UnREAL (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 7 - Episode #2.7 - full transcript

Have you never had to play
by anybody else's rules?

So you're just a spoiled brat.

Women don't usually talk
to me like that.

Oh, because you're
so devastatingly attractive.

And the accent, yeah.

So this is a setup,

and I'm the old,
desperate one?

Something's wrong. It's Mary.

-Come with me.

-We killed somebody, didn't we?

And there is John Booth.

The guy that
just bought our network?

Everyone here knows

that you're the true creator
of "Everlasting,"

So you're the one who's
calling me "Hot Rachel."

Well, you do kind of
look like her.

You're a selfish

[ Grunting, groaning ]

You're fired.

So far,
you've run me into an epidural,

firing my cousin,
and some girl's daddy.

Hey, this is my job,
and I do it every stupid day

of my stupid life.

Calm down, all right?
Are you okay?

-I don't know!
-Are you taking your meds?

Rachel: What am I prescribed
for right now --

borderline or narcissistic
personality disorder?

Because I'm like constantly
getting them confused.

Chet: You know, I think Rachel's
in love with that guy.

I've never seen her
like this before.

I have.

That boy's like a cancer.
We need to cut him out.

Hello, gorgeous.

What are you doing
right now?

Here we go again.


So, there's this thing.
[ Chuckles ]

My cousin's getting married on
Martha's Vineyard next month.

Your cousin's getting

She is,
but I was wondering...


...if you'll be my date
to the wedding.


It's gonna be
a total nightmare, but...

...after the wedding...

...we can go spend
a couple days

at my family's house
in Chilmark.

So, do we have a deal?

Do you want me
to beg you or what?

No, not yes to the beg.

Just, yes, I'd love to go.


[ Knock on door ]

Madison: Um, Rachel?

Madison, go away!

Uh, I really, really think you
should come out here.

-Yes, Madison?
-I'm sorry.

There's someone here
that you're gonna want to see.


Hi, Rachel.


[ Whispering ]

What are you doing?
Get out of here.

Okay, so, um, what part about
me not returning your calls

made you think I wanted you
to show up here

in the middle of the night?

-Quinn called me.
-She did?

I'm here to do the show.

Some kind of ex-suitor returns,
seeks redemption kind of thing?

You want redemption
from "Everlasting"?
No, I don't.

But I'm willing
to put up with "Everlasting"

because I wanted
to see you.

Okay, dude, you've seen me.
Like, go.

Rachel, I'm sorry.

I messed up.

I can't believe
how badly I messed up.

I shouldn't have listened
to Quinn

and I shouldn't have run away
and I know that.

I've changed.

These past few months, I've been
in Africa doing charity work.

You were in Africa,
like my Africa?

Like, I went there
and I traveled through villages

helping them gain access to
clean water, and it was amazing.

What are you
talking about?

I was -- I wanted you there
with me, and I tried calling.

I did not call you back.
Don't you get it?

Is this about whoever's
in that room with you?

Because you and I both know

whoever he is,
he doesn't matter.

You have no idea what
you're talking about, okay?

All right.

I'll be back in the morning,

but my flight's
not till Thursday.

I'm not going anywhere.

Oh, my God.

So, what's his deal?

If Quinn called him,
why is his first stop

your office
in the middle of the night?

That's a really good

Um, it's because we have this,
like, whole crazy thing.
A thing?

It was like this Stockholm
syndrome thing, you know,

where they're like -- you're,
like, basically producing them,

and then they, like,
fall in love with you.

I just try to forget
that it ever happened,



So let's get rid
of him.

He's out of here.

Quinn doesn't get to make
executive decisions.

She's not
the showrunner anymore.

-This is our show.

Talk about our show more.

It turns me on.
-[ Chuckles ]

[ Moans ]
All right, listen.

Be honest, okay?

Was that date better
or worse than the funeral?

Well, the funeral
had better music,

but this time,
I got to third base.

[ Laughs ] Okay, I think you got
a lot further than that.

I really don't understand
American sports.

[ Laughs ]
Oh, no.

[ Chuckles ]

Okay, we have to stop.

