Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 3, Episode 1 - Move On - full transcript

The residents of Chester's Mill appear both inside and outside the dome following their mysterious encounter in the tunnels beneath the town.

Three weeks ago,
an invisible dome crashed down

on Chester's Mill, cutting us
off from the rest of the world.

The dome has tested
our limits...


...pitting us against
one another.

Chester's Mill sentences
Dale Barbara to death.

...and forcing each of us

to confront our own
personal demons...


I need to know that you will
stand with me against that!


I don't understand
who could do this to her?

I promise you, we're going
to catch whoever did this.

- ...fear...
- We're trapped.

I hear we're going
to run out of water.

You killed Angie McAlister.


I thought it would bring
the dome down.

I would do anything
to take it back.

But we've also found love
under the dome.

And we have battled to
keep our town together.

I thought the dome
was supposed to protect us.

No, it's up to us
to protect each other.

Now we may finally have found
a way out.

We hope it takes us home,

but what if it takes us
to an alternate reality?

Follow me.

We're going home.

What do you mean, going home?

It's time to move on.

- Melanie.
- Barbie.

We can't leave Julia.

Julia said it was up to me

to lead everybody out.

So you're just
gonna leave her here?

She knows that
I'm coming back for her.

Look, it's like she says.

Sometimes you just
got to take a leap of faith.

Into nothingness.

Looks better
than staying in here.

All right, let's go.

Everybody stick together.




We're going home.

It's time to move on.

Move on.

Where are we?

- How did we get here?
- Where are we?

Everyone here?

I know.

I-I have no idea.

- You okay?
- I'm fine.

Hey, where's Melanie?

I don't know.

I-I didn't see her.

Did you hear her voice?

What is that?

We're outside the dome.


- Do you see that?
- It's changing.

It's... it's going up.

Where's it going?

It's changing.

- What is it?
- I can't tell.

Take my hand.

My God, it's gone.

You okay?




I'm here.

Just like I promised.

I came back for you.

3x01/02 - Move On/But I'm Not

Hunter, Jawbreaker 2-3,
we're less than a klick out.

Got you covered, boss.

Got a drone over the location,

no activity
in the surrounding area.

All right, on me.

Everybody remember we're running
a standard exfil protocol.

Intel has those hostages
guarded by a small group

of insurgents.

All right, that door's
our entrance point.

That's where
they're holding 'em.

There's no one here!

Target's a ghost!

Yeah, I got

ten hostiles coming your way...
they came out of nowhere.

You're good.
Catch your breath. Hunter,

talk to me!

Rooftops are clean.

Let me know if that changes!

Drop it!

Drop it! Drop it!

Now, get down!

- I surrender!
- Get down!

I surrender, okay?!
I surrender!

Thank you, sir. Thank you.

For what?

I got six rounds
in this magazine.

All of 'em are dummies
except for one.

Wasn't those.

Where's the hostages?

I don't know. I don't know.

I'm only gonna ask you
two more times.

If you're lucky.

Where's the hostages?

I beg you...

Last chance.

Okay, okay, okay.

I tell you.

T... Textile factory.


Five. Six-six.

You play games?

W-Why, why?
I tell you.


You got provisions
ready to move?

Yes, we do, sir.

Got two more units
heading down, sir.

Watch your step, ma'am.

Like Steven Seagal in his
aptly-titled 1990 classic,

you are hard to kill.

Trust me, it ain't
from lack of trying.

I'm glad you're back safe.
Drink later?

No, man, I'm beat.
Another time?


I don't know how to thank you.

Just doing what
you hired me to do.

Yeah, well, hiring you might
be the only good decision

I've made as operations
manager here.

It's a tough job, trying to
make the world a safer place.

You know, my part's easy.

Just stop the bad guys
from making your job harder.

Occupational hazard.

I'm gonna go get cleaned up.

You want to talk about it?

Talk about what?

Whatever you had to do to save
my people, it was worth it.


You don't have to
hide who you are.

I want it all, good and bad.

You sure about that?

Sometimes I don't know
what side's

gonna come out on top.

I know.

Who's it from?



Don't you think
that you should text him back?

I think we should
get some sleep.


I'm here.

Just like I promised.

I came back for you.

You were saying her name again.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologize.

It was traumatic,
what you went through.

But you've been having this
dream for almost a year now.

Maybe it'd be a good idea
for you to go back

to Chester's Mill
for the memorial.

So you can move on.



Where are you?!

Barbie's not
coming back for us.

He will. You'll see.

