UnREAL (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 6 - Fly - full transcript

Adam meets Mary's family when the show arranges their one-on one date. Rachel and Quinn make some questionable decisions to win a bet with Chet.

Man: Welcome to "everlasting."

[ cheers ]

You got carl's job? Yeah.

Stop it! Congratulations.

I'm very happy for you. Let's roll.

Why'd you come back?

I wanted to see you.

I can't.


'cause i know how things start with you.

Mary's a freakin' robot.

I'm surprised she can feel anything

With all the mood stabilizers she's on.

She's bipolar and she has ptsd from the domestic abuse.

You have taken everything from me.

Not anymore.

"everlasting" -- that was my idea.

I am suing for fraud. What?!

You're the only thing in my life that i've ever done right.

[ chuckles ] don't get all sentimental.

I'm agreeing to her original terms --

40% ownership of "everlasting" in perpetuity.

The show was your idea.

Man: Let's get to work! Let's go!

¶ i get so lonely lately ¶

¶ nothing turns me on ¶

¶ shoot the noise inside you ¶

¶ sell your shoes for soul ¶

¶ shoot the noise behind you ¶

¶ downtown... ¶ ow!

Stop. Stop!


You know i don't like that.

Baby, i thought that it was hot.

Yeah, being thrown around like a mannequin?

Screw that.

Babe, i'm sorry. I got a little carried away.

[ sighs ]

This is me, jeremy. Right here.

Not some porn thing in your head.

It wasn't like that.

Yeah, well, it felt like that.

¶ shoot the noise, man ¶

¶ shoot the noise, man ¶

¶ shoot the noise, man ¶

There are six of us left, and mary gets the family date?

Can we just pull up the mary stuff?

Man: Got it.

I'm so excited.

I get to see my little girl who i haven't seen in weeks,

And she gets to meet adam.

When adam sees lily belle and i together,

He's gonna know what i'm truly about.

[ laughs ] that is so sad.


Well, look at her -- she's ancient.

Tired, sad, saggy sack --

Who wants that?

She's a year younger than me, asshole.

Oops. Sorry.

I think she's really hot.

You know? Mary should stay in the game.

At least it would be a surprise.

Not another tired, ancient season

Where a bikini model wins again.

You know, if mary could win this, that would be amazing.

That could completely up-end

The entire societal point of view on ageism.

Not gonna happen. You know why?

Because no guy wants that when he can have that.

Grandma's going home this week, guaranteed.


There's not one man in the universe

Who would pick a strong, intelligent,

Slightly older woman

Over a bimbo with a sexy accent?


No, you're wrong. He absolutely could pick her.

He's not as shallow as you think.

Never gonna happen.


Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, big boy?

50 bucks says she lasts the week.

You're on.

And stay close to your money, chica,

'cause sad, old mama's going down.

[ sighs ] okay, you know what?

As of this minute, you are co-producing mary's date.

I know that eventually, yes,

She is going to lose to the deep-throat queen,

But mary is not going home this week.

Not if i have anything to say about it.

Oh! That's girl power.

Uh, what the hell are you doing?


Quinn just told me you're co-producing mary's family date.

What the hell is that about?

Mary is my girl now. That was the deal.

Listen, quinn just wants me to make sure

The date goes as smoothly as possible.

It's no big thing.

You know, everything with you's a big thing.

Seriously, i want mary to stay in this competition.

I think she's really good for the show.


Why do you think quinn wants me on the date?

Are you having problems?

What's that supposed to mean?

Nothing, okay? Nothing. I promise.

I swear i'm on your side on this one.


Man: Rolling.

And action.

The family date -- a unique opportunity for mary

To introduce her nearest and dearest to adam

Before he whisks her off on a stunning helicopter ride

Over the marin headlands on their way to dinner at saison.


Oh, lil.


[ laughs ] mommy.


You know what?

Who let shia talk me into this family playdate?


This is a grade-a boner-killer, people.


Louise, it's so good to see you.

Look at this place. I bet you didn't even miss us.

I miss you every minute. Especially you, my baby.

Oh, i can't wait to show you around

And introduce you to adam.

