Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 2, Episode 5 - Reconciliation - full transcript

Julia takes over as leader of Chester's Mill after the town becomes divided in the wake of Big Jim and Rebecca's plans for population control. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie continue to help Melanie search for more clues about her identity.

BARBIE: Two weeks ago, an
invisible dome crashed down

on Chester's Mill, cutting us
off from the rest of the world.

Why the dome is here or
what mysteries lie ahead,

we still don't know.

Every day it tests our limits,

bringing out the best
and the worst in us.

Some say we'll be
stuck here forever,

but we will never stop
fighting to find a way out.

Rebecca Pine thinks Chester's
Mill can't sustain itself

for much longer and she and Jim

want to use the census to decide
who lives and who doesn't.

SAM: That pig virus is
their extermination plan.

Yeah, and she doesn't
know how strong it is.

Get away from me!

You tried to kill us all.

What are you doing here?

She's joining you in jail.

- What are you gonna do to us?
- Tomorrow, we'll have a town meeting,

and the people can
decide your fate.

You've come to set me free.

My mother said you have answers.
I want them.

- This is it, right?
- (GRUNTS) Sorry, kid.

JULIA: Those are the
fingertips of a hand.

Looks like Angie got a piece
of whoever did this to her.

What do you say, Phil?

Can I count on you?

MELANIE: I am Melanie Cross.

And I think this
is where I died.

GIRL: Oh, my God, we
have to help her.

BOY: I don't think we can.

- It's too late.
- She's dying.

What are you doing?

You were moaning.


No. Just a dream.

Not as scary as waking up to
you two standing over me.

None of us sleep very
well these days.

I need to find Sam Verdreaux.

Find out what really
happened the night I died.

I know you want some answers,

but we promised Barbie
we wouldn't do anything

until after he talks to Julia.

- I need to talk to you.
- I have to find our mystery girl.

- She didn't come home last night.
- Melanie stayed with Joe and Norrie.

Melanie? How do you
know her name?

It's a long story.

You wouldn't happen to know
where Sam is, would you?

He just left.

We were up all night, working.

Why are you looking for Sam?

Because I think he's known
who Melanie is all along.

JULIA: All right,
tell me everything.

The kids found her picture
in the school yearbook.

- So, she's a student here?
- Was.

In 1988.

I know.

I'm still processing
all of this.

She also knows exactly where Joe
and Norrie found the mini-dome.

- How?
- 25 years ago, she and

three of her friends
found a meteorite

in exactly the same
spot in the woods

with an egg inside.

Melanie said that
when she found it,

that she wanted to protect it,
and the others got violent.

And then, one of her
friends killed her.

She's not sure who.

Who were the three friends?

Pauline Verdreaux, Lyle Chumley

and Sam.

- This is crazy.
- This is just par for the course for Chester's Mill.

And we need to talk about
what happened the other day.

About your supporting Jim and
Rebecca's extermination plot?

How could you think that I
would actually do that?

- Because I was there.
- I was listening

so I could make sure that I knew
exactly what they were up to,

so I could stop them.

I made Jim look me in the eye

and promise me that he
wasn't gonna do anything.

I don't know that
I believe that.

If you want to think
that I'm the bad guy,

then fine.

Be prepared to think far
worse of Sam Verdreaux.

What the hell are you doing?

Trying to find what you've
been hiding from me.

Like my mom's journal.

I don't have it, Junior.

Someone stole it.

That was Lyle.

Lyle's in jail.

He was until I snuck him out.

He told me my mom's journal
had predictions in it,

like who was gonna kill Angie.

What'd you find out?

I didn't get that far.
He attacked me,

and he ran off with it.

He didn't want me to
see what was in it.

So he must have
killed Angie, right?

He always has been
a little nuts.

Pages missing from the journal.

I thought if I'd
find it, I'd be able

to figure out where he's going
or what he's gonna do next, or

where he would run off to.

You won't find anything.

If Lyle hurts somebody
else, it's on me.

So we'll stop him together.


I should have never trusted him,
no matter what my mom said.