You heard that rumbling. Maybe
the tunnels caved in on them.

- Maybe everyone's...
- Shut up.

I don't want to hear it.

We need to get across,
find out where they are.

They can't be far...
they were just in front of us.

If something's wrong,
we'll help them.

All right.


We can get a ladder
at the school.

Pick up some flashlights.

What is it?

My father.

Jim's not the
priority right now.

We need to get the supplies
and get back here, fast.



Just in case.

In case we get lost at sea?

Let's go.

Cat get stuck up in a tree?

Should've killed me
while you had a chance, Junior.

Jim, you've got to let us go.

Why's that?

You got a hair appointment?

Them roots are looking
a little tired.

Will you just let us go?

If you were gonna kill us,
you would've done it already.

Kill you?

Who said anything
about killing you?

We are the only ones left.

I may need you.

For repopulation.

Why'd you need the ladder?

I said, "Why did you need
the ladder?"


I got nothing but time.

It's like that old Twilight
Zone episode. Remember?

With, Rocky's manager.

The Penguin.
Wh-What's his name?



And he-he's all alone
after the Apocalypse,

and all he wants to do is read.

And then he breaks his glasses.

I mean, talk about a tragedy.

We need the ladder to get
across a rift in the tunnels.

That's where everyone went.

We need to get
across and find them.

Find Barbie.

You still believe, don't you?

That the dome is good, that...

that it's here to protect us.

If you still believe that,
then you're even dumber

than the bag of hair
I took you for.

The dome is here to destroy us.

It killed them all.

Barbie, all of them...

- they're all dead.
- No.

You're wrong. He's alive.

Cut him loose.

Go on.

You're gonna end up dead
as the rest of 'em.

This is my town now.
What's left of it.

And that's the last bit
of charity you're gonna get.

If by some miracle
you make it out alive,

you best stay well clear of me.

'Cause if I see either
of you two again,

I won't be so merciful
next time.

Go on.

Hey, Junior.

Now we're even.

I'm okay.

Yeah, I don't remember it
looking this perfect.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Can we grab a bite somewhere?
I'm starving.

Yeah, I think I know a place.

Is that Barbie?

This place is full.

I think
we should go somewhere else.

Anywhere you go, there's gonna
be people who want to see you.

You might as well face it.

And I got to use the facilities.

Me, too. Tiny bladder
plus a long car ride equals...

You're not finishing
that sentence.


Hey. Joe.

It's good to see you, bud.

- Good to see you.
- Look at you.

You're getting taller on me.

It's been a year.

Yeah. I know.

I was worried
you weren't gonna make it back.

I'm sorry for going...

incommunicado. You know,

I went overseas and then...

I-I should've stayed in touch.

I'm just glad you're here.

How you holding up?

I still think about Angie
all the time,

especially now

with the memorial and all, but...

most people
lost somebody, right?

You lost two people.

Julia and Melanie.

So what about college?

Did you... Have you made
any decisions?

Yeah. Well,
I'm still waiting to hear back

- from a couple places.
- Good.

The Great Barbini.
Welcome back, man.



Ready to jam?


We'll catch up at the memorial,

- Yeah. Sounds good.
- Okay.

- It was good seeing you.
- Yeah, you, too.

Easy, dude.
Didn't mean to spook you.

What are you doing out here?

After what went down
at the diner,

you know,
I thought I'd come and find you.

Why? What went down
at the diner?

Aw, come on, man.

Don't play.

You saw Melanie, too.

Melanie's dead.

Is she?
In the tunnels,

she says we're going home
and then she disappears.

Where'd she go?

I'm not in the mood
to deal with this right now.

You haven't been here!

Ever since that day,
ever since the dome disappeared,

things have been different,

off. Like-like,
remember my asthma?

To be honest, Ben, I remember
very little about you.

I had asthma!

I used to have to carry
my inhaler everywhere.

Now asthma's gone.

My-my uncle...
worst drunk you ever saw.

Clean and sober, like poof.

And beyond all that,
everyone's acting weird.

Everyone's getting along,
all kum-bah-yah.

Everyone's talking
about moving on and whatnot.

You saw her, man.

I know you saw her.

Okay, and what if I did?

Why is it just the two of us?

I don't know!

But now I'm off all my meds,
and my head is clear

for the first time
in, like, forever.

Come on, man!

What? Come on, what?

What do you want from me?

To admit
that you see what I see.

Okay, what do you see, Ben?

That none of this is real.


My name is Sam,

and I'm an alcoholic.

I haven't had a drink
in just about a year now.

