Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 24 - Death Struggle! God, Weep for the Gamilas! - full transcript

Episode 24

Deadly Battle!
Oh, Mourn{Lament} For {Over}Gamilus!!

( Air date: Mar 16, 1975 )

Space Battleship


Analyzer, it's very important.

Report the composition of the air
and seawater based on your analysis.

It's strong acid, similar to sulfuric
acid. It will corrode any metal.

Kodai, look. The third bridge fell off.
The bottom of the ship is corroded.

Bombs, incoming !

Descend, Shima !
Descend and turn !

They're trying to force us into
the sea of acid with bombs from above.

On March 27th, 2200, the Yamato was above
the sea of the home planet of Gamilus.

{CHIKKYUU}It's in the Large Magellanic Cloud, and it's
located at 148,000 light years from Earth.

{SOKO}One of the twin planets, Gamilus,
attacked Earth with meteor bombs...

{SOKO}...and the resulting radioactive contamination
will drive mankind to extinction in one year.

{HOUSYAHOU}A radiation purifier is on
the other twin planet, Iscandar.

{CHIKYUU}The space battleship Yamato, the first
Earth ship to exceed the speed of light...

{CHIKYUU}...has left for Iscandar to obtain
the radioactive contamination purifier.

{DATA}However, just before the
Yamato arrived at Iscandar...

{DATA}...they were captured inside
the planet Gamilus.

{GAMILUS}Gamilus is an old planet, and the inside was
weathered over a long period of time.

{CHIKAKU}The geosphere is sulfurizing and poisonous sulfurous acid is accumulating like suppuration.

{KONO}Due to the sulfurous lava...

{KONO}...the sea of Gamilus is composed of
strong acid, which melts any metal.

{YAMATO}The Yamato is trapped.

The 3rd base will start bombing.
Then, the 7th base. Two hits.

The Yamato is
turning to 12 o'clock.

6th base, attack.

A hit on the port side.

The 6th base will
drop all its bombs.

It's too weak. Our enemy is the Yamato,
and this is the final battle on the mainland.

{UTTE}Shoot and shoot until
you're out of ammunition.

{YAMATO}Create a storm of
fire on the Yamato.

The sulfuric acid storm is artificially created
by atmospheric pressure manipulators.

Boil in the sea of acid.

I'll shoot down the Yamato,
and cook it till nothing remains.

My Lord, the situation is favorable.
Would you like to take a break ?

I'm fighting a war,
Vice President.

Don't interrupt my most enjoyable
moment with some tasteless drink.

Hang in there, Yuki.

What'll happen to
the Yamato, Kodai ?

I don't know.
Maybe we're finished.

Don't give up.
This is a critical moment.

This is Kodai.

Come in.

Kodai, how is the situation ?
You seem to be having a tough time.

Captain, please give
me your advice.

I...I don't know
what to do. Please.

I see. Well then,
let me give you some.

Dive into the sea.

Into the sea of acid ?


The Yamato will corrode.

It won't melt away
in 5 or 10 minutes.

Find the streak before it melts, and
shoot it with the wave motion gun.

You said streak ?

{KYOSAN}Even if it's a sea of strong acid,
it must have been clean before.

{SORE}It must be an underground sulfurous
volcano which changed the sea.

{SOKO}Shoot that streak to induce massive
volcanic activity on the surface.

{KOUGEKI}I think that's the only way to find an
opportunity for a counterattack.

I see. I'll do it.

Don't forget, finish
before the ship melts.

Yes, sir.

What ?
An undersea operation ?

We'll submerge. Hurry.

That's insane. The ship will corrode. Don't
you remember that the third bridge fell off ?

Of course I do.

The hatches to the third bridge
were closed, weren't they ?

Yes. It's temporary,
but it's secure...

...and it can withstand the pressure,
just like the outer armor.

Then it'll be alright.

Analyzer, use everything you've got to
find the active underground mountains.

As soon as you find it,
we'll fire the Wave Motion Gun.

Let's go.

All hands, execute
undersea operations.

All hands, execute
undersea operations.

Engine, nominal.

Port damage is
temporarily repaired.

Begin diving.

The Yamato has submerged.

The Yamato lost all of its strength,
and it's going to commit suicide ?