Your mother told
you to trust Lyle?

Before she died?


Two days ago, she
sent me an e-mail.

She's alive.

She's out there somewhere.


I was wondering when
you two would show.

Yeah, we're just looking
for Carolyn and the kids.

Oh, in the back.

I can bring you cereal,
toast and tea.

Where'd you get all the food?

Secret store in the basement.

Angie told me about it,
God rest her soul.

Oh, and we're all waiting for
the town meeting, Julia.

If she's eating here, I ain't.

Hey, it's a free town.

Not since Big Jim went to jail.

I hear you right, Greg?

You throwing your
lot in with the guy

who tried to murder everyone

with that virus of his?

Jim wasn't caught with no virus.

It was a set-up, all right,
so she can take over

- and put him on trial.
- Get off!

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- That's enough. Hey,

just back off.

- This trial of yours?

It better reach the
right verdict.

Did you find Lyle?

Not yet. Junior and I
spent all night combing

the town for him,
but no sign of him.

I should be out there
looking for him.

This place is a powder keg.

No, I want the three of
you to lie low today.

JULIA: This trial
has to happen soon.

I'm planning on reading the
charges against Jim and Rebecca

at the town meeting.

They'll need
representation, too.

Which is where you
come in, I hope?

Mom as Big Jim's lawyer?

He's so totally guilty.

Everyone deserves a fair trial.

Well, I guess I'll go,

uh, escort my new clients
to the town hall.

I'll see you there, Julia.

Thank you, Carolyn.

I filled Julia in

on everything that we
found out about Melanie,

but only Julia.

I'm really sorry
that I wasn't there

with you yesterday, Melanie.

I know who I am now,

but why am I back?

I don't know, but
there is a reason.

I promise I'll find
out what it is.

Sam will be at the town hall.

Barbie and I will talk to him.

All right, but he's right.

You kids stay. Okay?

Let us get some answers first.

I just found out I died.

I can't just sit
around and do nothing.

Come on, I know where to go.


Anybody out there?

Okay, enough, Jim.
I've got a headache.

Oh, you got a headache, huh?

I'm just about starving in here.

Come on. It's only
been one night.

Julia promised a trial.

She'll come for us, okay?

Yeah, she'll come
for us, all right.

Then what?

She gonna hang us?

We were just trying to keep
everyone from starving to death.

Now everyone thinks I'm
some sort of serial killer,

and it's all your fault.

You convinced me that your
plan's the right thing to do.

And then you... then you tricked
me into not being able to do it.

I told you,

the virus was stronger
than I thought.

If the evidence changes,
your thinking has to change.

It's called science.

I don't care what you call it.

Now everybody's out
there for our blood.

Thanks, everyone, for
joining me today.

I know it's been a rough week,

but I think it's time for
us to focus on our future.

Where's that piece of crap...
Big Jim?

He and Rebecca Pine
will be arraigned

and tried in front of a jury.

The process will be
fair and impartial.

First, though, I'd like to talk
to you about the food situation.

Supplies are running low.


But there's no need to panic.

We can get through this
by coming together.

Which is why I'm initiating a
voluntary food share program.

People can bring
whatever they have

to the Chester's
Mill fire station.

Volunteers will
oversee distribution,

insuring no one goes hungry.

WOMAN: You want me to give up

my family's food?
That's crazy!

Participation is
completely voluntary.

But pooling our resources

is the best way to insure
everyone gets fed.

WENDELL: There's the
son of a bitch!

Why'd you try to
kill us all, Jim?

Everything I did, I
did for this town.


I love Chester's Mill,

and I'll prove that I'm
innocent of these charges.

Good luck, honey.


Today, we arraign Jim
Rennie and Rebecca Pine

- on the following charges.
- GREG: It's all lies!

You deserve to be
on trial, not him!

- MAN: Yeah!
- MAN 2: Yeah!


Folks, calm down
and let her speak.

Calm down! Back up.
Let her speak.

Phil, you got to get
them out of here!

PHIL: Big Jim,
Rebecca, let's go.




He's dead.


