Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 2, Episode 13 - Go Now - full transcript

Pauline is dying but Big Jim refuses to accept that possibility. He tries desperately to find something, anything, to save her. When he is unsuccessful, he goes on a rampage. Joe and Norrie explore the new tunnel and think they may have found a new way out from under the dome. Barbie and Julia begin organizing a evacuation of all of the town's residents. Deep in the tunnels they receive help from an unexpected source. Some people are left behind.

JULIA: Chester's Mill is
a place like any other.

At least it used to be

until we were cut off
from the rest of the world

by a mysterious dome.

(cows bellowing)

Invisible, indestructible,

and completely inescapable.

We're trapped.

JULIA: We don't know where it
came from or why it's here,

but now that we're all trapped
under the dome together,

none of our secrets are safe.

Dale Barbara stands accused

of the attempted murder
of Julia Shumway.

And for the murders

of Maxine and Agatha Seagrave.

I am not turning our town
into a police state

just because you say so.

BIG JIM: It's not me,
Linda, it's the people.

MAN: Sir, the ranking
official is a James Rennie.

One drone caught surveillance
of this Rennie murdering

the town reverend
at the bridge roadblock.

That dome can't come down.

Not now.

You're a sick bastard.

Everyone's gonna
smile when you die.

Why'd he do it?

Barbie won't get away with it.

BIG JIM: To the charges brought
against you, how do you plead?

Not guilty.

It's the pink stars.

What does it mean?

The egg.

We think it's the source
that powers the whole dome.

Do you trust your dad?

Of course I do.
You didn't always.

We all saw the same vision
at the dome, Junior.

Big Jim has to die.

When the butterfly hatches...

The monarch will be crowned.

Hey, bud.

We've been waiting on you.

It's really happening.

What's happening?

Move away.

Back away!

How long have you guys
known about this?

What about you?

Just a couple days, but, Linda,

don't do anything rash.

The kids-- they,

they think the egg
is the source.

Source of what?

The dome.

It's the generator of the dome.

We can sort of talk to it.

It told us
"the monarch will be crowned."

What is that supposed to mean?

We don't know yet.

But that's a monarch butterfly.

We think it's got
to be important,

so we have to get it out of
there before it hurts itself.

Or worse.

I know how it all sounds.

But I believe them.

Not guilty?

What, are you insane?

You think this is
some sort of game?



You're the one
rolling the dice here

'cause Julia's still
out there somewhere.

And she knows the truth.

I already told people
the truth.

You killed Max,

her mother, and her bodyguard.

Nobody can change that now.

We'll see.

You entered your plea.

Now you get your justice.

Tell me!

Why do you want me
to kill my father?


Hey, take it easy, Julia.

I appreciate everything
that you've done,

but I can't hide out down here.

You are not safe out
in the open.

I'm the only one
who can exonerate Barbie.

Which is exactly why Big Jim
will have you killed

long before you can tell anyone.

Then I'll die trying.


Angie, please.

You don't have to come with me,

but you can't stand in my way.


You don't know
anything about this.

I mean, it could
be radioactive.

The big dome isn't.

Well, this doesn't
belong to you.

As of now, this is
police property.

What the hell?

You didn't think

I was just gonna roll over,
did you?

Make this easy for you?

No, nothing with you is easy.

I know you're just gonna
screw me in the end.

You don't know any other way.

But at least
I can take you down with me.


I don't think you understand
what's happening here.

I could end this right now
with a bullet in your head.

Oh, yeah.

You can.

But you won't.

You won't

because there's
no audience here.

The butterfly hits the dome.

And makes some kind of spot.

Oh, my God.

JOE: We've got to do something.


Is it just me or is it getting
crazy dark outside?

Listen, Jim.

This isn't just
about killing me.

This is about making sure

this entire town knows
that you are judge,

jury and executioner.
(people clamoring outside)

What the hell?

What are you trying to tell me?!

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This is seriously
weirding me out.

It's the middle of the day,

but it looks like
it's midnight out there.

There's no moon.

No stars.

It's dying, Norrie.


The dome's trying
to talk to us.

Maybe it's some kind of warning.

The dome's telling us we
have to get the butterfly

out of there before it dies.

But we need the others.

All right, I've heard enough.

All available units?
Don't do this.

All available units

to Ben Drake's house.
Listen to them.


