UnREAL (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 6 - Casualty - full transcript

When Jeremy and Rachel get in to it, Rachel finds an unexpected support system through Chet. Not wanting Coleman to know, Rachel returns to work as if nothing has happened... Or can she? Quinn decides to focus on her "new" relationship and leaves Everlasting in Rachel's hands

Between you and me, we can make shows

that actually mean something.

And there is John Booth.

The guy that just bought our network?

Everyone here knows

that you're the true creator
of "Everlasting."

You're a legend.

You want to come home with me?

My dad died.

Funeral's tomorrow.

I still need a coffin.

Welcome this season's
suitor, Darius Beck!

Beth Ann's on the move.

If you really want to
go home, there is one thing

pretty much every guy does not want

their potential wife to do.

Yeah, what's that...
screw their friends?

Ruby, do you have plans this evening?

Where is Ruby? I want to
see my daughter right now.


- Ruby!
- Dad?!

What the hell?

You can be everything my father
says that you're not.

It's gonna be too much work

disappointing you every day, Ruby.

You're a selfish, manipulative bitch.

You want to demote me?
You demote me to my face.

You're fired.

Hey, kiddo. It's Chet.

You decent?

Still in your dress, huh?


Um, my zipper got stuck.


Okay, thanks.

Jeremy can't get away with this.

He didn't. I fired him.

Okay, well, I'm gonna go to the police.

I just don't feel like we ever
report anything around here,

and I'm just not gonna
be another silent woman,

so I'm just gonna go to the police.

I don't know know.
The police and Jeremy...

you think that's a good idea?

I think it's a really good idea.

You sure you want to do that to Jeremy?


You sure you want to do that to us?

Jeremy knows where
all the bodies are buried.

Some bodies fall off of roofs,

and certain people cover that up.

Did you see what he did to me?

Yeah, I saw what he did. I thought
I was gonna kill him.

But it's our word
against his, and if he talks...

This has to stay in the family.

It is our annual rite of spring...

with budding tulips,
flowering cherry blossoms,

and here on "Everlasting,"
the efflorescing of nascent love

as one lucky lady gets
a chance to take Darius

on a hometown date.

But outside the gates
of this mansion, America,

every relationship is put
to the real-life test.

Who will be chosen?

And will their romance survive?

For a man with no friends, that
was an enormous bouquet.

Well, they're from Chet,

and Chet only knows
one way, which is enormous.

Where to next?

Bright side, anything's a step up

over your father's funeral.

I told you it would
be a barrel of laughs.

Uh... listen.

I need to come clean about something.

I went to that awards show to meet you.

- Well, I'm flattered.
- To pitch you.

To seduce you into giving me
one of your networks to run.

- But now...
- You don't want a network anymore?

Oh, I want a network.

It's just...

I might want you, too.

- Hmm.
- Hmm.

How do you feel about the Bahamas?

Mm. Let me guess.

You own a hotel.

Actually, it's an Eco-resort
on its very own archipelago.

Oh, so, you own some islands.

Hmm. Well, you're gonna have to work

a little harder than that to impress me.

Hey, you.


Check this out.

Come here.

We look like a real
power-producing couple.


- Wow.
- It's ridiculous.


Sorry about last night.

I was just in a weird mood.

- I thought about you all night, though.
- Mm.

Like, really good thoughts, too.

- Really?
- What's going on?

I bet. I just, um...

I don't want to hear
about them just now.

I... Ugh. I have, like,
this crazy coffee breath.

Hmm. Maybe brush your teeth again.

I will. I will.

Um, you know that today's
gonna be totally crazy

with the hometown dates.
These girls are just...

Yeah. Well, Jay and Madison
can handle it, right?

- Mm.
- What's wrong?

I just feel like I should
go deal with Darius

right now, you know what I mean?

If you mean talking him
into picking Beth Ann,

- good luck with that.
- Thank you.

Whoo! Yeah, definitely brush your teeth.

Hometown dates pitch, take one.

Hey, Darius.

I can't wait for you
to meet the whole family.

Hope you like Southern cooking.

There's a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit

at The Guggenheim this weekend.

How ironic is that?