I just can't believe
Pauline's still alive.

Why would she let us

believe that she was
dead for so long,

- even if she was protecting us?
- You were a kid.

Maybe you needed protecting.
I didn't.

When Pauline started
ranting about some dome,

I stopped believing in her.

It crushed her.

But what kind of person

lets her brother and her son
spend a decade mourning,

while she sends postcards
to her insane ex-boyfriend?

And not warning us
about the people

who were really gonna die,

like Angie.

If I could just get to her,

things would be different.

She'd tell me if I was
doing the right thing.

When I lost Mom,

it was the worst pain ever.

Until Angie.

Lyle took the best thing I had.

And when I find him, I'm
gonna make him suffer.

Right before I put a
bullet between his eyes.

You know what, kid?

Maybe those missing
journal pages

are the key to finding Lyle.

I've been looking
for 'em everywhere.

I might know a place.

JULIA: You only have
yourself to blame.

You and Jim

and your insane reduction
plan has people terrified.

We're lucky only
Wendell died today.

Anybody could have
been hit, a kid

or me or you.



Thank you.

Just so you know...

what Jim said about
Barbie being involved,

he wasn't.

We went behind his back.

Barbie always believed
there was another way.

- Phil, stop.
- Why? I don't answer to you.

Yes, you do. This town
put me in charge.

Well, Big Jim made me sheriff.

And when people are
at risk, I act.

You could have just
arrested Wendell.

Barbie had already disarmed him.
Instead you killed him.

I did what I had to do
to keep this town safe.

Wendell is dead. Not to mention
the fact that Lyle escaped

on your watch and is
still on the loose.

Maybe that badge is
too big for you.

You want me to quit?

- You gonna make me?
- BARBIE: No, not her.


You two...

really are drunk on power, huh?

We'll see what Big
Jim has to say.


If you'd been sheriff
today instead of Phil,

- no one would've been killed.
- Julia...

You have the perfect background.

- Your military training...
- A... and a few hours ago

you accused me of
siding with Big Jim.

Now you want me to be
the person in charge

of keeping him locked up?

I should have trusted you.

I'm sorry I didn't.

That's good to hear.

This town just has a funny
way of turning on people,

and I'm not ready to
jump back into the fray.

I get it.

I'll find someone else.

I'm gonna go.

Lyle's still out there.

- Maybe he's with Sam.
- Yeah, well,

we'll find 'em, we'll put
'em in a room together

and find out what the hell
happened all those years ago.

We have to.

For Melanie's sake.


MELANIE: So when you touch the
dome, it shows you stuff?

JOE: Yeah.

Like, visions, I guess.


Hey, you told us you died
and we got on board.

Have some team spirit.

But what if it shows
me something awful?

You'll get over it. We have.

When you touch the dome
for the first time,

it's gonna give you
a little shock.

So if you get scared,

just let go.

What do you see?


Absolutely nothing.

You sure about this?

I already searched this
place pretty good.

I've known Lyle a long time.

Guy's got a lot of
tricks up his sleeve.

Well, what do you know?

You found 'em.


Your mom did draw Angie.

Lyle stole these to keep me
from knowing what he did.

But... but why kill Angie?

He hardly knew her.

Maybe this has something
to do with it?

- The four hands.
- The four hands.

- Pauline ranted about a
- LOT OF THINGS: Pink stars,

a dome that would trap
us and the four hands

that would be its protectors.

She used to say, "Four hands
will hold up the dome",

and without them, it will fall."

Like if one of the
hands wasn't around,

the dome would come down?

That's why Lyle did it.

He killed Angie to
bring down the dome.

So Angie was one
of the four hands?

Maybe all four hands have
to die for it to work.

I have to go.

I have to make sure the
other hands are okay.

The other hands?

Do you know who they are?


Joe, Norrie and me.

If Lyle thinks that
killing the four hands

will bring down the dome,

any one of us could be next.


Hey, Jim?

BIG JIM: Uh-huh.

You ever seen a man die?

I mean...

before today?

It's a sad fact of my
life that I have, yeah.


how do you...

deal with it?

