UnREAL (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 10 - Friendly Fire - full transcript

Quinn has a few more tricks up her sleeve before the remaining two Everlasting contestants get their happily ever after, but things take an unexpected turn that could foil her plans.

I just wanted to --
making the final two.

Darius, if you really can't
play anymore,

then you have to
marry Tiffany.

Well, you got Romeo shot.
If you even --

You put our suitor
in the hospital.

The truth incriminates Rachel.

She's the one
who called the cops.

I'm a reporter.
That woman Mary,

who jumped off the roof
last year, that was a murder.

Who's your source?

This piece
will be unstoppable.

I need you
to walk us through it.

We lied,
we covered it up.

Police should've known
when Darius --

'Cause we killed her.

Take the medicine,

I found a place.
We'll work things out

with a therapist
who isn't your mother,

then we are going to
burn this place down.

I saw Coleman sneaking out of
Yael's room this morning.

Hot version of you is stealing
your little boyfriend.

You need something that you
can build an episode on.

Who's your target?

Go away! Oh, my God!
Why would you --?

Quinn, what is it?

You want kids,
and I can't have them.

I won't be anybody's

I have work to do.

Are you really going to
let me walk away?

Coleman knows about Mary.
He's about to expose us.

I am so sorry, Quinn.

We really have to
stop them.


Hey, babe, what's up?

Hands off the keyboard,

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's going on?

My guys have been instructed
to confiscate every piece

of electronic equipment
in this office

and to ferret out any backups
or cloud-based versions

you might have
already uploaded.

why are you doing this?

Uh, I don't know. Maybe because
I don't want to get carted off

to some beautiful

while you take down

I know. I know that that's
what you think is best for me,

but I actually know
what's best for me.

Which is this.
This is crazy, Rachel.

See, that's where you're wrong
again, Coleman.

Um, I'm not crazy.

In fact, I'm smart enough
to call your ex-girlfriend,

who told me that she didn't
break up with you

because you moved
to Hollywood.

No, she actually
broke up with you

when she found that you paid off
some downtrodden Asian extras

to impersonate
the Cambodian sex slaves

in your award-winning


So it turns out that you're just
as full of shit as we are.

Now what's going to happen
is this --

you are going to
keep your mouth shut about us,

we will keep our mouths shut
about you,

and everyone will live
happily ever after.

I win.


Move it.


Tonight on "Everlasting,"

Darius will make his final
choice live on the air.

Okay, now step back, Graham.
This isn't a fricking three-way.

Keep B cam on Tiffany. I want
plenty of snarky eye rolls

and that "I just smelled a fart"
thing she does with her face.

That. Yes. Perfect.
That's perfect.

You're back.

What do you got, Jay?

Got flowers, we've got dresses,
I've got blinding diamond rings.

Actually, I don't have
a horse-drawn carriage

because, apparently,
the Clydesdales dinged
the driveway last season,

but --
Locations was mad.

Okay, whatever.

Everything else
is a romance explosion.

Mmm, that's great.

But people want a shit-show,

If last week's ratings
were any indication,

none of this love-dovey

Whatever happened
to selling true love?

Yeah, that's over.

I want to see a bitch bleed.
Thank you. Let's go.

Let's see what we have today,
shall we, Rachel?

As you can see, I don't
just envision our lives

to just be the two of us.

Vision boards, wow.

I did that when I was
in the third grade.

We can be a beacon of light
for all those around us.

"A beacon of light"?
Who talks like that?

Just light the flame.

Thank you, Chantal.
That was beautiful.

And, uh, last but not least,
Tiffany, you're up.

[ Sighs ]

Darius, I mean, sure

we could hang out at my family's
ranch and ride horses.

Oh, you can hang out
at your ranch. You're so rich.

But the life I envision
for us

is filled with a bit more
adventure than that.

Oh, my God.

Hey, uh, C camera,

could you do a close-up
on Tiffany's ankle, please.

excitement, desire.


Graham: Exciting.

Thank you, Tiffany.
That, uh...