Remember, I told you
I have a big day today, okay?

We're gonna go do
a little surprise

for our showrunner wannabe.
-Hmm. Coleman.

You know, I thought
he was very impressive when

he and Rachel pitched me
at the Impact Awards.

-Oh. Hmm.

You know, he is impressive.

He's a real go-getter.

In fact, I think that you
should definitely,

definitely do
something with him.

I mean, you know,
he's -- he's just killing time

while he's here
at "Everlasting,"

and he's actually
right inside.

You could go talk to him
right now face to face.

-Now? Really, now?

Well, no better time
than the present,

but you cannot poach Rachel,
'cause I have been working

very hard on her for three
years, and I don't want

that to go to waste,

So hands off.


[ Chuckles ]

Um, and then we'll bring
Darius in when all that's done,

and he's not gonna any.
-Okay, dude. Got it.

Walk of shame much?

Where were you?

It's none of your business.

So you brought
Adam here, huh?


You're welcome.
[ Chuckles ]

I mean, you should be
kissing my ass for this.

You can't make decisions like
that without my say-so.

Oh, you mean as opposed to the
stellar decisions you've made?

-I'm sorry, what?
-[ Chuckles ]

You know, you want to know
why I brought Adam here?

Because his social-media buzz
is off the charts.

Oh, I don't even care,

He was a ratings
dynamo last year.

No, he was the pussy who got
left at the altar last year.

He's a catch who had
the misfortune

of falling
for a heartless bitch.

I mean, every woman
in America wants

to screw
the sadness out of him.

Every woman in my office,

The guy's a knicker-dropper.

Yeah, hey.
[ Chuckles ] Hey.

It's nice
to see you again.

I, uh, didn't realize
you two were...

[ Chuckles ]
I'm sorry.

Are you saying something?

Hey, uh, so we're gonna run
with Adam today,

but in the future, though,
let's make sure

we're definitely all
on the same page.

We are all
on the same page now.

I mean, unless there's
a specific reason,

Rachel, why you can't work
with Adam?

No, I'm good.

All right,
this is gonna be a fun day.

I'll go, uh, prep the ladies.
-[ Chuckles ]

I will see you later.

Let's go,
you little dummmy.

Uh, Coleman,
can I have a word, please?

I'd love to hear more
from you

off of our conversation
at the Impact Awards.

Okay, yeah,
glad to hear that.

Actually, Rach and I have been
working up some really --

You're the one that
I've really got my eye on.

So, uh, if it's okay,
you and I

will have a little chat
a bit later, hmm?

-Just --
-Yeah, just the two of us.

-Right, okay.


Here's the deal, all right?

We are at week seven, and the
natives are getting restless.

Darius is pissed at us
and the world

after his trip to Alabama,
and I need you

to re-energize the girls,
all right?

Just give them that whole,
"Who, me?

I never banged a hooker," face.
Break out the accent.

Why did you
really bring me back here?

There it is.

I'm giving you the opportunity
of a second chance.

You regret
how you left things,

so why don't you
make them better.

With America?

With whomever.

I need swim trunks.

Oh, thank you very much.

Now, you are going to get
into this little ball squeezer.

-No, no, not happening.
-Yes, gonna happen, okay?

You're gonna jump
in the hot tub

with some angry girls
in bikinis.

Thank you very much.

Hey, faster.
Can you please walk faster?

Welcome back, meat puppet.

Oh, not again.

-Damn, that ass is bite-able.

-[ Grunts ]

-[ Laughs ]

-[ Chuckles ]

That is a nice package.
I'm sorry.

-Can you fit that in one hand,

or do you need two hands?

I'm just curious.
[ Chuckles ]

That's fantastic.

Look at those abs.

-Fine British sausage.
-Hubba, hubba.

Okay, yeah.
No, you can throw around all
the insults you want.

It is like this all day.
Maybe we should all
just calm down.

Because Darius
doesn't care, okay?
I don't know what you've done.

Wake up.
-Okay, guys, guys.

He's gonna make a decision
'cause he wants me, okay?
Guys, guys, guys.

I know it's hard, but I have
been in Darius' shoes,

and he's probably having
strong feelings

that he's just not sure
how to express.

