Uncle (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - I Like-Like You - full transcript

Andy wants to take part in the Battle of the Bands, the prize being a residency at Val's club, which will mean he is near to Gwen. None of the musicians he auditions for his band are to his liking but Errol turns out to be an excellent keyboard player and so a duo is born. Andy tries to help Errol get a date with Ruby, a girl from school whom he fancies but this goes wrong when Ruby assumes Errol is gay because Andy thought he was doing the right thing in saying Errol liked One Direction. However the duo's performance at the battle goes down well, impressing both Shelley and Errol's teacher Melodie.


What? I'm busy.

I'm dying.


What is it, a brain tumour?

I mean, you did do a lot of drugs.

No! I'm dying of shame!


..caught me doing things to myself.
What, like shaving your legs?

Higher up. Armpits?

Masturbating, Andy!
He caught me masturbating!

Oh, shit. 'I know.'

I told him I was just
having a bad dream.

It's like that time I caught you
in the shower making a soap sandwich.

I was washing my privates!
With two bars? Why are you calling?

I don't know how much he saw but now
I'm in my room and he's in his room

and it's half-term so I don't
have anywhere to send him.

Just send him to the cinema
or something. By himself?

Maybe he'll meet a nice man
with a big bag of sweets.

Oh, shit, I've got to go, bye!

Please don't kill me!

Why are you doing outside
my club stalking my daughter?

Pfff, I'm not... I'm not stalking.

I'm just... This is where
my car broke down.

Really? Try starting the engine.



Wow, thank you.

I thought I made it very clear what
would happen if I saw you again.

I'm not here to see Gwen. Look.

You want to play in the battle of
the bands. MY battle of the bands?

No chance. Why not?
I'm a good musician.

You haven't heard me but I'm good.

I know you think this is
all about Gwen but it's not.

I'm just looking for
someone to give me a break.

Oh, I'll give you a break.
I swear I won't talk to Gwen.

I won't even look at her.
I just want to perform.

In a gay club?

I cried during Brokeback Mountain.

It's called 'Battle of the Bands.'
You don't even have a band.

Well, if I can get a band together
in the next three days,

will you let me play?

IF you can get a band, I'll see.

Thanks, Mr Pearson.

The name's Val.

Now, fuck off.
Yes, sir. Ma'am. Val.

And thank you for
fixing the car.

What a load off. Fuck off.

Hello. I would like to book a
rehearsal room for tomorrow, please,

for I am starting a band.

The small room's available
three till five.

Excellent. Can you just put it
under 'Andy King', please?

That'll be £30 on the day. £30?!

Do you want me to cross you off?
No. I want you to cross me on.

Because £30 is what
I'm going to be paying.


Can you watch Roly tomorrow?

No, I'm mega busy.

Got auditions all day for my new
band. Great. He loves music.

Remember? He's taking piano.
He won't be any trouble. Oh, please?

I have a date. Who are you
going on a date with?

Some guy I met online. Online?

It's your funeral.
I mean, literally.

After he kills you and
stuffs you in his boot.

What do you want me to do?
I'm 35, I'm in recovery,

I can't do bars and I have a kid, so,
yes, I met a guy on the internet

and hopefully I won't
get raped and murdered.

Now, may I please leave
Roly with you tomorrow?

Thank you.


You weren't still
sleeping, were you? No.

Why is your hair in a bun?
Do you like it? I think
it makes me look smarter.

What do you think? I think
you're going to need a bigger bun.

Ah! Shit.

Listen, will you talk to Roly
for me? He's being a bit weird.

I think it's probably about the lady
wank. Be subtle about it, though.

Bye, treasure!

This place is disgusting.
Whatever. Why are you being weird?

I'm not being weird.

Don't touch that.

Is it because you saw
your mum...never mind.

Don't touch those. Who's that?

How about a breath of fresh air?

I'm freezing. Can we go?

I'm trying to make 30 quid to
pay for the audition space. £30!

We're going to be here forever!
Why are you starting a band anyway?

Cos of this.

"Battle of the Bands?" Yeah.

First prize is one month
as the house band at Cox.

And do you know what that means?
That means one month with Gwen.

