Ugly Betty (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 16 - All the World's a Stage - full transcript

Justin loves his acting class, helmed by the eccentric Lena Korvinka, and finds himself in an unexpected triangle with his new pals, Austin and Lily. When Betty drops by class, she's smitten with a cool young playwright, Zachary, whom she will profile for Mode. But she challenges her own ethics when she starts dating him. And Wilhemina is hospitalized with a perforated ulcer, and can't help her type-A personality even when bedridden, but then her roommate, Roberta, prompts an epiphany.

Previously on Ugly Betty...

Oh, no, no.

You are not the same person
I met three years ago.

Betty, you've already changed,
but you're still you.

- I'm an editor now.
- Really?

I don't want you ever
around my mother again!

What the hell is going on?

He's only interested in his career
and leeching off of you.

- Tyler is not who you think he is.
- Who is he, then?

He's your brother.

I really need to see you tonight.

I'm kind of busy right now.

Thanks for not ditching me tonight.

I could really use a friend.

Well, you've got one.

Hilda Suarez, I love you.
Will you marry me?


- So, you like someone.
- Yeah.

What is their name?


I just got off the phone
with Lena Korvinka!

She loved my audition and wants to
formally invite me to join her class!

Romeo, Romeo!
Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Deny thy father and refuse thy name...

You see? Acting is reinvention.

I mean, who is to say

that Juliet has to be
the prettiest girl in the room?

You know, maybe she's some
misguided boob with bad eyes

and bad hair and bad teeth.

- What?
- Okay, everybody take two minutes.

I'm just gonna call my cat
and grab tonight's speaker.

Am I too early to pick you up?

Yeah, but you should stay
for the guest speaker.

- He used to date a Gossip Girl.
- That's why he's speaking?

- That's his qualification?
- That's all I need.

Oh, Aunt Betty, this is my friend Austin.

- Austin, hi.
- Hey.

It's very nice to meet you.
I've heard so much about you.

You tell her what a great actor I am?

No, just what a giant ego you have.

- And this is Lily.
- Hi. Cute glasses.

Thanks. Nice to meet you.

- That's the girl that I like.
Good news.

Tinker Bell ate his dinner,
and he's going to be fine.

All right, now, tonight's speaker
is an award-winning playwright

and a foxy little muckety muck.

His latest play, The Rebirth of Rita,

opens next week.

Please give a warm welcome
to Zachary Boule.

I know him.

I read his first play.
It was so good and so tragic.

What a nice treat for me.

Hey, everybody.


So, Lena asked me
to speak about reinvention today,

which is a theme in my next play.

It was like he was talking directly to me.

Everything he was saying
about reinventing yourself,

your look, your life.

Mmm. That's very interesting.

I mean, that's everything
I've been doing this year.

- My new look, my new job...
- You don't say.

Hilda, stop.
I see your engagement ring, okay?


Good, because I'm practicing
how to show it off

without looking like I'm showing it off.

- Do my hands look dry?
- Too obvious.

As I was saying,
Zach was really inspiring.

And by "inspiring," do you mean cute?

- No.
- Yes, you do.

That is not even what I was thinking.

I mean, not that it would matter.
He dates Gossip Girls.

And he won a Drama Desk Award.
I write a blog.

I won a Blobby.

But I was thinking about pitching him
to Mode for the New York issue.

Yeah, you should.
Nothing says New York like theater.

- Here, let me fix your hair.
- No. I see it.

- You just scratched my glasses.
- That's because it's a diamond.

- Hey. Your mom's on the phone.
- I don't want to talk to her.

I can't keep telling her
you're in the bathroom.

That's what you've been telling her
for four days?

- Does she at least sound worried?
- Just talk to her.

She waits 30 years
to tell me I have a brother.

After she drops that bomb,

she whisks him off to Paris
to meet Alexis.

I think I'm entitled
to a little more time than that.

- Think about how your brother feels.
- Don't call him my brother.

- My only brother is my sister, Alexis.
- Exactly my point.

