Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 3, Episode 5 - Alaska - full transcript

When Big Jim and Julia team up to find proof to discredit Christine, they learn something new about the dome. Meanwhile, when Christine's leadership is threatened, she puts a plan into motion with deadly consequences.

Three weeks ago,
an invisible dome crashed down

on Chester's Mill, cutting us
off from the rest of the world.

The dome has tested our limits,

forcing each of us to confront
our own personal demons...




My God.

Now, in order to survive,

we must battle our most
dangerous adversary...

the enemy within.

Who are you?

I'm Christine Price, and
this is my friend Eva.

Excuse me, I need some air.

And you all know each other?

We all have something
to contribute.

And I'll set up an office
here in this building.

If anybody needs support,
come find me.

What are you doing?

You were snooping.

- Please tell me you have the camera.
- What's wrong,

is it missing?

Flight calculations
of the meteoroid.

Therapist, my ass.

Christine works for Aktaion.

You're sleeping in the same
motel as me, two doors down,

but with her.

Take it.

It makes all the pain go away.

It's safe. I checked the plans.

Because I'm telling you: that column is
load-bearing. You take that out,

the whole place is gonna
come crashing down.

I waited up all night

to talk to you
while you were with her!

That was amazing.

Just everything
felt so heightened.

It was like...

Being back in the other world?

What is that?


Our bodies produce it naturally

during sex.

Only this is about
a thousand times stronger.

Can I count on you?

I need you to do
everything I ask

without question.

I know how to follow orders.

Everything that I do...

that you and I do...

will be for the good
of the group.


3x05 - Alaska

There it is.

That's it.


What's wrong, boy?

What's wrong?

What's wrong, you got... you got
something in your paw, there?

Never seen you be so friendly
to another creature.

What's his name?

I call him Indy.

- You like that, don't you, boy?
- You sure this

footage is worth
risking our lives for?

That Aktaion guy had a gun
to your back last night.

Trust me,

if what's on that video doesn't
open your pretty boy's eyes

about Christine, nothing will.

Why is Aktaion
trying to kill you?

Because I got tired of
being their guinea pig.

But this is much bigger
than that.

Somebody's infected
all of Chester's Mill.

The town's infected?

With what?

Whatever got into Christine
when she dug that damn egg up.

When I show the town
what it is,

they're gonna
come to their senses

and kick her ass
out of Chester's Mill.

Aktaion must have followed me.

Do you ever tell the truth?

How do I even know
there was a camera in there?

Listen: you came out
here to find me,

not the other way around.

So you can either paddle the
hell out of here right now

or you can shut up and help
me get that camera back.

I was hoping that was you.

Thank you.

So what'd Julia say, anyway?

To make you punch
the door like that?

It doesn't matter.

Get it off your chest.
You'll feel better.

Yeah, she's making herself...

crazy with conspiracy theories.

She-She thinks that
you and Christine

are lying about who you are.

So tell me she's wrong.

Eva. Answer me.

I can't, I...

Why not?

Because I-I can't.

Look, I-I can't be with someone

who's not gonna talk with me.

Next. Step up.
Come and get it.



Bet you guys are hungry.

What even is that?
It smells like burning hair.

Cattle feed.
Tastes better than it smells.

I'd prefer burning hair.

Looks like a lot of work.

Bunch of us took shifts
sorting, soaking,

We were up all night,

but it would've
taken a week otherwise.

It's amazing what people can do

when they work together.


you don't mind taking over

for me, do you?

I need a break.

I promised Joe I would help him
do something this morning.

Yeah, yeah, I asked her
to give me a hand

with some solar panels
near my house.

Town needs power, right?

Christine asked us to
get electricity back up

as soon as possible.

Well, you can't
argue with Christine.


How are you?

Aside from
this massive headache...

much better.

Thanks for doing everything

that you did.

You want to do everything
again later?

Sneaking out, are you?

Feeling the Town Hall pull.

I got to check in.

Make sure the place
is still standing.

Christine's counting on me
to lead the support group.

Back in a few hours?


You want to check out
that secret stash of booze

in the crawl space
at Town Hall?