And I want to say,
it's been a blessing

having the support
of this group.

Before I got here,

I wasn't much for what
you'd call "group think."

But the 12 steps...
got me back on the path.

Never would have happened

if I hadn't got sent
here a year ago.

Strange to say it, but this
place has been good for me.

This lawyer...

got in touch with me recently.

He told me there had been
some kind of screw-up

in the chain of custody

with the evidence
related to my case.

He told me

that if we appeal,

it's possible
we could get a new trial.

I could be a free man.


I have to make amends
for what I've done.

That's the step
I got to focus on.

Making amends...
to those I've wronged.

And then...

maybe I can move on.

Is it bad that I'm
missing the pin ceremony?

I feel like I should be here.

And the post-game
tomorrow and...

Nors, there's gonna
be so many post-games.

And just so you know, if it
gets rough at this memorial,

if you need to talk about
anything, you call me.

I'm here for you.

All right, little sis.

Are you ready for your pin?

You're one of us now.

You got your pin!

How does it feel?

It feels great.

I think it's just
what you needed.

Finding your group
in college is important.

To be part of something
that is bigger than yourself.

Not to mention,

you don't seem
so angry anymore.

What is it?

Joe hasn't been
texting me back.

It'll be good for you
to see him... as friends.

Are you questioning
your decision?

To break things off? No.

But I just wish he wasn't
being so high school about it.

And I wish he could see that
it's not so scary, moving on.

That's why it's important

for you to go to the memorial.

To pay respects
to your mother, of course,

but also to show Joe,

there's a way forward,
out of grief.

You'll talk to him.

What are you doing in my room?

Your mother let me in.

You've blown off
our last few therapy sessions.

So what?

What do I need therapy for

I'm making straight A's,
I'm working hard.

I know you are,
which makes me wonder

why you'd want to throw
all that hard work away.

Acceptance letter to Cal Tech.

That's the best engineering
program in the country.

Why haven't you responded yet?

I'm going to.

I-I just...

I haven't gotten around to it.

Tell me the truth.

Are you reconsidering the plan?

No. No, I-I... I just...

I've been wondering
if this is the best time

to leave Chester's Mill.

My parents are still dealing...

Your parents don't
need you, Joe.

No matter what you do,

staying in Chester's Mill

won't keep her alive.

It's up to you, of course,

but I think it's important

that you speak at the
memorial about Angie.

All the feelings that you've
repressed since her murder.

The sorrow, the guilt.

It might help give you
the closure that you need

and allow you to
take the next step.

Your sister wouldn't have wanted
you to hold yourself back, Joe.

She would have wanted
you to move on.

Please, just think about it?

I'll see you at the memorial.

Long way down.

"Long" doesn't quite cover it.

I'll go first.

It's Big Jim's, just in case.

In case I get challenged
to a knife fight?

It bit me!

Keep going.




Did you speak with him?

How are you, Sam?

I'm well.

As well as can be expected.

Day by day, you know?

I do. That's good to hear.

I haven't spoken
to Joe about it,

and I know that disappoints you.

But the dome coming
down, your trial,

all the emotions that Joe has
kept such a tight lid on...

it's understandable why
he's expressing them now.

Try to be patient?

What are you thinking?

That I really want a drink.

Well, it's good
there's not a bar around.

You think
there's no options in here?

You'd be amazed by the options.

You don't need a drink, Sam.

What you need... is
to forgive yourself.

I don't know if I can do that.

Not if Joe can't forgive me.

And what if he doesn't?

You did a terrible thing, Sam,

but that one terrible thing
doesn't have to define you.

The lawyer that
I sent to you...

he told me that you wouldn't
appeal your case. Why?

Because I deserve to be here.

You were an EMT before, yes?

Well, from my experience, no one
goes into that line of work

who doesn't have a deep desire

to help people, heal people.

If you appealed, and
you were released,

think of all the people
that you could affect.

You know the memorial's today.

Of course.

If you'd spoken to the lawyer,

he might have been able
to arrange a short furlough.

I'd never be welcome there.

Maybe you could write something.

Something I could read later.

Then at least you'd be a part
of the memorial.

Perhaps it might
help you make amends.

I need to speak to Joe.

And you will.

But Joe has to be ready
to hear you, and...

I don't think he is just yet.

I'm ready when you are.

Glad we came?

Yeah, I am.

It was a good idea.

Excuse me.
Are you Dale Barbara?

Yes, ma'am.

Christine Price.

FEMA sent me here after
the dome came down.

For what?

