Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 2, Episode 12 - Turn - full transcript

As the temperatures inside the dome return to normal, it continues to retract forcing everyone into the center of the city. Melanie's health continues to deteriorate and it becomes obvious that her condition is directly related to the fate of the egg. Barbie doesn't react well when he learns that Hunter was spying for his father. He gets his father Don the dome's edge, telling him they need the egg to survive. Don agrees but the military intervenes. An attempt to cure Melanie goes horribly wrong.

A few weeks ago, an
invisible dome crashed down

on Chester's Mill, cutting us
off from the rest of the world.

Why the dome is here or
what mysteries lie ahead,

we still don't know.

Every day it tests our limits,

bringing out the best and the worst in us.

Some say we'll be stuck here forever,

but we will never stop
fighting to find a way out.

Melanie Cross, 1988.

It's... me.

It's some kind of energy source.

That egg needs to go now.



The way to Zenith is blocked?

Oh, it's more than blocked... it's gone.

And then we can be a family again.

- You're a liar!
- You're working for the

guy who held us captive over the egg.

- Jim!
- Lyle?

Now that we're back, whatever's
gonna happen, we need Lyle.

The dome's contracting.

You mean, it's shrinking?

I don't know why, but it
keeps starting and stopping.

At least the dome stopped spinning
and inverting the atmosphere.

That's why the temperature's warmed up.

Yeah, but now it's shrinking.

First, that earthquake struck,

then it got super-cold
in here, and now this.

Do you think the dome could be evolving?

And into what?

I d... I don't know.

Why is it moving again?

Look, I will figure it out, okay?

In the meantime, spread the word

to get people to the center of town.

Use walkies, go to their houses.

Just get them there... now.

To everything there is a season,

and a time to every
purpose under the heaven...

A time to be born, a time to die,

a time to plant,

a time to pluck that which...

is planted.

Thank God it's warming up again.

Well, whatever happens,
we'll get through it together,

if that's what you want.

Did you hear that?


Can't be the egg, though. Right?

No, it's something else.


You should be resting after
everything you've been through.

You hear that?


I think we're all gonna
be resting pretty soon.

Did Jim tell you about what I saw?

A fresh vision of hell on my way back here.

Yeah, he did.

You've been through a lot.

Which is all the more
reason for you to rest.

There's a cot down this hallway. Come on.

I'll... I'll follow you anywhere, Pauline.



You're awake.

It's good to see you, too.

How do you feel?


I think.

It seems warmer.

Cold snap's over.


James, I can tell something else is wrong.

I think the dome is closing in around us.


We're gonna figure out how to stop it.

And we'll find out how to get you better.

Actually, I... I think I know

where I might be able to get some answers.


I'll be fine.

I'll send someone to sit with you.

All right, come one. Around this
way. Get to the high school...

- All right? You'll be safe there.
- Barbie, you seeing this?

Yeah, Joe, I-I see what's
happening with the dome,

all right? I'm just helping
people out of their homes.

Okay, let's regroup back at the school.

I'll talk to you soon.

You should take that.

He was your husband.

That was my old life.

Can you, uh, pass me Pauline's journal?

Just there.

The dome has taken so much from all of us.

Now this.

All that matters is that we survive.

And we're going to.

We're gonna give it our damndest.

Let's go.

- Oh, my God, it's close.
- Okay, let's go this way.

Let's go!

Did I hear that the dome is contracting?

Yeah, I saw it with my own eyes.

How fast is it moving?

I'm still doing the calculations, Jim.

So, just do what you do
best, keep people calm, and...


Welcome to our new nightmare.

That's stating the obvious.

I figured out that at its present
rate of stopping and starting,

- it won't be long before the dome...
- Crushes us completely?

- Here, I'll take that.
- Thanks.

The way every house, tree
and square foot of dirt

is gonna pile up inside here,

we'll be dead long before
the walls get to us.

I just can't believe that.

Big Jim threw the egg off the cliff,

I'd say that proves it's
the dome's power source.

No, I mean, that the
dome would kill us all.

Oh, because the dome told you
it's here to protect us, right?

