UnREAL (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 8 - Episode #2.8 - full transcript

Previously on "Devious Maids"...

- I know you're my mother now.
- I can't be that for you.

How long you plan on being away?

There's one thing that I have to do.
I'm gonna find my real dad.

Peter. Husband number three...
the one who got away.

You humiliated me in front of
those horrible men.

- It's work.
- And work takes priority.

I'm starting to get that.

It's good that you're going.
I need some time.

You're this hot, intelligent,
successful woman.

Why would you want to be with a
guy like me?

Fashion exec just bought this place.
She's gonna be gone for six months.

This really cute guy came over
and assumed I owned the house.

I broke up with my mother, so
can I stay here?

- With me?
- I don't have anywhere else to go.

I'm barely used to hanging out with you.
Can we agree to never talk about sex?

That feels nice!

I'm so glad you like it.

Spence Westmore, you're under arrest
for the murder of Peri Westmore.

No, no, he didn't do it!

I'm Shannon. I'm Peri's sister.

And she doesn't know
anything about The Circle?

She doesn't have a clue.

There's this bad man named Ben.
Maybe he's got someone spying on me.

I was thinking, if I follow
Miss Shannon,

I can find out where The Circle

Someone's going around
asking about Peri's murder.

What's in this?

Tucker Westmore is the key to

That Spence isn't Tucker's father?

You didn't hear that from me.

I'm leaving you.

If it appears to the court like
you're the one who abandoned your home,

it may negatively impact your

All I need is the new passcode
for the gate.

That's pretty.

My necklace?

- Evelyn? How did you get in?
- Oh, I hope you don't mind,

but James will be spending the
night here.

You know, this would go a lot
faster if you just helped me.

Push with your legs. See?

I'm sure I'll regret asking,
but what's all this about?

I'm dividing the house in half.

Now that I'm back,

establishing distinct personal

seems the best way to avoid
each other until it's all final.

I see. And which side of Berlin
do you intend to live in?

I'll take the West wing, you the East,

and the study shall be divided
fairly down the middle.

I still don't understand
how you got back in here.

How did you get past the gate?

I changed the code.

She climbed over the fence.

I'd sooner believe she jumped the fence

on a red-white-and-blue

I'm sorry. It's... It's
just a text from James,

the reverend.

- My boyfriend.
- I'm getting a drink.

Nah, unh-unh!
You stay on your side.

You must be joking.

I am not.

You may not travel past the C?zanne
without risking life and limb.

Moreover, we will not speak

to each other directly...

only through Carmen.

So, we're gonna run our conversations

through Carmen and her
English-language meat grinder?

Dude, I'm standing right here.

Didn't understand a word of that.

Evelyn, the bar is on your side.

What do I do when I need a drink?

Carmen. Please answer.

We made you a nice bar over there.

Carmen, please tell Evelyn

that she cannot hold my best
bourbon hostage.

Carmen, tell Adrian I will do
whatever the hell I please.

She's lucky I haven't already
called the police...

- I'll have him brought up on charges...
- Bah!

Mr. Powell says I get a raise.

Mrs. Powell says it's time for a break.


* Devious Mindss *
Season 04 Episode 08
"I Saw The Shine"
Precisely Synchronized by srjanapala

Wait. You think Kyle and
Frances are in a cult?

I followed Miss Shannon to
their house,

and you always said there was
something weird about them.

Look, I know Kyle pretty well,

and if he were in a cult,
I would know.

Like he knows you're a maid
pretending to be rich?

I'm just saying he could be dangerous.

You shouldn't be dating him.

I'm one step ahead of you.

- I'm so ready to break up with him.
- Really?

Have you ever been in bed with
a super-hot guy

but find yourself thinking
about an...

older, balder...

plumper gentleman?


Who is this gross old man
you're fantasizing about?

Nobody. And it wasn't a fantasy.

It was more like a terrifying

that will haunt me forever.

Hey, girls.
What did we miss?


Rosie was just filling me in on
Peri's murder.

I found out what Peri was hiding,

and it's big enough that someone
might have killed her for it.

Sounds like you're getting close.

Spence must be happy.

Not after he hears the secret.
He's not Tucker's father.

- Santo Dios.
- Oh, my God.

You can't tell him that.

Rosie, are you sure?

They did a blood test at the

Spence is not the father.

Wow! It's like an episode of "Maury"

right here at this table.

B-But it's sad.

Poor Spence.

I think Tucker's real father killed Peri
to keep this from coming out,

and maybe Spence knows who she
cheated with.

