Ultraforce (1995–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Everything That Rises Must Converge - full transcript

(intense music)

- [Narrator] Ultraforce!



(dramatic music)

(howling sounds)

(electricity surging)

- This is not Eos.

What manner of magic has
brought Boneyard here?

And what is this strange realm?


Why are these energy beams,
these cries for help,

being sent to that small planet?

Such power, such energy!

My magic shall increase
a thousand fold.

(explosion booming)

with this strength, Boneyard
shall claim dominion

over this universe, beginning
with that beautiful pearl

hanging before me.

I must seek out the source
of this incredible energy.

Can it be, this thing
is actually alive?

- Erica, you can't be
serious about leaving me

for my twin cousin?

You don't know him
like I do, Erica.

He's evil, right
down to the bone.

(electricity surging)


- Why, what happened to me?

(howling sounds)

That sound, like a
thousand cries for help,

but from where?

What can it mean?

I was an ultra, fighting
crime alongside the other

members of the squad, who were
created the same way I was.

- And it happened
just like that?

You never wondered where
that lightning came from?

- No, but suddenly it feels
like the most important thing

in my life.

I have to know what
made me an Ultra.

(electricity surging)

- Replenish me with your power.

Cry not, precious creature.

You are serving a higher cause.

So, this entity continues
to signal that planet.

I must discover who it is
trying to contact and why.

(intense music)

- NASA spokesman said
that it would take weeks

to prepare a shuttle
to investigate the
mysterious flashes

emanating from the moon.

But in a surprise development,
Ultra-Tech spokesman

Stanley Leland announced
today that his company

is preparing the first ever
private space shuttle launch

to study the phenomenon.

The flashes are believed to
be related to an unexplained

blue lightning bolt that struck
a San Francisco cable car

exactly one year ago.

(intense music)




- Oh man, this is too
freaky, like when I was in

that cable car that
got hit by lightning.

- Hey Leon, you got
my cigarette money?

- Don't you know they
stunt your growth?

Hey man, just chill okay?


(gusting wind)

How did I do that?

Ah, this buzzing in my head,
it's the same weird feeling

that I had the time I got
zapped in that stupid cable car.

- I'm telling you,
Hugh, the bus was gone.

And there was just
this big puddle.

- And you think this
where it all started?

- I haven't felt right since
we were on that cable car.

- I was there too, how
come i wasn't affected?

- Maybe you were.

Don't you ever wonder why
we always wind up back here

at this exact spot?

- Excuse me, weren't both of
you on that cable car with me?

- Hey, don't I know you people?

- Cable car, right?

This is like a family reunion,

only without all the screaming.

- But what could be
drawing us all back here

at just the same time?

(intense music)

- You see that shuttle, Jimmy?

The launching is going
to be the biggest event

in Ultra-Tech's history.

And as our mascot, you
are gonna be here for it.

- I got better things
to do than hang around

waiting for photo ops.

- Who gave you that armor,
who signs your paycheck?

If you won't play ball, I'll
just have to put someone

in that suit who will.

- You think you can
find a better prototype?

- We've got 20
recruits just waiting

to fill those jet boots.

- Fine, I'm out of here.

- I have been trapped on this
upside down male-dominated

world for months now.

You pledged to help find a
way to return me to my people

on Gwendor.

- And I will Topaz, just as
soon as I finish analyzing

these readings from the moon.

- Ugh, your endless delays
are an unconscionable breach

of honor.

- Cool your jets, your highness.

Who says she's stalling?

About a year ago, a freak
bolt of lightning hit

San Francisco.

- And why should
this concern me?

- The readings suggest
this event may be related

to the portal that snagged
you here from Gwendor.

- How about we have ourselves
a little field trip?

- Every time I come
near this corner,

I feel this strange
power surging through me.

- What kind of power?

(glowing noise)

- Huh?

(lasers blasting)

Did that come out of me?

- Ugh!

What's happening to us?

- [Prime] How could you just
walk out on being prototype?

- Do I look like I
wanna talk about it?

- This is fame and fortune,
and adventure, and girls.

You wanna give me
a hand here, Case?

- What?

(dramatic music)

- Uh oh, surf's up!

You should be fine up here.

- I'm not used to being
the one who needs saving.


- Oh yeah, I can see why
Jimmy wants to give this up.

- I need that battle
suit Leland, right away.

- [Leland] I'm well aware
of the situation, Mr. Ruiz.

By the time we get it to you,
the disaster will be over.

- I followed the entity's
signal to this very spot,

but why has it...

Of course, this world possesses
beings of great power.

It must think they can stop me.

I cannot allow them to impede

my quest for absolute supremacy.

(crashing waves)


- [Contrary] Prime, I need
you to help Ghoul and Topaz

with an Ultra-related
disturbance in San Francisco.

- I'm kinda busy here.

- [Contrary] The tidal
waves are dying down,

Hardcase can handle it.

- You're the boss.

- Is this the one the
entity was trying to reach?


- Your flame, it's causing
those vines to grow.

Can't you stop it?

- Hey, I've changed colors.

- Now you're too hot to handle.


- Check it out, I'm flying!

- We must stop them before
innocent people are hurt.

- Whoa, hey!

- Ah!

(gusting wind)

- Ah!


- If you've hurt that boy.

- You're about to get
a primer in etiquette.



- The red flame is
making him strong enough

to take on Prime.

- I don't know who
you people are,

but clearly you must be stopped.

- First of all, you
started this fight.

And secondly, you've
got feet of clay.

- Hi-yah!

- These foolish creatures
fight amongst themselves.

How odd.

- My Prime shell,
it's breaking up.

Gotta get away
while I still can.

Too late (groaning).


I can't believe I survived that.

Who are those people?

- Careful lady, I'd be
hurt if I wasn't fresh

out of the grave.

