Ugly Betty (2006–2010): Season 4, Episode 1 - The Butterfly Effect: Part 1 - full transcript

Betty starts her new job as associate features editor.

Last season on Ugly Betty...

You're our newest features editor.

Oh, my God!

Cal and I have been talking,

and we decided we need
to reevaluate your role in the company.

Connor Owens.
- You want him alive?

As long as I get the money,
I really don't care.

What are you doing here?

I'm sick. It's cancer.

The only thing I care about
is the time we have left.

I'm moving in with Matt.

- Do you love him?
- I do.

I guess this is goodbye.

- What are you saying?
- We're over.

You're just gonna walk away,
I'm never gonna see you again?

My dad offered me a job at Mode
and I'm going to take it.

I'm your new boss.

They were like gnarly monster teeth.

Like Gollum or someone
from the deep backwoods of England.

You're just nervous
about your first day as a features editor.

That's true.
I read a book about dreams

that says teeth dreams means
you have anxiety.

Or menopause.

But I don't think that's the case here.

When are those things
coming off anyway?

Soon. The orthodontist scheduled me
for a few months from now.

Ah, it's about freaking time.


Hey, Hilda, do you think
you could trim my bangs?

Maybe, but I'm kind of liking the look.

Yeah, I kind of can't see.

Good morning!

- Hey!
- Hi!

- Justin, my little man!
- First day of school!

Justin, what did you dream
about last night?

That Susan Boyle was force-feeding me
grilled cheese sandwiches

and then morphed into a cat.

See? Anxiety dream.

Hey, nice shirt. Let me see. Zegna?

Gucci. But you're getting better at this.
Thanks, Mom.


I figured we've got to
break out the labels

for your first day of high school.

Can't afford college now,
but at least you'll be styling.

Oh, oh! Speaking of styling... Betty!

Straight from Edinburgh!

Yeah, Christina asked me to wait
to give this to you until today.

- Oh, Christina.
- I know.

A pantsuit? It's great.

But it's just... It's not really me.

Guys, I've got to go.

Wait, wait, first day photo op!

Come on, come on, squeeze together,
freshman and freshwoman.

All right, ready?
Everybody say, "First day!"

- First day!
- First day!

News flash!
Wilhelmina Slater is on the outs!

Meade savior, Cal Hartley,

is continuing to throw his metaphorical
muscle behind Claire Meade,

who is now de facto boss
at the publishing powerhouse.

And it's no secret
that Claire is a Slater hater.

With any claim to the company
now gone with Faux Baby Meade,

it might be time for Wilhelmina
to dust off her r?sum?

and figure out
what color her parachute is.

In the meantime, hottie widower
Daniel Meade is apparently in Tibet.

Is Daniel now a Dalai?

Our sources say he may be there
spreading his late wife's ashes.

A moment of silence for Molly.

Moment over.

Daniel, get back here
and get back on the market, pronto!

Page Six is a little lighter without you.

You have got to stop doing that.

I only have so much glassware.


Morning. I come bearing dry cleaning.

With extra plastic for the landfills,
just how you like it.

Marc, you could have
brought those to the office.

I know, but you've been
so in and out lately,

I didn't know
if you were gonna be in today,

and so I just thought I'd stop off...

Too many words, Marc.
I'll see you at the office.

- Wait. Can I use your bathroom?
- No, Marc, you can't use my bathroom.

No one uses my bathroom.
Not even me.

What was that?

- Housekeeper.
- But I thought we had her deported.

Willie, what's going on?
You're being weird.

And what was that stuff
in the news today? Is that true?

Oh, Marc, how many times
have we planted damaging rumors

in the news for self-serving reasons?

Don't you worry your silky little curls.

But I got a message
from Claire and Hartley.

And they want to meet with you tonight.

- Fine.
- But what if they, you know...

And then you have to...

Now not enough words, Marc.

What if they fire you?
What happens to us?

We will blow up that bridge
when we get to it.

Now if you will excuse me.

I am an attractive, intelligent, confident

associate features editor.

Step forward.

- Here you go.
- I get my own credit card?

Yeah, if you're an editor here,
you get one.

It's one of the many perks of your
new position, but don't get too excited.

They put a $ 100 cap on lunches.

- Oh, per week?
- Per lunch, honey.

Oh! And if you're here
past normal work hours,

of course, you have access
to the Meade town cars.

As well as the gym and steam room.