Cease bombardment. We'll watch.

10 o'clock. 10 o'clock.

10 o'clock.

How is it ? Have you found
a streak of strong acid ?

What's wrong ? Hurry up !
We don't have much time left !

2 o'clock.
2 o'clock.

4 o'clock.

4 o'clock. Steady.

Not yet, Analyzer ?

Found it !

Shima, stop !


A volcanic chain is going
from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock.

Estimated thickness
of the crust is 16 km.

Prepare to fire the
Wave Motion Gun !

Target is SE25 NW50.
Distance 12,000.

Hurry ! We only
have 5 more minutes !

Energy charge, 95 %.

Energy charge, 100 %.

All hands,
prepare for shock.

Energy charge, 120 %.

Target error
correction SE1205.

Fire !

That Yamato...

Yamato has done it.

He's lost his mind.

That Yamato...

The Yamato has reappeared.

Continue bombing ?

Yes, of course.
No, wait.

Switch to
missile attack.

Shoot all the missiles from
the roof cities at the Yamato.

The current position of the Yamato
is 2500 meters below sector 3.

Sector 3,
missiles are ready.

Sector 4 is ready.

Sector 5 is ready.

The Yamato is advancing.

Sector 6 is ready.

We're in a tough situation,
but so they are.

Victory will come to the
one who fights better.

Everyone, just
one more push.

My Lord, please stop.

Say what ?

Don't you realize it ?
Even great Gamilus can lose.

Further combat is suicidal !
Please, stop !

And even if it's too late, please seek the
way of peace and coexist with the Earth...

My Lord.

Port side armor is damaged.
Starboard observatory room corroded.

All teams, rush repairs
for each section.

Incoming missiles !
They're huge !

Open all guns
and intercept.

Turret 3 damaged.

Shima, forward at full speed !

Charge into the center
of the enemy. Move it !

There was no city left,
only the ruins.

After such total destruction,
nothing made a sound. Nothing moved.

Kodai realized that one of the
planets in space had just died.

What have we done ?

I can't face God.

We've been told to compete
and win since childhood.

{GAKKOU}During school or at work,
we're expected to compete and win.

{SHIKASHI}But there are losers behind the winners.
What happens to the losers ?

{MAKETA}The losers don't have the right to be happy ?
I never thought about that, until now.

{ORE}I'm sad, and frustrated
to realize it so late.

{GAMILUS}The people of Gamilus wanted to immigrate.
This planet would've died anyway.

{CHIKYUU}There's no difference between the people
of Earth or Gamilus in hoping for happiness.

{NANONI}But we fought.

{WAREWARE}We weren't meant to fight...

{WAREWARE}...we were meant
to love each other.


Bullshit !

Yuki, let's go to Iscandar.

That's all we can do.

Kodai !

You're all alive.
Let's go to Iscandar.

All ahead flank.

Activate the main engine.
Ascend slowly.

To the crew
of the Yamato...

...to the crew of the Yamato,
Captain Okita speaking.

We have arrived at Iscandar.

Look. Iscandar is right
before your eyes.

Let me take this opportunity
to tell you one thing.

Thank you.

That's all.

The Yamato has completed a
journey of 148,000 light years...

{mokutekichi}...and it's approaching its
destination, the planet Iscandar.

Now, Yamato, retrieve the
radioactive contamination purifier.

The people of Earth are
desperately awaiting your return.

Hurry, Yamato, your long
journey hasn't ended yet.

Mankind will be
extinct in 161 days.

Mankind will be
extinct in 161 days.

161 days left until the destruction of Earth

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo
Ichiro Nagai

Mori Yuki:
Shiro Sanada:
Ohta Kenjiro:

Asagami Yoko
Aono Takeshi
Aihara Yoshito
Ogata Kenichi


Ibu Masayuki
Yamashita Keisuke
Nojima Shinji
Kimura Akira

The narrator says, March 27th, but it's actually April 28th. Did they consider the broadcasting date of March 16, which is closer ?

In episode 23, both Analyzer and Desler referred to the ocean as strong sulfurous acid, but in this episode, it was changed to the sea of strong acid.

Desler moved from the palace to the command center (The Desler) on the ceiling of the outer crust. Was Starsha able to send
her message during that time ?



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