Just by knowing it's all
part of a larger design.

Wendell's death means
we get to live.

I'm sure that's a
pretty good trade-off.

That... that's what I told myself
about our population plan.

But today...

watching the life go
out of Wendell...

Death isn't pretty, Rebecca.

Sometimes it's necessary.

I've always looked at
things clinically.

Run tests, you get results
and then take action.

I thought it made me strong.


When I was in the
church yesterday,

about to release the virus,
and I saw those families,

it reminded me of my mom.

And when I thought about causing
all those families to suffer

the way she did, I...

That's why you couldn't do it?

What if my dad was right

and sometimes there
really aren't answers?

Well, maybe your dad is right.

That doesn't mean
we stop trying.

Look, I trusted you.

I had your back.

I need you to have mine.

You're right.

I... I do.

Big Jim!

Drinking on the job, Sheriff?


'Cause Julia fired me.

I had to sneak past my own
deputies to get in here.

Oh, well...

that ain't right.

You're a good man, Phil.

The best sheriff this
town's ever had.

Better than Duke?

And Linda.

Your plan to release
that virus...

you had no other choice, right?

I didn't even have the virus.

Rebecca did.

But if we don't do something,

then none of us are gonna
get out of here alive.

And now Julia's made
you her scapegoat.


Right when this town
needed you most.

Wait, wait, wait. No, no, no.
Not that way.

Half this town hates me, okay?

If, uh, you let me
out, they're gonna...

they're gonna string me up.

Then how do we make this right?

We got to win over their
hearts and minds.

- Still nothing.
- The dome kind of has a mind of its own.

Maybe it's not in the mood.

What if we try touching
it at the same time?

- Worked for me and Norrie.
- Because you guys aren't some kind of undead freak.

Melanie, we're gonna
figure this out.

How long will that take?

I still have no
idea why I'm back.

None of us know why we're
trapped inside this fishbowl.

You need to deal.

were alive, then dead,

now alive again.

Two out of three ain't bad.

You don't know what
I'm going through.

No, I don't.

But I know how much I'd give
to have my mom alive again.

If it'd bring her
back, I'd trade

you rotting in the bottom of
that crater in a heartbeat.

You know, I've
defended you a lot,

but sometimes you're
a real bitch.

Melanie, wait!


Are you guys here?

They aren't here either.

Maybe we should head
back to Julia's.

They weren't there.

Or at the Sweetbriar or
anywhere else in town.

What if Lyle already got 'em?

If he hurts them, I won't
be able to forgive myself.

Junior, like I said before,

there's no way Lyle could know
they're part of the four hands.

Your friends are safe.

What are you looking for?

You got to take a
minute and calm down.

You're no good to
anyone in this state.

You haven't had a drink
since the dome came down.

You sure you want to do this?

My dead sister's alive,

my nephew's on some
nutball's hit list.

Yeah, I want to do this.



Another one?



You got to understand,

- about Norrie...
- It's not her, it's me.

I want to be happy, but...

I feel so alone.

And I'm not normal, either.

You're real to me.

Didn't find your answers

touching the Dome, hey,

maybe you'll find
'em by sticking

your tongue down his throat.

Actually, what I'm
wondering is what he

sees in you, since you treat
him and everyone else

like crap.


Hey, stop.

Norrie, are you okay?

Don't even, Joe.

You're bleeding.

And you're about to be.

Hey, hey.

I've got an idea.

Julia GRUNTS: Here we go.

Food drive's doing well.

Yeah, I mean, it's
a decent turnout,

but for this to work...

we need everyone's help.

I'm gonna put these
in the fridge.


Oh, can you stack those boxes?








Where's Julia?

Still inside.



Over here.

Come on.






As soon as it's safe
to enter the building,

we will assess the damage,
see what remains.

The last of my
food was in there.

What's my family
supposed to eat tonight?

Please, I just need
everyone to stay calm.

- Don't tell us to stay calm.
- Hey, Phil, watch yourself.

So I can't even speak now?

These people need
to know the truth.