You think I imagined that?

I don't know. It would be
nice to have some proof.

Look, I appreciate what you do, all right?

You've helped all of us.

But maybe with everything that we've seen,

you could admit there's more going on here.

- Okay, I'm d...
- Now's not the time to debate this.

All right?

Okay, you're right.

Excuse me.

Let's help everybody settle in.

Barbie, Julia!

I'm glad you guys are safe.

I'm not so sure.

What do you mean?

Hunter, here, has something
he would like to confess.

Isn't that right, Hunter?

Look, when I came back from
Zenith with you, I was...

I was secretly working for your dad.


He blackmailed me into spying on you...

to find a way to get the egg to Zenith.

Which I never got to do,
because Big Jim tossed it first.

Look, I am on your side, I swear!

Barbie, it's true.

Hunter stopped that
military guy outside the dome

from doing experiments on the egg,

because he knew it was hurting Melanie.

There's gonna be a lot more people hurt

if we don't find a way to
stop these wall from shrinking.

Barbie, I'm really sorry!

You don't get to talk!

You two go help out.

You going somewhere?

I said... go help out.



You good?

I'll keep an eye on Melanie.

- What are you doing?
- Shut up and walk.

Let's go.

02x12 - "Turn"

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You okay?

It's over, Norrie.

No, it's not.

I just saw the guy who
owned the hardware store

get his car crushed when
the dome smashed into it.

- Is he okay?
- He's dead.

Before too long, we're
all gonna be dead, too.

No, we're not...

because we're gonna find a way
out of here somehow, someway.

We are not gonna die in here.

You know how I know it's all over?


The girl who bitched and
moaned about how much she hates

this place is now telling me
everything's gonna be okay.

- Norrie, let's go.
- Why?

I saw Barbie leading
Hunter away from the school.

Barbie did not look happy.

- Where are they going?
- I don't know,

that's why we have to follow them.

Well, whatever they're up to,

Barbie obviously didn't
want us coming along.

But if it's Barbie, he's probably
got a plan to stop what's happening.

Don't you want to see what he's up to?

But why do we have to go home?

Because maybe one of your
old paintings shows us

how we can stop the dome from contracting.

I mean, it showed it coming down.
It showed the pink stars falling.

Go, have a look, but I
could be of more use here.

What, comforting Lyle?

Is that what this is about?

He's out of his gourd. His his
was pretty soft to begin with.

Are you sorry you saved him from drowning?

No, I mean, you wanted him here,
and, you know, I did it for you.

- That's a new one.
- What do you mean?

That night at the Senior
Dance, when Lyle got drunk

and dragged me onto the
dance floor, you said...

the last place I should
be is anywhere near him.

Still took you six months to dump him.

But I did... eventually.

So, let's go solve this together.



James, what are you doing here?

- It's about Melanie.
- Is she better?

She tries to act like
it, but I'm still worried.

- Wa-Wait, who's Melanie?
- None of your business.

- I need to talk to you in pri...
- N-N-N-No, who is Melanie?

You've seen her around... Melanie Cross.

Melanie Cross, wasn't
that a friend of yours?

- Didn't she go missing 25 years ago?
- She died.

She died? W-Wh... How's she back?

The dome, it...

Jim, it's true... Melanie
Cross is alive again.

Except this time, she's really sick.

When we came back into Chester's Mill,

I had a vision of Melanie in the crater.

- She looked... odd.
- Like she was sick?

Maybe, but when I took her
hand, she seemed better.

Okay, then what happened?

Then I surfaced in the lake.

Please. You have to try to get
that vision back and paint her.

- James.
- If you paint her all healed,

- then I know she's not gonna die.
- James!

My visions stopped when
the egg left Chester's Mill.

Please try!

We have to try everything!

James, I would do anything
for you, I came back for you.

But my visions are gone.

I don't know if I can get them back.

Now Melanie is dying
because you screwed up,

and threw that egg over the cliff.

All of this is your fault!

I only did that to try to get
you and your mom out of here.

Look at the mess you've made.

Have you found anything to help her, yet?

