Ugly Betty (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 5 - Plus None - full transcript

Matt asks someone else to be his "plus one" at Wilhemina's fund-raiser for Tibetan orphans, and Daniel hires his new BFF Natalie as his assistant, making Betty feel obsolete. Amanda keeps a secret from Betty, and Daniel discovers that his mother, Claire, has history with Cal Hartley. Meanwhile we learn the truth behind Nico's dire straits.

Papi, I'm coming home right now,
I promise.

Well, don't blame me
if your arroz con pollo is dry.

It's not meant to be reheated.

I'm sure it will still be delicious.
I'll see you soon. Love you, bye.

Sorry. Sorry, sorry,
I didn't mean to scare you.

That's okay. I'm sorry.

I just came to say I really liked
your pitch for a green issue.

Wilhelmina was wrong.
It did not "reek of recycled manure. "

Thank you.
And I really liked your "get sporty" idea.

You were not "nothing but nose hair"
while you were pitching it.

And I've also been meaning to tell you,
I'm really digging your new look.

Oh! Thanks.

I'm sorry, I have to do this.

Your hair was caught.

Thank you.

- Have a good night.
- You, too.

Hey, I thought
we were leaving together.

Oh, Marc, you can't honestly be asking
me to stay any later. I'm exhausted.

I've been working since 9:00 a. m.
Without a break.

And by "working" do you mean
gossiping and complaining?

- Hey, Mandy-licious.
- Hey, Matty-licious.

- Are you okay, Marc?
- Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

I just got a piece of corny
stuck in my throat.

Amanda, listen. Wilhelmina thinks
that some of the real people

we shot for the "Real People" column
are a little too real,

so I was wondering if you wouldn't
mind staying just for a bit,

- just to go over some pictures...
- Absolutely. No problem.

I love staying late.

Somebody's in a rush
to get out of here.

Oh, I'm just trying to avoid Hartley.

Plus I wanted to meet Natalie
for this whole group meeting.

Oh, yeah. How is that going?

Good, actually. You know,
it's really helping me deal

- with losing Molly.
- That's great.

By the way, I've noticed you and Matt
have been a little chummy lately.

Anything you'd care to report?

Um, no. Not at the moment,
but maybe I'll have some news for you

by the time we have
our lunch tomorrow.

That's right. Our first ever
non-professional, just-friends lunch.

And first thing tomorrow I'm going
to help you go through your r?sum?s

to find a new assistant because clearly
you forgot that we even had lunch.

Betty, how could I ever replace you?


Well, what an unpleasant surprise.

Wait, Wilhelmina. I want you to know
how much I respect all the work

you've been doing in Tibet.
It's a very special country to me

because it was very close
to Molly's heart. So, thank you.

Why the hell
was Pasty Face hugging me

and mumbling something about Tibet?

Oh! Um...

That might be because
you're being honored

at the annual Style Cares charity event.

- Why?
- Because you give a lot of money

to orphans in Tibet?

- When?
- Over the past five years?

- How?
- Through a tax-deductible

charitable foundation set up
by your accountant and someone?

- Who?
- Me.

But I only did it
because your accountant told me to.

But the good news is
you don't have to traipse across town

to some tired old ballroom for the event,

because the honoree always hosts
the event in their own home

so that more money can go
to the orphans.

And when exactly were you going
to tell me about all of this?

The day before the event,
so you'd have less time to hit me.

Think of the tiny baby orphans

and your public image.

I suppose you do make a good point
about my public image,

but who the hell would get excited
about a charity event?

I've been invited to a charity event,
and it's at Wilhelmina's.

At Wilhelmina's apartment?
How exclusive.

Can you steal me something?
Like a napkin, an olive, anything.

Oh, my God, look at you.

Last year you had to steal
a dress to get in.

Now you're totally legit.

Well, being an editor has its perks.

Well, getting your dinner at the right
temperature certainly isn't one of them.

Sorry. I'm making this about me.

Ooh, so who's going to be
your plus one?

I don't know.

- I mean, maybe I'll invite Matt.
- Oh.

- Wow.
- What? Are you crazy?

