UnREAL (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 2 - Relapse - full transcript

A family tragedy strikes one of the girls; Quinn continues to push boundaries.

Cameras rolling. Sound speed.


Welcome to "everlasting!" [ cheers and applause ]

Now, without further ado, your suitor, adam cromwell!

He's the british heir to the cromwell hotel fortune.

Oh! Oh, my god!

Okay, come on. Let's go, people.

You get cash bonuses for nudity, 911 calls, cat fights.

Aww, why is she crying?

Get me some good tv.

Jay: Oh, man! Wow!

People are going to hate her. Mm-hmm.

Hello, handsome. [ chuckles ]

Hi. I'm faith.

Cut! That's a cut! That's a cut!

That's garbage. I can't do anything with that.

Go, fix it, now.

Shia: Rachel's the mystery freelancer? Surprise.

Crazy's back. Don't everybody rush to hug me at one time.

You're very lucky that your little stunt

Got me boo-yah ratings last season.

You could just get the show to drop the charges.

I need to see that you have learned from this.

That's funny 'cause right now

It feels a little like blackmail.

Jeremy, i'm sorry that i, um --

That you disappeared without saying a word?

Saw that you and lizzie got back together.

She's my fiancée.

I called, rach. Yeah.

If your name is not called, your fairy tale ends tonight.

I need loser cam on rodeo queen,

And i need camera nine to repo to evil britney.

She's gonna win this, people.


What? What?

What?! [ all shrieking ]

Screw this!

Cut! Cut!

I can't make a television show without a villain.

[ ghostland observatory's "sad sad city" plays ]

[ sighs ]

¶ been gettin' tired of my motor runnin' ¶

¶ feelin' overheated 'cause my life keeps comin' ¶

¶ my heart has been troubled by the speed of love ¶

¶ searchin' the streets for a soul committee ¶

¶ talkin' ideas on lust and pity ¶

¶ the fables i've found have no place at home ¶

¶ well, i need you ¶

¶ to want me, to hold me ¶

¶ to tell me the truth ¶

¶ say i... ¶

Man: Last call for breakfast. Cold eggs and ham.

Going once, going twice.

[ indistinct conversations ]

Quinn: Rachel?

Uh, rachel? Where the hell are you?

Go for rachel.

Shia: Rachel, there's somebody here to see you.

Flying in.

Britney: Did you just call me a slut?

Burn in hell, you witch!

All of you, just burn in hell!

Britney, britney, britney.

Perfect bitch and we somehow lost her.



Britney hogs adam at the ballroom dance,

Britney ruins pepper's first kiss with adam.

We built a whole damn season around her,

And i-i need a new villain now.

I have a couple potentials.

That's great. Where is rachel?



Hey. What's up? Why aren't you in l.A.?

Band's on tour. I guess you don't check twitter anymore.

Uh, no. No, i don't. I've just been a little bit --

Hiding? Well, i tracked you down.

I'm not putting up with your crap anymore, goldberg.

You owe me three months' back rent.

Yeah, totally. I understand.

And i, uh -- i can get it to you, so --

Too late. I rented out your room.

Are you serious?

Yeah. What'd you expect? You've been m.I.A.

Here's your stuff.

Except for your laptop, that is.

You have 24 hours to pay me or the macbook goes on craigslist.

No. Bethany, no. No, okay?

Listen to me. You can't -- you can't do that.

There's, like, personal things on there.

Look, there's things on there

That could hurt people around here.

So, okay, well, great reason

To get your shit together and pay me.

[ engine turns over ]

Man: Hey, rachel. Adam wants his producer.

He's in his room.


Oh, good. You're here.

Uh, i'm out of shaving cream and pg tips.

English tea. It's in my contract. Okay. All right.

Uh, adam, let me just explain something to you, okay?

Mm-hmm. P.A.S fetch things.

Producers produce things.

What does that even mean?

It means that i create conditions

For things to happen and then i actually make them happen.

So, you're a wizard dressed as a homeless person,

'cause let's be honest.

[ chuckling ] okay. [ clicks tongue ]

Just get the p.A.S to fetch your stuff, all right?