And your new ID badge. Nice picture.

It really is, thank you.

I know Mode's a fashion magazine,
and that's great.

I just think that we could also
be telling stories that matter, you know?

Touching people's lives.

Yeah, I just like
the pictures of the shoes.

Yeah. No, the shoes are...
Shoes are great.

I have plenty of
those kinds of ideas, too.

You know, I remember
checking you in three years ago

when you first started working here,
and I thought,

"God, I'll be processing that girl's
exit paperwork within a month. "

Congratulations. Enjoy your new office.

Betty, hi. We've never technically met.

I'm Megan. Not "Meh-gan"
or "Mey-gan". "Mee-gan".

I know. I've read everything
you've done for Mode.

- I think your features...
- That stuff's gonna have to go.

Super cute, but it's policy.
Editor decor has to be fashion-related.

Oh! Okay. Yeah. Um...

Are we sharing?

Because I thought she said
that this was my office.

That's adorable.

You thought an associate editor
would get her own office.

I just want to eat you up.

Well, this will be fun.
We'll be office mates.

Yeah. It's more fun not to be.

I had my own office,
which took four years to get.

But I just had to give it to our new boss.
Think you might know him?

I'm Matt Hartley,
your new managing editor.

- Actually, that's my seat.
- Oh, sorry.

Some of you I know.
Some of you I don't.

And some of you I thought I knew,
but apparently I didn't.

My role is to be a conduit between
you guys and the editors-in-chief.

That means any ideas you guys have
for articles or spreads

come through me because
it's all about communication, people.

Some of you may have to work on that.

All right, we're starting work
on our global fashion issue.

Betty, why don't you start us off?
You're good with beginnings.

Not so good with endings.

Okay, global.

Well, I've been quite interested in
the situation in sub-Saharan Africa.

Malaria is devastating the continent.

The awareness in the United States
is practically zero, and...


Um, yep.

- Is there a fashion angle?
- Yes.

I think that there would be
a very interesting side story

- with African fashion...
- Betty's onto something.

Malaria comes from mosquitoes.

So what if we do an accessories piece
on insect jewelry?

Yeah, no, that's not
what I was going to...


Insect jewelry
had its heyday in the '60s,

but lately, I've been
noticing a fashion trend

back toward bugs and gross things,
but pretty.

I like it, Megan, run with it.

Who's next? Hmm?

What's up, Fergie?


That's a real pretty, cute shirt
you got on.

Who makes it?

It's Gucci.

Gucci. Gucci.


Oh, man. Next time, don't be so clumsy.

Okay, great, I guess
everyone has their assignments.

- I don't.
- I'm really excited to be here.

Go team!


- Matt, can we talk?
- I'm really busy.

I know, which is
why I've been calling you,

but you haven't answered
any of my calls.

I just think there are some things
that we need to talk about if...

Hi, Marc, I haven't seen you all day.

Oh, I really have to take this. Hello?

Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Really? You don't say.


Oh, Betty, hey.
I was just taking inventory.

Since Christina's been gone,

you never know who's going to
come down here and steal things.

Not me.

Oh, I'm just happy to see a friendly face.

And I can finally
congratulate you on your big promotion.

Oh, Amanda, thank you.

The first Latina Supreme Court Justice.

Tell me, Betty, how does that feel?
How do your people feel?

Amanda, I'm not Judge Sotomayor.

But just promise me
you will not overturn Roe v. Wade.

- Hey, you want to grab some lunch?
- Sorry, I can't.

Marc totally hates you for taking his job,

and I still have to figure out
how you and I can be friends.


Get away from me, you bloated troll!

Hi, Betty.

I've been meaning to tell you,
cute outfit.

Already enjoying the perks, I see.

Oh. Oh.

Hello, Wilhelmina.

It's been a... A rough day.

- I hope you're not expecting a pep talk.
- No, no. God, no.


Being an editor, it's more complicated
than I imagined.

We're really going to do this?

Wake up and smell
the aromatherapy, Betty.

Being an assistant is boot camp.
Being an editor is war.

You have your allies,
you have your enemies,

often times you can't tell
which is which.

It just sort of feels like I have
more enemies than allies right now.

Yes, you do.

Oh, and by the way, malaria? Really?

Like I would ever put
disease-ridden poor people

in the pages of this magazine.

How did you know about that?

I know everything.

How does one survive?

You look out for yourself.

