Ugly Betty (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 14 - Smokin' Hot - full transcript

Wilhemina marginalizes Betty during Fashion Week but Daniel intercedes, and she's assigned to cover a low-priority show. There, she discovers a new designer, Marisa, whom she promotes as one of the 10 Designers to Watch, but Marc steals all her thunder. Meanwhile, Amanda is impressed by Helen's sewing skills and teams up with her to start a new line, but cannot convince Marc or Betty to lobby Wilhemina on her behalf. Claire's son Tyler comes to New York to find her, and Daniel gets seduced into modeling. The fashion and the feelings are smoking hot, but the real flames are at the Suarez home, which mysteriously catches fire.

Too funny!
Should one of us change, or...

- What are you going on about?
- We're wearing the same dress.

No, we're not.
Why are you being so weird?

Oh, it's Fashion Week,
it makes you all anxious.

Like a lesbian at a makeup counter.

- What? I love Fashion Week.
- Uh-huh.

Okay, maybe I used to think
that it was a big fuss about nothing,

but now I'm into it. I get it.




next time you decide to take in a giant,
crazy stray, ask me first.

Marc! Marc! Oh, thank God!
Thank God I didn't miss you. Hi, ladies.

Remember you said
you'd give me a goodbye kiss?

No, what I said was, "Don't touch me. "

How about I just close my eyes
and you kiss me anywhere you want?

Oh. Bye.

How much longer must I be
a hostage in my own home, Mandy?

I have enough stress as it is.

It's his first Fashion Week as editor.

Yes, and Wilhelmina is up my grinch
to prove myself.

And that's really cute,
by the way. New?

Isn't that funny,
that we're wearing the same outfit?

Who is? What?

Yeah. I know. Speaking of crazy,
when is she leaving?

Do your jobs, people.

Mode's Ten Designers to Watch Show
is in two days

and as of yet, half the seats are empty.

Which is just as well,
because one of our designers just quit.

And to make things worse,

Daniel's banning male models
from the show.

Everyone in this room
is an editor. Allegedly.

The only person who's not
a complete disappointment is Betty.

Let Betty be a shining example
to all of you.

Working day and night
like a trusty old mule.

And as a reward, Betty will be
writing this month's book review.

A History
of the Sewing Machine. "

- I've been meaning to read this.
- How serendipitous. Go ahead, dear.

Right now? What about the meeting?

Well, it is 800 pages.
Best get cracking.

Aye-aye, Captain.

- Uh, Amanda...
- Chocolate E-Claire. How's it hanging?

It's hanging fine, thank you.
Amanda, I won't be in for a few days.

Ooh, where to? South Dakota
to see your long-lost, secret son again?

No, and you don't have to ask me that
every time I leave the office.

I'll just be tied up with fashion shows.

And if Daniel needs me,
I'll be on my cell.

Sure thing.

And, Amanda, about my son...

If you could just forget
I ever said anything about it.

Said anything about what?

- Okay, so... Sorry.
- Oh! Sorry.

I'm reading
the History of the Sewing Machine

and I can barely put it down.

New headset?

Yep, brand new, state-of-the-art,
hands-free, same one the CIA uses.


So, which show are you covering
for Fashion Week?

- I'm not covering a show.
- Sure, you are.

All the editors get assigned a show.
Some have two or three.


That's why Wilhelmina
didn't want me in the meeting today.

She assigned me a book report

while everyone else
is out covering Fashion Week.

Come on, Betty,
I'm sure you're being paranoid.

It's probably an oversight.

It wasn't an oversight.

Come on, I thought we agreed
everyone gets a show.

Daniel, you nixed my male models
and we lost a designer.

I'm scrambling here
just to try to put this show on its feet.

I don't have time
to consider Betty's feelings.

I don't think it's fair to single her out.
I'm gonna call her right now.

Do what you want. You always do.

Dial Betty Suarez mobile.

It's a new earpiece, state-of-the-art.

Say "okay" to dial Becky Jonas.

No. Dial Betty Suarez mobile.