Sometimes a woman
really challenges you,

and it makes you want
to run away,

because it's terrifying.

Good Lord, Jameson,
he's not talking about you.

[ Chuckles ]
And the worst part is
I did meet

An incredible woman here,

and I wanted to spend
the rest of my life with her,

but I ruined it.

And I've regretted it
every day since.

I just wish I'd
tuned everything else
out and followed my heart.


And the panties of America
drip in unison.

Oh, Rachel, you should screw
the talent more often.

-Give it a rest, Quinn.
-This is ridiculous.

Okay, people,
how about we get

my current pain-in-the-ass
suitor Darius

to give a fraction
of a crap?

Okay, cut, everyone.

[ Bell rings ]
That's a wrap. Got it.

I have to tell you, I watched
every minute of your season.

It was -- thank you.
It was so intense.

Yeah, yeah.

You have
to tell me everything.

I even heard a rumor
about you and Rachel.

Why are you
so interested?

I'm just a curious girl.


I think they have drinks for you
just over there.



That was great.

You looked fantastic.

I'm Coleman.

I'm the new showrunner.

-Showrunner, right.

Hey, I am so sorry about pulling
Rachel away the other evening.

I hope it didn't mess
anything up.

It's fine.
You can't mess anything up.

-It's all good.

Anyway, let's just show
the viewers you're not

some loser who got dumped
and won't give up.

Oh, I can be very convincing
when I need to be.

All right, let's, uh, go get you
ready for the next segment.


Nice to meet you.

That guy is shameless.

Mm, he's a possessive,
entitled man-baby.

That's who
he's always been.

And yet you guys had
a thing, huh?

Hey, I told you, dude,
it's, like,

buried like
six feet deep somewhere.


'Cause, look, first,
it was Jeremy, and now Adam?

You might not have any feelings
for your set flings,

but they certainly seem
to be harboring a few for you.

[ Shower running ]

I need to talk to you.

-Do you want to jump in now?
-Okay, enough.

I'm not even kidding.
I'm not interested, okay?

So stop with the double talk
on camera.

Stop trying to woo me.

Or you could just admit
that you miss me.

get over yourself.

you know what we had.

Yes, what we had
was a mistake.

Are you trying to tell me
that what we had was nothing?


I never loved you, okay?


You never
loved loved me?

I never loved you.

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, gonna bury me ♪

[ Moaning ]

I'm really happy.

So leave me alone.

♪ Keep 'em goin' down now,
let 'em drown ♪

♪ Bury 'em down, bury 'em down ♪

Quinn, are --
come on, Quinn.


I'll give you a minute.

You afraid of my undies?

Zip it up.

[ Zips ]

So I guess
I have you to thank

for Booth reaching out
to me, huh?

Oh, no,
it was all his doing.

Turns out the network

really loves
their little boy wonder.

No, I'm saying you told him
to cut Rachel out.

Yeah, I did.

I did that for Booth's sake,
and yours, actually.

Wow, that was
so thoughtful of you,

but actually it turns out
Rachel's great at her job.

-Yeah, I know.
-Oh, see, I know you know.

That's why you're keeping
her captive and insecure,

so she won't go
anywhere else.

Uh, the thing
that makes her tick

also makes bombs explode

with startling frequency
around her.

I mean, tattling to the network,
screwing last year's suitor,

this whole ugly mess
with Jeremy...

That was not her fault,
Absolutely not.

But she's not really capable
of managing things

on a day-to-day basis
like the rest of us.

I keep her in line here,
you know?

I mean, do you really want to be
on a full-time bomb squad, hmm?

[ Sighs ]

Rachel's fine, Quinn.

Turns out her big problem
is working

for a controlling,
manipulative, bitch.

At least I'm effective.

You're such a dick.

Ladies, I will help
each of you pick a date

to pitch to Darius --
one that reflects who you are.

And Darius will choose
one date to go on.

Good luck, everyone.

Darius, we have gotten
to know each other

so well over the past
few weeks and...

I'm a cop, so people
don't always know

how passionate and
sexy I can be.

