Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 3, Episode 3 - Redux - full transcript

The residents of Chester's Mill try to move on after emerging from the cocoons in the tunnels. Big Jim becomes suspicious of Christine and Eva.

Three weeks ago,
an invisible dome crashed down

on Chester's Mill, cutting us
off from the rest of the world.

The dome has tested
our limits...


...pitting us against
one another.

Chester's Mill sentences
Dale Barbara to death.

...and forcing each of us

to confront our own
personal demons...


I need to know that you will
stand with me against that!


I don't understand...
who could do this to her?

I promise you, we're going
to catch whoever did this.

- ...fear...
- We're trapped.

I hear we're going
to run out of water.

You killed Angie McAlister.


I thought it would bring
the dome down.

I would do anything
to take it back.

But we've also found love
under the dome.

And we have battled to
keep our town together.

I thought the dome
was supposed to protect us.

No, it's up to us
to protect each other.

Now we may finally have found
a way out.

We're outside the dome.

We hope it takes us home,

but what if it takes us
to an alternate reality?

Whatever's going down
in Chester's Mill,

here's proof
that it ain't real.

These places...

these people...

something is wrong here.

What do you say, Red?

Do it.

You okay?

Okay, stay close.

Watch your step.

Here, use your legs.
I got you.

Come here, don't put
too much weight on it.

Is this a joke?

So what are we gonna do now?

I'm getting so tired of this...

It's all right.
It's gonna be all right.

I just can't take this anymore.

3x03 - Redux

We walked
into the white light...

and we just kept going.

And the dome was gone.

And we were free.

The outside world,
somehow it seemed more...

more beautiful,

you know, more vibrant.

Where was I?

You were dead.

What did you do after I died?


I want to know
what it was like for you.

There was a funeral,

and I met your parents.
The only thing I could do

was to get as far away
from Chester's Mill as possible.

Where'd you go?



I ran rescue missions.

I dreamt about you

every night.

Hey, it's okay.

I met a woman.

She doesn't matter.

None of it was real.

What happened to your neck?

Your father came back.

He brought the egg.

- My father did that?
- No.

Don's dead.


I think Melanie killed him.

How could you even say that?

Because she tried
to kill me, too.

Found this in an emergency kit.

You should eat something.

Come on home.

That's your home, not mine.

Course it's yours.

I-I don't know
how I'm back here.

You were in some kind
of a-a, a-a cocoon,

- and-and... you never went anywhere.
- I did.

I moved on. I got rid of you.

This time has to
be different, Dad.

I want to forgive you.

- For what?
- All of it.

Locking me up
in that bomb shelter,

alone, in the dark.

Leaving me up in that tree,
forcing me

to go get the belt.

I saved you.

You should be

thanking me.

You were a weak little kid.

I just tried to make you strong.

I was stronger without you.


In your little make-believe
cocoon world?

You're still weak.

You're pathetic and afraid.

You can punch that dome
as many times as you need to,


You're back under it.

Three weeks.

That's how long you and I
were in those cocoons.

My God.

I know.


the last thing I remember
was us finding that egg.

And then I was in an alternate
reality for, like, a year.

In love with Dale,
carrying his child.

And now we've hatched

and we're under a dome?

None of this makes sense.

We're anthropologists.

But in that world,
I was an aid worker.

You-you were a therapist.

Why were we different?

I can't tell you that,

I think it's a good thing.

If this town knew

who we really are, that
we were here to find that egg,

we'd have a lot
more to answer for.

All those hunts
Hektor sent us on,

do you think Aktaion knew what
would happen when we found one?

Tomorrow we'll go to
that town hall meeting

- and find out what we can.
- No, I'm...

I can't see Dale.
With her.

We have to go.

People saw us in those caves.

If we don't show up,
they'll come looking.

Is it possible I'm pregnant?

I don't think so, hon.

It felt so real.

It still does.

You have always talked
about wanting kids.

It'll happen.

I guess the best way of
explaining it is that we were in

a simulated reality.

Like The Matrix.

Want to hear something weird?

More weird

than we were in a Matrix?

I don't need my glasses anymore.

I can see without them.

Maybe the goo that was
all over us fixed your eyes.

Well, yay, you can see,

but we're still trapped
inside this hell bubble.

Want my sweater?


Wh-What are you even doing here?

I don't have a house to go to.

