Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 1, Episode 12 - Exigent Circumstances - full transcript

The entire town rallies to find Barbie after Big Jim convinces them he is behind the recent murders and shooting Julia. Barbie realizes that Julia's life is in danger - Jim's story will fall apart once she regains consciousness and tells people what really happened. Barbie and Angie hatch a plan to get her out of the clinic but Barbie soon finds himself in jail and Big Jim has a proposition for him. Joe and Norrie move the mini dome to Ben's house but it soon begins to act strangely.

Chester's Mill
is a place like any other.

At least it used to be

until we were cut off
from the rest of the world

by a mysterious dome.

Invisible, indestructible,
and completely inescapable.

We're trapped.

We don't know where it came from
or why it's here,

but now that we're all trapped
under the dome together,

none of our secrets are safe.

Can I help you?

- Well, what happened to me?
- You don't remember?

I remember electricity.

A little young to be a nurse,
aren't you?

Just a lowly candy striper.

You saved Julia. Just like you saved
me when the dome came down.

Maybe you're here to save all of us.

Barbie, put that weapon down.

One person is responsible for all this,
Dale "Barbie" Barbara.

A warrant has been issued
for his arrest.

He's been charged with the attempted
murders of Mrs. Shumway and myself.

He's also been charged
with the murders of Max Seagrave,

Otto Aguilar,
and Miss Seagrave's mother, Agatha.

We will hunt down the murderer
Dale Barbara.

We will bring him in
and we'll make him pay.

What if he's hiding
in one of our homes?

Miles, I recognize the threat,
believe me.

Then why aren't you
knocking down doors?

- Because that's illegal.
- What would you have me do, Miles?

- House sweeps?
- You can search mine.

- And mine too.
- Mine too.

- Yeah, all of our homes.
- We want to be safe.

Maybe you're right.

But I will not stomp on people's rights.
Our constitution still protects them.

This is still
the United States of America.

No, it's not.
It hasn't been for two weeks.

- You gotta do something, Rennie.
- All right.

I'm declaring a state of emergency.

That bastard threatens all of us.

So today we will perform house
sweeps as a safety precaution only.

And we'll bring Barbie to justice.

I am not turning our town into
a police state just because you say so.

It's not me, Linda.

It's the people.

All right, everyone, listen up.

This is not the end of Chester's Mill.
This is just the beginning.

For all of you who lost jobs
when this dome came down,

lawyers and bankers like Miles,
we've got jobs for you.

We've got a reservoir
that needs to be protected,

crops that need tending,
streets that need to be cleaned.

Yes, it'll take sacrifice.

But we will survive.

This dome can't break us.

Chester's Mill will live
to see tomorrow.

And the next year.
And every year after that.

Sir, the satellites
are still showing no visual on our target.

NSA creeper.

Finding Dale Barbara
is essential.

Good luck, dude.

Until we make contact,
the operation cannot move forward.

I want eyes
on that unidentified object.

Sir, yes, sir.

Any idea where the hell
that egg thing is, soldier?

Oh, my God.

That's what burned me.

No coordinates on the egg, sir.

But any new information
will be delivered immediately.

It won't mean a thing
until we locate Barbara.

He's the only one inside
with the necessary expertise.

What's it doing?

I think it's mad we didn't kill Big Jim.

Angie, we can't do that.

We all saw the same vision
at the big dome, Joe.

- It wants him dead.
- Why?

I don't know. Maybe so that
he doesn't kill your monarch.

You think Big Jim's
gonna kill Barbie?

From what he's saying on the radio,
it sounds like he wants to.

- We need to help him then.
- You guys, shut up.

We don't even know
that Barbie's the monarch anyway.

Come on, who else could it be?

Any one of us?

Well, we know it's not Junior.

Not the way he ran off last night.

Trust me. It's Barbie.

He's gonna get us out.

When the butterfly hatches,
you'll see.

When the butterfly hatches?

The monarch will be crowned.

I don't see how it crowns anybody
if it's trapped inside that little dome.

I just feel when it comes out
of its chrysalis,

something's gonna change.

What are you doing?

No, no. Let me see.

Oh, my God.

What is that?

