UnREAL (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 7 - Savior - full transcript

When tragedy strikes the set, the contestants and everyone behind the scenes are all affected.

- Graham: Welcome to "Everlasting." - [Cheers and applause]

- Why'd you come back? - I wanted to see you.

Maybe we should postpone the wedding.

- This is about Rachel. - Maybe.

- Mary's a freaking robot. - I'm surprised she can feel anything

with all the mood stabilizers she's on.

My doctor told me never to mix this with this,

but I feel amazing.

- Mm. - Mary: So excited.

I get to see my little girl, and she gets to meet Adam.

My sister.

Who let Shia talk me into this family playdate?

She's got an ex-husband, right?

He hit her. He basically, you know, broke Lily Belle's arms.

We could bring him in.

I mean, it could help Mary get a little bit of closure, I guess.

- Someone please make him leave. - Kirk: It's not right, Mary. I just...

- Hold on, mate. - Shut up! You know what?

Something's wrong. It's Mary. Somehow, she got on the roof.

Give me your hand right now.

Mary! Wait!

Rachel... Rach.

I had her hand.

- Hey. - I had her.

It's okay.

It's okay. Hey.

Hey, it's gonna be all right.

Come on.

Let's go.

Jay: Oh, my God. What happened?

It's all right. Get those girls to a room and make them stay there,

and tell them they cannot speak to anybody but Chet or me.

- What do we tell them? - The truth, all right?

You don't know jack. Go.

Shia, did you hear me?

- Um, Mary, - Shia,

- what... - get those girls out of here now.

- Where are we going? - Jay: Faster, faster. Come on, girls.

Is somebody going to tell us what's going on?

They haven't told us for eight weeks,

- why start now? - Hey!

- [Sirens wailing in distance] - Yeah, come on, Shia, just say.

- What's up with the sirens? - I'm not really sure. Sorry.

- Faith: Come on. You know. You work here. - Look at her... she's lying.

You know what, ladies? Let's just... let's just keep it moving, all right?

Adam: What the hell is going on?

Everything's all right. Just go back to your room, Adam.

- Rachel, are you okay? What happened? - She's gonna be fine.

Over here!

Madison: Quinn just wants everyone in their room.

No, not until somebody explains to me what the hell is...

[Voice breaking] Adam, please stop, okay?

[Wailing sirens continue]

Okay, girls, hurry it up, please.

Everyone in. Come on. Come on.

- Okay. - Thank you.

Hey, can we get, um, a few...

There's a cop car and an ambulance out there.

When my dad died, they called an ambulance for no reason.

It was... It was all for show.

This is obviously a stunt.

Come here. Come here. Are you okay?

Just look at me, all right?

She's dead, isn't she?

Listen, we are so supremely screwed right now.

I need you to stay strong, okay?

What happened?

Th-The whole thing with Kirk... this is on us.

- This is our fault. - Okay, okay.

Come here, come here.

[Sighs, sniffles]

- Anyone seen Mary? - Uh-uh.

- No. - Maybe something's wrong with her.

I bet she's just with Adam. I mean, she just won the date.

They probably want us sitting around dissing her 'cause we're jealous.

Typical, it's all made up. 100% delusional.

No, I don't know. This... this seems real to me.

- It always looks real. - This is different.

There are... there are no cameras there.

- They're... they're not shooting it. - [Police radio chatter]

You guys, she's right. There's no cameras out there.

Or in here.

- Oh, okay. Here we go. - [Computer chimes]

Now, remember, it's the network, so keep it upbeat,

but also, somebody died.

- Yeah, okay. - Okay.

- [Ringing] - Oh, God.


Two deaths in one season.

First Anna's dad, and now this.

- So? - It's out there.

Okay, here we go. Hey, Brad.

Chet: Sorry to get you up.

What the hell's going on? It's 2:00 A.M.

Uh, a little bit of a situation here.

Uh, uh, one of our c-cast members passed away... Mary.

Oh, well, oh, my God, I'm... I'm so sorry.

She... she was a black girl, right?

No. The mom.

[Indistinct conversation]

[Police radio chatter]


Hey, Rachel, uh, I got to talk to you.

Yeah, what is it, Shia?

Look, it's just Mary... I don't know what to think.

I know, sweetie, we're all asking ourselves the same thing.