You sound doubtful that I will.

Nothing would make me happier, Rebecca.

But in the meantime, you'd like
to try what, exactly, a séance?

Is that really what you think I believe?


We both want what's best
for her and this town.

But while you're busy asking
why the dome would betray us,

I'm asking how do we stop
it before it kills us all.

Have you ever considered it might
take both questions to save us?

Have you ever considered it might not?




Oh, what is going on?

I don't know.

She doesn't have a fever,
so I doubt it's an infection.

Her body's falling apart.

Something must be happening with the egg.

And it's killing her.

It could be a bunch of things...

poisoning, autoimmune deficiency...

Is that why her hair is falling out?


Any other symptoms?

All I know is...

when the egg disappeared,
her health went downhill.

How's her blood look?

Same way she does.

Her red blood cells seem
to be disintegrating.

A transfusion might buy her some time.

Yeah, except if we give her
the wrong type, it'll kill her.

Well, that's a risk we have to take.

We don't have the equipment to type blood.

Lima beans.

Come again?

The lectins in lima beans,

they react to the surface
of red blood cells.

If we mash them up,
mix them with the blood,

we can determine blood type.

Let's just hope she
responds to a transfusion.

Why wouldn't she?

Has anyone told you about this girl?

What about her?

It's a weird story.

Come on, I'd bet Andrea
has lima beans at her house.

Oh, God.

She is worse.

We're doing everything we can.

Me, too. Uh, do you know
where my mom's journal is?

It's in that box.



I can't believe we lucked out like this.

- Thank God for hoarders, right?
- Right.

So, you want to tell me this
weird story about Melanie?

Which part? How she was
my high school girlfriend?

Or how she died 25 years
ago, but is now alive again?

- Excuse me?
- You asked.

Sam, people don't die
and come back to life.

I mean, they can be medically resuscitated,

but not after two decades.

And yet, here she is.

And that is the girl I knew.

Your sister faked her own death,

- I-I don't know, maybe Melanie somehow...
- Rebecca, I saw her die.

And I know death when I see it.

Why the stupid grin, Lyle?

I see you have an eye now
for your mother's artwork.

The real question is why
she ever had eyes for you.

Your mother saw that she needed someone
to nurture her gifts, not doubt them.

- And you're that someone?
- Well, it wasn't your dad.

She sent me those postcards
from the last nine years.

You know why?

Because she trusted me to understand them.

You want me to do the same thing for you?


To make up for hitting
you with the fire poker,

and for stealing the journal.


Find something in here
that might help Melanie.

That's you and Sam, my
mom and Melanie, right?

On our way to the crater, 25 years ago.

- That's the night Melanie died.
- That's not gonna happen again.

If only you knew what I know.

Junior, we're all gonna
die inside this thing.

Just focus on the drawings.

I am not seeing anything.

Are you sure?

You didn't paint a vision of a...

of a new tunnel, or a... or
a hole in the dome somewhere?

If I had, we would have found it by now.

Listen, we are not gonna
get crushed in this dome

'cause I screwed up
and threw that egg over.

There's got to be something here.

You okay?

Mm-hmm. Yeah, just glad
I'm the right blood type.

All right. Give me a
shout if you need anything.


What's going on?

Um, we're transfusing you.

I'm gonna find out why you're sick.

Not knowing makes you mad, huh?

A little.

My mom used to kiss my forehead
when she took my temperature.

Did your mom do that?

I don't remember.

She died when I was eight.

I'm sorry.

I wanted a reason.

Someone to tell me why
she was taken from me.

Maybe some questions have no answers.

You sound like Julia.

Is that such a bad thing?

There's a better thing, Melanie...


People have always
wondered about the world.

Why the sun rises and sets.

Why spring turns to summer and then autumn.

Why loved ones get sick.

How to make them better.

You know, knowing the answers
doesn't take away the wonder,

it actually makes it more amazing.

Then tell me why I'm dying.

'Cause I'm not just sick, am I?

I'm dying.

- Listen.
- All that matters

is, the first time I died,

I was all alone.

Now I have you.

And Julia.