I have to ask him.

Aw, but you'll break his heart.

Aye. After everything he's been through,
now to find this out?


Rosie, I wouldn't want
to be in your shoes.

Or Marisol's.
Those are just... ugly.

I know you said Ben is out of town,

but when is he coming back?

His work in Kuala Lumpur is
going better than expected,

so I've ordered him to stay...


But Ben is my manager.

- How is he gonna manage me from there?
- His work is wherever I say it is.

And Ben is a loyal follower

who doesn't ask questions of me.

But Ben promised The Circle
would make me a star just like Peri.

And we will, even without him.

We're very well connected.

When Peri was killed,
you said Spence did it,

and I never questioned that.

Well, that's the truth.

Shannon, what are you getting at?

Just that I've been very
loyal to The Circle,

but my loyalty comes with

I understand.

I assure you you're
gonna be a bigger star

than Peri ever was, and
that's a solemn promise.


Have faith, my child.

All in due time.


You left something at my house
the other night.

Really? Come in. What'd I leave?


That's where those were! Ha!

How do you leave without noticing
you're not wearing underwear?

I guess my...

mind was on other things.

No. Jesse.

We can't do this again.

Why not?

Come on.


What happened between us was a

Peter's coming back tomorrow,

and... and I need to figure out
where we stand.

I thought you were in a fight
with him.

I am.

But we didn't break up exactly.




This is wrong.

We've already done this once before.

Is it that much worse if we do
it again?

I doubt Peter will see it that way.

Well, maybe he shouldn't have
fired you off of your own movie.

That's a... good point.

And wasn't he always prioritizing work
over your relationship?


Very true.

For all you know,

he could be planning to break
up with you...

and you'll have missed out...

on this...

for nothing.

You make a very compelling argument.

Oh, good. You're here.

Can we talk?

Sure. Hey, who's Fiona Gladhart?

- Sorry?
- I grabbed your mail.

Lot of people seem to think she
lives here.

Weird, huh?

Anyway, we should talk.


Well, I think you're great.

But things between us moved a
little too quickly.

I mean, we started dating,

and then... bam!... living

Well, we didn't have a choice

when I broke up with my mother.

You got to stop saying it like that.

The point is...

I'm just not feeling the
romance between us anymore.

I totally hear you, and I agree.

- You do?
- Yes.


Just because I live here,
I can't take you for granted.

That's not exactly what I meant.

No. You deserve romance.
I got to step up my game.

Dinners, bubble baths, flowers...
whatever it takes to make you happy.

You don't have to do that.

Yes, I do.

With everything going on
between my mother and me,

last thing I want is for you to
break up with me.

Oh, God.

Oh, hello, Mr. Powell.
Is everything okay?

No, Carmen, it is not.

I finally figured out how Evelyn
got on the property that night.

I played back the security footage.

She and that reverend just
pulled up to the gate,

punched in the code,
and drove right in.

Well, mystery solved!


Now, where do you suppose
Evelyn got the gate code?

Maybe from one of the gardeners?

That's a lovely necklace.

You know, Evelyn has the exact
same one.

She does?

Why do you have Evelyn's necklace?

I stole it.

Okay, fine.

Mrs. Powell tricked me into
giving her the gate code.

She tricked you? How?

Well, by asking me for it
and then offering me nice things.


All this time, I thought you
were on Team Adrian.

I am!

Look, you wanted Mrs. Powell to
move back in to the house,

and she came back, so you win!

I wanted her to come back broken
with her tail between her legs.

Instead, she comes back triumphant

with a handsome black man
between her legs.

I'm sorry.

So am I, Carmen.

You're fired!

I must thank Rosie for her

Who knew personal trainers
could be so handsome?

Thank you, Mrs. Delatour.

Please, call me Genevieve.

Okay. Genevieve.

We should get to know each
other better.

Would you like to join me for a
light dinner

and some heavy petting?

Oh. Uh, wow. Um...

I don't think that's a good idea.

Because I'm a few years older than you?

Are you older than me?

Oh, Jesse.

It's just, I like to keep
my client relationships professional.

I could fire you.

Oh, please don't.

Uh, truth is, you don't
want to get mixed up

with someone like me.

My love life is a complete mess.

Shoulder press.

Tuck those in.
And one...

Are you seeing someone?

I was seeing this one girl,
but she went out of town,

and then I kind of slept with my ex.

Ah. An ex?

Well, I suppose I can understand

the appeal of the one who got away.