Um, i need you downstairs, like, a.S.A.P.

All right. One second.

I'm so-- what are you doing?


Yeah, you know what? That doesn't even intimidate me.

You know why? Because there's cameras everywhere.

I've seen enough suitor dong

To last me, i would say, my entire life, so...

[ sighs ] that shower looks so good.

No. Do not turn around. Do not look.

I'm not kidding. What?

Keep your eyes shut.

All right.

Keep your eyes shut, or i am -- i will find a way

To double-humiliate you on national television.

And you know i can, all right?


Oh, my god.

Are you -- is it -- is this a sex thing?

Oh, god, you wish.

I have never met anyone like you.

[ british accent ] what, a homeless wizard?

Oh. All right.


[ sighs ]

Wow, that's amazing.

Wow, okay. Done?


And hurry it up. [ chuckles ]

Sam: We need adam down here right now.

Yeah, uh -- we're not gonna make our day.

Copy that. Can somebody fly in adam's shaving cream

And make sure that he's got his, uh,

Charming, little tips teas on set?

Do not get used to it.

Copy. [ laughs ]

[ indistinct conversations ]

Hello, ladies.

[ cheers and applause ]


Now, tonight, at the "everlasting" cinderella ball,

You will all have a chance to show adam

That you possess poise and grace and refinement

To accompany him to any royal affair.

Now, to polish up on your footwork, ladies,

We're blessed to have with us

World-famous ballroom-dance instructor

Hernando montigo.

Adam: Uh, hello.


Look who we have here. Prince charming.

Hello. [ chuckles ]

Hello, ladies.

Together: Hello!

Hello, ladies.

Uh, i'm looking forward to these lessons.

I think i need them. Can we, uh -- we start?

Yeah. Let's start. All right, let's start.

[ women cheering ]


Quinn: So, which one?

Look who decided to make an appearance.

Why is your hair wet?

Shia, uh, you've got joy,

The ruthless real-estate agent, right?

Yeah. I'm gonna starve her out,

Get her really, really hangry.

I don't think she's eaten the whole time she's been here.

Well, if you're talking villains,

Why don't you just go pepper the kindergarten teacher?

I mean, i was with her last week and she's super sweet,

But i swear to god,

She's got a ball gag and whip under her bed.

I'd buy it. Shia, go with pepper.

And, rachel, i think that, uh,

Anna is your best bet for the next bad girl.

Anna? No, no way. The girl is super sweet.

She's smart. She's charming.

I need a villain with staying power.

I like the lawyer.

She's got those ice-queen cheekbones.

So see if you can turn her out.

All right, yeah. All right. So, uh, what are we talking here?

What's it worth? Um, same bounty as for winner? 10k?

No way. 2 grand.

$7,000. $5,000.


Game on.

[ groans ] all right, everyone.

Get me some bitch interviews now.

Man: Copy that.

I, uh -- i like your necklace.

Oh, this?

My students made it to take with me.

[ chuckles ] isn't that sweet?

[ sighs ]

So, uh, what do you think of the other girls so far?

They're sweetie pies. [ chuckles ]

It's so fun to have a big group.

Uh-huh. This is nothing.

Um, hey, is there a reason

That you're doing that thing with your voice?

The "they're such sweetie pies" thing?

Like, um -- like baby talk.

I wasn't aware i do that.

Oh, i-i wasn't, either,

But then i heard rita talking about it.

What? Oh, sorry.

Um, her and some of the other girls were --

Were saying that -- that it's kind of hard

To imagine you in bed with a man

Because -- because you come off like a little girl.

I mean, do you ever get that?


Actually, i don't get that at all.

No one has ever brought up the baby-voice thing?

Um, no.

So, you met a guy last night. How did it go?

Why don't you just tell me all about it?

Okay, well, last night, adam and i... Mm-hmm.

...Shared a nice and honest moment.

Ohh. Come on.

Yeah, it was -- it was definitely unexpected.

That's good. That's great.

That's great because, you know, there were, um -- there were

Two girls that he said he felt a spark with, so...



Uh, so were you surprised,

You know, when things -- when things heated up?

Oh, no, no, no. We didn't get physical or anything.