I found another dome.

And some sort of... egg.

We're in trouble.


It-It's the dome.

It's all black.

I know, Junior.

Just get your ass over here.

All right,
I'm impounding this... thing

until we see what happens.

Linda, you found it?

Jim, you need to see this.

10-4. I'm on my way, too.

(siren blaring)

(egg screeching)

Make it stop!
NORRIE: We don't know how.

Yeah, we-we kind of do.


Oh, yeah.

That time we touched it.

No, I told you.

This is police property now.

If anybody's gonna touch it,

it's gonna be me.

We have to get to that egg.

And we will.

After we help Barbie.

No, it can't wait, Julia.

If Linda takes
the mini-dome,

and it ends up in
the wrong hands...

Barbie needs my help.

Our help.

This might be our only shot

to save his life.

Are you with me?

She'll be fine.

It was the only way.

So, now what?

What did you guys do?

She touched the dome.

She got zapped.

Like Dodee.

The monarch is dying, Junior.

We need Angie.
Screw Angie.

She ran off with Julia.

Julia was
under police protection.

My protection.

She did what she had to do.

By helping Barbie?

He shot Julia.

No, I saw him save her life.

Things are happening, Junior.

Things bigger than us.

It's not always about you.

BEN: Guys!

It's Big Jim.

He's almost here.

NORRIE: Mom, you have
to get out of here.

You, too, Ben.

This is on us.

All three of us.

Right, Junior?

Or do you want your dad
to lock that thing away

before it can give
us any answers?

Let's go.

I guess everyone is out
dealing with the blackout.

Permanent darkness has
its bright side.

Okay, the cells are down there.

I'll get the keys.


(footfalls approaching)

My God, how are
you even standing?

I don't know.

But something out there really
wanted me back on my feet.

All right, that's
enough, lovebirds.

It's go time.

(door creaks)




Are you okay?

What happened? Where is it?


LINDA (grunts):
I don't know.

But the egg...

they think it's the generator.

That it might be able
to bring the whole dome down.

Jim, we have to find it.

This could be our best shot
of getting out of here.


NORRIE: Now all we have
to do is get Angie.

We don't even know
where she is.

I know how to find her.

You do?

She has a police radio.

She stole one.

We could send her a message.
For the entire force

to hear? What can we even say?


Oh, hell, no.




No handcuff keys.

BARBIE: Forget about it,
let's get out of here.

You lose something?

Hold onto those
for me, will you?

JOE (on radio):

Angie McAlister!

Angie, if you can hear me,

we're on the move...

with the mini-dome.

Remember where we went to hide

when we broke Mom's old mirror?

Meet us there.

This is never gonna work.

Trust me, Angie would never
forget about the time

we hid in the cement factory.

No, I mean that thing in there

is probably already dead.


Thank God.

JUNIOR: Don't take another step.
ANGIE: Junior, stop!

No! This guy's a psychopath!

James, I don't know what
your father told you,

but Barbie didn't shoot me.

A woman named Maxine did.


My dad's friend?


Is that supposed to do that?

We have no idea

where Joe and Angie
are meeting.

There's only so many
places to hide.

We'll start with
the McAlisters' old barn.

PHIL (on radio):
Linda, you there?

I'm sorry.

Phil, are you all right?

Yeah, but Barbie got away.


He's with Julia.

She helped him escape.

Phil, stay put.
I'm on my way.

We ready?

On three.




(dome humming)


It opened up.

Oh, God.

We're too late.

It's dead.



Okay, is somebody gonna tell me
what the hell's going on here?

I knew it.

You're the monarch.

(crickets chirping)


Andrea, what-what-what...
what's going on?

Everyone's getting
right with the Lord

before the end times.

Hey, listen, I know
people are scared,

but this is a,
this is a crisis,

not the damn apocalypse.

"And I beheld the sixth seal,

"and lo,

the sun became black
as sackcloth."

Andrea, listen...

It's all happening

just like Revelations
said it would.

Give us this day
our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses...

(praying indistinctly)

Please, God.

Forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those
who trespass against us.

And lead us not

into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

(woman humming hymn)

Thank you, everybody,
for coming.

I know there's been a bit of a
hole in our spiritual community

sine the passing
of Reverend Coggins,

but I'm here to tell you

the Good Lord has not forgotten
about Chester's Mill.

