Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 2, Episode 3 - Force Majeure - full transcript

As resources dwindle, Big Jim holds a census in order to forecast how long Chester's Mill can continue to exist under the dome, while chaos ensues when a rainstorm turns into acid rain.

BARBIE: Two weeks ago, an invisible dome

on Chester's Mill, cutting us
off from the rest of the world.

Why the dome is here, we still don't know.

Every day it tests our limits,

bringing out the best and the worst in us.

Some say we'll be stuck here forever,

but we will never stop
fighting to find a way out.

(gasps, screams)

Angie's dead.

Oh, my Lord.

BARBIE: This is where you
point the finger at me?

- Neither of us'd do something like this.
- So, then, who would?

JUNIOR: Is it possible to love
someone so much that you'd hurt them?

But you'd never do anything violent

to the person you loved, would you?

JULIA: First we lose Linda. Now Angie.

I thought the dome was
supposed to protect us.

No, it's up to us to protect each other.

There are too many people in here

for our limited resources.

We can't all survive.

- NORRIE: Who is she?
- JOE: Hey, what's your name?

- It was the girl we saw in the woods.
- They found

a bloody shoeprint at the school.

- This looks like her. Pauline drew this?
- 20 years ago.

I was just...


For what?


I feel like I know you from somewhere.

Your license says you're from Zenith.

You're not from here?

Where are you from?

I don't know.

You interrogating her?

No, I'm...

I'm just trying to figure out who she is,

- okay? We don't even know her name.
- (sighs)

- Try to patient with her.
- I'm sorry, I'm not buying this whole

little baby bird act.

- It's not an act.
- Are you sure about that?

'Cause I just came in here and found her

going through my stuff.

I-I just want you to be more careful

about bringing strays into our house.

Well, let's not forget the last stray

that I brought in was you.

Gonna head down to the diner.

Jim's mandatory citizen registration?

Can I come with you?

Of course you can.

Do you think someone will recognize me?

We'll figure it out, sweetie.

What's that scent?

It's a dram of cassia oil. It's nice, huh?

Yeah. Could you make a cologne?

For you? Yeah.

What do you have, a big date?

It's been nine years since, uh...

- Pauline passed.
- Yeah.

Yeah, I still think about her every day.

Want you to know I was, uh,

grateful for your support during that time.

It couldn't have been easy,

given your history with her.

The better man won that battle, Jim.

Who's this lucky lady?

Rebecca Pine. She's

a science teacher at the high school.

Been working together.

I'll just say there's, uh,
something interesting about her.

If you want, I could whip up

a fragrance for you, Jim, that'd...

get your pheromones kicking.

Appreciate that, Lyle.

None of that, uh, cassia oil, though.

Comes off a bit effeminate.

(soft chuckle)

What are you smiling about?

I don't know. Just something about the day.

Seems auspicious.

Expect you later at the Sweetbriar

for the registration?


Yeah, see you down there.

Answer every question to
the best of your knowledge.

This survey will provide us
with the proper information

to get everyone the resources they need.

(bell chimes)

Should I look around?

Yes. Uh, I'll be right here.

Has that girl remembered
anything about Angie yet?

Don't worry. We're gonna find
the person who killed her.


there were four hands a couple days ago.

Now, with my sister
gone, there's only three.

Would the dome let her die?

What if we were wrong?

And the dome isn't here to protect us?

I don't know.

If you don't know, who will?

I've got... I noticed you
didn't have one of these.

- Thank you.
- I'm just helping out.


Hi. I need a favor. Can you

open up the project room at the school

and make sure it's prepped?

Remember that windmill project
we did on alternative energy?

- Yeah I still have the specs on my tablet.
- Great.

Bring it. We're gonna be
replicating the concept

on a much larger scale

to generate electricity for the town.

- Cool.
- You can take your friend.

I don't go to school here.

Well, everyone between 14 and
18 is expected to participate.

And there goes the last
perk of dome living.

Do you recognize anyone?

- You can help out, too.
- No,

uh, she stays with me.

Help with what?

An experiment.

It's okay.

I like to help.

Uh, look out for her.

So you're really embarassing

your new responsibilities, aren't you?

Well, I serve at the
pleasure of our councilmen.

Please fill that out.

Why torture yourself if you don't know?

Angie's bracelet was under my cot.

You loved her, right?