Okay. Um...

It must have been the other girl.

Quinn: Oh, nice one, goldy.

Uh, what, um...

Who -- who was it?

I can't say. She...

But, you know, she's got like a tropical --

A tropical breeze blowing through her hair.

Grace, the -- the model?

Um, i'm sorry.

How -- how did she get alone time with him?

That i don't know.


Mm-hmm. Wow. Grace.

She's, uh -- she's fast.

I just can't stop thinking,

Like, really, i passed the bar for this?

That's not bad. That's not bad.

That's good, rachel. We can cut something together out of that.


Rachel: I hate to say this, but you should probably get back.

They've been asking for you. Oh, damn it.

[ indistinct conversations ]

Chet: Wife.


What are you doing here? [ chuckles ]

Did you miss me?

Always. I called.

Oh, my phone, uh, is dead.


I just need you to sign these.

Oh, well, you're the boss.

[ classical music playing ]

Hey. Hey.

Ugh, god.

I can't believe...

Well, um... Bethany came by.

What, your emo roommate?

Why? Mm, my former emo roommate.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, she rented out my room.

She dropped off all my stuff.

[ scoffs ] well, except for my computer,

Which she's holding hostage until i pay her back rent.

You don't need it.

[ scoffs ]

You have no idea what's on there.



Hey. Hey.

Did you, uh, come up for the cinderella ball?

[ chuckles ] no.

I just came to get chet to sign some paperwork,

Some new family trust or something.

You know how it is.

Sure. Yeah. [ chuckles ]

Well, you look incredible as always.

Yeah, you're actually glowing.

Do you -- are you doing fraxel or yoga, or what is it?

I'm pregnant.

Holy shit.

[ laughing ] yeah.

That's what i said.



Wow. That's, um -- i mean, surprise!

Yeah, surprise, indeed. Really.

[ chuckles ]

Wow. That's great.

Man: Quiet. Rehearsal's up.

Um, oh, that's actually -- that's for me.

Okay. Okay, i got to go.

Yeah. It was so great seeing you.

You too. Okay.

Oh, my god.

[ sighs ] ladies.

Okay, listen. I'm just gonna level with you.

Have either of you ever seen

A black girl win one of these shows?

Has one even made it into the final four?

Twice in 13 seasons,

But there's only one way they make it that far.

Don't say what i think you're about to say.

Honey, believe me, it pains my black soul,

But you deserve the truth.

Omarosa. Nene leakes.

You've got to go big, okay?

Loud and highly opinionated.

I didn't go to spelman and clerk for a supreme court justice

To end up some ratchet hoochie on tv.

I deserve to be here.

I-i want to be in the final four because of who i am.

Hell, i just want people to know my name.

So when i open my hair shop,

There will be a line around the block.

Athena it is. Stay classy.

You, come with me, please.

We have got some work to do, girl.

All right. How did the bitch hunt go, everyone?

Athena's game.

Good. Goldy?

Looked like you were getting someplace with anna.

Yeah, i think it's gonna be tough.

You know, she's smart and guarded,

So, uh, in short -- maybe.

Well, i got in pepper's head.

I think she'll give us something.

Hi, uh, sorry.

The production office just got a call from anna martin's aunt.

Her father's in the i.C.U. He had a heart attack.


Well, there goes your maybe.

Oh, come on. You guys, you've read her file.

Her dad has a crap heart.

He'll be fine. And look at her.

[ indistinct conversations ]

Just let her have some fun.

[ sighs ]

I mean, but it's the i.C.U.

We're gonna say something, right?

No. She'll get all emotional and want to leave.

They always do.

So, i say leave your conscience at the door on this one.


Yes. Yeah, you're right. I will.


[ door opens ]

Look, i will tell anna about her dad first thing in the morning.

None of my business. Yeah, but you have that look.

This look? Yeah.

No, no, no, no. No, see, this look is,

"please, god, don't let rachel freak out again

And bring the show down with her 'cause i need my job."

Okay, come on. You hate this job as much as i do.

Not anymore.

Lizzie: There you are, babe.

Hey. I was looking for you.

Yeah? Mm-hmm.

It's lunch time.