- Dial Becky Juarez.
- No. No. Sorry.

- Becky Jonas.
- No.

Hmm, I don't know
how you can stand to live with Marc.

Sometimes I just want to wrap my arms
and legs around him like an octopus

and squeeze him
until he loves me back.

You know Marc's gay, right?

You're hilarious.

- What you looking for, doll?
- My green tube mini dress.

There's a hot party
at Levant East tonight.

Ooh. At Hotel on Rivington. Fun.

Oh, wait! You know what?
I think I borrowed that dress.

Hold on. Yes!

Here you go.

Yeah, you just put a little perfume
under the pits, it's good as new.

My mini. It's all stretched out.
Helen, what am I gonna wear?

Don't get your panties in a bunch.

What do you got, an hour?
I'll make you something.

Yeah. You're gonna make me a dress.

And voil?!

Oh, my God.
Helen, you totally just made me a dress.

- Mmm-hmm.
- How are you so good at sewing?

You know I was Amish
for a while, right?

- Oh.
- Yeah.

Just for a summer.
For this guy I was dating, Nebediah.

Mmm, he had the softest beard.

Anyway, all those long nights
in Pennsylvania without television,

you get pretty good
with a needle and thread.

could you make more of these?

Sure. Why?

With your crazy sewing skills
and my crazy fashion sense,

and a fistful of mood stabilizers,
we could be a real design team.

What do you think?

I've never said no to a proposition,
I'm not about to start now.


One, two, three.

Can you believe the restaurant
didn't want this anymore?

- Yes. It's awful.
- It's classy.

When you walk into a house
and you see a big beautiful chandelier,

you think, "These people have class. "

Betty, it says
that you have a missed message.

Let me see. That's Daniel.

Will you just
play the message out loud?

- Yeah.
- Maybe a little higher, mi hija.

Ready? One, two, three...

Hey, Betty,
I'm with Wilhelmina.

Uh, oh, say "hi," Wilhelmina.
Come on, say "hi. "

Hello, Betty.

Good news. The whole thing
was a misunderstanding.

You are covering
a show for Fashion Week.


- Betty!
- Oh!

- Sorry. Sorry.

I'll e-mail you the details,
okay? See you tomorrow, bye.

Oh, what a relief. You can just delete it.

Are you happy?

Now we've got Betty
judging a fashion show.

Come on, what's the big deal?
She's one of our best writers.

In features.
But this is about taste.

Betty never met a paisley, or a plaid,
or awful butterfly belt she didn't love.

Do you think she has good taste?

I mean, honestly, Daniel. Really?

Why is that light blinking?
You did hang up?

Of course I hung up,
I'm not stupid, you know. God!

Oh, crap.

There's my favorite editor.

Just wanted to apologize
for the message I left.

Yep, I got all five of your
"I'm sorry" messages, too. It's okay.

Really? Can I maybe see
that signature Betty smile? There it is.

Look, Daniel, I know
I make bold choices in my fashion.

I really think in the last four years
you've learned a ton. I know that.

Wilhelmina doesn't.

What does it say if people around here
don't trust my taste?

I guess you're just gonna have to
change their minds.

You can start by writing the best review
of the fashion show we assigned you.

It is kind of a rinky-dink show
that nobody really cares about,

but it's a show.

And the important thing is,
you're not mad at me.

Leave the plant.


Because Daniel is dead set
against using male models,

and like it or not,
I have to respect his opinion.

He was very specific.

No male models
in the Mode show ever.

Really? Daniel?

I could never ask him that.

Well, I guess a lot of women
find him handsome.

And, yeah,
I suppose he's in great shape...

Well, the best shape of his life,
but he would never do it.

Never do what?
What are you talking about?

Oh, sorry, I didn't see you there.

This diva designer wants to use you
as a model in her show to get us press,

and I told her absolutely not.

Oh, right. Mmm-hmm, thank you.

Wait. Voil?.

Wilhelmina, I'm thinking,

maybe we're being a little rash
about this whole male-model thing.

We might want to rethink this.

Okay, we are, like,
bizarrely good at this.