And my brother.

It was worth coming back

just for that.

It's stopping again.

Hey, your plan worked.

We need the egg back... now!


Son, you know I'd do anything to help.

But I can't make that happen.


All right, well then your son
and your daughter die in here.


Melanie disappeared years ago.


No. She is alive.

In here. With us.


No, that can't be possible.



Norrie! Get your asses out here!

How'd you know we were following you?

Yeah, because stealth
is not your strong suit.

Hey, listen.

I need to convince my
dad about Melanie, okay?

So, do you have any photos, or...

I've got something better... a vlog.

- As the newest arrival
- Yeah, show him.

in Chester's Mill,

how do you like it so far?

- Everyone's so sad.
- Yeah.

I guess there was no dome
last time you lived here.

Is there something I can do to help?

That's enough.


Because that egg brought her back.

Without that here in
Chester's Mill, she dies,

and all of us die, too.

It's starting again.


Barbie, he isn't getting
it. Tell him it's more

than just a thing... it's
alive somehow. It knows us.

Barbie, the egg is upset being
out there. If he gives it back,

- this could be our way out...
- O-Okay, I-I got...

Get out of here.



Is this smart?

He could bring his whole
army through with him.

Well, we take that risk or we
get crushed to death in here.

Tell him to go through the red door

of that root cellar at his house.


Be careful.

The lake's where we
came through from Zenith.

Someone should be there when he shows up.

Look, it's stopping.

- You're not going anywhere.
- Joe and I'll go.

Fine. You guys go get a walkie
then head on out to the lake,

but actually hide this time, all right?

You stay out of sight. When
my dad shows up, you radio me.

- Go.
- Will do.

Think your dad will really go get that egg?

The dome'll let us know.



- The dome stopped contracting.
- What?

I met with my dad and I convinced
him to get that egg back to us.

Literally, soon as he left,

the walls just stopped shrinking.

Maybe the dome must have
wanted the egg back, too.

When it saw your dad was
gonna make that happen,

- it gave us a sign.
- I can't say

for sure, but I don't know
how else to explain it.

Guys, come here, quick.


- Hi.
- Hey,

how you feeling?

Like myself again.

The transfusion worked.

Well, that, and we're
also getting that egg back.

That's why I'm getting better.

I guess when it's okay, you're okay.


the transfusion only buys us some time.

She's still very sick.

Well, whatever it is, she's a
hell of a lot better right now

than she was. All right?
That's all that matters to me.



Can anyone hear me?

All the batteries in
these walkies are dead.

Ones over here are, too.

Barbie, can you read me?

- Yeah, Norrie, I read you.
- Great,

just checking. We'll radio
you when your dad gets here.

Roger that.

All right, we got one. We're good to go.

We sure are.

What is that?

- It's a gun.
- Yes, Joe,

I'm aware it's a gun. But
what are you doing with it?

We're taking it with us.

No, you're gonna put that down.

- Relax, I checked. It's not even loaded.
- Yeah, and it's not going to be,

because you're gonna put
it back in that drawer,

- find the key and lock it the hell up.
- Norrie.

Joe, the one and only time
you have ever held a gun

you almost shot Melanie in the face.

- Okay, in other words, I didn't.
- It's not coming with us.

Barbie thinks his dad could be

dangerous. Hunter does, too.
We need it for protection

in case he tries anything
when he gets here.

You want protection? Just get behind me.

Plus, if Don Barbara does show
up with the egg, it's gonna be

because he wants to help us, not hurt us.

- All right.
- Let's go.

It's not gonna end this
way. N-Not after all

we've been through, not after the
dome brought you back to me and Junior.

I wish I could see something to paint...

- anything to get us out of here.
- What if I can help?

You can't fix me.

It's like I'm drowning.
I'm looking for shore

and all I see is darkness.

Okay, you can't see, but...

but can you feel?

Yes. I feel.

I feel alone.


Of me?

No. Of me.

Ashamed for letting Melanie
die all those years ago.

Ashamed for losing faith in you.

Ashamed of leaving my family.

No, you didn't lose faith.

