Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 1, Episode 11 - Speak of the Devil - full transcript

Big Jim reports to the police station as promised and convinces Linda that his stash of propane is what's saving everyone today. He tells her the biggest threat they face is from Barbie. After spending the night on the couch, Barbie tells Julia he didn't like it much and she admits she didn't much like sleeping alone either. She answers a knock at the door and comes face to face with Maxine who promptly shoots her in the chest. Barbie races to get her to the hospital. Back at the barn, Joe thinks the stars are about them but Junior runs off after failing to convince Angie they should be together. After the shooting and Junior running off, the weather turns nasty. After it clears, Joe and the others head off to the dome and see something they wish they hadn't.

Chester's Mill is
a place like any other.

At least it used to be

until we were cut off
from the rest of the world

by a mysterious dome.

Invisible, indestructible,

and completely inescapable.

We're trapped.

We don't know where it
came from or why it's here,

but now that we're all trapped
under the dome together,

none of our secrets are safe.

It's the pink stars.

And they're making constellations.

What does it mean?

Peter got in over his head

and forced you to kill
him to defend himself.

I found this life insurance policy...

This would be void if he committed suicide.

- Hello, Max.
- The past few days I've been watching you.

Anything bad happens to me,
your secret's gonna come out.

That's my daughter, Maxine.

Now do me a favour and
drop that gun that...



It's amazing.

It's still just a barn, galileo.

So all the dots in the egg are
constellations, but what does that mean?

Maybe the dome is trying to communicate.

Stopped the riots with rain,

made us babble about pink stars...

I wonder what it's trying to tell us now.

I don't know.

These four stars aren't
part of any constellation.

I think they're us.

What's this guy have to do with that?

It changed color over night.

From green to clear. I see its wings now.

It's a monarch. It's gonna hatch
into a butterfly. It's pretty rad.

It's not rad. It's insane.

We're like the guardians of
some secret cosmic mystery.

It's too much, it's too much.

We gotta tell somebody.

The dome's been pretty clear

about not wanting anyone else
to know about it.

When Dodee snuck in here,

she got zapped
and wound up in the hospital.

We could tell Julia.

When she touched this thing,

she said my ghost told her that
the monarch will be crowned.

Maybe she's not one of us,

but she might have some answers.

He's right.

That thing's gonna hatch,

and when it does,

maybe it will...
lead us to something.

Or someone.

Like the monarch's a person.

Like a king maybe.

Who might be able
to bring the dome down.

All right.

So the dome trusts Julia.

Joe, go tell her.

I just want to make sure
that we're on the same page.

So, you, Duke Perkins and
Reverend Coggins conspired

to acquire a vast
amount of propane?

Yeah, we bought propane
off the books.

But only to keep
this town afloat.

By selling it to
Maxine Seagrave?

A drug dealer?

But you kept some of
it in your warehouse.

And you can thank
the Lord that we did.

Because right now
in the middle of this...

nightmare, the lights are on.

Because your generator
is running

using my propane.

The diner's open
because of my propane.

We're setting up irrigation
for crops, bartering systems.

Hell, Chester's Mill
might just stay alive

because of my propane.

You think I'm a crook?

I think I'm owed a damn parade.

You know, it doesn't change

the fact that if this dome
hadn't come down,

you'd be in jail.

I'd say it saved
your ass, Big Jim.

So, go ahead.

Charge me with conspiracy
to keep the lights on.


...you can go after
a real criminal.

And who might that be?

Someone who's a real mystery

in this town.

A man who just got here.

Who's only out for himself.

And isn't shy about...

letting people know it.

How was the couch?


So was the bed.

Do you want me to leave?

I want you to take me
to Peter's grave.

For us to move forward,

I need closure.

I think you do, too.


yeah, I need
to see Peter's grave.

I'll go get dressed.

You want me to go after Barbie?

What did he ever do?

Wake up, Linda.

Barbie wasn't just passing
through Chester's Mill.

He was here,
working for Max Seagrave.

He was?

That's her gambling enforcer.

He was here putting the screws

to people in this town--
our town.

No, this sounds...

Crazy? Till it's true.

Here's a name
you haven't heard in a while.

Peter Shumway.

He was up to his eyeballs
in debt to Max.

Barbie was with him
the day the dome came down.

And guess what?

Haven't heard a peep
from old Peter since.

You know,
some people have secrets you...

you couldn't imagine.

What about you?

I'm an open book.

I got it.

Can I help you?

Right now,
you can't even help yourself.



Hold on.