And since that designer
dropped out of the Mode show,

we could totally take their spot. Helen?

You just had
a couple of flyaways.

You are so sexy. Why are you so sexy?

And you know what?
You look like you could take a punch.

Where are you from?

- I'm actually visiting from South Dakota.
- I love South Dakota.

It's a nice place. I'm sorry.

Do you know
where I could find Claire Meade?

Helen! No flirting! We don't have time
for rugged and handsome...

Is that a dimple? I could totally
set up a tent in that dimple.

Mmm-hmm, I'll be naked in it.

No. Focus. We have
to finish our line for Fashion Week.


Well, thanks. This has been weird
and not at all helpful.

Watch it.

Ugh. Hey, B, I think this is
one of those showcases

for designers
who didn't make it to Bryant Park.

Well, at least we're in the front row.

We're in the only row.
We're the most important people here.

That's not true.
You're sitting right next to Brian Reyes.

Very important designer.


I'm just here for onion rings.
Isn't this fashion show hilarious?

Oh. Can I get another drink, please?

Hilda, this is very important
for my work.


The key to sounding like
you have good taste

is just hating everything.

- Just call it "garish" or "ghoulish. "
- Ooh, yeah, "ghoulish" is good.

Well, maybe
it's trying to be "prairie chic. "

I mean, who am I to say?
Ugh, I just don't know.

Oh. Wait a sec. That's kind of stunning.

- Who did that?
- I would wear that.

It's pretty great.

- Excuse me.
Order up.

Marisa? Hi. I loved your designs.

I'm Betty Suarez from Mode magazine
and I'm gonna make you a star.

Excuse me?

Kidding, I can't make anyone a star,

but I do want to put you in the Mode's
Ten Designers to Watch Show.

Really? You can do that?

No, I can't do that, either,
I'd have to convince some people.

Let me try this again.

I'm Betty Suarez and I'm gonna
try really hard to make you a star.

- Yay!
- Yay!

Marc, I found a new designer today,
Marisa Rowen,

and I want to pitch her
for the Mode show.

Ha! Suicide mission.

You could maybe pitch a feature
to Wilhelmina, but a designer?

No, she'll laugh you out of the room.

I know that. So I've been thinking,
what if you were in the room with me?

We could pitch her together
and share the credit.

Why would I want to do that?

Because Wilhelmina's got a slot to fill

and you have been
trying to impress her

and this designer is great.

- You found this?
- Mmm-hmm.

- These are pretty...
- Great?

I know. Marc, come on.

If Wilhelmina says yes,
I look good, you look good, win-win.

Besides, the Mode show
could make this woman's career.

We could be
changing someone's life today.

- Shouldn't that be enough?
- Okay, fine.

But I'm the Wilhelmina expert,
so we do this my way.

- Oh, my God, are you hurt?
- Hey. No.

I was just working on my runway walk
for the Mode show.

Oh. That's what that was.

Don't be embarrassed,
I used to be a terrible walker,

but now they let me
wear the final dress and everything.

- Wow.
- I'm Heather, by the way.

Hi, I'm Daniel.

I know who you are. You're, like,
the head of the company, right?


I was just on the way to my fitting.
You want to come?

I'd love that.

Now, this isn't some chatty jam session
with the features nerds.

Wilhelmina is very intense
when it comes to presenting fashion.

First of all,
you must never look her in the eyes.

And you must never look her
in the knees.

She's very self-conscious
about her knees.

If you must look at her,

please direct your gaze
to her shins or her toes.

- Is that really necessary?
- Yes.

Now, since I will be doing the talking,
you will be Vanna White, like so.

- Mmm-mmm. Mmm.
- Can I at least...

I know you're gonna want to talk,
because you're Betty,

and you love to talk.

But the second you start yammering
about being true to yourself,

Wilhelmina is gonna start texting
on her BlackBerry.

And we will have lost her.

All right.
As long as we share the credit, I'm fine.

- Which design are we gonna lead with?
- Ah...

Hey, Magic Marker, Chipotle.