He is so cute. Does he really know the queen?

Oh, he is adorable. He's a real gentleman.

He's the real deal.

And you guys, wait till you see what we have planned today.

It is fantastic. [ laughs ]

Mary, cheers. Thank you.

Oh, is everything okay?

Yeah, couldn't be happier. Look at me.

[ laughs ]

Virgin, silly. The real ones are for you.


Come on, i'll give you the grand tour.

After you.

Come on, guys. Watch your step.

So how was the flight?

Oh, first class. Yeah?

Wow. We aim to please.

Hey. Bad morning?

Nope. All good. Hand me that brick.

Personally, i am so glad that mary got this family date.

She's had hardly any time with him at all.

She works so hard as a single mom...

Oh, you guys, i can't. I can't.

...She deserves it.

Family day. Pbht.

Talk about polishing a turd.

Man: Cut. Thanks, that's great.

[ sighs ] let's go grab some b-roll.

Gosh, this is so annoying.

Ladies. How you doing? Feeling good?

Uh, honestly?

Is there any other way?

I'm bored out of my skull.

Shamiqua: No phone, no internet.

We're the two smartest girls in this house.

Not saying much.

We're down to talking about how many nails

Are in the carpenter's tool belt.

Oh, my brain is turning into mush.

I am so bored,

I've been counting my eyelashes for fun.

I mean, i haven't read the news in weeks.

That's a bummer. I'm sorry.

Oh, a-and today, family date,

Little kiddies running around?

Sounds like "nightmare on everlasting street."

[ laughs ]

Well, you are so...Right.

This show could use a little something.

Would you excuse me?

Mary: I'm just so excited to get out there

And be with my little girl,

And introduce this guy to my family.

[ laughs ]

You know, louise, my sister, she is such a fan,

She feels like she already knows you.

Oh, really? Mm-hmm.

Oh, i hope just the good stuff. [ laughs ]

Oh, god, come on, shia. I hate this date.

[ laughs ]

Oh, you know, i feel

Like family is the most important thing.


I mean, without their love and support,

What else is there?

Yeah, family's -- i mean, that's -- yeah.

That's, yeah, delightful.

Um, i'm gonna go get ready,

And i will see you out there.

All right. See you later, alligator.

I'm gonna lose the bet. I'm gonna lose the bet.

Jay. I need a bunny.

No, not a playboy bunny,

A rabbit with red eyes and floppy ears.

Just make sure it's freakin' adorable.

Isn't he just delicious?

Quinn: Oh.

Oh, this is good. This is good.

I can use this.

Shia, whatever you did to wake her up, it's working.

The whole idea of adam meeting my daughter, my sister...

Well, they need to know him, right?

They need to know that he's a good man.

That was -- that was the problem with my ex-husband.

[ chuckles ] he pretended to be a good man.

He pretended to be a loving man, but he was a --

He was just a narcissistic...Nightmare.

Anyway...Not adam.

He's not like that. He's not.

Adam and i have something really special together.

We do.

And a helicopter to dinner?

[ laughs ]

I mean, who knows what could happen, right?

Maybe my little talk with her worked after all.

Oh, that's great, mary. Great.


Uh, that's -- that's all we need for now.

Why don't you go grab some family b-roll?

Jeremy: You got it. You, girl, are killing it.

You think? [ door closes ]

Are you kidding me? By the end of the day,

Adam is gonna be wrapped around your little finger.

You just keep doing what you're doing.

'cause you're a star.

Thanks. [ laughs ]


You know, i got to tell you,

My doctor told me never to mix this with this,

But i feel amazing.


I can do anything. [ laughs ]


Mary: Oh, lil! Mommy!

All right, can you fast-forward through that

And just maybe get me into mary or something?

What do you want?

Well, the network pitch is today.

I want to make sure you're on it.

[ sighs ]

I'm on it.


Let's hear it...Partner.

[ sighs ] i have a lot of great ideas, chet,

And they're all right in there.

Well, let's hear it. Start pitching.

I'm a part owner now.

I want to pitch to the network myself.

You don't want to run anything by me?

Not really. Fine.