So you get it?


In the meantime,

I am paying excellent money for
these sessions,

so while you're spotting me,

maybe your hands
could... slip a little?

Oh, Carmen. Good.

James wants me to send him something,
but I have no idea what it is.

Dear, are you familiar with
this word?

- Selfie?
- Mm.

Uh, that's when you take a
picture of yourself like this.

Ooh! ... That's fabulous.

Yeah, you have to admit,
I'm pretty handy to have around, huh?


And now that you and Mr. Powell
are separated,

I-I don't feel right cleaning for him.

Us girls, we have to stick
together, right?

Adrian fired you, didn't he?

But now I can focus all my
energy on cleaning for you.

I work for Marisol's maid service.

I could actually hire a good maid...
if there is such a thing.

Listen, lady, the only reason

Mr. Powell fired me is because
I helped you.

You owe me.

Do I, though?

Come on.
Mr. Powell hates me now.

So having me around would drive
him crazy.

Don't you think?

I'm so glad you agreed to meet me.

Of course.

I'm just surprised it's during lunch.

You usually reserve this for

Oh. When I was in New York,

all I could think about was how
much you mean to me

and how badly I screwed things up.

Well we all make mistakes.

I am so sorry for what happened
with your movie.

I...can't even imagine how
hurt you must've been.

Peter, it means so much to hear
you say that.

And another thing...

I know I've been way
too focused on work,

but that's about to change.

It is?

Look, I really want to make
this up to you,

so, next week, I've
canceled all my meetings

in the hopes of escaping with
you to Hawaii.

Oh, my God.

You mean the world to me.

I don't want anything to
come between us again.

Let's start all over...

blanket forgiveness for anything

that might've happened in the past.

Evelyn, I know you're
not speaking to me,

but it appears that the East
wing is out of bourbon.

Would you mind if I crossed to
the bar

for a fresh bottle?

I'll take your silence
to mean you're okay with my proposal.

What the hell?

If I were talking to you,
I'd have given you a warning.

- What happened?
- Carmen!

- I thought I fired you.
- About that...

Carmen's working for me now.

And I'm only cleaning
her side of the house.

Take care of that for me, would
you, dear?


I see.

Well, I just hired a new maid
this morning to replace you.

I'll get her to clean it up.

Relax! I'm coming!


Will you take care of this, please?

You're back.

Yeah. I'm back.


Can I help you?


Hi, uh...

I was just looking for a pen to
sign in.

Hold on. I got one in my bag.

So, back to see Westmore?
- Huh.

Well, you two must have a lot
to talk about.

I don't know about that.

Oh, I am so glad to see you.

Me too.

What's wrong?

Is it just me, or is
that guard watching us?

He's a guard. It's his job.

No, I mean, I've been thinking
that someone has been spying on me.

Maybe it's that guard.

Why would he be spying on you?

I just feel like I can't
say stuff to you.

I wish there was some way we
could be alone together.

You mean like a conjugal visit?


What's that?

You know. Conjugal.



You could keep saying it.
I still don't know what it is.

Sex. Isn't that what
you're asking me about?

Oh. Yes.

That's how we can be alone,
let's do it.

Yeah, whoa. Easy.

It's for married couples only,
and after Ernesto came back...

Our marriage was annulled.

Look, I want to be with you, too.

But rules are rules.

What other choice do we have?

Just one.

Spence Westmore,

will you marry me...



Zoila! What a nice surprise!

Sorry for humping...
bumping into you.

You look very nice today.

What? No. No, I don't.

Well, I must say, you're
acting rather strangely.

I have a lot on my mind.

I'm, um, meeting Genevieve for lunch.

We're trying to be friends again.

Well, I'm glad to hear it.

Maybe we could get together later
for one of our little chats.

Actually, Genevieve is pretty needy,

so I don't think I'll be free for...

a really long time.


Then I'll see you when I see you.

Yep. Guess I only have room

one rich crazy person in my life.

And there she is.

Got to go.

Goodness. You're living with a man?

You don't have to sound so surprised.

Oh, sorry.

What's he like?

Kyle is a total mama's boy.

Oh. Now it makes sense.

Anyway, I've been trying
to end it with him,

but he's in this huge
fight with his mother,

and I can't kick him when he's down.

So put him back together with
his mother.

It'll soften the blow
when you break his heart.

Hey, I like that.

How about you?

Any new men in your life?

Well, I did make a pass at my
personal trainer, Jesse.

He looks like the statue of
David dipped in chocolate.