I'm a trauma specialist.

I help communities
recover after,

shall we say, stressful events.

I tried to reach out
to you after I arrived,

but it seemed
you'd already moved on.

I guess I didn't see much
of a reason to stick around.


if you ever feel like talking,
I'm at your disposal.

I'm Eva. I'm here with him.

- Eva. Christine.
- I was here

for the stressful events.

Does that mean you're
at my disposal, too?


Almost forgot.

Would you care
to say a few words today

about Julia Shumway?

Y-You know,
I'm not really much for...

for public speaking.

All right.

I wish you wouldn't do that.


I've been trying to
get in touch with you.


I thought you were all about
getting some distance

or whatever.

That doesn't mean
I don't still care about you.

They asked me
to talk about Angie.

Are you going to?

I don't know.

I don't know what to say...

except that
she was a good sister.

She could be tough,


she looked out for me.

I just wish
I could have looked out for her.

Jump, Junior!

I can't!

Yes, you can!
Stop being a fraidy cat!

Be a man!

Be a man.

Dad, I want to get down!

You don't jump,
you don't come home tonight!

Dad, where are you going?

Come back!

Don't leave me here!

Nothing good on television
these days, anyway.

Junior! Junior!

Over here, you bastards.


A year ago,
the people of this town

were delivered from the dome.

But some of you, many of you,
also suffered a great loss.

Of friends.

Of family.

After a shared tragedy,

there's nothing
that provides more consolation

than a sense of community.

Those lives
will never be forgotten,

and their memory will be
preserved in an eternal flame

here at the monument.

A memorial is

about moving forward,

moving on, together.

To that effect,
I'd like to read

a brief epigraph from someone
who couldn't be here today.

"Make a way in the wilderness,

"and do not remember
the former things

"or consider the things of old.

"For when you walk
through fire,

"you shall not be burned,

and the flame
shall not consume you."

Is there anyone
who would care to speak first?

I wasn't planning
on saying anything today,

but a lot of you
knew my sister,

Angie McAlister.

Some of you knew her
as a waitress at the Sweetbriar.

Some of you knew her as
a volunteer down at the clinic.


I just always knew her.

And she was so full
of life, you know?

It's hard to accept that...

that she's gone,

to say good-bye,

to lose someone
that you love the most.

And it's hard to move on, but...

I'm trying.

I don't know what to...

Joe here,

he was one of the first people
that I met

when I came to Chester's Mill.

I was a stranger to
him, to all of you.

He made me feel

like I belonged.

First time I felt that
in a long time.

The people of Chester's Mill

opened their hearts to me.

And that, I think,
allowed me to open mine.

Especially to a woman
named Julia Shumway.

What can I say about Julia?

She was the bravest woman
I ever met.

She was endlessly curious.

She was, quite possibly,

the most stubborn individual
to walk this earth

in its four billion
or so years.

She was loyal.

She always had your back.

Always rooting
for the underdog.

And she couldn't help it.

She just... She never
lost her faith

in the basic goodness
of humanity.

Like Christine here said,

even though Julia

and-and many of your own
loved ones are gone...

they'll never be forgotten.

I think it's important to learn

that we can both remember

and move on

at the same time.


- Somebody help him!
- Ben!

I'll call 911.

- Is he okay?
- Is there a doctor here?

Someone call an ambulance.

Where's his inhaler?

Why doesn't he have it?

He's choking on something.

Ben! Come on, man!

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

It's time to move on.

Come on, Ben.

I'm sorry.

My God.





Wake up.


But how are you...?

It's all right.

You're safe now.

When the ground
opened up and took you,

I thought I'd never
see you again.

I was brought here.

What is this place?

I can explain everything,

but first...
I have to show you something.

I don't understand.

What did you want to show me?

There's nothing here.

We're here.

That's all that matters.

You're afraid.

But I need you to trust me.

It'll be okay.

No, no. I have to,
I have to get back to Julia.

I could always feel your pain.

Let me take it all away.

- Melanie!
- I'm over here.

Don't be afraid.


You're not alone.

It's time to move on
like the others.

Where are you?!

I'm right here, baby.

What's happening?!


Soon, this will

all be over,
once you and your friends

become who we need you to be.

It's the only way
we'll survive.

Melanie... please don't do this.

But first we have to fix you.

Melanie! Melanie!

Julia, stop!


My God, you're alive.

What happened to you?

I'm not sure.

It's all a blur.

It's okay.

It's okay.
You're here now.

That's all that matters.

I need you to help me
free Barbie.