Roaring fire, bottle of wine.

I was supposed to go to Venice
with my fiancé, but...

Let me take you
for the ride of your life.

I want to feel the heat
with you, Darius.

I'm sorry.
I don't know what that date is.

It's sex.

What do you say?

How exciting that you ladies
get a chance

to open yourselves up
to Darius.

Rachel, Darius is
a freaking zombie up there.

He's still pissed
about Alabama.

Yeah, well, homeboy's been
like that for a while now,

in case
you haven't noticed.

You know, maybe having Romeo
around wasn't such a bad thing.

At least he could actually
manage him.
Graham: Ladies, this...

Hey, just a word of advice,
mate, having been where

you are...pick the one
with the dead fiancé.

Did you not see that Bentley?

You know, willingly spend time
with the sob story,

and you're the guy could never
call any woman a bitch.

And come on, there are worse
ways you can spend a few hours.


You're facing
your toughest choice yet.

But fortunately, you've had Adam
here to help guide you.

[ Chuckles ]

Thank you, Graham,

and thank you, Adam.

Ladies, tonight I will be going
on a date with Chantal.

[ Chuckles ]

Oh, my gosh, Darius.

Okay, everyone,
and that's a cut.

[ Bell rings ]
[ Scoffs ]

-[ Sighs ]
-You all right?

Darius: I'm good.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

-Oh, my God.
-Hey, can I --

Why are you talking
to me?

Listen, no one was expecting
you to marry Beth Ann,

but you came off
like a gentleman,

the kind that is hire-able
for certain high-profile jobs.

This is a win.
I am on your team, I promise.

Are you not tired
of giving the speech?

'Cause I know I'm tired
of hearing it.

Everything all right?
Why would you come back here
to this snake pit?

-Why? Why?



So, you like
how I set up Chantal?

I don't care about Chantal.
You want a gold star?

Well, it seemed like you needed
him to at least pretend to care.

It's the kind of nonsense I'm
willing to do to get you back.

Okay, listen,
I am with Coleman now.

I'm sorry you can't accept the
fact that I have a boyfriend.

I'm not talking about

I'm talking about you and I.

Do you have to get -- would you
just stop this nonsense?

I want you now,
and you want me.

You're -- I cannot do this
here right now.


Okay, meet me in my office
in five minutes.

Five minutes?

Yeah, in five minutes.

Completely eccentric.
I love it. I love it.

I mean, this will
work beautifully.

That's everything we want to do,
and we're ta--

-Hey, Rachel.
-Hi. I'm sorry.

I didn't know you guys
were having a meeting.

No, uh, I just wanted
to hear some

of Coleman's ideas
for new projects.

His ideas?
Well, that's so exciting.

But he couldn't stop talking
about his producing partner.

It appears you are
a valuable asset.

Must be why no one wants
to let you go.

Thank you.
That's very nice of you. Thanks.

Um, look, we'll continue
this later, shall we?

-John, thank you so much.
-Yes, pleasure, pleasure.

That was fantastic.

Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry about that.

I was gonna tell you.

-I -- Quinn was --

She --

She -- what, she was...

-Yeah, of course.
-...trying to cut me out.

I wasn't gonna say anything
until I convinced him

to meet with both
of us just...

It's okay. You know, what?
It's totally fine.

You could have just pitched him
on your own. It's big deal.

-No, no!
-It's fine.

I couldn't.
I couldn't.
[ Cellphone vibrating ]

This -- everything we want
to do together,

all the TV that we want
to make --

that's -- we're a team.


All right.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Both panting ]

Can you just hold on
one second?

Just give me a second.

[ Chuckles ]


Don't tell me you have
to leave right now.

-No, I don't.
-Don't you do that.

It's totally fine.

[ Unzips ]

Adam: Rachel Goldberg.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, okay.

Really? That's what
you wanted me to see?

Wow, wow, wow.
I'm sorry.
Do you want to get out, please?


What did he mean this is what
you wanted him to see?
I don't know.

He must have just misunderstood
something that I'd said.
He misunderstood?

Look, if there's something
going on here, Rachel, please.