Jesse Morgan?

Yes. Is he your trainer, too?

Maybe he's not as good as I thought.

No, I know him through Marisol.

They used to date.

Wait. I thought Marisol was
seeing Peter.

No, she's still with Peter,
but she used to date Jesse.

So Marisol is Jesse's ex?

Yeah, I know.

Marisol's love life is... complicated.

Yes. It certainly is.

What are you doing here?

Well, I-I heard you were living
here now,

and I need to talk to you.

Oh! Are those for me?

Why would they be for you?
I didn't even know you were coming.

Oh. Right.

Look, those are for my girlfriend.

She doesn't know about The Circle.
I'd like to keep it that way.

Have you talked to Ben?

Mother said she sent him to
Malaysia, but...


She claims she's expanding The Circle,
but I don't buy it.

Well, I don't know what's going on.

But I'm done with Mother...
The Circle, too.

What do you mean you're done?

All Mother cares about is herself.

That's what The Circle is really about,

manipulating everyone into
worshiping her.

But she made me a promise,

to turn me into a star like Peri.

The Circle didn't make Peri famous.
She made that happen herself.

Hate to break it to you, Shannon.

You've been played.

All right, kids. Let's get
this show on the road.

I've got to give last rites
to an inmate in solitary.

Could we have a minute, please?


- Does that guard have to be here?
- Forget about the guard.

Look, Rosie, I want this
conjugal visit, too,

but it's not really a
reason to get married.


This isn't just about us
getting to be alone together.

I love you, and I still think
of you as my husband.

But you're gonna be
married to a prisoner.

I don't care.

Even with the bars and the guards,

this is still the most romantic
moment of my life.

Attention. There's been
a theft from the auto shop.

All prisoners prepare for
cavity search.

Cavity search?

I hope you've been brushing, mister.

Oh, it's not that kind of cavity.


Okay, Padre.

You're on.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here

to join Spence and Rosie in marriage.

So, this is the honeymoon suite.

You got 30 minutes.

I'll be right outside.

Do you think he'll be
able to hear us in here?

That depends on how loud you
plan on getting.

Mm. Wait. Hold on.

I really need to tell you something.

No, no. No, me first.

- Spence, I...
- Just listen.

You marrying me again...

you've given me hope.

And just knowing that I have
you and Miguel and Tucker...

Yes, Tucker...

Has given me the strength to...
to go on.

You're my family, all of you.

I see.

Your turn.
What did you want to say to me?

Um... I...

I...I want you so bad.

So, listen, Danni's back in town.


Yeah, I was wondering what I
should tell her...

about you and me.

Don't tell her anything.
No one needs to know.



We don't want to hurt Danni...

or Peter.

You saw him. Yeah.

And he told me everything I
wanted to hear.

- Look...

What happened between us...

it was a one-time thing.

Okay, it was a two-time thing,

but it was only because we were
both missing

the people that we're
supposed to be with.

I'm pretty sure that's your
guilt talking.

Come on. Danni just...
makes more sense for you.

- 'Cause she's younger?
- Yeah!

Younger is better.
Society says so.

Yeah, I just don't think
I could lie to her.

Sure you can. It's easy.


Why didn't you tell me
you were coming back?

Why would I tell you anything?

I'm nothing to you.

I don't blame you for being mad, okay?

And I'm sorry about the
way we left things.

I found my dad.


His name is Lucas.

You went to school together.

- But h-how did you...
- It... It doesn't matter.

I found out a lot of things.

I know you were in love with him.

Everyone thought you
would get married.

Did you speak to him?

How is he?

He's dead.

Oh, my God.

Lucas never knew he had a daughter.

And because of you, I'll never know him.

- Danni, I was so youn...
- No.

You don't get to talk.

You didn't just ruin my life.
You ruined his, too.

I was wrong.
I-I made a mistake.

Well, I don't forgive you.

And from now on, you're nothing to me.

Oh, my God! You got remarried!

I'm sorry I didn't invite you,

but I wasn't allowed any guests...
or sharp objects.

Well, congratulations.

Sweetie, you don't seem happy.

I mean, I know Spence is in jail.

It's not that.

I couldn't tell Spence
the truth about Tucker.

I realized it was going to
break his heart.

Well, you'll tell him one day.

He doesn't need to know right now,
especially when his life is so hard.

But if I don't find out who
Peri was having an affair with,

Spence might be in there forever.

Well, what are the chances that
Spence knows anyway?