The dome's energy supply
is beginning to fail.

When Jim Rennie
destroyed the egg,

he compromised our power source.

One amethyst died this morning

and a second one
is losing power,

which is causing the amniotic
fluid in the cavern to dry up.

It's only a matter of time

before the dome
begins to calcify.

If the kinship
can't come together,

we will all suffocate.


Come on in, hon.

Have a seat.

Who the hell are you?

- My God!
- The ceiling's caved in!

My God!

We need help!

Come here, get that end.

All right...

Okay, all right, count of three,
we're gonna lift up. I want you

to slide him out,
all right? One,

two, three!

All right, Dale.

Put 'em down.


This is your fault.

- I want to finish this conversation.
- We will.

We've got more important
things to deal with right now.

You'll need
to inspect the ceiling,

patch up what you can so we
can move people in tonight.

Don't listen to her. She doesn't
know her ass from her elbow.

Me, I've been a carpenter
since high school.

All right.

So what do you think
we should do?

Unless you rip out
the rest of the ceiling...

you're looking
at another collapse.

Actually, Pete, I need you
to clear the dust

and debris from all the beds,

make sure the space is
habitable for move-in tonight.

Lady, you lost the right
to tell me what to do

when you let Junior Rennie take
his toy hammer to that column.

This is on you!

All right, all right.

We don't need
to make a scene, all right?

I want that man
out of this building.

- I got this, Christine.
- He's a menace.

I said I've got this.

Hey, man.

Look, no hard
feelings, all right?

It was just starting to
get a little tense there.

How about we do this:

how about you walk me through

what happened with that column

and then we can figure
out step two together.

- All right.
- All right.

There you go.

One more step.

Go, go, go!
Move! Go! Go!

- Go!
- Go, go!

You're gonna need more
than a sling for that one, sucka.

Come here.

Okay, Indy... Indy, stay.


Good boy.

Maybe we can survive
this Town Hall weirdness.

I'll look after you
if you look after me.

I plan on doing that anyway.

Okay, so...

repeat after me.


Joe McAlister...

do solemnly swear to look out
for Norrie Calvert-Hill...

All right.


Joe McAlister...

do solemnly swear to look out
for Norrie Calvert-Hill...

...to keep the freaks
with glazed eyes away...

Come on.

Fine. Yeah, to keep the freaks
with glazed eyes away...

...and to kill her

if she ever becomes

one of them herself.

I'm not gonna let that happen.


Screw you for ruining
a perfect day.

I love you.

What did you just say?


You just said that you love me.

No, I didn't.

Yes, you did.

Where have you been?

- What happened?
- I knocked out a column.

I didn't know it
was load-bearing.

Christine backed me up.

What the hell does she know
about construction?

I said it was my fault.

Look, there's a lot of
hurt people in there.

Christine wants you
to go in and help out.


Barbie is suspicious.
What did you say to him?

I didn't say anything.

Remind me again why
we're lying to everyone.

I'm doing this for your
own good; you're not ready.

For what?

Know what?
Forget it.

I'm tired of lying.
I want Dale

to know who I am.

We had an agreement.

Not anymore.

Okay, you're right.

Maybe it is time
you know the truth.

Let's meet at the cavern
this afternoon

when things settle down
around here.

That's where the answers are.

Look, she's got her areas
of expertise.

I'm telling you, Christine's
pulling the wool over people's eyes.

I know a fobbit when I see one.

I haven't heard anybody

use that term
since Afghanistan.

- Did you serve?
- Yeah. Marines.

- Yeah?
- You?


Army. Was, Fifth Group,
Special Forces.

Worked my way up from
combat engineer to EOD.

Got a chance to put my
construction skills to use.

Explosive Ordinance Disposal.

- Brave cat.
- Nothing decimates humanity

- like a few wires and a cell phone.
- Had to be

- a tight operation.
- Dumb broad

like Christine would've
gotten us killed inside a week.

Thank God.



Put your hands up
and move away from the computer.

The other way.

You can test my blood.

I'm not infected. I don't have
what you're looking for.

Put it down.

I said put it down!

Where's the camera, Doc?

