didn't i?

I mean,

When was the last time you were fulfilled?

Was it with your family?

When you got married?

Oh, maybe it was when you
taught junior to play catch.


They're all gone.

Ooh. Now you've got no one.

That loneliness,

That emptiness churning inside?

That's your reward for only
looking out for yourself.

I'm fine with the choices I've made.

You people think we're enemies.

What? You're-you're saying we're not?

There's no reason to be. We mean no harm.

We can all live together,

But we will defend ourselves.

But you've stripped away
everything that makes us... Us.

I mean, you're puppeting around

Inside a real person

Who had faults and charms and quirks.

Petty self-interest

Brought this community to
the brink of destruction,

But because of me, people are thinking

About things other than themselves.

Because of that, we have food.

We have peace. Progress

Comes from creativity
and individual ingenuity.

Where would we be without

Churchill and-and galileo and napoleon?

No, no, no.

History of the world is made
by leaders, not-not followers.

Well, we come from very different worlds,

And from where I sit, you're no leader.

You're just a very sad and lonely man.

I mean, why are you here?

I mean, me, I understand.
They fear what I bring.

But what's the point of
having you in here with me?

What the hell?

I'm sorry.

Things would go a lot
faster if I had some help!

You let the kinship down.

You've lost the privilege of help.

The help that I'm asking for
is for the good of the kinship.

And I'm not doing anything else
until someone lends me a hand.

You're learning to appreciate

What you turned your back on yesterday.

Pick it up.

Pick it up now!

What the hell are you doing?

Joe's being punished.

You don't have the right to punish anyone.

Let's go.

That's where you're wrong, julia.

You get off of him!

What are you doing? Get off of me!

This is what's best for all of us.


Hi there.

Why did you do that?

You weren't doing so hot.

Sure, you helped us get some
information on what she is,

But as to what she wants, not so much.

Can you guess what this is?

Wouldn't be rogaine by chance, would it?

I swear to god, Jim,

If we had met in a bar,
we'd be good friends.

Well, I could use a drink right about now.

This is the cellular essence
of what's inside christine.

We've isolated it.

You remember what we
were talking about before?

You know, doc,

You're real good at threats.

But what I need to do
in there is make a deal.

Getting someone to talk
about their beliefs is easy.

Getting someone to open
up about their plans

When they have every reason not to...

It's a different story.

What do you need?


If she wakes up, and
she's a little more hurt,

Or she's a little more concerned

That she might not make it
out of there in one piece,

And I had something to pick a lock with...

This'll do.

We're gonna put you back in there.

You need to appear as though
you're in the same boat.

you both need to be a little

Concerned you won't come out in one piece.

What the hell is going on?

Something out of your control.

I was teaching joe an important lesson.

Listen to me, james.

You're sick.

This isn't who you really are.

You're right.

I'm something better.

The james you know is gone.

You've caused a problem.

Problems get reported to christine.

She'll know what to do with you.


Hey, eva.

Christine mentioned you were
having a hard time. I was.

But I'm better now, back in the fold.

Good to hear.

I could use a hand.


How you doing?

Can't move my legs.

Try a different question.


It was an accident.

Was it?

Yes, absolutely.

Why would I ever hurt you?


I need a hand.

The solar panels are in place.

Should have enough power for the x-ray.

That's really good work, joe.

I wrangled an expert.

I can help with that

If you'll... I got it.

Kids, why don't you wait in the hallway?

It's getting really crowded in here.

We can give a hand to the people in tents.

Help 'em move in.

That's what I like to hear.

Carolyn and I will check out the beds.


Are you crazy, too?

Offering to help everyone move in?

I was just telling them
what they wanted to hear.

Something's really
screwed up with everyone.

I know. My mom scolded me and told me

That I needed to be
selfless for the kinship?

She's lost it like everyone else.

Not julia. She tried
to get me out of there,

But junior punched her,
and a gaggle of drones

Just picked her up and dragged her off.

Look, I don't know what's going on,

But Julia's the only
one who's still herself.

Where did they take her?

There's only so many rooms here.

It's gonna be all good, okay, man?

Anxious for the results.

Where'd you get these bad boys?

I gave them to him.

Name says they're for "jessie gordon."

Christine asked everyone to
hand over their medications.

To start a dispensary.


That's right.

Not a fan of suspense.

Your fourth cervical
vertebra is fractured.

But you can...