So, I hear
you're pitching some no-name

for the big Mode fashion show.

She's not a no-name,
she's about to be discovered.

Okay, still not hearing a name.

Anyway, Helen and I
just finished our fashion line,

and I was hoping that maybe you could
show ours to Wilhelmina, too.

Oh, my God.

Mandy, I have seen your designs
and I love, love, love them.

But it's Betty's name
on Wilhelmina's calendar,

so you're gonna have to ask her.


I don't think that we're gonna have time

to pitch both Marisa's designs
and yours.

- What?
- What?

Betty, when you see these designs,
you'll make time.

Thank you so much.
I knew I could count on you.

Yes! Yes!

I didn't say "yes," did I?

The only way to get Daniel on board
with the male models

was to make him one and I'm worried

that he's gonna bring down
the visual average of the show.

- I know it.
- So, all we have to do is

surround him
with the best-looking models

and hope that
they cancel each other out.

But all the best models
are already booked in shows.

Hey, you, Flannel. What are you doing?

I'm looking for Claire Meade.
Do you know her?

Claire? Yes, unfortunately.

But all the models
are supposed to be in their fitting,

so forget about that skeleton
and go back to the Closet.

I think you must
have me confused with someone.

I'm not a model.


You are now.

Grandpa, my new acting class
has real, working actors

and I want them to be my friends.

But how can I invite people over
with the crystal monster?

You're just saying that because
you haven't seen it with the dimmer.

Huh? Now is that classy, or what?

Maybe it needs a little work. Ow!

Papi, if you want to keep futzing with it,
would you hire an electrician?

- Fine, fine.
- Hey, leave the man alone.

Come on, let him play with his toy.
It makes him happy. It looks great.

He wants to fix something,

how about my salon chair
or the dryer valve?

That place is falling apart.
I'm barely breaking even.

Whoa. Wait a minute.
What, you're worried about money?

Everything in that place
keeps breaking.

That salon is turning into a money pit.

Sometimes, I wish it would
just get struck by lightning

and I could collect the insurance money
or something.

I know, that's...
I shouldn't be talking like that.

Hey, look. Come on.

Things are gonna turn around,
all right? You'll see. Okay?

- See you later.
- Bye.

Hi, I'm supposed to get measured
or something?

I'll be with you in a second.

- First time model?
- Yeah. I'm actually kind of nervous.

Aw. That's cute.

Don't worry, stick with me,
I'll show you what to do.

Did some print modeling
back in college. Daniel Meade.

Meade? As in the name
on the building?

So, Claire Meade's your mom?

Yeah, but down here,
I'm just like everybody else.

One of the models.

So, Daniel, here's the poop.

Uh, the final suit might be
the eensiest bit snug on you.

That's okay. That's the style now.

Um... Yes. Although, ideally,
you'd want someone a little leaner.

Just for funzies.

Whoo! Those are some tight little abs.
Heather, come here, feel this.

- Pretty good, new guy.
- Thanks.

Uh-huh. And biceps
to make me feel sick. And look at this.

The most perfect tush
you've ever seen.

All right,
now you guys are just making fun of me.

You know, let's try you in the final suit.

Guys, guys. Not to step on any toes,

the designer specifically asked for me,
so let's just stick to the plan, right?

Besides, I had fries for lunch.

I'll be five pounds lighter tomorrow.
You'll see.

Of course.

Let's try this.

Betty. And notice the hand-sewn
feather details in this piece.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Look at that.


And this is her take on a garden dress.

Note the 1940s influence,
but it's still very new.

And you're sure
she's never shown before?

Never in a major fashion show,
though technically, I did find her at...

But she has been
in alternative showcases.

But not at Bryant Park,

which means she's eligible
for Mode's Top Ten to Watch...

But look at this fabulous ruching.

So what do you think?

It's a little soft for my taste.

But I haven't seen anything better,
so it's fine. She's in.

Now, how did you find out
about her again?

Actually, it was Betty who first...

You know what? I really don't care,
just pick six looks and oversee them.