[ laughter ]

Left hand, blue.

Mary: Oh, uh...

Oh, oh, oh. [ laughs ]

Oh, my god.

I haven't done that in so many years. I know.

Another mimosa?

Oh, don't mind if i do.

Oh, no, she's doing virgins.

Oh. Can't say i blame her.

I love watching them play.

Personally, i love sitting back with a drink

While someone else watches them play.

Man: Okay, everybody, take 10.

I hate children -- their rosy cheeks and their desperate eyes.


Romance i'm fine with, but, ugh, children.

Listen, romance is later,

You just get through the kid part,

And then we will get you

On one of your little romantic candlelight dinner dates.

See, in england, adults don't have to deal with children.

That's why we invented the nanny.

I didn't have a full conversation

With my gran until i hit puberty.

I'd come down for supper,

She'd look down her nose at me, not a word.

She just assumed i didn't have anything interesting to say.

And you know what? Mm?

She was right. Listen, you're preaching to the choir.

I am with you. I don't like kids, either.

I saw a kid the other day at the park eating a cigarette butt.

And they're crazy.

You know what? They just poop all the time.

They're nuts.

They're like buffalo grazing.

Okay, this is what you're gonna do.

You're just gonna get down on their level, right?

And you're gonna look the kid right in the eye --

Don't talk down to them, they don't like that --

And you just be you.

That's it. Mm.

You're g-- i'm not even worried about you.

Yeah. Thanks. You're gonna be fine.

You still counting your eyelashes?

[ chuckles ]

That is a rabbit.

Oh, yeah. What's up, doc?

[ laughs ] you want to hold him?

Yeah, sure. Here you go.

Okay. Hi.

This is, um -- this is strange.

[ laughs ] hi.

Hey, what would you say if i proposed an idea

That would keep you in the competition

And increase your chances with adam?

I'd say keep talking.


All right, give me your hands.


You have to put lots of flour on them.



Quinn: Now we're getting somewhere.

[ chuckles ]

Simple enough, yeah. [ laughs ]

You're not bad at that.

Keep going here.

You're doing most of the kneading.


Lily, come here. This is fun.

You gonna help us? Here.

Ready? Here.


And then we...

So, lily belle, is it good seeing your mother?

You're weird.


[ laughs ]

Aw. [ laughs ]

Yes, that is it.

Mary is bringing it. Steppin' up her game.

You're welcome.

[ laughs ]

You got my money, bitch?

Oh, i think i'll just hold onto it

For another minute or two.

All right? Well, we can do something about it, i hope.

We need toppings.

Anna: Hey, do you want to meet my friend?

It's so cute. Is it real?


Mommy, i want a rabbit.

I'm so sorry to interrupt, you guys -- your family date.

But when i saw this little guy,

I just knew that the kids would love to pet it.

Oh, that's so sweet of you.

Sweet? This is my time.

I-it's my date.

You know, uh, honey,

Everybody here might be blind as a bat,

But i have eyes. Do you hear me?

[ sighs ]

And i can see you.

Mommy. The rabbit.

[ chuckles ] of course.

It's yours now.

Go play.

Mary, i wasn't trying to --

This is my date with adam, and we're getting along great,

Better than you ever did, so just get lost.

It's time for you to wiggle your sweet little lawyer ass

Out of here.

Okay, you had your bunny moment.

Get the hell out!


[ laughs ] face painting?

[ groans ]

Oh, that's what every guy wants -- a bunny boiler.

Adam's never gonna keep her -- never.

Don't worry about the money, quinn.

I trust you.

I'll see you at the pitch.

What the hell is going on with mary?

H-has she been like this the whole time?

I -- i know that was a little crazy, but, you know,

She seems like she's having a really good time.


When did she start drinking again?

Oh, she's not drinking. No, those are virgins.

I wouldn't be so sure.

I'm her sister. I know her.

Okay, well, look, i can check with her, but...

Thank you.

And can you make sure that she's taking her meds?

I-i'm worried that she's not.

It just seems like -- of course.

But, you know, she really has been fine -- happy, even.

That's the thing with bipolar people off their meds --

They're really fun until...They're not.