The poor guy gets off a bus
from South Dakota, you punched him,

and now he's whisked off
to meet Manzilla in some foreign land.

Since when are you his friend?

I'm not. I just...

You know what? Forget it.
I have a lot of work

I have to get back to.

Daniel Meade's office.

Now, Marc, I need all thoughts
of go-go boys in glitter pants

out of your head today.

James Cameron's people
are gonna call.

They're doing the CGI work
to help me recreate old New York

- for my cover shoot.
- Right. I should tell you

- Daniel's concerned about the cost.
- I don't care about Daniel.

You spend money to make money.

Good morning.

Was that monochromatic blur
Betty Suarez?

I know. Where are the polka dots
and butterflies and Mexican blankets?


- Does she look nice?
- Willie,

you swore you'd die before you ever
complimented a Suarez ensemble.

- Oh, my God.

- What happened?
- Isn't it obvious?

Your stumble into good taste
has killed her.

By now you've all heard
what happened to Wilhelmina.

She is having surgery
on a perforated ulcer,

but she is going to live.

The good news is I am taking point
on the New York issue.

So I guess
we should send flowers or something.

I guess $40 should about cover it,
don't you think?

It's just like you to cheap out, Daniel.

- What the hell are you...
- I have a little time before surgery,

so I'm gonna run this meeting,
thank you.

Do you really think that's the best idea?

Daniel, I could die on the table.

Are you really gonna
take this away from me?

- I thought it was a routine...
- Features, what do you got for me?

Hi, Wilhelmina, it's Betty.

I've been thinking
about the idea of reinvention

and how people
come to New York City to...

- Oh, my God, are you okay?
- I'm fine.

It's your pitch. It's excruciating.

- Just give her a chance.
- Fine. Five words. Go.





- Reinvention.
- No.

I gave you five words.
You chose to use "um" twice.

No playwrights.
Theater is dead, and so is your pitch.

I am not wearing that.

Apparently my table is ready,
so I will leave you with this.

I've given Marc detailed instructions
as to how to proceed

with my New Amsterdam shoot.

Wilhelmina, that's too expensive.
I told you we are not doing that.

Daniel, you stupid...

All right, that shoot is canceled.

Daniel, can I please
re-pitch you my idea?

Look, I hate to say it, but I have
to agree with Wilhelmina on this one.

I don't see how it fits
in a fashion magazine.

It does. Look at how fashionable he is.

Besides, his new play
is all about reinvention,

which is the core of fashion, right?

I mean,
what's out yesterday is in tomorrow.

And I'm sorry, but New York is theater.
I don't care what Wilhelmina says.

- Is he with Leighton Meester?
- They're not together anymore.

Wow, you said that fast.

You know what? If you want
to ask him out, just ask him out.

- You don't have to do a story on him.
- What?

No, that has nothing to do with it.

I just think that this would be
a really good story.

Run with it. At the very least,
it will piss off Wilhelmina.

Thank you. And trust me,
this is totally professional.

- Your real name is Ezra Butinsky?
- Why would I make that up?

I guess it doesn't have quite the same
romantic ring as "Zachary Boule. "

So you think my name's romantic?
Is this interview taking a turn?

Sorry, I interrupted you before.
What was your question?

Right, 'cause I was
asking you a question.

How has your time at Oxford
influenced your new play,

The Rebirth of Rita?

Off the record, I kind of embellished
my bio to sound more interesting.

- Oh.
- I did one summer program there.

The truth is I grew up in New Jersey.

Typical dork, glasses and braces.

Not that I'm implying that glasses
and braces make you a dork.

- It's just... I mean, I still...
- It's okay, I can handle "dork. "

I'm supposed to be
getting them off soon anyway.

I just have to find a new orthodontist
because my old one went crazy on me.

I love mine.
I can get you the info, if you want.

- Yeah, that would be great.
- Although,

somehow those work for you.


Okay, so, what about writing
do you enjoy the most?

I'm kind of an over-thinker,
so I like to create impulsive characters.

