Umbre (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Episode #2.3 - full transcript

Through less orthodox ways, Relu quickly manages to discover a vital piece of information that takes him closer to finding out the name of the person who has the answers to all his ...

The girl can be completely restored.
We could not help the child.


You have to find him, Relu.
And take him to me.

Pop Geamanu owns the place.

Mr. Toma, our deal ...
The circumstances have changed.

- Pop Puiu?
- I have not heard anything new about him.

Fuck off!

I can not go to the police.

- What would I say?
- You were out chasing and ...

- I can not say I hunted.
- Why not?

It's not the hunting season.

And I have no license.

Why don't you have it?

They took it because I hunted
when it was not the hunting season.

I do not want a dead man in my home.

He is not dead, he lives.

Until he dies.

He will not die if you patch him up.

What do you mean by that?

It's like making socks.

Call the police!

I can not do that.

I said that it's not the hunting season.

Stop it. Two hours ago you said
that it was night, now it was day.

Did I say that?

I said it was dark at night,
not that it was night.

- First you said two hunters, not one.
"They were two from the beginning.

Then one went, and left then ...?

- One.
- Just.

Did not you say you fucked?
The hunter's wife to bed broke down?


I dunk really. It was
like knocking on the enemy's gate.


Benone knows.
He had a taste last night.

- Cheers, guys!
- Cheers.

He said they do not know for sure right now.

It's too early.

But even if they were completely safe-

- He thinks you'll wait a while
before you try again.

Maybe a year. Or longer.

Just enjoy life for a while.


How is this done? I like it.
Can you make me some?

The peas?

I want to eat useful food.
I do not want to be like women-

- becoming hippos
after childbirth.

- Magda?
- Yes?

Did you hear what your mother said?

Yes. The doctor said that I have a damage-

- that we should not get pregnant within
one year and that we will enjoy life.

Now I can go to school
like all normal people.

So I'm not normal
because I skipped school?

I did not say that. And this one
is about me for once.

For once...

You can afford to not be normal.

Thanks to my daddy.

He has always said
that I'm not normal.

And now I'm getting ironically enough
hear you say the same thing.

I did not think you were like him.

She did not mean that.

What does it mean to be normal?

Wasting half life on that
Plug as others decide?

If everyone else is stupid and you are
so clever, what are we doing here?

What does who do ... were?

What are you and me doing here?

Here at the hospital?

Do you mean it's my fault?

I do not know.
You should know that's so clever.

You two are really crazy.

What do you mean, Magda?

- We can ...
- What do you mean, Magda?

I'm completely over. They have stuffed
I'm full of sleeping pills.

I can't believe it!
She kept her word and came.

I can't believe it!
I kept my word and came.

- Who could imagine it?
- Of the little shit, you mean?

You know what they're saying, Nico.

A word said in anger,
then six-year in prison ...

All the bad luck turns to good.

- He rang, we met.
- And?

He wants, but he is scared.
So we split on five.

- What did you say?
- I said he's scared.

So I suggested that he bring along
chief executive officer and staff manager.

Then nobody can rat on him.

So I sat in for nothing?

You would've stayed if you hadn't gotten out.

But you have so you didn't stay
You only get a smaller share.

Considering all the needs that exist
there you will swim in money.


Speaking of need ...

Take a taxi, I have to stick.

Here you are.

See ya. We have a lot to do.

Once a blow, always a blow.

When would the guys come?

Soon they will kiss
my cold dead ass

Do not look at me, I do not think
kiss your cold arsle.

I call Captain or Paganel.

- To ask when they arrive.
- There is no coverage here.

You have to go out on the road.

How far do you think it is?

Two and a half kilometers.

Two and a half kilometers?

I ran in twelve minutes
when I was sixteen. But now...

Now I can hardly reach 200 meters
before i stumble.

At that time I practiced wrestling.
No liquor, no smoking.

I was quite good at it.
I won silver in the regional finale.

Then I started with other things.

The gang confused my head.

Why do you laugh?
Don't you believe I got the silver?

That one, yeah. But the other
makes me laugh.

- That with the gang.
- It's true!

You can always blame someone else.

It's never us.

There was a thing in the school yard
when I was fifteen.

I had borrowed drums from school
and played in a band.

We were worthless, we could not play.

I was waiting for a friend
that would help me with the drums.

He could put them at home.

When I was sitting there
come to me with a guy.

A messy guy with bullet nose.
He looked like gypsies.

His name was Buse.

He was older than me.
It is true that he was called.

Florin Baddy.

He said:
"I want to play the drums."

What would I say?
"Sorry, Florin ...