And the rest of them.

You can't.

You can't help any of them.

Well, I have to try.

No, you don't understand.

If you free him, you'll
end up like all the others.

Like Junior.


He was just with me.

We were in the
tunnels together.

We got separated.

I'll show you.

After I was

pulled underground,
I was unconscious.

Trapped in one of these
until he cut me free.

And then one of those, it...

it wrapped around his legs,
his body.

I couldn't save him.

Please, Julia, we should go.


No, I'm not giving up...

on Barbie;
on our friends!

Julia, your leg.

You're hurt,

Let me help.


These... things...

connecting all the cocoons...

...and they're all coming
from up there.

Julia, I'm scared!

This cocoon, it's... different.

It's larger.

I can't see who's inside.

The egg.


These cocoons.

There's got to be a connection.

What if the egg is like...

a key...

to unlock the cocoons?

Your father didn't bring
the egg back from Zenith.

But you told me he was
on his way to Chester's Mill.

We need the egg!

How can you be so sure?

You saw what happened to me

when it was taken
from Chester's Mill.

I'm... I'm connected to it


I almost died.
I can't explain it.

I just know

we have to have the egg.

We need to find a way to
get a message to my father.

What's wrong?

There's just one problem.

Get out of here!

Go on! Get!

Yeah, that's right!

This is mine!
This is all mine!

You better run.

You hear me?


Is there a problem?

After the memorial
last night, I was

pretty messed up,
so I found some...


She needs to go now.

Roger that.

Change of plans.

- It's a... work thing.
- But...

I'll call.



He'll call.

Can you unlock this?

You insult me.

From the look of that vein
in your forehead,

whatever's on here's
got to be...

Yeah, it's important.

Yeah, and unlocked.

Okay, so this video right here,

this was taken yesterday
right before Ben died.

You lifted the
dead kid's phone?

Not judging.

Chester's Mill cop.

Chester's Mill groundkeeper.

Chester's Mill delivery guy.

Different hair,
different clothes.

Moustache, no moustache.

But here's where it gets weird.

They're all the same
freaking face.

Barbie, I'm telling you
they're all the same dude.

Whatever's going down
in Chester's Mill,

here's proof that it ain't real.

What did he mean "not real"?

Plug this in.

I want you to play it again.

Punch in on their faces.

No prob.

Chest... Mill...

No, no, no.

What the hell? What's happening?

I-I-I don't know.

The file's, like,
corrupted or something.

- Okay, so then fix it.
- I'm trying! I...

This makes no sen... I...

Okay, I need you to do whatever
it takes to retrieve that file.

Do you understand me?

Do you understand me?


Meet me at the
'Briar in an hour.

Ben was such a good friend.

I can't believe he's dead.

Chester's Mill strikes again.

It doesn't make any sense.


Go to college

and gain, like, 15 pounds.

It helps keep the weight off.

You're so gonna love it there.

Who says I'm even going?

It's like you're trapped under a
dome and you can't even see it.


this isn't what Angie
would've wanted.

She was my sister...

Yeah, and she's dead!

Just like my mom.

And it sucks and it's unfair.

But that doesn't mean
you stop living.

Leaving Chester's Mill
is the best thing I ever did.

It allowed me to heal
and to meet new people.

I feel like a different person
and I want that for you, too.

You're different, all right.

The clothes, the hair.

A sorority? Seriously?

It's nice to be a part of
something bigger than yourself.

To belong.

Is that why you haven't been
back here in over a year?

You're too busy belonging?

We decided that
we would take a break

until you graduate, Joe.

It was great catching up
with you, Norrie.


Damn it.


Check-out's at noon, slowpoke.

You haven't even packed.

Yeah, I wanted to talk
to you about that.

Everything okay?

You think it'd be all right
if we stayed another day?

With everything
that happened with Ben

and the memorial,

I think we should stick around.

Everyone was pretty shaken up.

Yeah, you were
pretty shaken up.

You were tossing and
turning all night.

No, I-I'm fine.

Well, if you're fine...

...care to,

join me in the shower?

I can't.

- I'm sorry, I got to...
- Go?


Love you.

You got something to say,

why don't you say it
to my face, man?!

Come on.

Bring it!

Fine, he stabs you.

One of yours stabs him

and so on and so on

until there's none of you left.

You want vengeance,

you better dig two graves.

One for him and one for you.

Who's gonna dig yours?

I've tried everything I know.

Ben's video isn't on his
phone or on the cloud.

It's like it...

Was never there?

You're not gonna,
like, fire me, right?

