Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 26 - Earth! Yamato Returns! - full transcript

Episode 26

Mother Earth, the Yamato is Back!!

( Air date: Mar 30, 1975 )

In September 2200...

...the space battleship Yamato is heading
back to save the people on Earth.

A few days before, the Yamato had obtained
the radioactive contamination purifier...

...and was about to leave
planet Iscandar, when...

I love you...Mamoru.

Starsha !

Brother !

Susumu, forgive me.

Brother, take care !

Now it's time
for us to go.

Kodai Susumu's brother, Mamoru,
fell in love with Starsha...

...and he decided to stay on
Iscandar to rebuild the civilization.

The Yamato had to build
the purifier on board...

...to make up for the
delays they had encountered.

Space Battleship


The Galactic System...

We're almost there.

Hey, communications with
Earth have been reestablished.

Is that the Yamato ?
This is Earth Headquarters.

Did you obtain the radioactive
contamination purifier ?

This is Yamato.
This is Yamato.

The assembly of the Cosmo
Cleaner is almost complete.

Thank goodness. The Earth will
be saved at the last moment.

What happened
to Captain Okita ?

Well, his space radiation
sickness has progressed...

And what happened ?

Commander, Commander !

The transmission got worse.
I'm adjusting.

The transmission from
Earth is probably unstable.

And they must be running
out of energy, too.

I'll bring you some
medicine in 8 hours.

Dr. Sado...

They say the soul
leaves the flesh when you die.

Do you believe that ?

Don't talk
like that, Captain.

It's alright, Dr. Sado.

I know everything
about my body.

But I won't die until
I see Earth again.


I wonder where my soul will go,
when it separates from my flesh.

It's definitely the Galactic System.

This planetary debris is the proof
of having so many planets.

Alright. As soon as we've
passed through these, we'll warp.

Desler Cannon

Prepare to fire
the Desler Cannon.

Desler Cannon
is ready to fire.

Yamato, be afraid of Desler.

He's Desler,
the leader of Gamilus.

{SHIKASHI}But he was supposed to have died in the
battle against the Yamato on planet Gamilus.

Fire the Desler Cannon.

What happened ?

We barely missed the
Yamato because it entered warp.

Follow it.
We'll warp, too.

But it'll take a while to
find the course of the Yamato.

Just enter warp !

The warp is complete.
We're in the Solar System.

Hey, look at that !


What happened ?

Both of our ship's destination
coordinates must have matched.

We crashed into the
hull of the Yamato.

We should've analyzed
their destination first, but...

What're you muttering about ?
Prepare a boarding party.

We'll board the Yamato and fight
in hand to hand combat.

Inject radioactive gas,
and charge in.

Are you alright ?

What's that ?

Everyone, put on your masks.
It's poison gas.

Kodai, this is the engine room.
Gamilus soldiers have boarded.

Kato, Nanbu,
come with me !

Right !


Hide somewhere, Yuki !

Mr. Tokugawa...

It's the gas.
You'll die without a helmet.

Resistance is futile, boy.

What ?

Where's the captain, boy ?

The Captain is sick, and
I'm Sub-Captain Kodai.

Who are you ?

What a spunky boy.

I'm Desler,
the leader of Gamilus.

Desler ?

You thought I was dead ?

I live, so Gamilus lives.

{WAGA}You've fought well against great
Gamilus, young captain. I praise you.

{SHIKASHI}But the game isn't over yet.

What the...?

This is radioactive gas.

Once the Yamato is filled with it,
it'll be just the same as the red Earth.

It doesn't affect us...

...but I believe Earthlings can't
survive the radiation, am I right ?

Curse you.

Emergency !

Radioactive poisonous gas is
spreading throughout the ship !

All hands, put
on your helmets !


Hey, Yuki, what're
you going to do ?

Soon, the radioactive gas from the engine
room will spread throughout the ship...

...so I have to use this !

Yuki, don't !

Yuki, stop.
It's not even tested !

Why don't we do it now ?


Yuki, it's the gas !
You have to get out now !

But Kodai...

Kodai will die !