I mean, he's --
I promise you that he's gone,

and that there --
there is nothing going on.

He's just out
of our lives for good.

Everyone has baggage.

Okay, I get that.
I have crazy exes, too.

They don't call me
at 3:00 A.M.

let alone show up
at my work at 3:00 A.M.

Most of us, we grow up,
and we deal with it.

Do you think this is cute --
the exes popping up, the drama?

I don't.

I have been so honest
with you...

...about everything, about
everything I see for our future.

So just deal
with this, please?

I will.

[ Sighs ]

Madison: Can someone move those
over here, please?
Graham: I can barley swim.

I'm not getting on this.
Yes. Yes,
you are getting on the boat.

No, I'm not getting on the boat.
Well, are you gonna give me
a life jacket?

-He is not getting on the boat.
-You don't need a life jacket.
-This thing -- life jacket?

-Just let me handle this.
-You guys, this isn't a gondola.

-This is a row boat.

Look, I spent $50
on this boat on Craigslist,

and it's gonna be
a gondola by tonight.

Graham: Madison!
Look, I don't want
to be going on on the boat.

Madison, Madison,
look at how unsafe this is.
It's so safe.

-You're not gonna fire me.
-What are you doing here?

Great to see you, too, Rach.
Darius called.

He's not exactly happy with
the way things are going here.

I can't say I blame him.

[ Both laughing ]
You laughing at me?

-It's fun, isn't it?
-Yeah, it is.

You look so handsome
with that on.

And you look beautiful.

Mm, are you kidding?

-You know?

-I have three brothers.
-You're kidding.

No, well,
two and then Romeo.

-How did I not know this?

[ Sighs ]
Because we haven't gotten

the chance to talk,
and that's not on you.

That's on me.

'Cause I know I've been
made into this

one-note character --
girl with the dead fiancé.

And I know that you might think
that I'm not ready

to move on or that I'm not open,
but I am.

And I want
to prove that to you.

Well done.
I'm impressed.

They give me $150,
and this is what I do.

Hey, Rachel?

I thought you were gone.

I was on my way back
to the hotel,

but I realized I had
to look you in the face

and ask you why are you still
here with Quinn in this place.

You don't get to judge me
just because you're jealous.


Jealous that you're desperately
banging your boss

in the hopes he takes
you up the ladder

in the the gaping hell hole
that is "Everlasting"?

Okay, he's so much more
than my boss.

He invited me
to his cousin's wedding...

on Martha's Vineyard.

Do you hear yourself?

Wake up.

This place is a vortex
of evil and dysfunction

turning everything
it touches to shit.

How do you not see that?
It's ruining your life.

And, what, you're some,
like, moral authority now?

You, like, kiss a few
AIDS babies for some photo op,

and you think
that you're doing God's work?

I'm actually helping


Tell me, who do --
who do you think

you're actually
helping here?

Um, the 16 million people
who watch

my television show
every week.

Okay, I have single-handedly
broken down

all of these preconceived
notions on love and race

because Coleman and I,

we are making television
that matters.

I don't know
if you've noticed it,

but we actually have
the first black suitor.

That's groundbreaking.

-Your black suitor...

...is on a fake date
in a fake boat on a fake lake.

That is "Everlasting,"

and you're completely

[ Groans ]

All right, well...

[ Chuckles ]

I'm going to show you
that I'm ready.


These are the ashes
of my fiancé.

And I'm want let him
go here with you tonight

so that my heart can be ready
to love again.

-Fan, fan, fan.
-Okay, wait, what?

Hey, get in there with the fan.
Make it blow hard.

Ashes are --
I just want to show you, Darius,
that I'm ready for this.

No, wait you don't --
you don't have to -- oh, my!

Oh, my God, Darius!

-I'm so sorry!
-Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Wait, come here.
Oh, my God,
dead guy in my mouth!

Oh, my God,
I'm so sorry, Darius.
Okay, cut, everyone, cut.

Let's reset. Let's take 20.
[ Bell rings ]

Rachel, are you okay?

Quinn: How nice.
Adam came back.

How does that feel?

That's got
to feel good, right?

-He's fighting for you.