You know, the kind that get swept up
in a moment and take action.

- That sounds liberating.
- Doesn't it?

I mean, wouldn't our lives be
so much more interesting

if we didn't think
everything through first?

- Totally.
- Lf we just lived in the moment.

We want something, we go for it.

Oh, my God. I'm sorry.

- No, it's okay.
- No, it's not okay.

It's totally unprofessional
and disrespectful to you

and whatever potential starlet girlfriend
you might have.

I'm sorry.

Look, I can assure you
that this will in no way

negatively affect the piece
that I am writing on you. Sorry.

- Good, you're still here.
- Hey, you.

Sorry to bother.
I know you probably have

- some big, fabulous date or something.
- You're sweet.

But no, and now you've made me sad.

What's up?

My acting class is doing a scene night
for family and friends,

- and I wanted to invite you.
- Oh.

A night of scenes
performed by teenagers.

How fun. How many scenes are there?

- Twelve.
- And what number are you in the order?

- Ten.
- Are any of these kids famous?

One girl did a PSA for lead paint
when she was four.

She had to chew a windowsill.


It's Lily, the girl that I like.

Right. So... So...

- That's still happening?
- Yeah, it's great.

- My friend Austin likes her, too.
- Okay, so, you both like her.


Well, count me in. I love drama.

And I like theater.

Zachary Boule is one of
Broadway's brightest rising stars.

In fact, I'd say the only thing brighter
is his dashing smile.

Dashing smile?

Keep it clean, Suarez.

We met at a bar on 29th Street.

His handshake was firm.

I couldn't help but imagine those
same hands massaging my shoulders.

I need you to do something for me.

Anything, Zach, anything at all.

- I want to read my play to you.
- That's exactly what I hoped you'd say.

"Page One. Act One. "

That's amazing.

"A spotlight illuminates
a well-worn easy chair, center stage. "

An easy chair, that's so good.

Wow, you're really in the zone, huh?

Zone? Yes. I'm feeling the zone.

- How was that thing last night?
- Thing?

You mean my meeting with Zach?
Zachary. Zachary Boule.

Good, but I wouldn't really
call it a "thing. "

I'd call it an interview.

Wow. You're being kind of weird.

I'm not acting weird.
You're acting weird.

- Hello?
- Zachary. How weird.


- Daniel, this is Zachary.
- It's nice to meet you.

You have a really big fan here.

Daniel, I'm not a fan.

I'm not a fan. I'm an impartial journalist.
Can I help you with something?

Just wanted to follow up
on our thing last night.

Called it a "thing. "

Well, let's go somewhere and talk.

All we have to do is drop these caftans
and turbans off with Wilhelmina,

the outfit of choice
for any recovering diva.

Tyler just sent me a text.

He wants to have dinner with me
when he gets back from Paris.

I can't decide if it's weird or hot

that you're sleeping with one brother
and secretly befriending the other.

I can't, either. On one hand,
I've known Daniel for years

and I really care about him,

but on the other hand, Tyler's a model,
so it's kind of even, right?


Dr. Vine to proctology.

Dr. Vine to proctology.

Sweet, she's napping.

I want to pull back the covers
and look at her body while she sleeps.

No, no, no, no.

Let's just drop this stuff off,
go have a nice lunch.

- I was thinking soup and half a salad.
- Okay.

Really, Marc? Soup and half a salad?

When the cat's away, the mice
will gorge themselves to death.

Oh, my God.
Willie, you're in a semi-private room.

This is all they had available.

Lucky for me, she gets no visitors.
Just slowly rotting away.

Oh, sad face.

Well, you're looking awfully spry

for someone who's recovering
from a perforated ulcer.

Well, I have to stay alert

to go over the final details
for our New Amsterdam shoot.


Did you not remember
that Daniel killed that yesterday?

Of course, I remembered,
and I'm reviving it.

So we'll work from here.
And don't you dare tell Daniel.

If you're hungry,
call down for some ice chips.

I'm sorry that you had to come
all the way down here.