How can you say that?

We used to be trapped,

but at least I could still
grow my crops.

(affirmative murmuring)

Without sunlight, we all starve.

If we don't freeze
to death first.

What if the temperature
starts dropping?

My family is already

out of propane.

I give you my word: nothing
like that's gonna happen.

How do you know that?

(murmuring loudly)

(murmuring fades)

I don't.

(congregation murmuring)

But I have faith.

I have faith in us.

I have faith in God.

I have faith that he would never

ask more of us
than we can handle.

The Good Book says,

"Light is sown
for the righteous."

Well, there's been
too much evil

and too much lawlessness
since that dome came down.

MAN: Yeah.

That's about to change.

And when it does...

you trust me.

Chester's Mill will have
its new dawn.

No way. I refuse to believe
he's the monarch.

But this has to be the way
the dome picks a new leader.

What, by using insects?


What now?

The egg.

It's doing something.

Is it gonna hatch?

(high-pitched noise)

Looks more like
it's gonna explode.

(bottle shatters)

What is this?
What do we do?

We get the hell away
from that thing!

He's right, let's go!

BARBIE: No, Julia, the whole place

is about to come down on us.
Let's go!

Julia, don't touch it!

It's dangerous!

(high-pitched noise stops)


Why did the shaking stop?

She's your monarch.

(cupboard door slams)

Councilman Rennie.

Oh, thanks for coming, Phil.

Listen, I need you
to put together a work detail.

Find as many carpenters
as you can.

What is it?

It's an idea
that came to me at church.

My great-grandfather built
the last one

that was in Chester's Mill.

Are you serious?

This town is on the brink
of chaos, son.

If we want
to maintain the peace,

we need to show everyone
exactly how serious we are

about law and order.

All right.

For Dodee.


For Dodee.

(crickets chirping)

Jim, you there?

Yeah, go ahead, Linda.

I'm at Joe's,
but there's nothing here.

You're sure?

Any clues
to where they may have gone?

Not really.

Looks like they were using this
barn as some weird art project.

What the hell

does "the pink stars
are falling in lines" mean?

What did you say?

"The pink stars
are falling in lines."

Why? That mean something to you?

Not for a long time.

Meet me at my house, Linda.

So, if Julia's
in charge now, then...

what are we supposed to do next?


I don't know.


She's not the monarch.
There's no such thing.

We have to take that egg
to the real authorities.

Like Big Jim?

ANGIE: No. We are not taking
anything to that monster.

Don't talk like that.

BARBIE: That's the
truth, Junior.

I watched your father
shoot Maxine in the head.

She was bound and unarmed.

He executed her.

My dad? Hurt a woman?

Probably one
of the many reasons

that the dome told us
to assassinate Big Jim.

No, I'm-I'm done listening
to you all

run down my dad.

He's the only thing keeping
this town together.

James, calm...

Shut up! All you do is lie!


She told me in
these same tunnels.

The only reason Julia's even
in Chester's Mill is 'cause

she got fired
from her last job for lying.

Just like she's lying
about my dad right now.

Hand it over, Julia.


Angie, stop! Angie!






Get up.

Get up!

You're done.
You're done!

LINDA: Jim, can you just
tell me what's going on?

You wouldn't believe me,

that's why I have to show you.

Show me what?

My wife, Pauline,
before she passed,

she was paranoid, unstable,

ranting about all
kinds of crazy things.

In her last months,

she kept saying one thing over
and over, like a mantra:

"The pink stars are falling."

Are you sure?

Maybe it's a coincidence.

(twigs snapping)

Oh, thank God.

Are you okay?

Yeah. How about the others?

Junior got Barbie.

What are we gonna do now?

Okay, something
this powerful has got

to be what's generating
the big dome.

If we destroy the egg,
maybe it'll go away.

Or maybe it'll start
another earthquake.

Why don't we just try asking it?

What do I say?

Whatever feels right.


just tell us what to do.

Great. Can we try
blowing it up now?



So, she knew all this
was gonna happen.

How is that possible?

I don't know.

But the whole time we kept
thinking she was sick...

maybe she was trying to warn us.

I don't know why
I didn't see it.

Maybe I could have done
more for her.

Jim, you need
to stay strong... for us.

I mean, if your wife saw
the dome coming,

that means
your family's important.

