Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Fire - full transcript

Following Duke's death, his house catches fire, forcing the town to rally together to form a bucket brigade. Elsewhere, Junior ambushes Barbie, while Dodee and Phil pick up a military frequency.

NARRATOR: Chester's Mill is a place
like any other. At least it used to be.


Until we were cut off from the rest of
the world by a mysterious dome.



Invisible, indestructible
and completely inescapable.

We're trapped.

NARRATOR: We don't know where
it came from or why it's here,

but now that we're all trapped
under the dome together,

none of our secrets are safe.

JULlA: Who the hell are you?
BARBlE: Barbie.

People just call me Barbie.
It's a nickname.

My husband isn't here,
but he'll turn up, you'll see.

What do we do when people ask
about the propane?

- That's your business.
- Heh, heh, heh.

Duke, is it your pacemaker?

- Ah!
- Stop!

No one can hear us
all the way down here.

Let me out of here! Ah!

- Junior.
- Dad.

JULlA: You can stay with me.
Come on, I'll give you the nickel tour.


- Where is it?
- I don't have it.

My boss is not gonna like that.

You got one day. You hear me?

Listen, all you gotta do is pay up.

You might wanna think about it.
You don't wanna do anything stupid.





- You all right?
- Yup, fine.

You were talking in your sleep.
Yelling, actually.

- Is that thing still out there?
- Yeah, looks like it.

The hazmat suits haven't left.

Julia, thanks again
for letting me crash here.

With my husband missing
and everything that happened today,

it was nice to have the company.

- I'll see you in the morning.
- Great.

Did you lose something?

You didn't happen to see a pair
of dog tags around anywhere, did you?

No, but I'll keep an eye out. Night.


Linda, Linda!

- What the hell happened?
- Who shot Duke?

No one shot Duke, Paul.
Calm down.

He just got close to this thing
and his pacemaker exploded.



If this thing blows up
mechanical things,

then why didn't
Freddy's watch explode?

It's a windup. It must only affect
things with batteries.

Either way, just check the road blocks,
make sure nobody gets near this thing.

PAUL: Who's in charge now?
- You're a cop. Do your job.

- What about me?
- We need to take care of Duke.

BEN: Joe, wait up.
- I'm fine.

BEN: No, you're not. An hour ago
you were having a seizure,

flopping around
like a fish on a hook.

Did I say anything?

Yeah, something about stars,
pink stars.

- Anything you wanna tell me?
- No.

- Hey, any luck, you guys?
MAN: Not yet. This thing goes down far.

Oh, my God,
you know what all this means?

We're so not having
that trig test tomorrow.

- Trig. That's a great idea.
- It is?

I could totally map this thing,
see if there's any holes.

- I'm coming with you.
- Dude, you don't have to.

Buddy, Lewis had Clark,
you got me, all right? Come on.

Did you hear anything more about the
military on that contraption of yours?

Nope, I lost the signal,
but I'm trying to get it back.

It's not as easy as cueing up
the next Van Halen track.

Now, why is it that engineers
always act superior to DJs?

Because we're smarter, Phil.

MAN [OVER RADlO]: Negative, sir.
Fire is ineffective against the surface,

but we can confirm
there is no radioactivity

emanating from the dome.

They did it again.

Second time in 24 hours
they called it a dome.

Yeah, I heard them.

No, I don't think you did,
because you'd be freaking out too.

We're under a dome, Dodee.

Now, this is not
just some invisible wall

where a chopper can drop in
and rescue us, man.

- We gotta tell people.
- And we will.

It's just right now we only know
enough to scare the crap out of them.

To be continued.



Faithful insomniacs, Phil Bushey here.
It's been a long night,

and if you're listening to me,
it's because you've got no choice.

You see, this barrier thing is blocking
all of the cell phones, TV, Internet.

Everything in our humble burg
of Chester's Mill.

Theories about what's causing this
range from the North Koreans

to a breach
in the space-time continuum...

Sorry I didn't get to you sooner.

Had to make sure the clinic
and nursing home were taken care of.

You're kidding me.
If you're not careful,

people are gonna start calling you
Santa Claus.


Oh, God bless you, Jim Rennie.
How much do I owe you?


Oh, my God. The lights are back.
Did that invisible wall come down?

Well, I'm afraid not,
but we got gennies up and running.

So we have some power. At least
get back to some sense of normal.

I don't believe we've met.

