Ultraforce (1995–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Primal Scream - full transcript

- [Man] Ultraforce!

(superhero music)

- [Man] Ultraforce!


(beam noise)


- [Man] Ultraforce!

(dog howls)

(lightning strikes)

(rock music)

(girl screams)

- Hey, what was that?

- I don't know, let's
go check it out!

- Jack, let's just go, okay?

- No problem babe,
I'll be right back.

Hey, check this out!

Wonder if it's worth something.

- Come on Jack.

Enough already let's get going.


- I see my meal
includes dessert.

Rune lives once more!

Thanks to a lone rune stone

that summoned me
back to this world.

Soon, I will seek
out your brothers,

scattered as they are throughout

this pathetic little planet.

But first, I must feed
and replenish my strength.

Only your bioenergy can
restore my dark might.

How am I to defeat you
in my weakened state?

- Don't get me wrong Kevin,

I'm really glad we can spend
some quality time together.

Especially with your father
away on his business trip.

But I just don't think war
movies are so good for you.


- [Robber] Out of the car, now.

- [Masked Man] You too, move!

- Just do what he says Kevin.

(suspenseful music)

- Just gotta find somewhere
to turn into Prime.

- Kevin, don't run
away from me, not now!

- Don't cry mom,
it's just a car.

- [Kevin's Mom] You
sure you're okay?

- Ah, Prime, your
warrior spirit is bound

in an all to mortal coil.

Ripe for the picking!

- And I just froze up!

I couldn't turn into
Prime or anything.

Like I'm the most powerful
Ultra on the planet,

and I can't even
protect my own mom

from a couple of
lousy carjackers.

- You did the right thing,
staying with your mom.

Believe me, she needed you a
lot more than she needed Prime.

- Kevin, don't tie
up the phone, okay?

I'm waiting to hear
from the police.

- Okay mom, almost through.

- Mom! It's Lord Pumpkin.

I won't let her down again.

- Kevin are you alright?

What's going on?


Kevin? Prime?

This doesn't sound good.

- It's time to Prime the Pump.

Don't worry mom,
ma'am, you're safe now.

- Get away from me, what
did you do to my house?

- You're mine orange boy.

- Kevin, where are you?

- Alright pumpkin
brains I'm gonna

pound you into pumpkin pie!


- What have you
done with my son?

I swear if you hurt him!

- Uh-oh, mom's having a fit.

I better act fast before
things get out of hand.


- It's okay mom, I'm out here.

- Where were you,
what happened to you?

- Sorry, I fell into the pool

when Prime crashed
into the yard.

- I never want to
hear another word

about Prime or any of
those other Ultras.

Do you hear me?

- Sure mom, whatever.

Better hurry up and
get rid of that goop.


- No sign of Lord Pumpkin.

I just hope I'm not too late.

- Yes, this is Ruth
Greene at 3319 Sycamore.

I've just been
harassed by and Ultra.

- [Kevin] Mom?

- She's okay kid,
she just fainted.

- You always shower
with your clothes on?

- Man, what a weird morning,

first Lord Pumpkin
shows up on my lawn,

then he vanishes into thin air,

then my Prime goop disappears.

- Listen, you're
probably still shook up

from that carjacking.

- But, but, but I'm telling you-

- Take my advice, get some rest!

- I know what I saw.

Now mom's afraid
to leave the house,

and Prime just
makes things worse.


- Don't turn around.

I told you not to turn around!

- Fire people, gotta
find a place to Prime up.


(people screaming)

- Man, they're everywhere!

- Haha!

- See how funny
you think this is!

- [Crowd Member]
Somebody call security,

they've gone insane!

- [Newscaster] We break for
this important news bulletin.

- Hey wait a
minute, what's that?

- [Newsman] I'm coming to
you live at a Canoga Park

shopping mall, where
the Ultra known as Prime

has been on a rampage.

- Here we go again.

- [Newsman] We're gonna
try and swing around now

to get you a better shot.

There he is...this is truly-

- Let's Force it!

(people screaming)

- Thought you could
mess with Prime,

didn't you lizard breath!

- Set it down Primate,
nice and easy.

(woman screaming)

- Don't try this at home kids.

- Take it easy
Prime, why don't you

just tell me what's
going on here.

- You!


(Prime screams)

- Take it easy Prime.


- Thanks for running
interference, big guy.

- Anytime.

(superhero music)

- I don't know who you are,
but you just made Prime mad.

So it's you, I'm
gonna enjoy this.


- [Prototype] Alright
steroid brain,

now that we got your attention.

- Oh no I'm starting
to de-Prime.

- Wait, get back here!

(building crumbles)

- Proto, over here,
we've still got people

trapped inside that
parking structure.

I'll head for Prime.

(dramatic music)

- You're about to get
a whole new meaning

to the word fender-bender.

- Oh no, I'm too weak (mumbles)

Dr. Gross, no, leave me alone!

- You're seeing things kid.

- But how did, you were
just, but what about

Enemy, and Atalon, and the
Fire people, they're all-

- In your head.