I'll have to -- Sounds exciting.
What are you even talking about?

So, uh, what?

You're screwing her now?

[ Indistinct talking ]

How did you know that?

The anklet.

It's your move.
Your only move, Chet.

You give one to every person
you become infatuated with.

Hell, you even gave one to me
when I was still a PA.

You remembered.

Is Quinn a little jealous?

[ Laughs ]
You wish.

It's a taste issue, Chet.

It was tacky then,
and it's tacky now.

[ Scoffs ]

So I'm supposed to get engaged

to one of these girls?

No, not one of these girls.
To Tiffany.

we talked about this.

It's true, D.

She's got the dad,
the connections.

That's the only reason
I'm back here,

to make sure
this really happens.

You need to get your head
in the game, my brother.

Exactly. And pretty soon,

we're going to have to come
clean about this injury.

So unless you plan on moving out
to the boonies

to like, run a used
car dealership for
the rest of your life,

we need a decision.

Which I thought
we'd already made,

but regardless, we have to prep
for a winner.

I like how you guys
got all the answers.

What now?
[ Door closes ]

It's Tiffany.

Oh! Congratulations!

Mazel Tov.

Uh, yeah.

You know,
I think, uh, Tiffany

is going to be perfect,

Why would -- Wh-what did you
say it like that for?

You know, why don't you
just get back out there, okay?

Because my diamond guy's
setting up.

Just make sure that Tiffany
picks the emerald cut,

'cause like it or not,
that's what she's getting.

And you, why don't you
go do something?

How about you, Wags?

You're just going to
sit there?

Oh, no.
Uh, no, you know I never listen.

Yeah. Why don't you just
make yourself busy?

I will.
[ Clears throat ]

Now let the real work begin.
You ready to do this?

Born ready.
What do you got?

Well, I need you to produce Yael
to get her ass back on camera.


I need her
for the finale.

That girl hates me.

I made her shit her pants
on national television.

[ Laughs ] I know.
It was fantastic.

But she's part
of a much larger plan, okay?

Trust me.
It's going to be epic.


They're only letting you
keep the car

'cause nobody else
wanted it.

I can't believe you could even
show your face to me.

You have balls.
Oh, my God,
you're such a dick, dude.

Hot Rachel?
I mean, seriously?

You just couldn't
control yourself.

Oh, you had just revealed
some fairly alarming details

about your mother, about Mary,
about who you really are.

I'd say the instinct to run away
from all that's pretty human.

Oh. So I'm just too damaged
to bring to your Puritan,

stick-in-the-ass family wedding
in Chilmark?

That's just not what my family
is about.

And your family knows,

That your whole career
is based on lies?

Do they?

I'm not going to let you
touch this place.

Because this "Everlasting"
is all you have left now.

That's sad.

And Quinn
and all the other vagabond...

...orphan misfits
that work here,

they are the only people
who will ever accept you

for the broken, damaged,
vile person that you are.

All right, guys, you can
take him away now, thank you.

I promise you
this is not over.
Let's go.


O0 C1
"Riin the bellies of womends
whiall over the world.ies

[ Sighs ]
Now, if Darius decides to take
that next step

with either one of you tonight
on live TV,

then one of these beautiful
baubles could be yours.

Tiffany: Oh, my God!
Chantal: Oh, my God!

Hmm. Distract them
with sparkles.

These are gorgeous!
Oh, my gosh.
Look at this one!
That is amazing.

Hey. You wanted me?

Yes. Uh,
go get Tiffany for me.

Yeah, but they're doing
the diamond --
Right now.

Yep. Okay.

[ Knock on door ]



All right, look,
I know I'm probably

the last person you want to see
right now.

You poisoned me.

You humiliated me
on national television,

and you and Quinn just,
what, laughed about it?

And I'm sorry, okay?

It was all my idea,
and I know that it was wrong.

Uh, Quinn just wants to speak
to you right over there.

Oh. Is -- Okay.
Thank you. Yeah.