Louise, stop worrying.

Okay, go, relax, have fun. We got this.


All right, we've got to get mary back up on top.

We're gonna put this vermin stuff behind us.

Okay, what do you want to do?

She's got an ex-husband, right?

He's a prick. Yeah, he hit her.

He basically, you know, broke lily belle's arm,

So i would say "and then some."

You know what we could do?

We could just send out a second unit,

Get some b-roll of him apologizing or...

I mean, i don't even know what he would be doing,

But it's got to help move the needle a little bit, right?

Or we could bring him in.

I don't know. No, no, no.

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Look, every -- every white knight

Needs their dark knight, right?

I don't know. That just feels...

No, look, we bring in the ex-husband,

And adam has to take mary's side against him, right?

He plays the hero, that brings them back together,

Which is great for her.

I mean, it could help mary

Get a little bit of closure, i guess.

Yeah, because, you know, i read about this --

This thing where this therapy where confronting your abuser

Actually changes your life.

Right, right. And all we want to do is help.

Do it.

All right.

I've got to go to a network pitch,

But if you need me, text me.

Yeah, i'm on it. I'm on it.

You're in charge.

I didn't mean to disrupt anything.

I just -- i thought that the kids

Would like to see the rabbit. That's all.

I mean, who knew that mary would react that way.

It was -- that was scary.

Mm. It was a lot, actually.

Is that good? Is that all you need?

Man: That was perfect. Okay.

All right, everybody, pack it up. We're moving.

"who knew mary would react that way?"

[ groans ]

You knew exactly what she was gonna do.

[ sighs ] i'm so sorry.

That was -- that was stupid.

It was -- it was mean, even.

I don't know. It's like...

I'm finding myself doing dumber and dumber things

Just to try to get your attention,

And it's ridiculous.

It's not me. It's not. I'm sorry.

You got my attention right now.



Did we have something in atlanta?

'cause i really felt like we did,

And it's the only reason that i came back.

But since then, i mean,

We haven't even had one moment alone together.

And i'm doing it again.

This place, it's, like, it's turning me

Into one of those women who's just so insecure and...

Look, i felt it, too.

Um, when i get back from dinner,

Can you meet me here?

I know a spot.

I think i figured out how to beat the security cams.

Uh, it's a date.


You did what?

I just called the man.

And invited him onto the show.

For an interview.

This guy made mary's life a living hell.

He abused her for years.

Which is exactly why we're bringing him on the show.

I mean, look at her.

She's obviously stuck on whatever that guy did to her.

We're doing mary a favor.

Oh, that's a load of crap.

You are doing what you always do, which is make good tv.

No, hey, i'm telling you the truth.

Okay, it's going to be crazy empowering

To watch mary confront this guy to his face.

Speaking to your abuser, it is a huge step.

It's gonna be amazing

For the million of other women out there

Who are letting their husbands knock them around.

So, this is a crusade?

Mary just doesn't know it yet.

Hey, rachel, uh, he's here.

[ scoffs ]

Kirk, hi. Rachel.

Hey. Hi. Nice to meet you.

I just want to make sure that you know

That there will be cameras running

The whole time you're here.

That's what the release said. Okay, cool.

I just want to talk to her.

That's all i've wanted for months.

And this is your opportunity to do that, you know,

Really tell mary how you feel.

Is it okay if i read off paper?

I wrote some things down. Yeah, kirk, literally.

Anything you want to do, but, you know, i mean, personally,

I think it would be better

If you just spoke to her from the heart,

You know, rather than reading it.

Yeah. That's a good idea.

Yeah, this is a really great chance to get some closure,

Make things right between the two of you again.

Three of us.

Lily belle. Oh, right.

That's at her second birthday party.

Oh, my god. What a face.

Isn't she beautiful? What a face.

Yeah, she can light up a room. Huh.

You know, it's -- it's been hard being away from her.

It's like, uh -- it's like a piece of me is gone.

What's up with all the secrecy?

[ laughs ] this is so exciting.

Is the helicopter gonna land on the lawn

And take us to dinner?

Is that what's happening?

Woman: I can't tell you that.