Okay. Just got to pack up some stuff.


Get along, little doggy.


I don't know how you guys do it.

Yeah, i, um, i ju--

Lizzie, i just wanted to apologize,

You know, about that footage and all.

No, no. There's no need to explain.

I knew about you guys already.

And jeremy told me what a huge mistake it was

For both of you.

Right. Okay.

How are you doing now?


He said that you'd been through a lot and...

Look, i just want you to know that if you need anything,

Like anything at all, we're both here for you.


[ snorting ]

[ sighs ]


Oh, it's a baby.

Were you not going to tell me?

I was. It's not what it looks like.

No? Because it seems like

I just got 18 years added to my sentence.

Cynthia is old, and she's dried up,

And we weren't thinking.

She is two years older than me,

And you said that you never had sex anymore.

Hardly ever. I don't even know that it's mine.

Maybe it won't even stick. It's very early.

So, i'm supposed to hang around

And hope that your wife is a slut or that she miscarries?


No, i-i-i am done being the side-wife,

And i am not waiting for you anymore.


Screw this and screw you.

[ indistinct conversations ]

[ tchaikovsky's "once upon a dream" plays ]

You know, i danced with him once,

But we haven't even gotten to talk. Rachel: Oh.

So, what, you're just gonna let the girl who went down on him win?

She did that?

Oh, my god.

I know.

I mean, for once, i would like to see somebody deserving win.

Why don't you do it?

You know, push her out of the way?

Play the game. Play the game.



Yeah. Yeah.

Cameras on anna. Man: Copy.

Excuse me, grace.

Uh, could i speak with you for a second?


Oh. One second, adam.

Yeah. What's up?

Uh, there's just this -- this rumor that you, um...

That what?

That you are such a good dancer.

And you're so pretty. [ chuckles ]

Thank you. Thanks.

Yeah. Um, sorry.

[ laughs ] okay.

So that was kind of a fail. What happened? Yeah.

Well, i realized i was about

To slut-shame a woman on national television,

And i'm just -- i'm not about that.

Okay, you're probably not gonna believe this,

But i'm not, either.

Here. I need to talk to you for one second, okay?

Okay, look. Um...

Your dad had a heart thing this morning.

He's in the i.C.U. He's okay.

Your brother's with him.

Wait. Whoa. Wh-what do you mean, a heart thing?

Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

I have to go home. My brother is 16 years old.

Yeah. I-i just need you to stay for the elimination ceremony.

The elimination ceremony? My dad could be dying.

I'm just asking about a few more hours here, okay?

[ sighs ]

You know, i-i can have him pick you first.

We can have, um --

We can get a car waiting for you right outside.

I mean, please. I wasn't even supposed to tell you today.

And there is this clause in your contract.


But will you please text my brother

And let him know that i'm coming?

Yes. Great. Yes.

Somebody get me quinn now.

Man: Quinn's door is locked.

Okay. I really don't care th-that she's busy.

Just knock on the door.




Anna's gone over the wall. We've got a runner.

[ breathing heavily ]

[ engine turns over ]


Oh, you think quinn's letting you rescue anna without a camera?

Let's go.

Jay, i need these girls all moony-eyed and glowing.

I need princess-fantasy footage out the ass.


[ sighs ]

[ chuckles ]

[ sighs ] great.

Adam's with mary dancing

To the beat of 5 million remotes clicking

To someone hotter, hipper, and wetter.

Just do something. Blow it up.

No word about anna. Not yet.

[ groans ]

Did you see where she went? Mnh-mnh, no.

But runners always head to the main road.


Oh, hello...


Pepper. Hi. How you doing?

Uh, some people have been saying some things

That you may have heard,

That -- that i -- i don't act like a grown-up

And that i'm not, you know, experienced.

No, not at all.

I mean, y-you seem like a lovely adult woman to me.

[ sighs ]

I am, and i want to prove that to you.

Okay. Great.

I want you to cut rita tonight.

Heard she's been slamming me.

I'll make it worth your while.

Who's rita?

I promise.



She's around here somewhere.

9:00. All right.

I'm not good at that at all. [ laughs ]

Sorry. Can i steal this one from you?