I mean, who tells their husband
they're cheating?

I guess you're right.

That's more the kind of thing, you confide

in a girlfriend
or... family member.

Like a sister.

So... how was Puerto Rico?

Hot and loud.

Like me.

Have you talked to Carmen yet?

Why do you have to bring up
that bitch?

Whoa. Uh,

She's made some mistakes,
but she's not a bad person.


If we're gonna be together,

you always have to be on my side.

We should be able to say
anything to each other.

Uh, in that case...

there's something I should tell you.

I slept with someone while you
were gone.

Oh, that's it.

I thought it was gonna be
something bad.

That's not bad?


While I was home,
I slept with people, too.

People? Like plural?

We never said we were exclusive.

That's not what this is, right?



Peter, darling. How are you?

Sorry, she slipped right past me.

Aw, it's not your fault.

I'm so thin I'm practically

Want me to call security?

That's all right, Derek. Thank you.

What's on your mind, Genevieve?

I never apologized

for that childish feud I had
with Marisol,

fighting for your affections.

I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

I appreciate that. Thank you.

So, if you ever need a friend

or a shoulder to cry on, I'm here.

Why would I need a shoulder to
cry on?

Well, a little birdie told me

that Marisol got back together
with Jesse, her ex.

Your little birdie is mistaken.

Marisol and I are still together.

Oh, dear.

I hope I haven't upset the applecart.


Because I think you're spreading lies

in a misguided attempt to
reconcile with me.

I just don't want to see you get hurt.

I think you should leave.

Well, it's sweet how
much you trust Marisol.

If it were me,

I'd be a lot more suspicious.

Oh! It's you.

I didn't think you were home.

I was up in the attic.
What do you want?

I want to break up with Kyle.

Come in.

Wow! I didn't know you were such a...
big fan of candles.

Is that a... religious thing?

No, I just like the way they smell.

Look, we both have the same goal...

to get Kyle to move back here.

The problem is he's still angry

because you never accepted me.

You want him back,
you need to pretend

like you've come around.

So you're proposing an unholy alliance?

Just until I dump him.

How do I tell Kyle anything?

He won't even speak to me.

What if something bad happened
to you?

We can create a crisis,
get his attention.

Like what?

How about a financial emergency?

That's ridiculous.
We're very well off.

Maybe an illness?
You could break a hip?

What am I, 100 years old?

I could break your hip.

That's a tad extreme.

Well, I don't hear any
ideas coming from you.


Do you like those curtains?

Not particularly. Why?

Are you insane?! Oh, my God!

Looks like a crisis to me.

- Mother.
- Kyle! I was so scared!

It's okay. I'm here now.

Zoila? What happened?

She saved my life.
I-I was upstairs napping

when one of the curtains caught fire.

I spotted the flames through
the window and called 911.

I'm so happy my son found
such a wonderful woman.


You think Zoila's wonderful?

We finally have your mother's blessing.

Kyle, this scare has put
everything into perspective.

Life is just too short to hold
on to silly grudges.

She's right.

Imagine if your mom had been hurt
and you were still fighting.

You'd feel awful.

I guess you're right.

You know, Kyle, maybe you
should move back home.


I couldn't do that to Zoila.

Oh, sure you could.

Besides, not being roommates

could bring back some of that
romance we've been missing.


If that's what you want.

Excuse me, ma'am.

There's no structural damage down here,
but we'd like to check the attic.

No. You don't have to do that.

Oh, it's not trouble at all, ma'am.

It's standard procedure.

We'll be fine.

- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.

I'll check the attic out myself.
Thanks for being so thorough.

Ms. Shannon?


Are you okay?

Why are you burning this book?

'Cause I don't need it anymore.

You knew.

Excuse me?

About Spence not being Tucker's father.

That's why you didn't want Spence
to give blood for Tucker's surgery.

- This is none of your business.
- It is my business!

Spence is in jail while another
man should be.

Ms. Shannon.

I know you two weren't close,

but ... your sister was murdered.

Your sister.

Why should I care about Peri?!

All she ever did was rub her
success in my face.

I'm sorry.

But hiding the truth won't change that.

I know about The Circle.

I think they framed Spence to
protect the man

Peri was having an affair with.

Why would you help them cover
for your sister's murder?

She wasn't having an affair.

She was raped.


I came over one day and found
her in tears.

Some guy had drugged her and
had his way with her.

Oh, my God.

Nine months later, Tucker was born.

Who was he, the man who raped her?

She wouldn't tell me his name.