The file was
damaged during download.

Prove it.

According to the
dark flight calculations of the meteoroid

- and magnetometer readings...
- That's Christine.

Finding the egg.

- Where is it, Mr. Rennie?
- Let me tell you something

about being a car salesman, Doc.

If you want something...

you got to be willing to trade.

Do you want that egg?

You better give us
some answers.

What would you like to know?

What happened in Alaska?

You know, I trusted the guys
on those missions

more than I've ever
trusted anyone before.

You know, people on the outside,

they don't hold themselves
to that same standard, you know?

No kidding.
I come home from my third tour,

I find my tramp of a wife
banging an old buddy of mine.

- Man, that's just brutal.
- The crazy part is,

in the alternate reality
I had her back.

Then I wake up in a cocoon,

realize she's still out there
banging my friend

and I'm stuck in here.

With nothing.

I wouldn't sweat it.

You'll find your place.

Not if the queen
has anything to say about it.

So I'll back you up.



Yeah, Christine's done
calling the shots around here.

He's here.

Have you been drinking?

I had a nip last night.

So what?

Come here.

Selfish decisions
have an effect on the group.

If you'd been on time
this morning,

people wouldn't have been
standing around

- when the ceiling collapsed.
- The ceiling

didn't collapse because
I stayed in bed an extra hour.

You're the one who told Junior
to knock the column down.

What happened to the Sam I know,

the one that I worked so hard
to get back on track?

That wasn't me.

This is me.

The town drunk.

I won't let you throw away

everything you worked
so hard for.

You can get me the
information we need.

I can't let you leave.

That's not up to you.

Don't you walk away from me.

I'm going back to Abby.

She accepts me

for the piece of crap I am.

25 years ago, a team went on
an archaeological exploration

to Alaska,
and they discovered fragments

of what appeared to be an egg

in a meteoric crater.

Unbeknownst to the scientists,
the shards...

emitted electrical charges
when touched.

Further tests revealed

strong heat signatures
and readings.

The Geiger counter's
going berserk.

Is it radioactive?

It was a different kind
of energy

from any we'd ever encountered.

Clean and nonradioactive.

Can you imagine
what humanity could achieve

with an intact egg?

No more coal-fired power plants,

no more nuclear facilities,
no more pollution.

Unfortunately, their excitement

was short-lived.

The group unknowingly
became infected

when they touched those shards.

Whatever was inside that egg

altered their behavior.

They committed suicide?

When their leader
walked off that roof,

the assistants followed him.

- Why?
- Autopsies

revealed bodies
teeming with cells...

never found

in anyone on Earth.

Is that what
the people of Chester's Mill

- are infected with?
- We don't know.

What happens if...

something happens to the egg here?

Whatever the leader does...

the group will follow.

Which is why it is crucial

for us to meet the person
who first touched the egg.

We know who the leader is.

She worked for you.

She's the woman
who was using that camera.

We did hire an anthropologist
named Christine Price

to find the world's first

- intact egg.
- But she never returned the egg

to Aktaion, did she?

She and her research partner
vanished that day.

But now that we know

that she's alive,
we'd love the opportunity

to... help her.

There's a treatment for this?

You're a liar.

It's in the trial stages.

It's... too soon
to call it a treatment,

but if we catch the infection
early enough,

we believe that we have
an opportunity to reverse it.

And in the meantime,

the other infected people...

are they... safer without
her there to lead them?

I can't say.

And we have no way

of knowing

exactly what they'll do
this time.

We'll lead you to her.

Drop it! Put it down!

Drop it!

Tell them to drop the weapons.

Weapons down.

We're all friends here.

You will lead the team

to Christine Price

while Mr. Rennie and I

continue our conversation
on the whereabouts of the egg.

The hell I am.

Very sorry, Mr. Rennie,

but you made a promise to me.

Share information with me,

and I share information
with you.

You give me the egg,

I'll show you the way
out of the dome, and

you will be as free as a bird.

Expecting someone else?

I can tell
how much you love your daughter.

What was her name again?


That's right.
I remember now.

I met her in the
alternate reality.