You really stepped up to the plate
on this one.

Great work, Marc.

Uh... Wilhelmina?
I also had something to do...

Yes, yes, yes.
Thanks for turning the pages, Betty.

Now, get out.

Hey! Partner!

Look, Betty, I tried to tell Wilhelmina
that you found her.

Oh, you did? You didn't try very hard.

Quit being a credit hog.
Think about the designer.

"We changed a life today.
Shouldn't that be enough?"

So, what did Wilhelmina say
about my designs?

- Ooh! Whoops, got to go.
- Bring it. Tell me what she said.

Uh, she liked
the other designer's stuff better.

More than mine? Did she say why?

Amanda, we didn't actually
show her your work.

It's great
that you want to pursue design,

but you're so new at it,
and this was really important.

Did you even look at my designs?

Yes, and I thought
that they weren't quite ready.

Marc loved them.

You know, Betty, I don't know
why I even bothered asking you

in the first place.

What do you know about fashion?

Ladies and germs, it's Fashion Week,
and you know what that means.

I'm drunk.

Kidding. Mostly.

It also means Mode will be unveiling
their Top Ten Designers to Watch.

I'm here with Marisa Rowen,

a last-minute replacement,
plucked from obscurity.

Marisa, tell me, how do you feel
to be shown at Bryant Park?

I feel great. But I wouldn't even be here

without the talented young lady
from Mode who discovered me.

- And here she is! Marc St. James!
- Hey, Suzuks!

Now, tell me, genius,
where'd you find this one?

- It's a great story.
Oh, come on.

He didn't even tell me
he was doing an interview. This stinks.

What are you doing?

Only two more pounds to lose
before the show tonight.

Oh, right,
your big debut as a supermodel.

Yeah. As long as I don't eat
anything today, I should be fine.

But you know what? Come over here.
I need you to sit on my feet.

You know, I found that designer.
That should be me on TV.

If I were you,
I'd give Marc a piece of my mind.

Oh. There's that little weasel now.

Marc, I just saw you on TV.
So you're doing interviews now?

I was doing you a favor.
Have you ever seen yourself on TV?


- I was just being a friend. Yes.
- A friend?

The whole point of this was for me to
prove to Wilhelmina that I have taste,

and instead you're making it seem like
you found Marisa all by yourself.

And what's worse is,
you hung me out to dry with Amanda.

Your best friend.

You knew her designs weren't ready
and you made me be the bad guy.

- Betty...
- No! You want the credit, Marc?

Do the work.

Take the stick out.

What is this? Zoolander?
Walk like a man.

Shoulders back.

Not all the way back.

Try it again. One more time.

Oh, stop. Just walk like...

Walk like that guy.

I can't believe Marc stole all your glory.

You know what would make you
feel better, mi hija? Some more light.

I hired that electrician,
now look how bright it is.

Hmm? Huh?

Not too short, Mom. I like it swoopy.

He's trying out new looks
for his acting class.

My professional acting class,
so I have to fit in.

I'm all for fitting in, but I know actors

and I don't want you coming home
with your nose pierced

or a cigarette dangling
out of your mouth.


Mi hija, I'm sorry that Fashion Week
didn't turn out like you wanted.

I just thought that maybe I could
change some people's minds about me,

but I guess I won't get the chance.

- Hello?
- Betty,

I am freaking out
about the show tonight.

I'm not sure about the six looks.
Where are you?

I'm in Queens, but I thought
that Marc was helping you.

He was. Yeah,
Marc was wearing opera gloves today.

I'm supposed to take
fashion advice from him?

You are the one that found me.
You are the one that I trust.

Is it cool if I come over there?

Yeah, of course.

It's a tragedy that these won't be seen
at Fashion Week.

Ah, so they said "no. " Do I give up
every time someone tells me "no"?

"No, Helen, don't do that.
No, Helen, don't sleep there.

"No, Helen, that's not food. "

We'll just show
at Fashion Week next year.

And until then,
we'll all live together,

like one giant sexy family.

Ugh. Hi. Need some help?

See? That's what real friends do.

