UnREAL (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 4 - Treason - full transcript

With Darius confiding in Rachel about his reasons for needing to quit the show, Rachel is grabbing at straws to keep him on the show. She's enlisting Colemans help in finding a convincing reason to give Darius to stay. Quinn's jealousy over Rachel begins to show and now Rachel is unsure if Quinn has her best interest in mind.

Ladies, open your hearts to your suitor,

Darius Beck!

Shh. Network president.

He's black.

He's football black.

What about this scandal?

He called that reporter a bitch.

Bitch, please.

Chet? But what the
hell are you doing here?

I'm taking my kingdom back.

If I keep following
you around like this,

the crew's gonna have a really hard time

believing I'm the showrunner.

I just got to steer us
past this train wreck,

and then I will hand
the show back to you.

Who's in charge here?

- I am.
- I am.

My two bosses, they're making

two different versions of the show.

I can't produce it with them on the set.

Rachel wanted me to let her
run the show all by herself.

That's why Coleman's here.

You don't need Quinn.

Between you and me, we can make shows

that actually mean something.

So you're the one who's
calling me "Hot Rachel."

Well, you do kind of look like her.

Tell me what the judge
said about the custody.

Give me a little good news.

You look amazing.

Can we talk for a second?


You lied about everything.

Goodbye, Brandi. We're done.

Darius, it's Rachel.

Yeah. Come in.

You okay?

Shut the door.

All right, has anybody
seen my messenger?

Nothing yet, boss.

Great, can you please just let
me know the second it arrives?

I need it, like, yesterday.

Copy that.

- Rachel.
- Yeah.

Did you see these things?

Chet ordered them when
he was still in charge.

What are those things?

Hello? Powder-puff football date.

It's supposed to be the girls' uniforms,

but it's definitely gonna
look like a porn shoot,

and there's a reporter

from Entertainment Weekly on set today.


What, seriously?

So, it's just me then?

Your feminist sensibilities
aren't offended by these things?

No. Not today.

Who are you?

What would Hillary say, Rachel?

Can't believe you're still
driving that thing.

Why not?

What, you want to take it for a spin?

I'm still waiting to open her up,

see how fast she goes.

What, do you actually
want to watch Quinn

turn into Naomi Campbell,

because she's seriously
gonna beat the crap out of me.

Don't worry about Quinn.

- You've outgrown her.
- Note taken.

Entertainment Weekly's here, by the way.

Nice. All right.

I'm gonna go pull some clips for them.

Meet me inside in five?


Dan, can you please let me
know when the messenger arrives?

Copy that, boss.

Go away.

I brought you Raisin Bran

- without any raisins in it and...
- What?

I brought you Raisin
Bran without the raisins

and Lucky Charms without the charms.

Oh, I didn't ask for that.

Um, I-I just thought

maybe you would need
it or want it. Um...

I'm sorry, are you
trying to say something?

Then just speak.

Well, you weren't answering

your phone, so they started
calling the production office

and said about y-your dad.

Christ. I'll deal with him later.

He's dead.

Your dad.

Just get out.

Get out!

Oh, my God.

Why... Why is there a baby here?

It's bring your baby to work day.

I'm sorry, did you, like,
kill Cynthia or something?

No, I didn't kill my ex-wife.

I didn't kill her.

She's at a Deepak Chopra retreat.

I gave the nanny the day off.

It was time for some skin-to-skin

pheromonal bonding time.

I thought that there
was this whole, like,

legal custody


Battle thing, which you lost.

Legal schmegal. No, this is my DNA.

This is my legacy on Earth, okay?

I'd like to see some judge
try and take that away from me.

It's not gonna happen.

You'd have to pull my
teeth and melt my bones.

Okay, can you please just keep the baby

away from the girls?

It's like lady catnip.

Madison, what are you doing?

Quinn's always gonna remember me

as the girl who went down on her fianc?

and told her that her dad was dead.

Quinn's dad died?


I think she was just
starting to like me.

She wasn't, Madison.


Hey, just, um...

I just wanted to come
by and say that I'm sorry

that your... that your dad died.

Oh, that's what you're sorry about?

Not Gary?

Okay, so, now's not the time.