[ laughing ] oh, sorry. Sure. No, no, no. He wants you.

Oh. Hi.

Hi! How's it going?


Going good? Yeah.

Yeah. [ laughs ]

Oh, my gosh.

There you go. Look at that.

Come on. [ chuckles ]

"b" and "c" cam, do your thing. Man: Copy.

Here we go. Watch my bitch dominate.

Ow! Ow! Adam: Oh, sorry.

Ooh, are you okay?

She stepped on my foot.

Oh. Oh, i'm so sorry.

You need to watch where you're going.

Oh, i thought i was. [ chuckles ]

But, you know, i got two left feet, so...

[ laughs ] what do you mean by that?

Uh, well, it's... I don't know.

You're obviously a better dancer than me, so -- why?

Because only black people have rhythm?


No. Not at all.

That's not what i said.

Where i come from it's all about hoedowns and hootenannies.

Right, and on the other side of town,

We be twerkin' and crunkin' and eating watermelon.

No, i did not say that.

Half the kids in my high school were black.

I had a lot of black friends.

Do not say, "some of my best friends were black."

You know that's what racists say.

I am not a racist.

And that's the other thing they say.

I did not come here to be disrespected!

No. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Let's, uh, let's -- okay.

Let's, um -- let's get you a drink over here.

I didn't do anything.

Nice work, uncle tom.

She's got to be inside.

¶ tippin' back the old bottle till it's gone ¶

Thanks. You need to call anyone else?

¶ drown your pain in homemade sauce ¶

¶ sing your sad, sad songs until the dawn ¶

Anna, hey.

Okay, look. Um...I know you're upset.

But i promise you... I'm gonna help you.

Okay? I'm gonna get you home to see your dad.

I didn't say goodbye.


He's dead.

[ crying ]

Anna, please, can you just, uh -- can you just let me in?

Just go away. Leave me alone.

You just -- you just can't stay here, okay?

Let me take you back so we can -- screw you!

I am so--

Look. I am so, so sorry.

I can't even imagine what you're going through right now.

And i'm just -- i'm worried about you.

You know, what happened to your shoes?

Go to hell.

[ sighs ]

I need to go home.

I know. I know.

And i'm gonna make that happen.

On my life.

[ sobbing ]

So, pepper, what happened tonight?


My heart skipped a beat when adam kissed me.

We, um, have a real connection now.

So, why don't you tell me

What you think happened earlier tonight?

Uh, well...

I think, um...

I really do have a lot of black friends.

African -- black friends. Yeah.

African-american friends.

And i'm a christian, so i don't -- i don't hate anybody.

[ crying ]

[ dialing ]

Quinn: Go. Yeah, we got her.

How is she? Uh, not good.

She's hurt pretty bad, all torn up.

Nice. Give me eight minutes. I'll be ready.


Coming up on "everlasting,"

Adam makes a special connection with his perfect woman

Only to discover -- call the fire department.

Tell them one of the girls collapsed.

We need an ambulance now.

Um, okay, but last time, they said no more false alarms.

Not my problem.

Hey, i don't want to -- i don't want to see anyone, okay?

You don't have to. You don't have to, okay?

It's over. It's over.

Quinn: I want adam and all the girls in the driveway now.

Man: Copy.

All right, let's go, let's go, let's go!

Come on. Let's go, let's go, let's go! Pick up the pace!

Everybody, finishing touches! Dresses down, boobs out!

Semicircle. Let's go, let's go!

[ bell ringing ] come on, come on, come on, come on, come on!

I need sad faces, okay?

Your puppy died, your implants got infected.

I don't care. Just use it. Sad faces. Let's go!

Everybody, on channel seven now.

I need a phone. Could i use your phone?

I need to call my brother.

He's not gonna know what to do.

Crap. You know what?

I, uh -- i left my phone back at the house.

Let -- let's get your cuts taken care of

And we will get you a phone, okay?

[ sighs ]

What is all this?

Oh, my god.

You don't care about me getting home.

You bitch.

Get that out of my face. Just leave me the hell alone.

Anna. Anna, anna, we just need -- anna --

Oh, you need?