Councilman Jim Rennie,
this is Carolyn and her partner, Alice.

They're staying in my spare room
upstairs. They're in from L.A.

We got trapped
driving through your little town.

- We're taking our daughter Norrie to-
- To camp.

But we have to get out of here.
Our daughter is sick.

- She had a seizure.
- Does your girl have epilepsy?

No, it can happen to anyone.
Caffeine, sleep deprivation.

- I've seen it in my patients.
- She's a psychiatrist.

Well, I'm sorry you ladies aren't
discovering Chester's Mill

under better circumstances,
but trust me,

if you're gonna be stuck somewhere,
this is the place to be.

I've lived here my entire life
and no place I'd rather call home.

Jim, I need you to come with me.

Duke's dead.

Look at me, damn it!


I wouldn't even bother. You could strip
naked in front of these guys.

They're still not gonna pay attention.

I tried that an hour ago.
They didn't even blink.

Oh, I looked around, by the way,
but no sign of your dog tags.

Oh, yeah, no worries. You know what?
I probably just left them in my car.

So, what makes you think these guys
are under orders not to talk to us?

Because they're not talking to us.

Maybe they did this, you know.
Maybe they're responsible.

- And why would they do that?
- I don't know.

Could be an experiment.
Some sort of portable detention camp.

Maybe we're being used
as guinea pigs.

Whatever it is,
these guys are the reason

my husband is trapped out there.


- Where are you heading?
- The radio station.

They might not be talking to us,
but they're talking to somebody.


I told you, you're safe with me.

Mr. Rennie!

Mr. Rennie! Ah!


- Mr. Rennie! Mr. Rennie!
- Angie, my dad's not home.

- Mr. Rennie, help!
- My dad's not home!

Mr. Rennie! Let go of me! Let go!

No! No!



- What the hell do you want from me?
- Look, I just want you to go back

to being the Angie
I knew before yesterday.

We were doing great
and then this thing comes down

and you tell me to take a hike.

I think it scrambled your brain.

One of us has a scrambled brain,
all right.

You can't see it, but I can.

You're sick, Angie,
but I'm gonna make you better.

If I'm so sick, then why don't you
take me to the hospital?

- If you care about me so much.
- Because he might still be there.

- Who might still be there?
- The guy I saw you with.

- What guy?
- Yesterday, outside the hospital.


The guy who came in
with Mrs. Shumway?

- I don't even know him.
- Don't play dumb with me, Ange.

- I can see right through you.
- All he did was give me a cigarette.


What did I ever do to you?

- You loved me.
- No.

- Junior, I never-
- Yes, Angie, you did.

And when this thing comes down,
you're gonna love me again.

I will never love you!

You were right.

That guy at the hospital,
we didn't just share a cigarette.

He screwed my brains out
and I loved it.

I loved it more
than I ever did with you.

You'll never be the man that he is.

Junior! Junior!

Holy hell. He was a good man.

I loved him.

He was like a father to me.

He was a good friend.

Just before he died,
he tried to tell me something.

Tried telling you what?

He said there were things that
I didn't know about Chester's Mill.

Things that he needed
to protect me from.

What did that mean?

I wish I could tell you.

What am I gonna do
with another body?

Cemetery's outside the barrier,
my freezer's full.

JlM: Show some respect.
This isn't just another body.

- This is Duke Perkins.
LESTER: What's that?

Turn up your hearing aid, Lester.
I said, this is Duke Perkins.

Oh, no. Oh, good Lord.

Deputy Esquivel,
I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you, Reverend Coggins.
I should get back out there.

You're right, Linda.
Go out there and do your job.

I'll make sure
Duke here gets taken care of.

You're using our stuff.
You're high as a kite.

So what? It's judgment day, Jim.
I might as well be feeling the rapture.

The only reason we got into this
was to try to save Chester's Mill.

No, that's the reason Duke
went along with it.

You and I, we had other priorities.
All right?

I mean, at least now we don't have
to worry about him talking.

Real man of God there, rev.

- Come on, let's go.
- What? Where are we going?

To clean up our mess.

Dude, found a way out. Check it.

- Heh. You're such an idiot.
- Ha, ha, ha.

BARBlE: It's Joe, right?
- Yeah, McAlister.

Dude, this is the guy who saved
my ass when that plane went down.

He totally said it was raining
arms and legs.

Yeah, you could say that.
What are you up to?