After everything that has happened?

Hilda, come on.
I know what this sounds like,

but things have been going
really well between us,

and I know that there is
still something there.

And what better place to start over
than a party, huh?

Wow. I mean, that was...
That was incredible.

During that last focus exercise,
I got to this place of...

I mean, I don't even know
how to describe it. It was...

- I know.
- It was... It was so peaceful.

I know. I feel the exact same way,

and it's like I feel closer
to Robbie than ever.

God, I can't believe I am saying all this.

I was such a sour bitch
before you knew me.

Wait, "before"?


You know what really sucks?
Once I get back to work,

all this stress starts coming in
from all sides and I just...

I lose this great feeling I have right now.

Hey, you know,

if you ever need any help
or guidance or whatever,

I'm always available.
You know that, right?

Maybe I should just hire you
as my personal guru.

Oh, please?
I could really use the money.

You know what?
I just had a crazy thought.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I'm glad you're here, actually.

There's something I've been meaning
to ask you about Wilhelmina's party.

- Really?
- And let me preface my question

by saying
you really don't have to say yes.

In fact, I'd be perfectly fine
if you said no,

because I'm not really even sure
it's a good idea.

Matt, I'm sure it's a great idea.

All right, then. Would you

- be okay if I brought a date?
- Yes.

Yes. Of course. That's great that...

Why wouldn't it be okay for you
to bring a date? That's great.

Cool. Cool. And I'm sure you'll probably
be bringing someone, too.

- Yep.
- Great.

Yes, I'm bringing someone. So...

So now it won't be awkward
for either one of us

to see the other one
with another person,

because we'll both be there
with other people. Yay.

- Hey, look. There's Katie from sales.
- Yep, there she is.

Anyway, I'm glad you're so cool
with the whole date thing.

Oh, yeah. No, I'm cool with it.

I'm more than cool with it.
I'm freezing with it.


Please tell me you did not say that.

Well, what was I supposed to say?

You shouldn't have said anything.

You should have decked him.

Hilda, you were right.

I don't know why I keep hoping

that things are gonna work out
between me and Matt. I'm so stupid.

You are not stupid, okay?

You were just following
your stupid heart.

I know it's ridiculous, it's just...
I can't help but feel replaced.

That is not true.

You are one of a kind, Betty Suarez,

and don't you ever forget it.
Nobody could ever replace you, okay?

Okay. Look, I've got to go,
I'm meeting Daniel. Bye.


Betty, hey. I finally replaced you.
Meet Natalie, my new assistant.

You really think it's a good idea to hire
someone you met in grief counseling?

I mean, doesn't she know
all sorts of personal things about you?

- Won't that be kind of weird?
- Actually, it's kind of great.

I'm super comfortable with her
because she knows me so well.

You know, it's kind of like
I found another you, Betty.

Well. What kind of office experience
does she have?

Didn't you say
she was a massage therapist?

Uh, turns out that requires
a lot more paperwork than you'd think.

Plus she's so excited to be here.

I mean, she got a new haircut
and everything.

- Oh, you did notice.
- I did. It looks great.

Thanks. Can you help me
with these phones?

I just pressed this button
and there was a really loud squeak.

Uh. Hey, you know what?

Betty, can you give her
a quick orientation? Do you mind?

No. Of course not.


You'd be a knockout in that.

Is that what you're wearing
to Wilhelmina's party?

No. Some dumb editor is because only
dumb editors get to go to the party.

Not that I want to go to a dumb editor
party anyway. It's so dumb.

Oh, really? Well, that's too bad,
because I was going to invite you.

- But if you think it's dumb...
- Dumb? Who said it was dumb?

No, no, no, no, you're right.
Hanging out with a bunch of editors?

It sounds boring, but it would
at least be fun if you were there.

- It would?
- So what do you say?

I have to check my calendar.

What do you know? I'm free.
What time?

Well, I have to come
straight from a meeting, so I'll be late,

but you come whenever you want,
and find me when you get there.


What? You're going with Betty's Matt?

Isn't that going to break
her pudgy little heart?

