Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 3, Episode 12 - Incandescence - full transcript

As the dome's calcification accelerates, the townspeople have 24 hours left before they will suffocate; Julia and Barbie race to save Barbie's child; Hektor is adamant that the infected townspeople should never escape from the dome.

Four weeks ago,
an invisible dome crashed down

on Chester's Mill, cutting us
off from the rest of the world.

The dome has tested our limits,

forcing each of us to confront
our own personal demons...




My God.

Now, in order to survive,

we must battle
our most dangerous adversary...

the enemy within.

Inside Eva

is the queen, who will lead our kinship

out of the dome.

Push now!


That baby is half mine.

She is my queen.

We need to split the amethyst
into seven pieces.

If the cure works

and Joe figures out how to take
down the dome, maybe we can all

get out of here the
same way we came in.

When will the cure be ready
for the rest of the town?

When I say it's ready.

We have to kill them all...

Hunter, Norrie, Joe,
Barbie... everyone.

Lullaby and good night

Is baby's wee bed.

I just abandoned my newborn.

You had no choice.
The kinship would have killed us.

So we should have
followed them!

There were a dozen people
closing in on us.

We're gonna go back
to the day care

- and figure out our next move.
- No.

No, I can't.

Sorry, I got to find her.

Barbie, they are gonna have her
hidden, under heavy guard.

- This is their new queen.
- That's ridiculous!

She's a baby!

She's nobody's queen.

She was conceived and born
in three days.

- She is my daughter.
- She's not


Look, I know how you feel...

No, you don't.

You have no idea how I feel.

You're right.

But I do know
what we're up against.

And our next move has
to be smart.

When I left the day care,
Junior was doing well.

He was back to his old self.

So if Hektor's cure works,
it can help your baby.

She's the first person
we're using this on.

3x12- Incandescence

Can't sleep
either, huh?

My favorite part of the day.

Usually there's no one
around to bother me.

I know why you're awake.

Same reason I am.

I heard you make that deal
with Hektor.

To kill everyone infected
with the Life Force.

You don't know
what you heard.

You talk to anyone else?

I will if you don't help me
stop Hektor.

You obviously don't know
who you're talking to.

I worked surveillance
on the dome.

I've seen you go all Ted Bundy
on people.

I also saw how much you
care about this town.

You don't want to do this.

- And neither does Hektor.
- He seemed all gung ho

last night.

Hektor's not a murderer.

He's just desperate
because the cure failed.

Well, he needs
to grow thicker skin.

I think he'll listen to you,

if you explain to him that...

losing Junior doesn't have to be
the end of all his hard work.

That there's still
time to keep trying.

- Well, time's the one thing we don't have.
- So, what...

we give everyone in your town

the same
homemade doomsday punch?

What, you think a-a pep talk
with Hektor's gonna stop him

from murdering everyone?

If it doesn't work...

then we use force.

If I do this,

I'm gonna need
something from you.

Get rid of that...

surveillance footage
you mentioned.

Something like that

could get in my way,
after the dome comes down.

You're asking me
to erase murder evidence?

I help you,

you help me.


...I could tell Hektor
about our little chat.


I'll erase your file.

And I'll see what I can do
to stop Hektor.

That's enough.
He's with us.

- Thank you.
- Dale.

I finally get to meet you.
Your father spoke highly of you.

You know, it's funny.

All these years,
I thought that it was my dad

running a dirty company.

Turns out
the real scumbag was you.

Look, I made a lot of mistakes
at Aktaion.

That's why I came
under the dome...

make things right.

Hey. We were afraid
you wouldn't find us.

Oh... you only have yourself
to blame for that.

You drew us a square
on the door.

Only reason
we knew to look here

was because "paper mill" was
next on the list of hideouts.

So, we saw the bodies

at the day care.
What happened?

The cure, it made Junior
go totally aggro.

He killed the guards, ran off.
That's why we had to move.

The virus mutated
faster than we predicted.

Instead of extinguishing
the Life Force,

it may have enhanced
some qualities in James Rennie.

So the cure failed.

What happened to
the new alien queen?

She landed yet?

My daughter was born yesterday.

Where is she?

- Is she okay?
- She's...


troops found us.

- They took the baby.
- This baby,

did it have
an umbilical cord?