If it means screwing over
everyone else,

so be it.

What if you're not that kind
of a person?

Well, then you change.

Or you'll be eaten alive.

Are you saying that muffins
are your secret weapon?

Food can be very effective.

The more I have
at my campaign rallies,

the higher the spike in my polls.

Yeah, but this is Mode.
Those people don't exactly eat.

Which is why
I'm making nonfat, sugar-free,

low-carb blueberry muffins
high in antioxidants.

- Ugh!
- It's just to break the ice.

You should break the ice
with something

that you couldn't actually use
to break ice.

- Mi hija, try some butter.
- No, Dad! No butter.

Well, at least add
some walnuts for flavor.

Fine. Look, I don't even care
if they actually eat them.

I just need to get in there
and make some allies.

I think you should put rat poison
in Matt's muffins and be done with it.

Hilda! I'm the one who hurt him.

He needs time.

And I just need to be patient.

Are you saying
that you want to get back with him?

A few weeks ago,
they were moving in together.

Those feelings don't just go away.

What? He's got to forgive me
some time. Dad!

- Justin!
- Hey, sweetie!

Hey, nice Queensborough High

Yeah! Hey, Mr. School Spirit!

- Hey!
- Thanks.

Wait. Where you...


What happened at school?
Was it great?


Come on, you're not even gonna
tell us a little something?

Yeah, well, I'm kind of beat.

So can we talk about it
tomorrow morning?

Oh. Sure. Yeah.


- All right.
- Yeah.

Now, I realize that the three of us

have not always been
the best of friends.

Well, I suppose I shouldn't
have tried to blackmail Claire.

But in my defense, it's hardly
the worst thing I've done to the woman.

Though she really is
less of a woman at this point

than something you use
to scare crows or children.

There's something
we need to tell you, Wilhelmina.

But you're not making it any easier.

Enough with the dramatic windups.

I know you want to fire me,
so go ahead and do it.

But if you expect me
to grovel or apologize,

I think you ought to know by now
you're talking to the wrong woman.

Good luck finding someone else
that can do what I do.

- Claire.
- We want you to stay.

I'm sorry.

All those facelifts must have affected
your speech. What did you say?

We want you to stay on
as Editor-in-Chief of Mode.

Reporting to me, of course.

You seem surprised.

Yet your eyebrows
haven't moved at all.

- Well, this is unexpected.
- You were right.

It was very hard to find someone
who can do what you do.

Well, I'm sorry for the insults, Claire.

- You know, old habits.
Of course.

And for what it's worth, I had
a really good one for you about VD.

- You'll have to tell me some time.
- I look forward to it.

Would you like a muffin
to brighten your day?

Low-fat, low sugar, high antioxidants.

Low-fat, low sugar,
low-everything muffin.

I'll save you one!

- Hey, Marc.
- Oh, hi.

Betty's waddling around here

Last I saw, she was tossing carbs
around the office with wild abandon.

Actually, I was sort of looking for you.

I'll take any insect jewelry you've got.

Literally, everything I've found so far
is strictly craft fair. Thanks.

Hi! Brought you a muffin.
Made it myself.


Yum! I'll just save it for later.

Megan, I just want you to know
that if you need any help at all

on your article, I'm here for you.

Research, calls, anything.
Name it, I'm your girl.

Oh, my God, so sweet.

Matt! Matt, I made you a muffin.

And I was thinking maybe
we could talk, you know, about us.

Betty, not at work.

Was that my nephew?

Sorry, I have to take this. Hello?

Hi, Marc. It's Betty.

That's a muffin. You can't call
a tape dispenser with a muffin.

Yes, you can.
I just did, and you answered.


We're sorry,
your call has been disconnected.

Marc, I know you hate me,

but can't you just answer
one simple question? I...


Justin was talking to Marc?
About what?

I don't know
why Justin was here talking to Marc.

Marc's throat closed up
before he could tell me.

- Convenient.
- No. Not convenient.

He was allergic to the walnuts
papi put in my muffins.

Oh. And he didn't say anything
to you before?

I thought you were gonna win him over.

Well, it didn't work.

No one liked my muffins,
and I don't know why Justin was here,

and I'm sorry. Goodbye.

I miss him, too.



How are you doing, Betty?

- I'm fine.
- Mmm, yes.

Starting a new job,
working for your ex-boyfriend,

I can see how that would leave you fine.

Well, I will be fine.
I just need to find some allies.

