Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 3, Episode 4 - The Kinship - full transcript

Under the guise of helping Chester's Mill rebuild, Christine urges the townspeople towards specific individuals and projects that remind them of their experience in the tunnels.

Three weeks ago,
an invisible dome crashed down

on Chester's Mill, cutting us
off from the rest of the world.

The dome has tested our limits,

forcing each of us to confront
our own personal demons...




My God.

Now, in order to survive,

we must battle our most
dangerous adversary...

the enemy within.

I'm Christine Price.

This is my friend, Eva.

You were together
for what felt like a year.

So I understand
if you still have feelings.

You can't possibly understand
any of this.

- You never went anywhere.
- I did. I moved on. I got rid of you.

You should be thanking me.

Yesterday we were together.

But in the Matrix,

you moved on without me.

According to the dark flight

of the meteoroid...

Therapist, my ass.

You got that, Malick?

I'm getting out of here.

You're leaving town?

Those people,
they're not the same.

They've changed.

I'm right about them.

Just like I was right
about everything else.

What the hell is that?

What is she?

What a surprise to see you here.

Is this your campsite?

Took your advice...
dropped the match.

No more house, no more Big Jim.

I just get so
sweaty when I run.

Do you have a clean
shirt I could borrow?



How does that make you feel?

I feel like my dad's
gonna come after me.

Well, letting go

of the past and moving on...

is a process.

You've taken an
important first step.

What are you doing today?

I was gonna head into town.


I could use your
help with a project.

Well... I'll
see you soon.

Well, normally,

I'd applaud you, kid, but...

that woman...

that thing.


3x04 - The Kinship

Are you okay?

You said you'd be back
in an hour.

I didn't sleep all night,

Yeah. I...

was just out wandering.

After I buried Melanie and Dad,

I needed some
more time. Sorry.

I understand.

What's this?

It's an I.D. badge.

I found it in the biggest cocoon,
where Melanie put the egg.

I'm guessing whoever was
inside must be important.

Yeah. Makes sense.

I think we should
talk to Christine.

I think she knows more
than she's telling us.

Well, Christine
saved your life.

She killed Melanie to do it.

And I'm grateful.

But how did she show up
at the perfect time?

She said she was out hunting.

Where are you going?

Into town.


Because I think we should.



What the hell?
Where's the camera?

Where's the camera?

It's amazing how quickly
they've begun to gather.

Last night they heard
my call; today...

more have set up camp.

One by one, they're
completing their journeys.

James is farthest along.

He's let go of the fear
that held him back.

Today I'll assess his progress
and see if he's ready

to take the next step.

Sam is also doing very well,

putting his shame behind him.

And Norrie has let go
of most of her anger.

But I'm concerned about Joe...
he didn't show up last night.

Perhaps his grief
has resurfaced.

His resistance
could be contagious

if it's not snuffed out.

I'll pay him a visit.

Well, I'm surprised
to see Barbie with Julia.

He and Eva seemed so bonded
last night.

The moment he's ready
to move on...

there won't be any reason
for her to exist.

Come on. Your turn.

There's no way I'm stripping
down and getting in there.

: You said
if I did, you would.

Yeah, and you fell for it.

God, I can't believe
we stayed up all night.

I'm not even tired.

Yeah, staring up at the moon
must be the cure for exhaustion,

'cause I don't feel like
I'll ever need sleep again.

Yeah, but what were we doing?

All of us just standing there?

Who cares?

It felt good.

I used to hate that
"all join hands" kind of crap.

But now...

Introducing Norrie 2.0.

The mellower...

sweeter Norrie.


I was looking for you all night.

I was stupid enough
to even be worried about you.

- Joe...
- I knew something was up.

Why couldn't you just tell me?

You obviously want
your Matrix life back...

sororities, Hunter.

Not me.

Let's just end this.

The living situation outside
worries me.

There's too many people
and not enough tents.

Well, the houses were destroyed
when the dome contracted,

so there's nowhere else
for them to go.

I'd like to change all that.

So take your dad's office
for instance.

I'd like to blow out the walls

and fashion one large
communal area.

How would you do that?

Remove the trim,
cut through the drywall,

take out the studs
with a reciprocating saw.

See? You retained
the knowledge

you gained in the other world.


Chester's Mill needs
to heal from the wounds

that your father inflicted.

Tearing down his office
shows everyone

that Big Jim no longer
has a hold on this place.