- Yeah, why?
- Stem cells

contain the purest form
of the virus.

Purer than what we've drawn
from Christine.

If you can get your
hands on that cord,

- there's still a chance.
- Well, consider that done.

All right. Dr. Bloom and I will set up
the lab. Come with me.

Is there any way
we can help?

if you've got any ideas

on where to find
Christine, then shoot.

The drone we brought in.

Yeah, we could fly it around
town, see if we can spot her.

That's a great idea.

All right, everybody,
remember to check in, okay?

It's beautiful.

It's the dome's
dying light.

I'm draining what's left
of its energy into the baby.

It will hasten
the calcification,

but without the amethysts,
we have no choice.

The new queen has
to be cocooned.

No, let me go.

It's for the baby.


It's expiring too fast.

If the dome seals up
before the queen is ready,

the kinship won't make
it out of here alive.

So this stem cell
thing's for real?

We're so close.

We just need a fresh sample
of the most recent viral strain.

There's some more
lab equipment outside.

Can you go bring
it in, please?

Dr. Bloom's enthusiasm is
misplaced, as I think you know.

Synthesizing a new
formula will take months.

And by that time, the virus
will have mutated again.

Aluminum phosphide?

It's a grain fumigant.

I brought it in with us to
help preserve the cattle feed.

it's extremely toxic.

And it only takes a
few minutes to work.

So you want to poison
the infected.

All you have to do is get us
access to the food supply.

Look, there might be
other options.

I'm the first one that wants to
rid the planet of these freaks,

but with the dome calcifying,
we need their help.

The dome is calcifying?

Yeah, our little magic bubble
here is turning to stone.

I mean, it already feels hot
as a damn sauna in here.

Pretty soon, no fresh air
will get through at all.

We're all going
to asphyxiate.

Unless we let the Life Forcers
bring down the dome

with that device thing
they're building.

Which means we let
the infected get out.

More importantly,
we get out.

It's not like the aliens
are gonna run free.

Government's already
set up a perimeter

manned by your company.

They're gonna work on a cure,

and, by then, I'll be
in "Timbuk-freakin-tu."

You're welcome to join me,
if you'd like.

How long before they
finish this device?

Well, shouldn't be more
than a couple days.

Conscripted Joe McAlister.

Kid's a pain in the ass,
but he's smart as they come.

By the way, you might want
to get rid of the special sauce.

You don't want a murder rap
on your record when we get out.

Trust me.

You're back.

Where have you been?
Are you all right?

Big Jim kidnapped me

so Aktaion could inject me
with some BS cure.

Something made from your DNA.

They injected you
with something?

It had no effect.

If anything, the Life Force
in me is stronger.

I killed two Aktaion guards
before I got back here.

I'm relieved to have you back.

We need you for what's coming.

Barbie, as you suspected,

regained his humanity.

He kidnapped Eva,

held her captive
until she gave birth.

Are they safe?

Eva served her purpose.

Her time is done.

What about the baby?

Being prepared
to meet her flock.

Sam and I started
the cocooning process.

You and Sam?

Shouldn't you
be babysitting Joe?

- Hey, Sam, need some help out here.
- Go.

I'll catch up to you.

What's happening to her?

She's not getting
enough oxygen.

Looks like there's a bunch of
people who can't breathe. Why?

The energy we used from the dome
to cocoon the queen

sped up its calcification.

People are feeling the effects.

I feel fine.

Well, the elderly
will be hit first.

Their bodies aren't
as efficient.

Pretty soon we'll all feel it.

Heart palpitations,

motor problems,
trouble breathing.

How do we stop it?

We can't.

Unfortunately, it's only
going to get worse.

We need to leave the dome
sooner than planned,

and we have a lot of work
to do before then.

Tell me what to do.

You and Sam help the ill
into the beds.

I'll meet you back here
in an hour.

Thank God.

I was dying here.

The heat is rising
as the dome hardens.

I'd say we have 24 hours left
before it seals up completely.

You can't be serious.

How close are you to finishing?

Well... these amethysts will work,

but now I need to find a
replacement for the egg.

Something powerful enough
to amplify the tone

so the dome can receive them.

And what ideas do you have
for replacing the egg?

I don't know.

This is crazy.

I'm a kid.

You are one of the smartest,
most inventive people I know.

