Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 3 - Yamato hasshin!! 29-man 6-sen kounen e no chousen!! - full transcript

Episode 3

Yamato Takes Off!!
The 296,000 Light Years Challenge!!

( Air date: Oct 20, 1974 )

Space Battleship


In 2199, the mysterious Gamilus fleet
came from the large Magellanic Cloud...

...established a frontline base on
Pluto, and began attacking Earth.

Earth's surface was contaminated
by radioactive poison...

...and mankind was
driven underground.

And the radioactive poison from the
meteor bombs has reached underground.

Mankind has only one year
left until it becomes extinct.

Galactic System

Meanwhile, Queen Starsha of Iscandar, who is
also located in the large Magellanic Cloud...

Magellanic Cloud

...has sent a message
to help Earth.

Planet Gamilus

Planet Iscandar

The Cosmo Cleaner-D, which can eliminate the radioactive poison, is on Iscandar.

Once it is obtained,
Earth can be saved.

Secretly undergoing conversion in the
seabed of the dried sea of Kyushu...

...the last space battleship Yamato...

{ISCANDAR}...was about to launch for Iscandar to
obtain the radioactive poison cleaner...

{ISCANDAR}...a journey of
148,000 light years.

{SORE}Gamilus noticed and began a large-scale
attack on the wreck of the Yamato.

The Yamato finally took off.

That's impossible.


Shultz, why are
you so confused ?

Lord Desler.

Don't be confused by something
as insignificant as the Yamato.

No matter how they struggle, they have
no chance of leaving the Galactic System.

My lord, may I have permission to test the
super large missile, and attack the Yamato ?

A missile target ?

Very well, proceed.

Thank you, Lord Desler.

Gamilus Frontline Base on Pluto

Super large missile,
begin countdown to launch.

Target is the Yamato.

Everyone, listen carefully.

We're about to begin a journey to Iscandar,
which is a round trip of 296,000 light years.

Okita Juzo

Although the space battleship Yamato
is complete, everything is an unknown.

Gamilus has the ability to attack precisely,
but we can only detect their base on Pluto.

Kodai Susumu

Shima Daisuke

Tokugawa Hikozaemon

Sanada Shiro

{SOREWA}That means, there is a definite power
difference between Gamilus and us.

Mori Yuki

{SHIKASHI}But we have to return home alive
and save the Earth in one year.

{SHIKASHI}And I can't
guarantee your safety.

{SHOKUN}I'll give you a choice. Those who want to
withdraw, please leave during the parade.

I'll be waiting on the Yamato. That's all.












Hey, you aren't going
to escape, are you ?

You'll go to Iscandar?

Please, come home safely.

I wonder if the
Yamato can make it.

I'm not fully
confident in piloting it.

Big Brother Daisuke.




Good luck.

Don't worry.


Are you going to run away,
leaving your family ?

How dare you say that ?

The Yamato is our last hope.
Why don't you cheer them on ?

How can you...






Yuki, do you
have to go ?


Mother, I won't say goodbye.
I'm just going.

please take care.


A super large missile
is approaching Earth.

It seems to have been
launched from Pluto.

Ah, at a
time like this.

According to calculations, it will hit
Earth with a 99.9% probability...

...about 55 minutes from now.

Captain, everyone is aboard.
No one is missing.

Jiro, Father,
Mother, watch over me.

I'll come home.

Is it alright to make
such an empty promise ?

You'd better wake up
from that sweet dream.

Say what ?

Without question, I'm fully prepared
to risk my life for this mission.

But once the Yamato launches,
our fate is in Captain Okita's hands.

Kodai, you don't
trust Captain Okita ?

Sure, he's had tremendous
achievements in past battles...

...but many men
died behind him.

I know, Kodai.

I was a little hyped up
because of my family's support.

But your brother
was killed in battle.

I don't like Captain
Okita's cold-heartedness.

I'm Kato, and I'll lead the fighter
squadron under your command, Kodai.

Kato Saburo

Nanbu Yasuo

I'm Nanbu, and I'll support
you with the gun combat.

Aihara Yoshikazu

I'm Aihara, in charge of communications
under your command, Shima.

I'm Ohta,
a support pilot.

Ohta Kenjiro

Nice to meet you.

As soon as the energy charge is complete,
we'll leave. Prepare to take off.

Captain, an energy charge ?

The engine requires a great amount
of power for the initial activation.

The entire world is contributing to
make the Yamato's mission successful.

Kodai, Shima, I'll explain the
arrangement of the ship. Follow me.

Aye, sir.

Turn the ship's schematic on.

Kodai, that's the weapon
computer under your command.

It was the commander
and crew's section...

...but now it's equipped
with the Wave Motion Gun...

...missile launchers and
its command station.

Do you know
what this is ?

This is the muzzle
of the Wave Motion Gun.

The Wave Motion Gun is the
greatest weapon of the Yamato.

Just like the
Wave Motion Engine...

...it uses the energy of tachyon particles,
which exceed the speed of light.

Oh no, the destination of
the missile has been calculated.

What ?
Where is it ?

It's the Yamato.

I'm Mori Yuki, the Chief of
investigation, analysis and life support.

Nice to meet you.

I'm the great doctor Sado. I'll show you
something interesting, so follow me.

