Umbre (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Gina finds out what her husband really does for a living. Suspicious Gina follows Relu just to discover he is meeting a woman at a gym, but fails to unravel her identity. Tanase barely convinces Relu to participate in an illegal act, but as a precaution, he backs out just a few moments before. On the way to the wedding he was invited along with Gina, Relu makes a sudden stop to save Tanase and his colleague. The situation gets out of hand when a man is thrown on the hood of the cab where Gina was waiting for Relu.

Tãnase, you know this full well.

This isn't like walking on the grass
when the sign says "keep off."

This is a whole other kettle of fish.
Five years' worth or more.

Look, this one's serials
haven't even been filed off!

-Where did you even get them?
-Where they went missing!

-Why bite off more than you can chew?
-So I should hide, starve to death?

Look both ways before
crossing the street, your words.

Now I feel like crossing the street.

Come on, I'm not getting
any younger here!

-Let's talk numbers.
-Your take would be around 2,000.

I'm not making a fortune either.
The lion's share goes to the Captain.

I'm in it
for the for the big entrance...

Five grand.

-Does that come with a bonus blow job?
-But only if your dick is still working.


Tomorrow afternoon.
Two guys will join us.

I'll fill you in later tonight.

Episode 4

- There you are!
- Hello. Of course. Vasile.

Roºca. Emilia.
Come this way.

As I said on the phone,
the house is responsibly built.

Lovely stonework, reinforced concrete,
quality bricks...

It was meant for my son, Gigi.
But he went abroad 4 summers ago.

Fruit-picking in Spain.

Oh well...

- Yes, doesn't face the road as such.
- That's OK.

Really? Most want to live by the road,
pop out to the shops.

Is there a path
running through the woods?

Yeah, but it's a dirt road. You have
to take the main road to get to Rãcari.

I was just curious.
And you're sure?

I'm from here, born and raised,
I should be!

- I could show you.
- No...

And cutting through the woods to
the main road, how long would it take?

- An hour or so.
- By car?

Oh, then, ten-fifteen minutes.
Come in.

Sorry for prying, but why the move
out of the capital?

It's for my health.

Oh my, such a young lad too!
What's the matter?

Here you go, 600 euros.
Two months' rent, like we said. OK?

If I move in, we'll keep going,
if not, hold on to the cash.

Fine then, Mr. Vasile.

-I'll have a boy clear those weeds out.
-No need. Leave it.

I couldn't possibly let it
look like a squat.

Madam, leave the house as it is.

If I want it changed,
I'll see to it myself.

All right. It's up to you.

- Good bye, now.
- Bye.

I've no time, money or need for that.

Remember how they peeled
Tatiana's face when she went?

Her new beet-red look
took two weeks to clear!

With her moustache, you couldn't tell.
But it would stand out on me.

If you're a dim cow and got knocked up,
what else is there?

Gotta get hitched, clear your name.
You were our last bastion of hope.

Wait till the baby comes,
you'll be stretched out like toffee!

What do we have here?!
How's it hanging, Mr. Gatsby?

How about some royal jelly,
for skin as smooth as a baby's bum?

I reckon he's trying to outshine you
with his flawless complexion!


When should we be at the restaurant?

Get up, Relu! We've got stuff to do.


Where are you off to like that?

Let me call you back,
the nutter just went off his nut!

Relu! Relu!

- Where have you been?
- Out.

- With that punk?
- Which punk?

You know which.

I clearly don't.
I hang out with several.

What's gotten into you?!

You keep giving me lip and
I'll shut you down, understood?!

You keep it, treat yourself!

- Really?
- Big whoop!

If I wanted to, I'd make in one day
what you make in a month!

- As a cheap tart, by the look of you!
- That's right!

Quit it, will you, Relu!

I don't know what's got you
so wound up lately

but I won't have you
going all Tarzan around here!

- Don't you see what she's wearing?
- Really now...

...I'll have her wear
a burqa from now on!

