Umbre (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Episode #2.2 - full transcript

Magda and Teddy are trying to get their life back on track after the shocking event they went through. Relu starts looking for clues that could lead him to finding out the truth about the ...

If the people I loved lived
I would never leave them.

5000 should be enough.

Mr. Toma, our deal ...
The circumstances have changed.

- Who are you now again?
- Relu, from the poker party.

- You drove us here.
- Many happy years together!

How are they? How...

- How are they?
- Good. Right now they feel good.

The boy is still submerged.

He woke up and was a little worried,
so we increased the dose.

We have X-rayed him.

The sixth and seventh ribs are broken.
And he has a mild head injury.

He was lucky.
- Lucky?

Yes, he could have died.

A full-bodied fetus helps the mother-

- to press the cervix
and push it out.

After 24 weeks the fetus is
underdeveloped, which makes it difficult.

And we could not sow her
because she had lost blood.

The uterus is injured.
But we do not suppose the worst.

She may not have problems in the future
and she could get pregnant again.

The girl's condition is stable, but -

- we could not help the child

It had serious head injury and
had cardiac arrest at birth

I'm sorry. We could not do anything.

It was too underdeveloped
to cope with such shocks.

But the kids will make it?

The boy is out of danger. The girl has
great chances of recovery.

That is all.

What was it? The child.

A boy.

It was a boy.


- How are you?
- Better than ever.

I wanted to go to the hospital,
but thought ...

That was right.

Do not be that way. It was not my fault.

No, Nico.
It has nothing to do with you.

Is he in there?

Call Pop Geamanu. He knows
any heightened on the prosecutor's office.

They may not dig in this.

I can not get on him,
so he is not here.

There is some problem
with his handicapped daughter.

She can not go or eat on her own.

Clearly, she is handicapped,
he fucks his cousins.

Continue calling him.

Here you are.

The big one is going to the doctor.

This is for the nurse.
Otherwise, they do not lift a finger.

Put two guys on guard
for safety's sake.

Do you know what I would like to do?

Buy a steak and two beers, jump in
in the car and drive out into the woods.

While it's cool outside.

I would put myself in a glance.

I was going to pick up the grill-

- salt and peppers steaks
And season with the thyme.

- Do you like the thyme?
- Yes.

I never used it before.
The taste changes.

I would sit there and eat my steak
and drink my beer.

No mobile, no worries.

And when I had eaten my steak
and drank my beer -

- Do you know what I would do then?

I would start digging a hole.

Or multiple holes.
As many as needed.

And in it I would put the person
who is behind this.

It would not be a big hole.
He is not worth it.

I would chop him in pieces.

And pack the pieces as the butcher does.

I would brush over some soil,
and that's it.

The polecats will eat him.

You have to find him, Relu.

And bring him to me.

Should we not let the police
do their job?

Really? should we ask the pigs for help?

In this case, they can help.
They have more resources.

Did you hear that, Relu?
The pigs have more resources.

Talk when it's about your children.

You have to find him!

I don't want the pigs to find him first.
And give him...

...two to seven years for running from the scene.

He will answer me
and pay for his crime.

Do you understand?

- Miss? Go home.
- Has something happened?

No. Go home, you do not have to worry about yourself.

I received it. Thanks.

The girl is doing well now.
You see that she is asleep.

Come now.

- Imagine if something happens.
- It does not.

Go home, rest and come back. Come on!

- Hi!
- Hello!

I want to see a red BMW. B-77 AOI.
It came in yesterday.

Police or insurance company?

- neither.
- Then I can not let you in.

Why not?

Why would I let you look
on a red BMW-

- if you are not
from a police or insurance company?

- I need to look at it.
- But you will not get it.

What do you think you're doing?

You come here all tough and think
that I am a whore you can buy?

- No.
- No? What do you call this?

Hospital care.

Sorry to interrupt.
I brought you you're wife's clothes.


Mrs. Magda's clothes.
What she wore when she came in.

She's sleeping
and things can disappear here.

The doctor said if you wanted to
visiting her I can take you there.

- Maybe later.
- As you wish.

It's just a shoe.

The other has probably disappeared.


- Where is the bathroom?
- First door on the left side.

Is it so hard to take?
It's not possible.


Relu, boy! Are you mad?

How do you know where I live?
- A little bird told me.

You can not just show up like this.
Call first the next time.

I have my wife and my daughters here.

How nice! You are grilling.

- Is that fish?
- No, salmon.

My wife has made it.

Salmon? It was like seventeen.
On a snow wage?

- Do you want a beer?
- No.

I do not want any beer.
I want a macka and a beer.

The accident happened 17 km from the border.

This is a gas station
7 km from the accident site.

The crash occurred at. 16:18.

- How do you know that?
- A little bird, I said.

This is
gas station monitoring films.

I want to know everything about what's happening
between kl. 16.18 and 16.45.