Linda, are you there?

I'm here, Barbie.

Julia's been shot!

She answered the door

and somebody shot her.

I don't know!

If you can believe him.

Linda, listen, I can't drive

and keep her from bleeding out
at the same time.

I need someone
to give me a ride right now.

I'll be right there, Barbie.

Linda... think.


You hungry?


Well, our chickens
are still laying eggs.

I can scramble some up.

Can you believe it, Angie?

Uh, no, it's...

all been pretty crazy.

I mean us.

I... I, uh...

I never thought fate was real.

That there was this...


But now it's undeniable.

What are you talking about?

The way our lives are
braided together.

And they will be forever.

What? Are you insane?!

You kept me prisoner, okay?

I almost died down there!

But you didn't.

We're both alive
and we're here right now.

It is the four of us
who are connected.

It is not about you and me.

It will never be about you...

I don't believe you.
Well, believe it!

We will never be together!

And if somehow
we make this dome come down,

then I am gone, too.

And you will never see me again.

Then I'm out.


I'm done with you, with this,

the mini-dome, all of it.

You can't just walk out.

We need your...
My hand?

I know...
my hand on the little dome

so we can make pink stars and do

whatever the hell else
it wants to do.

This might be our only shot.

And you're gonna
ruin that out of spite?

I've never met someone
so selfish!

It's love, Angie.

I'd rather live in here

and die in here
than be apart from you.

Damn it!


Now even the cops
are getting ripped off.

I need a ride!

No gas.

Stop your vehicle!

What, are you carjacking me?

Phil, I need a ride to Julia's.

She just got shot.

Get in.


Hey, get in here right now!

Oh, my God.

Can you drive?

Uh, yeah. I have
my learner's permit,

but the guy said
I didn't check my mirrors.

Just help-help me get her
in the car.

Now come on. Sit her up.
Let's go. Sit her up.

Get the door! Get the door!

Are we good?

Yeah, we're good. Go!

What the hell?

Hell's down here.

You want a ride?

You just happen
to be in the neighborhood?

It'll be nice to get
a little bit of rain.

You and I need to talk.

Somebody shot Julia Shumway.

It's a perilous
world we live in.

I know it was you.

Well, Barbie said the one word
a girl hates to hear: "No".

Where is this going, Max?

That's up to you, Jimmy.

Life's all about making
the right choices.

You make the right one,
you play nice,

and it's good between us.

You step out of line
like Barbie did...?

Lucky for me I'm single.

Oh, I'm sure there's someone
around here you care about.


Go on to work, Junior.

Well, look who
I finally get to meet.

Junior, hi.

I'm a friend of your dad's.


Wow, you are,
you're a Rennie, all right.

Those eyes, it's, like...
it's like I'm looking

right at your mom.

I bet you face a lot of danger

being a police officer,

and I bet your dad is just
constantly worried about you, huh?

All right, that's enough, Max.

I better get going.

I have some business
to attend to on Bird Island.

The weather's acting up.

I'm not sure it's a great
time to be on the water.

Aren't you sweet
to think about me?

Your dad, he is so
thoughtful, to the end.

I'll be at the factory later on

if you need me.


Who was that?

The devil.

Julia! Jul, hey, hey, hey,
stay with me.

Hey, you got to hurry, Joe.
She's crashing!

I'm working on it.


You're doing great, Joe.
Just get us there.

It's pretty bad up there.

Yeah, it's pretty bad
back here, too, Joe.

I mean, it's not just
the weather.

It's the dome.

I think it's angry at us.


I got Julia.

You pop the trunk,
plug this thing in.

We need the juice.


All right, let's get
her inside!

Put her in the second room.

Yeah, right there.

So, it's a through and through?

Then there's no
bullet to remove?

That's right.

Sounds like she's taking in air
through the wound,

so we've got to relieve
this pressure,

or else it's gonna
crush her heart and lungs.

Please, somebody,
a tree fell on our garage!

My husband was inside!

He's not breathing!

Go get me a piece
of plastic tubing

so we can relieve the
pressure in her chest here.

This place is picked clean.

I'll make do with a pen,
plastic bag.

Grab some alcohol.

Pen, plastic bag, the alcohol.

How do you know
how to do all this?

I had to chest tube
my team sergeant in Fallujah.

What happened to him?

I thought everybody had
to turn in their guns.

I'm not everybody.

Dad, what's going on?

That woman Max...

she's gonna take everything
I worked for...

and destroy it.

What do you mean?