Marc. It's just that Matt makes me
feel smart and pretty.

Can't you just be happy for me?

I'm sorry, it's just that I assumed
your attraction

for Baby Fartley started and ended
with his money-filled pockets,

but now I see you actually like this guy.

- I do. I can't help it. He completes me.
- Aw.

Oh, Mandy. You're having real feelings.

- Now I am happy for you.
- Oh. Don't be happy for me.

I'm going to break
Betty's pudgy little heart.

- I hate feelings.
- Well...

- Marc, when did I get so deep?
- I don't know.

Look, why don't you just not go
to the party with Matt?

That would be the selfless thing to do.

No, seriously. You can either tell Betty
the truth, pray she doesn't show up,

or, you know, find some way
of cushioning the blow.

No, those really are your options.

So, in order to write
your speech for tomorrow,

I just need to get a feel for who you are.

For example, what inspired you
to help Tibetan orphans?


Many years ago, Ms. Slater embarked
on a soul-searching pilgrimage

to the tiny village of Tawang,
high in the Himalayas.

It was here that she experienced
a holy vision,

which brought her to this organization
and, ultimately, her life's mission.

Now, holy...

Wilhelmina Slater's office.

Yeah, hold on just a minute.

It's Nico. She sounds upset.


- Darling, what's wrong?
- Shh.

Don't say another word.

Willie, you're coming back, right?

You've got what you need, right?

All righty, I'll show you
how to check the messages.

Hi. You've reached Betty Suarez,

assistant to Daniel Meade,
Editor in Chief...

Greeting deleted.

Now, how do I do a new one
with my voice?

You have your files backed up, right?

- Mmm-hmm. I do, but...
- Okay. Great.

If you... In the trash.

- Okay.
- Awesome.

I like to keep his messages on this side.

Yeah, I'm going to keep them
on this side

so he can grab them as he walks by.

Well, I think he's pretty used to me
handing them to him.

Hey. This is convenient, thanks.

All right, so that's about it.

- Well, thank you so much for your help.
- Okay.

Oh! Don't forget this.

- Oh. Thanks.
- Yeah.

Like I was never here.

- Oh, will you...
- Oh! Daniel Meade's office.

Can you remind Daniel
that we have a lunch?

Yeah. Uh-huh?

Yeah, no. This is Natalie. Yeah.

I'm his new assistant. Yeah. Sure.

I'm not quite sure
what I'm looking at, Detective Castelar.

Is that a smudge of dirt?

It's a thumbprint. In blood.

If you say so.

I'm afraid that you're not
a terribly good photographer.

I found the print
on Jonathan Vieja's boat.

It's his blood.

The print belongs to your daughter.

Well, Nico spent a lot of time
on that boat. They were dating.

I'm not sure what you think that proves.

I've worked for
Jonathan's family before,

covering up his messes.

Your ex-boyfriend was
not a nice guy, was he?

He had a temper,

especially with women.


- Well, I...
- It sounds like she's lucky

he's disappeared.

You know, maybe I'm not being clear.
I don't think she's lucky.

I think she killed him.
I think she dumped the body overboard,

I think she got some help
cleaning up her mess,

and I think you missed a spot.

Well, if you think I do my own cleaning,
you don't know me very well.

I'm not the kind of person
you'd want as an enemy, Mr. Castelar.

I've written a number on the back
of that picture. I prefer cash.

Are you actually trying
to blackmail me?

Well, that's adorable,

but it doesn't go like that. So get out.

Mom, what are you doing?
You're not going to pay him?

I will do what I always do.
I'll beat him at his own game.

But he knows everything.
I don't want to go to jail.

You won't go to jail. I'll handle this.
I know what I'm doing.

Oh! Everyone is talking about
this ridic charity event.

If you ask me,
it sounds like a real snoozefest.

I'm sure a super fun girl like you
isn't going. Are you?

Of course I'm going. I'm an editor,
I was invited, why wouldn't I be going?

Why so upsetty, Betty?

I'm just in a really weird place.

Daniel just hired a new assistant
and Matt invited someone else...