He's here for you.
Yeah, it didn't work --
um, your plan.

You know, the using Adam
to break up Coleman and me?

What were you gonna do?
Did you want to keep me all
to yourself, or did you, uh --

you wanted me to, like,
come crawling back to you?

What was it?
I wanted to show you Coleman
for who he really is.

Okay, I know who
Coleman really is.

He's the new showrunner that
they brought in to replace you.

And yet
you're still here.

I mean, you seriously have
this, like, great guy,

and you're spending
all of your time here

trying to ruin my life.

You need
to get over me.

[ Chuckles ]
Get over you?



[ Chuckles ]

What does that even mean?

You're, like,
obsessed with me, okay?

Get a life.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Sighs ] There you are.

Uh, here I am.

-[ Chuckles ]

But I'd really like
to be anywhere else.

-Well, then, uh --
-So, let's go.

let's get out of here.

How about, uh,
Post Ranch Inn?


It's like -- it's like
they're hell-bent

on making me look like a fool.
-I know, I know.

-I can't have one normal date?
-Okay, so --

-One normal date?!
-So, what do you want to do, D?

You trying to get
up out of here?

You damn right
I want to get out of here.
Let's get up out of here.

-Mnh-mnh, cheers!

why didn't you pick me?
I do not know.

Okay, I must have been
out of my damn mind.

You girls want
to have some fun?

Hell, yeah.
That Bentley's still
in the driveway.

-Yes, it is!
-Let's go. Come on.

-Let's go, come on.
-Hurry up. Hurry up.

Let's go. Let's go.
Yes, I like
where your head's at!

-Don't fall.
-I'm not falling.

-Thank you.
-Come on.


[ Beep, rewinding ]
What are you up to?

Photo kills.

Budget approvals.
-Hmm, fun stuff.

-Oh, yeah.

Um, well, I wanted
to tell you that I think

that you were right about
all of my baggage.

I don't think it's cute.

I totally get it.


I do want to change.

I want to be with you.

You know, I, like,
want to go

with you
to your cousin's wedding.

I want to make
groundbreaking television

that we've talked
about together.

I want -- I just really want
to do it all with you.

Could you please
say something?

Madison: RACHEL,

Go for Rachel.
What's going on, Madison?


-Who is taking --
-Oh, damn it! Darius.

-What are they doing?

-Wait, pull up the feed.
-Right there. Madison?


How is that possible?

Coleman, we should
just call the cops.

-Don't you see?

This is the show that we want
to make right here.
What are you talking about?

We have to call the cops.
On two black guys
in a Bentley in this town?

That won't end well.

-Make the call.

[ Cellphone dings ]

Hi, yes, I'd like
to report a stolen car.

Can you get "C" cam
in a van?

Hey, uh, Madison,
drop everything right now

and get "C" cam in a van
for us right now.


[ Indistinct conversation ]

I'm so glad to be out
of that house.

If I had been cooped up
with a bunch of bitches

for one more minute,
I was gonna scream.

-Oh, my God. No, not you.

-No offense.
-It's fine.

[ Laughter ]
[ Siren wailing ]

-Hold up, hold up.

Hold on.
It's fine.

Someone's getting
in trouble.

-No, it's fine.
-All right, stay cool.

Romeo: Stay cool --
two Darius Beck autographs

for our friends in blue,
and we are green.

Trust me.
Hey, where's my
Darius Beck autograph?

[ Indistinct whispering ]

[ Police radio chatter ]

We've got the 10851,
four occupants.

We're approaching
the vehicle.

-I got you, baby,
-What if we get --

[ Police radio chatter ]

Hi, there, officer.

License and registration,

Listen, I'm Darius Beck,
pro football player.

The quarterback?
Is it him?

-I can't -- I'm not sure.

I need to see some I.D.

-Oh, my.

Um, look.
This is crazy.

Look, I don't have
my I.D. on me.

They took it back
at the, um...

I'm on a reality show, okay?

And they --
-W-we're on "Everlasting."

-We're all on "Everlasting."

Yeah, no phone, no wallet.

If you guys are on the show,
where are the cameras?

Look, this isn't part
of it, okay?

