Ultraforce (1995–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Jumpin' at the Boneyard - full transcript

(theme song)

- [Man] Ultraforce!

(electronic theme music)



(gunshots and explosions)


- [Man] Previously
on Ultraforce.

- Can it be?

This thing is actually alive.

With this strength, Boneyard
shall claim dominion

over this universe!

(electricity crackles)

- Ahh!

(screaming and straining)

What...What happened to me?

That sound...like a
thousand cries for help.

But from where?

- You never wondered where
that lightning came from?

- No.

But suddenly it feels like

the most important
thing in my life.

I have to know what
made me an Ultra.

One minute, we're a
bunch of strangers,

when all of a sudden, we're
fighting for Ultraforce.

- You can call me Grenade.


- Just call me Zip-Zap.

- I'm Electrocute.

- And you can call me Spectral.

- Atom Bob, at your service.

(phone ringing)

- [Voice Over
Phone] I've decided

to give you another chance.

- This wouldn't be about
the stolen space shuttle,

would it?

- We're counting on
you and Ultraforce

to bring it back, son.


- Stop!

No one will harm the entity.


- Whoa!

What's in there?


(mysterious music)


(suspenseful music)

- What was that?

- Whatever it is,
we need to stop it

before it destroys Prime.

- Hey!
- Whoa!

- I can't let you interfere.

- No one will harm the entity!


- You don't understand,
Primeval didn't mean any harm.

- With a name like Primeval,
you gotta be joking.

- It was just trying
to protect the entity.

- Ghoul, quickly.

Let's find Prime while
they're still distracted.



I honed in on his
com-link sygnal.

- Ahh!


- [Boneyard] Excellent
work, my creation.

Now destroy him!


- Wow!

This guys been
taking his vitamins.


(muffled screaming)

- [Boneyard] You serve
your master well, Primeval.

Do not let him escape.

Even Prime himself
cannot survive

your energy absorbing powers.


Prime is finished!

Now destroy the others!




- And I thought I had trouble
keeping myself together.




(both straining)


- [Atom Bob] Stop them!

They're heading for the entity!


- Don't ask.

Prototype, listen to me.

We don't want to hurt you,

but you must stay
away from the entity.

- Why?

What is this entity?

- Let me explain,
the Strangers and I

were all hit by
lightning flashes

that came from the entity.

- That's how we
all got out powers.

- The entity was
calling us here.

It created us to protect it.

- That's still no
reason to steal

a multi-billion
dollar space shuttle.

- Nor to attack your allies.

Someone of something
is controlling you.

- All I know is this shuttle
belong to Ultra Tech,

and I'm taking it home.


- No one leaves the Moon

until the keeper of the
entity decrees it so.

- Wait, if this entity
truly means no harm,

why will it not call off
the one you called Primeval?

- Lord Boneyard must be
certain the entity is safe.

- Boneyard?

So he's behind this?

We must attack at once!

- You don't understand,

Lord Boneyard is the
keeper of the entity.

- Fools!

Boneyard is the very
personification of evil!

He has wreaked havoc
countless times

in my own dimension.

- She's not going anywhere.

(screams and strains)

- Prototype, wait!

We had no choice but
to take the shuttle.

- [Prototype] Tell
it to Ultra Tech.

I'm just the repo man
for this bucket of bolts.


- This bucket of bolts
happens to be our ride home.

(maniacal laughter)

- [Boneyard] Fascinating how
a well placed magic spell

can keep all my enemies
fighting amongst themselves.

Just so long as they
all remain distracted

from my true purpose!


- Ahh!

- Ghoul, are you alright?

- I'm sensing a strong presence.

As if the entire Moon
was crying out in pain.

- Could it be this entity
everyone's been talking about?

- Don't know.

I've never tried to read
a whole moon before.

(ethereal sounds)


Too much information!

Too many worlds!

I-I can't contain it all!

- It's alright, Ghoul.


Just ask it what it wants.

- Okay, entity, how
bout the Reader's Digest

condensed version
of your life story.