Hi. Hey, Quinn.

Hi. Uh, okay,
here's the deal.

Technically, I'm not supposed to
be telling you this,

but...it's you.

Darius is picking you.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!
Oh, my God.

That's amazing.

It is, isn't it?

And yet, there's more.

Um, not only is Darius
going to propose to you,

but he wants to marry you
tonight on live television.

Oh, my God.
That's unbelievable.

It is unbelievable,
isn't it?

So you're going to need to get
your family here right away.

Okay, yeah, yeah. Absolutely.
I'll call my dad right now.

He's going to be
so stoked.

Oh, I bet.
[ Laughs ]

Thank you.
I cannot say that enough.

Oh, you can, actually.

And there's --
there's one more thing.

I'm going to need you
to dump Chet.

What are you...talking about?
I'm not...

Uh, Tiffany?

That really
can't be happening

if you're going to marry Darius
now, can it?

You're absolutely right.

Consider it done.
Oh, I do.

Hey, can we just be honest
for one second?

Probably just a lot of, like,
internalized misogyny,

you know, like I hate you
but I really hate myself.

I mean, I'm a feminist,
and this is what I do.

No, do not try to
Sarah Lawrence me.

I'm not an idiot.
You're dangerous.

And from what Coleman tells me,
you're actually crazy,

which makes you
even more dangerous.

Okay, so, um, can I at least try
to make it up to you?

'Cause I could help you change
the narrative if you wanted.

Quinn needs somebody
to go on camera tonight

to confront Tiffany
about some hidden secret.

You could be
the truth teller.

So you want me
to go on television

and shame another girl just to
get the focus off of myself?

This is what's wrong
with America,

women constantly hurting
other women.

Got it, Hillary,
no problem.

I was just trying to tell you
that all of that cameras

would be focused on you,
every eye in America.

You would be the star.

Isn't that really why you
came here in the first place?

Just saying there's a lot more
you can get out of this show,

besides a husband.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ]

Quinn, I don't understand.

You told both the girls
that they're going to win.

Of course I did.

And that Darius
wants to marry them.

Ugh. Listen to me.

Last season,
when Anna was triumphantly

walking up the staircase and
wearing that poof of a dress,

I realized I could never
see a finale any other way.

And what is better
than one bride?

Two brides?

But does Darius even know?
Uh, listen, numbnuts.

You want a seat at
the grownup table or not?

So badly.
Then pay attention, okay?

The suitor fake-proposing
to one of these bimbos

might've been interesting
14 seasons ago,

but now we have an obligation
to our viewers.

We have to escalate the tension,
up the stakes,

complicate the story.

Two brides.

Darius is backed into a corner,
he has to pick Tiffany,

leaving Chantal humiliated,

and all in that beautiful
Vera Wang dress,

making it that much more

Wait, but --
but Chantal's my girl.

Ugh. Trust me,
you don't want Tiffany, either.

Why not?

Because once Tiffany is safely
ensconced as Mrs. Darius Beck,

we bring back the storm of poop
[laughs] that is Yael,

and she reveals that Tiffany

has secretly been sleeping
with the executive producer.

What? Quinn!

It is blood on the floor,
an abattoir ratings bonanza.

You're incredible.
Yes. I am.

Chantal does have
a dying grandma.

I could absolutely
get her here.
Oh, see, now we're talking.

Good job, go, go, go.
Now we both lose,
you little idiot.

Neither of our girls win.

Actually, Darius
will be marrying Tiffany,

so that is a win.

Oh, just relax.
I'll give you the bonus.

You two can split it.
[ Scoffs ]

So that's it, huh?
This is just what we do

at the end of every season now,
just humiliate the suitor?

Now, that is a show
that I would watch.

Can't you see how unfair this is
to Darius, Quinn?

After everything we put him
through, he deserves an ending.

This is an ending...
just not a happy one,

but it's about as real
as it gets.

[ Door opens ]


Oh, my God, Chet?

Chet, what are you
doing here?

That's not sexy at all.