No, no, I got to talk this through, and you got to listen.

Rachel Goldberg?


I need to get a statement.

All right.

Brad: I'm gonna call Legal. We'll deal with the family.

You let your people know, but I want to zip this thing up airtight, all right?

That means no Twitter

- and no Instagram pics. - Got it.

I'll be up there on the first flight in the morning,

so you send the crew home but hold the cast.

And I do not want a single frame shot

until we are back up, understood?

Okay. Brad, about how long are we talking about here?

A week, a month... no idea, and I won't know

until we get Legal up there and see what's happening.

- Uh-huh. - Right, of... of course,

but we don't want the cast

- to stew on this. - Forget it, Quinn,

okay? You're shut down.

You hear me? All right.

I'll see you tomorrow.

[Computer chimes]



Woman: You have 20 minutes to break it down now.

[Electricity hums]

You can't hold me here like a prisoner.

I'm not Edward Snowden. This is a game show.

You love this, don't you? You

- really love it. - I got it. Thanks.

What the hell is going on?

- I... I do not like being lied to. - Nobody's lying to you.

We're just trying to figure out what happened,

and until we do, we just need everybody to stay...

- No, don't try to spin me. - Mary killed herself.

She seem... I mean, she was happy. I...

Even after Kirk came, she seemed fine. I...

I know. We talked, I thought I had her, but...

You know, I'm okay.

I... I just have to try and stay focused,

- so... - Yeah.

It would be really great if you could just

talk to the rest of the cast, the girls.

Me? No, no. I don't think that would...

I really think it needs to come from somebody that they know and trust.

That's insane. I'm not a grief counselor, for God's sake.

I'm... I'm English.

Look, you've just been there for them for so many things,

you know, like Anna's dad, that whole thing with Faith,

and you took a hit for Mary, literally. That means something.

Yeah, but, I mean, those things weren't...

this is... I mean, she's... she's dead.

I don't know what to do about that,

and I certainly don't know what to say.

Just tell them the truth.

[Door opens]

- Rachel: Dude, Shia. - Rachel.

- This is... This is bad. - I know.

- What happened's so bad. - I... I know.

- This is on me, okay? - I know that.

- I called Kirk. I got it. - No, no, no, no.

Mary... Mary was my girl, and I, um...

You what?

Her... her meds. They were making her like a zombie.

Dude, she wasn't a zombie yesterday.

She was hyper. She was all over the place.

Because... that's 'cause she went off her meds.

- Shia, did she tell you that? - I was trying to help her.

She was never gonna win if she stayed on those things.

Okay, so did you ask her to get off of her medication?

Is that what you're saying?

I... I swapped out a few of her pills.

You what?

No, look, it was just for a couple of days.

You saw her. She came alive on camera.

I got her off the sidelines and into the game.

- I delivered a win. - No, you didn't. You delivered a body.

- I only did what you would've done. - I would have never

done something like that.

That's the problem with you, Shia. You always cross the line.

Don't give me that. You and Quinn don't have a line,

- and you know it. - Are you kidding me? Of course we do.

We'd never put somebody's life at risk.

You called Kirk.

- You even said it was your call. - Kirk didn't kill her, you did.

- I got to get out of here. - No.

No, this place is on lockdown,

and I am not gonna lie for you.

You don't have to lie, just don't say anything.

You need to call Quinn. You need to tell the police.

The whole show could go down.

- We could all go to jail. - We really don't have a choice, Shia.

My God.

Look, what's gonna happen to us?

[Birds chirping]


Quinn, can I... can I talk to you?

Not now.

Mm, I wouldn't wait.

Come on.

Uh, hi, everyone. Uh...

Hey sorry, I know this has been a really long night.

Um, and, uh, I don't really know how to say this...

Uh, one of our own, Mary... she took her own life.

- [Woman gasps] - Oh, no.

So, I can imagine we're all in a lot of shock right now,

and, uh, this is just a very, very sad day.


Uh, thank you. Thank you, Adam.

You are very kind.

Uh, we are going to stop shooting

for a little while, ladies.

Uh, Dr. Wagerstein is available if you need her.

We're a family, and we are going to get through this together.

[Indistinct conversations]

I just feel so terrible.