All small cars.

Find them, check them out and call me.

I do not understand.
The traffic police can ...

Do you mean the guys like not
protects anyone and only shoes themselves?


Call me in two hours.

Pop puiu?

- What's with him?
- Do you have any new clues?

- No. You even ask when we meet.
- And I'm going to continue.

I have not heard anything new.

Blow on them.

- Six and four.
- Or five and three.

Shut up!
You can give your mother five and three.

- I have no luck at all.
- You threw too slowly.

Take off Are you waiting for a priest?

Man, not only you've stepped in shit
You must've bathed in it!

- Throw it hard.
- Hard? You come from sperm spit in pussy.

You're an asshole. Fuck off!
My mom had a lot of trouble.

"She got a lot of cock in the ass.
- Stop it! Cut it out with the shit talk.

- It's he who is crazy.
- Earth calls grandpa.

Fucking bad luck.

- 200.
- What did you say?

You said 100 for gammon
and 50 for single. Total 200.

So? And if I do not pay?

Then it is.

Anyone who wants to play?

But I hope you can pay,
I've had enough of bad losers.


I'm pissing on them money.
100 for single, double for gammon.

Go to hell!


Let's go.

Take off

Do not drag the legs after you.
Hurry up, I said!

Do you mix steroids?
in the guys' food again?

Their balls are swollen.
- Drop off, Axinte.

Can you bring a soda to me?

I give your sweet little sweet oral sex
if you do it.

- What did you say?
- Out, Axinte!

Sit down, Costache.

Seriously, can I get one of those?

Costache Sabin, 29 years old.

I'm Florentine too,
on the mother's side.

Last Known Address: Bucharest.
Number of Judges: Three.

Burglary as a 19-year-old ...

Everyone knew that the woman was a slut.

One day she asked me to move a closet.

As soon as I came in she jumped on me
and got hold of my cock.

I was young. I fucked her
until she chewed off

Afterwards I said: "What about it?
a little proof of your appreciation "-

- "because the cock met right."

She was 45 and overweight.

Then she began to swear and spit
on me. And then she threw me out.

Fucking slut! So I left.

But I brought a stool to mom.
And some forks. Silver, she said.

Hardly! Plastic.

At age 23, threat of bodily injury.

That was a misunderstanding.

I waved in the air with a knife
and an idiot stood in the way.

What a fool.

Hospitalized for six weeks,
serious brain injury.

Yeah, lucky for him.

Misconduct at home six months ago.

It was a clean trap.

Then you're completely innocent, Costache.

I do some devilishness-

- and I have unclean thoughts about Axint's wife.

They recommend
early conditional release

- but I have to approve it.

But you are so entertaining
that I want you to stay here.

What are you saying?

I like your type.

Coming here all pumped up.

Then they get fucked
until they can not sit down.

But strange enough it is not
the system that settles them.

It is the context itself.

Certainly is it ironic?

So what's this?
- 2500.

For my approval?

I would not insult you
that way?

For the soda and the cigarettes.

You will still sign on
because you are so nice.

Listen carefully to me.

Do you want to wake up tomorrow
with pussy instead of cock?

No, I enjoy myself.

Talking about pussy...How about cutting the
funny stuff and start talking seriously?

- What's his name?
- Coca. It's a bitch.


- What a whining.
"I do not know what it's all about.

- I have a similar myself.
- How old?

I do not know why I got it.

A pathetic race.
Totally worthless. Let's go.

- Can I help you?
- I just want some water.

Send it with letter pigeon
if there is a problem.

Get started!
We do not agree with charity.

How are you, Mr. Toma?

Why are we hiding?
I thought everyone took bribes here.

Yes, but some more than others.

- Do you want some coffee?
- Romica, do I want coffee?

Mr. Toma does not drink like that. Gastric ulcer.
- I forgot that.

A little hot milk, then?

I do not want any hot milk.

I want my wine back.

- Mr. Toma ...
- You called here an old man ...

- ... with stomach ulcers and problems.
- Honestly...

Are we at the confession here, Romica?

- No, so let's be honest.
- It's an expression.

When you imported from EU-

Did you see that the road was open?
You took in a lot.

From Malaga, Cartagena and Marseille.

And the taxes ... you must have realized
that you received some dispensers.

That was my legal right.

If the products come in sporadically
or for personal use.

Six hundred bottles a month?

- It was Romica's birthday.
- Yes, I'm Virgo.

And last month?

- We had a baptism in the family.
- Just a baptism.

- And the month before that?
- Then it was a funeral.

And it will be one next month.

For goods from the EU
the agreement remains the same.

For imports from Turkey and Morocco
is there another tax applicable.

I also have other duties.
I will make sure everything goes smoothly.

We can do this here ...

What is this?

We open a bottle of wine and
The conversation continues over a glass.

