Un village français (2009–…): Season 7, Episode 8 - Sur la grève - full transcript

A little bit of red

It's the last time I'll ask you.

Where are the arms hidden?

Where is Miguel?

Are you deaf....or stupid?

You know what I'm going to do
if you continue?

I'm going to pull your nails out.

Son of a whore!

And then the tongue.
It hurts a lot.

Do you understand?


If you pull his tongue out...

...how do you think he'll talk?


Where is Miguel?

Where are his weapons?

I screw your mother, son of a whore!


It's better to kill them after they talk...

...not before.

The CIA is here to help us...

...not mock us.

How will we find Miguel now?

We have his wife, Paquita.

It's she who directs the group.

Not him.

Take it away.

No... leave it there!

I hope she knows where Miguel is.

Paquita, is it?

Do you want to die quickly...

...or slowly.


Ah she's here. She's really here?

Lets' go.


...your son reads your thoughts.


How do you know, Madame Larcher?

Do you read his, perhaps?


I know it, I feel it, that's all.

So, I guess you don't believe me.

I'm listening to you.

Do you sleep well at night?

There's a the door
and the neighbours make noises.

It's important to sleep.


I'd very much like to.

We'll fix that.

You smoke a lot, it seems to me.

It helps me.
To what?

I don't know.

I don't know....I don't know.

The digestion...

...does that go well?

She eats very little.

And the bowel movements?

Oh, that I don't know.

I shit very well, doctor.

Come on, Hortense!

Can we go back now?

Can we go home.

We're done, Madame Larcher.

You can wait for us
in the next room.

Why? Are you going to talk about me
without me?

We're going to have a man-to-man chat.

Between doctors.

Daniel, I want to go home.

Madame Larcher,
forgive my frankness, but...

...you're not very
easy to live with, right now.

Today you're a problem...

...for your husband...

...for others in general...

...for society.

Don't you want to
stop being a problem?


...go wait for us in the next room.

We won't be long.

My dear colleague...

...you did well to bring your wife.

Her condition is serious.

She locked up our
5 year-old son in a cupboard.

She invents imaginary visitors...

...attempts to murder...

She believes in it.

That's what's terrible.

A priori, I would say...

...paranoid dementia...

...with systematized
delusions of persecution.


If you don't do anything...

...her condition will only get worse.

You wanted to see me?

I've a problem with
your last picture.

Oh yes?

You don't like it?

Madame Larcher,
I greatly admire your work...

I fought for this exhibition
that nobody wanted.


But this painting...
I can't display it.

You're joking, aren't you?

We're in Villeneuve...

...which suffered much in the Occupation.
I was there, Mademoiselle!

And I rather suffered afterwards.

Madame Larcher.

In 1975 we can't show the portrait

A senior SS official who
killed with his own hands...

...deported, tortured many people here.

Oh yes! We can show the Boche's bitch
but not the Boche!

I beg your pardon?

No. This exhibition will not take
place without this painting.

The self-portraits
don't make sense without him.

They were created thanks to him.

You say it's your most recent work...

Yes, this is my most recent work.

...but it's always been
in my head since the beginning.

Is that too complicated?
How will you come to understand?

You, you are with them.

Ah, that's it!


Forget it!

Madame Larcher...

...we'll have a protest movement.

Maybe a request for a boycott.
The Mairie...

Mlle., they let me out
of the asylum for this exhibition...

...it's not even my idea.

So the protests, the boycotts,
are none of my business.

An exhibition is an act
that commits, yes or no?


So you show my paintings.
All my paintings.

Or I pack up everything
and go home.

Take care of it.

That's all there is?

We need twice that for this afternoon.

Go down to the printers.
Right now.

Pierre, we must continue there.

We must intensify
the political struggle, Comrades.

...we're 3 days from the second round.

A 1/3 of the Villeneuve streets
haven't been leafleted.

A 1/4 of the crossroads don't have
a distribution of Humanit?.

You want the bourgeois to win or what?
We're doing the maximum.

We've even brought in the best
of the youth camp for reinforcement.

Who's in charge of Rue Gambetta?

With L?onore.

I guess you did
all the mailboxes in the street...

...because there are
red flags all along it.

Yes, Comrade.

The problem is that we checked.

In the Party, we always check,

From No.1 to No.80
there are no leaflets in the mailboxes.

So, Comrade Roland?

It's my fault Comrade.