It's like the dome's heart.

What do you mean "heart"?

We think it's the source
that powers the whole thing.

How long have you had this?

We found it just before Mom died.

This is the thing in the woods
that showed you Alice?


And it sent me home
so I could tell her goodbye.

All right, you need to move this.

They're gonna be searching
all the houses. Hide it.

You're not mad?

Norrie, honey,
I'm on your side, always.

And I don't trust Big Jim with anything.
Especially this.

Take it to Ben's. We can trust him.

You're not coming?

I have business with Big Jim.

All volunteers, you do not treat
any of your neighbors with disrespect.

You do not damage property.
And you do not kill Dale Barbara.

- Yeah, we got it.
- Okay, Linda.

Go serve and protect.

- We're good to go.
- You got it, Linda.

Morning, sheriff.

Tank's empty. Sorry.
But thanks for the use of your car.

No worries.
You need an extra hand today?

- Sure do. Let's go.
- All right.


- What's going on, Junior?
- Dad, I was looking for you all night.

Dad, you're in danger.

Someone's gonna try to kill you.
Maybe Barbie, maybe someone else.

How do you know this?

I just know.

You gotta get a hold of yourself,
Junior. Focus.

Listen, I got a job for you.

Barbie shot Julia Shumway

- That son of a bitch.
- I sent some people over to the clinic,

keep an eye out, make sure he doesn't
show up to finish what he started.

But I need somebody I can trust,
on the inside,

guarding her door, protecting her.

- Can I count on you?
- Yes, sir.

Now, it's iffy if she's ever gonna
regain consciousness,

but, by chance, if she does wake up
and start talking,

you need to get on that walkie
and let me know.

No one else. Just me.

Okay. But, Dad,
just be careful today.


- Big Jim, got a minute?
- Pretty busy this morning, Dodee.

No, you have to come
to the radio station.

I don't wanna overwhelm the public
with more announcements.

My receiver picked up the military.
They're searching for Barbie.


They're searching
for something else too.


Hey, hey.

- Please don't scream.
- Okay.

There are a lot of people
looking for you.

I know, I know. Listen.

Everything that they're saying
about me, none of it is true.

- It's Big Jim...
- I believe you.

You do?

Got a lot of good reasons
not to trust Jim Rennie.

Julia's still at the clinic.

Now, if she wakes up,
he's gonna kill her.

- Why?
- Because if she tells people

that it wasn't actually me that shot her,
his whole story falls apart.

Now he doesn't have me to use
as his scapegoat anymore.

so what do you want me to do?

Candy stripers.

You guys have key cards to the clinic's
back entrance. Am I right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah. So help me save Julia.

How's she doing?

She was lucky to survive.

There's no telling what kind of
neurological damage she might have.

- You think she'll come out of it?
- I'm not a doctor, Junior.

Yeah, but you're kind of as close
to a doctor as we've got.

And I have other patients
to check on.

I'll keep an eye on Julia.

So, what's the plan?

I'm gonna hot-wire the ambulance.

Then what?

And then we use your key card
to get us in, we get Julia out,

you drive us away.

Okay, what about the guards?

They'll swing around to the front
sooner or later.

No, not them.
What about the guards inside?

Big Jim must know
you're coming for her.

He might have moved her already.


There are a lot of ifs here.


Big Jim has taken out every single
person that stood in his way.

Julia is his last loose end.

Now, are you in or are you out?

No sign of the military
for over a week,

not since they tried to blow us
to kingdom come.

Now they want Barbie?

I told you, all right?
He's only part of it.

The military's looking for an egg?


and I've seen it.

What's it do?

I'm not sure, but it burned
the crap out of my hand.

One second. I promised Phil
I'd keep the music going.

All right, just...

Just don't touch anything.

On the move.

Thermalphotography shows
the unidentified object

has been transported from the woods
to two miles northeast of town center.

Holy hell.

- Any sign of Barbie?
- Negative, sir.

Any idea who's in charge in there?

Sir, the ranking official
is a James Rennie.

Is he a viable contact
for this mission?

Colonel Cox,
I would not recommend that.

Your reasoning, soldier?