Sado Sakezo

This is the
cold sleep room.

In a long space journeys,
you sometimes lose your temper.

This's where you can
cool yourself down.

That Dr. Sado...I wonder if he's
going to be like that until after take off.

Next is the resort room.

Do you want
to join in ?

It used to be the crew's quarters, but it was
built to create a normal life for the crew.

W...what the...?

This is the
Yamato's engineering room.

All repairs and development
take place in here.

I'm the chief leader, Sanada.

The highlight of this room is this
all-purpose manufacturing tool.

For example, if I want
to build an astro-bike...

That's a useful machine.

This is the hangar.

It was the officers' quarters, as well
as the hangar of the onboard plane.

Finally, this is the engine room.
There's the powerful Wave Motion engine.

Oh, welcome.

I'm Tokugawa,
the chief engineer.

Boy, this Wave Motion
engine is awesome.

Wave Motion engine...?
What is it ?

It's hard to explain simply.

It compresses the energy in space
and converts it to tachyon particles...

...which are faster than the speed of light and uses that energy to move.

{KONO}With this engine, we can travel faster
than light and time. Do you understand ?

Shima, Kodai, I'm done showing you around
the ship. Let's return to the first bridge.

Mr. Tokugawa.

I have a question to ask.

Mr. Tokugawa, you're almost
always with Captain Okita?


I want you to tell me frankly.
What kind of person is Captain Okita ?

Kodai, what's with you ?
You're acting strange.

Even though he couldn't save
one person, such as my brother...

...do you think he
can save the Earth ?

You're the younger brother
of Kodai Mamoru, aren't you ?

Kodai, you're not the only one who
lost their family. Don't forget that.

In fact, Okita lost his
only son in the same battle.

Even if he only has a one in a million
chance, he'll put his faith in that and act.

That's how a real man should be.
Isn't that right, Kodai ?

Even though he couldn't save
one person, such as my brother...

...do you think he
can save the Earth ?

Super large missile detected.

Bearing right 15 degrees,
speed 27 space knots.

Oh, Kodai.

A message from Earth Command HQ says that a super large missile is headed for us.

Oh no, I have to
inform the Captain.

Kodai Susumu, coming in.

A super large missile is rapidly approaching.
Please come to the first bridge.

I see.


Sir ?

It's alright.

Sub-engines are ready.

Main engine is
ready for contact.

Energy charge
100% completed.

Alright, I'm starting the engine.


The Wave Motion engine can be started only
once. If we fail, there'll be no second chance.

Captain, if we hesitate, we'll be blown up by
that super large missile. Is it alright with you ?

Kodai, if the activation of the main engine
fails, all our weapons will be inaccessible.

Tokugawa, charge it up
as much as possible.

Aye, sir.

Message from Earth Command HQ,
asking if the Yamato is ready yet ?

Tell them to wait.

The super large missile will
reach Earth in 600 seconds.

We only have 10 minutes.
Has the Yamato taken off ?

No report, sir.

Energy charge 120%.

Shima, start the sub-engines.

Aye, sir.

Starting sub-engines.

Engine output 100...







...2900, 3000.

Connecting to the
Wave Motion engine circuit.

Captain, it's not moving !

Check it again.

Sub-engines started.

Captain, I'm sorry.
The synchronal switch was off.

Oh, c'mon.

Sub-output 3000,
connecting to the main.

It's not moving !

Shut up !

You did it.

It's moving.

Wave Motion engine activated.



It'll reach
Earth in 5 minutes.

Increasing the power.

Prepare to take off.

Preparing to take off.

Prepare the main guns.

Preparing the main guns.

Yamato, take off !

Yamato, taking off.

Turn starboard
15 degrees.

Turning starboard 15 degrees.

Shock guns' power linked.
Targeting complete.

Automatic tracking ready.

Error correction right
1 degree, up 3 degrees.

Target is on
the Yamato's course.




Even if his chance is only one in a
million, he'll put his faith in that and act.

That's how a
real man should be.

Kodai, the battle
has just begun.

Yes, sir.

The space battleship
Yamato took off.

Off on a journey of 296,000 light years,
which mankind has never accomplished.

The space battleship Yamato will head for
Iscandar carrying the hopes of mankind.

But their time is limited.

363 days left

Life on Earth will end in 363 days.

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Makamura Hideo
Ichiro Nagai

Mori Yuki:
Sanada Shiro:
Kato Saburo:

Asagami Yoko
Ogata Kenichi
Aono Takeshi
Nomura Shinji

Nanbu Yasuo:
Shima Jiro:
Lord Desler:

Kamura Tokio
Sakata Junko
Ibu Masayuki
Ohbayashi Takeshi
Kimura Akira

Anime Note:
From ep. 3, the beginning of the opening is covered with blue paraffin to match the night scene of ep. 2.

Yamato took off once, thanks to Shima and the engineering staff, but to avoid loading the crew from the contaminated surface, it was put back down. The crew got onboard from the bottom of the third bridge in ep. 3.

Okita and the other two were not wearing airtight suits inside the tip of the Wave Motion gun. Sci-Fi fanatics insist that the Yamato must be protected by an invisible air barrier, but you know...

History Note:
The launch of Earth's last spaceship, the Yamato, took place on Oct. 9, 2199,
363 days till the extinction of mankind.



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