Son, I've been doing my damndest

to get things back to normal,

make the trains run on time.

Max is trying
to fill those trains

with drugs and liquor
and every kind of sick vice

human beings can get into.

She seems nice enough to me.

Well, that just

shows you don't know what
the hell you're talking about.

She's angry, Junior...

at me.

And she wants to hurt me...

by hurting you.

Then let me help you.

I can handle this.

Dad, I can help.
Junior, no.

I'm a man. No, I can do something!

Junior, no!

Single dad...

...raising a kid.

I did the best I could.

But you still punish me for it.

I know I have,

but not anymore.

Look, son, with someone
like Max...

...I don't know how this ends.

Dad, don't say that.

It's the truth.

You stay in the house.

Do not open the door
for anybody but me.

Do you hear me?


I wonder if that changes


Imagery transmission.

UHF data adapter.


You're kidding me.
It's working again.

All right, come on, baby.

Speak clearly.


It's Barbie. We've confirmed it.


Yes, sir.

We reviewed the tape
from visitors' day.

There's no question--
that's Dale Barbara in there.

Roger that. He's the
one we've been looking for.

What the hell are you doing?!

I could ask you the same thing.

Well, don't bother shooting me!

You're about to get
the whole town killed!


Junior, look at what
it's doing!

What is that?

It's sending a message.

You have to come back
to the group.

It takes all of us,
or we're nothing!

It's talking to us, Junior.
To you!

What, so now I control
the weather?

This thing has done
a lot of crazy stuff,

but never this.

Not until you turned
your back on us.


I'm okay.

What's happening?

Her heart stopped.

Too much pressure.


What are you doing?

I'm sucking out

the extra air in her chest.

Come on, we
gonna ride it out

down in the shelter!
No, are you nuts?!

We have to go be
with Joe and Norrie!

My dad said to stay here.

Junior, do you want
to make this right?

Then come with me.

Not because
I am promising you anything,

but because the dome
is telling you

what you're supposed to do
to be with us.

We need you.

You need me, Angie.


I need you.

Now come on!

Come on, we gotta come on!



I was right!

It worked.

You did it.

I had a little help, Joe.

Storm's breaking up.

I gotta go now.

I have to tell them.

You have to tell who?

You saved Julia.

Just like you saved me
when the dome came down.

Maybe you're here
to save all of us.

I don't think so, bud.

Junior was right.

The monarch's a person.

That person's you.


Oh, Mom.

Hey, listen.

I don't want to leave her,
but I gotta go

take care of something,
so could you...

She and I
aren't going anywhere.

Thank you.

Julia okay?



you know it's Max
who shot her, right?


And I also know

that it's time to stop her.

It's take both of us to do it.

But we're gonna do this
by my rules, Jim.

We're taking Max alive.

Oh, great.

So we'll be high and mighty...

and dead.

That's all you know, isn't it?

Kill or be killed?

You're not saving
Chester's Mill,

you're eating this town alive.

You have no idea what it takes.
We do this,

and then you and I...

we're finished.

I've spent the last two weeks
trying to convince myself

that we want the same thing.

We do.

I want a future.

I want something that
I can build towards.

You want a kingdom.

This town needs a leader.

Not your kind.

Made a few mistakes.

But nobody loves this town
better than I do.

No, you love power, Jim.

That's it.

Now, we take down Max,
and we are done.

And then I am gonna do
whatever I have to do

to make sure that I knock
you off of your throne.

Norrie? Where's Joe?

I don't know.

He went to go talk to Julia
and hasn't come back.

Well, he must still
be there, right?

He wouldn't try to come
back in this storm.

We barely made it ourselves.

Yeah, that was so weird.

It came out of nowhere.

Yeah, maybe not.

Hey, guys.

Joe! Where have you been?

Where's Julia? What?
She got shot.

Yeah, in the chest.

And then she died for a minute,

but she's gonna be okay.

Barbie brought her back.

It was incredible.

Thank God.


I think he might be the monarch.

The tornado

went away right after
he finished sucking the air

out of her chest, it was...

No, that's not why
the storm stopped.


It stopped because
I decided to come back.


Look, something started it,

and something stopped it.

But what do we do now?

We need to go to the dome.

The big dome.


If these stars are really us,

then we have to go to
the same spot on the big dome.

Under the North Star...

due north...

That's right around
the Bollingwood Bridge.

And then what?

I don't know.

Stuff happened when
we touched it together.


So... the four of us

need to do the exact same thing.

Enough guessing.

The dome owes us some answers.