Sir, right after the missile hit,

our UAVs did a full perimeter sweep
of the dome wall.

One drone caught surveillance
of this Rennie

murdering the town reverend
at the bridge roadblock...

- New job, Mr. Alcott?
- No need for banks anymore, Ben.

There's always garbage, though.

Ben. Ben.

Come on.

What's that?

We have something
we have to hide from the sweeps.

The gestapo hit my house
a while back.

- Any chance we can stash it?
- My stash house is your stash house.

- More guards?
- Junior.

Doing Big Jim's dirty work.

He's got a walkie.

But I think I can take him out
before he uses it.


No what?

Let me.

Calm down, Dodee.

I am calm. Really.

But what they said you did...

I thought what happened
to Reverend Coggins was an accident.

No, he was an accident
waiting to happen.

I mean, he almost
burned down the whole town

the day after we got stuck here.

He's a liability.

You don't know the whole story,

And neither do those Peeping Toms
with their eyes in the sky.

How many accidents
have there been?

Those other people,
the ones that you said Barbie killed...?

Barbie is no saint, believe that.

But he didn't do it, did he?

Oh, he did more than enough

to deserve whatever punishment
he's got coming to him.

Every one of those people got
what they had coming to them.

They were threats to Chester's Mill.

All I've ever done
was protect the people of this town.

Think I'd hurt them? Or you?

No. I don't think that.

Well, good.

So let's help each other out here,
focus on this egg.

You have that photograph of it,
where'd you take it?

It was at Joe McAlister's barn.

I didn't even remember
until this morning.

I was thinking
it could even be the generator.

The generator?

- For what?
- The dome.

Look, maybe if you get this thing,
you could bring down the dome.

I can get it for you.

I can help.

All right, I can be useful.

Well, Dodee,

you're already very useful.

But that dome can't come down.

Not now.

- Big Jim?
- Yeah, what is it, honey?

You're a sick bastard.

And one day,
everyone's gonna know it.

And they're gonna smile
when you die.

Linda? Linda, it's Jim.

- Where are you?
- Sweeping the southwest quadrant.

The radio station's on fire.


Dodee was covering for me.
Is she okay?

- Jim, any word on Dodee?
- I don't know.

It's a mess.

The fire volunteers are gathering
but you need to get down there.

Could it be arson?

No idea.

It's Barbie.

We've been broadcasting info
about him night and day.

- Jim, I'm on it.
- All right, be careful, Linda.

- If you find Barbie, you call me.
- Roger. Phil, come on.

So you really think
this is the engine?

It could be our way out of here.

- It's awesome. It's like a lava lamp.
- Hey, don't touch it.

Last person who did got hurt.

All you have to do is keep it covered,

keep your parents away from it,
and keep an eye on it.

- Where you gonna be?
- Home.

I gotta stop Angie
from doing something stupid.

- It's in good hands.
- Thanks, Ben.

We'll be back to get it later.



- What are you doing here?
- Just helping out like I used to.

Are you okay
after what we saw last night?


- Then why'd you run off?
- To protect my dad.

To stop anyone from hurting him.

- Do you trust your dad?
- Of course I do.

You didn't always.

When we were going out,
you called him a fraud.

- Are you guarding Mrs. Shumway?
- Barbie shot her yesterday.

Is that what your dad said?

He wouldn't lie to me about that.

But if Barbie didn't shoot her,
then Julia's the only witness, right?

Did Big Jim tell you
what to do if she woke up?

Leave me alone, Angie.

Junior, I'm sorry.

My head is a mess. I...

I don't know
what anything means anymore.

I just need someone to talk to.

Someone or me?


You're the only one who understands
what I'm going through.

But can we go somewhere private?

I feel like she can hear
everything we say.

I said I'd watch her.

Just for a minute.


I need you.

We found her body in the station.

There was nothing we could do.


Phil, I'm so sorry.

Why'd he do it?

Why did he do it?

Dodee never hurt anyone.

I don't know.

But Barbie won't get away with it.

I promise.

I just don't know
how much more of this I can take.


you don't have to do it alone.

I'm always gonna be with you.

It feels so good
just to hold you again.

I know.

It does.

You taste like cigarettes.