No one is bigger in
the ATL than the Big "D."

I never thought
that I could fall in love

with a football player.

I just really want to show
my fellow police officers

that a cop in Chicago can
have a black man in her car

without him being in handcuffs.

You see, it's ironic
because Frank Lloyd Wright

designed The Guggenheim.

Okra, fried chicken.

You ready to come home and meet
the head coach in my life...

If you want to put a ring on it...

- my dad?
- you got to ask him first.

Can I... Can I start over?

Why are you making that face, Jay?

It's funny.

Warm, comforting...
just as a wife should be.

So, what do you think,
Darius? Have you made your choice?

Tough call, Graham.

I mean, all these
ladies have so much to offer.

I think I'm gonna
need some time to reflect.

What do you think, Rach?
Is that okay for an act break?

Tension over who to choose?

Yes, Graham, it's fine,
but don't think, okay?

It makes you look fat.

- "D," how you doing?
- Good. Great.

Chantal looked pretty good.

Mm. Well, then why did you tell Graham

- you hadn't decided yet?
- 'Cause I hadn't.

And Jay said that I should just wait...

dramatic tension or something.

But I'm all about that ATL.

Uh-huh. You mean Alabama?

Alabama? Why would
I be going to Alabama?

Uh, because you're gonna pick Beth Ann.

Miss Fried Chicken and Watermelon?

- Yeah.
- I don't think so.

I think so. Can I be
honest with you for a second?

I don't know. Can you?

Last episode was really harsh,
what you did to Ruby.

Whoa. What I did?

I'm just saying
that the fans now see her

as this victim, all right?

So, we got to make you
look like a good guy again,

and for that, we need a villain.

There is nobody better to terrorize
you than Beth Ann.

What don't you understand, okay?

Look, I'm not going anywhere
with Beth Ann.

I'm not trying to get lynched.

Lynched? That's kind of harsh, dude.

There's a big
difference in harsh and realistic.

You want to be realistic,
I'll be realistic.

Okay, Chantal is a snooze.

You are gonna smile, eat good food,

and go to bed early
just like every single person

in our audience.

The rating's are gonna tank, okay?

You're gonna become
the lowest-rated suitor

in "Everlasting" history.

They're gonna pull us off
the network and sell us to some,

like, niche cable channel
sponsored by Ambien.

I'd like to see you get
an on-camera gig after that.

- Rachel?
- Hmm?

Read my lips. I'm not going to Alabama.

This is not a question, okay?!

I am your quarterback, and
I want you to run my plays!

Look, if you're calling
the plays, then you suck at it.

Because so far, you've
run me into an epidural,

firing my cousin, and some girl's daddy.

No, I have run your ass
into ratings, dude, okay?

This is my job, and I
do it every stupid day

of my stupid life.

But if you want to go ahead and blame me

and destroy your life and
ruin your career, you know what?

Then go ahead. Go ahead, do it.

Get yourself canceled!
Put me out of my misery!

Rachel, Rachel. Calm down,
all right? You okay?

I don't know! I
honestly don't know! Am I?!

I need you to be.

Can you please just go pack for Alabama?


Yeah, I'll go pack.

Alabama. Alabama, here I come.

I'm... I'm... I'm gonna pack.

Rachel? How you doing?

I'm fine.

Okay, guys. Let's get back
to work, all right?

Find something better to do
with your time. Let's go.

- What about Big Sur?
- What about it?

I have a room on hold

at the Post Ranch Inn
whenever I want it.

Oh, is that where
you take all the ladies?


Ugh. Hold on a sec.

What's going on, Chet?

Where are you, kiddo?

I'm at my father's funeral.

Hey, did you get the
flowers? You didn't mention them.

I'm thinking maybe you hated them.

You are the only person

who could make my father's
funeral about you.

That's not why I called.

Uh, it's Little Weirdo.

Uh, she snapped at the suitor.

Last night I found her...

Uh, not alone in the car, Chet.

Chet? What is it?

You got to get back here.

I'll, uh, figure something out.

What are you doing?

Just hanging out, smoking a butt.

How'd it go with Darius?


- Alabama?
- Mm-hmm.