What are you doing?

I just wanted to drop by
and tell you

that, you know,
I get it.

You get it?

Wow. Okay. [ Laughs ]

Okay, well, that -- that
makes things really easy.

Did Quinn talk to you?
No, she didn't have to.

I know you got to
play the game.

Hell, I created the game.

[ Chuckles ]
All right, well, uh,

thanks for being
so understanding.

Do all the talk shows and get
the covers of all the magazines,

couple of beaucoup endorsements,
make a lot of money,

and then you break off
the engagement.

Happens every year.


Uh, Chet, you know what?

Uh, I have to tell you


You know, Darius doesn't just
want to get engaged tonight,

he wants to get married.

And I'm going to say yes.

Even better.
Yeah, you'll get an annulment.

This thing, we can draw it out

I mean, that's --
that's brilliant.

No, Chet, I'm going to marry
Darius tonight

for real.

Believe it or not,
I love him.

I re-- I really am sorry,
but, I mean,

when you really think about it,
it's --

it's not like we ever
really started anything.

It was ridiculous.

It was really comforting.


But we have to end it.

I'm sorry, I -- I -- I have to
finish getting ready, okay?

Yael's in.

[ Laughs ] See?
You really can do anything.

Oh, my God, it was so easy.
It was textbook narcissist.

You know, I don't really
understand what he sees in her.

What are you talking about?

He sees me,

only younger,
hotter, less damaged.

Exactly. Not you.

Guy's an idiot.

Now I'm the idiot.

I blew it.

Just like my mom said
I would.

What do you mean,
like your mom said?

Come on.

Coleman hacked your phone
and tried to put me in jail,

so how did you
mess that up?

I just told him all this...
this stuff.

You know,
like stuff that --

that happened to me
when I was a kid.

I --

life lesson right there.


Screw Coleman.

And screw your mom.

'Cause believe it or not,

all that crap
that happened to you

made you
exactly who you are.

And you're perfect.


[ Engine shuts off ]

[ Car door shuts ]


Hey, man,
this seat taken?

Come on, man.
Let me buy you a drink.

Bartender: How's it going?
Uh, back him up.

For you?
No, I'm good, thanks.

You want a drink, man, there's a
douche bag bar down the street.

That's funny.

No, seriously.

You ran me out of a job.
What more do you want?

I did you a favor.
"Everlasting" is a hell-hole,

Rachel's a wrecking ball who
leaves nothing but devastation

in her wake.
[ Laughs ]

She dumped you.

That was --
that was fast.

Not exactly.

I have a plan.
I'm gonna shut that show down.

You want to help me?

What do you have in mind?

O0 C1
We're getting closer to Darius'
final choice, tonight, live.

Obviously, he has
a very big decision to make,

and we have some big surprises
in store.

Oh, you have no idea what kind
of surprises, Graham.

You're going to be excited.
You might even get a hard-on.

But first,
let's take a look back

at Tiffany and Chantal's

two journeys which each began
with one simple step.

Oh, this is going to be
so exciting.

Cue the packages.

Tiffany: When are you going to
get out the box

and start using
your damn legs?

Ugh. The fact that I have to
watch this stuff again

nauseates me.

So we got
Chantal's grandma.

She's in a car,
she's on her way.

She has no idea what's coming,
does she?

Do you ever feel bad about
what we do to these girls?

Darius: Oh, my God!
Darius, I'm so sorry!


No, we don't. Okay.

Hey, hey, eyes up here.

She's a moron.

That's a cut.
That sucked. I -- I --

No, it was good.
No, I'm not in the moment here,
just hold on.

No, it was great.
We're going to move on.
I need another take,
I'm not feeling it.

We're not doing
another take.
I saw images of, like,
other shit.


Hey, how you doing?

no thanks to you.

Okay, uh, well,
today is the last day,

so I just wanted to come over
and say that, um...

I was sorry, you know,
about the cops and Romeo.

Should've never listened
to you.