I'm the one who lost faith.

I didn't understand your gifts.

O-O-Or that the
dome had chosen us.

Now I do.

How can you be sure?

Junior was chosen to bring you back to me.

The dome chose to save me
before I could hang myself.

And it healed all those people

as soon as it saw I was
willing to sacrifice.

You were chosen to lead Chester's Mill.

And you were chosen to show me the way.

Look at that. What do you see?

- Jim...
- No, what do you see?

A blank canvas.

You know what I see?

A fresh start.

So you forgive me?

Yeah, I forgive you.

We've both made some pretty big mistakes.

How could you have known those paintings

would come to life? They were so crazy.

Yeah, they were.

No, that's the obelisk in Zenith.

That doesn't have anything
to do with Melanie.

There's got to be something in here

that shows Melanie healthy.

Here, l-let me try and find something.

Is that me and Melanie?

She looks fine in that one.


No, the way I see it,

that's your mother and me
entering heaven together.

Just like I always hoped.

Don't even say that.

You asked.

Sir, I know he's your son,
but you need to rethink this.

My instincts have gotten us all this far.

You need to trust me, Malick.

But you can't even touch it.

It's injured anyone
that's even gotten near it.


any sign of my dad yet?

Not him, not the egg...


All right. Well, give it a little longer.

When you saw him, did he remember me?

Yeah, a father doesn't forget his daughter.

I remember his face.

It was the day I met you.

He seemed sad, like he already knew.

He already knew what?

That if we met,

we wouldn't want to say good-bye.


This time, we won't have to.

Mr. Barbara, no.

Time to do what I need to do.

- What the hell?
- Sir, that needs to remain here.

- Tell 'em to back off, Malick.
- I take orders, just like you.


What's happening to me?

Stay calm. Sam?!

I thought he promised to help.

All right, hang in there, Melanie. Sam?!

- What happened?
- She was having trouble breathing.

She just passed out.

Come on.

I know we've screwed up.

Over and over again.

But even with everything that's happened,

I still choose to believe
you're trying to protect us.

I think that when you...

stopped moving, that was
your way of giving all of us

another chance, so I need to
ask you for one more thing.

Please help Melanie.

She deserves to live.

Everyone in here does.

You said that I was chosen.

Well, if I was, then that
has to be for something.

So if someone has to
die, then let it be me.

Just please, don't take any more of them.


- How's it going?
- It started working.

A vision came through.

- You painted two?
- No, just one.

Does it show me how to save the town?

No, it's more what Junior wanted.

- You need to keep painting then.
- I can't.

Well, what's it mean?

I'm not sure, but I think it
tells us how to save Melanie.

The eight hands are to heal her?

Now I know why I wanted Sam
and Lyle to come back with me.

The eight hands... four old, four new...

working together to make her well again.

Yeah, but Angie's dead, so there's
only seven. Who's the eight?

- I don't know.
- Doesn't matter.

The dome knows.

Besides, if you painted
it, it must be true.

- Where do we start?
- The school.

All right, let's go.

It's the first time
I've seen you sit still.

How's Melanie?

She's back to the way she was.

I just don't get it, Sam.

Why the transfusion didn't work?

Why she got better, why she got sick again.

Most of all, who she even is.

Her coming back after all
these years contradicts

every law of physics, biology.

That's-that's everything
that I have ever believed in.

Science doesn't have every answer.

Well, I just can't give
up like you and Julia.

It's not giving up. It's letting go.

There's a difference.

Which is?

Knowing there are things you don't
know and still being okay with it.

Come on, what do you say you and I
go face this uncertainty together?

Guess that's an answer
I'll have to accept, right?

Where's Melanie?

- Why?
- I painted a vision.

It may show us how to save her.

And you're in on this?

All that matters is you believe my wife.

If we can save Melanie,
we can save this town.

Well, we better hurry. The dome is
closing in again, this time, even faster.

So he didn't show up at the lake.

No, but Pauline thinks
there's a way to heal Melanie.

Without Don bringing the egg?

Pauline wants us all together...
the old and new hands.

Can I go?