More than anything.

Do you really think

you could have killed the person you loved

more than anything?


I-I don't know.

Why can't... Why can't I remember?

The night Angie was killed,
you said you blacked out.

Those were the words you used.

I don't know what this means.
It might not mean anything.

But... your mom...

she had blackouts, too.

Fugue states, the doctor called them.

"Disassociative" or...
something like that.

Well, what would happen to her when
she had them? Would she get violent?

What's important is
that, sometimes, afterward

she would go back to where
she was when the blackout hit

and she would get these flashes.

Glimpses little bits of memory coming back.

So I should go back to where I found Angie.

Maybe something'll come back.

Hey, James.

No matter what, you and me are family.

We'll figure this out.

(engine starts)

All right, folks, grab any
receptacle you can find, folks.

Let's go. Precipitation's scarce;

let's collect as much
drinkable water as we can.

She's a little bossy, don't you think?

- (rain falling)
- Wait.

It's raining blood.

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It can't be blood, can it?

I don't think it's cherry Kool-Aid.

Aah! It burns.

Let's go wash it off. Come on.

All right, listen up, everybody.
Stay calm and stay inside.

We don't leave the café till
the rain stops, all right?

- Jim.
- Yeah?

You know what this is about, don't you?

The Ten Plagues.

Lyle, don't start getting
all biblical on me now, okay?

Oh, but that swarm the other day.

That may as well have been locusts.

Butterflies are not locusts, Lyle.

Jim, it's like three
plagues rolled into one.

Storm of fire, boils,

and water turns to blood.

It's not blood.

How do you know?

- Well, blood doesn't burn.
- Yeah, but it doesn't

usually fall out of the sky like
that, either, but take a look.

There was a red rain phenomenon
in India a decade ago.

It was caused by spores
from an abnormal algae bloom.

I'm looking at scripture
to tell me what this is.

What are you looking at?

Science. Like...

when the dome magnetized
or the crops were infested.

So you'll solve everything,
huh? You and science?

Or go down trying. Okay, um,

I collected a sample. I can analyze it

at the school lab and look for a way

- to neutralize the acidity.
- (bell chimes)

Little help. Sam.

Put her down over there.
I'm glad you're here.

We've got a few more people
who might need medical

- attention.
- Burning skin?

Yeah. Everybody's stable... excuse me.

We should go back out.

I saw other people stranded out there.

There's a... there's an ambulance

and med center. That's close by.

Cover her up, let's go.

NORRIE: What is it?

JOE: It's just...

What are you doing here?

- Homework.
- What about you?



I'm gonna take off now.

You can't.

Why not?

You haven't been outside
for a while, have you?

(muttering): Apocalypse.

What'd you say?

The Apocalypse... what
Lyle was talking about.

Do you believe in it?

I believe in the original
definition of "apocalypse."

It's Greek. To uncover,

or reveal.

That's what crises do.

They reveal character, strength.

Or not.

Think we're being tested?

I mean, the rain, the infestation,


Think it's a test from the dome

to see whether I'm worthy?

Jim, we can solve this.

The red algae must have come from the lake,

which could have gotten toxified

from everything we've been dumping in it,

not to mention, um, pesticides,

trash fires, trapped exhaust from cars.

Town's an environmental horror show.

We're stuck inside, huh?

Believe in me, and I will believe in you.

Science and faith, huh?

Look out!

(tires screeching)

(engine revving, tires squealing)


(loud grunting)

(loud panting)

Is he okay?

I don't think he's ever been okay.

Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.


Will you give me a hand?

I didn't hear a bell.

Come on, Nore.

There's an extra tablet on the shelf.

We got to look up the
specs on the windmill.

(computer chirps)

Oh, my God.

What is it?


I'm getting e-mail.

This is Big Jim.

On Motton Road across from the Killians.

Send help.

NORRIE: Look at this.

We're super trendy in Twitter land.

Who's Hounds of Diana?

They're all over my page.


Are they messages?

Yeah. First since the dome came down.

I don't know how the signal's
getting through, though.


It's from my dad.

What does it say?

"Your mother and I pray every day

that we'll get to see you soon.

In the meantime, stay safe and be smart.

You are the man of the house now."

"Take care of your sister."

What do I even say?

(breath quivering)

Do I even tell them that Angie's dead?

What if we never even get out of here?