Julia's big plan...

was just a way to take
everybody's food away from them.

- I didn't take anything.
- Then she sticks it all in one place,

along with an old,
beat-up generator.

Now, if she had
bothered to check,

she would have seen that
the wires were frayed.

Big Jim never would
have made that mistake.

WOMAN: And now we're
all gonna starve.

What am I gonna feed my kids?

- Where am I gonna get food tomorrow?
- All... all right,

I promise I will get to the
bottom of what happened

and find a solution.

I just need everyone
to calm down.

This is not over.


You okay?

We're screwed.

And Phil's right,
it's all my fault.

I didn't check the generators,

I didn't even think to check.

And I screwed up with you.

I should have believed you.

That goes both ways.
Do you hear me?

We both made mistakes.

What now?

Now we figure out who
caused the explosion.

Phil said the wires were frayed.

You don't believe him?

No, there's something else

going on. I found a
bunch of empty boxes

right before that explosion.

There's only one person in
town who could do that.

Well, I'd ask who that was,
but it's a little obvious.

I'll go talk with Big Jim.

I just wish I knew what to do.

You know, no matter
what, I can't seem

- to please more than half the town at a time.
- Hey, shh, shh.

Don't give up.

There's a way out of this.
You're gonna find it.


You okay?



No, please,

let me.

- Aah.
- So what's this gonna show?

Hopefully if there are
differences between us.

A guy who's always been
alive, like me, and...

someone like you.

Are we different?

Uh, not sure.

Little out of my depth here.

Ms. Pine would

definitely be able to
tell us what this means.

So, what, we break
her out of jail?

I'm just saying.

She tried to kill
everyone in town.

We can't just do nothing.

This blood thing could be
the answer to who I am.

Yeah, or end up like
everything else...

big, fat, dead end.


Well, well, well.

Look who it is. You
sheriff by now?

Or did new Queen Bee just
go ahead and anoint you

- king of Chester's Mill?
- Oh, shut your mouth, Jim.

There's no audience down here.

There was an explosion
at the firehouse.

All the food that was
stored there's gone.

BIG JIM: You think I'd
put this town at risk

by burning up its food supply?

That's a new level
of crazy, Barbie,

even for you.

Oh, my God.


He was down here grousing
about Julia taking

his badge and he
mentioned something

about the food program.

So that's how you're
gonna play this?

You're gonna throw
Phil under the bus?

Well, don't take my word for it, ask...
ask Rebecca.

I must have been asleep
when Phil came in.

I didn't hear anything.


Nice try, Jim.

Fine. You're gonna
go about your day

thinking I'm responsible
for the explosion,

that's, you know...

Just be ready for whatever...

madness Phil has planned next.



What are you doing in here?

Just making sure the
place is secure.

Is there food in there?

We weren't using this room.

Maybe someone moved it.

Why would they?

Unless they knew the
explosion was coming?



My mom lied to everyone.

The only one she loves is Lyle.

I hear you, buddy.

And they're both crazy.

They're crazying it up together.

You got to sleep this one off.


I don't want to do this to you.

You or Angie.

If there was any other way

to bring the Dome
down, I'd do it.

I'm sorry.


Thanks for looking out for me.

You're the only
family I have left.

Love you, Uncle Sam.

BARBIE: Hey, on the ground.

Get on the ground right now.

PHIL: No, Barbie, that's
what you're gonna do.

Oh, come on, this
is not you, Phil.

I know you don't
want to hurt anyone.



Drop her, Phil.

You're done being
the hero, Barbie.


Drop... now!


You all right?



I am now.



What a nice surprise.

Do you have a minute?

I'm just wondering
about what's happening

at the Sweetbriar Rose.

I see you there, feeding
everyone, and, uh...

I wonder where the
food is coming from.

The basement pantry.

I just checked there...
it's empty.

Andrea, you're doing
an amazing job.

The town continues to
live because of you.

I just think I owe it to
everyone to at least ask.

There's something I
have to show you.

Oh, my God.

This is just the start.

The entire basement is filled.

There's enough to feed the whole
town for a couple of months.