It's not like Betty,
who's up on her big stocky high horse,

telling me that I'm not good enough.

Mandy, don't be so hard on Betty.

Look, real designers
spend years schooling and training,

and you did this in, like, one week.

Marc, why didn't you say anything?

'Cause I don't like to see you sad.

Betty was telling the truth. I'm sorry.

All the garments are steamed
and hung in the salon,

and in a few hours,
they will be the talk of Fashion Week.

You are a lifesaver, you know that?

- Amanda?
- Hey. Your papi let me in.

- Can you talk?
- Yeah.

- Um, this is Marisa.
- Hi.

Listen, Betty,
I'm so sorry that I yelled at you before.

I just keep seeing you and Marc
move up in the world,

and I feel like
I'm being left behind or something.

And I thought being a designer
would be my big ticket.

- It's so stupid.
- It's not stupid.

- Betty, do you smell smoke?
- Yes. What is that?

Out! Hey, get out!
Get out! Everybody out!

- Bobby, what's going on?
- Get out of here! The house is on fire!

What? Oh, my God!

Well, the house
is mostly just smoke damaged,

but the salon is pretty bad.

Oh, my God, I can't believe this.
This is my business.

- How did this happen?
- They don't know. I'm so sorry, Hilda.

Look, the most important thing
is that no one's hurt.

Hey, Marc, I can't really talk right now.
I'm in the middle of an emergency.

No, I'm in the middle of an emergency.
It's almost time for runway.

Is Marisa with you?
Where are the dresses?

Oh, my God! The dresses!

Uh-uh. Celery only. Fewer calories.

Honestly, I don't know
how you guys do this. I am starving.

He is so lucky
he can eat like that.

I wish I was 25 again.

- Why, how old are you?
- Twenty-six. So over the hill.

So, listen,
there's a party after the show tonight

and I was thinking
maybe you and I can go together.

You're so sweet.
But Tyler and I are having dinner after.


But you can meet us
at the after-afterparty at, like, 3:00.

In the morning? Wow. Um...

Probably just take a rain check.

Um, I'm gonna
go get dressed. It's getting...

Oh. Back pain? My dad gets that, too.

It's not your fault.

You know, I had a feeling
this was all a little too good to be true.

No, stop. Don't talk like that.

I just can't believe I got so close.

Um, you guys?
Not to rain on your little pity party,

but these are actually still kind of fab.

Amanda, you're making it worse.

Okay, I may not be a designer,

but I still know fashion,
and this is really good.

Look at the hemline. It's ruined.

Oh, excuse me,
can I borrow that for a second?

Amanda! Amanda! Stop.

Thank you. See?

- I don't know.
- Okay, you just have to see it in action.

Hot, right? I totally styled it.

- Wow.
- What?

Well, fashion is trending
towards distressed looks.

What are you saying?
We can still show these?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but yes.

I'm gonna call Marc and tell him
that you're on your way now.

You're not coming?

Aunt Betty, the fire is out
and there is nothing left to see here.

And if you don't go to the Mode show,
that'll be two tragedies today.

So, no. You're going.

- Cute.
- I know, right?

- Isn't it sexy?
- Yeah, I like it.

You need to find someone else
to wear this.


Took you long enough
to get here.

I was this close to having
the grandmother of all hissy fits.

Now, show me the dresses.

- Amanda! Not while she's in the dress.
- Oh, sorry.

On the phone
you said we could still use these.

Has Wilhelmina seen these yet?
She's gonna murder somebody.

Oh, here, it's coming. I can feel it.
It's the hissy fit. I'm having a hissy fit.

What the hell is going on?

Willie, I swear
I had nothing to do with this.

There was a fire, and, well,
you have to ask Betty. It's Betty's fault.

Betty's the one
who found the designer to begin with.

- Oh, great, now I get the credit.
- Shh!

If you are in any way dissatisfied,
I will shut this down right now.

stop your prattling, Marc.

You know I hate 11 th hour surprises,

but I actually think
these dresses work better like this.

Couldn't agree more.