Oh, my gosh.

Are we gonna ride horses on the beach?

What's that phrase, um...It's, uh...Oh, right,

"rode hard and put away wet."

I'm sorry.

I'm just really excited. [ laughs ]

Kirk: Mary.

What are you doing here?

I just want to talk.

You can't be here. Oh, my god.

I haven't -- i haven't seen the show,

Any -- any of this. You have to leave.

I just, i've heard that you've been talking about us,

About the life that we had. Please don't ruin this for me, kirk.

I hear you've been dragging my name through the mud

And telling stories about me on tv. You need to leave.

You need to -- someone, please make him leave.

I just want to tell my side of the story.

Please. I don't care what you have to say.

What are you doing here?! How did you get here?

They told me that you knew, that you were okay that you knew i was coming.

The producers said you knew.

Okay, send out adam. What?

Mary, you all right? Uh...

This is him, huh?

This is the english piece of crap, right?

I didn't agree to talk to him.

All right, hold on, mate. Shut up, mate!

I'm here to talk to my wife.

Well, look, now's not the time, so why don't we ju--

All right. Back off.

Now is exactly the time, okay?

I have been trying for six months to talk to you.

You're never home, you never answer your phone.

If i have to come on this damn show to talk to you,

Then that's exactly what i'm gonna do!

Lily belle: Daddy?

Man: No, no, no. Stay here.

Woman: Wait, lily belle. Wait, wait, wait.

Kirk: Where is she?

Rachel: No, no, no. Lily belle. Lily belle?

Oh, lily belle.

Oh, baby girl, hello.

Oh, baby girl, i missed you.

Hey, let's go get some lemonade.

Why don't you guys just talk to each other,

And i'll take care of lily? No, i wanna...

They're just having adult time.

Lily, i'll be right there. I'll see you in just a minute.

Mary, what the hell is my kid doing on this show?

It is a family date.

How did she even get here without my permission?

Louise brought her to meet adam.

You want my daughter to meet this guy?

Yeah, i do. Because he cares about me.

That's the point of all this.

You know, maybe we end up together.

You're a delusional hag, you know that?

This is no relationship here. This is a reality show.

You sell soap to bored housewives. Shh, shh.

He picked me.

He picked me out of all those other girls.

And you know what? I can do whatever i want, okay?

I'm the custodial parent. The courts gave her to me.

You stupid bitch.

All right, that's eno-- don't you touch me.

You have lost it this time. You hear me? Don't you ever --

[ grunting ]


Mary! Damn it, mary, talk to me!

Please, just talk to me.

We need some help in here, asap.

You -- this is your fault.

You know that this isn't about "working it out."

You lied to me. It was a trap!

You know it was. You know you lied to me.

This is your fault. We need somebody to help, please, right now.

Admit it! Hey.

[ gasps ]

[ horns honking ]

Quinn: Dud. Okay.

Would you relax? You don't have to memorize it.

Just sell them. Tickle their balls a little bit.

Oh, don't tell me how to tickle balls, all right?

I know how to tickle balls.

[ laughs ] brad.

Hey. How are you, man? Good, good.

How are you?

Good to see you. Hi. Nice to see you.

[ sighs ] is the camera okay?

Uh, i think so, yeah.

Look, i just want to thank you for everything.

I -- i just -- i-i appreciate it.


Isn't jeremy the best?

Is your wrist okay?

Yeah, yeah, it's fine.


Oh. I couldn't find a steak.

[ winces ] oh, sorry.

Got it? Yep.

You know, that was really great what you did,

Stepping up for mary.

What was i supposed to do? He was gonna hurt her.

[ sighs ]

What were you thinking, sending him in like that?

That was so brave of you, adam.

How am i gonna thank you?

And you...How could you do this to us, to lily?

Look, mary, i thought that i was help--

You know, forget it. Just go away.

Leave us alone.

So, what do you got?

How about joaquin ellis?

The, uh, action-hero guy? I thought he was in rehab.

He was, but now he's lined up to be our new suitor.

No kidding.

Isn't that great?