Look, i don't care what you need, okay?

You lied to me about everything.

All you care about is this hideous, soul-sucking show.

No! God!

You all deserve to burn in hell.


Get away from me.

Jeremy, stop. Seriously. Camera down.

Jeremy, stop.

[ door slams ]

Do you want me to come with you?

Thanks, i got it.

Get those footprints.

[ engine turns over ]

[ door opens ]

Hey, uh...

So, i got my boss to agree to the private jet.

We can get you home tonight.

Great. Thanks. I quit, by the way. Anna, anna, look.

Just [sighs]

Look, if you don't let me tell your whole story,

I just -- i can't guarantee what story the show will tell.

Like i give a damn. God.

They're gonna sue you for breach of --

So sue me then, okay?

Sue the girl whose dad just died.

You know, i thought that you were an actual person.

All right. Four cameras. I need footage.

Tears, emotions, and we can milk the tragedy angle.

No, no, no. She said no cameras at the funeral.

Look, i get that she's upset, but --

She's a lawyer. If we overplay this, she's gone.

[ scoffs ] and i need adam.

No. Anna, she wants to quit. She doesn't trust me anymore.

I think that he's the only one who can get her back.

Great. So, no suitor in the house and no cameras.

Stellar work, goldberg. You've really outdone yourself.

Anna: When my dad got sick,

He came to stay with me and my brother.

And, honestly, it was... You can't help yourself, can you?

...Just hard. You're physically itching to film this?

But before i left, just -- just for a few days,

He got back all of these memories,

Mostly of terry and me when we were kids.

I mean, he was my hero.

[ knock on door ]

Hey, uh, chet wants to see you out front?

Tell him i'm busy.


I just -- i really don't think i should tell him that

Because i really like working here.

Just go. Get out of here.

[ door closes ] [ groans ]

Hey. Save it, chet.

Okay, i said everything i'm gonna say.

Okay. But i have something for you. Come here.

No. Hell no.

You are not going to gift your way out of this, all right?

This is the apocalypse, man. This is end of days.

Okay. You know, the baby's a trap for me, too, okay?

You are never going to leave her,

And yesterday made that very clear.

Then why did i do this?

I'm building it for us.

Top of mullholland with a view.

His-and-her offices, his-and-her shower,

His-and-her bedroom like we talked about --

Keep the mystery alive.


It'll be ready in september.

And guess what.

It's yours. Free and clear.

What, to live in alone?

I'm gonna put in a deluge shower.

I don't want a deluge shower, chet.



Your eulogy was so lovely. It -- it really struck a chord.

Thank you.

Listen -- uh, i know what a difficult time

You're going through right now.

Um, but sometimes it can help to take your mind of it,

And i would love to help with that.

How very british of you.

[ chuckles ] just don't think about it.

Okay, yeah, cool.


But i would like to help with you.


[ sighs ]

I can't. I'm sorry.

I-i have to take care of my brother.

I'm all he has now.

I know. Of course.

I understand.

[ bell tolling ]

Yeah, not gonna happen.

Wait. Excuse me. What?

She's not gonna leave her brother

'cause she's actually a decent person.

You know what? Screw it.

It's fine. I'll take the heat. It's horrifying.

Wait. Hang on. There might be another way.

[ engine turns over ]

Uh, uh, terry.

Terry, right? You're anna's brother?

Yeah, hi. I-i'm rachel. And this is --

You're the guy from the show.

Yes. Adam cromwell. There you go.

I'm sorry about your dad.

Yeah, well, some timing, huh? Yeah.

Look, um... I really like your sister.

I think she's a fascinating person.

And i'm genuinely intrigued --

No offense, but i don't buy any of this crap.

Okay, so, uh, terry, here's the deal, okay?

Um, adam's super rich, and he's super into your sister.

Okay, and i'm not even supposed to be telling you this,

But your sister has a real shot at winning this thing.

I'm talking $200,000, maybe more if he ends up marrying her.

Just give it a think.

What the hell, rachel? Oh, hi.

Is she trying to get me back on the show?

No. I am.


Adam really likes you.

You won't find a guy like that here.

That's why you came on the show, remember?