It felt so real.

You know, I can still...
feel her in my arms.

But in real life,
Courtney isn't healthy,

is she?

She's outside the
dome and was born

with severe brain damage
from your drinking.

She'll never talk, never read.

Why did you lie to the group?

I don't know.

I just can't imagine her
the way that she is.

What I did to her.

So I just imagine
something else, you know?

She's out there
with new parents, and

they're helping her
and loving her, and...

the doctors are fixing
her brain.

'Cause I can't live
if I don't think

that she has a chance, so...

But she doesn't.

She never did...

because you're her mother.

Sometimes it's a relief to
admit who you really are.

I didn't mean to hurt her.

I love her.

I know. I know you do.

I know you do.

But you destroy
everything you love.

I'm speaking plainly
to you, Abby,

because I know
how much you care about Sam.

I do.

The world will never get to know
who your daughter might've been,

but there's still
time to save Sam.


I know that you'll make
the right choice this time.

Thank you.

Do me a favor.

Go tell those guys there
putting those beds together,

come in here, help us
take the ceiling down.

Good luck with that.

Christine told 'em to get

the dorms ready
for move-in tonight.

I don't care what she said.

You tell them
I said move-in can wait.

Yeah. All right.

What the hell?

It's scored.

That was very wasteful.

What? This stuff?

We're running out of time.

Remember when you told me

you thought something
was growing inside you?

You were right.

There is something growing.

The egg put a life force
inside you.

You are changing,
cell by cell, into

a better version of yourself,

a woman
who will bear Barbie's child.

But you have
to protect him, Eva.

You have to be willing
to do whatever it takes.

The child you'll have together
will replace me.

You're crazy.

Junior. Let me go!


N.. no!

Bring her here.



This fluid is finite
and precious.

A gift I would only give

to someone as important as you.


Better now?

I'm sorry
I questioned you before.

It seems so simple now.

Who I need to be.

And you remember
what we talked about?

What you need to do for Barbie?

I'll do whatever it takes.

Good girl.

Now go get some rest.

Why is that happening?

You and me?

We're the same now.

It's not so easy for everyone.

Some people need more
help than others.

And we can't
give oxytocin to everyone.

There's not enough to go around.

We need to guide the resistant.

Starting with Joe.

I need the two of you to build
something very important.

Hunter said Joe and Norrie
abandoned their work.

Send Hunter to find them
and bring them to Town Hall.

Have them wait there for me.

Joe! Norrie!

Christine wants you back

at Town Hall pronto.

We're taking the day, Hunter!

There's no law
against that, is there?

I have to come up and get you?

Yeah, come up here and
check out the view.

Are you kidding me?




what do you think?

Look, you can actually see
the old paper mill from here.

- You guys have to come back.
- You're like... cattle.

- We have to work together.
- We live together, we work together.

We moo together.

If you want to eat cow food
and be herded,

then that's your choice,

but this is a free country,
and I'm gonna do what I want.


Moo on.

I'm not going anywhere.

- Come on. Come on.
- Get away from me!



Get off me! Stop!



Hunter, are you okay?!

Okay, come on, bring it to me.

What are you doing?

Ripping all the beams
out of the ceiling.

There's no patching this up.

So Pete was right.
Where is he?

He's taking a break.

I'm sorry.

I should have just

handed the reins over to you
and moved out of the way.

I hope you know that
I trust you 100%.

So, this collapse.

I don't think
it was an accident.

I'm not sure,

but several of the beams
are scored in different places.

They've been cut.

Someone did this deliberately?

- Why?
- To prove he was right.


We can't have this
man in the group.

You know what you need to do.


You need to take care of him.

His actions

killed two people.

- Barbie!
- Hunter fell off a roof.

We need your help.

Let's go.

I return with "repleshinments."



Another pig was killed.

Well, a piglet, actually,

so there's only enough
for a few VIPs.

We'll make it our secret.

I have to prioritize,

which doesn't always sit
well with the people

who think they're getting
the short end of the stick.

I underestimated you, Pete.

You're a man who listens
to his instincts

and does what he has to do
to be heard.