Oh, it's the perfect time.

I mean, actually, the perfect time

would've been before
you went to the network,

but now will have to do.

I had a conversation with Gary.

Go on.

It's just that you gave
me the showrunner job

and essentially took it away.

So you stabbed me in the back?

No, I went to talk to Gary,

somebody who could be objective,

somebody that could be
reasonable and cool headed.

Stabbed me in the back.

Okay, no, I just...

No, I was just trying to
do what's best for the show.

Now, that's bullshit.

It was a power grab.

At least have the balls to own it.

No, it wasn't.

I was just freaked out

because our show was going down.

Okay, well, your little freakout

is the reason why that pre-teen dirt bag

is driving around a sports car

with the name of my show on it.

They would've never sent him in

if you didn't tattletale
to the principal.

And now we're stuck with him.

So, just go away, okay?

You have a new boss.

Stop acting like you care about me.

I do care.

You have a funny way of showing it.

You know, I plucked you from nothing,

made you a producer.

And now you think you can
just do this all on your own.

Well, you can't.

'Cause the truth is,
you need me behind you,

guiding you, pushing you,

propping you up so you don't crack.

But you'll always crack, Rachel.

You're unstable and ungrateful,

and you cannot make
this show without me.

Rachel, your delivery's here.

Watch me.

I'll have you come right here.

Took you long enough.

You know what, can you
just freeze right there?

All right, there you go.

You don't have much time, so

Yeah, thank you.

Good to see you, doc.

Good to see you, too, buddy.

What the hell is she doing here?

She knows. It's cool.

It's not cool.

One word about his injury
gets out to the press,

- and his career's over.
- Okay.

What the hell were you thinking, D?

How else was the doc
gonna get in without her?

Today on "Everlasting,"
it is powder-puff football.

The ladies will hit the turf
in their pinks versus blues,

and Darius is suiting up to
play quarterback on both sides,

but the stakes are high

because the winning team

gets that winning date with our prince.

Cue the ladies.

Go this way, ladies.

- This is ridiculous.
- Right?

I mean, where's our romantic

helicopter ride around a volcano?

And besides, we're kind
of in our underwear again.

Works out fine when you look like me.

Rachel, where the hell is Darius?

I've got a field full of
horny straight girls here

and Graham is the only dick in sight.

It is not a good situation.

No one is having fun,
Rachel. Where is he?

Yeah, he'll be there as soon as he can.

It's bad.

You put this off, and it's gotten worse.

Well, can you just, like, give him

something for the pain for right now?

He needs the pain

to tell him when he's
done damage to himself.

It's time, D. You need surgery.

No, we talked about this.

That surgery has an
18-month recovery time

and no guarantee it'll actually work.

My career could be
over, and you know it.

D, you don't get the surgery,

and your career is definitely over.

You can't play like this,
and we can't hide it anymore.

Were you guys hiding this
from me the whole time?

Is that what just...

I mean, you knew about it.
That's why you're here.

It has nothing to do with
"Bitch, please," right?

Look, I could've played
my way out of that nonsense

if I wasn't injured,

but as it is, I still
need to clean up my image

and... and lock down
that sportscasting deal.

That is right, yes.

That is why you need to stay here.

One wrong hit... hell,
one wrong tango step,

and that disc could
fissure and paralyze him.

All right, doc,
that's not gonna happen, okay?

I'm not even playing, so
that's not gonna happen.

- There's no...
- You're not you're not hearing me, D.

Easy, easy, easy.

If it was my call, I'd
duct tape you to a gurney

and haul you out of here
in an ambulance right now.


This show has enough footage
to make you look good.

We spin it so you tweaked your back

saving some girl from drowning,

that you have to leave to
do some physical therapy.

He doesn't know what
he's talking about, okay?

We don't even have
close to enough footage.

You have gone on a couple of dates

and kissed, like, two girls.

Rachel, he's leaving.
This show is not worth...

Do you know that there's
a reporter on set?

Do you?

And if this reporter even
thinks that there is a problem...

- She's got a point.
- Stop.


You've got the day, but
we're out of here tonight.

No, that's stupid. I'm not doing it.

I want Darius off the field...