I mean, wouldn't it be better
if they just didn't know?

If they're never gonna
see her again anyway?

We'll figure it out, sweetie.

(slams tablet down)

Feel like checking your messages?

There's only so much fake-ass fan mail

from wannabe dome groupies

that I can read before I barf

all over this wonderful piece of machinery.

- No, thanks.
- We're stuck in here.

What else are you gonna
do, build windmills?

(keyboard keys clicking rapidly)

"I can help you, James."


(computer chirping)

Jim, respond if you're hearing this.


That's the Killians' farm.

- Here?
- There.

There he is.

SAM: Julia, wait here.

Get the kit ready.



Jim? He's barely breathing.

Let's get him up.

It could be anaphylactic shock.

(metallic, bell-like clang)

- (metallic clanking)
- Hey.

(metallic thudding)


(metallic clattering)

Oh. Hey.

Guess you woke up.

Where's Big Jim?

I guess where I left him.

What did you do to him?

You know, he's gonna be tickled

you're this concerned with his well-being.

What did you do?

I didn't do anything.

If he's righteous, the rain'll spare him.

Thing is I've known that guy my whole life.

And righteousness?

That's not something that ranks high

on his list of attributes.

Self-righteousness, now, yeah.

He's got that in spades.


You have to let me out.

This rain... I know how to stop it,

and nobody else will get hurt.

If you untie me,

it'll be like you're helping me to stop it.

So help me.

Help me stop it, Lyle.

Yeah, I... I don't want to stop the rain.

And neither does the dome.

The dome?

The dome does not want.

You know why

Yahweh visited the plagues the Egyptians?

To demonstrate his awesome,

terrible power to nonbelievers.

They were swallowed up

by the Red Sea.

- (laughs airily)
- Yeah.


This isn't Yahweh.

There's a new god in Chester's Mill.

It surrounds and embraces us all.

And it's gonna show no mercy to infidels.

You got a choice, Rebecca.


I just pray you make the right one.


What happened to him?

He must have ingested too much
of whatever's in that rain.

Hand me that pack.

BARBIE: Oh, hold on. Once you put
that in, he won't be able to talk.

Hey, Jim, what happened to Rebecca?

(weakly): Lyle.

It was Lyle.

(door opening)

What's that for?

I don't want to hurt you,

but I can't have you
interfering with the plan.

What plan?

End of Days.

After this rain stops,

the Rapture comes.

True believers are gonna be
reunited in the hereafter.

If you stop interfering with the plan,

I won't have to hurt you.

I'll never stop.

I'm sorry to hear that, Rebecca.

I indeed baptize you with
water unto repentance,

but He that cometh

after is mightier than I.

He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost.

And with fire.


(sighs, computer chirps)


my love,

my sweet son,

by this time now,

I expect you know,

or have at least suspected the truth...

that I'm alive.

I hope, I pray that you get this message.

You must have so many questions.

And I know, in my heart,
that I will see you again.

But in the meantime,

if you need answers,

talk to Lyle Chumley.


This is important.

Please listen.

Talk to Lyle.

Only to Lyle.

And if my...

(digital noise)

No, no, no. No, no, no.
Come on, come on, come on.

- Joe, Joe... what happened?
- That's so strange.

Mine just did the same thing.

We can't get access anywhere now.

My tablet's working and the signal's

still coming through, but there seems to be

some kind of... block.

What are you doing?

I got to go find someone.


- (grunts)
- No, you can't go outside.

It's dangerous.

I always thought Lyle was harmless.


Well, given the right circumstances,

anybody's capable of anything.

You really believe that?

I believe that when things fall apart,

people show their true colors.

So, what, everyone's bad in the end?

Well, this is just the perfect
time to be having a debate

over the nature of man.

These past few weeks,

haven't you also seen
people acting selflessly?

- Bravely?
- That's the exception to the rule.

If this town's gonna survive,

it's gonna need a firm hand
to keep everybody in check.

Like Big Jim's?

Julia, look at this.

"Summer '88."

"Lyle, Sam and Pauline"

Sam? Sam, are you there?

I'm here, Julia.

We're at Lyle's shop.
He's not here, but we, uh,

we found something. A photograph.

- Of what?
- You,

Lyle and Pauline in 1988.

They're holding hands.

Yeah, that's right around the time

he was seeing my sister.

You never mentioned that.