And how's that going?


- Put Marc in the hospital.
- That was you?

Not on purpose.

What about Matt?

He's just been so cold.

Makes me wonder if he ever really
had feelings for me to begin with.

He wouldn't be here if he didn't.

Trust me.
I know a thing or two about Hartleys.

Well, he doesn't want to talk
to me about it,

so it really doesn't make a difference.

Those feelings are still there.

You just have to find a way
to bring them out.

- What are you doing?
- Jogging in the park.

- But you're wearing heels.
- Yeah, well, I've got to get to work later.

My new boss hates it when I'm late.

Matt, you don't wanna talk about us
when we're at work. We're not at work.

- There's nothing to talk about.
- I know you're hurt.

But you're the one who took the job
as my boss at Mode.

- So?
- So, tell me

that had nothing to do with me.

Look, what do you want from me?

You want me to tell you I took the job

because I still have feelings for you?
Because I don't.

- Wait, wait, wait. What are you doing?
- I don't know.

- You kissed me.
- I know.

Why did you kiss me?

Because you said
you don't have feelings for me.

- I don't.
- I don't believe you!

Matt, I think you are doing this
to hurt me

and all because of some stupid moment
that meant nothing!

I don't know how else to apologize
for what happened with Henry.

Look, I can't do this. Please.

What were you doing at Mode
the other day?

Who told you that?

Ran into Naomi Campbell
on Roosevelt Boulevard.

She said she saw you there.

So, what were you talking
to Marc about?

I spilled low-fat dressing
on my new shirt. It was ruined.

I didn't want to tell you because
you spent so much money on it,

so Marc got me another one.

Honey, you could've told me that.

Anyway, it wasn't that expensive.
It was an irregular, so...

There was something wrong
with the stitching.

Yeah, I saw that.
But I still liked it.

You. Such a good kid.

What happened to you yesterday?

I'm sorry. I had an allergic reaction,
and I had to go to the emergency room.

I would have told you about it,
but my throat closed shut.

Well, in the future,
do it on your own time.

I need to hydrate.

So, I've been too scared to ask,

but how did the meeting go
with Hartley and the Hag?

- They want to keep me on.
- Oh!

Well, that's the best news
I've heard in days!

After, "You're going to live. "

Oh, please. Daniel can't run
this magazine by himself.

They're just buying time till they can
lure the only other person in the world

that can do what I do.

Isabelle Besset. French Elle.

I checked. They've been trading calls.

That's not good news.

- What are we going to do?
- Oh, I don't know.

Now stop spritzing!
I don't always have a plan, you know.



I don't want you
answering my cell phone anymore.

It was just a call from your apartment.

Yes, and I would like
my privacy respected.

Starting now.

She's keeping secrets from me.

- Wilhelmina!

Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't really listening.

She obviously has someone
in that apartment

that she doesn't want me
to know about.

Maybe it's a guy
she's having a torrid affair with.

And now she tells me
she's being pushed out of Mode

and she doesn't have a plan.
She expects me to believe that?

Ooh, maybe she's running away with the
guy she's having the torrid affair with.

Maybe I can join them.

The only person she ever felt
that way about...

Oh, my Lady Gaga.
Mandy, you're brilliant!

You take that back! I'm beautiful!

It's Connor.

She's hiding him in her apartment.

And he's already asked her
to run away with him once.

And now she has no reason to stay.
What if she actually does it this time?

- Lf she's out, then I'm out.
- Who?


I'm sorry, I told you
I wasn't really listening.

Start from the beginning.

Daniel! Oh, my God!
I was just thinking about calling you!

Are you back? Are you okay?

Sort of. I'm having a bit of an issue
here at the airport.

So, you may be on
some terrorist watch list for now,

but they're not going to press charges.

Press charges. I should press charges.
Betty, they lost my wife.

Daniel, weren't you going to spread
her ashes at the Jokhang Temple?

I did. But I decided
to keep some of the ashes.

But then they made me check the urn
and they lost her.

They lost half my wife.

But they found her.
You have the urn, it's okay.

Daniel, I know you want to stay
at Molly's apartment,

but is that really the best idea?

Look, it's fine.

My apartment's on the market,
I need a place to stay.

Besides, I have to
go through her things anyway.

- All right, if you think it's okay.
- Enough about me.

I want to hear about how things have
been going. How's life as an editor?

Great! Really great. Good. It's good.