When I pulled up in that limo,
day one,

I should've seen that do-gooder,
white girl, crazy-eyed look

and run right then.

I would've really loved
to have run with you.

Now I'm supposed to feel sorry
for you?
No, no, no, no.
I just wish that --

You know what I wish? That I
could still be playing football.

Yeah, that I was actually
proposing to a woman

that I love, that I could have
played the game and won.

But I get it.

Yeah, I get it, I get it.
Nothing's real.

It's all a facade.

So I'll play that.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]
Romeo, hi.


You got me shot,
so we don't talk again.

That's how this works.

You ready, D?


[ Door opens ]
Coleman: How you doing?

Long day, huh?


How did you get in here?

PA doesn't know I was fired.

What's going on?

So Rachel's out, and they
confiscated the footage.

What?! Coleman,
how did you let that happen?

Hold on, it's not over yet,
and that's why we're here.

Yeah, uh,
Coleman thought that,

uh, maybe I could use
some media training,

you and I get our stories

When they let you out of here,
I'm taking you and Jeremy,

and my buddy at CNN, we're
going to blow the lid
off this thing tonight.

This story coming from you two,
I think, is going to be big.

Us two?
I can't go public.

That's a -- that's a whole
nother story. Look,
we got a couple hours.

I want to prep both of you right
now, make sure we have our --

Wait a minute.
We might not need CNN.

They've asked me to
appear live tonight.

Wait, how --
how'd you finagle this?

I didn't finagle anything.
Rachel just asked me.

She practically begged me.
They're trying to screw over
the bride-to-be.

It's so stupid.

Come on, she just got out
of a psych ward.

She's a little crazy.

Rachel was in
a mental hospital?

You don't -- Oh, yeah.

Okay, so, so, Romeo got shot,
she lost her mind,

she called her mom, her mom
put her in the hospital

and on these drugs.
She was out of her mind.

So when I finally
got her out of here,

she thought that was a good time
to tell me

about some crazy
childhood rape.

At the hands of one of
her mother's patients.

I mean, with a mother like that,
what do you expect?

Hey, you dodged a bullet
on that one, am I right?

Uh, yeah. Um...

Yeah, I didn't know
about that.

Rachel: Hey, I've been trying to
get you on the walkie.

I turned it off.

What's going on?

I'm just over it.
What are you talking about?

You know I actually
let myselfieve

we were doing something
good here this season?

With a black suitor?

Now we're straight-up screwing
Darius over and for what?

Half a bonus I have to split
with Madison

and Darius gets nothing.

Not Tiffany, not Chantal,

he can't even play football

Just another Caucasian savior
making history,

and you're just willing
to blow it up just like that.

So what if there
was another way?

This is so exciting.

We're all going to
be on live TV?

And my Chantal
is getting married.

Aw! Look at that.

Her grandma made it,
tubes and all.

Who is that old guy
in the front row?

That is Tiffany's dad.

If you had more grey hair,

it'd be like looking
in the mirror, huh?

[ Laughter ]

Go ahead, laugh all you want.
Laugh all you want.

You produced Tiffany
to marry Darius.

That means
you're a little jealous.

You know, not everything
is about you, Chet.

And yet --
And yet,
not jealous, okay?

Not when I have all of this,
which is about to explode.

[ Speaks indistinctly ]
Pooh! [ Laughs ]

Rachel? Rachel?

What -- What are you doing here?
You're not supposed to be here.

I know. I know. I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry about everything.

You're sorry for what,
beating me up? You know
you're not supposed to be here.

Look, I know, I know.
This is important.

Just hear me out.
What are you
talking about?

I'm sorry.
Coleman told me.

Him and Yael, they --
I know all about them.

No, no, you don't.
She's -- She's a reporter.

And she's about to go on live TV
and tell the whole world

that we killed Mary.

O0 C1
She sells seashells
down by the seashore.

A big black bug
bit a big black bear

in the a big black butt, and the
big black butt bled black blood.

Okay, so, you know, you do
look absolutely amazing.

Thank you, Madison.
You look cute.