Well, the way
we ended things last night...

I know, Zach. I'm sorry.
I am so embarrassed.

I wish I could take everything back.
I mean, I'm a journalist.

I should be able to maintain
a certain level of...

- Have dinner with me tonight.
- I would love to.

No. No, I can't.
I pushed really hard to write this article,

and if my boss found out
that you and I...

That we're involved,
that would look really bad.

So, then we won't tell him.

If anyone found out...
Zach, you're in the tabloids.

You date two actresses
and crash a motorcycle

and suddenly everyone wants
to take your picture.

We can keep it a secret,
just between us.

I've gotten pretty good at avoiding
the paparazzi when I have to.

Okay, yes. A secret date.

A secret date.

Even through a morphine haze, I can
see the shoddy work on these samples.

Have new ones sent over immediately.

And call the waitress,
I need more Jell-O.

- Wilhelmina.
- Speaking of Jell-O.

I just tried to book Lorenzo for
the cover shoot we're actually doing,

and I find out that he's already been
booked for your New Amsterdam shoot,

the one we're not doing.

It's not gonna work this time.

Look, you can come up with something
more manageable for the next cover,

but this one is mine. Let it go.

Screw you
and your crappy gerbera daisies.

- Fine, you win.
- Thank you.

Well, I guess that's that.
I'll just take these down.

You heard Daniel. I get the next cover,

so park your ass down.

Jockstrap Night at Boy Bar
doesn't start until 10:00.

Get out of my head, woman.

Okay, there's a chance
this movie might stink,

but it's starring Bruce Willis,
so the theater will probably be empty.

Well, in that case, I better do this now.

Marc, you have to escape.

I am not going to Jockstrap Night alone.
I will look like a fool.

Hey, Betty.

Yeah, she's hanging out
in the lobby again.

I know, weird, it's not even Saturday.

I'm sorry.
I work with her and she's such a gossip,

so let's just wait five minutes and...

I didn't bring my wallet because
I knew you were gonna be there.

Yeah, she's still here.

I don't know, she seems happy.
I don't ask.

Again, I'm sorry. Let's just dash out
before she comes back.

Fine, I'll find some other queen
to buy me a drink.

Oh, my God,
Betty met someone in the lobby.

You should totally start
hanging out here.

Why would that make you sad?

Okay, hopefully, she's not coming back.

I think we're safer back here.

All right, here are
all the bridal issues I could find.

Okay, so, tell me,

does this say "engagement party"
or "dead hooker under a bridge"?

Does she have to be a dead hooker?
Could she just be a live hooker?

Can you just answer me?

Bobby's cousin is coming over,
and she's a hooker.

I don't want her to think
I'm making fun, you know.

Then keep looking.


Oh, let me guess.

We're taking the PATH train out
to New Jersey tonight

to go to this out-of-the-way
Argentinean restaurant.

- That's cute, right?
- That is cute.

I still can't believe he's actually into me.

Why? Because he's
an award-winning playwright?

Listen. You wrote a play, too.
Second grade.

You remember?
The Bumblebee That Needed Glasses.

That thing broke my heart.

Anyway, the point is, you are worth it.
Believe it now.

Your child is calling. Hi, Justin.

Hi, sweetie.

Mom, where the hell
are the cloth napkins?

Whoa, what's with the word "hell"?

Well, Lily's coming over
to watch a movie,

and it's our first time alone.

I can't very well serve her popcorn
with paper towels, can I?

Well, actually, you can, but...

Oh, God. She's here. Forget it.

Oh, hell.

- Hey.
- Hey.



Hey, where's your TV?
I'll set up the movie.

It's in there.

She invited me.
I guess she wanted me here, too.

Or maybe she felt sorry for you
'cause you were left out.

- Or maybe she likes me better.
- Or maybe you need a breath mint.

Guys, which Romeo and Juliet?
Zeffirelli or Luhrmann?




You know, I have to admit,

all this sneaking around
has been kind of fun.

Yeah. I almost forgot.