You are a bad liar.

I know.

But I'm not going to complain
about my problems to you.

Betty, trust me. It's a relief to hear
about somebody else's problems.

So he barely speaks to me. Thank you.

And then my pitch gets turned into
something completely different,

which he decides to give to Megan.

Wait, I can't believe that
spoiled little bastard gave it to Megan!

Did you talk to Wilhelmina? My mom?

No, no, I don't have to do that.
And it's not just Matt, Daniel.

- It's like everybody hates me.
- Oh, you can turn that around.

Or maybe it's going to be like
your first year at Mode.

Remember how everyone used to
make fun of you?

- Even started that blog about you.
- What blog?

You know, the one about your outfits.

The one where they took pictures
of you every day?

You have to know about this.

Oh, boy.

Oh, my God! They've been
doing this since my first day at Mode?

And nobody told me?

Betty, I just kind of thought you knew.

Well, I love that outfit.

Yeah, I love that one, too.

Uh, okay,
maybe that one was a mistake.

You know what? Don't worry about it.

You survived that,
you're going to survive this.

- How?
- Well, doing what you always do.

Focus on your work,
show them you're a team player.

I am. I tried to help Megan find a take
on her insect jewelry piece.

She didn't like any of my ideas.
I love that belt.

Insect jewelry?

So, Molly found this
in some antique shop a while back.

Turns out it's worth a lot of money.

- "Olivia"?
- Yeah, it's Olivia Guillemette.

She was big in the '60s.
Kind of a recluse now.

I bet a resourceful writerleditor
could track her down.

Thank you, Daniel.
I'm really glad you're back.

- I missed you.
- I missed you, too, Betty.

Did you really have to
bookmark that blog?

Oh, that's so cool.
I can't believe it.

Well, the doctors overseas
are always better.

Willie! How come you didn't tell me
that your daughter was back in town?

How much do we love
Nico's new nose?

Honestly, it took my breath away!

Are you Olivia?

You're just in time.
Come in quickly or you'll miss it.

- Um, oh...
- Hurry up, quick. Come on.

Willie, I have to ask you a question.
Are you mad at me?

No more than usual.

Oh, I just don't understand why you felt
you had to hide Nico from me.

I need to know that you still trust me.

Don't we have an agreement
not to discuss your needs?

Yes, of course. It's just...

You would not believe
some of the scenarios I came up with

about who you were hiding here.

At one point,
I even thought it was Connor.

Well, there is something
that I haven't told you.

And it's not about Nico.
It's about Connor.

- I knew it!
- I knew you knew it.

I hired a bounty hunter
to track him down

so I could take back the money
he stole from Meade

in order to use it to buy out Hartley.


But Hartley's got his snout
all up in Claire's Spanx.

He's not going to sell
his shares of Meade to you.

Well, he won't know it's me.
I'll use an intermediary.

Oh, Marc, you think this is
my first extortionlsecret takeover?

- Please, seriously.
- Right, of course.

So, I'm sorry I left you out of it.

But sometimes I feel I need
to protect you from these things.

Oh, well, thank you.

- But no more secrets, right?
- No more secrets. Promise.


Well, now that Marc knows you're back,
people are going to start to find out.

We have to act
like everything is normal.

You understand?


I'm scared.

What are you doing here?

I think I'm in trouble.

Don't worry.
I will take care of everything.

I've never seen a butterfly
come out of its cocoon before.

Everyone talks
about the miracle of birth.

I think rebirth is even more of a miracle.

- Oh, it looks like he's struggling.
- Oh, he can handle it.

I suspect that caterpillars
stay in their cocoons

a little longer than they really need to.

It's got to be scary
to change into a whole new thing.


- He's so beautiful.
- Yeah.

- Oh. But the caterpillar's just gone.
- No, he's still in there.

Other people see the wings and colors.

I'll always see the caterpillar.

Thank you so much for letting me
see that. That was amazing.

Mmm. I think so, too.
That's why I invited everybody to watch.

- Everybody?
- Mmm-hmm.


Unfortunately, I've now got to get
everybody back into their house.

I'll need some help.

So, anyway, the reason I came

was to talk to you about a feature
that Mode magazine...

Careful, you don't want to
tip over the tarantulas.

Oh! You are correct.

I thought that we could focus a feature
on your insect jewelry.

It's on your shoulder.

- A tarantula?
- A butterfly.

Hold very still.