- Mnh-mnh...
- doing a play-by-play with Tiffany.

Why? What is the point of
casting a pro football player

if we're never gonna actually
watch him play football, Rachel?

Tiffany is your wifey.
You should be happy.

This is gonna give her
an opportunity to shine.

- How do you not see that?
- That's so sweet of you.

I'm not an idiot.

What the hell is going on?

- Just do it.
- Fine.

- You're Coleman, right?
- Hmm? Yeah.

So, you're showrunner.

That's right.

Must be a huge job
getting a show like this.


Oh, hi. You're in my seat.

- Hi. Oh.
- Thanks.

- Talk later.
- Yeah.

Our reporter's here.
He's on his way out.

Mm, cool.

What's the hold up with Darius?

Oh, nothing. It's totally fine.

- Rachel.
- Hmm.

Come on.

I don't play this high school crap.

Here's how this works.

You tell me the truth,

and then we work together as a team.

Or not.

You ready?

For what?


Oh, this is some bullshit.


- At least they keep giving us drinks.
- Uh-huh.

You guys are really
slugging 'em back, eh?

Yeah, can you bring us another one?

- Number four? Okay.
- Yep.

This is gonna be fun.

- Is it?
- Yeah.

Guys, I was gonna be a doctor.

Hey, so, we really want
to get everyone out there.

You know, having a good time.

So, no one else has a
problem with this? Just me?

Well, I guess the other girls
are just a little more fun.

You need to loosen up a little.

Liquid fun. Palm of your hand.

Come on.

Okay, I mean, you can do what you want,

but Darius says he's gonna cut you

if you don't bring it today.

Romeo wants to get Darius
out of here A.S.A.P.

Wait, okay.

What does Darius want?


He's kind of on the fence.

- The doctor's saying that he...
- Well, that's good.

Well, no, the doctor's saying
that he needs to have surgery,

like, yesterday.


Do you have anyone that we could call?

Just discretely bring in
here for a second opinion.

I do.

I have a buddy in sports medicine.

He's made a career of
keeping players in the game.

I will call him. I
will call him right now.

- Thank you.
- Yep.

Hey, Quinn.

Leave me alone.

I, uh...

I heard about Randy.

What the hell is that?

Hmm? Oh, that's my progeny.

This is the future of the Wilton line.

Want to hold him?

That caterwauling ball
of flesh is the result

of you cheating on me with your wife.

It came out of her vagina.

So no, I don't want to hold it.

Really puts things in perspective.

You know, the whole
circle of life thing.

Yeah, it's true.

Yeah, you raise kids,

teach them everything you know,

and then they grow up
to stab you in the back.

I'd put a pillow over
its face right now.

Still young enough to claim SIDS.


Quinn, it's Jay.

Go away!

Quinn. Talk to me about Randy.

He was a worthless father,
and now he's dead.

Good talk.

You okay?

I'm developing, Chet, okay?

Can't you tell by all my
colorful Post-it notes?

So, you're giving up.

You know, when I wanted the show back,

you fought me tooth and nail,

but now that it's a little
weirdo and dick for brains,

you're just gonna hand it over to them?

This show is our baby.

We got to fight for it.

Hey, Quinn, did you know that Rachel...

Oh, my God, ew, is that a real baby?

What do you need, Jay?

Rachel and Coleman
are acting real shady.

They've got Darius
standing on the sidelines

wearing a full suit looking
like a black Pee-Wee Herman.

How's he gonna play in a suit?

Oh, that's my point.

Rachel's got him commentating.

How am I supposed to turn that
snore-a-thon into a TV show?

I don't know.

But I will figure it out, all right?

Thank you very much.

What is going on with Darius?

Okay, wait a second.

Who's that guy?

He's a messenger.

Okay, keep going.

Stop, stop.

That's not a messenger.

Darius is hurt.

That's why he's not on the field today.

That's... That's big news.

Could affect his career.

We show that he's hurt,

and that's our story.

We medevac him in a helicopter,

girls crying, sirens blaring,

catfighting over who gets to
ride with him to the hospital.

Just your general ratings-spiking,

promo-making television gold.

And if the show tanks,

it did happen on Coleman's watch.