If this is too hard for you,
I understand.

Someone else can handle it.

: But...
it might be good

for you.


Who are you?

Where are we?

What are you doing here?

Slow down! Wait...

Get the hell away from me!
Get away from me!

Get away! No!

- Please tell me you have the camera.
- What's wrong? Is it missing?

I had it last night;
this morning it was gone.

Did someone see you
with it yesterday?

Why are you assuming
it was my fault?

- My God.
- Maybe someone's suspicious of you.

I don't understand why you're still
pretending to be a therapist.

I am following
the path set out for me

in the alternate reality.

Do you hear yourself?

You sound crazy.

Any crazier than
thinking you're pregnant?

Or holding hands
with Dale Barbara

in front of the whole town?

What happened in those
cocoons clearly affected us.

Yeah. The man I was with
for what felt like a year

will barely look at me, and
I'm lying to him about who I am.

Maybe the footage
being stolen is a sign.

No, it's not a sign, it's a screw-up...
we have to get it back.

I'm guessing that it was either
Jim Rennie or Julia Shumway

who took it.

Jim seems to have taken off,
but Julia, she...

well, she's two doors down
at the motel.

She is? With Dale?

Am I interrupting?

Not at all.

Eva was just leaving.

Thank you for letting
me know. Rest assured

I'll... handle the situation.

How's the support group going?

Good. We had
more people today.

Coming together as a community
is really helping.

And how's Abby Dewitt?

- Is she coping any better?
- She didn't show this morning.

I'll track her down,
make sure she's okay.

Thank you.

- How are you doing?
- I'm good, but...

I still need to ask Joe
for forgiveness.

Would you like me
to talk to him?

That'd be great.

Be at the Sweetbriar
at 7:00 p.m. tonight.

I'll make sure that Joe's there.

You're doing
the right thing, Sam.

There's not enough food
to go around.

There's barely
one can per family.

Well, when people get hungry,
things get bad real fast.

I saw it happen last year.

You mean when you
were in the cocoons?



How are you?

I'm good.

Get me a blanket.

Here, take...

My son,

my son!
My son

is in there!

I got him. He's okay.

Get something under
his head. He's okay.

Somebody have any water?

- Okay.
- Sweetheart, here you go.

These tents
are too close together...

- it's dangerous.
- Yes, you're right. Look, I know

that many of you are without
homes and others just want

to be close to fellow
Millers so we can

lean on each other,
which is why we're

building dorms
inside the town hall.

Pete, right?

You worked construction
before the dome came down?

We could just
really use your help.

James Rennie
is organizing a crew inside.

Yeah, I'll do whatever I can.

Thank you.

Using town hall for
housing is smart, but...

food's still our real issue.

Have you considered
alternate sources?

Seeds, wild plants?

We've pretty much
combed through this whole town.

I've worked in famine-stricken
countries, learned a few tricks.

Can't hurt to
look again, right?

You could show me around town.

Yeah, I guess I could.


Maybe we can discuss
the dorm plans.

I'd really love your input.

His tests are negative.

Contact with the egg
hasn't altered him.

No need for that mask.

15 panels, all consistent.


Aktaion's inside the dome.

I wanted to thank you
for yesterday.

If you hadn't shown up,
Melanie would've killed me.

Thank God that you
were looking for food

in exactly the right spot.

Yeah, it was
a lucky coincidence.

Hunter, Norrie.

Where's Joe? I thought
that he was with you.

He's had kind of a rough time
since we

got out of the cocoons
and he ran off somewhere.

Well, I'll find him.

What can we do to help?
More hunting?

You were hunting?

I killed a pig.

Well, Barbie and Eva are out

looking for food,
but Junior could use

you on his dorm-building team.
I'll show you. Do you mind

waiting here for me?

Of course not.

Come on.

What are you doing with that?

It... looks like
my voice recorder.

I was a reporter.

Carried it everywhere.

After the dome came down
I lost it in the chaos,

so when I saw this...

- In my drawer?
- Well, you've only been here a day.

I didn't think you had time
to furnish an office.

You were snooping.

I don't blame you.
I would've done the same thing.

I'm happy to answer
any questions you have.

What's on the recorder?

Notes about my clients.

What happened in those
cocoons left people reeling.

I'm just trying to help.

So you keep saying.

It's the truth.

Could I have that?

I don't want to betray
their confidences.

I found something in the caves.