You wouldn't be here

if I didn't believe
you could save us.

I-I can't be responsible

for whether 2,000 people
live or die.

Anyone would be overwhelmed
thinking that.

Think of it as saving
your girlfriend.

Who you vowed to kill.

We're way past that now.

Our priority, like yours,
is to get out of here alive.

Can we focus on that?

Only if you promise me
that Norrie will be safe

when the dome comes down.

You have my word
I won't harm Norrie.

Close your eyes.

Like you did in the
alternate reality.

The ideas will come.

They always have.

I'm so sorry.

I can't imagine
how hard this must be,

seeing someone you love
like this.

I didn't love her.

I never even knew her.

Not the real her.

What do you think happened?

That nursing session was
like nothing I've ever seen.

The baby didn't do this.

Got it.


look at her eyes.

That's hemorrhaging.

She was suffocated.

Who would do this?

It doesn't make any sense.

Why kill Eva?

A newborn needs its mother.

So Christine said that everybody
serves a purpose.

Eva's was to carry

the new queen.

What if once she gave birth,
they didn't need her anymore?

I'm not gonna

let Christine use my daughter

the same way she used me.

I'm gonna find her
and I'm gonna kill her.

It's like
watching pre-schoolers

cross the street.

Are they always
this synchronized?

Even when they're
jumping off roofs.

Let's check in on town hall.

We've checked in
on town hall, like,

three times in the
past 20 minutes.

There's nothing
happening there.

Let's figure out
where these zombies are going.

Maybe they'll lead us
to Christine.

What's that?

Something's on the dome.

What the hell
is all over it?

I don't know,
but I'm gonna find out.

Here you are.

Slow and easy.

Can you tell me where you are?

You're the queen?

That's right.

You're doing just fine.

They're pretty sick.

- They're dying.
- We all are.

Even healthy hearts
are already in panic mode,

pumping harder to supply oxygen
to our brains.

The kinship won't survive
until the dome comes down,

not like this.

What if we eliminate
competition for air?

Reducing the drain

on our oxygen supply

ensures that the young
and healthy survive

to propagate outside the dome.

I have one final task
to ask of you

before my cycle ends.

It might even inform

whom the new queen chooses
as her alpha.

Anything, Christine.

Whatever the kinship needs.

Take the elderly to the lake.

Do what needs to be done.

What are you doing here?

Someone could see you.

You knew
I'd come back for you.

That's why you hung this
on the window, right?

What's the matter?

Something's wrong
with the dome, Joe.

I know. It's calcifying.

Christine said
we only have a day

before the air supply
is cut off.

Are we gonna die?

I will get the dome down
before then.

I promise.


The transmitter
from the radio station,

I can use it to amplify
the tones for the device.

It was the last missing piece,

but if it works, then...

Then we'll be sleeping
outside the dome

- tomorrow night.
- I'll get a sleeping bag.

I know this little spot,
in Westlake Park,

no one knows about but me.

Christine's never gonna
let you leave.

As soon as you're done
helping her...

No. She promised.

- We'll both go free.
- And you believe her?

As soon as you're done
building this,

meet me at the old paper mill.

I'll wait for you there.

No, you're not waiting anywhere.

I'm not leaving this dome
without you.

Promise me.

I love you.

That counts.

I will be gone

by tomorrow.

A new world is dawning

that many in the kinship

won't live to see.

You will face challenges

when the dome is down,

but you'll have
my recordings to guide you.

And you'll have your instincts;
trust them.

They'll help you find
your alpha

and tell you how to fight
against the others

when they arrive.

Our entire race rests
on your shoulders.

You are our last hope.

Good luck, my queen.

Any sign of Hektor

and me killing everybody?

Not yet.

Well, we can stand down.

I convinced the old man
that mass extermination

will screw up
his own chance of survival.

He's not an idiot,

but I'll keep an eye on him,
just in case.

You wipe my file?

I keep my word.

Proof, buttercup.


Where you been?

I talked to Joe.

He said the dome's gonna be
sealed up by tomorrow.

We have to be ready.

For what?

Everyone's running
out of oxygen.

We're all gonna feel it.

The more we move around
and panic,

the more oxygen we use up.

We just have to sit tight
until Joe finishes that device.

Is he close?

The final piece he needs
is at the radio station.

He's on his way there now.