So you know what to say,

Oh, yeah, I know exactly
what I'm going to say.

So you just wait
till they say the vows

and the I do's,
and that's our cue.

Yep. All good.

Oh, my God.

I got to do something.

Um, there she is.

All right, Jeremy,
you got to go.

No. No. Let me stay.

Okay, just meet me in the
camera truck in five minutes.

All right.

Okay, people, showtime.

Here's my count.
Ready? In 3, 2, 1.

Welcome back to "Everlasting,"
where love always finds a way.

We've come to the end
of our journey of love,

a journey...
Romeo: These people have no idea
what goes on here,

like what they did to you.

Let's just get
what we came for.

You good?
I'm good.

I don't have a choice,

Not really.

[ Whispers ] Madison.

Hey, uh, Quinn wants
you to check in on
Chantal's grandmother.

Oh, my God,
is she suffocating?

Oh, my God, she's having
a really hard time breathing.

No, no, no, no, no.

Tonight is a very special
evening here on "Everlasting,"

not only for our contestants,
but also for me personally.

this is not about you.

You are
an insignificant turd,

so come on,
let's get on with the show.
Ladies and gentlemen...

What are you up to,

Hey. Uh, I don't know
where I'm supposed to sit.


You're a rat.

Excuse me?

You're a sweaty,
tabloid hack.

Jeremy sold me out.

Oh, no, he didn't sell.
He knows exactly what you're
worth -- He gave you away.

Hi, can we get security here,

Fine. You can stop me
from being on the show,

but you can't stop me
from telling the world
what you people do.

Hi, yeah, can we get her
in a room, please?

Let's lock the door and make
sure no one comes in. Thank you.

You can't shut me up,

His decision cannot be any
harder, ladies and gentlemen.

Of course,
we have debutante Chantal

or pro-football royalty

Who will Darius choose?

I say we find out, shall we?

Because here he is --
Darius Beck.

[ Applause ]

Ah, here we go.

Where the hell
have you been?

Just a couple
last-minute issues.

Everything's fine.

Yeah, well, it better be.

Where's Rachel?

I don't know.

But we have to go exclusive with
whoever can get here first.


Great. Love it.
I'll see you soon.

In an "Everlasting" surprise,
this evening,

we will not be having
a proposal...

but instead,
with Darius' special request,

we're going to be
having a wedding.

[ Cheers and applause ]
Wait, what?

Look at his face.

Graham: Remember,
you're on live television.

Okay, come on, here we go.

Cue the music,
cue the dry ice.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.


Oh! Two brides!




What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

[ Laughing ]
This is my wedding day.

What do you think
this is?

Yes! Yes!

Bride-on-bride cat fight!

This is fantastic.

I was specifically told.
You heard something wrong.

They specifically told me.
Oh, hold on.

Hey, uh, we have to
cut to commercial.

Go to commercial right now.

Okay, that's a cut
for commercial.

Dan! What the heck!
Great job. Hi.

[ All shouting ]
What is this?

I didn't know, either.
I thought there was only
going to be one of you.

Great idea with the curtain!

Okay. Come on.
Let's get this down.

Oh, this is fantastic,
you guys.

Oop. Wait, what is that?

Who sidelined my girl?

Where's Rachel?

Coleman? Hi.
And then --

Hi. You should just
give it a rest, okay?

Yael's on lockdown.

Well, that is until our reporter
from Entertainment Weekly

gets here.
What does that mean?

Uh, it seems
that they got wind

of how she lied her way
onto the show.

Yeah, yeah, and they're going to
do an article discrediting her,

so from here on end,
nobody's going to believe a word

that comes out of her mouth.

Is that what you think?

No, I don't think.
I know.

Okay, you guys look good.
[ All shouting ]

Okay, we're live
in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Action.


Oh, he's perfect.

Well, the man's an athlete.
He's a quarterback.

What does that have to do
with him being able to smile?

Darius, um, you obviously have
a very big decision to make.

What are you
going to do?