So far I marked these points. By
measuring the distance between them,

I was able to come up with
the Y coordinate.

And then by multiplying it
by its K integer-

He connected the dots.
It's totally gonna be a circle.

So far it looks like it's about
10 miles across.

It covers the entire Mill,
including some of Lake Eastpoint.

- And you did this?
- Yeah, but we're being really careful.

Keep it up.

- Where did that guy come from?
- Definitely not from around here.

How do you know?

Because he's cool.

- Come on, Dodee, you just had them.
- Patience, Phillip.


- Did you get something?
- Shh.

MAN [OVER RADlO]: Air traffic has
been rerouted around Chester's Mill

until further notice. We will continue
to monitor the air space.

What the hell is that?

Jim, what are you doing?

I was, um, looking for that.

It's Duke's will.

Go ahead, read it.


He, uh, left me his house.

Of course he did.

He treated you like the daughter
he never had.



Now what do we do?

That's a close call, no thanks to you.

What was I supposed to do,
phone you?

- So, what did you find out?
- Nothing to do with propane.

Duke must have kept the records
at his house.

Yeah, it's not his house anymore.
He left it to the girl.

So you better get over there
before she does.

- Me? What are you gonna do?
- My job, Lester. Now get out.

I'm the only councilman left
in Chester's Mill.

Got a town to take care of.

JULlA: You made this?
- Yeah, I'm only three credits short

of my master's degree
in electrical engineering.


- Yeah.
- How does it work?

Well, this is a harmonic microwave
frequency converter.

It turns low frequency waves into high
frequency waves so that we can hear-

- Maybe you should just let me hear it.
- Okay, sometimes it's hard to pick up.


MAN [ON RADlO]: Further tests reveal
the dome appears to be impervious

to high-energy lasers
and all class-8 corrosive chemicals.

- We're under a dome.
- Yeah, that's what they keep calling it.

- Why haven't you told anybody?
- We're not a news station.

Hey, Phil.

That was some face-melting
rock 'n' roll brought to you by-

- I'm going on.
DODEE: I tried to stop her.

- I'm sorry, what are you doing?
JULlA: Going on the air.

No, you can't.

This is Julia Shumway from
The Weekly Independent.

I have some news for all of us
stuck here inside Chester's Mill.

I have just learned that the barrier
around Chester's Mill

is being called a dome.

This information appears
to be coming from military sources

positioned just outside Chester's Mill,
just outside the dome.

We will keep updating you
as information comes in.

So stay tuned to...

WYBS, your only source of news
from under the dome.

- What does that mean?
- I have no idea.

I do, Mom.

It means we're all gonna die in here.

This dome thing, how big is it?

- No idea.
- We're under a dome?

We gonna run out of air?

Until I find out where Julia
got this information,

I think it's best
that we just all stay calm.

- What if it collapses on us?
- Great, now the sky is falling.

If we keep our heads and we stick
together, we'll get through this.

Hey, "We'll get through this"? You don't
know what this dome thing might do.

Right, but the last thing we need
right now is for people to panic.

That thing took Duke. Who's next?

Pull yourself together
and get out on patrol.

People are scared and when people
are scared they start acting stupid.

Yeah, you'd have to be stupid
not to be scared.

You know, I just hope someone tries
to blow this damn thing up.

- Do you think he's gonna be okay?
- He's gotta be.

We're gonna need every man
we got.

Think we'll ever see him again?

Who, Rusty? Come on, Linda.

My brother is not gonna let
some magic bubble thing

keep him from seeing you again.

That is Rusty.

And you know, I probably shouldn't
be telling you this,

but he's taking you to Hawaii
for your honeymoon.

That dog told me that
I had to settle for Niagara Falls.

LlNDA: Reverend.
- Hey, how you holding up?

Got our hands full,
but I think we'll make it.

Yeah, you're in my prayers.

Julia Shumway back with an update.

Additional reports suggest
that the dome is not radioactive,

but residents are advised
to continue to keep a safe distance.

PHlL: And now something
to take our minds off all this trouble.




Hey, hey! Stop, stop!

- What the hell are you doing?!
- I'm digging my way out.

- No, you're not.
- What the hell?

Any machine touches that dome,
you're fried.

- Says who?
- Duke.

His pacemaker blew right out
of his chest. He's dead.

Duke's dead? Who's in charge?

What if we're trapped
in here forever?