Guys, something's going down
at the cement factory.

Hey, who is that?

Looks like Christine.



We're on our way back.

We found something
on the drone feed.

It looks like Christine's left
the cement factory

with a ton of guards.

Okay, we got to get over there.

But we have the umbilical cord.

I'll pick up the cord
and take it to Bloom.

Old Ridge Road, ten minutes.

Move it.
You're holding up the line.

Give him a sec.

- We don't have a second.
- He's sick.

I just want to
help the kinship.

I know you do, Arnold.
Come here.

Let me help you.

Get this right
to Dr. Bloom.

We can't have much time
before the dome runs out of air.

24 hours.

Norrie's been sneaking out
to see Joe.

Kid doesn't finish his
device by tomorrow,

it's game over.

Well, however
this thing ends,

I'm gonna make sure Christine
ain't here to see it.

What she did
to my kid...

and yours...

when you kill her,

you make sure
it ain't quick.

There's no curing
these mutants.

Come on, boy, we got work to do.

It's time for
the final transfer,

for my work to end,
and yours to begin.

I give you my Life Force.

I think someone's there.

All right, I got it.

N-N-No, stop!

Where the hell's my baby?

We are... moments away...

from the queen's final transfer.

The queen?

Is my daughter in there?


Go! Go, I got her.

Are you... crying?

My God,
what have I done?

You destroyed this town
and everyone in it.

Where's my kid?

Sh-She was in the cocoon.

I put her there,
I swear.

What just came out of there,
that thing, did it take her?

- Where did it go?
- I don't kn...


Barbie, stop.

She's different, look at her.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

She's playing us.

Tell me where she is,

or I will pull this
trigger right now.

The thing
that came out of the cocoon...

...I think that is your baby.

The two of you were
talking about poisoning people.

It was a moment of weakness,
never a real plan.

Come on, Bloom,
you know me.

Could I do
something like that?

You locked Patrick
Walters in a pod

and told his daughter
he was dead.

I have to tell Julia
what you're planning.

No, no. H-Hold on.

I can't
let you do that.

What happened?

There's blood dripping
from the ceiling.

What's that?

No, Lily. Lily...

Dr. Bloom?

Oh, God, she was
working on a cure,

trying to save people,
like my dad.

Why would you do this to her?!

I can't let the infected
get out in the world.

Dr. Bloom disagreed.

So you murdered her?!

And now you're gonna
murder the whole town?!

These people are sick.

When we get out of here, the
government will quarantine them.

Lily, how can you be so naive?

The government
will never admit

that an alien Life Force
infected U.S. citizens.

Covering that up will be
their only agenda.

You saw what this infection
did to your father.

We can't let others
end up like that, Lily.

You're not gonna kill the town.

You're gonna kill Joe.

If he doesn't
complete the device,

then the dome never comes down.

The world will be spared.

Everyone will die.

Us too.

You can't do this, Hektor.

I have to.

I unleashed this plague.

I came back here
to try to fix things and...

and I failed.

All I can do now
is contain the damage.

Not this way.

Joe is innocent.

Everyone under this dome
is innocent.

Believe me, what
I have to do,

it... it breaks my heart.

That couldn't
have been my daughter.

She's less than a day old.

What'd you do to her?

I'm not sure.

Now, see, you're lying.

If you really were human,

you'd remember everything
you did while you were infected.

I do.

I know there was a plan
and I was following it,

I just can't remember
what it was.


Transferring my knowledge of the
Life Force to the new queen

was to be my final act...
I should be dead.

Okay, so then why the hell
are you still alive?!

I don't know!

We interrupted
the process.

So the transfer
was incomplete.

You should still retain some of
the Life Force's agenda, right?

I don't know.

I'm trying, I-I am trying.

Oh, God, the lake.

We've got to get there now!

- Why?
- I've done something terrible.

What are you doing?

Sacrificing the elderly
wasn't enough.

The effects of oxygen
deprivation are worsening.

We have to protect

the most fertile members
of the Life Force.

In a few years, these kids
will be vitally important.

We don't have years.

Christine's cycle is finished.

It's up to us to make sure

a strong kinship awaits
our new queen.

Help me, or get out of my way.

Hunter, Hunter!

Norrie, help!

In the lab!

What happened?

Hektor killed Dr. Bloom.