Okay. Go ahead.
Discredit Yael.

I'll just come forward
Oh, really?

I'll admit
I faked the documentary.

And why would you
do that?

That's mea culpa.

And then who better
to expose the seedy underbelly

of what you do here than someone
who knows exactly how it's done?

Yeah, except that you
would never do it,

because it's too big
of a risk.
Watch me.

I'll burn your empire
to the ground.

And you
and your fellow sociopaths

will go to jail
where you belong.

What was your plan?
What were you going to do?

'Cause you can't keep Yael
past wrap. What then?

'Cause we're actually
going to go to the press

and tell them just how far
you'll go

to make
really bad television.

And there's not one damn thing
you can do about that.

I win.

[ Chuckles ]

Go to your little finale
and enjoy it.

It'll be your last one.

[ Door closes ]

O0 C1
We need an anQuinn:Darius,
nWhat the hell is he doing?

He looks like a sheep.

It's called a panic attack,

Oh, please, okay.

Come on,
just pick Tiffany.

I think I need a moment to, uh,
consult with my best man.

Of course.

What's the hold-up?
[ Sighs ]

Ladies and gentlemen...
This is some B.S.
I'm out of here.

D, no.
No, no, no, no.

They want me
to get married?

Man, this is not
what I signed up for.

Look, we're almost there.

So what I'm going to need
for you to do is make a choice.

I need you to do it now.

...millions of you at home
are watching, praying...

No, no, no no way,
this is TV, okay?

Marriage is for real,

I'm not doing it.
Look, you can annul later.

Just do it.

We do not want this to end
in a PR disaster.

Look, these girls brought
their families, okay,

so it's real for them, too.

I can't,
not if I don't mean it.

Then mean it.
Here we go.

With that being said, Darius,
have you made your decision?

Which one of our beautiful
ladies are you going to marry?

We've been on quite a journey
together, haven't we?


I can't.
But, wait, did you...?

Ever since
the day we started...

I need you for a second.

Come here.

No, I --
Jay, take over.

What the?

Look, I tried to stop them,
but Yael and Coleman

are going to the press tonight
as soon as the finale's over.

They're going to take down
the show, Quinn. We're
all going to jail.

And there's nothing
that I could do.

We are in the middle
of a live finale,

which I am producing, okay,
so just go and handle it.

I don't care, all right.

We said we were going to take
him down, so take him down.

Your dragon. Go.

Two beautiful women...

Uh, hey, Madison?

I need you to go and get
yourself, uh, pretty, okay?

Get camera-ready,

because you are going to drop
the hammer on Tiffany, so go.

Go, go, go, go, go.

♪ Jealousy ♪

Oh, please,
get over it!

It's obvious,
I know what I have to do,

because when I get married,
it's going to be forever,

it's going to be real.

I care so much
for each one of you --

He's doing it again, you know,
every time with Graham.

Um, I don't think...

Can I help you?


I'm gonna get out of here.
Hey, Madison, have a seat.

I know I have decision
that I have to make,

and I'm going to make
the decision right here,

right now.

So in good conscious,

I just can't marry
either one of you.


What the hell
is she doing here?


[ Gasps ]

What is happening?
What are you doing here?

Are you okay?

Do you know how long it's been
since someone asked me that?

Jay told me
you were in trouble.

You might have something
that you want to say to me?

You have no idea.

First I want to say to you,
in front of God,

in front of everybody, um,
I never should've cut you.

It was a huge,
huge mistake.

Good for him.
Look at that.

Something real is actually
happening on "Everlasting."

Hey, Quinn,
do you still want me to...

You've always told the truth,

That's what I've always loved
about you.

So now it's my turn.

Oh, my God.
Oh, hell, no.

Ruby Carter,
will you marry me?

[ Cheers and applause ]


[ Chuckles ]

Say yes.


A wedding?
Come on.

Why not?

We've known each other
for nine weeks.

Well, that's crazy.

Come back up here.

What I feel for you,
Darius, that's real.

I love you.