You've come this far.

- You ready to go?
- Yeah, just tell us when.

- You're coming, too?
- Mm-hmm.

Wasn't sure anything this
unscientific would interest you.

Well, if this is a way to
heal Melanie, I want to see it.

Maybe we can both be right, Julia.

Is it true?

The dome's contracting faster now?

It's exactly why we need to hurry.

So, our dad didn't do what he promised.

All that matters is what I promise.

We're gonna make you better.

You sure this'll help her?

I'm only sure that we have to try.

No matter what happens today,

I love you, James.

Never forget that.

What do you mean?

Years ago, I left you.

It was a mistake.

It's not gonna happen again.

I forgive you, Mom, but
why are you saying this?

- Everything okay here?
- We're fine.

Let's get ready to head out.

And, James, please try to forgive him.

What the hell's he doing here?

You know he's one of the original four.

It's a great day to do something wonderful.

Stay away from my family.

When I came back to Chester's Mill,

I had a dream of seeing
Melanie in the center.

Put her there.

Hold on.

Put her here.


Hey, you're gonna be fine.

So, what now?

I'm not exactly sure.

The painting was more symbolic.

- Well, she's barely breathing.
- Barbie, let her do her thing.

All hands surround her.
Everyone kneel down.

Junior, you grab her hand.

Everyone else, get ready
to lay a hand on her.

Okay, now.

Nothing's happening.

- Are we... are we doing something wrong?
- Jim, maybe you're right.

We don't have enough hands without Angie.

- We have to heal her.
- I'm sorry. I'm trying.

Hey, what's happening to her?

- She's seizing.
- We can't do it, not

without all the eight
hands. We only have seven.

Wait. We do have eight.

Melanie counts as two hands.

The girl she was in the
past, and the girl she is now.

Replacing Angie?

She can't be two people at once.

No, not two people.

The same person in two different
times, past and present.

Quantum physics says an object...

An object can be in two places at once.

Exactly. So if Melanie is the
bridge between past and present,

- the seventh and eighth hand...
- Someone take her other hand.

James, you're the hand from the present.

Sam, you dated her 25 years ago. You do it.

Everyone else lay a hand on her again.

Is it working?

Her seizures stopped.

Don't let go.

Hey! Hey!

- What the hell is happening?
- Steady, Lyle. It's okay.

It's okay, Lyle.

She's waking!

Melanie, are you okay?

She looks better than okay to me.


It's so beautiful.


- Melanie!
- Hey!


Melanie. Grab my hand! Grab my hand!

- Hold on to her.
- I'm trying!

Don't let her go!

Okay, hold on! Hold on!

- Barbie.
- Hold onto her. Don't let go!



- Oh!
- Melanie!

- Where did she go?
- I don't know.

- We have to go after her!
- No, no, no.

Hey, you don't know where that goes.

You jumped out there not
knowing, both of you did!

Yeah, and then, Phil
jumped and died instantly.

Same thing could happen here!

He's right, Junior. We got to be smart

about this, figure it out first.

Is this the way you painted it?

I thought it showed her healed, but...

- Wait.
- Pauline!

- Pauline!
- In my dream,

I saw Melanie disappear, but
I didn't know it meant that.

Maybe she's alive somehow.

- You saw what happened. It's my fault!
- No one's blaming you.

You tried to help.

I love you.

I love you, too.


You know why?

'Cause she's supposed to be with me, Jim.

Always has been supposed to be with me.

The red paint... it was my blood.

- What-what do you mean?
- The dome

wanted me to sacrifice.

So that she and I could
be in heaven together.

Forever. Us. Us.

You g... you got me.

You got me.

Oh, g...

Oh. Oh...

Thank you, Jim.

Thank you.


Pauline. Pauline.


♪ A time to gain ♪

♪ A time to lose ♪

♪ A time to rend ♪

♪ A time to sew ♪

♪ A time for love ♪

- ♪ A time for hate ♪
- Why?!

♪ A time for peace ♪

♪ I swear it's not too late. ♪

- synced and corrected by solfieri -
- www.addic7ed.com -