The entity's some kind
of organic computer.

The memory core
of a space vessel

from a distant world.

It crashed here when the
Moon was still molten.

Man, this thing's older
than George Burns.

So it's been stuck up here
for millions of years,

trying to bring
help from the Earth.

It's been feeding signals

that have jump start
effects on humanity.

The entity's been trying
to create Ultra-beings

capable of getting to the Moon

and helping it
complete it's mission.

It's gathered all this
incredible knowledge

of the Universe but doesn't
have any place to send it.

- Knowledge of the Universe?

I must see this
entity for myself.

- Contrary, wait!

There's something
else you should know.


- Please don't get
up on my account.

I much prefer a
captive audience.

- Who are you?

And what are you
doing to the entity?

- You may call me Boneyard.

Remember it well,
for it is the name

of your new Lord and Master.

- I serve no master!

- Oh, but you shall, my dear.

You and your entire planet.



By utilizing the
power of the entity,

I shall create a breach between
your dimension and mine.

And once the two
worlds are linked,

I shall summon my minions...

...then I shall
rule both worlds!

- Not if I can help
it, chrome dome.



- Hi-ya!!

- Dang, Lady, you
just don't give up.

- Uh!
- Ah!

Let go of me, you
filthy male barbarian!

- Hardcase, wait!

Don't go to far, I can't
maintain your indigo aura.

(electricity zapping)

- So that's how they
survive without space suits!


- You can't win, Prototype!

It's three against one.

- Then I guess it's time
we level the playing field.


(mechanical whirring)



- Are you crazy?

Let him out!

Without the indigo
flame to protect them

the others will all suffocate!

(gasping and choking)


- What sorcery is this?

- So how come you're
still standing?

- I'm an android, I
don't need to breath.


(zing zing zing)



(all gasping)

- Since you kids
can't play nice,

I just had to separate you.

- Where'd they go?

- Nevermind them.

Boneyard must be stopped.



- So this is the entity.

- Who dares interrupt Boneyard?


- Careful where you fire.

We don't want to
harm the entity.

(lasers firing)

- I'm afraid it's
too late for that.

- Ahh!!





- Primeval.


Come to me, my creation.


- Oh, what happened to us?

- Boneyard had you
all under a spell.

He had you convinced he was
the keeper of the entity.

- So how do you know
so much, corpse boy?

- Eh, me and the Moon just had
us a little heart to heart.

It told me Boneyard's
been messing the entity,

and this is the result.

He's got Contrary captive.

I've tried to beam
her out of there,

but there's too
much interference.

We've got to stop Boneyard

before he destroys the Earth!

- Surrender now, sorcerer!

Or face the wrath of
the Queen of Gwendor!

- Perhaps the Queen would
prefer to return to her domain.

My breach to our dimension
is almost complete.

Help me open it, and you
can return home to Gwendor.

- [Contrary] No!

Keep away from that
dimensional breach.

- Why aid this Contrary woman?

What has she ever done for you?

- No, I will not
betray my family.


- I shall simply resort to
other methods of persuasion.


Primeval, attack!




Just a few more moments
and the dimensional bridge

will be completed!


(Contrary cries out)

- Alright!

Let's slam 'em, Strangers!

- [Ghoul] You mean,
let's force 'em!

- [Atom Bob] Sorry,
Ghoul, you're outnumbered.

- But not for long.

Nice of you to join us, kid.


- Come forth, my evil minions!

Lay waste to these Ultras,

so your Master may
rule this dimension!

- [Zip-Zap] Oh, mama.

(electricity crackles)

- [Atom Bob] Looks like we
got our work cut out for us.

(roaring and snarling)


- Let's send these monsters
back where they came from!

- Wherever that is.

- [Atom Bob] Hey!

- [Ghoul] Let go of me, ugly!

- Yah!

Not so fast, dragon breath.

We're dropping anchor.


- [Boneyard] What have
you done to my pet?


- Your spells broken, Boneyard.

You don't control us anymore.

- No matter.