- My orthodontist's card.
- Cute.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Daniel, I know what this looks like,
but I can explain.

I think I can put two and two together.

You begged me to let you do a story
on a hot, new playwright.

I finally agreed to an objective profile,

and now I discover
you're actually dating him.

In my defense...

I have no defense.

I don't even know what to say to you.
You could lose your journalism license.

Oh, no. My journalism license?



You are so cute when you're mortified.

You have no idea
how stressed out I've been

trying to keep this a secret from you.

You're actually worried what I think?

Betty, I'm here because
I'm fooling around with my assistant.

So, my point was,

I'm not one
to pass judgment on anyone.

Just give me a little heads up next time.

I think I'm gonna say no
to dinner with Tyler.

I've got this thing with Daniel,

and aren't there state laws against
going from one brother to another?

Probably in Texas. You're not
allowed to do anything there.

Maybe I'll just have coffee with Tyler.

He's so nice, and I think
I'm a little bit smarter than he is.

- You have no idea how good that feels.
- I do.

Mandy, look. What you have
with Daniel is casual and fun,

but with Tyler,
you don't know what that is.

So you have to ask yourself,
are you happy with what you've got,

or do you want the possibility
of something more?

- No, not you two.
- Excuse me?

I'm Wilhelmina Slater's doctor,

and I can't have you two
bringing her any more work.

If she doesn't get some rest,
she'll never heal.

But Dr. So-and-so,
we don't have the power to stop her.


Otherwise, you'll be visiting her here
for a very long time.

- What are we supposed to do? Kill her?
- We can't. She'll only grow stronger.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Where the hell have you been?
- We got held up by Dr. Who's-it.

- He's really worried about you.
- That fool.

He couldn't find his ass with
both hands if I spotted him a cheek.

- So, let's get to work.
- Okay, well, here's this.

Distract her.

Excuse me, Wilhelmina.

I have a very important question
to ask you.


Which of these is the Cabbage Patch
and which is the Prep? A?

Or B?

What is she doing?
And what are you doing?

- I'm saving you from yourself.
- You idiot.

When I wake up, I swear to God,
I'm gonna hunt you down and...

...and hug you.

I forgot she always does that
when she first falls asleep.

- Mandy?
- I peed a little.

It's okay.

I won't tell anyone.

Hey. Got your message.

I was surprised
you wanted to meet me here.

I wanted to show you something.

Betty, what are you doing?
People can see us.

I know. We don't have to hide anymore.

But what about
all the code of ethics stuff?

I was taking it too seriously.
I can do that.

So, I was thinking, maybe I could be
your date to the premiere tonight?

I would love that.

But let me just call my mom first
and cancel.

- Wait, you were gonna take your mom?
- I know, I'm lame,

but she kind of lives for
every opportunity to come into the city

- and see a celebrity.
- That's not lame. That's sweet.

No, stop, stop. You can't cancel on her.

Why not? I'd rather go with you.

That's also very sweet,
but you should take your mom.

I can go later in the week.

- You sure?
- Yes.

- Now, go. You have to get ready.
- Okay.

Break a leg.

Okay, well,
this hair isn't getting any better.

Let's just go.

What's wrong?

Why are we sitting?

I'm freaking out.
I have to kiss Lily in our scene tonight.


You have to kiss Lily?

But I thought you liked this girl, right?

- Isn't this a good thing?
- Yeah.

We've just never rehearsed it,
and our first kiss is gonna be on stage.

What if she thinks that I'm bad?

Okay, well,

if you think about it,
you're in a pretty good place.

You actually like
the girl you have to kiss,

so just let your feelings take over

and you won't be bad.

If you kiss someone with feeling,

they know it.

And you know it.

It's like everything else goes gray,

and you're the only two people
left in the whole world.


I feel better now.


I've never felt more alone.

Off we go.

Excuse me.


Did I hit you? I'm sorry.

Those for one of the actors?

For the playwright.
We're seeing each other.

- Zachary Boule? Really?
- Really.