Why do you want to get back with
her? She doesn't even like you.

It's called sexual tension.

Maybe one day when you're
in love you'll understand.

Give me your jacket.
Why? Just give it.

Hold that.



Thank you, Tyler.

We'll be in touch.

I thought he was good. Yeah, he
was amazing, with beautiful lips.

I'm not having that in my band.
Someone else will come along,

hopefully a humpback
with a dodgy eye.







I know!


Oh, sorry.

Where did you learn
to play like that?

I don't know.
I've had a few lessons.

Your mum said. I figured
you were going to be shit
like all the other little kids.

Can you play anything else?


Errol, how would you
like to be in my band?

Would I need a humpback
and a dodgy eye? No.

Think about it, I could be Jim
Morrison to your Ray Manzarek. Who?

He was the nerdy
keyboardist in The Doors.

I don't want to be the nerdy one.
I think you're missing the point.

EVERYBODY got laid in The Doors.

Chicks love musicians. Really?

How do you know
if a girl likes you?

I think you've just
got to, you know...

Why are you asking about girls all
of a sudden? No reason.

You're in love. That's why you've
been acting so weird lately!

I'm not being weird!
Who is she, you little pervert?

Her name's Ruby. Ruby.

And have you asked the
little jewel out on a date?

She doesn't know I exist.

Well, then, why don't
you join my band

and then I can help
you win the girl?

Do we have a deal?

Just shake once.


Hey! How was the big date?


What's something you'd be
embarrassed to tell a stranger?

I never know which way to put
the cutlery in the dishwasher.

Facing up gets it cleaner

but it seems really dangerous
with the knives up like that.

What about you?

I like when ladies poo on me.

He was a bit boring.

Great! Listen, I've got
some free time this week.

Why don't you leave him
with me for a couple of days?

Go on some more dates and
try and find that Mr Right that
you've been looking for.

Why are you being nice?

Sam! You've always
been there for me.

Let me do this for you. Yeah, you
deserve some time to yourself.

You've been under
a lot of stress lately.

There you have it, the most
dangerous animal in the jungle.

The female human.

One minute she can take you
to the heights of ecstasy,

and the next she can shatter
your soul with a single glance.

Pervert! Morning, ladies!

So tell me about this Ruby.
What is she out of 10?

She's a 10! All right, now
bear in mind you've got to stay
within a three point spread.

For instance, a two can
never go out with an eight.

That would be suicide.
So, what am I?

Well, you're skinny but
you've got nice hair and
no hideous deformities.

So, I'm going to go out on
a limb and give you a 6 1/2.

But I reckon, with a bit of styling,

we can probably get you up to a 7.
What are you?

Some people are immune to the
whole scoring system altogether.

Mega rich bastards,
athletes, talented musicians.

Present company included. Now,
jokes. Women love good jokes.

For instance, why do
blondes wear knickers?

Why? To keep their ankles warm.

I don't get it. Trust me,
it's hilarious.

Now, what jokes have you got?

What's the bare minimum? I don't
know, what's the bare minimum?

One bear.

We'll work on the jokes.

Right, now let's practise
asking a girl out.

I'll be a girl. You ask me out.


"Erm...hi"? Seriously? Your opening
line is the most important thing

you'll ever say to a girl. If you
can't think of anything funny,

give her a compliment,
buy her a drink.

Be charming. Be charismatic.
Be mysterious.

Can't I just be myself? No!
Are you crazy? Never be yourself.

Now try again.

Excuse me. You have very nice...

..sideburns. No! OK, fine, OK.

Right, we'll swap back over.
You be the girl. I'll be the man.

Hello, my name's Andy.
What's your name?

Penelope Jenkins.

Hello, Penelope.
You've got very nice eyes.

Thank you. I got them from my
mother. She was a Russian ballerina.

Tell me three things you like,

I like sushi, fruit bats
and long car rides.

Do you like waking up with
no regrets and a man that knows
how to hold you?

You've used that line?
I used it on Gwen.

That worked out well(!)

Hi, Ruby, you have nice eyes.
Will you go out with me?

Hi, Ruby, you have nice eyes.
Will you go out with me?