- Did Matt say who he was taking?
- No.


- Wait, are you going by yourself?
- No.

- Oh. Who are you bringing?
- I don't know.

Amanda, what's with all the questions?

It's nothing, I just wanted
to ask because...

I know some great guys
I could set you up with.


Thanks, but I think
I'm going to ask a friend.


Maybe we should just hear him out.

Mom, the "Wit and Whimsy" column
has been in Mode for 60 years.

I'm not going to cut it
just to make room for ads.

I'm sorry, I have to draw the line.

Well, maybe you can draw
that line somewhere else.

You know, I'm putting a lot of money
into this company.

Of course I do.
You rarely waste an opportunity

to remind us of that fact.

All I'm saying is, it would be nice to
see a little return on my investment.

You can understand that,
can't you, son?

Don't call me "son. "

Right. You've both made
your opinions very clear.

Maybe we should all just think
this over for a bit.

Fine. Let's do that.

Mmm. There you are.

And there's Natalie.

So, Natalie said how much fun
you guys had earlier,

so I thought you wouldn't mind
if she joined us.

Nope. What's to mind?

And for you?
- Just an iced tea for me.

- You got it.
- Yeah. Thanks.

- You're not eating?
- No, I'm on a special diet.


I mean, sorry, what is that?

This is maca-greeny and cheese.
Guess who gave me the recipe.

- Um, Gloria?
- Of course. But this is actually good.

- Who's Gloria?
- She's this weird woman from group.

Oh. She is not weird, she's eccentric.

She wears leg warmers
every single day.

Point is, she only eats green foods

because she thinks
they help her phase better.

What's "phase"?

- It's this exercise that we do.
- It involves breathing.

Yeah, it's kind of hard to explain.


Uh, so you were gonna catch us up
on things with you and Matt, right?

Yeah, Daniel told me about you guys.

You're getting back together
or something?


No, actually, I don't think
that's going to be happening.

I did think that maybe
there was still something there,

but apparently he didn't,

because he's taking someone else
to Wilhelmina's party.

Oh, I'm sorry.

No. I mean, thanks, but it's fine.
Anyway, I was thinking...

You know how I used to always be
your plus one at work events?

Well, how do you feel
about being mine this time?


Actually, I was already
going to bring someone.

Oh! Right. Of course, duh.

- I mean, you're the new me, huh?
- Yeah.

But you can totally come
and hang with us.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, that would be fun. This is.

The writer has finished a draft
of your speech.

I think it's appropriately
faux-modest yet preachy.

You should probably take
a look at it though.

I don't care.

Are you okay, Willie?

I was worried when you raced
out of here this morning.

Everything is fine,

but I need you to do some research.

See what dirt you can dig up on this...

No. Willie, please. I'm sorry, but I can't.

I took this job because
I wanted to be a fashion editor,

not a blackmailer or a digger of dirt,

or, fond as I am of ascots
and monocles, a junior detective.

I'm sorry. I can't spend
one more moment of my life

scrounging around in dumpsters

looking for horrible information
on people.

Enough is enough.
I can't do it anymore, I'm sorry.

Nico killed her boyfriend.
I covered it up.

This detective is blackmailing me,
and I don't have the money.

I need to find out something on this guy

or we both go to jail.

I'll get right on it.

Amanda, hey.
I'm going to Wilhelmina's party.

- You found a friend?
- No.

- You found a date?
- No.

You found your dad?

No. You're setting me up.
I'm taking you up on your offer.

No... Okay.

And then four pages of minis,
we're calling it "The Thigh's the Limit,"

and that's February.


But where's
the "Wit and Whimsy" column?

I was told that column was being cut.

No, it's not being cut.
I was very specific about that.

Well, that's the message
I got from your mother.


I don't care if he's in a meeting.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Daniel. I should have told you
before about Cal and me.

I don't want to hear about it.

But you deserve to know.
We were involved. Before.

It was a long time ago, when your father
and I were going through

- a particularly difficult...
- No, wait, wait.

Are you saying
you had an affair with him?

- Please. I'm trying to...
- Stop. Okay?

Don't talk to me.