Miss Hill, let me tell you how much
we don't have time for this.

Let me tell you, Mr. Rennie,

how much a lawyer knows
about illegal searches.

If you don't have a search warrant,
which you do not,

you're gonna need
one of four things.

Consent from the owner,
clear visibility of the inside,

a suspect already under arrest...

Or exigent circumstances.

I don't know what you call
a murderer on the loose,

but I call that extremely exigent.

I call it just one more day
in this damn hellhole

and respectfully request
that you leave.

Request respectfully declined.

- No. Stop this now.
- Come on.

- Where you going?
- Stop it. Get off of me.

Hey, leave her alone.
Don't you touch my mother.

- Norrie, no.
- Let them go.

- Back away.
- Norrie, stop.

- Norrie.
- Let them go.

- Norrie. Norrie, stop.
- Get back here.

I wonder what you're so bent out
of shape of me seeing in here.

What the hell?

- Where is it?
- Where's what?

Don't play games with me
on this one, little buddy.

That damn egg. I know all about it
and I know what it's for.

We have no idea
what you're talking about.

Take these two to the station.

- On what charges?
- Let's go.

Obstruction of justice.

- Let her go. Norrie.
- Move it.

I'll fix it. I'll get you out.


Linda, Barbie's at the clinic.
Barbie's at the clinic.

Junior, I'm 30 seconds away.

I love you.

Barbie, we gotta go.

- Drive fast.
- What? Why?

Go. Stay hidden. They're not gonna
come looking if they've got me.

- What are you doing?
- Go! Get her out of here now!

Put your hands on your head.

Get your ass to the ground.

Hey. Get... Get back. Go.

Jim, got him.


But Angie McAlister took off
with Julia.

Don't worry. We'll get her too.


Norrie, come over here
and talk to me, please.

Angie was right.

Angie was right about what?

We should've killed Big Jim
when we had the chance.

Why would the dome want us
to do that?

Look what he's doing, Joe.

Pulling all these Nazi moves?

Breaking into your barn
like he owns the place?

- That doesn't mean we should kill him.
- Really?

What do you think's gonna happen
when he finds Barbie?

Your monarch won't be crowned,

It's more like the monarch gets
his head chopped off.

You know that quote?

Says, "The only thing necessary
for the triumph of evil

is for good people to do nothing."

That's us, Joe.

Well, well,
look at Little Miss Well-Behaved.

Joe? Joe, I've known you
your whole life.

You're a decent kid. A smart kid.

- Not like your sister.
- Angie's smart.

She's helping Barbie, throwing in
all her chips on a losing hand.

Aiding and abetting a violent fugitive.
She may be past help, but you,

you, Joe, you can fix this.

Tell me where it is

and we'll forget
any of this happened.

I'll let you go home,
both you and your, uh...

Your new friend.

If this egg thing really is
the generator of the dome,

like I've heard,

you keeping it squirreled away
is a very serious offense.

Impeding a lawful investigation.

You got something to say, little lady?

So why do they call you Big Jim?

You're just some loser
trying to scare kids.

I'm sorry.

I didn't quite hear that.

You wanna say that again?

You don't scare me.

You're old enough
to understand how this goes.

The easy way is
you tell me what I wanna know,

you walk out that door, you're free.

Now, the hard way...

Well, let's just say your mother has
come to so much grief already.

It'd be a shame if you caused her
any more misery.


I gave you kids a chance.

You wanna burn with Barbie,
be my guest.

Heading back to the station.

We have Barbie in custody.

No eyes yet on Julia Shumway.

Last seen in an ambulance driven by
Angie McAlister away from the clinic.

That really necessary?
Did Big Jim tell you to do it?

All of these things
that I'm being accused of?

Come on, I would never hurt Julia.
You gotta know that.

Yeah? What about her husband?

That's what I thought.

Here to report a crime?

I won't leave the premises
until my daughter

and Joe McAlister are released.

It's a public building.
You stay as long as you like.

So, what's the good word?

Nothing on Julia and Angie McAlister,
but we got an APB out.

Sooner or later, we'll get them.

Okay, well, sooner would be
better than later.

A woman in Julia's condition
needs watching.