Hi, Ruby, you have
nice eyes. Will you go out with me?

Oh, hey, Errol.
What are you doing here?


..have nice eyes?


That bad, huh?

Sign us up. This is my band.

There's only two of you. So? Anything
more than one is a band in my book.

We're not reading from
your book, are we?

Two people's a duo - it's not a band.

You know who'd care to disagree?
The White Stripes, The Black Keys,

The Proclaimers, Heart...
Heart's a five-piece.

The Kills, Suicide,
Simon and Garfunkel.

Ant and Dec! And of course my
personal favourite, The Carpenters.

You love The Carpenters, don't you?

Yes, OK. But one of your
band members is a minor.

The flyer doesn't say anything
about minors.

It's not like he's cruising
for gay hook-ups, are you? No.

If you don't let him perform,
based solely on his age,

do you know what that is?
That is...

Age discrimination.
..age discrimination.

And discrimination... Well...

that's bad. Oh, my God!
What is he doing here?!

I've got this, baby.
You go get lunch.

So, has he talked you
into this, little man?

No, sir...miss. I just wanted to be
in a band to impress chicks.

I was in a band when I was your age.
I also did it to impress chicks.

Is there a special girl
you're trying to impress?

Ruby. Ahh, Ruby.
That's a pretty name.

Have you tried
writing her a song?


♪ When I think about you
You make my chest feel all tight

♪ I have to shake my inhaler
Suck with all of my might

♪ I see you walk down the hall
I don't think you see me

♪ I cannot focus in science
You give me ADHD

♪ I feel my temperature rise
I see my grades start to drop

♪ I'm near the bottom of class
I used to be near the top

♪ You make me sick in my mouth
You make me come out in hives

♪ You put my stomach in knots
I have to loosen my tie, tie, tie

♪ I don't like you
I like, like you

♪ I don't like you
I like, like you

♪ I'll walk you home after school
I'll walk you right to your house

♪ I'd like to give you a kiss
But not a kiss on the mouth

♪ I'll take you out on a date
I'll meet you out by the gym

♪ And I should probably say
This song was written by him

♪ I'll save you space in the queue
I'll give you answers in maths

♪ I'll take you out to the zoo
Will you sit by me in class?

♪ It's everything that you say
It's everything that you do

♪ I don't just like you a bit
I like, like, like you, you, you. ♪

Today, you have become a man,
my pale little friend,

and I am one step closer to
going back out with Gwen.

What's the matter? You don't like
your milk? Wait, let me guess.

You're lactose intolerant?

No. I mean, yeah,
but it's not that.

It's just...what am I going
to talk to her about?

Relax. You don't need to talk
to her about anything.

Just ask her lots of questions,
and you'll be fine.

You'll be there to help, right?

I hadn't really planned on
wingmanning a 12-year-old.

What? You have to be there.
I can't do it on my own.

Yeah, you can. You don't need me.

If you don't come,
I'll quit the band.

Fine. You win, brat.


That's it. I'm done.
It's a horror show out there.

I'd rather burn alive
than go on another date.

The last one was going great
until his wife shows up.

Turns out they're swingers.
What are they?

They're like acrobats, darling.

Yeah, that really like playing
with lots of other acrobats.

Just promise me that you'll never
grow up and never get married.

Relationships are evil. Erm...OK.

So what did you two get up to today?
We formed a band. Me and Roly.

Shut up! No, we did.
Our first gig is tomorrow night.

No way! Way!

No, no, seriously. No way. Roly's
with his dad tomorrow night.

It's his weekend.

It's open!

Hey, Andy. You hungry?

Nah...I'm all right.
Come on, I've made way too much.

Nah, I'm...on a diet.

Yeah? And I'm holding
a big fuck-off knife.

This is really good.

Thanks, man.

Nice apartment, too, innit?

Yeah. So, Sam tells me you've
been helping out with Roly.

Yeah, here and there.

Be honest, does she hate my guts with
the whole custody thing? Nah.

Come on, I can take it.

Yeah, she hates your fucking guts.

I can't blame her.
You know, I'm actually proud of her.

Getting herself clean,
going back to uni.

She's really turned her life around.