I told you, you should have let him go.

It's easy for you to say,
but I'm not that kind of a parent.

Maybe we just don't think the same
when it comes to our kids.

You know, maybe it's better
that things didn't work out with ours.

Why would you say
something like that?

You have no idea
how hard that was for me.

I'm sorry.

Everybody's here already.

- Oh, hey.

Spicy tamale.

- Hey.


These are all your friends?

Yep, and they're all here to meet you.

Amanda, you said it was a mixer.
Instead, it's a bunch of guys and me.

God, would you stop talking
about Matt already?

What? Who said anything about Matt?

Betty, he has moved on.
You don't need him anymore.

Just get it together.

Betty? Hey. It's Andy.


Andy, my favorite barista.

You gave me a free cookie
with my coffee the other day

and I never got to thank you. So...

He's cute.

- Thanks.
- Yeah. Yeah, happy to do it.

Can I get you a drink,
or some chips, or...

- Um. Yeah, sure. I'll have some wine.
- Great.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm here about the ad
you put in Craigslist.

Shut up about that.
We're all friends here, okay?

Friends. What's your name?

I can't get that image out of my head.
My mother and him?

What is that thing called
after soldiers go through the war?

- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?
- That's it.

Okay, you've been writing
an angry e-mail to your mother

- for over two hours.
- Mmm-hmm. So?

Remember in group when Bennett
was talking about brain-drainers?

You know, people who create
unnecessary drama?

- Uh-huh.
- You know, look, don't get me wrong,

I've only been here for a day,
but I've seen a lot of drama.

I mean, your mom,
this guy Hartley, Betty.

No, wait a second. Hartley, yeah.
My mom, maybe. But not Betty. No way.

Well, you know,
she just seems a little needy.

You know, when she asked you to go
to that party with her and you said no,

and she acted like she was fine with it?
She wasn't fine with it.

Yeah, but her ex-boyfriend asked
someone else to the party.

Yeah, drama.

I don't want to seem harsh,

but isn't this what
you were complaining about?

All this stress coming at you
and ruining your clarity?

I don't think it's coming from you.

Actually, I've only ever been
to Mexico one time.

And were all the women
as beautiful and voluptuous as you?


Oh. Wow. I don't even know
how to answer that. Um...


Will you excuse me just one second?

Amanda, this is going to sound
really weird,

but your friend is putting
your stuff in his bag.


Oh, no, that's just Joe.
He's kind of a klepto, it's totally cool.

Hey. Are you into me or not?

Because if you're not,
I'm going to answer this other ad.

- Okay, Jerry. You're a little drunk.
- Did you just say "other ad"?

- Okay, get out of here.
- Did he just say "other ad"?

I do not know
what he was babbling about.

I think he's probably a little jealous
that you are so into Dean.

- Andy.
- Same thing.

Wait, this is your Craigslist ad, right?

- What?
- No, no.

"Hombres, are you into plus-sized
chicas?" Amanda. You did this?

Way to stick to the plan, guys.

Okay, everybody calm down.
Why don't you come over here,

eat some more dip,
and we can all just talk a little.

Look, guys. I'm sorry.

I don't know why she thought
it was a good idea to bring you all here,

but I can't do this. So, bye.

Okay, this is what we're going to do.

We're just going to go
to a couple of bars,

maybe see who's cruising
the High Line?

Amanda. Just give it up.

Wait, wait, wait, Betty.
She wasn't that big anyway.

Ms. Meade?

Betty. I need your help.

All right, Marc,
tell me what we are doing here.

Well, it turns out
your dirty PI is of the corrupt,

B- grade, bridge-and-tunnel variety

and somehow got himself married off
to a hoagie franchise heiress.

- He has hoagie money?
- Mmm-hmm.

What's he blackmailing me for?

Well, Princess Lunch Meat keeps him
on a very short leash,

so she wouldn't appreciate
photos of her

keeping him on an even shorter leash.

- Who the hell are you?
- We're looking for Castelar.

- He's in there.
- I'll take it from here.

She may want this.

Hey, Natalie, where's Daniel?
I really need to talk to him.