I'm just taking these girls
out for a spin.

All right, but listen,
I'm Darius Beck.

One of us
is gonna marry him!

-Miss, are you okay?

No, she's fine.
She's just had too much to --

I'm not talking to you.

I'm gonna need an answer
from you, miss.

-Are you okay?
-Look, I'm for real.

Romeo: She's fine.
She had too much to drink.

And he really is Darius Beck.
- She's not talking to you!

This car's been
reported stolen.

-I can't see.

Sir, I need you
to step out of the car.

[ All arguing indistinctly ]
You have it wrong --
all wrong.

Step out of the vehicle
right now.

Woman officer: Officer Pyne,
get the driver out of the car

and get the situation
under control.

No, you do not have to do that.
They have to have cause
to make you get out.

I said shut up.
You don't talk to him.

Get out! Out!
That's right. Let's go.

Get out of the car.
-All right, look, I'm out.

-Go on, turn around.
-I'm out, okay?

-Turn around.
-Okay, I'm out.

-Do not lay your hands on him!

Keep your hands where I can see
them! Get out of the car!

Get out of the car!

-No, no, we got to do something.
-No, no, no, no, no, not yet.

This is how you know when you're
getting good stuff --

stuff that matters --
when it's hard.

Darius: Hey, look, you don't
know who I am? Whoa, hey!

Yeah, yeah, well,
we don't care who you are.

-Ah, wait.
-Hands behind your back.

You don't know who I am.
Stop it! He's not okay.

I'm gonna sue.
Now, look.

You think we haven't heard
that before?

-[ Screams ]

-Stop! It's his back!
-Control the suspect!
-Be careful!

No, no, no,
I'm stopping this now.

Coleman: Rachel, wait.
Rachel! Rachel!

Hey, I'm Rachel Goldberg!

I'm the one who called!
Don't hurt him!

-Back up!
-Don't hurt him!

[ Gunshot ]
[ Screaming ]

[ Distorted shouting ]

Back up, back up!
I said back up!

I'm unarmed!
I'm unarmed!

-What did you do?!
-I came when it happened.

what are we doing?!

[ Siren wailing ]

He's been shot! Can we get him
an ambulance, please?

[ Police radio chatter ]

Male Officer:
I still have a pulse.

[ Cellphone vibrating ]


[ Beep ]

The office again?

You're right.

It gets easier every time
you don't answer it.

Told you.
It's the secret to life.


[ Cellphone vibrating ]

Oh, please, please,
make it stop.

Keep saying
the dirty word, please.

Delegate, delegate,

-I'll tell you what?

I'll do you one
better than that.

[ Cellphone beeps ]


And how's that?
-[ Laughs ]

That is very,
very dirty.

[ Chuckles ]

Look, if we're really gonna
do this, there's, uh,

something I need
to tell you.

You're the weirdest person
I've ever met.

[ Laughs ]


And I feel I may be
falling in love with you.

And I can't believe
I'm saying this --

I want children.

More than one,
less than five,

but our children --
me and my hypothetical partner

in this endeavor,
who, theoretically,

could end up being you.

Unless that's something
that's not in your plan.

[ Sighs ]

I never expected this
to happen between us.

I never meet anybody
I actually...


Me, neither.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Rewinding ]

Coleman: Detective, detective,
that's my employee.

Man: Ms. Goldberg --
You are legally not allowed
to talk to her

without a lawyer present.
You know that, detective.

We'll get you out of here.
-I need to talk to Ms. Goldberg.

Go around and check up
on the girls for me right now.

I need them to not be saying
anything that's harmful.

It's my fault.

If I hadn't run out,
he wouldn't have shot him.

It's my fault.
You can see it right there.

Like, look really quickly.
-I got it, I got it. Stop.

It's not your fault.
It's was the cops.

You know that.

They were out of line.

I'm gonna handle them
right now.

I just need you to go and take
care of the contestants, okay?

I'm gonna take care of you.


[ Police radio chatter ]

Thank you.

where were we?

-[ Groans ]
-It still works?

Did I forget to mention
that it does that?

[ Laughs ]

Ooh, it's the network.