It was 25 years ago, Julia, I didn't

even think about it until now.

And I haven't spoken
to Lyle since she died.

Well, do you have any
idea where he might be?

Wish I did. If you find him, let me know.

I got people to tend to here.

What are you doing here?

Heard you over the police radio.

Thought I'd help out.

Great. Here, look at this.

Any idea where this was taken?

This is my mom before she met my dad.

Uh, it's by the cement factory. I used to

build forts there when I was a kid.

Yeah, well, let's give
it a shot. See if Lyle

took her there.

- So there's still a block?
- Yeah.

We can't get access, but the
signal's still coming through.

Maybe that means there must
be a... I don't know, a...

- a crack.
- In the dome?

Joe, they fired their
biggest, baddest bomb at it

and it didn't even make a dent.

I don't mean, like, literally.

What if the magnetism
caused some sort of...

I don't know... wormhole?

Now, all I'm saying is,

if we found the source of the
signal we might find a way out.

Want to go look?

All right. Come on.



Why'd I save you?

- (soft grunt)
- I may not be on your team...

hell, I may even hate your damn guts...

but that doesn't mean
I'm gonna let you die.

At least, not yet.

Rest up, Jim.

(screams, sobs) Stop.

- Stop, wait, wait, wait.
- All right.

- Please.
- Okay, okay.

- All right.
- (whimpers)


Are you willing to accept

the grace of repentance?

I was wrong.

The rain is... is-is a test.

A test of my worthiness.

Whose test?

The dome.

I believe that now.

You're prepared to surrender?

Yes. Yes.

I-I believe in its plan.

I do.

No, you only believe in what you can see.


You're a lost cause.


And now...

No! No, no, no, no.

- No, no...
- You're wasting my time.

Drop it! Drop it!

Put it on the ground! Put it on the ground!

Put your guns down!

Put those guns on the ground!

Put it down.

On the ground!

LYLE: Put the guns on the ground.

There you go.


I'll shoot her right in front of you.

Now put that down.

That's right.



What is wrong with you?

JULIA: Lyle...

Please don't hurt her.

You know this rain is here

to rid this town of nonbelievers.

Now, you know that.

I heard you talking to
those kids at the diner.

You believe.

Don't you, lady?

JULIA: I do.

But I believe the dome
is here to protect us.

Only the faithful.


All of us.

How do you know that?

I know because the dome spoke to me.

Maybe like it's spoken to you.

Does the dome...

speak to you, Lyle?


It doesn't speak to me.

It's a feeling,

directing my actions.

Yeah, I understand.

What'd it say to you?

It says, "If you want
the darkness to abate,

you must earn the light"

Earn the light?

JULIA: Help me

achieve the dome's true plan.


What is that?

I mean, its true plan?

JULIA: I don't know.

But I have faith

that the answers will be revealed.

So give me the gun now, Lyle.

(rustling sound)

- Hah!
- (screams)

Oh, God! (screaming)

Why would you do that?

He was about to give in!

-Just get down.
- (groaning)

LYLE (groaning): Stop!

Signal's getting stronger.


The source is coming from down there.

You don't have to go.

It's coming from here.


Don't be frightened.

How about you don't tell him how to be?

You're not his girlfriend,

and as far as I know, you're not anyone.

Let's just go.

That locker was the last thing she touched.

She died right here.

Well, maybe we should just leave it alone.

I have a bad feeling about this.



- one.
- (lock clicks)

♪ ♪

It's empty.

(tablet beeps)

Now the signal's gone.

How did you know that combination?

Who the hell are you?

(engine starts)


All right.

Oh, it's-it's okay. Easy now.

- (clears his throat)
- All right?

Are you okay?

I'm fine.



He's in jail.

Trust me, he looks a lot worse than we do.

Rain stopped.

I stopped it.

Not the dome. Me.


A mixture of salination
with some high pH compounds.

It's pretty sciencey.

I thought that stuff didn't interest you.

- It interests me.
- Good.

Because I took a tour of the
town after the rain stopped.

Our situation has only gotten worse.

Some tough decisions need to be made.

What kind of decisions?

Listen, bitch, I am so over

this Little Miss Innocent
scam you're running,

and we are not leaving until you come clean

about how you knew that combination

and why the signal got blocked.

I don't know.

What, are you a safecracker?