How do you find Roly?
Yeah, good.

Little ladies' man is what he is.
Every week, he's telling me

about some new girl at school.
Gets it from his old man.

Yeah. Don't ever get divorced, Andy.

It turns people ugly.
I mean, I can eat a lot of shit,

but when it comes to my boy,
it's all about two words.

Peanut allergy. No compromise.

I will never compromise with him.

But I want you to know,
I'm not out to hurt Sam.

I'm just want to do what's
right for the Rolster.

You understand, don't you?
Definitely, yeah.

Good. Now, can I ask you something?

What the fuck are you doing here?!

I don't know if you remember,
but we were never exactly mates.

What did you used to call me?
Ben? Just...Ben.

Yeah, that's what you called me
to my face. But what did you
call me behind my back?


Bendy dick. Bendy dick.
That's right.

Your sister and her big mouth. I bet
she never told you why it bends?

I was in a BMX accident
when I was eight.

And loads of famous people have got
bendy dicks. Bill Clinton!

He was the leader of the free world,
he's got a bendy dick.

George Clooney probably
has a bendy dick.

You must have some serious shit to
say to me to turn up like this

out of nowhere.

I just wanted to ask if I could take
Errol to a concert tomorrow night?

Why would I let you do that?
Friday's my night.

I know, "no compromise",
but he really wants to go.

I'm just trying to look out for
the little guy, just like you.

OK. I'll let you take Errol to the
concert if you kiss my feet,

and say I have a beautiful dick.

I'm totally serious.

If taking my son away from me is this
important to you, I have to see it.

Both feet.

Now say it.

(You have a beautiful...) Can't hear
you. You have a beautiful dick!

What's so funny?
Errol called before you came.

I already gave permission.

I...like your tie.

Oh, thanks.
Yeah, it's not a clip-on.

So, Ruby, do you like
listening to music?

What sort of bands do you like?

I don't know, like One Direction.

No way. That's Errol's
favourite band, isn't it, Errol?

Really? Erm...yeah.

Who's your favourite member?
Mine's Zayn.

Yeah, me too.
No way!

'And I have all their singles.'

I've signed up for their fan club,

but I haven't been in it
as long as my friend, Clara.

She's always on about how she's
loved them since X Factor.

What's your favourite song?
It's...erm... Dah-dah-dat-dah-duh...

Oh, yeah! Little Things.
That's my third favourite.

You guys sit down. I'll
be right back. My treat.

One free Family Feast
to stay in, por favor.

Oh, hello. Oh, hi.

You are Errol's teacher, Melodie.
Good memory.

I never forget a pretty name.

What are you doing in here?
Oh, I just live around the corner.

No, you shouldn't have told me that.
Could be a stalker.

I'm not a stalker.

That's the sort of thing
a stalker would say.

I'm going to stop talking now.

You never know,
cos I could be stalking you.

I would like a stalker.

Because I don't own a dog,
so I could use the company.

What are you doing here? I am
chaperoning Errol on his first date.

Oh, he's on a date with Ruby?

He's wearing a suit.
He's such a little gentleman.

I think he looks like a
Jehovah's Witness.

OK, one Family Feast to eat in.
One Family Feast to take away.

You're having a Family Feast?
Are you expecting company?

Yeah. It's not like
I'm going back to my flat

and eat a pile of fried chicken
alone with my two cats.

That would be sad.

Well, it was good seeing you.

Why don't you come over
and say hello?

I'm sure Errol would
love to see you.

Look who I found!

Oh, hi, Miss Thomas.

Hi, guys.
Are you enjoying your half term?

I've already done the
holiday reading you gave us.

Errol and I have formed a band.

Oh, cool. What kind
of music do you play?

The awesome kind.
I play the keyboards.

Just like Louis!

We've got a gig tonight at Cox.
You should come along.

Isn't that a gay club?
Not when I'm there.

Is it true you know
Harry from One Direction?

Errol said you taught him guitar.

Yes, that's true.
I taught him everything he knows.

Well, I have to admit,
I have a bit of crush on him.

Dirty old lady.

Not that you're old...or dirty...
I mean, she's old.

You're quite clean.
Oh, I really should get going.