Wow. Excellent. You want a red-eye,

or should we leave in the morning?

Come on, Wasserman. You're not coming.

Stop it. Of course I am.

Look, it's gonna be 24 hours
of mosquitos and swamps.

You would totally hate it.

I wouldn't want to do that to you.

Besides, I'm not
great company right now.

Rach, what... Why not?
What's going on with you today?

This is what we've been talking about.

We're bringing a black guy to the South.

Come on, Vassar. Let's
go get into some trouble.

Damn. Back on the plantation.

Hey, look. Your
ancestors suffered for years.

You can survive a couple of days.

Yeah, says the white woman

to the black man in
the backwoods of Alabama.

Why do I feel the need
to take off running?

You shouldn't. These
people are gonna be great.

- It's gonna be great.
- They're gonna love you.

He's here! He's here!

Come out. Come out.

Come out! Come on!

Oh, all right, all right.
Everybody stay calm, please.


Hi, Darius!


- Welcome to Alabama!
- Alabama.

I... Whoo! This is... Alabama.

We're excited!

Thank you. This is...


Let the freak show begin.

Oh, my God. And who do we have here?

This is my mama.

- How you doing?
- Oh, just tickled to meet you.

This is your mama. How you doing?

Sweet as pie. This is my brother, Carl.

One hell of a ballplayer.

And this is my daddy.

Kind of looks like our freak show

is turning into a love fest.

I mean, that bikini didn't
come out of nowhere.

Where's the drunk uncle?
Where's the KKK?

I cannot believe
I'm meeting Darius Beck.

We're pleased at all get out
to have you in our home.

Oh, my God.

The pleasure's all mine. Carl.

You know... Beth Ann,

she just says the nicest
things about you.

- Okay, Daddy. She's sweet.

You know, we got something
out back here for you

to show you a real Alabama welcome.

What do you mean Rachel
took her? She's my girl.

Please. She's a solid-gold
ratings racist.

Of course Rachel took her.

But I still get the credit, right?

I mean, Beth Ann's
picture's under my name on the board.

At this point, you'll be lucky
if you still got a job.

You don't know what you're talking
about. Quinn loves me.

Okay, "A," Quinn doesn't love anybody,

especially not you, and,
"B," Quinn's not in charge.

Rachel's down in Alabama

creating some sort of
cracker-town shit show

while we sit up here twiddling
our f'ing thumbs.

So... we should...

Blow something up.

Keep our girls in the mix

and get the attention
back on us. You feel me?

Yes. Absolutely.

Okay. Put your
thinking cap on, Pigtails.

We got some work to do.

Why don't you grab a cup of coffee

from craft service and take
a look around the set?

- I'll just be a minute.
- All right.

- Call me when you're ready.
- Okay.


Took him to your dad's funeral,
huh? You hardly even know him.

Is that why you called...
to ruin my date?

Wasn't a date. It was a funeral.

Yeah. Weirdest first date ever.

I think I'm in love, Chet.

Okay, enough, all right?

Something did
happen. The kid's in trouble.

Is this your first time?

Look at that.

You're a good shot, Darius.

I do what I can when I can do it, yo.

I think you shoot
almost as good as you throw.

You hungry?

I've got some food coming.
My wife's a fantastic cook.

Okay, okay. What we got over here?

Come on. Sit yourself down.

Give this man a beer, darling.

Oh, my God. This isn't a
TV show, this is a hootenanny.

Okay, this is an infomercial
for the post-racial South.

Yeah. Sorry. I mean,
we got to do something.

- What if we get Darius to...
- Wait a second. Give me one second.

I'll be right back. Give me one second.


Chet just told me about Jeremy,

and when I see him, I'm
gonna rip off his balls,

deep-fry them, and forced
him to eat them.

Are you seriously gonna pretend

that you care about me now, Quinn?

- I do care about you.
- Right.

Did you pack your meds?

Oh, yeah. God forbid I
should have some of my own thoughts

without pharmaceuticals
pumping through my veins.

Rachel, you have been through

a trauma, all right?

You are in no condition
to produce a show.

So, I'm gonna get on
the next flight, and I'm...