Maybe you can help me
figure out who it belongs to,

since you seem to know
everybody so well.

Better than me, even.

What did you want to show me?

Found it at the tunnel's exit.

a question I can answer.

It's my I.D. badge
from the University of Zenith.

You teach?


Yeah, I like to keep busy.

What happened
between Barbie and Eva

must be very difficult for you.

Well, that wasn't real.

This is.

I'm still impressed
that you're okay with them

going off together
after what happened last night.

He didn't tell you?

You know, I'm available if...

you need to talk.

It was really great

talking to you, Christine.

Well, well, well.

If it isn't my
old buddy Malick.

From outside the dome.

Tell me about the egg.


You, you mean
the egg that I gave you

after you promised
my family would get out?

Somehow it got back in here,
along with your company.

How'd you get in?

Where's the egg?

I bet you'd like to know.

You're scared.

All these tests,

the isolation.

There's something inside
that egg, isn't there?

And you think it infected me.

Well, you've got it wrong.

I'm not the one you
should be worried about.

We made a deal once, Malick,
but you never followed through.

Now here's your chance.
I can tell you

all kinds of things.
And you better act quick,

because you're right...

what's inside that egg
is scary as hell

and it's already been unleashed.

We lost most of these crops
to an infestation.

The rest of 'em to a freeze.

Was that before or after
the frogs fell from the sky?

The frogs are still
on our bucket list.

I thought Morocco was tough.

- Do you remember that hailstorm?
- Yeah.

You mean the hailstorm
that started

in the middle
of a sandstorm, right?

Pellets the size of a softball.

We had that crappy little tent
and one sleeping bag.

Yeah. Didn't think
there was any way

we were gonna
make it till the morning.

We did.

We made the most of the night.

Now all I can think about
is how you're sleeping

in the same motel as me,

two doors down, but with her.

Seeds. They're viable.

We could harvest them,
start planting.

Yeah, corn's gonna take
months to grow.

We're gonna be out of food
in days.

Well, it's a good
long-term plan.

We just need to figure
out the short term.

Who's this optimist?

'Cause you're a realist.

That's true. But I know you.

You're not gonna
let this town starve.

What's that?

What... the silos?

Yeah, we already
thought about those.

They're filled
with cattle feed.

- Cattle feed?
- Yeah.

Do you think Joe's all right?

Yeah. Christine
will talk to him.

Yeah, I guess.

Keep moving.
We're waiting on you.

So, Nor, I was thinking

since Joe's not here,

there's no reason we can't
pick up where we left off.

We're supposed to be working.

I didn't mean right now.

But I bet we could find
an empty closet around here.

You're such a romantic.

I just keep thinking
of how crappy it was

to let Joe see us like that.

He had a right to be pissed.
I would've been.

So... next time

you see him, apologize.

- What else can you do?
- I don't know.

It's just...

it feels like a year
has passed to me,

but for Joe it seems like
it was just the one day.

That makes no sense.

He was in the alternate
reality, too.

He's a big boy.

He'll figure it out.

There you are.

What are you doing here?

Looking for you.

Got a nice tour of
Chester's Mill in the process.

This place blows.

Under the dome,

not under the dome...

doesn't matter.

Is this about Norrie and Hunter?

Norrie's changed. Hunter, too.

And part of me wants
to be like them, but...

Something's holding you back.

Your grief.

I saw a dead body yesterday.

Andrea Grinnell.

Yeah, made you think
of your sister.

Of course it did.

But it's more than that.

I want to feel better,

but I don't want to be
like Norrie or Hunter.

Something about them
is just off.

Yeah, I hear you, Joe.


I want you to just consider

that frustration

might be clouding your view.

You see that Norrie's happy
and you're not

and it upsets you.


In the alternate reality
we spoke about

how grief
was weighing you down.

But remember how good you felt

when you finished
your college portfolio?

Having a...
a sense of purpose

helped you let go of the past.

You need something
to make you feel

like a part of our group.
Part of our kinship.

Like what?

Well, this town's
got all kinds of needs.

Your choice.

Can I ask you to do one thing
for me, though?

Sam came to me today.

He wants to meet with you.

Finish the conversation that you
started before in the other world.


He'll be at the Sweetbriar
tonight at 7:00.

Just consider it.

But for what it's worth,

I think you're ready
to forgive him...

and to finally move on.


Abby, you here?


Abby! Abby!

Come on!