I'll never get to make out
with Mila Kunis.

I don't think this thing is the only thing
keeping that from happening.

Let's think about it.

We could've met every girl
we're ever gonna meet.

That is so depressing.

What the hell?

Doing tests.

Must be checking to see
if water can come through.

Doesn't look good. We're screwed.


It's like a sieve.

- What the hell's a sieve?
- A strainer, you douche, like for pasta.

- So it does let water through?
- Yeah, just a little.

Maybe we can get through.
Aren't we like 70 percent water?

Yeah, it's the other 30 percent
that's the problem, genius.

This, and can you give me
a pack of filtered?

Actually, you know what?
Make it three.

WOMAN: Anything else?
- No, that's it.


Thank you.

Didn't anyone ever tell you
smoking is bad for you?

Hey, no, these aren't for me.
It's an investment.

We end up getting stuck in here
for a while,

you would be surprised what people
will swap for these things.

So I'd probably hang on
to that candy bar if I were you.


JULlA: What's wrong?
You had it working before.

DODEE: Yeah, it's not like punching
in the presets on your car radio.

- This takes finesse.
- Finesse, my ass. She's just diddling.

Sometimes she gets lucky.

Further tests reveal the dome appears

to be impervious
to high-energy lasers.

- How's that for lucky?
- Shh.

WOMAN: After exhaustive testing,
we are unable to determine the origin

- or the composition of the dome.
- Oh, my God.

- The military doesn't know what it is.
- So?

So it means they didn't do it.

They're not responsible.

Who is?


Oh, come on. Come on.


What have you got there?

- Why are you following me?
- So this is where you did it.

I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

This is where you screwed her.

I know all about you and Angie.

- Who's Angie?
- Don't act like you don't know.

Looks like she put up
a pretty good fight.

She belongs to me.

That's too bad for her.


She still belongs to me.

- You just stay the hell away from me.
- Or what?

Or next time I'm not gonna stop.


The Lord works in mysterious ways.


Oh, God.


Ah! Ah!



Oh, man.

His master must have
been right there.

Someone must have dragged
the rest of the body away.

- Poor fella.
- The dog's the poor fella?

I kind of feel sorrier
for the cut-in-half dude.

His name's Truman.

What are we gonna do with him?
Can't just leave him here.

Holy crap, look.

- A fire.
- Let's go check it out.

Come on, Truman.


- You almost killed us.
PAUL: I got something for you.

- What are you thinking?
- This town is one click away

from total, complete lawlessness.

When the time comes, I'm ready,
and you should be too.

- We're all on the same side here.
- Yeah, for now.


- Who the hell are you?
- Easy, that's the guy

that saved the McAlister kid
when the plane crashed in the dome.

JACKlE [ON RADlO]: Linda, you there?
- Get out here so I can see you.

- Come here.
- Go ahead, Jackie.

Sarah Martin just drove over.

She says there's a fire
at 223 Pretty Valley Road.

Oh, my God. That's Duke's house.

- Get every warm body out there to help.
- Kiss it goodbye.

The entire fire department
is out there and we're in here.

Put that rifle down
and get your ass to Duke's.

- You're not my boss.
- Now.

You, warm body, get in.

Any fire trucks still here?

LINDA: Rusty and his buddies
took them all to Westlake

for that damn parade.
Clear the line and get to Duke's.

Damn it, Coggins.


Where's the fire department?

Stay back. Stay back. Stay back.

Help! Help!

Somebody. Somebody help me!


Get out of the way.

- What are you doing here?
- I heard it on the scanner.

- What happened?
- I have no idea.

- Just glad Duke lived alone.
FREDDY: Come on, everyone.

Please, stand back.
Come on, keep a safe distance.

- We have to put this out.
- How the hell are we gonna do that?

You guys still got water pressure.

So go and get as many garden hoses
as you can. Go, go, go.

PAUL: Guys, we need hoses.
BARBlE: Who's got a hose?

Right there. Grab your hose.


Excuse me.

MAN 1: Brian, your hose!
MAN 2: Back up!



It hasn't rained in weeks.

We're inside a damn tinderbox.

If those flames spread
to any of these other houses,

it's gonna take Chester's Mill
and us with it.

Hey, everybody who does not
have a garden hose,

I want you to go get a bucket,
a pot, a trash can, something.

Anything that can hold water.

- Let's go.
MAN 3: Go, get buckets!