Okay, thanks for caring.
See you tomorrow.

- Rachel.
- Hi.

What... What's up? What's going on?

- I have a problem.
- What?

It's a... It's a real big problem.

I just found out I'm having a baby.

I was late, but I figured it was just

because of all the excitement
with the show.

I don't know what to do.

I mean, this is the worst thing

that could have possibly ever happened.

Oh, my God. Beth Ann.


You just listen to me.
This is gonna be okay.

We're gonna get through this together,

I promise you, okay?

I promise you.

I don't want Darius to know about this.

If he knew that this baby
came from my ex-boyfriend's DNA,

he would never even look at me again.

Brock has been to
prison... and not just jail, prison.

- Mm-hmm.
- That has got to affect a baby.

Yeah, yeah. Where is this Brock guy?

He lives just two streets over.

He's lived here my whole life.

I'm so screwed, Rachel. I...

You know what you could do?

You could quit the show.

No, I don't want to quit the show.

Good. Because... I'm, like,
really starting to feel

a connection between you and Darius.

- I have, too.
- Yeah.

- You can see it?
- Oh, my God. Yes.

- It's like a total spark. Honestly.
- It is.

Yes, and I wouldn't have
said that a few weeks ago,

but that is the power of this show.

- It is, but...
- Yeah.

You really think that Darius
could ever accept

- another man's child?
- Oh, my God. Yes.

I mean, you said it yourself.

He's, like, the greatest guy ever.

He is a really nice guy.

- Yeah.
- He'd be a good dad.

You know, and, um... Beth Ann,

my father wasn't my biological father,

but he loved me and my
mother so, so much.

He did?

I mean, I was so loved, Beth Ann.

You were?

Yeah. I'm just telling you

that this does not have
to be over for you.

We can work this, okay?

But you're just gonna
have to listen to my advice.

- Can you do that?
- Mm-hmm.

- Okay.
- I don't want to leave the show.

I don't want you to, either.

- All right.
- You could win this thing.

You steaming pile of shit.

Nice to see you, too, Quinn.

You beat her up?

That's not exactly how it happened.

Your hand on her left bruises.

There's not a thing in the
world that makes that right.

Her elbow to my nose... broken first!

She's 5'2", Jeremy. No excuse ever.

I can't believe
you're still defending her.

Walks around like this little troll

so that everyone's like,
"Oh, poor Rachel. Poor Rachel."

You're an idiot.

Wake up, Quinn. She stole your show.

It's gone. Over.

Somebody needed to stand up to her.

Oh, yeah? Is that right?

- How about that?
- Ow! Ow!

Huh? Huh?!

What do you want to do, Jeremy?
You want to hit me?

Does that get you off... hitting women?

Come on. Go ahead.

Next time... I'm cutting them off.

Now get out and don't come back.

"Mirror of Truth." I love it.
Which genius came up with that?

- Me.
- I did.

Oh, please. You
came up with the concept,

but I'm the one bringing it to life.

You remember we
need drama, drama, drama.

You're being very results-oriented.

I like my segments

to explore provocative topics,

relatable issues of female
self-image and empowerment.

I'm imagining the
contestants really opening up to you.

- You have a wonderful way about you.
- Oh, well...

What is happening in here?

The show's in Alabama today, people.

Yeah, well, Rachel stole
one of my girls.

As producers, we decided
why waste a day.

So, we came up with a new segment

using the girls who were left behind.

Mm. Look at you, going all rogue.

Go. Carry on.

So, my situation here is
a little less containable

- than I thought.
- Right.

Are we talking a couple of hours, or...?

Um, listen.

You're great, and I love
spending time with you,

but I have a real issue here,
and you need to, uh...

Leave. I get it.

I'm sorry. I just...

No, it's okay. Don't be silly.

Look, I've been playing hooky.

I should probably make an
appearance at the office anyway.

- Call me when you're ready.
- Okay.

- Quinn...
- Shut up.

You know, I got to be honest with you.

He is one beautiful woman.

I get it... the whole
diversified genius thing.

I-I could be that guy.

- No, you can't, Chet.
- I can...

If you could have, you would have.