Why bail now?

Where would you go?

I'll stay with aunt ruth. It's six weeks. I'll be fine.

It's over. Dad's gone.

Just go. Really.

Kind of hard to argue with that.

Come back with me, anna.

[ sighs ]


Yeah? [ chuckles ]


Okay. [ chuckles ]

[ clicking ]

That's got to be worth an xbox.

[ cellphone chiming ]

One sec, terry. Hold on one second.

Uh, hello?

24 hours is up. Where's my money?

Yeah, no. I'm getting it. I'm -- i'm in the midst of getting it to you.

I'm just kind of in this complicated work with --


How many times do you think i'll fall for your crap, rachel?

[ chuckles ] i don't know. I'm hoping once more.


No? No. Okay.

You weren't kidding about all that personal stuff.

I read your unsent sappy love e-mail to jeremy.

Is it a marriage proposal or soft-core

'cause i can't even tell?

Not very nice about his girlfriend lizzie.

Bethany, stop. Stop.

Oh, i also found the crew list to your show.

$3,900, rach,

Or your heart barf goes live to all of them.

No, bethany, stop. Listen to me, okay?

Jeremy is engaged to lizzie now. He's very happy.

I've already messed up his life once.

I would prefer not to do it again.

Easy solution -- pay me by 10:00 p.M.

I sent you a paypal link.

[ beep ]

[ dial tone ]

Hello, everybody. It's great to be back.

The other night before anna's tragedy,

I really enjoyed getting to know more of you.

You're all so lovely.

But now i have some hard decisions to make

As to whom i should get to know even better.


Will you continue this journey with me?


Oh, wow. He's really keeping the lumberjack.

I guess he wants a buddy.



Will you continue this journey with me?


Ugh. There is only room for three more, adam.

The five girls that are not chosen,

The cars will be waiting.


Will you continue this journey with me?

Athena: Hells yes.


Interesting. Bravo.

Jay: Thank you.

Pepper, will you continue this journey with me?


Okay. Good work. Good work.

And i would like to extend this last invitation

To a very special girl who truly stole my heart this week.


Don't torture me like that again.

I'm really sorry. They made me do it.


I'm really glad you're here.

Me too.

Man: Rachel, we need you in the control room right now.

Jeremy: Hey, rach.

Hey. Nice work.

What? Um, getting anna back.

You know, lizzie's talking to her.

It sounds like this might actually be really good for her.


Okay. Well, have a good night. [ cellphone chimes ]


[ sighs ]

[ cellphone chimes ]

Jeremy, um...

What? What's up?

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

I've -- i got to go.

I have a lot of black friends.

That's what racists say.

[ chuckles ] rock-solid black bitch, jay.

Nice job. Thank you.

Shia, what do you got?

Meet pepper.

They're all such sweetie pies. [ chuckles ]

So fun to have a big group.

It's like pepper has split personalities or something.

She shows us a very different side than she shows adam. [ chuckles ]

I want you to cut rita tonight.

I'll make it worth your while. I promise.

Well, she's, um, definitely weird.

But it could work.

And we can't really keep athena around that long, so pepper.

Yeah! What? Looks like we have a new villain.

No, no, no, no, no.

Oh, finally. What do you got, rach?

I heard you were in the edit bay half the night. Hand it over.

Uh, this is ridiculous. I'm your boss.

What is right behind your back?

Thank you very much. I will take that from you.

Okay. Here we go, party people.

Everybody get ready.

[ chuckles ]

Let's do this.

Graham: Coming up on "everlasting,"

Adam makes a special connection with his perfect woman

Only to discover she has a dark side.

You bitch.

Get that out of my face. Just leave me the hell alone.


Grace: She had a really sweet moment with adam

And then ran.

Maybe she has intimacy issues.

Oh, you need? I don't care what you need.

You lied to me about everything.

Graham: Who will she attack when her emotions become dangerous?

You all deserve to burn in hell.

Find out next week on "everlasting."

What's your problem? It's brilliant.

Take out the death and -- voilà -- psychopath villain.


Here you go.

Don't spend it all on hookers and blow.

[ cellphone chimes ]

[ cellphones chiming ]