Can we please go to sleep?

Yesterday we were together.

But in the Matrix,
you moved on without me.


what are we now?

I don't know.

It feels like a year's passed.

And I feel...


They're dead.

All of them.

Their cycle came to an end.

And, unlike you, they won't
be brought back to life.

You had a job:

lead the people to be cocooned

so that the egg could infuse
them with the life force.

I tried.

I did.

I'm so sorry.

Why were we chosen to do this?

You and I made first contact
with the egg.

When we touched it, we gained

a complete understanding
of the dome's agenda:

survive and propagate.

But I touched the egg first.

25 years ago.

It should have been me
inside the queen cocoon,

not you.

But you died
during the download.

Three weeks ago, I came along.

From inside my cocoon,
I could see

that this town was on the brink
of destroying itself.

What is that stuff?

Oxytocin. It's a mood regulator.

It, plus the alternate reality,
was essential

to shape these humans
into a functioning collective,

so that we could gain
a foothold.


the transfer of the life force
was interrupted.

Because Big Jim
destroyed the egg.

Because you didn't protect it.

Everyone who was cocooned

has a role to play.

We need to finish
what we started.


Well, I can't go up there.

I'm surprised Julia hasn't come
looking for me already.

I'll assess the townspeople

and determine how much work
is left to do.

You handle Julia.

If she shows up, kill her.

- Hey.
- Hey, Jim.

How are you?

Hey, there.

- How are you guys?
- How are you?

Let's get this meeting started.



It's clean.

From my well.

It's good to see you all.


Right back here
in Chester's Mill.

You think we're gonna
listen to you, Jim?

You ran this town
into the ground.

No, Roger, I didn't.

I risked everything

to set you free
from those cocoons.

Because I love this town.

And I'd do anything for it.

I'll get you back on your feet.

But first things first.

We need answers.

For you, for all of you.

For my son.

The person that has
those answers is Melanie Cross.

And I won't stop
until we find that girl.

He's starting a witch
hunt for Melanie.

They'll kill her before
we get any answers.

She knows what's
going on in this town

and I'm gonna find out
what it is.

Forget Melanie.

You're the biggest threat
this town's ever seen.

- Hey.
- Barbie!

I saved everyone in there!




Who are you?

Answer the question.

Who are you?

I'm Christine Price

and this is my friend Eva.

Excuse me, I need some air.

And you all know each other?

Yeah. We do.

Eva and I were in the...

alternate reality,
as strange as it sounds.

Sounds pretty strange.

Everyone in the cocoons

was from Chester's Mill.

But you're not.

No, no. We...

We were here on vacation.

We went for a hike
in the woods and...

wandered off the trail and...

And then what?

We stepped into
some kind of a sinkhole,

and emerged

from those cocoons yesterday,

along with everybody else.

When did you go on this hike?

Three weeks ago.

That's some story.

I'm a therapist.

I helped this town
recover from a trauma...

in the cocoons.

It seems as if people could use

that same kind of help now?

Shall we?

You're staying out here.

Or what?

Or we tell them everything.



You shot Junior.

How you came after me.

After all I did for you
in those caves?

That doesn't undo
everything else.

Chester's Mill's still
better off without you.

Is it?


alternate reality...


Looks like everyone's shaken up.

Except for Christine Price.

In the cocoons, we were
back with our families

and now we are stuck here,
again, because of you,

because of Melanie.

You gonna do something about it?

Look, I-I promise you,
I'll find Melanie.

All right? I'll get us all
the answers that we need.

What do we do?

I lost my home, too.

If you have a house,

open your doors.

Let's share what we have.

The last time I stood
in front of you,

I urged you to find strength
in community.

We all have something
to contribute.

There's gotta be wildlife
out there.


You can build traps.

Or I could help find Melanie.

No, Christine's right.
We need to eat.

I'll handle Melanie.

Well, isn't there food
at Andrea's house?

In the root cellar.

Someone can take my car.

I'll go.

I'll go with you.

And I'll set up an office,
here in this building.

If anybody needs support,
come find me.


There's a lot
of overwhelmed people here.

Do you think you could
start a support group?

Why would I do that?

Your AA experience
in the prison.

You could apply it here.

People in this town
see me as a murderer,

- not a counselor.
- Just...

think about it.

And... do you think
you could find your nephew?