- I am going to be that guy.
- Okay.

I'm gonna prove it to you.
I'm gonna be that guy.

I'd like to introduce Dr.
Wagerstein's "Mirror of Truth."

What, is she like trademarking?
I came up with it.

Whatever. We'll cut that part out.

All of you will take a long, hard look

into the Mirror of Truth
and tell us why you think

Darius didn't take you home?

Yael, are you ready to
gaze into the Mirror of Truth?

See what little Miss Perfect has to say.

I think Darius didn't take me
home because he's intimidated.

I get that a lot.

You know, because I'm smart,
guys think that I can't, like,

get down on their level or
be cool with their friends.

You want me to go give them more drinks?

- Yeah, ply them with liquor, please.
- She's so snobby.

Or maybe he just thought my
family was gonna be too fancy

or uptight or something.

- As opposed to...?
- As opposed to what?

As opposed to our ghetto-ass families?

Oh, my God. That is not what I said.

You didn't have to
say it, honey, I heard it.

You just... You're putting
words in her mouth!

All right. Pass me the mirror, sister.

Okay. I think Darius
didn't take me home because...

he doesn't like cops.

Oh, if we're being honest...

and that's what we're doing
in this little love nest.

If we're being honest, the short hair...


Like, I totally get
what you're going for,

but I really think that
it makes you kind of...

Say it. What about my hair?

It kind of makes you look... like...

You don't have a vagina.


There it is!

Hey, you want to produce something?

I mean, like, really produce?

Okay, listen to me.

Wow. You guys, come on.

- Jameson.
- Hey, hey, hey!

I know that must be difficult to hear.

Express what your feelings
are right now.

I feel like these bitches
are wrong, okay?

My hair makes me look strong and fierce.

Every guy wants to stick it
into someone strong and fierce.

Okay, okay.



Hey. Rachel, okay.

Come here. Come
here. Come here. Come here.

- Here's what I'm thinking.
- Shh! Shh! Shh!

- So, we get Darius...
- Just listen to...

Wait a minute. Just
listen to me for one second.

I literally have the best news

I've ever had in my entire life.

- Are you ready?
- Yeah? What?

Beth Ann has a future Trump supporter

growing in her uterus right now.

- She's got a what?
- Exactly.

- Wait.
- I'm not even kidding.

She's pregnant, and I convinced
her to tell her parents

and Darius on-camera tonight.

- You're welcome.
- Wow.

- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.

- Okay.
- That's amazing.

Yeah. I don't understand
why you're not more excited.

Anyways, I have a lot to do,

I'll talk to you later.



Jay! Jay!

Come with me.

I just want to talk through the process

of what I've got going on here.

So, these are the things
I think I'll need.

- Coleman, I'll be back in a minute.
- Yeah.

Okay, so listen. This is what I need.

What the...?

Hey. Did you miss me?

How is she?


- Who do you think?
- I don't know.

If you're talking
about Rachel, she's fine.

Why wouldn't she be?

You think she can't
function without you?

Oh, and you think you're
Mr. Inside Track?

She hasn't told you a thing, has she?

About what?


Okay? He slapped her around last night,

and apparently she's got bruises
up and down her arm,

You keep her on that set,
and she is a time bomb.

I need you to get her home now.

Look, she seems fine to me, Quinn.

I'm looking at her right now.

Okay, let me guess.

Right now, she's backed into a corner,

chewing on her fingers
like they're Twinkies,

eyes a-blazing, talking as if her words

are gonna save the world.

I'll call you back.

Okay, okay. Okay, ladies.

Ladies. Ladies, let's move on.

Tiffany, why don't you go next?

I think Darius didn't pick me

because he's scared of his feelings.

He is.

He has so much pressure and expectation

surrounding him all
the time. It's scary.

Yeah. Keep telling yourself that.

Um, I think he's probably
just scared of all the STDs

that are probably floating around

in that pretty little mouth.

I don't have any STDs.

What the hell is she talking about?

She's saying that she...

Yeah, I heard, Dan. Thank you.

Maybe he just doesn't want
his cousin's sloppy seconds?

- W-whoa. His cousin?
- You got with Romeo?