I thought that she was being selfish yesterday,

but... you know, something was really wrong,

and I didn't... I didn't realize.

- I can't believe it. I can't. Why? - Who knows?

Sometimes, you just never know what's going on with people.

You didn't even like her.

You don't even seem torn up about it.

What are you talking about?

You're not even crying.

What are you, just, like, happy

that there's less competition?

Maya, I've seen more death in my life than I care to think about.

I've learned to deal with it in my own way, okay?

Hey, everyone, where I'm from, we always pray on a hard time.

And I thought that some of y'all would like to join me in a prayer.

Grab hands, okay?

Dear Lord, today we lost a beautiful soul

who always shined so bright.

Please accept her into your glory

and protect her little one,

- This is for you. - Lily Belle, from harm.

Quinn: Rachel, get in here. I need you now.

We could be talking murder charges.

[Voice breaking] I want to go home.

I... I think I need a lawyer.

No, um, no...

no lawyers, all right?

You are in no condition to go home.

I'm gonna fix this for you, okay?

But you got to trust me.

Now get yourself cleaned up.

Use my bathroom.



Jay, get a car. Now.

- Hey, Brad. - Hey.

- Glad you're here. - Yeah.

Despite the circumstances.

No, you're just going along one day, and then... this.

You remember Sandy, our general counsel, and Judith from Legal.


Rachel: We have to call the police, I mean, I know

that Shia's gonna get in trouble. We're all gonna get in trouble,

- but this is crazy serious. - Mary took her own life...

end of story.

No, no. Quinn, we have to

- take responsibility. Yes, we do have to. - No, we don't have to do anything.

- Shia switched out her meds, now Mary... - Mary killed herself.

- It is our responsibility. - Okay,

you want to turn this into a homicide?

This show has zero chance of coming back.

- It dies along with Mary. - Who... who gives a shit about a TV show?

- We're talking about somebody's life here. - Well, I am talking about

more than one life... 170 people will lose their jobs if this show goes down.

Eddie and Frank will have to pull their kids out of college.

And why? Because we made Mary jump?

No. What about the millions of other people who take those pills?

Nobody skips a couple of days

- and they don't live. - Quinn, that's not

- the same thing. It's totally different. - Listen, come on, all right. Listen to me,

the truth is we are never going to know why she took her life...

- the pills, Kirk, the voices in her head. - I don't even think that

- it's for us to decide something... - You just wanna

clear your conscience to make yourself feel better,

but that comes at a very high price.

So before you go all Jiminy Cricket on everyone,

- [Door opens] - Think about that.

Hi, um, sorry. The network lawyers are here,

and they want to see you.

I'll be right there.

Actually, they want to see both of you.

Ms. Goldberg, you contacted Mr. Newhouse

and invited him to visit his ex-wife on the show.

- Yes. - And at that time, were you aware

that Mr. Newhouse had a history of violence toward his family?

Well, we had, um, security on set,

and... and we had crew members there to protect Mary.

But you were aware?

Yeah, I was.

Is that why you brought him on the show, so he'd start a fight?

No... I wanted him and his wife to start speaking again.

- [Cellphone chimes] - And what would have been better for the

ratings, them talking again or a fight?

[Sighs] We just hit the tabloids.

- Oh, great. - Breaking news...

we are at the Marin County Courthouse,

where Kirk Newhouse has just posted bail.

[Indistinct shouting]

Jessica Salinas... that's just what we need.

My client isn't the offender, he is the victim.

Both he and his ex-wife were manipulated by producers

of the show "Everlasting" to get into a fight.

The same producers pushed Mrs. Newhouse

to such a dark place that hours later,

she tragically took her own life.

We're holding the show and its producers responsible.

[Indistinct shouting]

I can tell you now, we're writing a check.

I say we head 'em off at the pass, offer 400 grand.

Are you serious? You guys are gonna really pay this guy off?

He beat his wife and he beat his kid.

You'd better hope he takes it. He's saying you killed his wife.

Who do you think is gonna

- believe that guy? - Chet: Okay, all right. That's enough.

Get out. Yep. Mm-hmm.

- [Clears throat] - [Door closes]

She has been through a lot today.

Isn't she the one who lost it last season and crashed the Ferrari?

She had some issues, but she's a great producer.

And you rehired her after that?