I didn't see him here.

She called you "Dale."

Julia, I said I don't
want to talk about it.

The woman you had
a relationship with

is suddenly here, in the flesh.

Of course I have questions.

Don't you?


I do.

About things
that really happened.

I was in a cocoon,

my father's dead,

you were nearly killed

and Melanie can
answer for it all.

We need to find her.

So, please, can we do that?

He's right, you're weak,
you're weak, you're pathetic.

do something right

for once in your life.


Go away, Sam.
Leave me alone.

Go away!

What's so bad that
you gotta end it all?

Come on.

Tell me.

The life we had,
in the cocoons?

I saw the world.

I knew what it was like
to be my own man,

to be free from my father,

and I can't be back
under this dome with him again.

I'd rather be dead.

Congratulations, kid.

For what?

Hitting bottom.

You gotta get here
before you're ready to change.

Whatever you found

in that other life
can help you here.

Give me the gun.

It works.

There's more supplies
in Andrea's garage.

I'll get them and set up
the traps around the property.

Do you want to help me?

It's been a while since we've
wandered around those woods.

We're not here for nature,
we're here to get food.

And then we have to take it back
and set it up for everyone.

First you volunteer
to schlep cans,

and now you're throwing a dinner
party for a town you hate?

we're all in it together.

Root cellar's out back.

Come on, Zeta.

Let's grab us
some cans of corn.

We'll meet you back at the car.

How does he know what
sorority you joined?

I... saw him when we were
back at the memorial.

I must've told him.

You're really going
to counsel people?

Until someone else steps in.

I've got a PhD
in biological anthropology.

I know enough to coach people
through a crisis.

Do we really need to lie
about who we are?

We need to keep their trust.

We're trapped here;

the most important thing
is survival.

When did you become
so calculating?


Remember when we found
that meteorite in North Dakota?

Who negotiated our exit
with that wolf?

We've been through
so much together.

We'll get through this.

But first, we got work to do.

- What's that?
- Well, I'll stay here

and try to calm people down.

You go find the one thing
that could expose us.

I... I don't even know
where to start.

We have found the remains
of ancient civilizations.

I'm sure you can handle this.

She's not here.

That's where you were.

And that's where I saw
Melanie put the egg...

right before she
tried to kill me.

But you saved her.

Protected her.

Yeah, and then she turned on me.

And you can't deny
what she led you into.

Everyone in these
cocoons was connected.

You and Eva were
together for a reason.

Here we go.

- Now we're back on this again.
- We are.

Barbie, I saw the way
you looked at her.

You were together for
what felt like a year.

That is so much longer
than we've been together,

so I understand if you
still have feelings.

You were not in one
of these things, Julia.

You can't possibly
understand any of this.

I'm trying, but you
won't talk to me.

You're different somehow.

Did you love her?

I'm gonna keep looking
for Melanie.

The tunnel branches off
about 30 paces down.

I'll be fine.



It's better than nothing.

Not by a lot.

Well, maybe we can find

a stockpile of Girl Scout
cookies somewhere in here.

NYC Punk?

I didn't know Andrea, but she
had serious taste in music.

It was probably her kids'.

Unless, you know,
she also played lacrosse.

Hey, look.

Before there was Katniss,

there was me at summer camp.

No TV, no boys, just singing
and swimming and sports.

Your camp sounds a lot like
a sorority with less beer pong.

What's wrong?

I want it back.

That life.

I was a part of something,
and it felt good.

You know...

there's a way we can
feel good right here...

...under this dome.

You're an idiot.

You know you want to dance, so come on.


Just a little head bob,
you know?

All right, well,
you're welcome.

Let's keep hunting for grub.

The town's counting on us.

"Support group next door."

You're all here
to see Christine?

She offered to help;
we need it.

Christine was my counselor
while I was in prison.

I learned a lot from her.

This morning, she asked me if
I would lead a support group.



I'm not staying.

I can't just tell a bunch of
strangers all my problems.

Junior, I don't think
you should be alone right now.

You have my gun.

You can't babysit me forever.

I was giving her a bath.

And we were singing a song
when it all ended.

: And I can't
lose her again.

Can you survive one hour
without your child?


That's where you start.

I'll be here any hour you need.

For all of you.

Hey, Junior.

Excuse me, there's, people
in there, waiting for you.


I was out looking for food.