A magician's assistant?
Because, when we got here,

the locker was locked,
and then presto, change-o,

you opened it right up.

Norrie, she doesn't know.

It was just like I saw it in my head.

In your head. Oh, in here?

What else is in there?
Is your name in there?

- Norrie, stop!
- No!

She just shows up here
without any explanation

on the day your sister gets killed

in front of that locker, and just happens

to know the combination?

How did you know?

How did you know?!

Leave me alone!

I'm telling the truth!

Why don't you trust her?

She just saw it?

That doesn't even make sense.

How do you see a combination?

Actually, I think I might know.

As I've been telling Jim,

we have a serious resource
crisis to deal with.

I thought that that's what
this whole registration drive

was about in the first place,

is about how to better allocate them.

REBECCA: Yes, but

it's a lack of resources themselves

that I'm most worried about.

Even before today, there
were acute shortages.

And after the rain?

Far fewer medical supplies crops destroyed.

A considerable amount
of livestock decimated,

especially in the pig population.

Day's coming when there won't
be enough food to sustain us.


we should have a contingency plan

in case we run out of options.

What kind of contingency plan?

It may become necessary...

selectively, I'm saying...

to thin the herd.


The questions on your form...

family background, history of illness...

this is a census

to help you decide who lives and who dies.

- (throws papers on table)
- Let's get out of here.

She's just talking about a contingency.


Trouble in paradise.

BARBIE: Julia? Listen,

you don't understand.

I understand. You're taking their side!

No, no, no, I am not
taking anyone's side here.

I'm trying to consider
every possible option.

You said, when things fall apart,

people show their true colors.

Are these yours?

I need to know that you will

stand with me against them, against that!

They don't get to throw
anybody out of the lifeboat!

What if it's sinking?

I believe we will find a way.

Belief only gets you so far.


I thought I knew you. I was wrong.

- Julia?
- Don't follow me!

(door slams shut)

LYLE: ♪ Long as I remember ♪

♪ Rain's been coming down ♪

♪ Clouds of mystery pouring confusion ♪

♪ On the ground ♪

♪ Good men through the ages ♪

♪ Trying to find the sun ♪

♪ And I wonder, still I wonder ♪

♪ Who'll stop the rain? ♪


I was wondering when you'd show up.

Aren't you afraid of
people seeing us together?

Building's empty.

I could kill you, and nobody'd know.

Nobody'd care.

Maybe. (laughs)

But you won't.

When this thing came down,

I told you to lay low, follow my lead.

I got a new leader.

You made a promise

25 years ago to make sure that
what we buried stayed buried.

You've heard of force majeure, yeah?

An extraordinary circumstance

that frees both parties from a contract.

Well, you know what?

This dome is about as
majeure a force as it gets.

But it's gonna deliver
us to a better place.

I'm afraid you got that
exactly backward, pal.

I grow weary of this conversation.

See you on the other side, Sammy.


I read about a tribe in Borneo.

I can't remember what they were called.

But they had this ritual,

something that they would do every year.

They'd put all their elderly,

their infirm, up into a tree,

and they would shake it.

And whoever held on

was considered strong enough, useful enough

to make it to the next year.

Those that couldn't hold on?

Look, um...

when I said the day was coming

we wouldn't have provisions enough

to sustain the population,
that was a bit of a cheat.

That day isn't coming.

It's now.

The way I calculate it, we can all starve

or with proper rationing and cultivation,

three-quarters of us can survive.

And how do you propose to do that?

Shake the tree?

You could use the
information we gathered today

to determine who's an
asset and who's a burden.

Those hard choices could
be made but not by me.

Dome chose you to make them.

And you've got to do it now.

Before it's too late.



We need to talk.

I guess you found out.

That my mother's alive?

She told me you'd have answers.

To some pretty provocative questions.

Do you know who killed Angie?

I might.

Is that what you and my
uncle were talking about?


I need you to tell me everything!


Uh, I can do that.

Provided you give
consideration to my needs.

Which are?

You let me out of here.

I'll give you an all-access pass.

What do you say, James?

What was the locker number again?


Here we go.

People who have had that
locker over the last 50 years.

Okay, what exactly are we looking for?

Anything to jog her memory.


Melanie Cross?

That looks familiar to you?

Something about it.


I'll pull the yearbook for that year.





How is this possible?


What is it?

It's... me.

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