Some bigwig in the movie business.


Sorry I took so long.

Hope it was worth the wait.


Something wrong?

You tell me.

When I left, we were in a
pretty big fight.

Yeah, but we worked through that.

Didn't we?

But we didn't talk for awhile,

and sometimes things... happen.

Peter, what are you saying?

I just want to make sure we're good.

We're good.

We are really good.

That's what I thought.

Shall we? Mm.

Carmen, I... Oh. Sorry.

I was looking for you,
but you're crying.

So now I'm torn because
I still need something ironed.

I'll be right there.

All right.

Well, what is it?


Carmen, I'm pretending
to be sympathetic.

The least you could do is
pretend to appreciate it.

A man that I knew a
long time ago, he...

he died.

Oh. Well...

I'm sorry for your loss.

It's stupid. I haven't
seen him in 20 years.

But it's the first man I ever loved.

Probably the only man.

I understand how you feel.

You do?

In a way.

Adrian was my first and only love.

And the night of the explosion,

when I thought he'd died,
I was devastated.

If you repeat this,
I will throttle you.

I won't.

As the house burned, I realized

that the last thing I said to
him was that I hated him.

Suddenly, the thought of a life
without him

was more than I could bear.

That must've been hard.

I think I was just afraid

that I would never find anyone else.

But I was wrong.

It is hard to imagine when the
loss is fresh,

but you will love again.


Of course it helps if your first love

turns out to be a
real son of a bitch.

I need you to see what you
could find out about this man,

the Reverend James Hamilton.

Why are you digging in to this guy?

My wife believes he's the greatest man
that ever walked the Earth.

I intend to prove her wrong.

And you think he's up to no good?

He's a man of God.

There must be a few skeletons
in his closet.

I need to know what he's hiding.

Is Peter here?


But, listen, Jesse, you can't
keep showing up here like this.

Just hear me out. It's important.


Look, I told Daniela

I slept with someone while she
was gone.

Don't worry. I didn't
mention your name.

How'd she take it?

That's the weird thing.
It didn't bother her at all.

- Well, that should be a relief.
- It's not.

If you really care about someone,

it bothers you when they're
with someone else.

I agree.

Just like it bothers me that
you're with someone else.

- I should have never broken up with you.

I realize that now.

What we had...

that's what I want.

No. No, no.

Marisol, you have feelings for me.

- You can't deny that.
- Look.

The last thing I want to do is
hurt you,

but I am with Peter now.
You have to accept that.

I'm sorry, Jesse.


I had to give it a shot.

Bye, Marisol.


You were right.
Marisol's seeing her ex again.


If you keep cleaning at night
like this,

you're gonna make me look bad.

You just stay on your side,
and I'll stay on mine.


I know you don't want to talk to me,

but there are some things that
I need to tell you.

Like what?

Your father, Lucas.

He was the best man I ever
knew, and I loved him so much.

And I know he would have married me
if I told him that I was pregnant.

Then why didn't you tell him?

Because I wanted to be a star.

And I knew that having a
husband and a baby

was gonna make it harder for me.

Giving you up was the right
thing, Danni.

And I know it was selfish, but...

it's what I did.


Now I know. Is that it?


This belonged to your father.

I know he would have loved for
you to have it.


Lucas? It's me.

Listen, I don't think
you should come here.

Sorry. I tried.

But Carmen doesn't want to see you.

So? Everything okay up here?

Yeah, I don't see any damage.

Oh, good.

I'm so glad you're home

to help me with these sorts of

I admit...
I was lost without you.

The Circle just didn't feel complete.

About The Circle...

I'm not gonna be involved anymore.

Kyle, I'm sorry,

but you're already involved
more than you know.

You see, there's something else
I need you to take care of.


Be a good boy and get rid of
this for me, okay?

Rosie, that's horrible.

I know, but I think the man who
raped Peri could be the killer.

But you don't know who he is.


That's why I still need to find

the video of Peri confessing
her secret.

Maybe she said who the man was.

Well, I noticed Kyle and his mom

being really secretive about
the attic.

It's like they don't want
anybody up there.

Maybe that's where the cult meets...

and where they keep the videos.

So, maybe I can drum up some reason
to sneak in there and snoop around.

We're going to get Spence
out of jail. I can feel it.

Sorry, I got to call you back.


Ooh! Sorry, I didn't
mean to startle you.

I'm Fiona.


Oh, my God! I thought
you were... in Italy.

Well, I'm back early.

You must be Zoila, my maid.

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