She's worth five crashed Ferraris.

You're in charge. She reports to you.


Judith: And you were aware Mrs. Newhouse

was on a combination of anti-depressant

and anti-psychotic drugs when she started the show.

If we screened out everyone that was on anti-depressants,

we wouldn't have any contestants.

Did you or your staff know she was unstable?

[Sighs] No.

We had no reason to believe that.

Faith: That was like the most important thing,

- I think, we can learn from this is - Yeah.

- Rachel. - how imp...

Sorry, I... I didn't know that you were busy.

- No, come. Join us. - Yeah, come on.

Come on.

We were just sharing some memories of Mary.

Wagerstein: Faith, you were saying?

Just that she taught me how to do a fishtail braid,

like she would do on Lily.

Oh, God, her poor daughter.

What's gonna happen to her? Can we do something?

Like, maybe take a collection

- or something? - Yeah.

Wagerstein: Oh, now that sounds like a very nice thing to do, ladies.

You know, in the spirit of "Everlasting."

What are you guys talking about?

"In the spirit of 'Everlasting'"?

They trap us in here like rats in a cage.

They pit us up against each other.

Nobody cares about anyone.

That's not true.

Yes, it is, and you know it.

They count on us to lose it here.

Mary killed herself because of this place.

I mean, what is wrong with you people?

How bad does it have to get for you to wake up?

Come on, guys, you know what I'm talking about, don't you?

Maya, it's how you feel that matters.

I do. I know.

Thank you.

You can tell your bosses I'm... I'm quitting the show.

[Door beeps]

Wow. It's not bad, huh?

Uh, it's a little weird, if you ask me.

- What? - Quinn being nice.

She's protecting you.

You go home now, you're gonna have the paparazzi up your butt.

The hell?

My, uh, my phone's not working.

Can I borrow yours?

Afraid not.

[Cellphone clicks]

What's up?

Just wrapping up.

They told department heads to

- turn everything in, so... - I know.

I saw you, uh...

- You living here? - It's convenient, right?

I mean, you know what they say...

"Location, location, location."

Can you, uh...

- Don't say anything. - You okay?

You know the network's sort of pointing their finger at us for bringing Kirk here

and kind of accusing me of killing Mary,

but other than that, I'm doing really great.

[Chuckles] I'm doing really great.

Please, don't do that. I can't. I can't get into that with you right now.

Rach, you really shouldn't be alone right now.

They can't pin this on you.

I mean, they're not totally wrong, but...

What do you mean?

I just let Mary down, you know.

I was supposed to be protecting those girls, so...

You do the best you can. Look at Faith...

- I mean, you saved her. - Yeah, but Faith wasn't gonna die.

There's just so much that you don't see, it's...

When it comes to you, I see more than you think.

I see a lot.


Oh, my God.

[Both breathing heavily]

Those lawyers are out for me.

Yeah, well, they're like that with everybody.

That's what they do. They turn up the heat, sweat the truth out of you.

They want the truth like I want pube lice.

[Laughs] Look, they just want to know where

- the bodies are buried. - No, they are looking for a scapegoat.

I'm in the cross hairs, and you know it.

They came down hard on you. I get that.

But Kirk's lawyers are gonna worse.

Every crumb goes under the microscope.

You got to tell them everything. You did, right?

I did.

[Birds chirping]

- So... that happened. - Mm... yeah, it did.

- God, Rach. - I know.

I know you have a fiancée. We just... we just had grief sex

in the back of an electric truck.

Grief sex?

Is that what that was?


I don't even really know right now, do you?


I just don't want to go out right now.


you got to remember,

Kirk's the sicko that made Mary snap.

Yeah, but he's blaming us,

and the lawyers said that they're gonna pay him off.

So Mary dies and Kirk gets rich?

- Yeah, pretty much. - [Scoffs]

- And you're just gonna roll with that? - I mean, what do you want me to do?

The show's, like, shut down. I... I barely have a job right now.

Rach, come on. You're like a force of nature.

If anybody can deliver Kirk's head on a stick, it's you.

Listen, if Kirk's coming after us,

why not expose him for the abusive dick he really is?

He's a dick, yes, but we have to do what's best for the show.

Paying off a wife-beater? I don't know how that's worse than keeping quiet

- about it... - Hey, Rachel.