Yuki, after pushing
the main AZ button...

...watch until the activation plasma
oscillation is positive. Got that ?

Ninty-nine plus 25. Activation
plasma has started spinning.

Minus 3 degrees, activating !


You did it !
The radioactive gas is gone !

It's a success !


Yuki !

Yuki !

What's going on ? The radioactive
gas has been neutralized.


We have to wear space suits in an Earth
type environment, but that slows us down.

Alright, we have a
change of plans.

Kodai, you're safe.

Yes, when the gas was getting near,
I found a spacesuit for emergency use.


...Yuki died.

The air was cleaned, but in
return, it claimed Yuki's life.


Yuki activated the radioactive
poison purifier to save your life.

But a deadly gas was formed only for a
brief moment in the purification process.

Yuki sacrificed her life to show the
flaw of the purifier, and I can fix that.

Kodai, we can definitely
save the Earth.

Yuki !

Please, tell me
what I should do.

How can I live alone
on Earth without Yuki ?


You think you're alone ?

On Earth, there are many people
who are waiting for the Yamato.

{KIMI}You should have learned to love
many more people on this voyage.

{SONNA}If you're like that,
Yuki would be sad.

{KODAI}Kodai, I'm determined to stay
alive until I see Earth again.

{SORE}Do you know why ?

{CHIKYUU}Because my heart is connected
to those of the people on Earth...

{CHIKYUU}...who are desperately waiting
for the return of the Yamato.


I understand...

I mean I feel
like I do.

It's difficult, but
I'll try my best.


It's Earth.

Earth !
We can see Earth !

What...Earth ?

Let's go see it !

We can see Earth !

We've got to go see it !

Let's go to the
observatory room !

Yuki, let's go see
Earth together.

Yuki, do you remember
the day we first met ?

When I saw you at Earth Headquarters,
I didn't feel like you were a stranger.

And I wished I could be
aboard the Yamato with you.

Since then my feelings toward you
have grown stronger and stronger.

But I couldn't tell you about it, because
I had my responsibilities on the Yamato.

{Iscandar}When my brother decided to stay with
Starsha, I realized one thing for sure.

{ningen}Love is the most important thing in
life, and everything begins from it.

{dakara}Once we got back to Earth safely,
I was going to tell you...

{iya}I was going to tell you I love you.
I had to let you know my feelings...


Yuki, can you see it ?
It's Earth.

It's our Earth.

Yamato detected,
100,000 km ahead.

Good. Prepare
the Desler Cannon.

Aye, sir.

You Earthlings, take this.
I'm the one who wins in the end.

Strong energy beam approaching !

It's the enemy's
Wave Motion Gun.

Evasive maneuver !
Starboard full !

The energy is
10,000 km away !

We can't get away !

Got them !
Desler's ship exploded !

But how...?

When I saw Gamilus' reflective
satellite cannon on Pluto...

...I secretly developed a dimensional
reflective magnetic coating.

{DOUYARA}I suppose it was useful.

{SAA}The repairs to the
engine room are finished.

{SAA}Shima, hurry up
and return to Earth.

Destination, Earth.
All ahead full.

Dr. Sado...

Yes ?

Could you leave me
alone for a moment ?

Dr. Sado...

Thank you.


Everything about
it is precious.

Yuki, let's go
somewhere quiet.

Kodai, what happened to me ?


Kodai, you're alright !


Yuki !

I'm so glad.

On September 6th, 2200, the
Yamato returned to Earth safely.

Space was calm, as if nothing had happened.

On September 1st, 2200, the Yamato reestablishes communications with Earth from just outside
the Galactic System.

Desler followed the Yamato for 122 days without ambushing it or even reorganizing his remaining fleet.

The deadline for this episode 26 was the end of February. Tiger production already started "Young Tokugawa Ieyasu", so the animating work was shared by the entire staff.

The voice dubbing took place on March 19,
and by the time episode 25 was aired on March 22, the animation staff in Sakuradai Studio was disbanded.


Central Anime(Kansas)
Version 1.0

Thanks for watching !