And you know that.

So let's get away
from all these cameras

and see what's there,

see what we can have together
for real, just you and me.


Come here.

[ Laughs ]

[ Cheers and applause ]


Now, that is true love.

True love...

Who gets that?

Ladies and gentlemen,
that's love.

[ Cheers and applause ]


All right, guys, let's --
let's head outside, okay?

Quinn, are you okay?

[ Scoffs ]

Not a chance, man.
Show's over, and we're out.

Hold on.
Let me check it out.

[ Sighs ]

Thank you.

All right, let's roll.


Hey, hey, Rach.

Hey, so, um, I think you should
just really leave.

I mean, it's over.
Yael and Coleman,

they're going to, like,
go to the press tonight.

Okay, and there's like --
I -- I -- I just don't even know

what we could say
to discredit them at this point.

They're basically
like this bomb

that knows every single thing
that we've ever done.

[ Sighs ] Maybe it's,
like, the right thing,

you know,
maybe it's for the best?


Or maybe I should just,
like, go to jail.

I don't know.

I mean, I actually might,
in fact, be crazy.

I mean, crazy people
do horrible things,

and I've done
horrible things.

I mean, you know that
better than anybody.

You know.
I didn't know.

Rach, I didn't know what
happened to you before.

I mean, is that when your mom
started treating you,

'cause of that?

God, how dumb?
I just trusted her.

I didn't know.
I was just so angry,

and I -- I love you so much
and I'd do anything for you.

And I just thought --

Look, I mean, we're just over,
Jeremy, okay?

You know that.
It's over.

No way that we're ever going to
come back from that,

and this whole thing
is about to come out.

I know, I know, I know.

It's -- I mean --
Just please.

I mean,
we could try --

No, we can't, dude!
We are all going to jail!

Do you not get it?

Okay? There is nothing that
anybody can do to stop it!

Oh, my God,
this is all my fault.

O0 C1 ♪♪
[ Engine starts ]

Tiffany: I mean,
how could he do this?

Chantal: He promised.

It was supposed to be one of
us, either you or me.

Yes, but not her.

And it's like they knew
that he was tricking us.

Like using us.
Like using us.

Come here, beautiful.

All right, guys,
get ready.

Good job.
You, too.

This is what you wanted
for the season, Rach.

It's all me.


Graham: There are so few times
in your life

when you know you made
the right choice,

when you've met
that special person

that changes the course
of your life

and when regret
is a thing of the past.

Oh, "Just Married."

Let's leave it up there
for now.

See how it feels.

[ Laughs ]


They gonna be poor.

They're gonna be happy.

Happy is better.

This is one of those times.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Cut. That's a wrap.

[ Bell rings ]

Okay, everyone, let's get out
of here before daylight.

Hey, Rach?


Good job.


♪ Oh, my love,
I think I'm drowning ♪

♪ Take me down into the sea ♪
I want you to know
whatever happens,

you're my family.

I love you.

We'll always
have each other.

We'll always have that.

♪ Won't you come rescue me? ♪

[ Knock on door ]

♪ Spend my mornings
just searching ♪

♪ Wandering
down these roads alone ♪

Ha-ha. Look at you.

As it turns out, you were
the showrunner, after all.

Uh, Quinn?

No, you nailed it.

Black suitor, black wifey.

It's like a real life
fairy tale.

History made.

Look, Quinn, I'm --
I'm really sorry.

I tried, but...

So it's over?

Well...it was only
a matter of time.

At least we went out
with a bang, huh?

[ Chuckles ]
[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Guys, uh, Jeremy has something
to tell you.

Um...you don't ever have to
worry about them again.

I told you
I'd do anything.

♪ Oooh ♪

Man: We have live breaking news
at 11:00.

Emergency crews are on the
scene of a single-car accident

at Baywood Canyon Road.

There are no reports yet on
the condition of the occupants.

We will be updating you
with more details

as they become available.

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Save me, my love ♪

♪ Say you'll come ♪

♪ And rescue me ♪