-Now I know where she gets her attitude!
-Yeah, no shit!

Sorry, but should I fetch
your phone for you?!

- It's not mine.
- Mine either.

Is this yours?
When did you get another cell?

-When I needed another one.
-Can we afford two phone bills?

-No, that's why it's prepaid.
-Why do you need another cell?

What about the one I gave you
for Christmas?

That was from you?
I thought it was from Santa!


What, should I run it by you
when I take a piss?!

How about you handled it all?
Here, take'em both! Go ahead! Take'em!

You go cabbing, you spend 12 hours
rooted to that seat every day!

Swallowing exhaust fumes and shit
from this city's jerk offs and tarts!

I'll stay home instead,
and gape at the soaps on tv!

Brush dust off the china,
crack jokes with the guy next door...

- ...throw together a bit of stew!
- Moussaka.

That's how you think I spend my days?

When you're not too busy
busting my balls.

Nico, if I don't pick up,
it's 'cause I can't or I'm dead!

No use keeping at it!

Yes... yes.

Fine. See you in a half-hour.

- How are you, Mr. Savu?
- Still around, Gina dearest!

- Missus and I are off to the country..
- I'll just grab your car for a sec!

Hey, come out of there!
Get out, girl!

Are you mad?!
What do you think you're...

So? Are we there?

Madam Savu?!

Mrs. Savu, it's me, Gina,
your neighbor across the road!

How are you? Did you get
that cataract surgery?

- Can you see anything?
- Yes. Pitch black!

So you want to sow your wild oats?
Fine, I'll show you what you'll reap!

Mrs. Savu, I'm going to leave you here
for a bit, don't you run off!

I'll get you, just you wait!

Can I help you?
You must have the wrong room.

You've just altered the course
of my blood flow.

I'd take offense if I hadn't.
But we have to be a bit careful.

- I had myself tested for HIV and...
- Not that. My dad.

I told you, he had such a temper
earlier, I thought he'd keel over!

On my account?

No, on account of the other bozo
I'm screwing.

The one who doesn't ask
moronic questions.

Of course it was about you.
He even smacked me across the face.

Do you need me to make sure
he doesn't bother you again?

Like you need a hole in the head!

Chill out. He just got a bit upset.
He wouldn't hurt you.

Sure, like he didn't hurt me today.

I have to go. Meet me when I get off?

What's up, Mr. Popular?
Let's go. Step on it.

Hit the clutch, put it in gear,
step on the gas pedal. Go!

I did teach you to buckle up.

Hold your arm up.

Your other arm.

Not to worry. Wouldn't eat your burger
if I'd come raring to bust you up.

Actually, no. I would've.

Do you have any smokes in here?

Alcohol? 8-balls? Pills?

- Sure about that?
- Positive.

Even if I frisk you? Or I have you
crouch and cough?

Why would I cough? I don't have a cold.

Drop the act.
What's stuck up your backside?

Just my large intestine.

If I told you to stop seeing little...
her how would you react?

That's what I thought.

-I can't make Magda stop seeing you.
-Good call, I reckon.

But you can.

Don't spring it on her. She's too smart
not to see through that.

But maybe you're too busy
to call her later.

Next week, you stand her up
on a date. Don't show.

But why? I really like Magda!
I mean I... like her a lot.

That's exactly why.

You don't think I'm right for her.

It's settled then.

Give me some!

You'll give me a coronary!

I'd at least be sparing you
one from that kebab!

What's up, are you OK?

You know that hotel
on the corner of Berzei and Buzeºti?

- The one by the North Station?
- Yap.

It's all set: three guys will be there,
in room 408.

But do you know them?
Met them before?

No, just some foreigners
the Captain dealt with.

Do you speak English?

-Turks, I guess.

- Were you expecting Swedish chicks?
- Nah.

Only, as far as I knew,
Turks come through Constanþa.

Never mind that. You just do your thing.
And they rang on my way here.

- They moved it up, it's today.
- What?

