Ultraforce (1995–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - full transcript

(electronic music)

- [Narrator] Ultraforce!










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(gentle music)

- [Girl] Did ya hear?

Mosh just signed
with a major label!

- Who would've thought
one of our friends

would hit the big time?

(Girl sighs)

- [Girl] He's so cool!

(electric guitar music)

- I thought you
said he was a geek.

- I don't know,
he's different now.

- Don't you guys think
that's a little weird?

I mean, I never saw
him hold a guitar

until a couple of weeks ago.

- [Girl] I know,
he's so mysterious!

- Sorry I can't stay.

I gotta go make
up a history test.

You know, the one
I missed last week

when I mysteriously disappeared?

Yeah, right.

- Hey there, JFK!

Are you ready to rock?

(audience cheers)

- The time has come to taste
my new protege's power.

(Lord Pumpkin ominously laughs)

(electric guitar music)

(audience gasps)

- You wanna keep
it down, please?

I'm trying to fail a test.

(crowd shouts)

(Kevin groans)


Uh-oh, incoming!

That's it!

(Kevin grunts)

It's Prime Time!

Get away from that car!

Uh-oh, is it something I said?

Hey, hey, ah, get off!

- That's right, rant and rave!

(crowd shouts)

(Kevin grunts)

- This is quickly
losing its appeal.

* We will rule the world

* We will rule

Man, that guitar is
giving me a headache.

I feel strange.

(students groan)

- I did it, I really did it.

So I'm a nerd, huh? Not anymore.

- Splendid, and soon my pawn,

you will give me power
beyond my darkest dreams!

(students groan)

- Why did you do this?

- I don't know, everybody
else was doing it.

- Good excuse.

Man, this is weird.

I've gotta find some answers.

And then everybody
was all confused,

like they didn't even
remember doing it.

- Clearly the music
affected the audience.

- But how?

And why would Mosh make the
other kids trash the school?

He's not that kinda guy.

- He's trying to
solve a mystery?

This oughta be prime.

- Well, I don't see
any answers coming

from the walking pile of dust!

- I'll have you know
my body contains some

very complex organic
compounds, thank you very much!

- Perhaps between
the two of you,

you can solve this enigma?

- Us together?

Are you nuts?

Then again, maybe
you've got a point.

- You know, that really
doesn't work on me.

But I love it when you do it.

What can I lose by trying?

(Contrary laughs)

- [Mosh] You were there?

- Didn't you see
me at the school?

- To tell ya the truth,
when I'm playing I'm

kind of in a world of my own.

- But there was a riot!

- I'm told I have
that effect on people.

- Ooh, just look at you!

(electric guitar music)

- Ugh, you feel like
a scummed rump roast!

And what's with that
corny costume anyway?

- You really think it's corny?

(girls giggle)

- Let's just say you
look like a reject

from the American Gladiators.

(girls giggle)

Well, it's showtime!

(Kevin growls)

(Mosh gasps)

- I have a gift for you.

- What's wrong with the
one I was using before?

- Regrettably, it's a
little past its peak.

Our dry run at the high
school was a success,

but now we must really test
your hold over the audience.

Why so reluctant?

- The last time,
people almost got hurt.

- Like they hurt you when
they made you an outcast?

Power like yours
is hard to control.

Once you master it,
they'll love you forever.

- You really think so?

- Isn't that what you want?

(audience cheers)

(electric guitar music)

- Isn't he great?

- I've always been
more of a dead.

- Now!

- Just look at yourself,
you look like a dork!

(Kevin shouts)

Oh, much better, now
you're nothing but a wimp.

(Kevin grunts)

It's prime time for
an ultra makeover!

(Kevin groans)

Now this is more like it!

(Ghoul shouts)

- Prime?

- The name is Rogue Prime.

- And aren't we the
easily led little sheep?

- Watch your mouth, Ghoul.

Unless you wanna swallow
those rotting teeth of yours.

- Yes, everything is
falling into place,

and when the time is right,

I will take possession
of the very Ultra I need.

And nothing will stop
me from rising to power!

(electric rock music)

- They love me, they
really, really love me!

- Something on
your mind, big guy?

(crowd screams)

Are you nuts?


(Lord Pumpkin cackles)

- Between my young pawn
and his new guitar,

my plan draws ever
closer to fruition!

(Kevin grunts)

- You're being
controlled, Prime!

You've gotta fight it!

- Focus all your
powers on the dead one.

Just as I suspected!

He is immune to my influence.

(Ghoul shouts)

No, don't destroy the dead one!

(Kevin grunts)

(Ghoul screams)

- You're a dead man, dead man!

That's right, Ghoul, run!

(Kevin growls)

- What are you doing?

Stop playing, now!

- You're the boss.

(audience boos)

- What are you
waiting for, do it!

- Whoa, what a rush.

- Are you all right?

- Yeah.

- Well, I'm not!

What were you thinking you,
you, hyperthyroid gorilla?

- What are you talking about?

This is rock and roll.

- They were being
controlled, you lummox.

And so were you.

- I liked the music,
what's wrong with that?

- Gee, Prime, I don't
know, you tell me.

- Always trying to
order me around,

trying to control me!

- I'm mystified by
your tone of voice.

I was only doing it for you.

- Yeah, right!

Find yourself another puppet.

I'm gone!

- Try thinking for
yourself for a change.

- Are you done lecturing?

- [Woman] Normally
I'm a vegetarian,

but I could really go
for some prime rib.

See you later,
mister dead person.

- Trying to work
with that pinhead.

I oughta have my head autopsied.