I mean, I was supposed to sit with him,
but he's bringing his mother instead.

And I couldn't just not come,
so I used my press pass.

Actually, I thought I'd get a better seat.

Not that these are bad seats.
These are great seats.

Let's just hope the play is
as good as that story.

There he is.

Zach. Zach.

Hi. I made it.

I know this is gonna sound insensitive,
but you're gonna sit down, right?


I have to go. Excuse me. Sorry.

Sorry. Excuse me. Excuse me.
Sorry. Excuse me.

Mama? Mama, where are you?
I can't see you.

I'm here, Rita.

I had some trouble getting back here
through the fog.

Run on down and help me with this dirt.

Is Daddy with you?

- He's held up by Mr. Roker...
Sorry. I didn't mean...

...and his mare's working
through a fever.

He'll be back in a bit.

I'm sorry. Excuse me.

How was I supposed to know
she was gonna come down the aisle?

That's so clich?.

This isn't what
I thought it would be.

- Then what are you saying?
- Tell him, Beatrice.

I'm saying goodbye.

That's not how you say goodbye.

- Oh, my God. I think this is it.
- What? This is what?

Oh, my.

Terrific. That was terrific.

A little better in rehearsal,
but that was good.

Oh, dear God,
would you please knock it off?

I'm sorry. I assumed
by the zombie-like complexion

and the occasional death rattle,
you wouldn't mind.


Save it for those poor kids
you torture all day.

Those kids are my employees.

I wouldn't expect you to understand.
I have a business to run.

I understand.

I used to be you.

You know, I'm gonna call the nurse.
You're clearly having a stroke.

You're a high-strung, type-A bitch

who doesn't give a damn
about anything but her career.

You see, this is why
I wanted a private room.

Now, let me tell you something.

You're getting old.

You heard me.

You can paralyze your whole face.

You can lift your boobs,
your butt and your neck

until you're six inches off the ground,
but you can't stop time.

One day, your precious job
is gonna be done with you

and all you're gonna be left with
is a bunch of missed holidays,

skipped vacations,

and a son you haven't seen in 20 years.

Hell, I might be a grandmother
and not even know it,

but I got stock options

and a bunch of toys
I can't even play with.

Thank you so much for coming,
but I need to find my friends.

Okay, well, I love you.

Have a good time at the cast party
and stay as long as you want,

- but take a cab and be home by 11:00.

By the way,
that thing you were worried about,

- totally sold it.
- Thanks.

Betty. Betty. I'm sorry.

No, I'm sorry. It must have been so hard

to grow up with a mother
who was younger than you.

- Good luck with the play.
- It wasn't my idea.

My agent and manager
set up the whole thing.

You think all this would have happened

to Ezra Butinsky,
nerd writer from Jersey?

Yes, because Ezra is talented.

Yeah, well, Ezra didn't have
any of his plays produced

until he changed his name
to Zachary Boule

and got a $500 haircut.

Well, I'm glad that worked out for you,
but I'd like to go.

Come on.

I have a reputation.

That involves being seen
with hot girls on your arm?

Exactly. They get me press
and that fills the seats,

but it doesn't mean we can't go out.

- Just that no one can know about it.
- For now.

Come on. I like you, Betty.

Just wait for me after the show.

Don't think about it. Be impulsive.

Just do what you want to do.

Hey, what are you doing?
I thought we were gonna hang out.

You guys go without me.

Justin, I know you saw us.

Don't worry, she didn't pick me
over you or anything.

I kissed her. You got to do it on stage,
so I wanted my shot, too.

Well, she seemed pretty into it.

I guess.

You weren't?

Well, it wasn't like you two on stage.

That seemed intense.

Yeah, well, I guess
it's just because I'm a good actor.



It was better in my head.

This is messed up, all right? Like...

And by the way,
you weren't that good, all right?

'Cause I had to move
all the way over here

'cause you were totally blocking me
when you kissed her.

You wish. I definitely did it right.

You just have to have
everyone seeing you all the time.