- Where did you hear that?
- Does it matter?

Did you just feed that to her?

I saw you go in and whisper.

I was just producing, Jay.

It's okay.

Tiffany, this is a safe space.

Everyone's being open now.

- Yeah, it's so safe.
- Super safe, Tiff.

Let's hear it.

Is it true? Did you hook up with Romeo?



Yes, but it's not what you think.

It's okay! It's 2016!

It's not... It's so not what you think!

Football princess, hey? We
got two sluts in the house.

I am a police officer!


It's just I can't believe

this whole thing just fell in our laps.


We just have so much to
do when we get back.

- Rachel, look, hey.
- I'm, like, so happy for us.

I feel kind of, like,
emotional about it.

Okay, so, I know what happened.

- What? With what?
- With Jeremy.

Quinn just called and told me just now.

She's worried about you.

I am, too.

- I'm totally fine.
- Okay.

I'm totally fine. I don't...

My thing is I want to
get to the airport right now.

We got to get back, and
I got to deal with Jeremy.

I want him off the show.
He's never allowed on set ever.

You are being so
dramatic. This is, like, not that...

I think you're downplaying
this entire thing

- a little too much.
- I'm not...

- This is...
- Yeah, I'm totally fine.

- Do you want to know why I'm fine?
- I'm... You don't seem fine.

No, I am totally fine.

I'm, like, sitting here,
and I'm doing my job.

- I'm working my ass off.
- Okay.

I'm producing this show with this...

- Okay, okay.
- Pregnant racist chick.

- Okay, okay, okay.
- I mean, this is like manna from heaven.

I don't know what we are talking

- about. I'm sorry.
- My next point here...

You're making me feel crazy right now.

I'm worried about outing a pregnant girl

in front of her family
on national television.

This is who you care about?

You're not yourself, and you're
taking it out on Beth Ann.

Excuse me?

We came down here to bring
a black suitor to the South.

- That was our plan.
- This is the one.

Just that. I feel
like you're jumpy today.

I'm blown away.

I just want to remind you
what we have done this season.

We locked, like, some chick in a room,

hired an extras casting
to come in and lie

- and say that she's her mother.
- Yep.

Okay, we give him an epidural.

We have Ruby's father come in

- with the cameras.
- Rachel, I know...

- But this is the pregnant girl.
- They're fine.

This is who you're mad
about? This is who you care about?

No, I'm worried about you.

I am...

I am totally fine.

Okay? So can we please go
and just blow this up?

Hey, there you are.

Why the sad face...

other than being doused in champagne?

I don't know.

Maybe it's because
I'm stuck in a McMansion

with three gossipy bitches

while Darius is in Alabama
with little Miss Ku Klux Klan.

I don't know how those girls

found out about Romeo.

What if I told you I could help you?

How? By sleeping with the entire team?

I've got a deal for you.

You take my advice, I'll
get you into Darius' room.

You leave all this
Romeo business behind you.

And in return?

You introduce me to your dad,

soften him up a little bit.

I'm looking to diversify my portfolio,

maybe take a minority interest
in a pro football team.

You help me out, I'll
get you in the final two,

and, uh, I'll do everything in my power

to get you to the altar.

What do you say?

Don't worry about the background...

the messier, the better. Honestly,
that's fine with...


- Hi.
- Hey.

Um, you know where Rachel is?

Yeah, she's over with "B" cam.

They're gonna shoot
from a different angle.

What's going on? Everything all right?

I don't know if I can
do this, to be honest.

Hey, if you don't want to
tell your parents, then don't.

Yeah, but Rachel said
that this is the only chance

I'm gonna get to tell Darius, and...

I know. I know what she told you.

Just do whatever
feels right for you, okay?

Okay, I'm gonna listen to Rachel.

I think she knows what she's doing.

I'm... I'm sorry that I bothered you.

Thank you.


Hey, everyone! How you doing?

I just wanted to say a few words.

Hey, "B" cam, move into
position near the back.

mostly to Darius.

Thank you so much for
coming all the way down to Alabama.

Yeah. Let's have a big
hand for him, y'all.

So happy to have you.