Do we know if she's come out
of her coma yet?

No clue.

What about Barbie?

He's downstairs in lockup.


Now what?

We let him sweat.

What are you doing? Get off me.

- Barbie, don't tell him anything.
- We'll be okay.

Hey. Where are you taking them?

Let's just call it
an undisclosed location.

- I swear, if you hurt those kids...
- Tell you what,

seeing as you're in no position
to make any threats,

how about I do the talking?

So here's the situation.

You're going to confess to the charges
and you're gonna do it in public.

Not gonna happen.

Well, that's your prerogative.

I'll tell you what will happen
if you choose not to cooperate.

Won't be long before we catch up
with Angie McAlister.

And when we do, we'll charge her
as an accessory to your crimes,

seeing as she's been
so helpful to you.

And her brother Joe

and that little firecracker
he's been rubbing noses with,

it's no leap to link them
to the death of Dodee Weaver,

seeing as Dodee knew
all about this mysterious object

that they're taking such great pains
to keep to themselves.

Then there's your redhead.

If she ever comes out of her coma,

she'll go down for hiring a known
criminal to murder her husband

for the insurance money.

Now, that's as cold
as cold-blooded gets.

So, what do you say, Barbie?

We got a deal?

You let the kids go

and you leave Angie and Julia alone,

and I'll say what you want me to say.

I'd say we shake hands, but...

Hey, Jim.

How do I know
you're gonna keep your word?

You don't.

Are you all right?

If that man did anything to you...

I'm all right, Mom.

We need to check on the mini-dome,
make sure it's safe.

- Put a tail on those kids.
- Why?

They're hiding something.

Something that might help us

- why we're trapped under this thing.
- Something like what?

It's tough to say,
but it could be our way out.

- You really think so?
- If we're lucky.

- What happened at the clinic, Junior?
- I'm sorry. I tried my best...

All right, well,
you get a second chance now.

Get out there
and find your little girlfriend,

bring her and Julia Shumway
back here, pronto.

What's the problem, Junior?

What's so important
about finding Julia?

Barbie's locked up.
He can't hurt her anymore.

Well, he can't, that's true.

But who knows what other traitors

he's got out there
ready to pull the trigger for him?

Better safe than sorry, I say.

I love you, Dad.

But don't lie to me.

That would be very bad
for both of us.

He confessed, son.

He confessed to everything.

And soon, he's gonna stand in front
of the town and confess to them too.


Let's get back to work.

Oh, I was gonna ask you,
last time you saw her, uh, Julia,

was she conscious?



What's wrong?

Your freaky sphere
is going crazy, man.

Show us.


Hey, hey, it's Angie.

You need to be quiet. Here. Here.


Somebody shot me.

Do you remember who?

A woman.

I'd never seen her before.

- Where are we?
- We're in the clinic.

In the storage room.

It may be stupid,

but I thought it was the last place
they'd look for us.

Barbie and I snuck you out of the clinic
in an ambulance earlier,

but I doubled back
and left the ambulance

behind a billboard on the road.

Got you down here
on a service elevator.


Big Jim has been telling everyone
Barbie's the one who shot you.

- What? He's...
- Okay, okay.

He's lying.

What you just said
is exactly why we have to hide you.

Where's Barbie?

Listen up.

Please, can I have your attention?

We've all been through a hell of a lot
these past two weeks.

Lived through
this unprecedented event.

Suffered some terrible losses.

And it may seem like the rules that all
of us were raised with no longer apply.

But let me tell you this.

Even though we may be separated
from the world outside,

even though there's no government
beyond this hall

which you see in front of you today,

rules are necessary.

And when rules are broken

there must be justice.

And where appropriate, punishment.

Dale Barbara stands accused
of the murders

of Maxine and Agatha Seagrave,

Otto Aguilar and Peter Shumway,

and for the attempted murder
of Julia Shumway.

I've brought him before you here today
to answer for those crimes.

Cover your ears.

Here, lie back.

What do you think they'll do to him?

They're gonna kill him.

To the charges brought against you,
Mr. Barbara,

how do you plead?

What is that?

I asked you a question, Mr. Barbara.

How do you plead?

Not guilty.