Let me just get some footage.

Okay, I can leak it to Jezebel, Media Girl, Bitch Mag,

and once it goes viral, there's no way that the network can pay him off.

If we're not gonna tell the truth about Mary,

let's at least do one good thing here.

What do we need?

Kirk? I mean, Mary didn't talk about him much.

When she did, she always seemed pretty scared.

I guess now we know why.

She said that he hit her before they even got married.

She thought that she was gonna change him, but she couldn't.

[Voice breaking] They were together for six years.

Can you imagine living with that?

She said she tried to leave him many times,

even before he hurt the little girl.

But he said he'd find her and kill her.

Well, I mean, she... she never really talked about Kirk with me.

It's not the sort of thing

- you bring up on a date. - Right, totally. So, ah,

do you think that Kirk coming here...

I mean, that was the reason that Mary chose to end things?

You mean when you brought Kirk here and ambushed him with his...

- with his wife and daughter? - Okay, you know, that...

- this is not about me. - Well, maybe it should be.

What, you want me to sit here and talk about what a horrible man Kirk was,

how he is the reason she jumped to her death, not you and not the show?

Th-That's what you want me to say?

Yeah, I thought so.

- Screw him. - [Door closes]

That guy's a prick.

Hey, look, I'm gonna really need you to go on camera.

I just think it's the least that we can

- do for Mary. - Oh, please, I know what you're doing.

I just feel like Kirk should definitely be in jail right now.

Yeah, but you brought him here.

How is that not your fault?

It's so much more complicated than that. Mary was...

- she was unstable, Adam. - You don't say.

She jumped off a bloody roof.

That wasn't my fault.

You thought that she could handle Kirk, and she...

Yes, she could have. It's complicated, Adam. I can't tell you everything.

- Why not? - Because you are a contestant.

Oh, so now you suddenly

- care about the rules. No, - Adam.

would you just... just face it?

You're a monster.

[Door opens]

[Lighter clicking]

- [Whimpers] - You believe this?

- Hey, hey. Got a light? - Yeah.

You can keep it.

I've got like 10 of them.

I'm the official candle lighter.


No, thanks, no.

Ah, it makes me really paranoid. [Chuckles]

Pretty weird, huh?

No lights, no camera, no action.

The whole season's been kind of freaky.

It's my first one.

I'm assuming it's not always like this.

I think the party's over and the bill's comin'.

What bill?

I've been selling this shit for years.

I haven't exactly been Prince Charming.

My mom always says that something bad

can't really be that bad if something good comes of it.

Maybe something positive will come out of this.

How long am I stuck here?

Just till things settle down.

You mean till Quinn sees if the cops are gonna press charges.

I mean, you were kind of freaking out.

Maybe she just doesn't want you saying something you'll regret.

Please. If the cops come after her and Chet,

she would offer my head up on a platter.


I mean, yeah, Quinn's a surly, old bitch, to be sure,

but she protects her own.

It's not my fault, Jay.

If Kirk hadn't come, none of this would have happened.

- All I did was switch... - No, don't say it. Okay?

Look, it's nothing personal, but I just...

- I don't want... - Deniability?

I get it.

Women stay in abusive relationships

because they don't see a way out.

Mary tried, but, I don't know, I guess in the end,

she just felt like Kirk was never real gonna let her go.

- Okay, that's good. - Yeah, h-hold on her looking down.

It's perfect. All right, upload it and get it to Jezebel.

I want it out by tonight.


I just got the toxicology report on your dead girl.

And she was drunk and completely off her meds.

People go off their meds all the time.

But with a full-time shrink and four producers,

and, what, no one knew?

- What the hell is this? - Uh,

we were just watching some old footage, you know,

trying to figure out how to deal with Mary.

- [Chuckles] - No, no, no, no.

I haven't seen this in dailies. This is new.

- I told you to shut down. - Brad, we have a plan,

and this could be a way to leverage Kirk down.

It's not your call. It's my call and the lawyers'.

I'm just trying to save my show.

- It's not your show to save. - I'm an owner, Brad.

You shacked up with the right guy, and you got paid off in points.

This is my show. I make it.

You're the captain, so we have you to thank for our own personal Titanic.

