Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 2, Episode 7 - Going Home - full transcript

After finding themselves outside the dome, Barbie turns to his estranged father for help, and Sam reunites with Pauline.

Two weeks ago,

an invisible dome
crashed down on Chester's Mill,

cutting us off
from the rest of the world.

Why the dome is here
or what mysteries lie ahead,

we still don't know.
Every day, it tests our limits,
Ripped By mstoll

bringing out the best
and the worst in us.

Some say
we'll be stuck here forever.

But we will never stop fighting
to find a way out.

Do you think this is where Lyle
disappeared to?

It's a tunnel.

James, I expect you know
that I'm alive.

Your mother told you to trust Lyle?

- You mean before she died?
- Two days ago, she sent me an e-mail.

She's alive.
She's out there somewhere.

I saw that in my dream.

I've seen it too.
It's in my hometown, Zenith.

That's the same town that I'm from.

You keep saying you're on my side,
but it seems like you turned on me.

You killed a 19-year-old girl
that your nephew loved.

I had to. Everything Pauline
put in her journal has come true.

It says in here that if those
four kids die, the dome comes down.

You're not gonna touch those kids.



Bad dream?

Sam jumping off the cliff.

You couldn't stop him.

It's what he said before he jumped.

That he admitted to killing Angie?

- He said a lot of things.
- He's crazy.

I mean, he thought his dead sisters
drawings of Angie and the hands

were some kind of message.

If he killed them,
the dome would come down.

You need to get some sleep.

I don't think I can.

Well, in the morning, we're gonna have
to tell Junior and Joe.


Good morning.


I guess I fell asleep.

- It's okay. You were tired.
- Aren't you?

Knowing Lyle's out there
wanting to kill us kept me awake.

You stayed up to keep us safe?

It wasn't hard.

Not with Joe snoring
like an elephant in heat.

MELANIE: Ha, ha.
- I heard that.

Did the egg do anything else
last night?

Not since it showed us the obelisk
from Zenith.

Which is so weird.

Why would it show us something
from my hometown?

Well, your hometown
is Barbie's hometown.

That has to mean something.


Someone's coming.




You made it out of the cave-in,
and you're all right.

You found the egg.

In the lake,
where you said it would be.

When we were all together,
it floated to the surface.

Like it needed to be with us.

- You have to keep it safe.
- I will.

- We have to talk about Sam.
- Why?

Is my uncle okay?

He's dead, Junior.


What happened?

Yesterday when you went
into the tunnels with Sam to find Lyle,

it was because we thought
Lyle killed Angie,

except he didn't.

Sam did.

No, you're lying.

I saw the scratches
that she left on him.

And once I knew, he jumped off
of a cliff at the end of the tunnel.

No. No, that's not true.

- I'm sorry, Junior.
- I'm just supposed to believe you?

You don't know my uncle.

You going after him too?

No. We need to get Sam's body.

The only real evidence we have

are those scratches
that Angie left on him.

And until Junior
and the whole town sees that,

we're not gonna put this behind us.

JIM: Looks like you lived
to see another day.


You gonna tell me what you're doing,
or you're gonna keep me guessing?

Come on, Barbie.

You know I'm gonna find out
one way or another.

Look, the whole reason I got into
trouble in the first place yesterday

is that I wasn't fully equipped
to explore the tunnels.

Figured I'd go back,

do it right, I'd see what I see.

You gonna tell me what you find?

Oh, yeah.
Yeah, you'll be the first to know.

JULIA: Where did it go?
- It disappears in the darkness.

It's the same thing
that happened to Sam.

I didn't hear it land.
How is that possible?

Same way the dome's possible.

Got any ideas to help us understand
where that cliff might lead to?

No, I don't understand it.

This laser pointer never reaches
the far side,

and even stranger,
my compass is spinning.

It says we're facing every direction
at once.

I don't like this.

Me neither,
but you saw Junior's reaction.

He's not gonna believe
that Sam killed Angie

till he sees that body himself.

Scratches and all.

- Promise me you'll be careful.
- Of course I will.

All right.

Be right back.

What do you see?

I see a whole lot of dark.

Describe the rockface.
Any vegetation?


It's dead as a doornail.

I've gotta be 20 feet down by now.

Can you see the bottom?


But the darkness,
I think I'm getting closer to it.


Whoa, whoa! Hey!
You guys messing with the rope?

No, we didn't touch it.

Okay, well,
something just pulled me.

Barbie, come up.