Exactly. Coleman's out.

They come back to me

as the genius who's made the
show for the last 14 seasons,

and then we just pick a new suitor.

Yeah, square jaw, Midwestern type.

And we're back on the air.

What do we have to do
to make this happen?

We get Darius on the
field, and we take him down.

Change of plans, folks.

A quarterback of Darius' caliber

needs to be able to switch up a play

just like that at the very last second,

and that is exactly what
he has done here today.

See, Darius needs a wider
view of his lineups,

both in the booth
calling today's football game

alongside pro football
princess Tiffany James.

Yeah, she's a pro all right.

Princess my foot.
I actually have tiaras.

The girls are on their own.

First team to score, remember,

gets the coveted dinner
date with our prince.

Go get 'em, ladies. Good luck.

The other girls are gonna hate me.

These other girls? These
other girls already hate you.

You're blonde and rich.
Who cares about them?

This is about you and
Darius sitting side by side.

You know what he's gonna know about you?

He's gonna see that you
are the total package.

He's gonna love you. I see it now.


You like that.

Hey. Did you hear from your friend?

- Still in surgery.
- Okay.

All right. Let me know
when you hear from him.

- I got to deal with Romeo.
- I got to deal with this guy here.

- Dominick?
- Hey.

- Hey. Coleman Wasserman.
- Pleasure.

Pleasure's mine. I'm the
new showrunner here.

- Thanks for having us.
- Oh, of course.

- Have a good trip?
- Aww, look! It's a...

Fantastic. We had a great drive up.

- Wait, have you been here before?
- This is our first time.

Hey, guys. How are you? It's my kid.

Uh, I'm excited to get you
all that footage you need.

I got to grab this. Hey, buddy.

Thanks for the call back.
It's been a while, huh?

Ladies, hi.

No. Come on.

Move elsewhere. It's, like, dangerous.

Come on. Go feed somewhere else.

All right, ladies, let's go.

- Let's go.
- Everybody, let's say bye, Chet!

- Bye, baby.
- Bye, Chet.

Bye, Chet.

That's the kind of girl
I was telling you about.

That's a lesson for another time.

That's called a lesbian.

Hello, everyone.

It is a beautiful day

for our first "Everlasting"
powder-puff football playoff.

That's right, Tiffany.

The sun is up, the girls are hot,

and we are all ready to
riff... rip... ri... aah!

Cut. Cut!

Don't worry about it, man. Editing.

It's your first time.
You'll figure it out.

Yeah, I haven't done
anything for the first time

in like 16 years.

I'm better at being the best.

Yeah, I get that pressure.

My dad called me the golden child.

For the first two decades of my life,

I tried to be 18 karat.

Me, too.

Still doing it.

Not me.

I've been working really hard
on letting myself off the hook.

You should try it.

Time out! Time out!

Watch my kid.

All right, pink team, blue team,

come on, come on.

Look alive.

Come on. Huddle up, huddle up. Good.

Nice. Grab a piece. There we go.

Listen, uh, slight change of rules.

Uh, we're gonna bring
Darius into this thing,

and, uh, object: Do not win, okay?

I want you to bring him down.

You can kiss him, you can grab him.

I don't care what you do

as long as you bring
Darius down into the dirt.


Because that's the show.
That's the show.

You know, it's the football player

with the sexy, beautiful girls

bringing him down into the dirt, okay?

And plus, plus, whoever
brings him down first

gets a one-on-one date.

Sound good? Hands in, ladies.


- All right!
- Let's play some ball!

Uh, London, can I have a word?

Um... I understand

Darius, uh, isn't paying
much attention to you.

Yeah, apparently, I need to "bring it."

Uh-huh. Um... come with me.


Okay, yep.

Yep, thank you.

Thank you.

What's the deal, Rach?

I asked for two tickets to LAX tonight.

They told me that you said no.

Yeah, I just need a little
bit more time with Darius.

No, we're out of here tonight.

It's a wrap, Goldberg.

No, come on. No, no.

I just need six episodes total.

Okay? That's only
three more after today.

I mean, I'll just quickly
get it down to the final two.

I can do everything I would've
done in a full season.