- Whitney Richards, LAPD.

I'm heading a taskforce
designed to deal with Ultras.

- I wasn't aware we
needed to be dealt with.

- Based on the riot that started

when he played at
that high school,

I think this Mosh is an Ultra,

using some sort of
power over the crowd.

- And I'm guessing
last night's ruckus

only confirms your theory.

- The only problem is I
have no hard evidence,

and my little theories
wouldn't hold up in court.

- Well, if this is
an Ultra situation,

I think we can handle it.

- Ultras have no
authority to take the law

into their own hands.

Besides, you may
want to have somebody

looking out for you.

- With all due respect, we
can look out for ourselves.

- You were saying?

- [Mosh] Why did
you call me here?

I already told you, I'm through!

- Isn't it a little
early for Halloween?

(ominous music)

Oh, Lord Pummington, my eyes
were playing tricks on me.

I was just reconsidering
your client's

recording contract
with our company.

He deserves more,
much, much more.

Would doubling your
base pay suffice?

- I guess so.

- Now that that's settled,

there's one final favor
I'd like in return.

- Mr. Mosh, I'm afraid
I can't allow you

to perform tonight.

- There a problem here?

- You don't wanna get
mixed up in this, Prime.

- For the last time,
the name is Rogue Prime,

and I've had more than
my fill of you, Ghoul!

(Kevin grunts)

- [Whitney] No!

- You got a problem, missy?

Didn't think so.

(tense music)

(Lord Pumpkin cackles)

(kids shout)

- I have a gift for you.

For your landmark performance.

- I don't believe it!

- A special instrument,
heralding a most special event.

(Lord Pumpkin cackles)

- We've got to stop the concert.

There's going to be a riot!

- [Officer] What
makes you think so?

- Just women's intuition,

coupled with the fact that
this guy started riots

every other time he's played!

- [Officer] Sorry, but we
have orders not to interfere.

- [Whitney] Orders? From who?

(crowd cheers)

(electric guitar music)

- That's right, prepare
them for the change.

Soon, so soon, the cosmic
alignment will be right.

(Lord Pumpkin cackles)

- Ghoul!

Are you alive?

I mean, okay?

- Just peachy.

So, you wanna go to a concert?

- Good thing I keep these
around for the target range.

Won't you need some protection?

- Being dead seems to have
its distinct advantages.

(electric guitar music)

- All of the pieces
are falling into place,

in the heavens and on Earth.

- Now it's time, people!

Rant and rave!

(audience gasps)

- The talisman, the minions,
and the power source!

Everything is in place!

Now, my children, now!

(Ghoul grunts)

- Ah, no!

- Welcome to my nightmare!

- Lord Pumpkin?

But Prototype destroyed you!

- Let's just say a certain
family in Scarsdale

had a real bad Halloween.

Now, let's get down
to business, shall we?

(Lord Pumpkin coughs)

- What?

What, what, what
are you doing to me?

What, what?

Hey, it's grow-

(Ghoul murmurs)

- [Lord Pumpkin]
That's right, struggle!

For all the good it will do you.

(crowd screams)

- What's happening to me?

- I don't know, but I like it!

(Kevin shouts)

- The primal goop, it's stopping
the change from happening!

All right, pumpkin
puss, this show's over!

- Everybody's a critic.

(Kevin shouts)

- At least the goo protected
me from the flames.

Got out just in time.

(electric guitar music)

(ominous Halloween music)

(crowd groans)

(electric guitar music)

- Huh?

What are you doing to them?

- [Lord Pumpkin] Your music
has prepared them to become

the children of Lord Pumpkin!

- No!

- What, you never
wanted a family?

- Too weak to change,

but Ghoul and everybody else,

they're all counting on me.

(Kevin grunts)

When in doubt, go
with what works.

- Change them back now!

- Impudent fool!

Without me, you are
nothing, utterly powerless!

- Wait a minute, what did Proto
say about Pumpkins' powers?

That candle in his
mouth, of course!

- Back for more?

- Yo, Jacko, mind if
I borrow your lantern?

Talk about fruit going bad.

Face it pal, you're
out of your gourd!

- [Lord Pumpkin] No!

- Wow, real fruit filling.

- Oh, what happened to me?

- I don't know, but I bet
these Ultras stopped it.

- Oh!

- I don't need Lord Pumpkin.

I'll show them, I'm Mosh!

- That thing turns us into
monsters and he wants to party?

- No, no, come on!

- [Boy] He can't even play!

- [Girl] I don't
believe it, he's a fake!

(crowd boos)

- Get off the stage,
get of the stage!

- No, stop, you can't boo
me, I'm Mosh, I'm Mosh!

- Could someone lend
me a hand? Anyone?

Oh, much obliged, stranger.

- The name is Prime.

Just Prime.

- Sorry kid, there are
no shortcuts to the top.

- Looks like Lord Pumpkin
found himself a latent Ultra.

He has no powers of his own,
but just enough dormant energy

for the pumpkin to manipulate.

- And this thing was
a focusing element

to amplify Mosh's latent powers?

- I'm not an Ultra
or a normal person.

I don't belong anywhere!

- Don't worry, kid.

I'll take you someplace
where you'll get some help.

Thanks for your help, Ghoul.

- Any time, Whit.

And, uh, call me Jonathan.

Ah, Prime, I'm sorry
for underestimating
your intelligence.

- What are you saying?
I tried to crush you!

- Believe it or not, your
smarts saved the day.

- They have actually
learned to work together.

My ultimate plan is coming
together very nicely.

(upbeat electronic music)