It's good to see
you again, James.

We never really met.

How you doing?

I'm okay.

Now, how about the truth?

The truth?

I don't know how
I'm gonna survive here.

In that other world,
I killed my father,

I was ready
to burn down his house.

That was the life
that I wanted...

to be free from him.

But... I'm here.

You were about to
make a breakthrough.

If you really want
to be who you were...

...finish what you started.

Drop the match.

We are what we do.

We are what we do.


Everything started here.

Are you okay?

What happened?

I found Ben's body.

His neck was bruised
just like yours.

He said he saw Melanie
in the alternate reality.

He didn't die from
an asthma attack.

He died because she
killed him here.

I'm sorry I left you alone.

I think all this was way more
real than I wanted to admit.

Including Eva.

Tell me.

I mourned you, Julia.

Time passed.

And I fell in love with her.

And that, with her...

...that feels like yesterday.



Hey, Davy Crockett.

Why'd you shut the party down?


This is a crime scene.

What the hell
did you do with Andrea?

She was like that
when we got here.

We covered her and moved her.

You put her outside?

Like trash?

Ever smelled a dead body?

I've known her my whole life.

Even if you guys didn't,
she was a human being.

Joe, she would want us to eat.

What's the big deal
about us listening to music

while we search for food?

You're right.

All right, let's see what old
Thelma and Louise are up to.

And we're rolling.

According to the dark flight
calculations of the meteoroid

and magnetometer readings,

we believe we have
located the target

here in Chester's Mill.

Therapist, my ass.

Is it intact?

It's perfect!

There's a faint
dusting of quartz.

Possibly amethyst?

There appears
to be some kind of...

energy reserve.

Christine, I think
you should put it down.

Drop it! Drop it!

Drop it, Christine!

What the...?


What the hell have you done?

I'm just doing what I have
to do in order to move on.


Christine was right.

I need to finish
what I started.

Let me tell you something.

She's not who you think she is.

Those cocoons?
I think she's responsible.

I should thank her.

I've never been happier.

This makes you happy?

I don't feel it.

It's gone.

What's gone?


You don't exist.

You're not my father anymore.

It's okay! It's okay.

I'm not like them.

I'm like you... trapped.

Go find your friends.

Nice shot.

Why'd you kill it?

It's what the town needs, Joe.

Your leg okay?

I'm good.

Looks like it's
just the two of us.


Melanie... stop.

I'm sorry, Julia.
This needs to happen.

Get off!


I should've just cocooned you,
like the others!

Things would've been
so much better.

Are you okay?

What happened?

I was out looking for food
and I saw this girl.

She, she was strangling Julia.

My God, what've I done?!

You saved my life.

Guess this is as good
a place as any.

The place where he died.

And where Melanie
came back to life.

Now we'll never know
why she did that to us.

I just need a little time alone.

Of course.

I love you, Julia.

We're gonna get
through this, okay?

I love you, too.

I'll be back in an hour.

I'll see you back at the motel.


Overkill for a fishing trip.

I'm getting out of here.

You're leaving town?

Do you know what happens
inside a cocoon?

That fuzzy little caterpillar

And when it comes out,

it's something else.

Those people, they're,

they're not the same.

Well, of course they're not.

Think about what
they've been through.

No, I mean they're
not the same.

They've changed.

Junior, he-he burned
down the house,

and whistled while it blazed,
all dead behind the eyes.

He finally stood up to you.

I know my son.

That's not him.

You think your precious
little Barbie's the same?

- No way.
- Barbie and I are gonna be

just fine.

But you?

You're run out of town.

You do whatever you need to

to rationalize that.


I'm right about them.

Just like I was right
about everything else.

Get out of here.

Get out of my boat!

Go home.

You ever hear
of the designated survivor?

He goes off on
his own when the...

president and all the bigwigs

are doing
the State of the Union.

Well, bud, that's you and me.

We're gonna be out there
on Bird Island.

James was the closest...

a seed, ready to sprout...

once he shed his fear.

With the right amount of
nurturing, Sam could be next.

They came when I signaled,
without knowing why.

The life force has taken root.

Some are compelled
to serve their duties.

Some will require cultivation.

Others must be pruned away.

Weeds are stronger
than they seem,

a threat to what must blossom.

But, with careful tending,

this kinship will grow
into what we need it to be.

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