We're meeting to to talk
about it tonight at 6.

That's not how we do this.
You said two guys, now it's three.

It was tomorrow. Now it's in 2 hours.

So what, is today?
Keep-your-nose-clean day?

Things only go sideways when you
burst in like a bull in a china shop!

- Chill, man. We'll have a guy there.
- What guy?

Just a guy, one of mine.

- Copper?
- Yes.

- Tãnase!
- Stop it with the diva routine!

-He's good. I vouch for him.

Postpone it. We'll talk to the Captain,
set it up the smart way.

- Are you mad?! I can't!
- Find a way.

Relu, if I drop the ball,
other heads will roll too!

- I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
- Relu!

- Postpone it!
- Relu, man!

What if the kids walk in on you, pops?

Keep out!

-Where's Relu, d'ya know?
-I know where he's not.

Do you think Relu's fooling around?

Gina honey, I haven't the faintest.

It's not like I keep tabs on him,
or stick to him like shit to a blanket.

- I've got better things to do!
- Don't be like that!

We should've been at this wedding
an hour ago and he's not picking up.

You know what else?
Someone kept calling earlier.

I went to answer it, and
he yanked the phone away.

- Then I saw him with some girl.
- You saw this, where?

You did a reading and had,
like, a vision?

I followed him in Pop Savu's car.

Trying to cut off your nose
to spite your face?

- I'm so done...!
- I ordered them at the corner place...

...only to find I had to pick them up
across town in Taberei Road!

They'll do for a wedding, right?
I think so!

Give me ten minutes for a shower
and we'll be on our way!

Through the downpour of rain,

In the loft, together we'd lain.

You were very into this Alifantis guy,

I was.

Not anymore?

Across the windowed sky
Across the oval sky

No longer into him?

The clouds, so soft that March,
whisked by...

-There goes money we don't have!
-I got it for free at a gas station.

Yet, you put it on as if you'd got it
just for me!

- I did.
- The CD that you got for free?!

How about this: I'll go buy another one
just like the one I chucked out.

And I'll put it on again, just for you.

I wonder if you can tell
the difference!

Maybe he really poured his soul
into the store-bought one!

I'm a bit tone-deaf,
so I can't tell!

I'll pass, thanks.

- But maybe your girlfriend likes it.
- Which one of the bunch?

The one who goes to the gym
to tone up her butt!

So she can pick cucumbers
with it!

What, did you follow me?

- Have you gone mad?!
- You drove me mad!

With all the secrets and phones
you stash in your boxers!

And the nights you don't come home!

Why are you stopping?! Keep driving!

We're already an hour late and looking
like idiots thanks to you!

I'm not about to row
in the street too like a tart!

You only row in the car, like a lady!

- Go fuck yourself!
- As you wish, my lady!

Go on, you deadbeat! Get going!

You'd better get that.

Why won't you pick up?

Go on, open it! I'll ditch this wedding
so fast your head will spin!

Hello? Hello?!

Tãnase? Hello!... HELLO!

I'll be five minutes.

Who is it?

The Captain sent me,
to sort out that thing.

-Why didn't he call?
-He doesn't do phone calls.

Do I need to spell out why?
Can I come in?

- You, police?
- No, not police.

-They, Police.
-My friend, as I said, I'm not a cop.

Sit down.

- Want some?
- No, thanks.

What's your name?

-I'm Aslan. Turkish for "lion."

What about "Relu?"

It means "the fixer of problems."

We do have a problem
that needs fixing.

We came to see the product.
Brought the cash. Dollars, Euro.

We talk businessman here.

All's going well, until the sir
there, says he police.

And gives me lip. Very loose lip.

Very loose.
Aslan not made monkey of.

Aslan no business with Police.
Business with police, risky.

Business with the Captain.
Police works for the Captain.


You tell me truth
before the business and I choose.

No while business.
Aslan is not stupid.

That's why I'm here. To fix it.

Can I use the bathroom?

Sit! Stay here!

End of episode 4