- [Door opens] - Chet always said that you were

great at your job, but maybe he was just

- talking with... - Whoa, whoa, Brad, Brad. How you doing?

Your producer here... she crossed the line, all right?

She went behind my back.

You know what? We've all been through a lot today.

Why don't you and I just have a talk, huh?

You and me. Come on.

[Door opens, closes]

Hey, uh, listen, Brad's...

Just go away.

All right, well, I'm just gonna send the footage to Jezebel anyway.

You can't. The lawyers are gonna take the drives.

So... might as well enjoy the sunset.

Quinn, are you seriously just gonna fall into your drink

because some suit had a tantrum? That's crazy.

I mean listen, Kirk... he's... he's gonna get away with like hundreds of thousands

- of dollars here. - Oh, Rachel, forget it.

No, I mean that dickhead's not gonna get rich off our show

and throw you into the gutter. Quinn, you have to fight.

- This is crazy. - They're already onto the meds,

and as soon as they figure out Shia's little secret, I am dead and buried.

What, you really think that Chet's gonna let that happen?

Please. It is time to polish off plan B...

head for the border, pool, mai tai, John le Carré novel...

getting massaged by a boyfriend who barely speaks English.

What's yours?

You kind of took away all my plan B's, remember?

Indefinite forced servitude?

Well, then, you better come up with one.

[Door opens]

[Rachel sighs]

I mean, is that how it works here? You got the inmates running the asylum?

Quinn's not an inmate.

Okay, she gave you a hit show

and a corner office next to Gary.

Yeah, she also gave me

a potential wrongful-death lawsuit.

Why don't you just give Quinn a chance?

- She's only the best at what she does. - It doesn't matter because

you have got nothing

- that is gonna save this show. - Oh, come on, Brad.

It's not just her job on the line, all right?

You will be named in any lawsuit against this show, as well,

so if I were you, I'd lawyer up, bub.

Because the shit's hit the fan.

Uh, Chet, I found something.

Mary... she, um... she left a note.

[Indistinct conversations, camera shutter clicks]

- We are here live... - There they are.

- There they are. - [Indistinct shouting]

Roll down the window!

All right, step back, everybody.

Hey, hey, no, no, no. Don't go past here.

[Brakes squeal]

[Indistinct conversations]

Louise, thanks for coming.

My poor sister.

I can't believe it. [Sniffles]

You're right.

We really need to read this on camera.

I mean, if it's something that you would be comfortable with,

it would certainly help paint the show in a better light,

and it would be so good for Mary, too.

It's not just about Mary.

Kirk's power-bitch lawyer is already angling

to get Lily Belle away from me.

I'll be damned if I let that happen.

Yeah, okay, well, you know, I can, uh, get the letter to Graham,

make sure that he reads it on camera tonight.

No. I want to read it.

Me, my tears.


[Indistinct conversations]

Man: And we're back.

[Bell rings]

So, as soon as he steps off his mark,

you're just gonna step right in and look right at the camera...

- [Sighs] - ... Okay.

- All right, we're ready. - Camera's rolling.

Speed and action.

This week, the "Everlasting" family

tragically lost one of its own... Mary Newhouse.

Her sad decision to end her life has left all of us here

with one aching question... why?

What was Mary thinking in her final hour?

We thought we'd never know.

And then a staff member found something

that Mary had left in her room... her child's Teddy bear.

And inside was a note that Mary left specifically for her daughter.

And here to share it with us, her sister, Louise.


- Louise: Um. [Clears throat] - [Paper rustles]

- [Sniffles] - [Paper continues to rustle]

"Darling girl,

from the first time I held you to our final hug goodbye,

you have been my greatest joy.

You made this world shine for me.

If only I could have done the same for you.

Getting to know Adam over the last couple of weeks

has given me so much hope and happiness."

"For the first time in years, I felt confident enough

to stop counting on medication to keep me afloat

and dull the pain of everyday life."

"Our day on "Everlasting" was magical, a dream come true.

But I never should have invited your father."

"I hoped you could have seen him someplace safe,

see that he loves you.

Baby, now I know for sure that as long as I'm alive,

your daddy will try and hurt me and anyone I love."

[Voice breaking] "That's why I need to go away, baby girl.

I'm safe now, and you are free.

Goodbye, my little bunny.

Mama loves you."

Let's go to the shot of Mary.