Trust me,
they were looking at me anyway.

- You are so in love with yourself.
- Wouldn't you be?

I'm sorry.

Isn't that dress tacky?

Oy. I wouldn't even wear that.
I wouldn't even wear this.

That dress is a no.

- Hey, I'm home.
- Justin!

- There's my star.
- Hey.

Oh, my God.

You're not gonna believe
what your Aunt Betty did.

She punched that guy Zachary
at his premiere.

Look, it's already on the Internet.

Wow. That's crazy.

I'm not proud of it,
but it did feel really good.

Okay, well, good night.

Hey, why are you rushing off to bed?
And why are you home so early?

I thought you were gonna hang out
with Lily and what's-his-name.

Austin. Yeah, I was.

I'm just not feeling that great.

I don't think I'm gonna go
to acting class tomorrow.


Must just be the excitement
from the night, huh?

Yeah. Maybe.

Man, teenagers and their mood swings.

One minute he's up,
and the next minute...

God, what's wrong with you?

This whole time
I thought I was hiding him,

and he was hiding me.

And the worst part is, on some level,
I knew how this was gonna end.

Come on, come on.

You can't turn this
into something that it's not.

It's true.

Every time I feel like
I'm moving forward,

someone reminds me that

I'm still just the dork
with glasses and braces.

Yeah, but those braces are coming off
any day now.

Yeah, but what if nothing changes?

- Then I'll have nothing to blame.
- Honey,

you've got to stop.

Somehow, you got it in your head

that this is your story.

But you got to let that go.

It's time to come up
with a whole new story for yourself.

You are who you are,

and the sooner that
you're okay with that,

the sooner that you see what I see,

the happier you're gonna be.

I swear to God.



- Hey, did you get my text?
- No.

I've been kind of avoiding texts all day.

Well, I finally talked to my mom.
We really got into it again.

I am in such a bad mood.

- I'm sorry, Daniel.
- Big plans?

You know what?

I'm not sure
I'm up for our kind of plans tonight.


It's cool. You mind if I just hang out?

I don't really feel like
being alone right now.

Come on in.

I'll grab a couple
of Marc's 64-calorie beers.

- You want one?
- No, I'm good.

You're late.

Sorry, Willie. About yesterday...

It's fine. Turns out you were right.

It was good for me.

- Really?
- Yes.

I had an epiphany last night.

That angel.

That sweet, wheezing angel

said something to me last night
that made me reevaluate my priorities.

I'm wasting my life, Marc.
What am I doing?

Working at a fashion magazine
day and night,

and for what? A paycheck?

A meager percentage
of some dwindling bottom line?

I know what I want,

and it's not Mode.

It's not?

It's Meade.

I want the whole damn company.

And this time,
I'm not gonna dance around Claire.

No more compromising with Daniel.
No more Nice Willie.

This has been Nice Willie?

If I'm gonna die,
I'm gonna die with the most toys.

- Betty.
- Oh, no. Look at your face.

It's okay, I deserved it.

I came by to say thank you
for sending me the profile.

It was surprisingly nice.
Kind of expected you to trash me.

No, I would never do that.

Aside from the occasional punching
and sneaking around,

I like to keep it professional.

I'm glad you liked the article.


I really am sorry, and I really like you.

And this might be
presumptuous of me to ask,

but is there any chance
you might give me another shot?

No. Thanks, but no.

I think it's time for me
to try something different.

But I'll see you around.

- Hey.

- Have you seen Austin?
- No.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Some days,
it's just hard to get out of bed.

You're actors, you'll see.
Okay, let's begin.

- Yeah?
- Shouldn't we wait for Austin?

Oh, no.
Austin will no longer be joining us.

He dropped out of class this morning.

Okay, so, today, we're gonna talk about
having a physical life on the stage.

Hi, my name is Betty Suarez,
and I'm looking for a new orthodontist.

I was wondering if Dr. Frankel is
taking any new patients.

I've been wearing braces
for over four years now.

Wednesday? That would be great.