Even if we were outside the dome,

You'd never walk again.

I'm really sorry.

Can I have a minute with hunter?

I'm sorry.

No need to apologize.

What happens now?

Something I hoped we could avoid.

To manage the pain for your injury

Will deplete our supply
of painkillers in one week.

You alone would permanently take away

Valuable resources from the kinship.

To continue down that path
would be... Irresponsible.

If it's what's best...

Then I want to do it.

We've got another problem.

What happened?

Julia got in the way of joe's training,

So I put her in a safe place

Where she can't disturb anyone.


So I got a lead on christine.

I'm gonna need some backup.

I think she's out on bird island.

I did a little recon.

She's not alone. Aktaion's here.

I'm worried about christine.



I want you to know this isn't personal.

I'm here to inform you

That trying to get dale
back is a lost cause.

He's part of a kinship
that you can't understand.

Either accept that

And contribute to it,

Or be disposed of.

Though it would be a shame
to lose you and hunter

In one day.

Just think about it.

You know, it's strange, isn't it?

Because if you were one of us,

We'd both be able to be with dale.


What happened?

Looks like they stepped
up their experiments.

Your lip.

Did they punch you?


Guess I still got a little fight in me.

What are you doing?

Well, that fight

And a little selfish ingenuity

Gonna get me out of here.

Take me with you.

Why the hell would i?

Because if you get me out of here,

I can get you out of the dome.

Okay, wait.



I-i messed up on the wiring,

And she got shocked and collapsed!

Please! She's part of the kinship!

Get her feet, get her feet.

You guys are unbelievable.

I think you're the only
sane one around here.

They're gonna kill hunter.

You've got to help him.


Junior and eva... they're
going to kill hunter.

You got to get him out of here. How?

You found me.

You'll think of something.

I heard Barbie's going to bird island.

I got to stop him

From doing something he's gonna regret.

Why are you different?

Why are we different?

I wasn't in the cocoons.

Everyone who was

Has something inside them
that's taking control.

There's something inside of us?

Some people are more
resistant than others,

So whatever you're doing, keep doing it.

And keep your head down.

Get hunter somewhere safe.

I'll find you.


How many do you see? In all,

I counted four.

What do you think they're doing with her?

Probably trying to get answers.

Section three. All clear.

How's the prisoner?

Once out of the cocoons,

The concepts of "me," "ego" and "self"

Were gone from my mind.

Immediately, I saw the
world in a new light.

A better light.

A world where the needs of the many

Outweigh the needs of the few. Hmm.

Yeah, i... I've seen
the movie, mrs. Spock.


What we want is no different

Than any living organism.

To survive.

To flourish.

Well, that's a good plan,

Except for that body-snatching part.

Oh, come on.

Let's work together.

So, what?

I let you out,

And you bring the dome down?

Just like that?

Well, it's not that easy,

But it is what's ultimately planned.

We can take it from here.

Hear all that?

Mics are in the cage.

Remember, there's only one rule.

Cover your own ass.



You have to stay.

You know,

If only we'd met in that bar, doc.

Jim, let me out.

I can help you.

You know, I can handle good

And I can handle evil.

But what I can't handle is desperate.

You're in a position to tell
me whatever I want to hear,

But I ain't buying.

No hard feelings.



Is it time?

Just look into my eyes.

You won't feel a thing.

I'm ready.

This first one's gonna put you to sleep.

Second one

Will stop your heart.

Just look at me.

Just look at me.

There you go.



Stop, I want this! What?

I don't want to be a burden!

He wants this.

You'll understand one day...

Let's get him the hell out of here!

Come on, hunter, come on.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

All right, junior, why
don't you run up ahead?

Get the boat ready.


So, we have a conversation
that we need to finish.

I believe the outstanding question was...

Who are you?

I worked for aktaion

And was tasked with finding the egg.

And what did aktaion tell you the egg was?

They said it had

The potential to be the
next great energy source.

And they saw that...

We wanted to be a part
of something great and...

What is it?

When I made contact with the egg,

It triggered the dome.

I trapped all of us inside it.

Every death,

Every family that was separated...

It's my fault.

Well, aktaion used

A lot of really good people...

For a lot of terrible things.

My guess is that

They knew they were sending
you into something dangerous.

It's not your fault.

Barbie, get away from her.

Julia, what are you doing?

She's not who she says she is.

I know what you really are.