I will make his exit ratings gold

with a pot full of contracts

at the end of the rainbow,

which you know makes him happy,

and it's gonna make you look so good.

Come on.

I mean, we made all of this happen.

We can fix it.

I'm just saying, besides...

I missed you.

What are you doing, Rachel?

My God.

- Okay.
- Okay?

- Okay, got one.
- Go ahead, go ahead.

Okay, okay. So, how do you
give a lemon an orgasm?

How do you give a lemon an orgasm?

- Oh.
- Oh.

Uh, we are back, Darius.

No, no. Wait.

We're back.

No, stop, stop. You got to tell me.

How? How?


- No, you give me the punch line.
- I'll give it to you later.

I'll give it to you
later after the game.

Why the hell are you in here
when we're all out there?

I was promised a game
with you, Darius Beck,

and I intend to collect.

You're not scared of playing

with a few girls, are you?

Of course not.

Ah. Then let's play.

Okay, let's play then.


Ladies, ladies, okay. I'm up now.

- Hey, Darius.
- Talk to me.

- I'm good.
- You girls look good out there.

- That's a nice suit.
- Thank you.

Whoa, whoa!

I think I should not
play football in a suit.

We should probably take it off.

- Oh, my God.
- What the hell?

I won! I won!

Are you okay, Darius?

- Are you okay?
- Darius, are you all right?


We'll get you some help right now, okay?

Guys! Somebody...

- Rachel.
- Oh. This is unbelievable.

Oy vey. I talked to my friend.

We do have an option.
It's incredibly risky.

Where the hell is my ambulance?

I mean, Quinn, they said
they were on the way,

but we've cried wolf so many times,

you know they never believe us.

Well, call them again.


Huh? This is fantastic, right?

I mean, he gets taken
away to the hospital,

girls weeping, bedside vigils.

We throw in some sexy nurses.

It's like "Everlasting M.D."

Quinn, this is, like,
a serious situation.

You can't... you can't
do that to his whole life.

He's hurt. You're
gonna wreck his career.

Aww. That's so sad.

This is gonna blow back on you.

Clearly you didn't vet him properly.

He's a professional football player.

Do you think that if his
team couldn't catch it

that we could've?

But legally, you're culpable.

Oh. Oh, let me guess.

Uh, the network promised

that they would support your vision

and put you on a deal,

and said you could develop
whatever you wanted,

and you jumped on it like
the rodent that you are,

and they asked for one
teeny, tinesy little favor.

"'Everlasting" is a cash cow,

but right now, it's a
bit of a train wreck,

so we were just wondering

if you could go in and
maybe fix it up a little"?

Hmm. Well, here's the dealio, boy-chick.

Uh, in a few minutes,

your star is going to be
jumping in an ambulance,

and he's going to get taken away,

and your season is screwed.

So, you can blame me,
you can blame Chet.

I mean, you can even blame Santa Claus.

But the network doesn't care
because all the network knows

is that they put you in charge,

and all of this happened on your watch

because, uh, you're the
showrunner, remember?

Good luck digging
yourself out of this one.

He's here.

Let's go.

I'll distract Romeo.

D, you good?

I've been better. That's for damn sure.

Okay, well, it's about
to get a little bit worse.


Quinn wants to use the
footage of you getting hurt.

- What?! No.
- Yeah, she's got an

ambulance on its way right now.

She's gonna out you.

She's basically gonna say that, um,

you've been lying to
your team this whole time.

That'll kill my career, my
sportscasting gig, all of it.

I know. The media is
gonna be all over this.

You're gonna be a guy that hates women

and lies about his injuries.

Rachel, you got to make this go away.

Look, I'm trying to,

but I'm gonna need you
on board, like, 100%.

I have a doctor that will give you...

He'll give you an epidural.

An epidural?

Yeah, it just... it'll
just block the pain.

I know what an epidural is.

But my doc says I need the pain.

Otherwise, I could
end up in a wheelchair.

Dude, I'm not gonna put
you in any kind of situation

where you can get hurt.

I promise.

I don't know, Rachel.

I don't know. I'm...

Romeo, we talked about it,

and he says it's not worth the risk.

- He says what?
- He says it's not worth the risk.