Clean young lady!
It was good seeing you all.

Are you going to come
to that gig tonight? I'll try.

I might have a thing but...maybe.
Yeah. Maybe.

Bye, Miss Thomas. She's pretty.
Yeah, I'd give her a seven.

I'm really glad you asked me out.
Really? Yeah!

Now, I have someone to talk
about One Direction with.

It's like having another girlfriend.
Girlfriend? What do you mean?

You're the only boy I know who likes
One Direction.

I've always wanted a gay friend.
Wait a minute, I'm not gay.

It's OK. I don't mind.
I love Alan Carr.

You don't understand.

I only said I liked
One Direction because you like them.

But really, I hate them.
I think they're awful

and I think their music's awful.

So, when's the second date?

Never. She thought I was gay!

You told her I like One Direction,
and then she thought I was gay.

So, I told her I hate One Direction
and now she hates me!

Does she think I'M gay?
Who cares? This is all your fault!

My fault? I didn't want to come
out on your stupid toddler date

in the first place.
It's not my problem you struck out.

That's it! I quit the band.

Hey, shithead. I lost Errol. What?

He just ran off. I've been driving
around everywhere looking for him,
but I can't find him.

And someone's probably kidnapped
him and it'll be all over the news,

and they'll use a photo of me,

and people will see that
photo and they'll say,

"Yeah, the uncle definitely
did it. Just look at him."

But I didn't kill him,
I didn't do that.

Andy, shut up. Errol's here.

He got home a few minutes ago.
He took the bus.

He's locked himself in the bathroom.

Hey, mate?

Errol, I know you're mad at me.

I deserve it, all right?

I get it.

It's just...

I mean...what do
I know about girls?

Look at me. My love life's
a nuclear disaster zone.

I'm sorry I messed things
up between you and Ruby.

I just really wanted things
to work out for you because...

..I really need you in this band.

I should have just
told you to be yourself.

I mean...if you're with the right
girl, that's all that really counts.

Ruby's the one that's missing out.

Fuck One Direction. Fuck 'em.


Hello? Where are you?
You're on in an hour.

We're not going to make it. Sorry.

Useless, fat twat.

You still not going to
tell me what happened?

You know, me and your Uncle Andy
used to fight all the time.

We still do,
but not like we used to.

I remember one time he
was going through a glam phase,

and he borrowed my stirrup
leggings without asking.

He was a lot thinner back then.

Anyway, I found them in the laundry
with massive split up the bum.

He wouldn't admit to it.
So, what did you do?

I cut nipple holes in his Stone Roses
T-shirt, but that's not the point.

The point is that I forgave him,
because, eventually, we all screw up

and we can only hope there'll be
someone there to forgive us

when it's our turn.


Hi, I'm Sam, I'm your sister.
This is Roly, he's your nephew.

It's really nice to meet you.

Ooh! Holy shit, those are soft hands.
What are you doing here?

Don't we have a gig to get to?

Well, I'm glad you said that,

because I've figured out
the bare minimum we need

to make this band work. What's that?

Two bears.

All right, gorgeous?

Andy! Shelly? You're here?

I saw your post online.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Do you have time for a drink later?

Yeah, definitely.

Weren't they fabulous?!

Now our final band is called...


The Bear Maximum!

Thanks. This song is about a girl.

♪ When I think about you
You make my pants go all tight

♪ You're crawling round in my head
You taunt me all through the night

♪ I see you walk in the room
You make me weak at the knees

♪ I've not had sex in a while
I'll do whatever you please

♪ I feel my temperature rise
I feel my jaw start to drop

♪ You drive me out of my mind
Oh, please just give me a shot... ♪

They're actually pretty good.

♪ You've got me down on my knees
You've got me begging for more... ♪

You're not going to let them
win, are you? Not a chance.

♪ Now come and knock down my door

♪ I don't like you
I love, love you

♪ I don't like you

♪ I love, love you

♪ I'll take you home after work
I'll take you up to your house

♪ And then I'll give you a kiss
But not a kiss on the mouth

♪ I'll take you higher and higher
To places you've never been

♪ And you can probably tell

♪ This song was written by him. ♪