The problem is, is not everyone

respects your initiative.

Barbie knows that
you cut the beams

in the ceiling, that you're
responsible for the deaths

- of those two people.
- What?

I had nothing to do with that.

Of course you did.

And I understand why.

But Barbie doesn't.

And he's going to kill you.

I pleaded with him.

I told him our group
can't operate like that.

But his mind's made up.

I know that you're not

the real threat.

Barbie is.

Without him around, you'd
have everything you want:

women, power, status.

He's the enemy.

The only thing holding you back.

- So what am I supposed to do?
- You're

an instinctive man, Pete.

You do what feels right.

What are you doing in my office?

It's not your office anymore.

What has gotten into you?

You're even more brash
than usual.

Well, if I were to scream,

everyone in this building
would come and restrain you.

Not when I tell everyone
you've been lying to them

about being a therapist

or whatever you are.
And I'm gonna scream it

from the center of town

if you don't get your ass
in my car

right now.

All right.

All right, we need
to stabilize him.

Joe, get his head. Norrie, get
his feet. Where the hell's Sam?

Hey, buddy. Hey.
How you feeling?

- What happened?
- You fell off

- the roof.
- All right, Hunter, do me...

do me a favor here, all right?
Can you move your fingers?

That's a good sign.
All right, now your feet.

Come on, Hunter, I need
you to move your feet now.

Barbie, I can't feel my legs.

I can't feel my legs.

Okay, listen,
I'm-I'm gonna go get Eva, okay?

She dealt with a lot of these injuries
in the alternate reality.

It's gonna be okay.

Hunter, what happened
on the roof?

I asked Norrie to come with me
and she sat down.

And when I tried to get her up,
she pushed me.

- Norrie pushed me.
- That's not what happened.

She's right. Hunter grabbed
her wrist and she pulled away.

I mean, he lost his balance.

It was an accident.

You're responsible for this.

- There need to be consequences.
- No, no.

It was an accident,
like Joe said.

Junior, what's wrong with you?

Something's wrong
with these people.

- Come on.
- Go.

- This way.
- Okay.

- Go. Go!
- Go!

- Come on!
- Come on!


Get out of the way!


Junior! Junior.

Help us.

No one's going anywhere
until we talk to Christine.

Get out.

It must be exhausting being
the only soldier left

in a war
that's already been lost.

Get out. Start moving.

Nothing's been lost.

You're on your way
to Bird Island,

where whatever's in you
that's making you such a monster

will be removed.

And if you survive,

all of Chester's Mill
will get the same treatment

until this town goes back
to the way that it was.

You actually mean
to save humanity?

That's just so sweet.


it's much too late for that.

Eva! Hey! Eva!

Hunter fell off a roof.
I think he's paralyzed.

- I'm gonna need a hand. Come on.
- Okay.

I'm the hero now, you hear me?!

I'm gonna take your place
and your girl!

You will never have a girl
like me.

You want to know why?
Because you're a piece

of trash who never learned
how to be a man.

I'm here.
I'm here.

I'll do anything for you, Dale.

And I'll do anything for you.

We're almost there.

Door's that way.

Yes. But the way out
of the dome is here.

Wait! Wait!

What is this?!

It's a birdcage.

Isn't it extraordinary?

This island was once filled
with ornithologists.

This... is my favorite cage.

But I'm not infected.


What are you doing with my dog?


It's okay, boy.
It's okay, boy. Come here.

You weren't honest with me
about the egg, Mr. Rennie.

The egg is not on Bird Island.

Wait! Wait!

I lied.

It's at Town Hall.

Christine's got it.

You've lost your chance.


take this animal
into the next room

and slaughter it.

No, no! Wait, wait!


All right.

It's smashed.

I broke it. It's broken.

It's smashed.

Give me my dog back.

Come here. Come here, boy.
Good boy.

Come here. Come here, boy.
Good boy.

Come here.

Good boy.
You're a good boy.

Good boy, good boy, good boy.

Good boy.

- Why am I here?
- Every proper study

must have an experiment

and a control.

Christine Price
is the experiment,

and you, Mr. Rennie,

are the control.

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