I have borrowed them from school,
my responsibility. "

Then he hit me hard on my face

I do not know why.
Or when, right?

It rang in my ears.

And without thinking
I kicked him in the head.

I have left the scar. It became
infected and full of pus.

He became silent, but didn't fall.

Everyone around us said:

"You shouldn't have picked on Buse.

"He is in a team in Colentina.
He is ... "A lot of snack.

The guy stood up,
but he rolled his eyes.

He slipped and said all the time:
"I'll kill you."

"I'll kill you."

"I'll kill you."

It was just before the summer break.

For three months, people said that Buse
and his gang was looking for me.

"He will crush you.
He throws you in the river. "

Such things.

I was fifteen years old.

First day back in school,
when i went there for the first time ...

I went there whenever I wanted.

... I sat on a bench in the schoolyard
when Buse arrived.

He was determined, tough, short and dark.

He came and hit me.

It was an easy blow, at play.

And then he said, "Hey!"

"I'll let you go this time."

Then he went.

Two years later he was arrested
for rape.

Then he went in
for theft and abuse.

At 30 he came out
and died in a motorcycle accident.

He ran for 200 knots.

I knew it would end badly.

It seemed to him.

It was not the gang
that destroyed him.

He was destroyed from the beginning.

That's why he ended up in the gang.

Come on. Start your skithag.

Pop Geamanu.

It does not start.

Relu, I ...

Come now.

I'm waiting for you there.

What the hell are you doing here?

When did you get out? Today?

Is he high on heroin or cocaine?

One minute he was a rabbit

- and next he became crazy
and began to scream and fight.

I'm leaving.

You're not going anywhere. Come here.

- I do not go in, Sabin.
- I told you to come here.

- Who's in there with him?
- Roxi.

"Come out, Roxi. The police are here."

Do you like to suck me?

Come out, Roxi. The police are here.

Let them come! Release the guys!

Who do you think you're lying for?

Your cursed joke!
Who do you call hora?

Your mother is a hora!
You're a failed abortion!

- Fan take you!
- The customer is most important.

Come on, grab. Get up.

Are you a cop, kid?

You piece of shit!

- Stop, stop!
- Shall I stop?

- Shall I stop?
- Stop!

For the inconvenience ... For the ladies ...

Fuck off!

Next time I'll crush your knees.

Yes Boss!

Yeah, chief.
Yeah, tough guy!

Are you mocking me now?

Are you mocking me? Are you?

- Drop him, Sabin.
- Do you mind me?

- Do you want to play?
- Not at all.

He is not worth it.
You just got out.

Just, I'm not worth it.
You just got out.

One beep and they get
scratch you off the floor.

Stick your cursed pussy!

I know nothing, Relu.

I know nothing, Relu.

Calm, calm.

I know nothing, Relu. Nothing at all.

I do not know anything.

I promise!

Have you been to Prague?
- What?

I have.

The captain had business there
and brought me along

One day Captain said:
"Relu, my boy." - "

"- I'll take you to the museum,
you need some culture. "

I'm not backing
from a challenge, but -

- this with culture ...

Sorry, but I can not do that.

I can not starve at a painting with
a house and talk about the beauty of life.

But the Captain said, "Do not worry,
this is not a common museum. "

"- What is the museum?
- It's different."

- "The Torture Museum."
- Oh my God.

What I saw there ...

There was a chair like an armchair.
It looked comfortable.

If you did not know better you could
settle down to see a match.

The only problem was that
There was a hand drill behind the head.

Then at a hearing
they put the person in the chair-

- tightened him properly
and began to spin the drill.

Quiet and nice.

- Until it drilled into the brain.
- Oh my God!

And the brain began to sip down
along the back. Then the guide said.

No ... I've been pissing myself.

No! So horrible.

So embarrassing!

Another looked like a rooftop.
But there were nails everywhere.

When they caught a witch
they would put her sprawling on it

- with weights attached to the legs.

The nails drilled themselves in
in the pussy and the buttocks.

And they loaded on more weights.

It all got heavier
until she was torn apart.

So you say you do not know anything.

- I do not know, Relu.
- Is it true?

Yes it's true.

But -

- do you think the people -

- who invented
those torture devices-

- really cared about the truth?

I think it was just medicine.

For their sick souls.

The computer will still be here tomorrow.

If you come back tomorrow.
Which I hope.

I hate losing people,
especially pattern employees like you.

- Sebastian, owner.
- I know.

- Gina, secretary.
- Sit down.

If I come back tomorrow.

I've been watching you all day long.

I've seen you ... in passing -

- all day, and ...

The working time is nine to five,
with a half hour lunch break.