Woman: Cut away.

- Queue it up. - Hold.

And cut.

- [Bell rings] - Man: That's a wrap, everybody.

- [Sobbing] - That was amazing.

Amazing job with Mary's words. You really did a great job.

- Thanks. - Mm.

Nice job on the note.

I almost believed it was real.

- Louise, I don't even know what to... - Don't. It was smart.

It had to be done.

You okay with this?

[Sniffles] Absolutely.

Whatever it takes to keep Lily Belle away from that monster.

What did Quinn say when she told you to bring me back here?

Look, I just want to know what I'm walking into.

Just that she wanted to see you.

Okay, just trust her on this.

Yeah, I'm not trusting anyone right now.

[Chuckles] Look, I know you're probably thinking

that I'm just like some super crappy friend

for not letting you tell me about your whole situation,

- but I... - Yeah, that's exactly what I think,

- and you know I'm right. - No, you're not.

You wanted to tell me a secret, and secrets, Shia,

like real secrets, do not make people closer.

But you and I... we're still good.

Come on.

Fantastic job... just chills, just so emotional, you know.

It... it's gonna be an incredible episode.

- Hey, we'll dedicate it to Mary. - Perfect.

By the way, the lawyers say that that letter...

it's really gonna help us.

So, you know, you delivered, my friend.

- Team effort, my brother. Thank you. - [Chuckles]

Look, Quinn, I know that we said some things,

but when you throw down hard, you bounce back high.

And we're gonna be on top again soon.

Well, it's all about the show. I know.

So, we'll talk tomorrow.

- All right. - Have a safe flight.

- Thank you. - Okay.

That bitch goes up against me again, she's fired.

- Won't happen. I wouldn't worry about it. - [Engine turns over]

- Okay. - Bye. Safe flight.

- Thanks. - [Car door opens, closes]


Home slice, where the hell you guys been?

Go ahead, okay? I'll catch up, all right.

Quinn wanted me to keep an eye on her.

But, hey, I heard we're back on the air.

I have got primo

- effing hash, let's celebrate. - No, no, I can't. I can't.

I got to make a... phone call.


You should go get some sleep.

- Mm? - You look like crap.

Nothing a couple shots of tequila can't fix... or bottles.

Ah, look who's back. Did you get some rest, sunshine?

Well what was that about?

You literally held me prisoner.

You suck at poker, Shia, so I didn't want to put you

in the position of having to bluff.

Listen, the police... they ruled Mary's death a suicide,

so there's not gonna be any more questions.

Shia: Really?

Is that all you care about? Getting away with it?

Don't either of you feel guilty?

- Those girls know what they signed on for. - No, they don't.

They have no idea... the crap we pull.

Please, it is no worse than what happens to them in real life.

Maybe you should go see a priest or a shrink... guru, perhaps.

What do you do?

- I work. - Okay, then... then put me back to work.

You don't have any girls left.

- But Maya... - Quit.

So just go home.

And be grateful that

that's where you're going instead of jail.

[Door closes]

All right, well, I'm out.

- [Sighs] - Uh, look, I know that this

has been a lot, so if you ever need to talk...


You know we're never talking about this again.

Probably not.

♪ Take me home, tend me ♪

♪ Babe, you let me down easy ♪

- You got everything? - I'm good.

♪ For I have grown weary on my own ♪

♪ Oh, all alone, I wither and I burst ♪

- ♪ I run my mouth ♪ - Hi.

♪ Like a fool ♪

Coming home?



♪ I'll be so quiet for you ♪

♪ Look like a child for you ♪

- Hey. - Hi.

♪ Be like a shadow of a shadow of the... ♪

- Oh, a... dandelion. - Mm-hmm.

Gee, thanks.

Could have at least stolen some peonies from the set.


Tonight was so crazy.


This whole thing makes you realize what's really important.

♪ Babe, you let me down easy ♪

- I just left my wife. - ♪ For I have grown weary on my own ♪

♪ Oh, all alone, I wander aimless ♪

♪ I work the corner of an endless grid ♪

♪ I'll be so still for you ♪

♪ Like a dead god ♪

- I'm sorry. You're not a monster. - ♪ Wait until my eyes part ♪

- ♪ Oh, all for you ♪ - Yeah, I am.