- You're confiscating, you're stealing ...
- Do not be so.

... twenty four bottles
Saint-Etienne Grand Cru -

- which costs 3000 euros a piece.

Does it cost so much?

And now you want to open a bottle
and drink this one.

- I thought...
- At this pathetic mortgage bank.

- I thought...
- Mr. Anghel.

We have a problem.

Saint-Etienne Grand Cru is
a refined wine.


It has a floral subtle-

- as some describe as feminine,
but that's probably just a prejudice.

According to me, it depends
that the vineyard owner is a woman.

She is the only woman in Burgundy-

- which has been successful
in that male industry.

And? What is the problem?

Saint-Etienne Grand Cru-

- does not fit pork

It fits fish, to shellfish-

- to a mature goat-

- or to
and Saint Pierre de l'Ardèche.

Or a Bleu de Midi-Pyrénées.

That is absolutely true.
So to open a bottle of this wine -

- would be a pity
Really sinful.

And sinners get what they deserve.

At least our priests have said that
since we were small.

Do not pull! My car is over there.


What did they give you?

It does not help,
I still have pain.

Here you are.

I couldn't find any news.

Have they found the guy?

The guy who drove on you.

They'll find him.

I understand how you feel
when you think of him.

But I do not know anything.

We have not known each other for a long time.

We have not lived together
and surrounded every day.

I do not know. Shit the same.

It was a boy.

The nurse told it.

Everything is so -

- abstract.

It feels like someone close to you died

- but someone you have never met.

Let's not get sad.

Then I get depressed and start
with vodka and valium again.

How about some excitement instead?

- Do you have it?
- In the car.

Not much, but it really helps.

When my dad died
I did not go out in six months.

I played luffar chess with a knife
on my arms.

I rammed it into the aftermath.

And it helped.

Your dad was cold.


It is said that parents should die young.

I'm going to the car. Back soon.

You dork. You scared me.

Nice to make you feel good.

If anything happened to you, I would ...

- Are all the police?
- No, there are others too.

He is a teacher and he is an engineer.

Just intellectual, so.
Let's hear.

I checked all the cars.

I took the registration number,
addresses, phone number ...

Good job, you're going to get a statue.

Why are you so against me, Relu?

- You're just sensitive. Continue.
- I did not find anything.

- Nothing.
- And this?

It is from a monastery near Giurgiu.

This is a little strange.

"It may be a coincidence.
- What is it?

does not match the car.

The number belongs to a car that crashed
two weeks ago.

The owner has put off and stripped it.

If I want excitement
I jerk off in the dark

So I don't know when I come.

- So the car was completely destroyed.
- And ended up on the shovel.

It may be a coincidence.
Or not.

Pop Geamanu owns the dismantling park.

- Are you sure about that?
- Thousands of percent!

Thousands of percent are just ten.

It is as safe as that
eggs are eggs. I double-rolled.

The captain will be happy.

No, he will not be.

- Because you should not say anything.
- Why not?

What are you gonna do?
Take the honor for this?


My daughter is connected
to a lot of hoses.

I do not care about this now.

- I did not mean that.
- This stays between us.

If it does not,

- Maybe one night I'll come by your place.
And then maybe -

- I eat your salmon. Do you want that?

What the hell, boy? I get it.

I know that.

What a surprise.

What are you doing in the park?
Should not you lie to death?

I'm here to challenge it.

You are a real joke.
And even jokes.

You are reminded of my grandfather.

He was also an important player.
And a real joke.

Name? Maybe we were friends.
Maybe I knew your grandmother.

You're really stupid.
Too bad I have to give you a round.

- Banel ...
- My name is Benone.

- Like the yogurt?

Bonone ... How much do you weigh?

- Did you hear what I said?
- Approximately 85 kg.

- That might be correct.
- Why are you asking?

This is how Bilbo is.

When you are overweight
paw the joints completely.

Footprints, knees,
hips, elbows ...

Okay. And?

It's like watching a pig go
in ballerina shoes.

- No balance at all.
- No kidding?.

Ask-no-ne ...


When you hit your head in a knee it is
important not to drown in the blood.

Otherwise, you will get a problem again.

- Hi, Pop Geamanu.
- Relu! What are you doing here?

You can ask yourself that.

"I've been up to date.
- I heard about the accident.

Terribly. Totally terrible.

I also have a daughter.
She is handicapped.

She can not talk, just growls.

That's how we talk to each other.
As good as we can.

I wish your daughter everything good.

I must go. She is alone at home.

- I have to lock ...
- I've found him.

I've found the guy.

What a guy?

The guy who caused the hook.

The guys found him.

- He tried to leave the country.
- Yes?

We will meet up on the store
at the Uzunu Transition.

Captains, Paganel, Title ...
All the guys.

Are you coming?

Me? Why should I come?

As you wish.

What do I say to the boss
when he asks why you're not there?