Julia's the one who gave me to them.

She held me at gunpoint and handed me over

To aktaion.

And I'd do it again.

Aktaion was only trying to help.

Barbie, she is dangerous.

Then let's talk.

All right, just you and me.

No guns.

Julia, come on, lower the gun!

Not a chance.

All right, then I'm coming to you.

Come here.

Come here. I'm right here.

Come to me.

So, it's just you and me.

All right?

So, what's going on?

Christine and eva work for aktaion.

I have proof.

I know.

They told me, julia.

They used them.

There's more.

I know how this is gonna sound,

So I need you to trust me.


Christine works for aktaion, but
that's not the real christine.

When melanie placed the egg on her cocoon,

Something from inside
it went into the others.

And now it is...

It's growing inside of everyone,

Like an infection.

I feel fine.

I know you feel fine.

But you're different.

Julia, do you even hear
yourself? Barbie, think about it.

You were manipulated into killing pete.

No, that was self-defense.

Christine and eva are not themselves.

And they are using you.

They want you to become like them.


Again, let's just be
honest here, all right?

That's what this is about!

You're not listening to me!

Look, I know you.

I love you.

But you're sick.

And they want you to stay that way.

You can't bring her

Back to Chester's Mill.

You tell me that I'm not myself.

You just handed over an innocent woman

To be experimented on and tortured

By aktaion.

Barbie, you are not
hearing me! No, no, no, no.

The only person that's
changed here is you.

Now, christine has been
nothing but great for this town.

If you can't accept that,

You need to stay here

And never come back.

It was joe and Norrie

Who let julia out and freed hunter.

Well, I'll worry about them now.

I have plans for joe.

He's gonna be instrumental
in an upcoming project.

You focus on barbie.

He took a big step today, but
there's still progress to make.

The trauma that he suffered
in his military service

Has made him more resistant than most.

At least he finally trusts you.

I became what he needed me to be...

A victim for him to save.

I need to ask you a personal question.

Have the two of you slept together

Since being in Chester's Mill?

Not yet.

Well, the sooner you become his mate,

The sooner he'll be what I need him to be.

Our protector.

I can do that.

I was just thinking about you.

You look good.


I cleaned myself up.

Why the change of heart?

I saw a glimpse of my future

If I continued along the path I was on.

When I left yesterday, I went to Abby's.

She didn't answer when
i called out for her.

I found her in the tub.

I have a feeling I know
where this story goes.

I'm sorry I strayed.

We all get lost.

The important thing is
that you're here now.

You did it for me, didn't you?

Abby couldn't have gotten the pills.

And she already tried
to kill herself once,

But I saved her.

This time I was too late.

But you saved me.

You pulled me out of the quicksand.

Thank you.

It needed to be done.

You mean the world to all of us.

You shouldn't have done that to abby.

I'm sorry.

But I'll never be able to be who you want.

Thank you, everyone.

You've done a good job today.

Christine will be proud.


People are all moved in.

I wanted to ask you about these designs.

What happened?

What do I do?

Get me to the caves.

Who's there? Norrie, it's just me.

Is there anything we can do for him?

I don't think so.

When he wakes up, he's
gonna be in a lot of pain.

He said he didn't want to be a burden.

But what does that even mean?

Julia said they were gonna kill him

Because he couldn't use his legs.

That's so messed up.

Well, if they're willing to kill him

Just because of that, then...

We need to do exactly what julia said

And keep our heads down.

Been looking for you everywhere.

Well, you found me.

I'm a barbie bloodhound.

We can...

We can go to one of these abandoned tents.

It'll be just like old times.


Everything that happened
today with julia...

What she did to christine.

Maybe she was never the
person you thought she was.


I'm gonna go for a walk.

Tell me what to do.

Set... Set me by the crystal.

Step back... Step back.

Bring me sam.


Indy, come here, boy!

Where you at, boy? Come here!

Indy! Indy!

Come here, boy!

Not what I was looking for.

Yeah, same goes for you.

You find your action hero?

Tell him that something
from another planet's

Pushing his kung fu buttons in the back?

I tried.

Much as I hate to admit
it, you were right.

Barbie's not the same.

And aktaion's all dead.

So much for them helping
me get out of here.

Or finding a cure for the infection.

We're on our own.

I'm gonna keep looking for my dog.

You can walk if you want to.

Indy! Come here, boy!
Indy, where are you, boy?