You're just gonna tell
her, you know, that she...

she's the woman of your dreams.
She's carrying your baby.

Your life wouldn't be
the same without her.

You're gonna give her this.

- Oh, you bought a ring.
- Oh, my God. Yeah.

We think of everything around here.

Oh, it's beautiful.

It also means that you
and I, We share a connection,

and in order to keep that connection,

I have to be honest with you

and with everyone else here tonight

about something that
is, um, not so easy to say.

Okay. I'm pregnant.


What did you say?

- Get Brock.
- Beth Ann!

- What...
- Uh, no!

What's he doing here?

I came as soon as I could.
I missed you so much.

- What's he doing here?
- What are you doing?

Brock, get up! What are you doing?!

- You're my girl, Beth Ann.
- Do not do this to me!

Y-You've always been my girl.
I love you so much, and...

and now I'm asking
I-if you will be my wife.

- No!
- No?

Hey, hey! Cameras off!
Get that camera off!

- Cameras off! Come on, now!
- What do you mean "no"?

You and me, we need to have

a different kind of conversation
right about now.

- Not right now, Daddy.
- You're carrying my baby.

- You don't know that.
- You're saying it's not mine?

I'm saying that I
don't know whose baby it is.

Beth Ann, whose baby could it be?!

Oh, hell, no!

No. No, no, no.

Man, I never t...

Tell him I never touched her.

You better not have put
your filthy hands on my girl!

- This is why you need to go!
- Rachel!


Brock, this baby is not yours!

Push in from there!

This guy?!

Stop it!! I love him!!

Wait, what? You love me?

I do. I love you.

Pump your brakes. Pump your brakes.

I didn't know it was
possible, but I love you.

- Pump your brakes. Pump your brakes.
- What?

Come on. Bring it. Yeah, what?

I'm he...

Now you get on out of here right now,

or I'm calling the Sheriff.

Go on.

Right now.

What kind of stupid whore
did you turn into?

Hey, watch your mouth, man.

- You shut your mouth.
- Go.

- Whoa!
- Oh.

Rachel? I'm embarrassed right now.

I'm so sorry, Darius.

Here you go. Here you go.

Thanks so much.

I'm sorry.

- Hey.
- Hey.


- Rachel.
- Oh, my God! I can't help myself!


I'm so sorry.

Just... I'm so happy for us.


Come on.

Come on. Come on.

Welcome home.

Oh, my God. It never ends.

I'm sorry. I just have to talk to you.

Okay. What's up?

Well, the truth is, I really
like you, Darius,

and I was kind of hurt
that you didn't pick me.

You think I wanted to get
attacked by Beth Ann's

meth-head boyfriend?

No. I got played, Tiffany.


And I feel like
we're getting manipulated

every step of the way.

I've been manipulated
since the first day I got here.

Who cares?

What are you talking about?

It's about Romeo.

What about Romeo?

So, what, you're trying
to get rid of Tiffany now?

What? No. I'm trying to help her.

I'm the one who suggested
she clear the air with Darius.

It's called honesty.

Wins every time. It's
how you get what you want.

Oh, just give it up, Chet.

I haven't even started, my friend.

I have not even started.

Finally, you're back.

Um, Rachel, let's go talk in my office.

Let's all talk.
Could everyone step outside

and give us a moment, please?

We weren't working or anything.

I don't know what the
hell is wrong with you people!

There's procedures for things like this.

We need to call the police,

get a police report,
and then we call HR.

Hey! Hey! Nobody's calling the police.

- That's been decided.
- By you two.

Rachel and I discussed it.

Yeah, no police, no investigation.

That's best for everyone.

Rachel, what do you want to do?

It's your decision, it's not ours.

Look at me. Don't look at them.

Don't look at them right
now. Look at me.

I'm here for you...
whatever you want to do.

Yeah, I want to drop it. I don't
want to go to the police.

Are you sure?

Yes, she's sure.

- What part of that did you not get?
- Wait...

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Both of you.

What the hell's happening to our family?

Ever since Coleman's got here,
everything's gone to hell.

That boy's like a
cancer. We need to cut him out.


You know, I think Rachel's
in love with that guy.