Okay, everybody, back to work!
Show in 10 minutes!

Oh! Hi, hons. You'll never guess what.

I met this guy tonight
and we're getting married.

- You are?
- Yeah.

Things were never gonna work out
between us.

And things with me and Guillermo
are so good.

Which is a good thing, because
he came this close to being deported.

Oh, Guillermo, there you are!
Look. Hi, cutie! Darling!

Look. Isn't he cute?
Those are my friends.

Wow. I guess
that's the end of my design team.

Well, you're not a designer.

But, Amanda,
the accessories, the hair...

You really pulled this together.

Maybe you're a stylist.

Do I have to go to school?
How do I become one?

Just call yourself a stylist.

I am a stylist.

Rachel Zoe can suck it!

There's a new skinny bitch
in town. What?

- Are they clapping?
- Yes. And it's all for you.

Oh! Last dress. Go, go.
Have fun, go. Have fun.

So, for what it's worth,

I might have gotten a little carried away
during Fashion Week,

- trying to impress Wilhelmina.
- Mmm-hmm.

But it is so hard
being a new editor around here.

- Oh, really? What's that like?
- It's real... Oh.

So, anyway, I'm sorry.


I appreciate the apology.

And I shouldn't have stolen your credit.

But I learned from the best.

that fabulous, Suzuki?

Marisa Rowen,
another Wilhelmina Slater discovery.

Wait till you see what's next.

- The menswear collection, a Mode first.
- I'm all over it.

Marisa Rowen. I found her.

There you are.
I just came by to wish you luck.

Honey, shouldn't you be dressed?

I guess my modeling days
are pretty much over.

- What changed your mind?
- I realized I'm not 25 anymore.

That's good.
I knew you when you were 25.

You were aimless, arrogant, entitled.

Wait, this is helping how?

Look at you now.

You know who you are,
what you want from life.

You're kind and loyal and loving.

And I'd much rather
spend time with this Daniel.

Thanks, Mom.

I'm just sorry you won't have
the thrill of seeing your son

walk down the runway.



Come on. Go, go.

Oh, God. Thank God for you, Bobby.

If you hadn't have been there
to get everybody out of the house...

I don't even
want to think about it.

Yeah, that was lucky, you know,
but maybe now you get what you want.


I'm saying,
now that the salon burnt down,

you'll probably get
the insurance money. It's good.

Mrs. Meade?

I'm Tyler Venton,
from Stickney, South Dakota.

I know who you are.

That was some tip you left me
back in Stickney.

I kept wondering
why you'd leave so much money.

And when I asked my parents
about you, they got all quiet,

and so I started thinking

that maybe this has to do
with my adoption or something.

And, well...

Are you my mother?

Tyler, I...

I don't know what to say.


I've pictured...

I've pictured this in my head
a million times,

and now that it's here...

You must have so many questions,
but I can't do this tonight.

- Can I put you up at a nice hotel?
- Yeah, yeah.

Will you stay in town?

Uh, and, Tyler, until I can figure out how
to tell the people in my life about you,

can we just keep this between us?

Yes, ma'am.

- What did he want?
- Oh, I think he was lost.

I'm glad
I don't have to see that guy again.

Wilhelmina? Excuse me.

I just wanted to say thank you
for putting Marisa in the show.

Oh. Looking for a pat on the back,
are we?

No. That's not what I meant.

Betty, you had a success tonight.

But if you found that designer,

you should have pitched her yourself,
instead of hiding behind Marc.

Well, it's just that, historically, you
haven't really been a fan of my taste.

No, you were afraid.

You think I'm scary?
Try working under Fey Sommers.

For 20 years, she belittled
every fashion choice I ever made,

every idea I ever had,
but I never doubted myself.

Taste is having the courage
of your own convictions.

I get it. Taste is subjective.
It's what I say it is.

No, it's what I say it is.

And, Betty,
I will deny this if anyone ever asks,

but you don't always get it wrong.

Your shoes, for example.
I don't hate them.

But next time, don't pair them
with that cheap hooker bag.