I do not want to
that you will be exhausted immediately.

But I'm used to it
feeling exhausted.

The lady who hired me
called me "hero mother".

So you have kids?

Two. My daughter is seventeen
and my son twelve.

My daughters are eight and five.
- Congratulations!

- You had children early.
- I'm not so young.

I try to think of what I eat.

I have stopped smoking and drinking.
I exercise as often as I can.

Tennis. I like ... the elegance.

Don't you agree?

I guess so.
I never thought about it.

My husband is watching
on boxing and wrestling.

I do not want to break the rules,
so now I go home.

Where do you live?

I have a car and can drive you.

"I do not want to be in trouble.
- You are not.

I have a car.

Give me five minutes.
I just have to go to the ladies.

I'll wait here.

- I do not understand why we ...
- You have a big mouth

- Is it a professional defect?
- You're so funny.

If you are so smart
why didn't you stay in school?

Why didn't you graduate?

That's life. I've heard
that they suck cock there all day long.

Can you take it?
Keep calm and keep working.

- Hello. Sasha?
- Up there.

Have you seen Sasha?

Carefully, it's DNA everywhere.

It's barely a person's place here,
and you want to ...

- You have to be...
- Very smooth.

You can take the lion from the jungle,
but not the jungle of the lion.

You have a fine piece of ass in front of you,
and all you do-

- is talking about lions and so on.

You said two grams?

- What are you doing?
- Peeing.

These are super fine stuff.
"Snow White".

My contact will buy it immediately
from Constanta.

He does not spell it either.

He is such a echo-type
which does not do it for the sake of money.


What happens now?

So fucking good.

I like this song.

Did you hurt yourself?
Who made my boy bad?

How is your son?
Is he still stammering?

- Do not talk about ...
"Now I know who he got it off.

Remove it before I
put it in your ass!

Fuck off!

How are you doing, kid?

Amazingly good!

- How's your mom?
- She's fine.

She said you might come for dinner.

She said she would call.

I have not checked my phone.
It's been a crazy day.

She wants to make lamb chops.
- But she has not called.

Can you help me with that?

Do not start delining advice now.

"You must lie low and keep quiet.

your superiors and colleagues. "

Can you do it or not?
I did not just come by.

I hope this is the last one
the time you ask me to make a few calls.

How difficult can it be to find
a gypsy called Sabin.

You have no idea.

And that's not okay
to use the word gypsies.

Particularly not on a state authority.

So what should I call them?

- Blacks?
- For example.

This guy is a scamper.
A zero.

Not a total zero.

Jack of all trades. He works for someone
called the captain.

I do not know him.

Which means
that he is a smart tuffing.

What was he saying you said? Captain?

It's not his real name.
He has worked for the security police.

In Ceausescu's time
He was in the export industry.

- So he has contacts.
- I've never heard of him.

Those you know
We have thick folders like this.

The folder on him is barely a piece of paper.

He's just a regular guy like not
have so many people around.

He may work with his cousin
and a man named Aurel.

And he has a brother in Spain.
That's all.

Our guys spun on them for a year.
It was a waste of money.

The guy who gave me the report said
that there was absolutely more.

But they could not find it.

The managers took the funding.

- What are you doing?
- I have a boner.

I want them.

Leave off now, Emi.

You brag about breaking
organized crime

- choke the black market
and bring us in Europe.

So what do you mean?
That I'm talking crazy in front of the camera?

It takes time, boy.

- The process may take several years.
- I know.

And therefore you need
a whole army of office wankers.

But sometimes we have to put something to you.

If we only talk, people are upset.

You are suddenly fire and flames.

What about a mission
where you can shine a little more?

I do not want to shine, I like
dark. I want those guys.

Give them to me.

Do not move.

Toma ...

It was Toma ...

Did he say why?

No no...

He did not say why.

I had to do this.
Do you understand?

I have to know for sure.

You have to get out of here.

If you want to survive, you have to leave.


And never come back.


I need some help. Can you come?

We are going to the after party.

Yes I can.

What has happened?

He happened.

What have you done, Mr. Relu?

You should call me Relu.

He works with Dad.
What have you done?

Nothing, he did it himself.

Do you have what I asked for?

Relax. Breathe through your mouth.

Your eyes are red.

I have not slept.

Too much cola?

Do you have what I asked for?



There is food.

And drink some water.

Drink up!

Drink now when I see you.

Give him a tablet
if he starts rolling his eyes.

Not a half, not two, but one.

If he gets vomit, give him another one
after a quarter.

Do you understand? Call me
I'll help you with that.

Do you understand?

Drink the water.