Oh, my God.
The anchor's coming loose.



- Julia, hold on.
- Hey!



- Rebecca!
REBECCA: Yes, I am trying.


Barbie, I've got the rope!
You need to climb!

Julia, let go!

Julia! Julia, let go of the rope!

- The hell I will.
- Julia, I can't hold it.

If we don't let go, we'll go over too.


Barbie, don't you dare. I got you.

- I love you, Julia.
- I can pull you up.


Barbie, can you hear me?

Barbie, say something!

- Julia...
- Barbie?


Barbie, say something, damn you!


- Come on. Come on.
- Say something!


- Do you think he did it?
- Sam?

You knew my uncle
back when you were

alive before.

Do you think he's capable
of murder?

The Sam I used to know
was sweet and kind

and always smiling.

But now I don't know.

There's something so much darker
in him.

What do you think?

I trusted him.

How could my own uncle
murder Angie?

Did I hear you right?

Sam murdered Angie?

Who told you this?

Barbie. He found out
when they were down in the tunnels,

and then Sam killed himself.

So Barbie told you.

I'm sorry, son.

Are you?

I'll be downstairs.

I know this is tough to hear, son.

But your uncle was always...

He was off.

It's why we didn't get along.

The truth is,
he was never as strong as you and I.

And this town needs strength.
It needs us.

Right now I don't care
what the town needs.

Well, you need to.
Now more than ever.

We're special, Junior.

The dome chose me,
and you're my son.

No, no, no. I'm not--
I'm done listening to this.

Junior, Junior.
Junior, please listen to me.

Why do you always
have to make everything about you?

Angie loved this.

I know.

She's never coming back.

And you're at peace with it?

I'll never be at peace with it.

But I have to accept it.

You're staring into that thing
like it's a crystal ball or something.

It's got me thinking about the dome.

Something isn't adding up.

Does anything add up anymore?

There was never a tunnel
down there.

Now there is.

What's your point, Joe?

My point is,

where did it come from?

Why is it here?

- We should go back in there.
- I am sorry, okay?

But we called for him.
There wasn't any answer.

There's just no way
he could survive a fall like that.

Okay, come on.
Why don't you lie down, huh?

There's a couch in my shop room.

Rebecca, no one can know.


Just until I can tell them.

I just need to figure it out first.

You're worried about Big Jim.

Without Barbie,
there's no telling what he'll do.

I'll follow your lead, okay?
Now come On.


There you are.

Why didn't you tell me?

Tell you what?

About Sam.

I had to hear it from Junior.
He was devastated.

What do you want, Jim?

Well, I wanna talk to Barbie.
Where is he?

- He's--
- Bringing up Sam's body.

- Well, I'll give him a hand.
- Um, the tunnel's not safe.

- Could collapse at any moment.
- Rebecca made me come up too.

What's wrong, Julia? Are you upset?

No. No, it's just the dust.
Like she said, it's bad down there.

And only Barbie is equipped
to get through it.

He, uh, wanted to ask

if maybe you would go down
to the police station.

In case any calls came in.

Of course.
Anything I can do to be of service.






Fantastic. Good, okay. Got it? Ready?



[woman sass]

Can I help you?

- I'm looking for Pauline Verdreaux.
- And you are?

Her brother. Sam Verdreaux.

- I'll get someone to take you up.
- Take me up?

Your sister is in the locked ward.

Yes. I need an escort.

Barbie's gone?

Does that mean he's dead?

Oh, my God.

What happened?

- He cut the rope on purpose.
- But why?

To save Rebecca and me
from going over the cliff.

I don't believe it, Julia.

The dome wouldn't let anything
happen to Barbie.

It went crazy
when Big Jim tried to hang him, right?

And now a tunnel appears
that wasn't here three weeks ago?

What do you mean,
it wasn't there three weeks ago?

I've lived in Chester's Mill
my entire life.

The basement underneath the school
has always just been a basement.

And then a tunnel appears?

What if the dome dug it?

And that tunnel and that cliff
and Barbie going down there

was all part of the dome's plan?

A plan for what?

I don't know.

But we can find out.

If we go over that cliff ourselves.

- I would never let you do that.
- I don't mean us.

Then what do you mean?

I was president
of the school Robotics Club,

and we made stuff

that might help us find exactly
whats at the bottom of that cliff.


Okay, meet me at the locker
in a half hour.

I'll be right back.


Has my sister been here long?

Place like this,
time don't exactly mean much.

She's in there.

- Thanks.