Slow breaths. In and out.

You're drunk.

I figured if it...

was my last day on Earth,
I might as well enjoy it.

What happened?

I just couldn't bear it.

Not for another hour

or another minute.

I was up on that
chair half the day.

When I heard the door open,
I just went for it.

At least I'm not alone anymore.

You don't want to do this.

The dome's gonna come down
for real one day.

- You'll be reunited with your baby.
- Even if that happens,

I am never getting her back,

I know

you think I lost my daughter
'cause of the dome,

but she was long gone
before that.

Social Services took her
right out of my arms.

I can help, Abby.

You messed up once,

but you can change.

Who are you trying to save,

me or you?

'Cause I thought the same
thing when I got pregnant.

I thought I was gonna clean up
and be the best mom.

But then it
was 2:00 a.m.

and the baby was screaming
and the bottle was right there.

There's no fixing me.

Trust me.

Took a crew out to one
of the houses that was crushed.

That's great.
Thank you.

If it buys me a place
to live, it's all good.

I've been freezing
my ass off at night.

We'll move people in
when construction's complete.

Why wait?

We want to do this fairly.

Everyone at the same time.

Man. Don't feed me
that bullcrap.

I know
how your daddy runs things.

- Like father, like son.
- I'm nothing like Big Jim.

I don't hand out favors.

It's because of her, isn't it?


Christine Price.

I saw how she worked
in the alternate reality,

always giving orders,
never taking 'em.

She told you what to do,
didn't she?

At least I respected Big Jim.

Only thing I like
about Christine

is watching her walk away.

We don't make deals.

It's simple.

Tell us about the egg,
or we torture you.

And this...

this is a preview.

Wait, wait. Stop.

I know where the egg is.

I stole it.

It's here on Bird Island.

Take me to it.

Me and my boss.

Right now.

Let's go.

Come on. Get up.

Not a sound.

Don't move.

You're gonna take me
to the comm station outside.

We're gonna talk
to whoever's in charge,

and we're gonna make
a little trade,

your life for my ticket out
of this godforsaken dome.

Any questions?

Which way?

Drop the weapon.

I'm walking out of here.

You try to stop me, he dies.

You killed your own man.


For the egg.

Where is it?

You need me.

If I die,

you got no one
to tell you where the egg is.

Let him go.

He can't get far.

People eating cattle feed? I
didn't think that was possible.

The feed had to be pulverized
and fermented

and it tastes disgusting,
but it's digestible.

That's a good sign.

All right, there's a
window up top here.


There's feed!

How much?

Well, it looks like enough
to hold us over

till the crops start producing.


Hang on!


One, two, three.

What are those?

Solar panels.

A bunch of 'em got
pulled off of people's homes

when the dome was magnetized.

Might be able to use 'em to
get the power running again.

I'm impressed.

And you're out here
getting creative,

while everyone else is
at Town Hall doing...

Christine Price's bidding.

Actually, it was a
conversation with her

that made me think of it.

Guess she found you
before I did.

It was a good talk.

She thinks my issues with Sam
are holding me back.

Your issues with Sam?

That man murdered your sister
two weeks ago.

Why does she care?

Why do you listen to her?

What she says just makes sense.

We all have to work together now
and get along,

help the kinship.

"The kinship." I've never heard
you talk like that.

That's what Christine calls it.

My God.

Christine works for Aktaion.

No. No way.
Christine's a therapist.

That's what she said,
but I found her badge.

She said
it was her university I.D.

That looks exactly
like the Aktaion logo to me.

You're right. So...

Christine's been lying to us?

About that
and who knows what else.

It'll have to be ground down,
boiled, and we have

to find a fermenting agent,
but it's doable.

Great work. You two
make a good team.


Well, I should...

I should get home.

We need to take it out
to open up the room.

- You can't.
- It's safe. I checked

- the plans.
- Well, you better read 'em again,

because, I'm telling you,
that column is load-bearing.

Look, I know how to read blueprints.

In la-la land, maybe. Here
in the real world, I spent

five years working construction.
You take that out,

the whole place is gonna
come crashing down.


Come on, man. Really?

She is probably
the only person here

who knows less about this
than you do.

Let the big boys handle
this, sweetheart, all right?


My team, my call.

Get out now.

You are gonna regret this.

All of you.

Good job.

My God.

Where did you find chocolate?

Andrea had some.

I figured keeping one bar
wasn't gonna hurt anybody.