This one
you can't delegate.

Hello, Gary.

It's a little late to --

Wait, slow down.
Slow down.

Take a breath, Gary.


Okay, yes.

That is unfortunate.
I agree.

And Coleman certainly
dropped the ball, Gary.

Yes, I will be there
right away.

I-I will handle everything.



[ Cellphone beeps ]

-No, not right now.
-I can't believe this happened.

They shouldn't have
taken the car.

Oh, what -- but they should have
gotten pulled over
for no reason?

Rachel called the cops.

I told her they took the car,
and she --
Wait, what did you...

Rachel called the police and
then went out there to film it?

For real?


[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Scoffs ]

You know,
I have eaten this crap

for so long now,
and that's on me.

But you, with your preachy,
holier-than-thou bullshit --

first, you pat yourself
on the black

for getting a black suitor
and contestants who get

treated like garbage,
and now your plan is

to, what, Rachel,
just expose

how racist the police are
by getting a brother shot?

If Romeo dies,
this is all on you.

And this is not
your story to tell.

So why don't you
stop trying to help

because there's
a very good chance

everyone might be
better off without you?


[ Door opens, closes ]

-I want to see Darius.

Rachel, what happened?
What did the officers say?

It was terrifying.
[ Indistinct conversations ]

Woman: This is going off on
another tangent all together.

-I can't right now.
-Do you know where we are?

-Rachel, are you okay?



You're here?

Yeah, Chet called.
He told me what happened.

Are you, uh --
hey, look, I'm --
Can you just leave?

Look, I'm sorry
for what I said earlier.

I'm just -- I didn't --
I was lashing out.

-So I'm sorry. I --
-Can you just please leave?

No, I'm not running away.

I'm here for you,
so let me help.

Uh, I know we loved
each other, Rachel.

I've never stopped
loving --

Dude, can you just stop,

We did love each other,
and you left, okay?

Well, I'm here now.
There was, like, this tiny,
little window of hope

where you could have, like,
saved me, and you didn't.

And now every single thing
inside of me

is just, like,
this little black hole.

It's, like, dead inside.


I know that,
but I'm here now.

-Please, can you just go?

[ Crying ] It's too late!
Can you please go?!

Rachel, don't.

Can you please just go?!

[ Screaming indistinctly ]

[ Sobbing ]

[ Tailgate opens ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]


[ Cellphone beeps, ringing ]


"Meet me on the balcony"?
What's up with the mystery text?

I wanted you to meet me
on the balcony.


I don't really have time
for secret meetings right now.

We have a bit
of a situation inside,

in case you haven't noticed.
-Oh, a situation?

No, what you have is
the shit show of the century.

Right, right.
I leave you for one night.
What the hell were you thinking?

Um, maybe that I got you
the most amazing footage

of possibly the most important
story this show has ever even --

You put our suitor
in the hospital.

You got Romeo shot,
and you filled my mansion

with cops and lawyers.
-Would you give me a break?

Oh, that's exactly what
you're getting.

Go home, Coleman.
You're done.

Excuse me?
I'm sorry.

It sounded like
you told me I'm done.

You don't really have
that authority

because I happen to be --
-The showrunner?

Yeah, not anymore.
It's me again.

I mean, actually,
it kind of always was.

Let's just admit that,
but Gary just made it official.

-I don't believe you.
-Yeah, well, you know what?

Why don't you just
call Gary from your phone

in your car
on your way home?


Who's that?

Rachel's mother.

[ Sighs ]


Oh, my God,
thank you for coming.

Hey, hey, what the hell
happened in there?

All I know is that Romeo
was shot five feet from me.

I mean, I was so scared.

I mean...
this is a reality show.

How could this happen?

Like I said, you don't know
the half of it.

Jeremy, just tell me.


[ Cellphone beeps ]
[ Engine starts ]

♪ Staring out to dark ♪

♪ Your reflection
stares right on ♪

♪ Searching for the ones ♪

♪ With whom my lover
will move on ♪


Sit up, sweetheart.



Take the medicine,

That's how
you get better.

You know I love you,

♪ Ohhhhhhhh ♪