I think they're attracted
by the color of your clothes.

Really? This is kind of tame for me.


All right. Very still. Go now.

You follow me
back to the butterfly house.

Careful. There you go.

Now shake.

We did it!

- Wow.
- They like you.

Now, what did you want to talk about?

These are for you.

And here you go.

Oh, my God. Olivia?
I thought she was dead.

Nope. She's alive.

And a very fascinating woman

who would make a wonderful subject
for your feature.

- What do you want?
- Nothing.

- Are you trying to steal my story?
- No, I was trying to help.

Take it or leave it.



Thank you.


Those muffins you made
were really good.

Hello! Hi, there you are.

Ah! Betty's younger sister.

Well, thank you for the part of that
that complimented me.

But watch it for the part
that slammed my sister. Yeah?

Listen, I came here to thank you

for helping Justin out
with the shirt yesterday.

Yeah, but I want to pay you for it,
all right?

Okay. It was $400.

- What?
- It was free.

I called the design house,
told them it was a Jonas,

they sent one right over.
Keep your money.


That's good because, you know, this
check would have bounced so hard.

Anyway, thank you so much
for helping Justin out.

Oh, yeah, well, it's hard for a kid
when he gets pushed around like that.


- Wait, what did you say?
- Wait, what did you say?

- Someone's pushing my son around?
- No. No.

Okay, obviously he didn't want you
to know about it,

so you have to pretend
like I didn't tell you.

I'm not pretending anything.

If someone is pushing my son around,
I need to know.

- Why... Why did he lie to me?
- Well, because you're his mother.

And, I speak from experience,
it is really hard for a boy

to admit something like that
to his mother.

No. Not Justin.

- We are like this.
- Clearly.

Look, the next time he comes to you
with something like this,

I would appreciate it
if you send him right home to me.

- But...
- I'm not asking.

Okay. But...

Thanks for inviting me
to have lunch with you.

It feels so good
to have someone to talk to.

Trust me, I feel the same way.
It's been a rough week.

Remember last year
when everyone was like,

"Change, yay, Obama, change"?

This year, change sucks.

Justin, I am so sorry
that high school's been rough.

Trust me, I know exactly
what that feels like.

I wish I could do something to help.

Are you kidding?
You're already doing it.

I saw Heidi Klum on the way in.

Actually, that was Monica...

Don't ruin my moment,
it was Heidi Klum.

Heidi looks amazing. Can you believe
she's had three children?

I know!

Hey. Some of us are eating over there.
Come join if you want.

- Is that Megan?
- Megan. Yeah.

But I'm having lunch with you.

Are you kidding? You're so stupid!
Why would you not go eat with them?

They're the popular table.
And you won't get a second invite.

Justin, I am not abandoning you.

Well, then I'm abandoning you. Bye.


Hey, Marc. What are you up to?

Is she still here? Is this a test?

What are you talking about?

I just wanted to see if you wanted
to go grab lunch or something.

Well, first of all, I had fries last night,
so there'll be no lunch today.

And second, tu mam? just scared
the Jes?s out of me.

My mother?
What are you talking about?

She was just here.

And she was very clear
about me not talking to you,

so I'm sorry.

You probably
shouldn't come around anymore.

When you first showed up,
I didn't think I was going to like you.

Yeah, I could kind of tell.

I just thought you'd gotten the job
as a courtesy

because you were Daniel's assistant,
not because you were talented.

Oh! Wow. Okay.

Look, I take the title "editor"
pretty seriously.

- But I can see you do, too.
- Thanks, Megan.

Hey, skinny bitches! And Betty.

Emergency meeting in
the conference room. Fire in the hole!

All departments!

Wait, Amanda, what?

Daniel's back.

Hello, everybody.

Thank you so much
for cutting your lunches short.

I appreciate all the hard work you've
been doing while I've been gone,

but I'm back now.

And unfortunately, there are some
things going on that I just don't like.

First of all,
the feature piece on insect jewelry.

It was a pitch started from Betty,

it was taken away from her
and given to Megan.

I know you're new here, Matt,
but that's not the way we do things.

So, effective immediately,
the story goes back to Betty.

Sorry, Megan, you're going to have to
come up with some ideas of your own.

And Matt, it's probably a good idea
if you did a little legwork,

figured out the dos and don'ts
of being a managing editor.

Look forward to
reading your piece, Betty.

I'm sure it's going to be great.