I just got a condo.

Those men on the video,

they can't all be the same guy.

That is...

It's crazy.

Ship that off to Billingsley,
all right?

I'm gonna go ahead
and call in a few favors

while we're at...



Hey, Barbie.

You're dead.

Not the last time I checked.



What are you doing here?

I know, I feel bad that
I missed the memorial,

but my bike broke down.

We haven't seen you since...


You were building homes

- for the poor.
- Yeah. How weird was it

that we ran into each other
in Africa,

of all places?

You still seeing that hottie
that drank us under the table?

- What was her name?
- Eva.

Yeah, she's actually here
with me in Chester's Mill.

Yeah, yeah,
I'd love to see her.

You know,
minus the crap tequila.

Well, I'm not sure how long
we'll be here in town.

No worries.

I know it must be rough for you
being back here.

I think about Julia
all the time.

Yeah, me, too.

Just glad you were able
to move on.

If anyone deserves
happiness, it's you.

I appreciate that.

I'm gonna let you two catch up.

I got to go check on something,

but it's good
seeing you, Junior.

You, too, man.

Do you really think
this will work?

When Barbie used the dome
like this to write me a message,

he was taken away by armed men.

They were watching us.

My father's men?

Let's hope
they're still watching.

She needs the egg.

Let me take the egg
back to Chester's Mill.

I-I think that the dome
may very well

be its power source.

You know, 25 years ago,

a meteor storm bombarded
the Earth.

A year after that,

the first fragments
of one of these so-called eggs

was found in a meteor near
our drilling site in Alaska.

With the government's blessing,

I've devoted the resources
of this company

to track down every meteor
that fell that night.

This was the only egg
that was found intact.

So you can imagine my reluctance

to letting it leave
this facility.

If the egg isn't returned,

we risk losing everyone inside.

I don't give a damn
about anyone in Chester's Mill.

No offense to your daughter.

Your son is trapped
under the dome as well, no?

That's not relevant.

No, no, no, no, I-I disagree.

If I allow you to take this egg
back to Chester's Mill,

it's a one-way ticket.

I need to know
that you're doing this

for the good of the company,

and not
for some sentimental reason.

We want the same thing.

To unlock and harvest
the power of the egg

and the secrets it holds,

regardless of costs.

You think my father
got my message?

I have to believe he did.

And this is where
he'll surface from Zenith.

What was it like
in the cocoons?

Being asleep.

What is it?

If my father returns
with the egg,

what do I even say to him?

It's been so long.

You don't have to say anything.

He's your father.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I would be,

if the world
would stop spinning.

You need to rest,

conserve your strength.

- I can take the first watch.
- No.

No, Julia.

Lay down.

You've always taken
such good care of me.

Always trusted me.

Let me do
this one small thing for you.

I'll wake you at the first sign
of my father.

Eagle one?

How should we proceed?

Just hold off until the team
has arrived.

Also, establish a permanent
comm link

once you're inside the dome.


I can't believe it's really you.

Did you bring it?

Is that the egg?

Of course, sweetheart.

You know I'd do anything
for you.

You're my daughter.

But I'm not.


I got your text.

Why are we here?

How did we meet?

Are you serious?

Eva, please,

this is important.

How did we meet?

It was at that dive bar
in Marrakech.

Your tall friend
kept buying me drinks,

but all I could look at was you.

His name?

What was his name?

I think it was James?

But you and Hunter
kept calling him Junior.

Babe, what is this about?

Okay, this is gonna sound crazy,

all right, but I need you
to believe me here.

His name was James Rennie,

and his name was
on this wall yesterday.

That's not possible.

Everything is just jumbled up
in my head.

You and me,

Marrakech, Kabul,

the bed-and-breakfast
in Belgrade.

But now,

I've got all these
other memories, too.

I saw Junior's body, okay?

He died that day
along with his father and Julia

- the day that dome came down.
- Okay.

I'm so sorry.
This is my fault.

I thought coming back
to Chester's Mill

would be good for you, for us,

but I can see now that
it's just upsetting you.

No, you-you,
but you're not listening to me.

It's more than that.

It's the-the-these places,

these people,
something is wrong here.

It's not making sense.



Hey, you.

I beg you!

No, I killed you.

What are you, watching me?!

Dale, let him go!

What are you doing?

- You don't understand. I...
- No.

- Don't do this!
- He was in the video, okay?

That's what Ben
wanted to show me.

Then the video disappeared.

Ben told me before he died

that he felt like someone
was watching him, okay?