Where did you get all this food?

From Lloyd, my late husband.

Lloyd called himself
a survivalist.

He always saw something
bad around the corner.

Thank God.

Said when the crisis hit,

it'd be every man for himself.

I'm sorry I didn't come forward.

I was just scared someone
would steal it from me.

But I trust you.

You should use it.

We'll use it together.


Uncle Sam?

My mom painted that when I
was in the second grade.

I brought it in for

I'm guessing you've
never seen this before.

Oh, my God.

The obelisk.

I saw this in a dream I had.

My mom was there, too.


That's the number of
the locker at school

where Angie got killed.

It's also in your mother's
journal, on the last page.

I had no idea what it meant.

Lyle saw something in the
journal before he ran off.

Maybe he went back
to the locker.

Why would he go there?

I don't know, but it obviously

means something to him.

Maybe we haven't found Lyle
'cause we haven't checked there.



This is amazing.

It's like Thanksgiving in July.

It's all Julia.

Where'd you get the food?

Trade secret.

But make sure to thank Andrea

for hosting such a lovely event.

One nice meal doesn't
prove anything.

You're no Big Jim.

- Well...

I'll let him decide that.


What the hell are we doing here?

Oh, just wait and see.

JULIA: Folks, I, uh,
said this morning

that I thought it was
time for us Millers

to focus on our future.

But I don't think we can do that
until we let go of the past.

Even the actions of those
who have wronged us.

What Big Jim and Rebecca
tried to do yesterday

is inexcusable...


but it's not unforgivable.

Now, we can stay angry,

tear each other apart, or...

we can rise above,

and... and work together,

and ensure our survival
under this dome.

I admit...

I've made some mistakes...

but all of them in
service of this town.

And I really appreciate Julia

giving me the chance to...

to make amends.

And you all should know...

I think she's done a hell of a
job running Chester's Mill.

♪ It's been so long, baby ♪

♪ So long, baby ♪

♪ Since you held me in ♪
♪ your arms real tight ♪

♪ It's been so long, baby ♪

♪ So long, baby ♪

♪ Since you treated ♪
♪ your baby right ♪

Enjoy yourself. Enjoy
yourself, folks.

Enjoy the food.

You know, I don't
understand you.

You keep saying
you're on my side,

but it sure as hell seems
like you've turned on me.

I just think, maybe...

we should give Julia a chance.

Maybe benevolence isn't such
a bad quality in a leader.

Or it's the thing that's
gonna get us all killed.

Look what you did.

Yeah, it wouldn't have
happened without you.

Oh, I don't know about that.

Have you... you found
your sheriff yet?

Why, you have someone in mind?

I might.

♪ You don't do it ♪
♪ for me and I for you ♪

♪ Nobody else will ♪
♪ ever do, that's right ♪

♪ That's right That's ♪
♪ right, sweet baby ♪

♪ That's right ♪

♪ That's right That's ♪
♪ right, sweet baby ♪

♪ It's been so long, baby ♪

♪ So long, baby ♪

♪ You ought to come home ♪

♪ So long, baby ♪

I'm sorry about earlier.

You kissed her, Joe.

Yeah, but...

she's not who I love.

You are.

That's your go-to...

after you've macked on another
chick in front of my face?

Try it on her.

She's dumb enough
to fall for it.

♪ Baby, that's right ♪

♪ That's right That's ♪
♪ right, sweet baby ♪


♪ That's right ♪

Julia... I'm impressed.

Especially with what you
did for Jim and me.

I did what was
best for the town.

I just wanted to say thank you.

Julia, we've got a quick
question back here.

♪ That's right, sweet baby ♪

♪ It's been so long, baby... ♪

Joe says you're
really, really smart.

Like a scientist.

Thank you.

I have something I want
you to figure out.

About me.



- Junior? What are you doing?

This is where Angie died.

It meant something
to the killer.


Looks like the whole
thing's been kicked in.

Give me your flashlight.

It's big enough for a man.

Do you think this is where
Lyle disappeared to?

It's a tunnel.

Yeah, but to where?

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