Yeah, his recognition numbers are astronomical --

An 80%-plus in 16-24,

And 60%-plus across all demographics.

And even though his last few movies tanked,

His q score is still in the 30s.

Plus, he o.D.'d on top of one of the jennifers.

That's the talk around town, anyway.

And you know what? He's part owner

In one of those companies

That sends regular joes up into space.

So, the girls going into space?

Almost -- uh, we put them in that jet

That makes them weightless.

Won't they barf? I mean, we don't want barf.

Bikinis in space, brad, just bouncing around

Like that dd supermodel in that space video.

There you go.

Yeah, and we'll call it "the gravity date."

You know, like the movie. Only less depressing.

Because the winner gets clooney.

Only better because in our version,

Clooney's still single.

I like it.

You deliver ellis, we're in, huh?

Bang, zoom. Thanks, brad.

Oh, thank you. Thanks so much.

Thanks, guys. Thank you. Nice to see you.

Tickle their balls a little bit, m'kay?

[ laughs ]

[ indistinct conversations ]

[ crunches ]

So, let me guess, it was supposed to be

"a stand up to the bastard moment."

That's what you were going for?

You came off looking great. That's very important.

Oh, well, you'd think i saved her family

From being pillaged by russian cossacks.

Kirk, cossacks -- it's the same difference.

But, listen, it's very easy for you from here on out.

You know, all you have to do

Is a helicopter ride, a romantic dinner date,

And some, uh, making out on the beach,

Which i know that you'll ace, so...

After all that rigmarole,

I have to keep her now, don't i?

Mm-hmm, unless you want the entire country

To think you're a dick. Thought so.

She's just, uh...

She's intense.

Poor adam, i'm sorry your job

Isn't all bjs and pool parties.

Hey, the evening's young yet.

You liking anyone?

Besides grace.


And what an eventful family date it's been here at the mansion.

Now, before adam and mary take a moment to prepare

For tonight's romantic tet-à-tet,

We were given the opportunity to catch up with them.


Yes, um...Honestly, mary, before today began,

I had no idea what a relationship between us

Would look like.

I mean, you have a child, family.

I have an empty office and a cold bed-sit in london.

But after spending the day with you today,

And seeing first-hand

What you've had to... Go through with kirk...

I have a new respect for you, mary.

And a new respect for what it means to be a single mother.

He's good.

I don't do this very often,

But i wonder if you wouldn't accept this special key

In advance of the next ceremony?

So you can relax and know that you are safe

Through to the next round of competition.

So, mary, will you accept this everlasting key?

Yes. Yes, adam, of course.


There you go.


Thank you.


I got to say, you can take that to the bank.

I know he feels something for me.

I could sense it when i kissed him.

Isn't lily belle just beautiful, hmm?

I hope that she likes it in the u.K.

The weather, right?

Because i-i just keep envisioning

Th-that little match girl freezing in the doorway.

You know?

And kirk...He's really had his last laugh, that's for sure.

He thinks that he can just walk in here and tell me what to do.

No one can tell me what to do, right?

My life is my own. [ chuckles ]

Well, how did it feel when adam gave you that key?

That -- that was pretty special, huh?

Oh, adam.

And he -- he is gonna take care of us in england.

You know, i don't mean, you know, money.

I mean, like, he'll protect lily belle,

And then she'll have a little english accent,

And i'll be able to tease her about it all the time.

But how are you feeling about tonight?

The date, with adam?


Tonight is...Special. [ laughs ]

I should change, actually,

But i have to... Do something first.

I'm sorry.

Just...One moment.

Man: Okay. Let's just, uh...Let's stand by.

What's wrong with her?

Uh, she's just nervous, i guess.

That stuff with kirk.

You think?

'cause it seems a little bit more than just nervous.

Uh...Well, you know, of course she's upset.

You sabotaged her with her ex-husband.

You set adam up for a fistfight.

For all i know, you sent lily in there

To push kirk over the edge.

If she is losing it, it's your fault.

Is he in there?

Only till the police get here.

I don't think you should go in there.

He's restrained, right? Yeah.

It's okay.

You'll know if i need you.

[ door opens ]

[ door closes ]

You're pathetic.