I've never seen her like this before.


I have.

Hello, gorgeous.

What are you doing right now?

And now it is time for tonight's
elimination ceremony.

Four of our ladies have won
keys to Darius' heart.

One, unfortunately, has not.

All right, let's widen out
and get the whole room, please.

And that lady tonight
will need to say farewell.



All right, let's go tight on Darius.




Thank you.

I've said this before.

Honesty is probably
the most important thing

in terms of...

I'm sorry. I need to say something.

- I need to tell the truth.
- Beth Ann...

No! I want America to know...

that you never touched me

as much as I might have wanted you to.

You've been a perfect gentleman,

and there's no way that you could be

the father of my child...

unless, somehow, you chose to be.

Push in on Darius for that.

Let's really make him uncomfortable.

I know I came here a different person

with some not-so-good ideas.

But please don't cut me tonight.


This is gonna be good.

Let me show you that
we can make a great team,

that we can make a family.

Beth Ann...

I'm sorry. I can't.

But... it took guts to stand
up like you just did,

and that's why I want
to put some money aside

for your kid's college fund.

Come here.

That's a classy act.

It's gonna be okay.


All right, guys. Let's
position up to get

those cameras onto Beth Ann
when she comes out crying.

Beth Ann, it is time for
us to bid you adieu.

Sayonara. Adi?s.


Two each, honey. Game on.

Bitch, please.

Get out of my face!

She was obnoxious,
but that was really sad.

Rachel. Rachel!

- Listen.
- What the hell was that?

I-I have no idea.
Beth Ann just, like...

I'm so sick of this crap!

Listen. I thought, as a woman,
that you came off great.

You seemed, like, so sensitive
to her situation.

Look, I just kicked
a crying, pregnant lady

out of my house... my house.

All right, I'm so over you.
I'm so over this shit!

Wait. D... "D." Darius! Darius!

Who banged the Ra...

Hey! Rach!

Who banged the racist?!

Hi, Quinn.

How you doing?

Um, curious as to
why you are in my office

talking to me right now,
but other than that, great.

I just had to ask, uh,

why did you send that gorgeous,
charming, sober man away?

Who, Booth? I had work to do.

No, you didn't.

Actually, yes. We had an emergency.

There's no such thing as an
entertainment emergency.

This wasn't about the show.

What, then? Rachel?

Have you asked yourself why you
care so much about that girl?

Okay. Here we go.

This will be rich.

I'm gonna tell you the one thing

no one else is brave enough
to say to your face.

You're lonely.


I am surrounded all day.

I spend half my time screaming
at people to leave me alone.

I'm talking about intimacy,
Quinn... "In-to-me-see."

Are you having a stroke?

This show... It consumes you!

It's all you have,
but it doesn't have to be.

You don't have to
die alone like your dad.

Got it.

And I'm supposed to be
taking advice from you?

Underpaid, forever single, pathetic
reality-show therapist?

Who actually cares about you.

Don't sabotage it with this guy, Quinn.

He may be your last chance.

Hey. There you are.


Look, are you sure
about this whole thing...

the not calling the cops?

Yeah, I am. I really think it's right...

It's the right thing to do.

I got to ask you...

Why didn't you tell me
about this whole thing?

Right when it happened,
why didn't you just tell me?

Do you not trust me? And if
you don't trust me, then... why?

Quinn says that you're my Chet.

I don't even know what that means.

I do know I don't have
a lot in common with Chet.

I know I'm not gonna
leave you here to fester for 10...

How long's Quinn been doing this?

10 years.

10 years? Yeah, no.

I see who you are, Rachel,
and who you can be.

I am taking you out of here
at the end of the season

whether Quinn likes it or not.

- Hey.
- Hmm?

- Hey.
- Yeah?

Do you want this?

Yeah, I do.

I don't want anything
to come between us.

Wow. Stop stalking me already.

I'm relentless, aren't I?

So, you were rethinking the Post Ranch?

Possibly, but I have a big day tomorrow,

something that I
kind of set into motion.

So, how about we
discuss it over dinner tonight?

I'm on my way.


- Thanks, mate.
- You're welcome.

Here we go again.