That-that all of
this was not real.

Okay, sweetie,
you're scaring me.

Just take my hand.

You've been under
so much stress.

We can... we can
go back to the motel,

or we can get
in the car and drive away.

We never have
to come back here again.

I-I can't, okay?

Not until I figure out
what's going on here.


Focus on your breathing.

Focus on just being.

Let your thoughts
flow through you

until there are none.


How do you...?

Because I'm focused,
and you're not. Again.


This is stupid.

I take it you spoke with Norrie?

I'm so pissed at her.

Life becomes so much
easier when you learn

to accept the apology
you never got.

You can't expect her
to be sorry for being happy.

She said I was still trapped
under a dome because of Angie.

Am I?

Let me ask you something.

You have always dreamed
of being an engineer,

a builder, an inventor,
so, why do you think

you haven't been able to
send in your acceptance letter

to Cal Tech, a place
to accomplish all your goals?

It just... doesn't feel right.

Joe, I can't tell you
how to feel.

But... if you really
want to know

whether you're still living
under a dome,

maybe it's time you

forgive the person
who put you there?

No. No way.

You have kept your feelings

regarding Sam buried
for so long,

they're like a chain
weighing you down.

I don't want them to stop you

from reaching your
true potential.

I have nothing to say
to Sam Verdreaux.

Then just listen.

He's as much

a prisoner of the
past as you are.

The difference is,

you're the one holding
all the keys.

Nice ride.

Thanks. And you are...?

Christine. Christine Price.

Better not.

I heard you were back in town.

Who from?

Your friend Hunter.

All it takes is a free latte,

and you'd be amazed
what people tell you.

You the town shrink?

Well, I prefer therapist,

but, yes, I help places
like Chester's Mill heal

after a natural disaster.

Yeah, there was nothing natural
about the dome.

Well, unnatural disaster just
sounds a little too Fox News.

It's a shame we didn't
get to meet last year.

By the time I was
assigned to here,

you were just... gone.

Nothing to keep me here.

We missed you
at the memorial yesterday.

Yeah, I had some trouble
with my bike.

That's kind of convenient,

don't you think?

Showing up the
day after a tribute

to everyone the town lost,

including your father?

Town didn't lose my father.

I killed him to protect it.

So if the reason you're here is

to see how I'm doing
since the dome came down,

ridding myself of my father was
the best thing I've ever done.

Now, if you don't mind...

I'm just curious.

If ridding yourself

of your father is the best
thing you've ever done,

why haven't you sold his house?

Lady, why do you even care?

Because like it or not,
James Rennie, you belong here.

You're part of this town.

You're part of a community
that needs you right now.

I can never be part
of this town.

My father made sure of that.

You want to know why I left?

'Cause everyone around here
thinks I'm just like him.

Then, maybe,
it's time you stop running away

and show them that you're not.

Wakey, wakey, sleeping beauty.

Tell me who the hell that is?

I asked...

Don Barbara.

That's Barbie's old man?

How'd he get in Chester's Mill?

Maybe he would've told you
if you hadn't have killed him.

You think I did this?

Wouldn't be the first
innocent person you've killed.

Well, I'll give it to you.

You got a pair on you,
throwing around accusations,

considering I'm the one
holding the gun.

Where is Melanie,
and where's the egg?

Or did you kill her, too?

The egg?
I got rid of that damn thing.

Don was bringing it
back to Chester's Mill.

What, are you insane?

After everything
that egg has done,

you wanted him
to bring it back here?

That thing is evil.

No, evil is shooting
your own son.

- Well, he shot me first.
- Jim,

everyone in this town is trapped
in the tunnels under the dome,

including your son.

Junior's trapped?

So, if you don't have Melanie,
and you don't have the egg,

then get out of my way!

Listen, if you're such
a great reporter, Shumway,

answer me this.

Why would I kill this guy,

then bring you over
to show you the body?

Face it... you got played.

Melanie killed that guy,
then left you behind

so she could take that egg
and do God knows what.

Melanie would never betray me.
She's not like you.

Well, that's kind of my point.
She's not like any of us.

Nobody gets to come back
from the dead.

You're wrong about her.

How many people have to suffer

because you can't see what's
right in front of you?

That egg, this dome,
that girl...

they cost me my wife.


You're so high and mighty,
aren't you?

I'm not the only one in this
town with blood on his hands.

People are dead because of you.

Your faith

in this dome has made you
blind, deaf and dumb.

That is the second time
you have called me dumb,

and I wouldn't do it again.

