Ultraforce (1995–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - A Veiled Threat - full transcript

(upbeat music)

- [Announcer] Ultraforce!




(dramatic music)

(car honking)

- So, this device of yours
removes the part of the brain

that controls the Ultras' powers

and you can implant those
neurons into any Ultra?

Perfect, you have a deal.

Now I don't want anyone's
brain but his understood?

(dramatic music)

Finally, Cosmic will be
on top again (laughs)

and Hardcase won't
have enough strength

to pick up an osk.

(slow music)

- Enough of this lip pressing.

- I've been wanting to
do that for a long time.

- Me too.

- Cut!

Great rehearsal.

You two go for final touch
up then we'll shoot one.

- Good, we get to do it again.

- The Queen of Gwendor
was promised scenes
of great battles.

- Uh, yeah, be right back.

- How could people pay
to watch this drivel?

- If you only knew.


- Hardcase, I've
been looking for you!

- No need to trash the
set let's take this

to the parking lot.

- (laughs) Parking lot is all

that's gonna be left
when I'm done with you!

(water splashing)

- Now this is worth watching.

- It's not the movie Topaz.

- No?

Why didn't you say so?

- If I were you, I'd stay
here where it's safe.

- You, madam are most
definitely not me, hi-ya!

(water crashing)

- Got a surprise
for you Headcase.

- Mines better.

(tires screeching)

- Freeze puny male
or suffer the wrath

of the Queen of Gwendor.

- Go back to your
Hercules movie babe!

- I am not a babe!

- Topaz no!

It's rigged to blow!

(door exploding)

Topaz, Topaz are you okay?

- No man touches the
Queen of Gwendor.

- Guess the answers is yes.

- There goes Headknockers,
15 seconds of fame.

- Make that 20!

- Bronchioles constricting.

- Oh, I can't!

- You did that didn't you?

You're not just
another pretty face

you're an Ultra.

- Not really, not
like you and Hardcase.

- Unbelievable.

I've never seen
anything like that.

What could've-

- Please Hardcase
take me to my trailer.

- I do not understand.

Was Veil wounded in battle?

- You really are
from another planet.

- Veil, are you okay?

- I must have fainted.

I haven't eaten all day.

How about we get a bite?

- Well, I just had lunch
and you should rest.

- Stomach hydrochloric acid.


- I can't believe
that little rumble

with Headknocker
made me so hungry.

- Forget him.

I wanna hear about you, Tom.


- I swear, use that mind control
thing on me one more time-

- [Veil] Oh shut up.

- What do you mean, I almost
finished off Hardcase,

I thought that's
what you wanted!

- I've got a bad
feeling about Veil,

call it a hunch.

- Call it baloney.

- Hardcase, Ghoul
thinks she's an Ultra

and caused Headknockers seizure.

As a warrior, I
question why she didn't

stop Headknocker earlier
when she could have.

- So what if she's an Ultra?

A lot of Ultras don't
want anybody to know.

- Whoa.

- Whoa.

- Rat.

- Ultra or no, she's got
a powerful effect on him.

- Like to take it
out for a spin?

- Maybe another time,
I've got five pages

of dialogue to learn tonight.

- Testosterone increase.

- You know Hardcase, my
latest film premieres tonight

and I would love
you to be my date.

Say you'll take me, come on.

- Sure, why not?

I haven't been to
one of those since-

- Since when Tommy?

- You need to drop me
by my place to change.

I need to make one more stop.

I'll be right back.

Hey there gorgeous, how's
my lovely Linda today?

It's been two years since...

Since the squad.

Star burst!

I've met someone,
she's an actress.

Yeah, I know what you
think about actresses.

But this one's different.

I just wanted you to
know, bye, Starburst.

- Star burst.

(camera snaps)

- Is this a surprise?

These two lovebirds
have sure been keeping

one sizzler of a secret.

- Beating Atalon,
thwarting Rune!

That is news, this
is glisten button!

- Yuck, sounds like
a skin condition

I caught six feet under.

- You know how to use this?

- Not really.

- Don't drip any gross stuff
on the keyboard, Ghoul.

- Well Pixx, hello.

- Pixx is alive?

- I programmed the
computer to be sentient,

and gave it all my memories.

- [Ghoul] And I gave it
form and personality.

- So what's your problem,
besides your face I mean.

- I need to know about
an Ultra named Veil.

- That's it? Stingy!

- Veil, AKA Dr. Heather Crane.

- Wait a second,
beach blanket bimbo

has a degree in medicine?

- Ultra powers, bio telepathy,
limited invisibility.

Via telepath, can control
other people's senses,

their nervous system,
even the brain!

- So that's how she got
Hardcase tied up in knots.

Hm, I can't access a
classified part of her file.

Pixx can you do it?

- Not now Ghoul,
Hardcase must be warned!

No telling what that
vixen plans for him.

- Well goodnight.

- (mumbles) sleep!

Oh tired so soon?
Here, let me help you.

Take him to my lab,
prep him for surgery.

- I'll prep him alright.

- Don't even think about it!

One I remove his Ultra neuro
sensor, then he's all yours.


- Can't wait till
it's over Hardcase.