He's going after Joe.

- He thinks he's saving humanity.
- What?

He wants to kill the people
infected with the Life Force.

Murdering Joe before
he finishes the device

- is the easiest way to do that.
- No, we have to stop him.

Where's Big Jim?

Well, he never came back
from picking up the cord.

Oh, God.

- Hey, what are you doing?
- It's Joe.


Jim, come in.

I don't know what's gonna
be waiting for us

when the dome comes down, boy,

but we are gonna be ready.

Jim, come in.
We have a situation.

Hektor killed Dr. Bloom
and he's on the move.

Where are you?

I'm almost back.
What the hell is going on?

Hektor's gonna stop the dome

from coming down.

You have to get
to the radio station

before he kills Joe.


Oh, the device.

Damn it.

I didn't think that S.O.B.

was loony enough
to sacrifice himself.

Norrie's heading there now.

Hey, listen,
you and Hunter stay put.

I'll take care of Hektor.

All right, you stay here.

I'll be back.

- Careful.
- I think what I need is under here.

This is it.

The transmitter.

And now, if it's not broken,

and the transistors
aren't fried, then...

Oh, my God.

Those are children.

I didn't tell them
to do this.

Barbie, wait.

If you go, Junior and
Sam will fight back

and those kids could get hurt.
Let me handle it.

You caused this.

Why should we trust you?

Because they'll listen to me.

You move one inch
in the wrong direction

and we're coming after you.

If this is
all an act,

we're just letting her go
out there and finish the job.

I don't see
how we have any other options.

We just have to wait and see,

for the sake of those kids.


This isn't what I instructed.

You trusted us
to do what's best.

We made a judgment call
to assure our survival.

These children
are our future.

If you can't see that,
there's a problem.

Take them back
to Town Hall, now.

Perhaps what
happened to you

at the hands
of the Resistance

is affecting you more
than you care to admit.

I feel fine.

I just wanted to help.

And you can do that
by helping Sam

take the children
back to Town Hall.

Come on, sweetie.
Let's go home.

You are not our queen.

- Run!
- You're human.

I'm so sorry
I did this to you.

That little girl almost drowned
right in front of me.

But she didn't.

You saved her.

Let's go back
to the paper mill.

We'll talk her through
what she remembers.

...so I'll raise
the transmitter's signal

until the tones
are strong enough

for the dome to receive them,

and whammo!

Dome unlocked.

Town freed.

It's all Greek to me, kid.

But I like the ending.

Take cover!


Why was Aktaion
shooting at me?

It's a long story.
We gotta go, Joe.

I wish there was another way.

You have to let me do this.

I'm saving the world.

The world's better off
without you.

I-I-I ju... I just
don't understand.

Christine enslaved most of the
town and tried to kill us all.

Now-now you're saying
that she's a good guy.

Just like that.

How do we know
the two of you

aren't Life Forcing it up?

I was never cocooned.

I'm human, remember?

I wouldn't have
brought Christine here

if I thought
she was dangerous.

If I wasn't certain
she was one of us now.

She's here to help us
find my daughter.

Is Dr. Bloom still working
on the umbilical cord?

When Hektor went after Joe,

it wasn't just me
who tried to stop him.

Dr. Bloom did, too.

She's dead.

I'm really sorry.

We're exhausted.

Why don't we
take a break?

Then we'll regroup

and go over everything
Christine remembers

about the kinship.


I know there's no way
I can make up for what happened.

I can't believe
the things I did.

If you knew me, the real me...

However I can help, I'll do it.

I keep blaming Christine
for everything that happened.

But I let her control me.

She pulled the strings...

and I marched.

You were manipulated

by whatever was
in those cocoons.

Both of you.

Other people fought back.

I almost killed you.

Yeah, I could say
that I was infected...

you know? That-that wasn't me
doing those things.

But I was in there, somewhere.

And now my child

is paying the price
for my weakness.

You're back.

You're you.

The man I fell in love with.

And we are gonna
figure this out together.

There's still hope.

If Christine can be saved,
anyone can.

Christine started out human.

But my baby...

You were right.

Whatever she is...

...she was never human.

She's a monster.

There's no "coming back"
for her.


It's you.

You have your
father's eyes.

Why are you
doing this?

You have something I need.

I'm the queen now.

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