It served it's purpose.

You may destroy
him now, Primeval.


(rocking tumbling)

- What do you know?

I can transform magic, too.

(monsters roaring)
(Ghoul straining)

- [Ghoul] Put me down!

I specifically requested
business class.



- Got ya, dead guy.

- Whoa!

Let's head for the cave,
Contrary needs our help.


- Ghoul.

- [Zip-Zap] Dang, what
happened here, lady?

- [Ghoul] It's no use!

It won't budge!

- [Atom Bob] Mind if I try?


- [Contrary] Your
assistance is appreciated.

Now to revive our friends.

- What...happened?

- Primeval, attack!


- This is where we came in.

- We have to get back
to the ship, hurry!


- [Ghoul] What are
we running away for?

- I have an idea.

If we can send the
entity back to its home,

Boneyard won't be
able to control it.

- [Ghoul] But how do we do that?

It hasn't moved in
over 60 million years.

- Exactly.

I think the entity is
programmed not to return home,

until it transmits it's message.

So let's give it
something to transmit to.

Just keep the ship steady

and away from that
dimensional breach.

I've established contact.

And we're ready
to download...now.

(computers beeping and whirring)

- No!

I'm losing control
over the entity!

They'll destroy my
dimensional breach!

Stop them at once, my creation!


- The computers are overloading.

We're losing
control of the ship.


- Mmm mmm mmm.


- Let's get these losers
back into that breach

before it closes up.


- Get along, little doggy!


- Computer memory's at capacity.

We can't complete the download.

- Prototype,

we need to borrow your
suits computer system.

- I'm a little
busy at the moment.

- [Contrary] Just move
over to the entity.

It knows what to do.

- Whoa!

Contrary, you're overloading

my suit's internal memory chips.


- [Contrary] Just
stay near the entity.

(Prototype straining)
(electricity zapping)

- Ahhh!!


- We did it.

- Ahhh!

- Hi-ya!


(rocks crumbling and crashing)


- Pathetic Earthlings will
never defeat Boneyard!


- Maybe not.


But we got to do battle.

- That's right, let's force it!


- Looks like everything's
cleared up back home.


- You think it would
need some baggage.

- [Prototype] That's
right, Leland,

your shuttle's coming home.

But on one condition,

you drop all charges
against the Strangers.

- Never!

- Come on, Stan.

It'll be great PR
for the company,

considering they just
helped save the world.

Otherwise, we'll just
thumb a ride with Contrary,

and you can send up a tow truck.

- Uh...you want the brass band
or the ticker tape parade?

- [Prototype] I thought
you'd see things my way.



(tires screech)

(triumphant music)
(crowd cheering)

- [Leland] Prototype,
where's Ultraforce?

The deal was you all do
this photo-op together.

- Aren't they right behind us?

- [Ghoul] Does the ship
feel sluggish to you?

- I'm reading an exterior drag

pulling us 20
degrees off course.


(alarms blaring)

- I can't stabilize!

- Hang on, kid!

(alarms blaring)


- That's Contrary's ship!


(both screaming)

- Forget the computer!

Let's get out of here, now!

- No!

It's trying to edit its message!

We'll lose untold knowledge.

- We'll lose a lot
more than knowledge

if we stay here.

- Couldn't you have
least set the coordinates

for the ground?

- Ahhh!




(wind whistling)


- Ahh!

- Prime!

(suspenseful music)


- It's Prime Time!

Boy, it feels good
to talk again.

(cheering and applause)

- Now those bad boys know
how to drop in with style!

- So what happened
down there, kid?

- I don't know.

The entity sent me
some kind of message.

I think it was "Thank you."

- If only we could have saved

the information the
entity gathered.

- Well, we didn't
lose all of it.

- So, do you regret losing
your opportunity to go home?

- Destiny has brought me
to this misbegotten world.

I must accept it.

Still, I couldn't ask for
a better group of warriors

to share my fate.

- That's right.

We're an Ultraforce
to be reckoned with.


(triumphant music)

(theme song)