Let me remind you teo
that this is your vision.

This is the--

Oh, my God.


Hi, sis.


But you were inside the dome.

- Did it come down?
- No.

How did you get out?

I'm still trying
to figure that out myself.

And Junior? Did he get out?
ls he all right?

He's still in Chester's Mill.

He knows you're alive.
He got your message.

Oh, we have so much to talk about.

JIM: Don't bother with that.
- Ah!

You know how nosy
neighbors can be.

And what we have to discuss
is no ones business but our own.

Jim, what are you doing in here?

You know, I...

I blame myself in part for this.

I trusted you.

- I never should've.
- What are you talking about?

You made a huge mistake
crossing me.

Did I never mention

that the dome saved me
from death at those gallows?

It redeemed me.

It chose me to do what it wants.

And yet you couldn't see that,
could you?


you wouldn't have lied to me.

- I didn't lie to you.
- Yes, you did.


Jim, you're scaring me.

Well, maybe you should be scared.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

I waited outside that school.

I saw you leave, but Barbie?
He never left.

So where is he?

And do not lie to me again.



Barbie's dead.


Welcome home, Barbie.

Been worried about you, Barbie.

We've been staking out
your apartment.

Where you been hiding
the last three weeks?


You promised you were gonna go
run a few errands for Maxine,

then be back to do a job for me.

Got sidetracked.

You knew what we were gonna clear
for that info

on Aktaion Energy's R & D.

It would've made us all rich.

Well, you, anyway.

But then you just up and vanished.

Would you believe me

if I told you I was stuck
under the dome?



You're gonna go do the Aktaion job
you said you would.

- At half the price.
- And if I say no?


You won't have enough teeth
to form the word.

No! Okay! Okay.

Just give me a day to get organized,
all right?

I just got back.

You'll go now.

I still can't believe you got out.

- That makes two of us.
- How?

We found these tunnels
underneath the school.

At the end of them there was a cliff.

And I went over.

- You jumped on purpose?
- No.

It was dark. I fell.

Anyway, all that matters
is that I'm here.

I found you.

How come you didn't tell me that
you were gonna fake your own death?

Don't you trust me?

Of course I trust you.

I didn't tell you
because I don't trust myself.

I don't understand.

I knew the dome was coming down,
even if Big Jim said I was crazy.

But you're not crazy.

- The dome did come down.
- Yeah.

And I just thought
if I left Chester's Mill

that the dome would follow me.

And I was afraid
to tell you about my plan

because then you'd prevent me
from leaving.


- I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
- Any sane person would.

Guess it's no shock
Lyle believed me.

Is that why you asked him for help?

I sent him postcards over the years.

I know it was wrong
to use him that way,

but I needed to stay in contact
with someone,

and I knew he wouldn't tell anyone.

I did all this to save the town.

You, my son...

And I was wrong,
and now James is stuck in there.

I guess anything is possible
if you and Lyle could get out.


Have you seen Lyle?

Yes, I've seen him.

He's here.

- How about now?
JULIA: Hold on one sec.

You see anything?

JULIA: Yeah, we've got picture,
and it's recording.

In just a second, it'll be showing us
whatever's at the bottom of that cliff.

Julia, are you sure you wanna look?

I wanna see whatever's down there.

- No matter what.
- Here we go.


It's just passing 20 feet.

Looks like just rocks. Nothing else.

- Hey, we're losing picture.
- We shouldn't be.

- Joe, what's happening?
- I don't know.

- Better pull it back, Joe. Pull it back.
- I'm trying. It won't come back up.

- You said you knew how to fly it.
- I do.

Damn it. We've lost the signal.

I'm sorry, Julia.

It's my own fault.

When you guys started talking
about tunnels, I just really wanted to--

I really wanted to believe
there was a chance.

We all did.

Um, guys?

You need to see this.

I thought I saw something
in that last bright flash

and rewound the video.

And it was a bright flash. So what?

Unless you see it frame by frame.

Right there.

- That looks like a slide.
- No, I think it's a playground.

- Where?
- I don't know.

Oh, my God. The obelisk.

This is really the place?

The owner of Aktaion Energy
lives here, so shut your mouth

and watch our 6.


What the hell?

You double-crossing son of a bitch.

- Put down your weapon.
- Hey, hey. Easy, easy.

All right? I can explain all this.


Is that you?

Oh, my God, it is you.

Hi, Dad.


- I'll have a beer if you got one.
- Hmm.

How long's it been?

- Two years?
- Two and a half.