Is he the one that's
risking his life every week?

But he's always had my back. Always has.

I'm just saying that if
you finish the season,

you're a bona fide star.

You just have to ask yourself
at the end of the day,

what do you want?

What do you want, D?

I support a lot of people, Rachel.

A lot of people.

And Romeo says not to
worry about it, and...

not even worry about him,

not to worry about my mom, my niece.

Just to focus on me.


You feel responsible for them.


Okay, just get the epidural,

you walk out that door,
you put on a smile.

The ambulance is gone, you're not in it.

Your mom's safe, your niece is safe.

The doctor's right outside.

We can fix this right now.

Let's do it.

All right, ladies, come on.

I need my girls with me.
You girls with Madison.

Quickly! Let's go!

You can maybe go through here.

- Ladies!
- Hurry it up. Get over here.

Ladies, come on, come on, come on!

Listen to me!

Hello. Hi. Guess what.

In a short while, Darius
is gonna be leaving

on a stretcher for the hospital.

Okay, it is a very grave situation.

Very grave.

Rachel said he was okay.

Well, Rachel doesn't know
what she's talking about, okay?

- I do.
- Wait, he walks to the..

Hi, hello?

I'm still standing here, okay?

Here's what I need you to understand.

This is a stretcher.

Darius will be on it
going to the hospital,

and it is your fault.

- Wait. What?
- All of you did this to him.

He is in pain.

I need tears, I need weeping,

I need snot running down
your beautiful faces, okay?

You'll glow like cherubs.


I mean, it's as if Taylor
Swift, you know, asked you

to be a part of her girl squad
and then changed her mind.

Oh, my God.

There we go.

All right.

Okay, he's coming out.
Keep up the tears.

Now listen, whoever cries the hardest

gets to ride to the ER with Darius.

Okay? Got it?

All right, let's go, Dan. Come on.

- Okay, all right, ladies.
- Brilliant.

You are still the master.

Okay. Three, two, one.

Why is he not on the gur...

What the hell?

- What?
- He's walking?


What's up? Why so sad?

- What?
- Okay, I'm confused.

Quinn said you were really hurt.

Look, it was just another
day at the office, okay?

If I was hurt, could I do this?

All right, so what's next?

Um, I think I was supposed to be going

on a one-on-one with some lucky lady.

That's... that's me. That's me.

Hey. Ooh.

- Hey.
- Mm.

You're just gorgeous.

Thank you.

Oh, my gosh!

Well, that's something.

How'd you get it that pink?

It's just Pepto-Bismol.

I gave her enough to drown a horse.

- Oh.
- It's fantastic,

and now we're gonna
use the ambulance, okay?

Let's up her sickness,
take her to the hospital.

So tell them to turn the sirens on now.

Excuse me, ladies. Excuse me.

Let's just keep walking.

She threw up on my shoes.

She threw up on my shoes.

But you know what?


What the hell are you actually doing?

- Bro, calm down, okay?
- Calm down?

I saw you throw that ball.
You didn't even wince.

Rachel gave me a shot, okay?

Look, she gave me a shot.
I can finish the show.

I'll be fine. You don't know that.

You think she's gonna wipe
your ass when you're paralyzed?

Drooling away the next 40 years
of your life in some rehab joint.

- Hey, D. Hi.
- We're actually ready for you.

We're moving a little slow, so...

Get out of here, Rachel!

- Ease up, ease up, okay? Ease up.
- It's totally fine. It's totally fine.

You stay on this show,
you're killing yourself,

and I'm not gonna be a part of it.

I mean it, D.


Then you can go.

- What?
- You heard me.

I made my decision.

If you can't support it, then...

Then you're fired.

You can't be serious right now.

I'll talk to him.

I gave my life for Darius.

That's my blood.

You have any idea what that's like?

Of course not.

You just poisoned the best thing

that either one of us ever had.

And for a television show.

Now you have to live with that.

You talk to God about that, Rachel.

Watch your backs.

All right. Here we go. Raising up.

All right, great, here you go.

Take her around the block

because we need her back here
for the elimination ceremony.

Thank you very much.

All right, girls, back in your gowns.