LESTER: Help! Please, help me!
- Someone's inside.



Anybody in here?




- You okay?
LlNDA: Yeah.

FREDDY: What the hell was Coggins
doing in Duke's house?

- I don't know. Where did Jim go?
- I don't know.

MAN 1: Get out of here!
MAN 2: Propane tank next to the house!

Oh, my God. It's a propane tank.

Go, go, get out of here.

- Come on, get him out!
MAN 3: Go, go!

The flames are too high.

The hoses aren't cutting it.

The fire is spreading to the shrubs.

MAN 1: Get another hose over there.
WOMAN: Not enough water pressure.

Can you imagine our neighbors back
in Brentwood helping out this way?

I don't even know
who our neighbors are.

FREDDY: We gotta go faster.
Vick, you holding up all right?

Come on. Right, just like that.

We gotta get more water on this thing,
all right? Come on, keep going.

Keep going, everyone.
We gotta get more water.

Come on.

Faster, faster.

Keep at it, people.

The fire is spreading to the fence.
The house will be next.

Deputy, give me a hand.

Over there, the bottom of the tree,
the bottom of the fence.

Go get more buckets!
Get some buckets in here!

The car's on fire.
Guys, stop. Everybody back.

- This isn't gonna work.
- Like playing Whac-A-Mole.

As long as Duke's house is burning,
the fire is gonna keep jumping.

Then it's over.

Maybe not.
Hey, make some room! Let's go!

Clear the street!
Get out of the street! Let's go!

Hey, back up. Everybody get back.
Everybody get back. Let's go.

What the hell is Big Jim doing?
Is he insane?

He's gonna tear down Duke's house.




What the hell happened to you?

Took care of your boyfriend.

- My boyfriend?
- The guy you've been screwing.

Killed him.

No, you didn't.

He's dead, Angie.
He's never gonna touch you ever.

- I don't believe you.
- Why not?

I've known you
since the third grade, James.

Even you couldn't do something
that terrible.

That's my Angie.

I brought you something.

This is what we're working for.


Bucket brigade. Pretty clever.

- You weren't too shabby yourself.
- Why, thank you.

Dale. Dale Barbara?
I'm guessing that's you.

- Guilty.
- Where'd you find them?

You know what? They were actually
just right there where I left them.

Just hanging over the mirror
in your bathroom.

Huh. That was the first place I checked.
I must have missed them.

How's he doing?

He's lucky Linda got to him
when she did.

Took in a lot of smoke,
but I think he's gonna pull through.

Do you mind if
I have a moment with him?

What the hell were you thinking?

- You told me to clean up our mess.
- You call this cleaning it up?

How is he?

Well, someone up there
watching over him.

- Thank you for saving me.
- You're welcome.

But what in the world
were you doing in there?

I was, uh...

Getting a suit for Duke's funeral.

I switched on a light and then...

I can't really remember the rest.

Must have been a gas leak. The dome
is right there in Duke's backyard.

Probably severed a line.

We're just all glad
you're okay, reverend.

Bless you, child.


ROSE: Linda, thank you
for saving the reverend.

MAN 1: That's right.
MAN 2: Appreciate it.

I'm just doing my job.

Thank you, everyone,
for a job well done.

Well, we couldn't have done it
without you, Big Jim.


I appreciate that, but this
isn't about me. It's about all of us.

We stood together,
shoulder to shoulder,

like a town should in times
like these.

Now, this is not gonna be the last
crisis that Chester's Mill faces.

But we'll get through the next one

with the same courage and solidarity
that we showed today.

Thank you all.

Like hell, we will.

Go ahead.

Pat yourselves on the backs
all you want, but we're toast.

Great, you can put out a fire.
So, what?

That thing,
that thing is trapping smoke.

- And there's no way out.
- Hey, come on, man.

Take it easy, Paul.

- Back up.
JlM: Hey.

Don't you tell me to take it easy.
You're just like him.

You're lying to these people

and promising that everything's
gonna be okay.

And it's not gonna be okay!

This thing is never gonna go away.

- And we're all gonna die!
LlNDA: Paul, don't.


WOMAN: Oh, no.
LlNDA: Oh, no. No, Freddy, Freddy.

MAN: He shot him.
LlNDA: Freddy, stay with me. Freddy.

Breathe. Stay with me.
Come on, stay with me, Freddy.


Freddy. Freddy. Freddy.