So what's the plan?

We march right in

and let her ambush us?

We're not going
in the front door.

Julia showed me another way
the day the missile hit.

What are you doing?

I'm giving us a way out.

It's just an alarm clock.

The hell do we need
an alarm for?

Just in case.

Let's go.

Julia's car is gone.

I guess Barbie took her.

Oh, God.

I didn't think he could
ever go this far.

How well do you know Barbie?

I don't think anybody knows him.

Julia does.

Or thought she did.

Peter Shumway...

he was in deep.

He bet the house.


The house.

And lost.

And Barbie was
the collection agent.

Wasn't too polite
about it, either.

Do you really think...

If Barbie killed Peter...

And then Julia found out.

I don't know about this.

Would you just shut your mouth
for once?

Hello, boys.

Keep walking.


That's all they
were packing, boss.

Jim killed my mother, Barbie.

I don't suppose

he told you that, did he?

You two are just the same.

I don't think so.
You and me, though...

well, that's a different story.

We were good together.

No, we were never good.

You paid me, I did a job,
that's it.

Well, it's a good thing
you're handsome, brother,

because you sure are
thick sometimes.

What do you mean?

I mean, I'm
giving you a chance...

to live.

What, with you?

Max, you shot Julia.

She was never right
for you, anyway.

You're the one
who's not right, Max.

I had plans for you.

I trusted you...

and you screwed me over.

You're no different from him...

or from anyone else
in this town.

Look who's talking.

No, that is not true, Jim!

I am nothing like you!

I am a survivor!

If you have plans
to be somewhere,

then someone is going
to be very disappointed.

Get down!

Now we are all leaving.

Let's go. Go.

Julia's here,
but Barbie's gone.

They said that he
took off with Big Jim.

Could be at the cement factory.

Max set up a fight club there.

Heard people say they lost
money on Barbie yesterday.

Get out.

Come on. Linda,

you cannot do this
by yourself, man.

You're not a cop, Phil.

I'll see you soon.

You're stealing my car.

I'll go get our car.

I'll take them
down to the station.

You don't want
to do this, I promise.

I already took care of your
little insurance policy.

You have no idea.

It's over.

What the hell did you do?!

As long as Max is breathing,

she's a threat.

Now she's not.

And neither are you.

Barbie, put that weapon down!

Put it down now!

Linda, thank God!

He's gone nuts!

He's lying to you!

He killed 'em!

First he cuffed 'em, and then
he shot 'em in the head!

I was next!

Back up, Barbie.

Put the weapon down.

Put your hands
behind your back.

You killed your last victim.

Spread your legs apart.

You're done.

Linda, I'm telling you...

Stop, or I'll shoot!

Shoot that son of a bitch!

Am I set?

Two secs.
Almost there.

Hey, Jim?

I heard something today.

From the outside.

It was about Barbie.

What are you talking about?

It was the military.
They know he's in here.

Tell me exactly what they said.

They said that he's the one.

The one that they've been
looking for.

Turn it on.

This is Jim Rennie.

I'm sorry to report

that this has been a very dark
day in Chester's Mill.

I need all citizens
to be aware and vigilant.

Today, Maxine Seagrave
and her business associate

Otto Aguilar were murdered,
shot execution style.

Many of you may have known Max.

She was a reputable
businesswoman from Westlake.

In addition, an attempt was made
on the life of Julia Shumway.

She suffered a gunshot
to the chest

and may not survive.

There was also an attempt
made on my own life.

One person is responsible
for all this...

Dale "Barbie" Barbara.

A warrant has been issued
for his arrest.

He's been charged
with the attempted murders

of Mrs. Shumway and myself.

He's also been charged
with the murders

of Max Seagrave, Otto Aguilar,

and Ms. Seagraves mother,

Barbie is on the run.

He is armed and dangerous,

and for those reasons, I'm
declaring a state of emergency.

This senseless violence
will not be tolerated.

What Barbie did
is not who we are.

Even now. Especially now.

When Barbie is taken
into custody,

he'll be given a fair trial.

The government,

the people,
will seek the death penalty.

Any bets on what will happen

when the four of us touch it?

All I want is answers.

Not a seizure or riddle.

Just answers.

All right,

whatever happens,

don't let go.






I gotta go find my dad.


Did we all see the same thing?

Big Jim?


What the hell was that?

I-I thought we were coming here
for answers.

We were, Joe.

I think that was it.

What was it?

Maybe the dome's coming down.


Big Jim has to die.

And I think
we're supposed to do it.