Let's go. Come on.

Okay, ladies, let's head inside
to the green room for touch ups.

- Pick it up.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Thank you.

Chin up. It's not that big of a deal.

Jameson, pick it up. Let's go.

Look at you.

Hit it out for the win,

like there's nothing you can't do.

Okay, Chet. Nothing we can't do.

We're good together.

Working together... side by side,

it reminded me of the
way things used to be.

You know?

I-I should've left
Cynthia the day I met you.

I would've saved
everybody a lot of grief.

You're the love of my life.


I-I want you to trust me, okay?

'Cause I-I have a baby now,
and I've... I've changed.

I'm responsible now.

If we tried this again,
if we tried it again,

it would be a whole new universe.

It would be... it'd
be the one you deserve.

If we're gonna do this, it would be...

Oh, I told them to go around
the corner, not down the drive...

a whole new universe.

Well, who called the cops?


Chet Wilton?

Oh, no. Uh, you know what?

This isn't what it looks
like. I assure you...

You're under arrest for kidnapping

- and child endangerment.
- She's gonna keep... okay.

- Seriously?
- This is ridiculous.

- You stole your kid?
- No. No.

Uh, that's my son, okay?

- Get your hands behind your back.
- That's my son.

- Hey!
- Hands behind your back.

- What is she doing?
- Stand down, stand down.

All right, I'm not... I'm fine.

I meant every word I said.

- Come on.
- Okay?

Every word, Quinn.

What are you doing with my son?

"Everlasting" is about love.

But sometimes, love is about loss.

Letting five of you go feels big.

Like it's the end of one thing

and the beginning of something else.

If I call your name,
come stand beside me.

We'll continue this journey together.

If I don't... well, I
wish you all the best.





Beth Ann.

It's the last one.

Thank you.


So, I'm just a joke?

Drunk Muslim, huh?

You can shove this up your

Come on! Go, go, go!

Follow the drama! Go!


So, this is the party truck, huh?

You found it.

You gonna give me some?

So, I think Rachel hates me.

Join the club.

Why does she hate you?

Oh, you two had a thing, huh?

Yeah, we're, uh...

we're not gonna talk about that.

It's pretty amazing
how she gets everybody

to do the things they do.

You don't know the half of it.

I'd like to know.

All of it.

That would require me getting
to know you a lot better.

Well, in that case, why
don't you give me a tour?

It's a pretty small truck.

Not much to see.

I, um...

I wasn't talking about the truck.

"Everlasting" is about love.

You want a beer?

I'm not your friend.


You showed me, huh?

I guess you can make
this show without me.

Look, Quinn,

I know we're fighting
about work stuff, but...

Work stuff?

What other stuff is there?

That's us.

We work.

And not well.

I'm done.

I'm done with all the
garbage people in my life.

Randy, Chet, and now you.

Um, I'm sorry.

They keep calling the production office.

They want to know what to do

with your father's personal effects.

Just put everything in the
house, throw in a match,

and burn it to the ground.

You're a hard man to find.

You alone?

You mean are there cameras on my ass?

No, they don't follow me.

I'm not a wifey.

Can I sit down?

So, Romeo left, huh?

What happened?

I'm tired of people telling
me what to do, so I let him go.

He's family, Darius.

You can't just let him go.

Hey, what's going on with you?

Seriously, this is just me, okay?

This is not about some game.

Are you okay?

Man, I don't like

what this place is doing to everybody.

Hell, I don't like
what it's doing to me.

What's it doing to you?

Making me care too much
about what other people think.

Like who?

Like you.

Well, that's okay, then.

You're so strong.

I mean, don't get me wrong,

you got a mouth on you and all, but...

A mouth. Okay, grandma.

I spent my entire life

letting other people
make decisions for me.

Not anymore.

It's time I be my own man.

I get that.

It just...

It just feels good to do
something I want to do.

Not to worry for once, to take a chance.

See, that's the guy I want to be.

So do it.

Be that guy.

Are you sure this is
what that guy wants?


This is exactly what that guy wants.

Wasserman, where are you going?

Hey, you.

Want a beer?

Yes, I'd love this.



Thank you.

Are we doing this, Wasserman?