Someone or something must
be making you hallucinate.

- Then let me at 'em, I
just gotta Prime up and-

- No, as long as you
can't trust your eyes,

we can't trust you.

Look at the damage Prime did,

this kid of stuff
sets back all Ultras.

- I just wanted
Prime to be a hero.

Now he's a bigger threat
than any Ultra villain.

- Come on kid,
let's take you home.

- I swear I'll never turn
into Prime ever again.

- Well, at least not
till we figure out

who's booking you
on these head trips.

- At last, sustenance.

I feel stronger.

The Prime essence
courses through my veins.

Still, this is
but a mere morsel.

Am I ready to take
on the full package?

The mighty Prime himself?

- [Prototype] That's the last
of them, now, to find Prime.

I thought I saw Hardcase
heading this way.

Ah! No!

- You will provide an
excellent gauge of my strength.

- [Prototype] Sorry pal, I
ain't that kind of Prototype.

- You're still flesh and
blood under that armor.

- Too bad you'll never get your
fangs through my cyber suit.

- Who said anything about fangs?

Ugh, this is nothing
but fusion power.

I require bioenergy!

- [Prototype] My
plasma blasters!

Alright bat boy,
you asked for it.

- You are beginning
to bore me, mortal.

Worst still, you delay
me from my quest.

(Prototype groans)

- Prepare yourself
Prime, your life force

is about to become mine!


- This is just great, now
everyone's gonna be afraid

of Ultras, and
it's all my fault.

Why'd I ever have to be
Prime in the first place?

- You have to protect me
Kevin, you're my only hope.

- No.

- [Kevin's Mom] Help
me Kevin! Help me!

- I won't do it, I
won't turn into Prime.

- We'll help kid,
we'll all help...

Help destroy you!

- I don't believe
you, you're not real!

I won't turn into Prime.

- Proto to Hardcase,
do you copy?

- [Hardcase] What's up?

- Rune's back, and he's
drained most of my energy.

- Rune, of course!

Hallucinations, the
missing Prime goop.

It all makes sense.

- What do you mean?

- If Rune is strong
enough to take you out,

then Prime is in real danger.

Meet me at 3319
Sycamore, and hurry!

- You're not real,
you're not real!

- Kevin, are you alright?

- Just having a nightmare
mom, I'm fine now.

- My poor baby.

(Kevin's Mom screams)

- Don't worry mom, it can't
hurt you, it's not real!

- Not this time, child.


- Wait a minute, if she sees
Rune, then it must be real.

And only Prime can save her.

- Wait kid, don't do it,
that's just what he wants.

To feed on your Prime energy.

He's been absorbing your
leftover goop all this time.

- Then you need
Prime more than ever!

- Don't you get it kid?

He's strong enough now to
suck the life out of Prime,

in his prime, that's why
you've gotta stay here.

Me and Proto will handle Rune.


- Silence woman, you are
merely the bait, not the catch.

- Well I'm the game warden,

and you've just
caught your limit.

Let go of the lady,
otherwise we all crash.

- Fool, you merely
wet my appetite.


- [Prototype] Got you.

- I'll be alright, just
get him for me, will ya?

- Enough of these
distractions, where is Prime?

- [Prototype] That's for
messing with my friend!

And this is for messing with-


Uh, me.

- If Prime will not come to me,

then I will come to Prime.


- Put her down,
it's me you want.

- I want Prime, not some
weak pathetic child.

- Prime's not coming.

- I'll take this one's
life force instead.

You are helpless to save her
boy, just like the car wreck.

But Prime, he's a hero.

Only he can save your mother,
only Prime, only Prime.

(laughs maniacally)

- Is this your pitiful
attempt at bravery child?

How amusing.

Perhaps you need more
motivation to summon Prime.

I'm through playing
with you boy.

I want Prime, and
I want him now.

(Kevin screams)

Finally, my kind of
bioenergy has arrived.


- Aren't you gonna
have a little trouble

defeating me without this?

- No! But how?

- Kevin grabbed your little rock

when you weren't looking.

Not bad for weak pathetic child.

(wind blows)

- Somehow I still can't
believe that's the last of him.

You did it Prime,
you saved your mom.

No, Kevin did.

- [Prototype] What I don't get,

is how you knew to
come to this house.

- Prime told me this
was the first place

he started having
those hallucinations,

so I figured Rune
had to be based here.

- Yeah right, you
see, this Kevin kid

he found the red rune stone
on a field trip in the desert,

and that obviously
lured Rune to his house.

- No need to get excited
big guy, I was just curious.

Race you back to Malibu.

- Thanks for covering for me.

- Don't mention it, kid.

- One more thing.

There, good as new.

- [Kevin's Mom] I don't
know how to thank you two.

- Think nothing of it ma'am.

- I just wish my son
could be here to see this.

- Sorry we can't stay, we've
got a shopping mall to repair.

- Maybe Ultra's aren't
so bad after all.

(electronic arcade music)