- Put him down, Headknocker.

- Headknocker you monster!

How dare you break
into my house!

Thank goodness the
Ultra force is here.

- What? What kind of
game are you playing?

- Adrenals fear.


- What happened?

What are you doing here?

- Veil's a bio
telepath Hardcase,

she's been controlling
your senses.

(laughs) I'm dead
honey, my organs don't

even respond for me anymore.

- Tom, are you alright?

- Do not be misled by her.

She's beguiled you
with her powers!

- And what if I have?

I would do anything to get
close to you, I love you.

- Oh wow, what a performance.

Does she have a
shot at the Oscars?

- That's it guys, the lady
doesn't need this abuse.

Look, I'm sorry about this,

I think I'll call
it a night too.

- But Hardcase.

- Your week is up, don't
make any more excuses.

Deliver Hardcase's
neuro center now!

You don't seem to understand,

I've got every penny
riding on this,

a 50 million dollar ad campaign,

and everything
depends on introducing

Cosmic Studios new Ultra
superstar starting next week.

Cosmic has to trample
Metropolitan into dog poop!

If it doesn't, I'm
going to be back

working as a window washer!

- Patience Mr. Silk.

- Patience isn't
in my vocabulary!

- And failure isn't in mine.

(phone rings)

- Hello?

- [Headknocker] It's me,
Headknocker, check this out.

- [Linda] Tom,
it's me, Starburst.

- Linda, is it really you?

- [Linda] Yes Tom, it is me,
and I have so much (screams)

- Linda!

- [Headknocker] Hey movie
star, I got Veil too.

Be at her house in 10 minutes.

- If you hurt either
of them, I swear!

- I apologize for my behavior
earlier this evening.

- Yeah sure, look I gotta go.

- Wait where?

- Look I don't know
how, but Headknocker's

got Starburst and
Veil, now please.

- Don't be a fool Hardcase,

you're walking into a trap.

- Don't get me wrong Topaz,

but the queen of Gwendor needs
to mind her own business.

- I will not let you leave.

- What are you
gonna do, blast me?

(high pitched trill)

She blasted me!

- Topaz? Topaz!

- You dig me out of
here this instant!

- Sorry, I can't
let you follow me.

- [Pixx] You gooping
up my computer again?

- Pixx, I've been
trying you for hours!

- I've been trying to crack
the classified section

in Veil's file.

- So what did you come up with?

- Ultra mysteriously loses
powers, what's this got-

- Look closer.

- Veil.

- [Pixx] In each instance,
she was one of the last

people known to associate
with these Ultras

before they lost their powers.

Nobody's been able
to pin it on her.

- But she's a doctor.

- A neurosurgeon.

Hold on goopster, I'm
scanning her phone bill.

She's made a lot of calls to
some guy named Luther Silk.

- He's president
of Cosmic Studios,

Metropolitan's biggest rival!

- And where Hardcase works.

- That's the connection,
Pixx you're a genius!

- [Pixx] I know.

- Ghoul, come in, this is Topaz.

Meet me at Veil's mansion,
Hardcase has completely

lost his mind over this viper!

- Let's hope not.


- Linda? Linda it is you.

- Yes Tom, thanks to Veil.

- Veil?

- That's right Tom,
I should've realized

I never had a chance with you,

you're still in love with her.

That's why I've resuscitated
her, for you Tom.

Stop playing with my head
Veil, what's going on?

- Hardcase, I can
revive her permanently,

with my neural lab,
but I need an Ultra's

neural center to
transplant into her.

- You need a donor.

She was such a
fighter, so spirited.

Seeing her like this,
alright, I'll do it.

- Pardon me.

You ain't going nowhere.

- The Queen of Gwendor
needs no invitation.

(fighting noises)

- Gotta hand it to
you Topaz, watch it!

- Let's find Hardcase.

(Headknocker groans)

- You'll be together soon.

(intense music)

- Get away from him you viper!

- I warn you, one step closer!


- Handy, huh?

- [Topaz] None of that you

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Ghoul] A what?

- Veil was stealing your powers.

- Right, I agreed to
it, for Starburst.

- Wrong pal, for Luther Silk.

His studio's been in the red

since you made your
deal with Metro.

He's planning a comeback
with your neural center

in some other guys head.

- Heart rate, increase pulse,
blood vessels constrict,

adrenaline, pump!

(Hardcase groans)

One more minute
and I'll have it.

- Shop's closed Doc.

(high pitched trill)

- Good to see you
again Hardcase.

We need to take Starburst
back to the hospital.

- Not necessarily, I can
bring Starburst back.

Give me five million bucks,
and Topaz' Ultra neural center,

and you'll have
Linda back again.

- It's only the
money you care about

- So?

- You've gotta be joking.


- [Computer] Self destruct
sequence activated.

Detonation set for,
oh five seconds.

Four seconds, three
seconds, two seconds.

- Goodbye, Hardcase.

- [Computer] One second.


- You think she made it?

- Veil? Absolutely.

So it didn't work out with Veil.

But I realize now I need to
start living in the present.

The Ultra force is
my family now Linda,

not the squad, I'll see you.

- You okay buddy?

- I will be.

(electronic arcade music)