Now, if you're gonna
shoot me, do it.

Otherwise, I'm leaving now.

My, my, the monarch's
got a temper.

Go to hell.

Truth hurts, doesn't it?

Yeah, there's a
space right here.

Yeah, room seven, I believe.


Honey, just tell housekeeping.

This is our room
right here, so, yeah,

we could just,
bring it in over here.

Maggie, I just got
to get the last bag...

You have your I.D.?



Who is this?

It's Christine Price.
We met at the memorial.

I'm with Eva at the hospital.

I think

that you should get here
right away.

How's Eva?
What happened?

She called me, wanted to
meet at the Sweetbriar.

She was upset about your fight.

We were waiting for our food
when she doubled over in pain.

I helped her to the bathroom,

and that's when she
noticed she was bleeding.

- She was bleeding? What...?
- Oh, no, no.

The doctor's with her now.
He said that Eva

and the baby are
gonna be just fine.

The baby?

What the hell?




Go on, get out of here!

Stupid mutt.

So why do they call it
Hard Lemonade?


I got nothing.

Well, do you like beer?

I hate beer.

To hating beer.

Was Joe right?

Have I become

that awful, stuck-up college bitch
that everyone hates?

And we were doing so well
without talking about Joe.

Is that what this is all about?

Screw him.

I like being in a sorority.

I love, for the first
time in my life,

not being so angry all the time

because I never fit in.

I totally get that.

I feel the same thing
working for Barbie.

I was always this loner out to
get back at the system, but now...

I-I don't know, you know,
I feel like...

I have...
direction and purpose,

that there's more to my life
than just looking out for myself.

I never want to go back
to being that guy.

The way I see it,

you can do what Joe
wants you to do,

or you can just...

move forward,

allow yourself to be happy.

Just make sure it's your choice,

what it is that you want.

Hey, you.

How long have you been here?

About an hour or so.

Why didn't you tell me
about the baby?

I wanted to.

I just thought it would be
better after the memorial,

so that you wouldn't
feel trapped.


Why would you even think that?


I jumped into this relationship
with both feet.

You seem to have one foot
in the past with Julia

and the other foot
in the future with me, and...

I want to be with you.

I want to have this baby.

What I feel for you...

is real.

And this baby is real.

I know what I want.

But do you?

I'll be over here
if you need anything.



Look, Joe, I know this must be
damn near impossible for you.

I don't want you to think
that I've asked you here to...

explain what I did,

or that somehow I'm not
responsible for my actions.

So why am I here?

Because as part of my sentence,
I've been...

working with other prisoners.

Trying to help them move on

and get their lives
back on track.

I guess, in a way, it's also...

forced me to take
a long look at myself.

My drinking.

My shame.

The reason I wanted to see you

is because I wanted
to look you in the eyes

and tell you how profoundly
sorry I am for what I did.

And that I'm doing
everything I can

to be a different person.

To be a better person.

To earn...

your forgiveness.

Her name's Angie.

You haven't said her name once.

It's Angie.
And you killed her.

- Joe, I-I...
- No. You don't get to speak.

It's my turn.

I didn't come here for you,

or to hear about how
you're getting on with your life...

I came for my sister.

The one person
who meant everything to me

and who will never get
to move on.

So if you're done patting
yourself on the back

for becoming a better person,

then I want you to know that the
only way I'll ever forgive you

is when you've suffered the way
that you made Angie suffer.

Oh, God!

Hey! Get down!

Everybody, lock it up now!
Lock it up! Down!


What are you doing?

I couldn't wait for you, Julia.

Why couldn't you wait for me?

What's happening?

Who's in that cocoon, Melanie?

You'll see.

You have faith in me,

- don't you, Julia?
- All I have ever wanted

is to believe that the dome
is here for a reason.

But I can't keep
ignoring the truth,

not when it's staring
me right in the eyes.

If the cocoon protects
who's inside,

and Junior freed you...

how did he cut your cocoon
open when I have the knife?

What the hell?

My God.

Is this what you want, Norrie?

I'm so, so sorry, Joe.

Do you love me?

I'm sorry, Julia.

A process has begun,

and I cannot let you interfere.

I believed in you.

Don't worry, we'll fix you, too.

And what about me?

'Cause I don't know

who this "we" is...

but I'll be damned
if I'll let it kill my son.

No, no, you can't.

You'll destroy everything!

What do you say, Red?

Do it.

Barbie! It's okay.

It's me, Julia.

It's okay now.

You're safe.

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

It's over.

It's okay, I got you.

It's over.

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