He should be back any minute,
but we're leaving for a group meeting,

so I doubt he'll have time to talk.

Well, he'll have to make time.

- This is pretty important.
- So is his meeting.

Daniel, hey. Look, I just got off
the phone with your mom.

I think you should talk to her.
She's really upset.

She called you, of course. Look, I don't
know why she's trying to involve you,

but I'd really rather not talk
about it right now.

Daniel, your mother's really hurting.

I think she just wants you
to hear her out.

No offense, but maybe we should just
let Daniel work out his own problems.

Um. No offense, but maybe
you should just butt out

and let Daniel answer
for himself, okay?

Betty. You're being incredibly rude.
Natalie's just trying to help me.

She's my friend.

Yeah, so are we.
Daniel, your mom needs you right now

but, no, instead you're listening
to your new friend Natalie?

Is this like when I asked you
to go to the party

because I can't stand to be there
alone with Matt

and, no, you're taking
your new friend Natalie?

Okay, stop it.
I don't know what's going on with you,

I don't need this drama in my life, okay?

That was really brave.

Bite me, baby. Oh, yeah.

I hope you're enjoying this.

Oh, yeah, baby. Yeah.

This is a different class of shoe
than you're used to, Detective.


Hey, who the hell are you?

Who the hell are you?
You're not Castelar.

Yes, I am.
No, I mean no, no, no, I'm not.

Oh, hell, did my wife send you?

Oh, no.

Marc, this is not the man
who's blackmailing me.

But this is Detective Castelar.

Damn it.
Of course he didn't use his real name.

He stole this man's identity because
he knew I'd try something like this.

I should have seen it coming.

So who's blackmailing you?

I've been looking for you.


You were so good
with your mother this morning.

I almost believed you actually killed me.

Thank you. I know she has the money,
yet she still refused to pay you.

You've got to amp this up.
Give her a reason to pay.

Jonathan, trust me.
I know just how to play her.

What do you want, Amanda?

Betty, please don't hang up.
I feel so bad about what happened.

Yeah, so do I.

Well, I just thought you'd have
a better chance at a love connection

if we placed an ad
for your special needs.

- Please don't be mad at me.
- I'm not mad.

I know that in your own warped,
potentially life-threatening way,

you're just trying to be a good friend.

Yeah, totally.

Hey, that guy Andy left his number
if you want to give him a call.

I'm not interested.
I decided I'm not going.

- Really?
- Mmm.

Look, I've got to go. I'll talk to you later.

What do you mean
you're not going to the party?

Hilda, it's fine.

It's not like anyone's
going to miss me anyway.

Daniel's off with his new best friend
Natalie, and...

And, and, and what, Betty?

Yes, Hilda, Matt is still going
with someone else, and it still sucks.

I can't just walk in there alone.

Yes, you can. It's so Julia Roberts
from My Best Friend's Wedding.

I love that for you.

Betty, why are you holding on
so hard to Matt?

He has clearly moved on,
why don't you?

I don't know.

It's just everything's changing so fast.

Things are weird with Daniel at work,

and I just really thought that
Matt and I could have a future.

I just wish one thing
could stay the same.

Well, we're not going anywhere

so can't that be enough
for you for a while?

- No.
- Uh-uh.

What am I doing? I've worked too hard

to let someone else stop me
from having fun at this party.

- A party I was invited to.
- There you go.

- So what if I'm alone?
- Yeah, who cares?

I deserve this and I'm going.


I forgot to get a dress.

- Oh.

I got it. Mom, remember when
you put on a little weight last spring?

Remember when I did what?

- Let's not pretend.
- Oh, no.

I need scissors, thread and the dress
you wore to Archie's fundraiser.

This is my Project Runway moment,
and I'm going to make it work.

Okay, thank you.

- Name?
- Betty. Betty Suarez.

And the name of your plus one?

Just me. I'm my own plus one.

Oh, my God, was I in that photo?

How embarrassing.
Champagne, Count?

Ms. Slater?
I'm on the board of Style Cares

and I just wanted to tell you
how thrilled we are

to have you host this event for us.