Either way, entirely too long.

- Please, sit.
- No.

I'll stand.


Is it weird that I've missed
your stubbornness?

Reminds me of your mother.

I'm happy to hear
I remind anyone of her.

So you're gonna tell me
why you hit the panic code

and then took down the man
that you were with?

It doesn't matter. He's in cuffs.

I don't suppose you're gonna tell me
how you got those wounds either.

I assume that you haven't come here
to patch things up.

You want something from me.

A favor.


- Melanie.
- That's all he says,

over and over again.

The police found him in the middle
of town looking at the obelisk.

LYLE: Melanie.
- And they brought him here.


- Melanie.
- Lyle?



Lyle, can you hear me?

- Lyle?
- Melanie!

He didn't recognize me either.

That's all he does.
Eat, sleep and say "Melanie."

And no one knows
he was inside the dome?


No one even knows his name.
He didn't have a wallet.

Something must have happened
to him when he went off that cliff.

- But you're okay.
- That's true.



There's only one Melanie
that I can think of

he would be talking about.

There's no way
he's talking about her, right?

Our Melanie?

It was so long ago.

There's something you should knew.

Melanie's alive.

She came back from the dead.

I need you to get me into the dome.

You want me to get you
to the dome?

I need to get a message to somebody
on the inside.

- Who?
- It doesn't matter.

Obviously it does,
or you wouldn't be here.

Dad, trust me.

I wouldn't be asking you this
if it wasn't important.

Dale, the dome coming down

is arguably the most significant event
in history.

The whole world is watching.

The National Guard has established
a ten-mile no-go zone

around the perimeter.

And the other half of that
is a bombed-out wasteland.

but you've pulled strings before.

But not like this.

I can't go to my friends in D.C.

I mean, it's just not gonna work out.
They're gonna think that I'm a fool.

So this is about business?

- Don't start.
- No, you have not changed a damn bit.

Everything I've done in business
has been for our family.

But you could never have seen that.

If you did, you wouldn't have run off
and joined the army.

I wouldn't have had to pull strings

to bring you home
from your deployment early.

- I never asked you to do that.
- No.

But your mother did.

You think it was a coincidence

that she got sick
right after you came home?

She knew
she was running out of time.

She just wanted to say goodbye.

Dad, I have never asked you
for anything.

But I'm asking you now.

Please help me get to the dome.



They've gotta be here.
We've looked everywhere else.



I don't like being here.

Me neither.



- Where are you?
JOE: I'm down here!

You scared the hell out of us.

We heard about Barbie.

- Is it true?
- Yeah, but it's all complicated.

- Is Julia down there?
- Yeah, she's down here.

- She okay?
- Yeah.

Do you have the egg with you?

- Right here.
- Okay, perfect timing.

Come on.
We have to show you guys something.

Let's go. Come on.


What are you doing?

We're having a memorial

for Barbie.

Shouldn't Julia be here?

No one can find her.

And I didn't wanna wait,

given Barbie's importance
to this town.

I'm sad that he's gone.

I know at times
we may have been enemies,

but often he was the only thing

standing between this town
and disaster.

It's a real loss for everyone.

Now it's time for all of us
to come together.

Around you.

I think it's time for a prayer.

All right, folks.

Let's gather round.

And bow your heads.

O heavenly Father,

you've gotten us
through dark times before,

and we pray

that you will get us through this one.

I'm glad you've decided to stay, Dale.

Well, it's just for a night.

- I guess I owe you the truth.
- About?

About why I wanna get to the dome.

I'm gonna go out on a limb.

There's a woman inside.

The second that I saw you,

I knew you weren't the same man
that I knew two and a half years ago.

You've changed, Dale.

The way you hold yourself,
the look in your eyes.

That edge you had from Iraq
is gone.

And I know there's only one thing
that can do that.

What's her name?


- Do you love her?
- Yeah, I love her.

You understand
that we risk everything?

- I do.
- And you're willing to take that risk?

Yeah, I am.

All right.

I'll help you get to the dome.


I understand what it feels like to be
separated from the woman you love.

Thank you, Dad.


You really think
Joe's onto something?

I don't know, but I hope so.


- The egg.
NORRIE: It's glowing again.

What's happening?

What is this?

MELANIE: It's Zenith.
- That's where the obelisk is.

Does that mean...?

There could be a way
out of the dome.

Not just that.

Barbie could be alive.

If he found a way out,
maybe he'll find a way back.

Ripped By mstoll