It means you're important.

(over radio):
Linda, it's Junior.

Where the hell have you been?

I've got Barbie in custody.
I'm bringing him in.


I don't think
that's your mother.

Forgive us,

we're still learning
to speak with you.

We've taken on
a familiar appearance

to help bridge the divide.

What divide?

What the hell are you?

I think,

I think it's whoever sent
the dome to Chester's Mill.


Why are you punishing us?

The dome wasn't sent
to punish you.

It was sent to protect you.

Protect us from what?

You'll see... in time.

How can we see anything

now that you've
blacked out the dome?

If you want
the darkness to abate,

you must earn the light.


By protecting the egg.

And if we fail,

it's the end, isn't it?

For all of us.

So how do we protect it?

Who are we protecting it from?


Oh, no.


I promise you, Junior,

you're on the wrong side
of things here.

Shut up.

(indistinct chatter)

(hammering, indistinct chatter)

Welcome back.

This egg--
tell me where they took it.

It's the key to
all this, isn't it?

Making the darkness go away?

Controlling the dome?

You want to know a secret?

You may think that you're some
kind of god to these people.

But I think we both know
what you really are.

What's that, a... criminal?


A politician.

(door creaks open)

Okay, we're clear.

Go to the back room.

Stay away from the windows.

Were those gallows going up
next to Town Hall?

This day just
keeps getting awesomer.

What do we do about the egg?

We need to hide it
someplace safe.

We're all stuck
in the same Podunk town.

There's nowhere
to stash anything.

This is Big Jim Rennie
with a message

for Julia Shumway.

We know you have a dangerous
weapon in your possession.

Bring it to us now,
and we'll discuss

a reduced sentence for
your accomplice, Dale Barbara.

But fail to comply
within the hour...

and Barbie pays the ultimate
price for his crime.

(static, click)

(clock ticking)



Hey, good work with Barbie.

He and his crew...

They want to assassinate you.

What are you talking about?

They say that you're dangerous,

that you murdered people.

Do you believe it?

Should I?

You know, son,

before today, I-I...

never put much stock
in miracles.

I went to see
your mom's old studio

this afternoon.

Haven't set foot in there

since the day she passed.

You saw them?

The paintings?

That this dome--

it wasn't some accident.

It was destiny.

Our destiny.

I don't understand.

There's nothing
a good man won't do

for the people he loves.

That's what your mom used
to say all the time, right?

You want the truth?

I have taken lives.

But none that didn't absolutely

need to be taken...

for the good of this town.

Then why didn't you tell me?

Because I thought I needed
to protect you from all this.

But I realize now

that was a mistake.

You and I...

are in this together.

The Rennies.

We were chosen.

Your mother knew it,

and she was trying with
all her heart to tell us.

Those pink stars she painted

are a message, son.

And they're shining down on you.

You and I need to do

what nobody else
in Chester's Mill can.

We need to make
the hard decisions,

act on 'em, and lead.

And from here on out...

...no more secrets between us.

We have to help him.

Barbie saved my life.

NORRIE: But we can't just
give Big Jim the egg.

My mom, or... that woman said
it would be the end for all

of us if we didn't
protect that thing.

What does that even mean?

It means our whole town
is as good as dead

if we let this fall
into the wrong hands.

NORRIE: Doesn't get more
wrong than Big Jim.

Dome told us as much.

JOE: How do we protect
Chester's Mill

and save Barbie?

We can't.

So, what the hell do we do?

We don't do anything.

If I'm really the monarch,
this has to be my decision.

You three have done enough.

I want you
to go get somewhere safe.

What are you gonna do?

(crickets chirping,
crowd chatter)


(crickets chirping)

I know you're scared.

I'm scared, too.

From the very first day
this dome appeared,

elements from outside

our fair town have attempted to

sow the seeds of fear and hatred

in an effort to divide us.

Well, no more.

Today, Chester's Mill

sentences Dale
Barbara to death.

(crickets chirping)



(hissing and whirring)

(popping and whirring)

(crowd murmuring)


Friends, clearly

the Good Lord has looked upon
our work here today with favor.

Let us thank him
for this blessing.



(loud crowd chatter)

Dad, what's happening?

Now, son.

Do it now!

Now, Junior!

Do it now!

Sync & corrections by honeybunny