Well, what can I say, I'm a giver.

I hope you realize
how many children you've helped.

Yes, I'm all about the children.

Are you okay, Willie?

No, I'm not okay, and it's all your fault.

You brought this into my house.
This ridiculous spectacle

and all these people
throwing insane amounts of money

on children I don't even know,

and I can't even afford
to save my own child.

Marc, what am I supposed to do?
I thought I could handle it, but I can't.

- Well, I can. I'm turning myself in.
- Oh!

Don't be ridiculous.
No daughter of mine's going to prison.

- I'll have him killed.
- Okay, okay.

You're not turning yourself in,
and you, you're not killing anyone.

- What's with this family?
- Mom, we have no choice.

If you can't pay,
then I need to do this to save us both.

Ms. Slater, it's time for your speech.

Of course. Watch her.

Hors d'oeuvre?

Betty, what are you doing here?
You said you weren't coming.

I changed my mind.

Listen, Betty, I have something
really hard I need to tell you.

They're here.

- Hi.
- Hey there, hi, my name is Matt Hartley.

H- A-R-T-L-E-Y.

- Great. Thank you very much.
- Enjoy.


Wait. Wait, he's here with that girl?
How could he be here with that girl

when he's supposed to be here with


It's fine, Amanda, don't look so sad.

It's not even as hard as I thought
it was going to be, so...


Because if I were you,
I'd be devastated.

Anyway, what was that really hard thing
you wanted to tell me?

Nothing. Just... You look really pretty.

- That's not hard, that's nice.
- Well, it was hard for me.

- Are you still angry with me?
- I wasn't angry.

I'm just sensitive about our past.

Sometimes I think I made a mistake.

You were married, I was married.

It's sad, but that child had
no place in this world.

People always ask me
how I got involved with an organization

that helps Tibetan refugee children.

They usually say I'm in it
for the tax break, which I am.

But the real reason?

My heart goes out
to those motherless children.

They have no one to fight for them,

and that's what a mother does.
She never gives up on her child.

I will not rest
until I've raised enough money

to help every one of those kids
get what they need to survive,

because that's what I would do
for my own child.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.


Natalie, I believe I owe you an apology.

I'm very glad Daniel has found
someone that he can trust and rely on.

I hope we can be friends.

I'd like that.

I should get this.
I'll let you two have a minute.

Thank you for saying that.

I'm sorry about the way
we left things yesterday.

I didn't realize how weird
it was going to be

for you to watch someone
take over your old job,

but I get it. I do.

If it's any consolation,
it's pretty weird for me, too.

Right, well.

I know that you're going through
something really difficult, Daniel.

I'm just glad
that you don't have to do it alone.

Thanks. Excuse me.

- Of course.
- Here you go.

Bennett, we missed one meeting.
I told you he had to do his work thing.

Don't worry, I will get him back there.

Here you go.

I'll take one of those.

Hey, Amanda, you made it.
I'm glad you got in.

I was worried
they might cause a ruckus at check-in

since I ended up with
six plus ones on my list.

Oh. I didn't realize you could have
multiple plus ones.

Yeah. I just didn't think it was fair that
none of the support staff got invited.

I mean, you guys deserve
to have fun, too, right?


Is one of those for me?


Yes, hello.
I wonder if you might help me.

I gave my son up
for adoption many years ago.

I want to find him now.


Oh. Hello.

You look like a man on a mission.

Yeah, I promised Heather
that I would be right back,

but that was before I realized
how long the bar line was.

I like how you two
coordinated your outfits.

Uh. Yeah.
That was her idea.

But you... You...
I mean, really, that dress is...


Oh, God, I wish I didn't do that.
Can I take that back?

- Never happened.
- All right.

Thanks, though.

So who's the lucky guy?

Um. Actually, I didn't bring a date.


- Well, I'd ask you to dance, but...
- No, come on. Please, I'm fine.

Look, Matt, I know that things feel weird
because so much has changed,

but I'm just glad that we're still friends.

Me, too.

- Will you excuse me? I love this song.
- No, go right ahead.