Thank you.

Today has not been
my favorite day ever.

Well, it's not all bad.

We're together.

I thought
this was what you wanted.

It is. I...

Just not right now.


I guess you're used to Joe.

What's that mean?

He's a kid.

You're not.

We're a better fit.

Yeah, we might be,
but I can't tell because all

- you care about is screwing me.
- I thought we were just having fun.

If you want to talk or whatever,

I can do that, too.


You know what?

This just isn't me.

You're wasting your time, Sam.

I am done pretending
that I can move on, all right?

I hurt my kid and there is not

enough absolution
in the world...

In the alternate reality,
you got her back.

It was a fantasy, Sam!

A lie, all right?

It never existed
and it never will.

You killed a girl.

You stole her from her family.

You think saying sorry
changes that?

It's all I can do.

It's not enough.

No one will ever forgive you.

You're just like me,

beyond salvation,
beyond anything

other than another drink.

How'd it go?

We found food.

It's cattle feed,
but it'll work.

That's great.

Christine's got some ideas
to make it more palatable.

We need to talk about her.

She's not who she says she is.

- She works for Aktaion.
- What?

The badge I found in the caves
belongs to Christine.

She admitted it.

She said that she works
for Aktaion?

No, she said it was
her university I.D...

but the logo is Aktaion's.

I mean, maybe.

Or maybe the university logo
just looks similar.

It fits perfectly.

Barbie, this is Aktaion.

You father's company.

You know better than anyone
how shady they are.

They always wanted the egg,
and now Christine appears

out of nowhere
trying to take over the town?

I don't know how it
all fits together,

but Christine is lying.

- Eva, too.
- You see?

Don't bring Eva into this.

Eva is lying!

And so are you.

You were with her last night,
weren't you?

Nothing happened.

All right, well, then
what did you do all night?

Look, this is
complicated, okay?

You keep telling me you
understand, but you don't!

I'm trying!

But you need to be
honest with me!

I saw your face this morning!

You wanted to go with her!

We needed to find food!

- Someone else could've done that!
- Come on.

Yesterday you promised we
were gonna get through this.

I waited up all night
to talk to you

while you were with her!

Same thing today!

What am I supposed to do?!

I'm supposed to
just-just sit here

while you go off
and screw her?!

I don't know what's going on

but you need to leave.

I've just been
walking in circles

trying to...
figure this whole thing out.

Did you?

Ever since we woke up,

I haven't been able to shake
the feeling I'm pregnant.

I know how weird that sounds.

What we had...

that felt just as real to me
as it did to you.

I mean, the baby,


Did you take the test?

I haven't looked at it yet.

Where is it?

Right there.

What's it say?

It's negative.

Well, I guess it wasn't
meant to be after all.

You should go.

I'll be all right.

Isn't this better
than whatever you were gonna do?


I like you this way.

You don't want to shoot me, Red.

I promise I'm not
the bad guy here.

They kidnapped me.

They ran tests on me.

They work for Aktaion.

What are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be off
with your new boyfriend,

singing "Kum-Bah-Ya"
with the town?

Wasn't feeling it.

What about Hunter?

Listen, Joe,

I'm sorry.

What we did was crappy.

Really crappy.


I've had a lousy day.

Can I just go to sleep?

What happened?

Tell me.

I was supposed to meet Sam.

He was supposed to ask
for my forgiveness,

like in the Matrix world.

But... he didn't show.

I was ready to do
this huge thing...

which I wasn't even
sure I wanted to do.

I feel like an idiot for letting
Christine talk me into it.

Why should you forgive him?!

He killed Angie!

And for him to not even show up
after you agreed to meet him?

He should have groveled,

and you should've told him
to go screw himself. I hate him!

I hate everyone!

Why are you smiling?


this is you.

You're back.

What the hell was wrong with me?

I don't know...

...but I missed you.

Does this mean I...

I should get a condom?

Do you have one?


I have... like, a lot.

Well, that's overkill.

But yeah.

Definitely yes.


What are we doing here?

I'm taking my star pupil
on a field trip.

Back to where it all began.

You did well today.

Perfectly, in fact.

But not everyone
is falling into line.

The longer they're
outside the cocoons,

the more their humanity
takes hold.

But not to fear.

There's a solution.

How can I help?

I have something special
planned for you.

In time, it'll become clear.

But for now...

...you're exactly what I need.

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