- Hey!

- I cannot allow you to
harm innocent bystanders.

- What are you talking about?

We don't want to hurt anybody.


- Your mother and I need to
talk about your flaming temper.


- This isn't humiliating at all.


Looks like our buddies
used the confusion

to give us the slip.

- Then let us return
to Contrary's ship.

Her computers may help us
determine their whereabouts,

as well as what
happened to Prime.

- Is it my imagination,
or is that a star

in the center of the moon?

- These beings are too
powerful and numerous

for me to destroy alone.

Clearly, I shall require a
vassal to accomplish my goals.

Perfect, absolutely perfect.

- [Hardcase] What could have
caused those tidal waves?

- Aren't the tides
caused by the moon?

- Ordinary tides yeah, but
tidal waves have nothing

to do with the moon.

Of course!

- Hardcase, where are you going?

- [Bob] I'm glad
we got out of there

before we hurt somebody.

- Yeah, now that we've
got these freaky powers,

it'd be nice if we could
actually control them.

- Or at least find out why
they were given to us by...

- By the moon?

How is it that we all
seem to know that?

- I don't get it.

One minute we're a bunch of
strangers, then all of a sudden

we're fighting Ultraforce.

- Ultraforce versus
the strangers, I like
the sound of that.

- Great, now how
are we strangers

supposed to get to the moon?

- [Leon] Hey, what
are you doing, man?

- [Contrary] These
disturbances are happening

all over the globe

- [Ghoul] You think
they're all related to

that glow on the moon?

- [Topaz] And those
ultra-powered beings

we fought in San Francisco?

- Based on the evidence
linking them all,

I'd have to say yes.

- Can I help you?

- Is this where you keep
your space shuttles?

- Shh!

- Step out of the van,
please, very slowly.

- I'm afraid I can't
let you do that.

(surging electricity)

- [Leon] There she blows!

Proper, we got us a shuttle!

- Watch out, kid!

- I'm willing to
be bet my sidecar

that you were all
struck by lightning,

got ultra powers, and
are just as obsessed

with getting to
the moon as I am.

So let's solve this
mystery together.

- Yo, Hardcase, man, shouldn't
we be asking permission

or something?

- Me, I've got global
catastrophes to avert.

You wanna stay behind
and ask, be my guest.

- I can dig it.

- They leave us no choice

but to take drastic,
painful measures.

(phone ringing)

- Yeah?

- [Leland] I've decided
to give you another chance

as Prototype.

- This wouldn't be about a
stolen space shuttle, would it?

- [Leland] We're counting
on you and Ultraforce

to bring it back, son.

- Me?

Sounds more like a job for
one of your new recruits.

- This is no time
for games, Ruiz.

How does a raise, a bonus, and
a week in Grand Cayman sound?

- It sounds like a good
start, Stan my man.

(phone ringing)

- Prime here.

- [Contrary] We need
you, immediately.

- I'll, uh, fly up right away.

- [Contrary] There isn't time.

- Whoa, that was close.

I mean, what's the situation?

- I'll tell you the
situation, muscle brain.

We're going to the moon to
retrieve some stolen property.

Then, I'm going to the
Caribbean and working on my tan.

- This is about more than
a stolen space shuttle.

Something up there is
threatening the entire globe

and we need to find
out what it is.

- Even though you
renege on your word,

I cannot turn my
back on an ally.

- I appreciate the gesture.

- So how do the rest
of you clowns expect

to survive in space?

- I've already taken
that into consideration.

- Why would a dead guy
like me need a space suit?

- Are you familiar with the
term explosive decompression?

- It's alive?

- Looks like you don't
have much in common.


- It appears to be incompatible

with your unique
organic structure.

- Appears to be?

- You've shifted your
appearance before.

Perhaps if you concentrate,
you can transform

into a version that
can survive in space.

- No mouth, huh?

Now that's what I
call an improvement.

- [Hardcase] Since
you're all so sure

you wanna become Ultra heroes,

the first order of business
is coming up with code names.

- Based on my explosive talents,
you can call me Grenade.

Tres swank, Bob!

- Don't even, I spent
years refining my look.

Just call me Zip Zap.

- I'm Electrocute.

- You don't have
to tell me twice,

and you can call me Spectral.

- Atom Bob, at your service.

Well, you come up with
a better name for me!

- [Hardcase] Brace
yourselves, we're going in.

- [Leon] Yo hard guy,
you ever consider

going to traffic school?

- You know what they say kid,

any landing you
can walk away from.

- Don't be so sure, hull breach!

We're losing air fast.


- Spectral, change colors, now!

- I'm changing, I'm changing,
but what good will it...

(dramatic music)

- [Spectral] Indigo
seems to do the trick,

but how did you know?

- I sensed that whatever
gave us these powers

specifically designed
us for this mission.

It wants us here.

- Proper!

One small step for Leon,
one giant leap for...


This gravity thing is gonna
take some getting used to.

- Like myself, you were
brought to this asteroid

burdened with questions.

Allow me to share the
answers I have found.

- [Prototype] Okay, the
first order of business

is taking back that shuttle.

- [Contrary] No, first
we head for that beaut.

It appears to be the source of
the strange energy readings.

- [Topaz] And perhaps the key

to returning me to my dimension.

- Stop, no one will
harm the entity!

- Again, we are under attack!

- Back for a grudge match

or just showing off
your new threads?

- Back off, Gruesome!

We're not kidding.

- Neither are we.


- Weren't you paying attention?

They said no one
will harm the entity.

- Hardcase, not you too.

- Stand aside, traitor.

- Sorry Topaz, I
can't let you...


- Don't know your own
strength, do you big guy?

- Humph.

- Wait kid, you don't wanna...


- What's in there?


(intense music)