Oh, here we go, just in time for the speech.

Can't wait to hear it.

Burn in hell.

I don't need you anymore.

I have a man, a real man.

Did you see what adam did for me?

He loves me.

More than you ever could.

[ laughs ]


Look at you, up on your high horse.

You play it well, mary, i'll give you that.

You're quite the actress.

You got all these hollywood people fooled, don't you?

But i know you.

You were lucky to have me,

Because who else is gonna love you?

Love me?

You hit me.

And what did you say when i hit you?

I asked you to stop.

No, you didn't. That's the actress talking.

You said, "i'm sorry."

No, i didn't.

I love you.

But, you -- you brought this out in me.

You make me do it.

You want it.

Be honest, mary.

Where does this come from?

This darkness inside you, this wanting it?

You're insane.

No, you're the one who's crazy.

And you're gonna give this sickness to lily belle.

She'd be better off with no mother at all.

She'd be better off growing up with strangers.


At least then, she'd have a chance.

Man: And so, in preparation for the romantic evening to come,

Our family date has come to an end.

Oh. You are just such a lucky girl.


That's me -- lucky girl.

Lily belle...

...Just remember mama loves you

More than anything else in this entire world.

I love you, too, mommy.

[ vehicle door opens ]

Okay, lil, come on. It's time to go.


[ laughs ]

All right, come on.

I -- i'm so glad for today.

Thank you.

Chet: That was awesome.

It was like the old days -- total vulcan mind meld.

"boobs and clooney" -- sold!

Quinn: Because you're amazing. No, you're amazing.

Oh, you and me together, that's the thing.


Let's do it here. Let's do it right here.

Why, why, why, why?

Come on, we got the whole mansion.

Okay. Come on.

[ cellphone rings ]

Oh, hold on.

[ sighs ] what?

Hey, cynthia.


No kidding? You heard the heartbeat, huh?

No. Uh...No, that's amazing.

A boy? A boy.

No, uh...

Do you ever think we're moving too fast?


Maybe we should postpone the wedding.

[ chuckles ] is this about this morning?

Oh, my god.

Don't you realize what you did?

How you jumped in to save her?

[ scoffs ] so this is about rachel?


It seems like you like hard-to-get,

And i've made it pretty easy for you.

What are you saying?

[ grunting ]

If the rest of the footage backs that up,

I think i might be in love with you.

Well, it does, and chet owes you 50 bucks.


[ sighs ]

I thought you'd be happier.

I am happy.

I don't even know. Hey, um, something's wrong. It's mary.

Where is she?

Somehow she got on the roof.

What? Uh, go, go. Go, go, go.

I'll call the police. Go.

[ breathing heavily ]

Rachel: Hey, mary.

Don't. I'm serious, rachel.

Can we talk, just a bit?


Okay, i know it was nothing last time, but i am serious.

We have a situation here.

Oh, idiots.

Do i have to blow the sergeant just to get a car out here?

Allow me to be the first to admit defeat.

Mary's still in, loser pays.

And i'd like to go on record saying

That there are any number of hot,

Sexy 40-ish women in the world.

Okay, do you think i care about a bet?

I have a girl on the roof and no camera, okay?

I need eyes on the roof now.

No kidding, who? You know what?

Can you just get out of my way while i produce your show?

Come on. Who? Who is it?

Jeremy, where the hell are you? Mary.

I don't want to feel this way anymore.

And i -- and i don't want to hurt my baby.

And you don't have to, mary.

You really don't have to. We can get you help.

I-i-i don't know if i'm -- if i'm good

Or if i... If i'm a monster.

Just think of lily belle. Think of your sister.

You don't understand, rachel.

Just, please, just...

Mary, you are so not alone right now.

I am with you, okay?

It's gonna get better, i promise.

All it takes is one day

For you to feel differently about everything.

Just give me your hand right now.

Okay, sweetie?

Just give me your hand.

Come with me.

Come with me.

No, mary! Wait.

Holy shit! Mary! Call 911!


Is she breathing? Come on, mary.

Just get the damn paramedics.

[ dialing ]


[ panting ]